3.3 (7.3K)
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Mediacom Communications Corporation
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MediacomConnect

3.3 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
3 years ago, MamaChile
Average - needs work
I was excited about using my phone to pay Mediacom versus my laptop, as I usually do. I paid my bill easily, but did not receive the payment confirmation number, which I always write down on my paid bill. So I started searching for the “payment history” on my account, which is where I can find the payment confirmation numbers on other apps. No such option is available on the Mediacom app. Until I can have access to all my account information via the app, my rating will be 3 stars which is just average. I did use the app to try text Mediacom about where to find payment history. The virtual agent forwarded me to a live agent, which I appreciated. Too bad the live agent had to tell me that the payment history and my confirmation number were not available via the app. I guess I’m better off just using my laptop. Mediacom really needs to run beta tests on this app with REAL users.
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6 years ago, uigolfguy
After Hours stinks and needs work
I get it that you don’t have people to answer phones and chat 24 hours a day. However, if I go into this app to troubleshoot a problem and it results in me needing to talk with someone and request a callback, maybe you should just stop right there and say, “sorry, no one is available at this time, please come back at such and such time.” No, instead, it proceeds to ask you to request a time to talk, ask you what is wrong, ask for number, and then a message as to what the issue is. That would be great, except....sorry, please come back during such and such time as no one is available. Ok, so next I try to request a callback thinking surely, I can leave a message and they will call me back when someone is available. So again, tell them what is wrong, leave my number and a message as to the problem....NOPE! Sorry, need to contact us during such and such time. So finally, I result to leaving an email. By this time, I am so ticked off, that I am just plain rude on my message and just tell you to call me. Did anyone run through these steps during a beta test?!?! Come on! It’s 2018, you could fix this real easy by just allowing it to leave a message and allow it it call have you call us back the next day and maybe even at a specific time range. Holy Crap! What an idea!! You guys wonder why so many people cut the cord....
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3 years ago, Hdhsjekdnejdjenjej
Does not support iPad, does not any real functionality
This app is listed as supporting iPads, but I fail to see how that can be true. It does not support landscape mode, it all text communication is occurring via text messaging (SMS, not even iMessage). For biometric support, it assumes fingerprint. If you intent to use with iPad I would stay away. This app also provides very little functionality. Although this is really not the fault of the app, but more of Mediacom as they really don’t want anyone to be able to change or remove subscribed services. At first I only wanted to cut out phone, but left it on because it was so hard to get in touch with Mediacom to make any changes. Then I settled on cutting out cable too. Again, after many attempts to contact it’s nothing but unanswered online chats and endless hold times on the phone. Now I’m just done with them entirely. So, while the app is largely useless it’s not offensive. The business practices are offensive as they are nothing but an attempt to make it too hard to leave. Ironically that’s a good enough reason to leave any company these days as there is always choice, even if it’s a little hard to get there.
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3 years ago, Kuntzie13
Let’s imagine together….
Let’s imagine you open a restaurant. You need to hire cooks, waiters, etc in order for the restaurant to be successful. Someone to take the orders, someone to cook the food, someone to deliver the orders and someone to manager it all. Pretty simple business plan. Now let’s enter Mediacom. Their business plan got lost in translation somewhere along the way. You would want someone to handle the customers and someone to service the product, once again, fairly simple business plan, right? No. Mediacom has done the route of hiring cold callers and snobs as their customer service and what seems to be HAM radio techs for their service installers. When I say the last 8 years of Mediacom has been a nightmare, I mean it in every sense of the phrase. I would rather pull my own teeth out then to have to call and talk to these people, and if a technician is needed, you might as well plan for 3 visits because it is NOT going to get done in the first one. One more thing you can absolutely rely on… they will sell you something and give you something much less and completely different, and then raise your price every 3 months. This company disgusts me.
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1 month ago, 4"Donger
A minimal app with general info
It really is a pretty basic app. I guess it has most of what you need to know. I can't think of much else a person would need to have in an app for Internet and tv service. I'd like to see the app gain the functionality of service status information. Such as service outage info like a map or at least a section with bulletized messages on the status of a service outage. Billing info (and the ability to pay Mediacom) is prominently displayed front and center just below an advertisement. They want to persuade you to buy something new and make sure you can get them some money for your bills.
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5 years ago, Shaggy474
Mediacom gets worse not better!
