Media Converter - video to mp3

4.7 (19.7K)
131 MB
Age rating
Current version
俊杰 阮
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Media Converter - video to mp3

4.69 out of 5
19.7K Ratings
5 months ago, King Masada
UPDATE! For all free users please read this especially.
I hate the idea of an app forcing you by feature restricting functionality & usability…and while I still hate that idea, this app gets a pass, BECAUSE ITS $5 FOR THE iOS EQUAL TO PC/Linux’s Handbrake & VLC, it’s with a single payment that is 1 time, no subscription, no limit, fork over Abe Lincoln’s TP, in modern times he won’t get you much anyway & a single Washington coin (with tax it’s a little over 4.99). Here’s why I did and how I knew I’d be worth it, even with feature blocking the free version has, the 2 best video formats are WebM & Matroska (MKV), WebM is widely considered the best because of their VP9 video and Opus Audio Codecs, however MKV has the ONLY format/Codec better, and it wipes the floor with VP9, it’s called AOMEDIA VIDEO-1 aka AV1, with ability to use OPUS from the WebM container or even FLAC if you wish, you WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE THE SECOND YOU CONVERT, and because iOS isn’t fully integrated to use AV1 (IPhone 16/17was the first to natively support it), this app even offers a post conversion emulator to view the full video via software decoding, if you’re hardware (the phone) doesn’t support it. ID BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR, and I even bought it for 5, so take it from a tech geek and video nerd, ITS WORTH IT!
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12 months ago, LCLMomma1392
Update: Since last review this app has only gotten BETTER! Not only is it only converter with all the features, but now when converting mp4 audiobooks with chapters, it KEEPS THE CHAPTERS!! So exciting!!! Thankyou!!!! Previous review: This is by far the best, and only one of its kind media converter. It has all the features, ive used this for years. •You can convert videos/audios unlimited length (ive done ones that were over 11 hours long!) •You can extract audio from video •You can trim and select specific portion to convert, or convert entire thing! •And most unique feature is You can adjust volume when converting! You can raise or lower volume, I use this personelly when something I want to listen to is obnoxiousky loud, I put it in here, adjust volume to 40% or 60% and like magic same exact audio only volume is softner. Also bonus is IT IS A ONE TIME BUY ALL FEATURES, NO SUBSCRIPTION! To me any developer that honors their one time payment and doesnt rip off customers who already paid into having to PAY AGAIN in subscription model is a developer worth trying out.
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3 years ago, Padupple
Well worth the price
Got this for audio conversion features and am very pleased with the function. I had been trying many apps to also find a video good video compressor, not realizing that this app also had that option. Am happy to discover that it does videos well, and better! The standard high, low, and , medium compression algorithms are more than adequate, fast, and don’t mess up the layout of the video. This app has replaced all those others that all suffered in one way or another, or did not support iPad landscape view. This is my go to media app. I’ve used computers and digital devices since 1985 and have purchased or used hundreds of utility applications. The truly good ones stand out for their function and stability. They are the ones you use constantly, finding them to be like a Swiss Army Knife. This is one.
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2 weeks ago, Sethwallace
Best $5 ever
Honestly I paid the $5 just because of the developers speech. Unlocking features I’m to lazy to understand and will probably never use… $6, not having to have big data in my business like a flatworm in my colon or add another invasive advertiser to my personal do not buy list…. Priceless! Mastercard, its the other white meat. Seriously the combination of tools for file transfer and addressing other blind apple corp arrogant shortcomings in IOS is worth it alone, less than the cost of a Red Bull or a 40oz Mickeys ( If you dont count bail money) Its way worth it. Who has two thumbs and is that guy over there? Me, and I endorse this message.
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4 years ago, BlueLuke
iMemories conversation
We sent our VHS tapes to iMemories to convert to digital. They did a good job but they came back to us in MP4 format which isn’t native for Apple devices. I wanted these videos to be accessible to all our iPads and iPhones. This $1.99 program made that all happen. At first I was frustrated that it looked like it was only a viewer, but after you import your MP4 file you touch the circled i which I think means information, but in this program it gives you the options to convert. It worked great! With all the videos we have this process is time consuming, but what’s time to a retired tech.
