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Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Meineke

3.96 out of 5
610 Ratings
7 years ago, ralhow
App Needs Home Page
The app has a few functional dead ends such as not prominently exposing a home page with a Favorite shop (you have to dig for the location to get the shop details.) The shop details needs to have the "Shop Discounts" reworded to "Discounts Offered for:" OR actually be clickable and show just what the discounts are. The in-app feedback is also missing. Last, many people are using this App Store eating system for eating the service. Rating the service does not belong here. This is for rating the app only.
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4 years ago, Inspecman
Dead Battery Service
Once again Meineke Repair has taken care of my GMC 1994 Sierra Dually. My truck would not start. Friday afternoon not good. I had called for a row with my road assistance plan. I didn’t get truck towed until late Friday minutes before closing. I take my truck to Meineke on 842 Nellis Blvd, my go to car care center. They know my beast lol. I had to leave my truck there not a problem was not worried. They would take care of it Monday morning. Want to thank Craig and the crew for getting the truck in the shop Friday night. Monday morning got a call from Rob letting me know what the damages were gonna be. So the repairs were done picked my truck up that afternoon . I figured since it was there I added an oil change no problem. Meineke at 842 Nellis Blvd is my go to car care center. They came thorough once again Kudos.
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2 years ago, Alton Cool
Best Little Shop in Texas
I have been going to the Conroe Meineke Shop for years, and just when I think Gracie ( the owner) can’t surprise me anymore? Well? she does. It seems sometimes all I have is bad luck, my back, my job, the hits keep coming. But when it comes to my car? this shop, and every employee that works for Gracie? They are my good luck, her team is professional, they are Fast, Most of all?, EVERY SINGLE 1 of them has Heart, Gracie will work with you, when you think all hope is lost, my little Chevy Sonic would not have lasted this long without HER and Her TEAM. It’s how all shops should be ran, so if you just show up If they are not expecting you? You may have a wait, but it’s only bc this SHOP IS AMAZING, and BUSY, and everyone wants to get there 1 st. I also will address some negative I’ve seen on reviews, here it is “ Lies people ALL LIES” Gracie is the most Honest Business owner I have ever known, goes out of her way to help her customers” and if anyone has a negative comment? It’s bc they have tried to take advantage of her good heart. She is running a business people, remember that. Forever grateful Virginia Waddell
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2 years ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
As of now, this app—and its rewards program—are completely useless. The Meineke I frequent is open EVERY day (even Sunday), but you are unable to make appointments on weekends within the app. Also, I had two major jobs/transactions back in May, and still have not received my points. I called Rewards Customer Service everyday for two straight weeks (and, periodically up to this point), and have NEVER been able to get in touch with anyone; I chose every possible selection to get in touch with a human, and they all led back to main menu. In addition, I spoke with Meineke personnel about these problems, and they really aren’t familiar with the app and/or not tech savvy (they are just there to do their jobs)… so, they have no idea how to rectify the issues. Also, it would be nice—once the app is working properly—if they added universal iPad support.
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6 years ago, kellyjohnston
My Meineke shop is tops (Broomall, PA)
I realize not every Meineke is the same. I know my son has a less than favorable experience with one near Mount Vernon, VA, very recently. But during our family’s 16 years in Delaware County, PA, we have ALWAYS been well treated by Meineke store #745. Ken, Tom, Eddie and the team is first rate, accommodating, very trustworthy (if something doesn’t need work, they won’t recommend it). I have encountered my share of disreputable car repair shops - this is not one of them. From oil changes to new struts, they always give us the straight skinny, treat us respectfully, explain everything, and provides a nice place to do a little work when you need to wait. They’ll even arrange transportation and overnight drop off. First rate.
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3 years ago, 96proof
App Needs Work
I loaded the App, located and saved my local Meineke Shop. I promptly made an appointment put in my vehicle information and what was needed to be done. That worked good. After the appointment I opened the App to find my vehicle info is gone. No points for the work that was done to the tune of 600 bucks. The app says there was no services done. I tried to find where to enter my vehicles information again to maybe pull up the repairs and I couldn’t enter any information in the section that says, My Vehicles. Does anyone have any ideas? I don’t know why I have kept this app wasting space on my phone. It’s useless. I’ve had a lot of work done on my vehicles and never received any points. After a two yrs the app still won’t let me add my vehicles and never shows any of the services that were performed. It’s time to delete the app.