The app use to be a great tool in getting my issues taken care of. I could pay my bill, chat with service or get an actual phone number to contact mediacom. My payments were instant and if I had been disconnected my service was up in seconds. Then the calls started going overseas, payments stopped going through and foreigners were telling me yes my payments went through but ai needed to pay a special $2 service fee for immediate reconnection. My speeds were throttled down daily from my 100Gb service into single digits and no one would help. Now the text feature does not work the call feature is for call backs only ( that never call) and absolutely no support available. I had to search forums on the internet to connect to a live body and at least they were in the US. They claim there is no fee and it was never instant but We know better. They say they will connect you but yet here we are hours later, no service, no support and a worthless app that only takes payments and provides no service!
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4 years ago, Ooberstick
If you have a choice, do not choose Mediacom
I have used Mediacom for about 3 years now. Originally my bill for basic service was about $60/month. After 1 year they changed my service to $94/month. I called to complain because basic internet shouldn’t cost me this much. Mediacom told me that if I decided to agree to a contract with them, my bill would be $20 less per month until my contract was up. I decided to go with this option. 1 year after my 2 year contract with Mediacom my bill went back to $94/month. When I called to see why my bill went up, a representative told me that the contract states that after 1 year my bill will go back to original price and I am liable to pay the remainder of my contract, and if I were to terminate I would be charged $10 per month for each remaining month I owe on the contract. I was NEVER told this when I decided to take the 2 year contract. So in order to get out of my current contract I will need to pay an additional $120. Please do not use Mediacom unless you have no other choice in your area. Mediacom is a JOKE.
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6 years ago, Ujjddkg
Version 3.2.23 update is dumb
The app ui looks bright and fresh, but navigation is NOT improved upon. Biggest main use people have for this app is to check their usage level because of mediacom’s data caps. They made the look smaller, put in a new line-graph format vs the old bar graph (that showed previous months usage) which doesn’t make sense (since it compares previous months usages with your usage of literally today; which goes a bit like this: Jan-243gb , Feb-237gb, Mar-6gb...”um, it only Feb 20th...why are you line graphing incomplete billing cycles in real-time?!”) and they gave you less up front info that was clear and simple. I hate people changing things for the sake of changing things. If you change something make it for the better; not just rearrange stuff and change fonts and colors. It gets annoying. ALSO...your pw used to be able to be saved, but now you have to type it in each time you want to they are actually giving you less functionality with the latest iteration.
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4 years ago, SarahS50266
You still need a statement
I have not been getting my billing statements regularly in the mail. I will go months without receiving one, leaving it impossible for me to review the bill to ensure the billing is accurate. Medicine cannot email the statements , they can only send them “by mail”, which is an extremely outdated process. To enroll online or use the app you need a “pin” they only will print on the billing statement. This leaves me with no way to review my statement unless I drive to their “local” office 13 miles from my home. So a 26 mile trip, to get a monthly statement to make sure billing is correct so I can pay my bill on time. The app is just as helpful , as the statements I don’t receive. I asked to cancel service and that required a 7 day notice which is fine I will give that but I’m still left with driving to the office to make sure all billing the last few months is accurate. I’m cancelling service simple because I can’t get reliable billing even though they have an app that could have prevented losing a customer .
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1 year ago, Cornebiser
App does not work and MEDIACOM doesn’t care!
The app doesn’t work. It gets confused if you have the Wi-Fi 360 in the house with eeros. It thinks you no longer have MEDIACOM internet so if you try to troubleshoot a problem with your internet, not the router in your house and the eero extenders, but the actual MEDIACOM internet signal coming into your house, the app so t let you and tells you to download the eero app. And the eero app is even worse. No one replies to customer support and anyway they aren’t your internet service, MEDIACOM is. But the app so let you report your internet is down or troubleshoot or have a signal sent because it says you have Wi-Fi 360. And by the way, when I try to explain this to anyone at MEDIACOM,they do t understand and keep telling me they do t manage the eero app. But it’s the MEDIACOM app that Madeline929 the problem. I’m about ready to drop MEDIACOM over this. They don’t care about their customers and their app proves it!
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5 years ago, Trouble98
Hard to manage.