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4 years ago, shutup647264
Ad problems
Your app is great, it has allowed me to convert audios into files so I can cover songs, but the ads I get on the app hide the x button in places where it legitimately makes it so that you can’t exit out of them. I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed? And before you ask if im just over exaggerating, they have hidden the x button ABOVE my battery percentage and almost out of view. I have to exit the app every time because it’s impossible to leave the ads. I don’t believe this is your fault! Though it needs to be fixed with whoever is advertising on your app :)
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2 years ago, mostly satisfied!
Not working
I just purchased this app and it is crashing and not converting my movie. I upload the movie then selected convert and chose the mp4 option. Soon as I hit the “convert” button I get a message to keep the app open in the foreground but then the app immediately closes. Once I re open the app the mp4 file is sitting there in the que as if it worked but the file is empty. If I select the mp4 file in the que and hit the “play” option I get a black blank screen and if I try to share it i get an error message. I purchased the app after attempting two or three times and thinking maybe I needed the pro version for it to work properly. I figured the ratings for the app were so high that it was probably a good tool to have for the price. Now I’m just disappointed.
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2 years ago, rickmcbride
Wish it was faster
I had 3 movies that I needed to convert from the MOV to MP4 format. Expect to go ahead and pay for the app otherwise, the ads will drive you crazy. It does appear to do the job but each two hour movie will take anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 hours to convert. I found several other options in the App Store but most of them had a 2gb file size limit that was not large enough for a movie. Overall, the GUI is easy to maneuver through and has some good options.
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6 months ago, a wee evil weevil
Ignore the bad reviews
You just need to figure out how to use it and you’ll be fine. Once i figured out how to use it (which didn’t take long) i got to successfully do what i got the app for. The ads aren’t as intrusive or annoying as the critical reviews make them out to be. Understand that they have to make money somehow and if you feel too inconvenienced to deal with a couple of ads, then pay or just find another app. This is seriously a great free tool!
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3 years ago, Atari G
Wow Everything Works!
I get so tired of Apps saying they do this or that but fail to deliver. This is not one of those Apps. I’m pretty well versed in iPhone tech so what is easy for me may not be the case for whoever is reading this review but there a link to instructions under the settings menu of you need help. I bought all the premium features to support the Apps creators & because they honestly weren’t asking a ridiculous amount. All around everything I was looking for. Tik Tok Atari_Gangster Much Love!
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6 months ago, cbmort4
Saved Christmas!
I had 10 personalized flash drives that I needed to load a special memorial video of my dad, who passed away in October. Most of the family uses Apple products but the video was produced in .WMV, so we were unable to watch it on iPads. After downloading this App and paying for the Pro version, I had the video converted in a matter of minutes to .MP4 format then uploaded to iCloud, making it super easy to then save the converted version to the flash drives! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Jackattack2000
Best convert on the App Store.
I’ve been going through all the audio converting apps hoping to find one that isn’t some over priced subscription based plan. I finally found one and I am more than happy with it. This does everything all the other apps do and if anything it does it better. The best part is, the only in app purchase is a pro version and it’s $1.99. That’s it. As it should be. Thanks for the awesome converter and not being a typical greedy subscription app!
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4 years ago, Dindo_67
This is the Best!!!
I've been looking for media converter and it always fall to just a converter but not a reader at the same time! So what will happen is you'll go for a trial then they sack your money!!!! But this!!!! This is freaking awesome!!! Just for $1.99 you'll have it for life!!! Well that is if the software don't change and nothing new will come out which is impossible but hey!!! This is the Ultimate for now !!! I've got Vintage format of video!!! But this is the Grail for sure!!!!! Thanks a lot Builders!!!!!!