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3 years ago, Big dog Messer
My Shop came through again
I called mid morning talked to John told him I had flat tire. He said come on over and he’d see what he could do. Not only did I get a tire John did it himself his shop was hopping busy he told me he’s take care of it and 15 minutes later Mary was cashing me out. I can’t say enough about this team if it’s John and Mary upfront or the the guys in the shop and now John rolling his sleeves up how can you not choose this shop. Great team , my shop for sure don’t pass it buy.
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3 years ago, Patrick Santana
Several dead ends
There are several dead ends in the app functions. For instance, one can start the set up process for an appointment — but can’t complete the process because you can’t enter your car’s make and model. Bafflingly bad programming. Also depressing: once you make an appointment (by phone since the app doesn’t work for this), your appointment shows up in the app’s Appointment list. However, when you go to the Meineke store on your appointment date, they have NONE of your details. You must go to the desk and have the store re-enter all your contact and car information. None of the app’s data is sent to the Store.
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5 years ago, tayde005
Kinda pointless
I started using this app for the convenience since I had a very long commute for work. I was very excited to know that there was an app that can show your service history, earn points and make appointments especially since my job expenses my mileage for my commute. But after registering I found that none of the services performed on my car were saved so I haven’t earned any points for the year. The only thing it does is schedule an appointment properly, which can be done without the app. I receive great service from the location I frequent to but the app itself is just pointless and unnecessary since it doesn’t function right.
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1 year ago, peanuntbutterandjellysandwich
Zero out of 5 stars
Went in for rewards service. Was told I would be ‘taken care of’ but my rewards oil change and windshield wipers replacement was scheduled for 2:30 - left my vehicle and returned at 4 to find it hadn’t moved in the parking lot… then was told by meineke that they had another 2014 chev suburban in for the same service. (There was no other chev suburban on their lot that day) then they would not utilize my rewards points to get my service and over charges for wiper blades. Can you just tell the truth - don’t lie to customers about why service appointment was missed (you’re busy - we get it - be honest with customers) then charging $130 for wipers replacement is ridiculous. Never returning.
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7 years ago, IamNeen
Love my Meineke
Love my Meineke. I never feel like I'm conned into something don't need. The owner is a great man and runs an honest business. Just downloaded the app to keep track of my points, my car is 8 years old and is starting to need a few things done. But the app crashes since the recent update.
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5 years ago, please2323
Take advantage of your customers
I visited the 27th and Bridgeport location and had a less than professional experience. I normally would never comment but had to this time. I was quoted a very high price and then it was dropped by a couple thousand and then dropped again because the service writer said he was making really good money installing an engine charging the customer $10,000 and also making good money installing after market exhaust system so he said he could lower my price. He said he wanted to fill the open stall with my car. It was pathetic. I used to like going there but lost this customer. This place will go under with this type of Staff on board!
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3 years ago, MikePluff
I can’t even actually rate how well the app works because it won’t let me make any changes to my profile and when I try to schedule an appointment it won’t let me enter my car information. Without that info I cannot click “book” to finish scheduling the appointment. I agree with another user that it needs a better homepage that will display your preferred store and an appointment button directly on that screen to make it easy schedule service. After all, what are most of us using this app for anyway.
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2 years ago, coffeemaker7717
I LOVE Meineke
Meineke has always been absolutely amazing. Even when I moved to a new city and had to find a new Meineke, they have been extremely helpful and kind to me. I appreciate their online appointment system and their easy explanations to what’s going on with my car. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my car. Cannot speak highly enough of this company!
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5 years ago, Ripley04
Love this place!!!
We used to take our vehicles to other places. One day we were in a pinch and needed to have our vehicle serviced and was not able to get in at our normal place so we decided to try Meineke and I’m glad we did!! The customer service we receive here is above and beyond our expectations!!! Also make sure you check out the coupons that they offer!!!
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1 year ago, Happy Gilmore 99
Didn’t Do the Work, but Charged
Took car for alignment, they claim the did it. New tires worn bald in under a month (rear). Took car to different garage. They confirmed that Meineke didn’t align the rear. In fact, there is a part frozen in place back there that they would have had to replace in order to have done the work. I’m sure if they’d seen that part that would have tried to get the work. They clearly didn’t do the alignment and clearly never looked. I will be seeking reimbursement for alignment that wasn’t done and the two new tires that were ruined as a result!
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6 years ago, iRexHD
Need some improvements
This app is great for scheduling appointments and it works great for that. However, I’m having problems with the point system. I recently used up most of my points for the High Mileage service and it seems like the app doesn’t update that I used the points unless I sign out and log in again. I feel like this app needs some bug fixes to make it seem more real-time so that way I can see that I used my points and I know how many I actually have left over without having to log out/login again.