I was late on my payment because I forgot my password. When I made numerous attempts to reset it I ran into a problem no matter which way I tried. I got a new phone so I couldn’t just fingerprint scan (I know first world problems) and I couldn’t remember which email I used. Looked up “Mediacom” in my emails, and the email that had emails from mediacom wasn’t the same one that’s linked to my account. Once I figured that out I could finally get them to send me an email to reset password. HOWEVER, once I put in my new password I got an error saying that the email the account was “assigned” to was “null” (it didn’t exist). So I couldn’t reset my password but i did manage to remember what my password was in the first place out of pure frustration. They need to refresh their email/username/account fiasco I had to deal with. Make it less difficult to log in.
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2 years ago, CephalopodicArtist
Service is fine, app is not
I’m the tech savvy zoomer in my family that solves computer issues, installs parts and installs and updates whatever need be, and this app was a UI nightmare to navigate. They don’t tell you anything about creating an account before hand, the piece of paper you got with your stuff has a number you need to keep on hand to create your account, the whole thing is just laggy and bumbling and will have you frustrated as your screen changes last second and you end up either closing everything you’re doing or clicking on the wrong option. Not to mention the needed addition of a pin that as far as I can tell, is never a part of the sign up process. How am internet service provider can charge so much for such a basic service and offer the most difficult experience with paying a bill is absurd.
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5 years ago, Blackwater2855
Completely worthless App if there ever were one! If this App worked even 50% of the time I wouldn’t complain. I guess shame on me for hanging in and trying. If the definition of insanity is to repeat the same process expecting a different result then I’m completely nuts I guess. And to think now Mediacom wants us to stop getting paper bills so we can all “Go Green”! Oh brother, can you imagine? The App doesn’t work, the email is sketchy at best and now you don’t want to mail me a bill and trust your system. Uhhh, no. I was told my system must be old and antiquated. Not so much. All new stuff and it still won’t work. The old way of thumb print password never did work. Ever. My fault? Hmmm, well every other App worked. Now, Face ID doesn’t work. Hmmm, same face everyday. Every other App still knows me. What can I say? I guess I am crazy expecting a different result.
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5 years ago, Mad Mediacom User
No longer user friendly
UPDATE: Received notification of font problems and payment selections were updated. App working correctly again. Thank you to Developers for modifications to app, now I can view and pay bills with less stress. 😊 Payment options, view bill or payment history, and select payment method ARE NOT WORKING! Login is working correctly and hitting Continue to actually pay bill are the ONLY THINGS WORKING! I can't select which payment method I want, can't even view which ones I have setup. What happened??? Font on first page is waaaaaaaay too light and too small to read!! WHY would a developer create something like this??? Horrible!
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3 years ago, chad thundeclock
Awful app, but no alternative
I live in area with 2 choices in internet, with only mediacom having the speeds that I need. After my internet was set up, I downloaded this app so that I could see my usage remaining for the month. Turns out mediacom sets up an email address for you??? I don’t know who as ever wanted an email from their isp, but they did not let me know in any way, so it took multiple days until I gave up on password resets and such and called them. It was a pain, but they were able to setup the account with a temp password. The problem is, there is no way in the app that I can see to change that password to anything else. I also have yet to be able to see my remaining data, the primary reason I downloaded it. Honestly, the app itself might be mediocre, but what makes it so bad is the system built around it.
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4 years ago, jdrtivd
Forgets sign on info after update
Once you can get into the app, it’s actually pretty good; easy to navigate and take care of basic functions, which is all I want out of it. However - if you have a Mediacom account, you know how frustrating it is to log in via their website (which email address do I use here, my actual one or the one they assigned me? etc) which was the entire reason I got the app. Well, every time they update the app or I update iOS, the d*** thing forgets my login information behind my Touch ID. Every time. And it’s only this app that I have this problem with. And then it won’t take my password when I type it in, even though I know it’s right, so I have to go through the 7th layer of hell known as resetting your Mediacom password. Just typing this review is raising my blood pressure.
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4 years ago, LongDog#1
App needs some fixes with change of address
Recently moved to a different state. I updated my info via the mobile app. Noticed the billing address updated but the service address still showed previous address. I received my paper bill today which included a late fee. I signed in to the mobile app which showed a zero balance and my old address as the service address. I had to uninstall your mobile app then go through the hassle to reinstall it. Once I opened the app after reinstalling did it finally updated my service address to include the late fee and all that reflected the paper bill I just received. Thanks Again Mediacom for not paying attention to the details of your mobile app including your service reps for the “shrugging of the shoulders” attitude when I brought the error to their attention
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4 years ago, ChromaticNarwhal
App is buggy and doesn’t work.
