Measure Angles - Bubble Level

4.2 (511)
36.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jens Rieckhof
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Measure Angles - Bubble Level

4.15 out of 5
511 Ratings
1 year ago, Frankie old man
Frankie old man
We put the machinists level on the lathe when setting it up, I put my phone on the lathe to see if it would be close to the machinist level and as we leveled it up my phone stayed with in a half of a degree, I was impressed with how close it was
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3 years ago, Fishhhhberd
Used for a completely different purpose
So I’m an amateur astronomer. Your thinking ...why are you here. Well this app is amazing because it shares compass bearings and the inclinometer helps me find celestial objects in the night sky. I have my phone attached to my scope facing true north at 0 degrees inclination for calibration and I am able to swing my dobsonian telescope and angle it with reasonable accuracy. Usually within a degree or 2 in compass and inclination. While that’s a bit high error rate for more serious astronomers it works just fine for me to get a general sense of the target I’m searching for. My only recommendation from a purely selfish point of view is to have an option to show compass bearing on the same page as the inclinometer without having to switch between the 2 modes.
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3 years ago, tomagain748
Great backcountry ski tool
Just what I was liking for. Most clinometers require you to match the angle with the edge of the phone as you look at it. It’s also how mot handheld tool work. The problem is you have to be ON the slope and thus already in danger for that to work. In his excellent avalanche safety book, Bruce Tremper recommends using a mirror compass with a clinomètre that lets you sight downslope. The problem with that is the numbers are hard to read at arms length, are backwards and are off by whatever declination you have adjusted for which, in my area, is about 13 degrees. This app solves all those problems. You can use it on the slope sighting across, but you can also sight down a slope, double tap, and it saves the angle so you can read the number easily. Perfect for what I want.
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3 years ago, Nitro's
Incredibly useful
I made a casual mistake of forgetting my protractor while trying to figure out the best angle for building my ramp extensions. I saw this app and after getting it calibrated, it made finding the best angle for the ramp height and length incredibly quick and easy. Thank you sir for creating an easy to use app. Also for those that get annoyed by a simple ad I highly recommend that you just go to the store and buy a protractor, the developer has the ad out of the way and it by no means restricts the controls or function of the app.
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7 months ago, Hankk
Works great once you turn off the ads
Really nice compass and level, accurate to 0.1 degrees. Easy to read, accurate, and big improvement over the iOS built-app. I use it to set up a telescope (which must be flat, and north-pointed). Ads are super annoying until you pay to turn them off.
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1 year ago, Markdcf
No iPad split screen, no instructions, ads always on screen.
I clicked every inch of that screen, no operating instructions to be found. The App Store ad says there are different types of screens, including a 360° radar looking screen, but no matter what you click, you can’t get to that. Advertising on the bottom of the screen constantly, no way to eliminate it without paying. Can’t run 2 iPad math apps simultaneously because this app does not support split screen. Deleted. iPad mini 5, iOS 16.3.
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3 months ago, Hanson24
The program may be good but I could not get past the advertisement
I think it would be better if the user could actually try the app in between ads If the advertisements run 100% of the time the user will not be able to try the app Maybe a ratio of 90% add to 10% useful app allow the user to also try the app rather than just watch advertisements
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7 years ago, busabrye
Lose the ads, and I'll love it
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3 months ago, fshst1k
Using for knife sharpening
This app is pretty great. Keeps my angle consistent. Still working on how to fine tune the app and phone position on my sharpener but so far it’s easy and accurate. Thanks for a great product to
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10 years ago, DTHalstead
Big Advertisement
The protractor appears to be quite accurate. However, this app has a Huge Advertisement Banner across the bottom of the screen that is persistent. When I wrote to the developer asking how to get rid of it, thinking there may be a way to upgrade, all I heard was crickets. Apparently the Developer isn't interested in feedback or any type of communication. For that, I gave it one star.
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2 years ago, Drum_King M-Man
Very useful!
I use this app when working on household projects as well as hanging pictures. Cokes in handy and is dead-on accurate!
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2 years ago, LCBurns3
Awful Experience!
I had difficulty using the app - hard to hold steady to select the points to measure. But what I really didn’t like was that I couldn’t swipe up to return to the Home Screen. Plus there was a barrage of ads that covered the screen hiding the functions and had very tiny x buttons to close the ad.
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10 months ago, Billzaq
You won’t be sorry
I upgraded to the pro version. This is the real deal it works.
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4 years ago, Loveda Ivashkov
Such a cool app
It is an extremely useful protractor app for everyone who wants to take measurements using their phone or wants to check surface levels.