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6 years ago, countryhome61
Horrible company
Stay far away from this company they false advertise on everything. An corporate doesn’t care about the customers at all this company will over charge you on everything, I will never ever go back to this company I would drive miles away to not go there they are a disgrace. This company failed in everything from taking care of customer to over charging what ever they do. An I don’t know but I will say the oil they put in your car is basic oil. Not the oil you get charged for. Because most all these nasty stores are franchise corporate could care less how they rob an lie to customers.
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4 years ago, Jm 129
You Cost me Two Hour of Vacation Time!
I used the app to schedule an appointment today, at 3:00 p.m., for a state vehicle inspection at a local Meineke shop. Upon arrival I was told they only did state vehicle inspections on Thursdays. Your extremely polite employee also said this has happened before, and others, who used your app to schedule similar appointments, have had to be turned away. I had to take two hours off work to have time to get to this appointment. My time has been totally wasted. So, in the future, I won’t be using Meineke for any purpose. Thanks for nothing!
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4 months ago, Colluup
Felt good
I had some issues with the Reapair that cost 1700 with manikin when I took it b by ack they looked at it again no problem and then it again, it had another issue that I had to take back and they just looked at it again and didn’t charge me.
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5 years ago, Tombomania
Needs some work
When the app showed that I had 1130 points I was glad I would be able to get my oil change free. However, when I got to the shop they informed me that I only had 650. Now, after that appointment, I notice that the reading is still at 1130. In addition, some times when I bring my car in for an appointment that I made online the shop can’t find where the appointment was made. Please fix this app so that it functions with basic usage.
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6 years ago, iKayak67
No customer service
As I type this I have been on hold for 20 minutes. Forget getting your points if they sign you in for services using your phone number. It does not update online accounts. And don't call because they will tell you they need all your invoice numbers to tell you points. Even though you used your phone number, they cannot use it to see points. Now at 23 minutes and they just picked up and then hung up. I am done with them. And app...poorest functioning app.
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6 years ago, Pizmosurfer
Best automotive place in town!
I’ve been coming to Meineke for car maintenance for over 4 years. The staff, especially AJ is always very helpful friendly, thoroughly communicating the process and details letting me know everything. My favorite part is every oil change they check fluids, air filter, and rotate tires.
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1 year ago, Nick in Lewisville
Meineke in CLEMMONS has been servicing my vehicles since the shop opened and has always performed excellent service. Their technicians are skilled at their jobs and helped me to keep my vehicles on the road. If your vehicle needs service give them a try.
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6 years ago, Amber Loves Seth
I want to like the app
The shop is always great with excellent service. I’m a repeat customer but for some reason I can’t link my purchases to the app. They said they would give me the points (I got my oil change today) and I still can’t link my purchase to my points.
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5 years ago, GWR XLCH
Meineke app is not vey good. My store is fabulous!
The Meineke app is not very good and it’s been almost impossible to get my points applied. Also, when you call the number to get an appointment or ask a question, I get a call center. I understand it takes the load of answering phones off the location, but isn’t consumer interaction what they want? Meieneke Corporation needs to direct their Marketing dept needs to be customer-centric. On the flip side, my local store in Gainesville, GA is fabulous!
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4 years ago, BTYBRGLR
Big Crunchy Dead Ends
Once a car has been entered into the app, you are required to OWN IT FOREVER, as there is no way to remove it from your list. Scheduling appointments is also a bit of a roulette game, as an 11:00 am appointment may suddenly read as a 5:30 am appointment(?!?)... with no way to adjust or change this on the app.
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6 years ago, jsjzmaietta
Our Favorite Meineke - West Grove Pennsylvania
This team is phenomenal and the customer service, care, education to customers, and professionalism is above the rest!! We have had bad experiences at other local stores and will never use any other one. Sarah
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3 years ago, Jagga3
Kia Sorento
I used to spend a lot of money at the dealership, but no more. I’m very satisfied with the service at the Coney Island Avenue location. People are professional and friendly, not to mention, great work.
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2 years ago, TG_TG_TG
Horrible App/Great Automotive Service
This is probably the worst app I’ve ever used. There is no way for me to change my telephone number, add a new car, or even delete an old car. I’m stuck with the original information that I entered years ago with absolutely no ability to change it. The actual car maintenance and repair service at my local shop is great though.
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3 years ago, tylercsorenson
Good company, bad app
I love Meineke and have been taking my car there for years. The customer service and car service is great but the app is frustrating. I have always had issues with my reward points showing up in my account and none of my past or future appointments ever display.
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4 years ago, GQBRYAN
Recommended !