I’ve had Mediacom for quite a while now. My internet is always going down and I tried using the troubleshooting feature on the app but it just continues to say error. It claims my internet is up and running and that there is no outage BUT there is no internet (I also checked online and many people in my town are having the same issue surprise surprise). I don’t like having to complain but this has happened far too many times. When you try and contact customer support they just always come to the conclusion that they can’t do anything to fix the problem, which is a complete lie because my internet used to work fine. I even got a new router to make sure that wasn’t the issue. I shouldn’t have to pay $90 a month for internet that doesn’t work half the time.
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5 years ago, MiniCooper69
Every month when I sit down to pay bills, I have forgotten that this app is “labor intensive”, in that it does not retain my address or billing information. So what should take 30 seconds, takes several minutes. I have to find my purse, dig out my card and enter the information manually. Out of all the apps I use to pay bills, this is the one I am most disappointed in. I was very satisfied with the previous version. It was user friendly. I could access my account, pay my bill, and do it all in seconds. This one, not so much. In fact, not at all. The next time you work on it, I would appreciate you making it more like the old app. I have been told that it would be easier if I access Mediacom via my home computer and their home page. No. That is not easier. Not for me.
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5 years ago, lkjuiomnbg***
Great app- but access can be difficult
This app def is in the right direction. Clean, neat and simple. That being said, the UN/PW entry is flawed. The UN was set to a Mediacom email address, which I had never used and obviously forgot over time. Trying to get it reset didn’t work until I got a rep to plow through it. The PIN is on a bill, not a memorized number, and the associated phone nor account number gets you nowhere- so did the security question. If they could get this easier or simply linked to the AC#/Phone/Current Email, then it would probably work perfectly. The fingerprint part works great once it’s accessed and turned on. Btw- the “nickname” function to submit a review is not working well either.
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5 years ago, mediacomocre
Mediacom Mediocre
As with most Mediacom services, the app isn’t worthy above anything over 3 stars. The main problem is that is is very buggy on current iOS. I frequently have issues adding a custom payment amount as it won’t prompt my phone to open the keyboard. It also has authentication issues if you back out of the app. It won’t renew the session until after you use the app for a bit and all your work becomes invalid as it forces you to retype your password. I would have been very surprised if it had actually worked as expected given it took Mediacom 9 months to fix the grass that they tore up in my yard while they were setting up cable for the neighbors.
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1 year ago, Gw764
Payment section now greyed out
Past few months billing section has been greyed out and I have not been able to view my bill. All other sections seem to work, except viewing my bill, I’ve had to phone in to pay. I really can’t remember the reason they gave why it wasn’t working but due to COVID related stuff they were still waving fee if someone took it over the phone. I don’t want to call in each time I want to pay. I opted out of paper but it automatically restated without my request. I do t want to receive all of this paper through mail, receive enough junk as it is. Please fix this app
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8 months ago, Yellow Diamond1
Mediacom Internet
Mediacom is a great Internet service provider and is fast and I have 6000 GB of usage allowance and I don’t even use close to that so I don’t have to worry about my Internet getting slowed down or getting charged extra and coverage is great too as I get Internet everywhere in my house and even outside and even their other plans should be great too. The app is great too It’s easy to use and anything you need you can find on the app. Paying your bill is easy too and speaking of Bills it’s cheap too.
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4 months ago, ryeburk
overall review
overall the app isnt terrible and is convenient to pay my bill quickly and check in on usage. (when it decides it wants to work) in addition to that every time i open the app with headphones connected the quality gets horrible and leaves my ears ringing. I do like that the app shows if there’s a problem with your connection and when there is outages in the area. If i could help anyone out i would recommend getting any other wifi honestly. but it does operate as a convenient way to access my internet information and pay my bills
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5 years ago, alskfjfgsoqlfjc
Mediacom is the worst company and the only reason I have them is because there is no other options for my area... they should not be used if there are other options... not only does my bill increase every few months and they say that’s apart of the plan I’m on when I pay month to month with no contract. On top of that the internet works about 50 percent of the time and they will not refund money for the long periods of no internet. I complain very rarely and have no complaints about every other company that I need in my life such as trash and electric but mediacom should be avoided if at all possible. There customer service is trash as well. They do not treat a customer like someone they would want to keep. Probably because they know I have no other options
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5 years ago, Mattzarella
Works fine, but auto pay needs fixed
Being able to troubleshoot from the app has helped a handful of times and being able to see how much data you have is great. However, auto pay has been inconsistent. Some times it will pay right on time, other times, even when I have the money in my account, it will not charge causing me to have to pay for a late fee I shouldn’t have to pay for. Even when fiddling with the setting it still just decides not to charge sometimes. This would be a 5 star app for what it’s worth and Mediacom for the most part has been the best internet service I’ve ever had, but being screwed over every once in a while really brings the whole thing down.