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4 years ago, Jauron Canas
The first time I used this app, it really impressed me with its great features and high precision. Definitely worth trying!
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4 years ago, KertVon
Locks up iPhone
App works great while open. Very convenient. However, there’s no way to close the app on my iPhoneX and I have to shut down the phone every time U use it. Unless I’m missing something?
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4 years ago, Chyana Sickert
Quite satisfied with the latest update version, which include a real protractor indicator in the surface level tool. Great app!
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2 years ago, Randy12345678901234567890
Great app
Now if apple would not screw up the straight sides and back of the phones……
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4 years ago, Yasha Swindin
Well worth a try
Pretty great platform for people to get accurate measurement of angles on different surfaces.
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1 year ago, hwheaser
Level review
Great feature to have. Very handy.
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3 years ago, AZrick
Displays ad at inappropriate times
In the middle of a critical measurement I get interrupted by an ad. I realize this is a free version but what a poor approach. Soon as possible I’ll delete this ap.
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12 months ago, Glen Zenor
Radio Control 40% Bi-Plane
Work perfectly assisting trimming matching control surfaces on my bi-planes
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1 year ago, 9972648919
Forces tracking
Wouldn’t let me use it unless I agreed to tracking. I can deal with an add here and there but don’t force me to agree to anything if I don’t want to. No you’re not tracking , and app deleted . What a greedy market
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4 years ago, Yadira Markl
Nothing to complain
This app measure precisely the angles on different surfaces. The best levelling tool to check surface levels.
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4 months ago, jeromestone
In app ads 🤦🏼‍♂️👎🏽
Great except for in app ads that have open when you even slightly touch the screen while using app 😳
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2 years ago, Ariehnatsac
Cluttered screen.
Not recommended. Cluttered screen. Many functions but not intuitive at all. Very short help provided. Better applications for the task.
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1 year ago, BadSingerforwverlol
I canceled the subscription the same hour I started it. Its not in my active subscriptions. I am being charged for it though. So now I am dealing with Apple customer support to try and get it stopped.
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5 years ago, Tu-bad
This is a great app that would be perfect if the ads didn’t pop up every 3 minutes while you are using it. Scratch the ads and you’ve got something a lot of people would love to have and use.
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9 years ago, Tinyjohn
The advertisement banner is not professional enough to use properly. The scales could add a percent scale and others depending on usage. Sorry, not professional enough for me, zero stars. One star was given only to get out of this program.
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6 years ago, Crs kill
This thing is okay this was made by some Asian dude probably.
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2 years ago, fromdante
Opened after install to locked screen. Ads fill much of screen precluding user from closing app. Forced to reboot iPhone 12 Pro Max device to get rid of app.
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8 years ago, Zmc406
Total garbage.
Zero stars. Worked for about 2 minutes, then the controls got covered by ads. Also seemed to lock up my windows somehow. Total waste.
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4 years ago, djrirjllggtfyjhgcsfggxggc
All we wanted to do was place an image in the camera - like top of a tower - and get an angle measurement from 0 in degrees - apparently not possible- crap instructions too
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4 years ago, MD1
Ads wont go away!
Paid for "no ad version" but ads keep coming back!
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5 months ago, Chenz24
To f see paws re
PI’m o lol lol until the Leno on mo woo ok am no fa
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3 months ago, Durial32l
0 stars
Absolute garbage app, does not give correct angle whatsoever. Better off using the angle tool on your iPhone.
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10 years ago, Max.Thrust
Got a one because there is no zero
Worked great until an update. Now the ad covers the menu. The protractor won't swap sides. Deleted and moved on. Great lesson on how to ruin a good app.
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8 years ago, Smarty111
Way off
Calibration and readings were way off from level, this app was useless
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7 years ago, Jim1lmcg
Impossible to calibrate (unless +/- a degree or two is close enough for you). Calibration directions are contradictory to on screen events. Bad coding.
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8 years ago, KubaTube
Works really good for math
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7 years ago, rykerr76
Yeet god
Y e e t
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3 years ago, 
Ad blitz
If you like ads, this is the app for you.
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5 years ago, News reporter xXproXx
This nice bruh
Muy beuno
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11 years ago, Sharon84
I like it it works!
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12 years ago, orogenesis_
Ad's get in the way making it unusable
As my title says, the iAds get in the way of being able to use the program. Additionally, I think this app is just a rip off of a similar app with the obstructive ads thrown in.
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6 years ago, AdriMCoteco
Preciso e simples
Preciso e simples de usar!!
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