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2 years ago, super.d.duper
Easy to use & transfer files
Just bought and used, a fantastic experience. Converted using the app on iPad. Easy transfer to my PC. You get a URL to type in your PC browser and download, I converted 2 files and transferred, downloaded in less than 10 minutes. The compression feature works too but I wanted the highest quality so did not save compressed files; they were easy to delete.
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1 year ago, Spammed by Ever
Powerful Little App
This is a great little app, with the power to convert Gigabyte sized m4 files then play them back in more manageable .mkv format. I am new to it, so I have not stress tested it’s limits yet. The only recommendation that I have so far, is the developers should distribute a training video to speed up the learning curve. This is a problem with most apps though. I want to try converting iphone videos to mkv and see if it can record directly to the app. A Suggested update might be working in the 4K UHD footage. Good work team?
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1 year ago, Mrrobvs
THE ONLY .MTS to iPhone compatible solution
Searches everywhere for ways to get the iPhone to save .mts files to its camera roll or to be able to convert and then save. This app does it beautifully. I plug a cheap sd card reader into the lighting slot, use the app to navigate to the files, convert in the app and save to photos. Amazing. I didn’t need the paid features but paid anyway. Thank you.
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6 months ago, D957
Aggressive advertising and nag screens
This isn’t a bad converter for my purposes which are typically converting from Apple’s phone formats to something usable. Navigation is a bit clunky but usable. However they frequently put large “Buy upgrade now” screens on top of everything with obscure exit buttons and in one case I can’t even find the dang close button. Probably would have bought the software if the developer were better behaved. Instead I deleted and bought a different one that works just as well if not better.
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2 years ago, Joshi Itinus
Great App…but room for improvement!
I use it often to save in various audio formats. However, it has started having issues playing all files in a folder. Sometimes it will play all. Other times it will just play the first one and stop or randomly stop at nth one!! You’ve to the press fwd & backwards to make it play, which is frustrating!!
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2 years ago, iStarBae
Always knew I need everything come with this app etc; “wav, mp3, mp4, mov, convert audio, and plenty more to choose from.” When my phone dies is really when i realize how much I actually use this app, its a big daily for me. No cap on the real it’s crazy my laptop doesn’t even have this app weird yes my *Lenovo ThinkPad* can’t find this app weak huh but great app I love it if no one else dose #iStarBae #StillOuside #FlatLine
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6 months ago, @craftsonwheels
Horrible - filled with ADs
I mistakenly choose this as it was an automated selection from my unzip software. The initial reviews sounded promising but to my dismay it was filled with a series of ads that went beyond any normal standard -opening a series of adds and ad links in my browser. Again beyond any “normal” standards, requires you to enter credit card information (again beyond normal standards) and something I’m absolutely not comfortable in doing-especially before seeing if the product will work or if the developer is trustworthy. In this case with the way the ads were embedded, I do not trust them.
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5 years ago, ellice07
I literally never write reviews but I just HAVE to for this app. It is an absolute LIFESAVER! I needed to convert one of my iPad videos to an mp3 or m4a file and no apps would allow me to without needing to subscribe, which I can’t since I need parental approval and our family sharing thing isn’t working properly. But this app let me convert almost instantly, it worked, and it’s free! If you want to convert, this is the app you should download :)
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11 months ago, ValensLuv99
Most used app in my arsenal!
For years I searched for an app that would do what this app does and I’m so freaking grateful I found it! Do yourself a favor and spend the money and get the full blown version without the ads, because they’ll totally kill your creative flow, and it’s very reasonably priced. I want to thank the creators of this app because they freaking rule! ~Gregory ValensLuv ValensLuv Voice & Music
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10 months ago, iwannahearmusic
Everyone should get this app!
I downloaded the app and gave it access to the video I needed the audio stripped from! I uploaded it, and within seconds had my audio in MP3 format with no declination in the quality! I'm extremely and thoroughly impressed; beyond satisfied with the developers who designed and brought this oh, so useful application to life! Thanks "Media Converter Team!"