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5 years ago, mick62814
Poorly conceptualized
Our balance is always reflected wrong and when we call, one agent always says something different than the other. We have always made our regular payment every month but somehow we have a past due balance. When we call they say we’re current but balance reflects otherwise then we’ll get letters about past due balance, call and we’ll be fine. You can’t delete old bank account on the app and you don’t get a screen to look over your payment before finalizing, thus, I have made two payments with an old bank account since you can’t delete old ones and it automatically defaults to the old account every time. We have considered switching internet companies because we’ve had so many issues with monthly payments.
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7 months ago, Monkey2329
The app needs a lot of work. Every time for the past YEAR that I have tried to make a payment t in the app, it gives me an error message and says action failed. Somehow paperless billing got turned on and every time I trying to change that within the app, it logs me off. Pretty much anytime you try to do anything in the app, it gives an error or logs you out. The only thing useful about the app is looking to see how much my bill currently is or if service is down, you can see the approximate time the outage will be fixed. I prefer using apps to take care of and pay most of my bills but this one is pretty useless. With each update, I hope this issues will be resolved, so far that is not the case.
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7 years ago, Tine-N-Fl
Big help
I love this app! Easy to use and navigate. Paying bills has never been easier. I can pull up current and past bills with ease, check internet usage, report a problem or even schedule an appointment if necessary. No need to hunt for my credit card when I use this app it stores all my information. Actually I have several accounts stored for my payment methods. All I have to do is choose the one I want to use. The initial sign up and loading of payment methods takes a little bit of time but well worth it! 👍🏼
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2 years ago, itsKalebB
Worst ever
I’ve absolutely never had a company make It so hard for me to find and pay my bill. They make you just through a million hoops and what was supposed to be around $50 a month is more Like $100 a month. Not to mention I’ve tried to have it automatically pulled out each month and they would skip a month before doing so that way I paid extra in late fees. And let’s not even begin to talk about how god awful the internet speed is or the constant lagging out of things. Oh and the $4.99 a month I pay for a land line that they never even sent me…. I’ll be going back to directv where I paid less for wayyyyy more channels and wayyyy better internet and where paying my bill is a breeze…
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2 years ago, Alex99072
Easy to pay bill, other features don't work
This app makes it easy to pay your bill or set up autopay. Also tells you your monthly usage on the home screen which is nice. Other than that, it's pretty bad. Always gets stuck loading when trying to report an outage. Also the network troubleshooting option has never worked. You click on it, and a prompt appears saying this option is not available at this time. You'd figure an Internet Service Provider would be able to make a useable app, but apparently not.
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1 year ago, Pack-Man80
Worst Utility App Ever!!!!
The only reason I gave 1 star was because it wouldn’t let me leave zero stars. This is by far the worst app for a utility I have ever used. The app shows as the bill is paid in full & up to date when in fact it isn’t. App also quit showing your data usage. The section for data usage is still there it just doesn’t function anymore. Quite possibly the worst thing about this is that if you look at the reviews left by users of this app that these problems have been going on now for over 2 years and the developers & techs still haven’t fixed these problems. Like the old saying goes, “ I wish I had more hands so I could give more thumbs down👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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4 years ago, SSJ_Welshey
Made By A 60 Year Old Man
This app feels like it was made by a 60 year old person that doesn’t know how the internet works. It gives very little information on your account. If you aren’t paying your bill on the app, don’t get the app, because it’s the only thing you can do on it. And don’t expect to know when your bill is due, it decides when you get to know that. You don’t get to know that. Wanna login with your email? Good luck, you have to use a randomly generated mediacom email address that it gives you instead. Called to get help to get into the app and the mediacom representative agreed that the app is garbage and apologized for the 65 year old geezers running the company that don’t know how electronics work. Fix your app if you want to be a real business.