I Deffinitely recommend this company for a general profesional car service of any kind. Your vehicle will come out as if you just got it out the dealer looking brand new and in a healthy condition ! .. won't regret !
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1 year ago, Doodlesandthings
It gets worse
The web app development team, let me schedule an appointment from the app. I scheduled, showed up to my appointment, and was told I was not in the system. I show him the confirmation, he says that for our old address and phone number. ………. I’m full today and can not help you. Sooo, I did everything in my end I was suspenses to do. I ask , how can we fix this in the future? He shrugs, I don’t think this person was an owner or manager. I just wrote a two star review yesterday for your apps user interface and horrendous reward system. I didn’t think I would have to come back and add this. Worst experience with an app EVER
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2 years ago, fabstephen
Oil change
It was done super quick an with lots of professionalism. This is a very good place to go get your oil change in and out. Thank you
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5 years ago, SdJ1989
App doesn’t show history
I downloaded the app a few months back, thought maybe it would show my history of services but it didn’t. Then I thought maybe services I got after I downloaded the app would show up but they don’t either. There is no way to register your car so I’m not sure how you are supposed to earn points, pointless to have
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4 years ago, Daughter of the King 1955
Thank you
Great customer service was treated with respect given a great deal and I felt like they really did work on my car I will go again and I have told my friends great place to go.
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6 years ago, Beryz
Limited functions
The inability to delete a car from this app drives me crazy. The service center can’t figure it out either. Would love a dashboard that shows my favorite location, without having to allow the app to access my location.
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7 years ago, $/?
Vernon Meineke
This is a great shop. I have been going there for ages. Stu is a great and helpful guy. Technicians are smart and friendly. They try to fix your car not rip you off. Recently Sue have joined, she is a nice and friendly addition. Saadat Syed
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5 years ago, RigDoc
Great service from the shop. Very POOR Rewards program.
Have spent approx $800 and received no rewards. Called customer service several times and even submitted my receipts and Invoice #’s over the phone with no result. Each time, Customer Service explains a different Dept will have to ‘fix’ the problem but, nothing shows up yet. It’s been two weeks now. So, don’t bother with it is my opinion.
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6 years ago, Scodd84
This is a rating on the app only; not the service
My appointment didn’t make it through to my local Meineke center. When I got there, I was informed they were in fact booked for the entire day and app appointments regularly don’t make it through to them. That being said, the guy behind the counter got me in and out in 45 minutes. Incredible customer service. Awful app.
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5 years ago, HB41016
Not really useful
This app isn’t really useful for anything. You can’t schedule appointments. It always tells me to call in if you try to schedule anything. Sure, I can get coupons... but I also can on the internet. This app just isn’t good for anything 🤷🏻‍♀️ I gave it two stars because, it does have the coupons.
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3 years ago, DarthArk
App crashes and won’t launch
I’ve had issues only seeing appointments available for the current day and unable to say dates further out. Tried opening the app today to see if that functionality was wiped and the app crashes at launch. Can’t use it for anything at this point.
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12 months ago, b schooler
Mieneke Good Organization
Market street in Wilmington, NC has a very good and dependable Mieneke, I have been going there for 3 years now and am very happy with the service. Bill
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1 year ago, Supermaltese
Giving up
I’ve had my van serviced at more than a dozen locations since May 2022. Every location tells me I can only use my points in the app but I’ve r figure out hire to use my points in the app and none of the store reps are able to help me do that. I’m giving up. My 4,000 points are useless so I’m taking my business to Firestone.
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2 years ago, Hylian Hunter
Better than website
Much easier to use than the website.
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3 days ago, Dommy2Hotty
Beginning to decline - 0 stars
The app makes appointments and the shops aren’t aware of it so there’s miscommunication somewhere. Outstanding service and great workers it’s just the app isn't matching that. The app doesn’t even load anymore it’s so buggy. Good lord who’s working on fixing this? I haven’t been able to log in for months now.
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3 years ago, Shmanii
Nothing works
I give this app a 2 because I tried to schedule an appointment and it will not allow me to fill out my credentials to set an appointment. This is frustrating at best because I can’t even schedule an appointment on the website either. 😑
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2 years ago, ShellySG99
App will not let me change vehicles for booking appointments
The Meineke App will not let me add a vehicle or change vehicles to make an appointment. Please fix the APP. The service at Meineke is great, but the APP needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Jess n April
Christmas Eve
Not a favorable way to start the holiday but the entire team worked quick to do my breaks at the Conway AR location and super friendly people Thanks!!
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3 months ago, rewright1966
Meineke App
Very easy to schedule an appointment and apply a coupon for the service you need.
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