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8 months ago, _Asta.Lover_
Heating/battery issues
It’s good, it does the job done but the only one issue is that when I convert any video, it heats up my phone really quickly in a certain spot on my phone which is where my chip is located, and it drains my battery at a Recording speed. It goes from 80% to like 78% just from converting one video which could take only like a minute or two. I think it’s hurting battery and I’m so close to just find a new app because of this problem.
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3 months ago, xvalkyrie52
Simple User Interface
I use this app to convert my dashcam footage from mpeg to mp4 so that it's readable on many devices including my iphone/ipad. Now that I'm used to the app, it takes me a minute or two to get the footage I need from my wolfbox dashcam, via sd card, and saved to my iphone. I can also watch the footage on the app before deciding if i want to convert/save it too.
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2 years ago, hill csp
Glitch in system doesn’t allow you to select more than one video to convert!
I am unable to import videos from my phones library after I have imported one. I am meeting to convert two videos and cannot select from my library. It is urgent and it isn’t the first time it has happened.
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3 years ago, Mooie the Artist
All of the other video to audio converters are crap. This one does what you want to, and it doesn’t keep telling you to buy the premium version so that you can convert the files that you need to. It’s also a safe storage thing, so I guess if you want to keep your files away from prying eyes, this works for that as well.
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2 years ago, byronlp
The most versatile and useful media converter.
I’ve been using this little app for years to make my GoPro and iPhone recorded videos smaller and more manageable (specially for sharing trough WhatsApp). The interface is good, has many customization options and I honestly can’t think of any caveat. Also, no ads whatsoever :)
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3 years ago, Rapplejunk
Doesn’t Work
Followed instructions but it doesnt work. Selected video file to convert as instructed but the option to convert then does not appear. Another area of app said to first select what format you want to convert to but there is nowhere on app I could find to do that. Yet another area of app says select file to convert then hit share and select Media Converter but Media Converter does not pop up as option even though I authorized it for selected files in settings. Various messages would pop up with terminology I didn’t understand. A big fat dud. I deleted it.
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5 years ago, 318 trey
It works
Wish it didn’t take so long, I’ve converted three videos from .vid to mp4 and I like that it allows me to watch my multiple devices onto my iPhone. Took better than an hour and a half to convert a 4 min video, so that’s the only thing I’ve found so far I didn’t like. Had app for three days and they ask me to rate. Other than that, so far so good. And adds, but it’s expected in free apps, gotta pay the bills.
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5 years ago, RealAphrodite
I had gone through a lot of non-free apps to try and get the audio of a video I had. Finally, this app shows up and I can convert it hassle free and quickly. I was also able to airdrop right into the device and app I wanted it for. I’d give it more stars if I could. Anyway, no scam here. You looking for a legit free app to convert video to audio? This is the app mate. Thanks developers!
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5 months ago, W.13th
Idk. Maybe it's a regional thing but I've used the FREE version for years & haven't had an ads issue. That said, as it exists, Media Convert is perfect! The free version is faster than Handbrake & (almost) always yields a better result which, for me, made buying the paid version a lot easier. Good work, dev(s)! 👈🏾
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1 year ago, Kim Tru
Works great
This app is super user friendly and actually does what it says. I'm not that tech savvy but was able to figure out how to make some mp3 audio clips from screen recordings. pretty quickly, too. you can shorten your ultimate clips before finalizing also.
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4 years ago, Kelvin chanky
Just works, for only $2!
This is the only app that reads .mts avchd video files created by my sony camera. The app has a trial that lets you confirm it can read your movie files so you can test whether it really works. After trying a couple of apps that claim to convert but really can’t, I splurged an entire $2 on this app!
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3 years ago, hunterrams
This app is amazing and Worth the extra features
I Dj a lot and so i record all my sets from my ipad’s screen recorder. I was looking all over the App Store for a good converter and compressor. This app is so so simple that it saved a lot of time and it’s only a one time fee of $1.99 for extra features.