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5 years ago, K3NZii3
Makes Life Easier
Having this app makes keeping track of my bills so much easier than life without the app. I love doing things from the comfort of my phone wherever I am at. I also have issues with my internet connection shutting off..I live in a small town with terrible connections requardless. I really enjoy the troubleshooting option on the app to restart my router and hope that a simple restart can get it back up and running. This app is fool proof and very simple to navigate through as well.
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6 years ago, trishco3
Wasted space on my iPhone 😕
Like that the app allows me to log on with fingerprint I cannot set up payments to come out on a later date. It takes me to the main website. If I wanted to do all this online I would’ve just used the laptop. And I did since it has all my information saved. So basically this app is a waste of space. I don’t usually use the app for anything else. Checking the usage, we have such a high amount of data that I never worry about going over. And I don’t have cable since streaming is cheap and is what works for me and my family.
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6 years ago, Tiny489
No update? Sorry there is an update!
Tried like ten times to pay my bill with the APP kept telling me my profile info was wrong and would tell me to try again. Used the APP to see if there was an update for it and it told me my current version was good. When I opened the APP store it immediately told me there wS an update for the APP. After I updated the APP it aloud me to pay my bill. Not sure why you have a check for updates selection in the app if it doesn’t work. Also the “remember” box for the log in doesn’t work like in the past. Have to keep inputing my password. What a pain. You don’t even have a fingerprint option for the app. This is a downgrade from the other app.
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3 years ago, Hereicometosavetheday
I’ve been a Mediacom customer for almost 20 years and have extensively used this app. Have had to change my password so many times it’s ridiculous. Almost every time there’s an update it says my password is incorrect. The troubleshoot internet or tv feature no longer works. It just says “oops something went wrong” every time my internet is down. Now it has even stopped doing anything at all. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it. No customer support at all. I mean NONE! The pre programmed cookie cutter responses from their most basic of customer service representatives doesn’t have anything for customer service on the app. You’re on your own with this one.
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4 years ago, Twabak
The worst
Internet works one day not the next and I have a security system that works off WiFi when it goes offline my phone data kicks in and unless you have unlimited data this can be costly. Every day I’m rebooting my modem I call they say they will have someone check the pole to see if there’s a problem. If I had known I would have this much problems with WiFi I would have never changed cable company’s. Also they bill you a month ahead of time which I think is wrong! My bank doesn’t bill me a month ahead for my car payment the power company doesn’t bill me a month ahead of time for my power bill. I think it’s time to start streaming all my tv channels it’s cheaper and probably less headache.
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5 years ago, cherrygarcia5
I hate the Mediacom App so much. Not only do they force you to use an arbitrary email and password that they make up and you have to remember (on their own Mediacom email service) but the app is just crap. Very few options on it. They gave the option to set scheduled payments which sounds really good, but there’s no where to see when those scheduled payments are actually occurring. I called tech support a verified this. Also, when you log in it shows your balance, but it doesn’t actually tell you when your payment is due on that page. You have to go look under usage and there it will tell you when your data will renew and that’s the only way you can find out when your bill is due. Dumb app.
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6 years ago, 78 Dimples
Can’t pay my bill using the app
For a long time this app is the only way I paid my bill but recently the option has been removed when I go to do so. This is very inconvenient and would like for this option to return. Please update the app for processing payment and I will update my review!! Update...WOW!! Quick response!!! Payment option has been added back!! I was able to pay my bill with the app again which is really the only reason I use this app. Thanks a bunch!!
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6 years ago, Eric Alan
Unreliable Login
The actual app has improved greatly. It is the back-end that is disconcerting. A year and a half ago we moved. Service moved (eventually) to the new place and ~THREE MONTHS later our email addresses, everything on the server at the time, and our logins quit working. After setting up a new account, I now experience another incident where my login information mysteriously disappears and they have to recreate it. I have new credentials. I can’t get FULL access to my account because I need a pin on a bill I get electronically but can’t access without the pin. Mediacom tells me I can get that pin if I travel to the office or pay $2! Seriously? Mediacom’s actual product isn’t bad. Slower and overpriced compared to everyone else I know in different markets but it at least works. The billing and online account management system, however, is a disaster and a testimony to the importance of competition in the marketplace. If they didn’t corner the market on broadband in much of their territory, maybe they’d be forced to improve their software and customer service.