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4 years ago, Nightmare_Fuel
I’m gonna get straight to the point, this app is really a big help for a cheap mobile animator like me and I just wanted to show my appreciation for the thing!! It’s really straight forward and now I can actually do my hobby without its audio bugging out and being all static- Thank you so much!!
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11 months ago, Miles McG
Exactly what you need
I downloaded this in less than a minute, and was immediately able to convert some old .wmv files I had from when I was a kid. This app was seamless, easy to understand, and it got the job done fast!
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10 months ago, rumchatasavior
Lighting Issue
there was a weird issue where when I uploaded videos from my camera roll into the app to be converted to mp4 files, the new outputted videos were noticeably brighter than the original videos thus making them look stranger, discolored, and less professional. I had to use this app to convert stuff for auditions so it definitely made the process pretty inconvenient and kind of embarrassing
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1 year ago, Slotlady5
Great Little Program
For converting old video to MP4 format, then bringing the conversion into IMovie …this way I can document old video with my voice as well as add text to the video to save for future generations. Videos and photos are like Time Travel for the Mind..a way to relive precious memories
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2 years ago, HOOKMAN BUTTZ
Far exceeded expectations
This is not only free, but an amazing and quick video compressor and converter. Reduces 200mb clips to 20mb with nearly no visual loss.I was stunned at how Incredibly effective, and shockingly quick this works. A hint glitchy, but the job gets done well. Extreme recommend, well worth your time.
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6 months ago, MR_MASTR52007
Totally worth it
This app rocks. Has every feature you need + more! All I say is add some extra features like downloading video links and whatnot, but other than that, if you buy the pro, it is worth the money 100%
Show more
3 years ago, Miss Atticus Finch
Great App Nut Please Fix Ads
Everything works great, and I get that you need ads, but can you pls move the “X” to close out of the ads to someplace where it’s accessible on all phones? It falls right in the top corner of the iPhone screen and is half cut off, so there is no way to get out of the ad. This is a huge frustration and waste of time in an otherwise excellent app.
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4 years ago, alanhndrsn
Absolutely works as advertised!
I bought this to convert videos to play on a 2020 iPad Pro. Have already converted a half dozen compressed videos to mp4 format, which play perfectly. When I established that it really did work, the only in-app purchase I made was 99 cents for ad removal. Totally recommend!
Show more
5 years ago, bornpornNorn
Thank god
I tried to export a video off my phone to my computer for hours and when I finally found out the issue and tried to convert it I had to go through multiple apps until I found one that was truly free and worked the first time thank god.
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1 year ago, Jsong123
This app will get the job done, when I am dealing with video clips, and I need an MP3 audio file. There are other functions built into this app that I have not used, such as trimming the video clip. I think this is a very good app and I recommend it.
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4 years ago, Don't download unless you pay
Deserves 5 stars
As my experience this app is awesome never failed me like very easy to download your song on computer a lot appreciate to the developers 😚 But after new update every time when I save videos in here it crushes:(
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6 months ago, EMOxZOMBIExGOTH
The App/Software i’ve been looking for!!!!!
I record my gameplay from pc but turning my MKV into MP4 was getting frustrating until I discovered Media Converter Best App and its worth to buy pro, I edit videos from my Macbook and this is what i need.
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5 years ago, Dellaneva
Great app. Needs one thing.
Love this app. Finally found one that works. If I may suggest one thing, add a status bar to the converting animation so we know how long it will take for our file to convert instead of staring at our screen until who knows when.
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1 year ago, Kat smugz
Good but one bug
I use this as a song playlist and listen to the songs using playlist loop. This feature has stopped working it only replays that one song and if I leave it on playback it just exits the song please fix this if possible
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1 year ago, the rusty fish hook
This app is great the way it is and functions flawlessly, just hope it doesn’t get redesigned. App does what it is supposed to do without issues. Really like the video player design and functions/controls.
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