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2 months ago, Kervay
App never works.
Yep, always shows you how much you owe them and how much you’ve used. But it never gives you the option to text them or call them or email them or show you when stuff is out of service i.e. Internet or cable. The bottom line is concerned with getting money from you. They don’t really care if you have service or not. Their answer is always to reboot your router reboot, your modem. And then if it’s not your modem or your router and it’s something of theirs, you know then they might fix it cause they might have somebody capable of fixing it but they’re gonna make sure they try and charge you for the visit because that’s just who they are.
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7 years ago, JohnnyBallGame3321
Mediacom mobile app
Thank goodness for this little but exceptional App! Seems every time I try to get online via tablet or laptop the Mediacom convergence website errors out and says it is down for maintenance. So after several failed attempts to pay my bill online, I decided to try the App. Within 5 minutes it was on my iPhone and my bill was paid!!! Also like the ability to check on outages in my area, or report one. Thanks for this little wonder! Peace!
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3 years ago, agm@tgam
Often give confusing information
With the new update of app, due date is no longer visible. Moreover, there is no option to set email reminder for sending monthly emails about payment amount and due date. In this internet era Mediacom is still doing paper billing and doesn’t even offer email as an option. Seems so Stone Age! Shows due date to be 12th of any month though on 11th it shows that your payment is overdue. Fix it. Also, I have asking this for over two years now; date reminder is very dull gray colored and many with visual impairment may not be able have any use of it unless your modus to earn is to cheat !!!
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5 years ago, JRT3-de
Great just needs some minor tweaks
The app was useful for the limited use I gave it. The pay a different amount was a little difficult, with some persistence I was able to get it to work. It would be nice if they did a few things to make payments easier, use Apple Pay, use the scan card with the camera also if you didn’t want to use Apple Pay. Billing/service cycle was not easy/clearly apparent on billing page. The application was very useful and informative on usage and customer service.
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6 years ago, fjfngkg
App does not sync. Is not accurate
I’ve had a balance shown on my accounts on the mobile app since I changed locations . I pay my bill ahead of time every month and I know there is no balance. Yet it still shows I have one or have not paid. I have had to call every month to make sure there is no added balance (which is frustrating all in itself) so what’s the point of having an app that is not accurate and gives false information and balances to customers? I have reported this issue by phone and they drug it off like they dont really care. It’s the age of technology, keep up or fall to the side.
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5 years ago, AKeenPilot
Basic, works, but needs to be enhanced
Good way to get more interaction with the customers, shows basic info, and account access. I would like to see more real-time interactive features, like showing data useage compared to the same date last month not months end, and ways to see network issues or reported issues. A self help section would be great for after business hours. The sign in process isn’t remembering my login Touch ID so but that is a minor fix. Keep evolving!
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1 year ago, scenteiic
Bad customer service
So I’m moving soon, called to have my device terminated, I was told it would be processed, I called over a week later to check what’s going on and obviously my request wasn’t sent in even tho I was told it would be processed now I texted the chat agents “I told them the situation and from my perspective it seems they don’t care and mad that I’m terminating it”, I was told I’ll be transferred to an account specialist I waited for a call didn’t get any and I have to be on the phone again the next day cause they didn’t reach out to me, I’m not using this internet again.
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2 years ago, donovanwhite1929
Sub par service
The app has some great features, but unfortunately some of the features are completely useless especially the contact us and text us features. The people/workers who text you take up to 30 minutes to respond to a yes or no question. The only way I would recommend this app or a company to someone is if they are getting an extremely good deal. Just be warned that after one year they will raise your prices by a significant amount and do the same year after year. On the other side their Internet seems to be pretty solid and has only heard outages a couple of times in my 12 months of using it.
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1 year ago, AguyinNorthCarolina
Can be a real PAIN
Today, Feb 27,2023 went to pay my bill and the app, this app would not work. I had to delete the app and reinstall it, then security txt to verify device….. come on, my bank doesn’t even do this. I had to do it a few months ago. Heads up anyone using it. Also, if you move and have your services transferred to a new address…. You DO NOT keep your same account #. When I moved, I would get an email about bill, go into app and see no payment due, zero balance…. After a lengthy phone call with Mediacom, it was discovered a new account was setup…. Why???
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