Meme Maker Pro: Design Memes

4.7 (33.5K)
198.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Palette LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meme Maker Pro: Design Memes

4.69 out of 5
33.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Lacerstaver
How amazing are Memes
Memes are so awesome and I can make my own Memes using this app it is perfect you can make Memes and be creative plus you get to take a picture of yourself and make a meme out of yourself and that’s so epic if you’re a girl that likes means you’re gonna love this app please download it you can make very funny Memes that look like Reddit Memes if you like Memes please download it I recommend it to you being a blind girl that likes Memes it is totally worth the ads even though I don’t like to add it’s still a five star rating I enjoy it it’s awesome it’s just they’re awesome you like memes I like Memes we can do Memes together and it’s an A+ for me it is a positive 100 it is awesome 10 out of 10 the peanut butter to my toast the water to my pills The Nutella for my apples the cereal to my cereal bowl the bobby pins for your hair the nuts to your Hershey bar and everything when I die worship the meme makers
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5 years ago, lotr fan hm
Cool app
I like this app especially being able to add words to gifs. However I would really like to be able to use gifs I have in my camera roll. I have found several gifs that I want to add words to, but I can’t find them on this app. 😖 Please change. Update: -1 Star The new update just annoys me. I don’t like how they had to add pro. Now it’s no different than any other meme making app. Most of the meme pictures and the stock photos are in pro. I don’t use those very much, but the fact that I can’t now even if I wanted to is really annoying. Thankfully most of the stuff I use often isn’t in pro. At least it doesn’t cost very much. I think it would be nice to be able to buy the different features separately, because some of them I would use others I really wouldn’t. Not that I’m getting pro, which I’m not. Another thing that doesn’t have to do with the update is that the gifs take forever to load after I select one!!! Overall I was a little excited about the update cause it had a bunch of new stuff, but then I found out it’s ALL in pro! Please app creators, take off pro. In my mind, the fact that the entire app was free is what set this app apart from all the other meme making apps out there. Some of the other apps you can’t do a thing on it unless you buy the subscription even tho the app is free, so I’m glad that this app hasn’t went this far yet.
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5 years ago, 6zero5TA
This works!
There are a couple of things that would make it better. I would like to be able to lock in fonts and styles. I would like a way to set a durable custom watermark. I would also like to be able to correct text without “deleting back” to the typo. Still, these are just annoyances, and not deal breakers. Beyond that, It just works. The free version exceeds most paid versions of other meme software. I have only used it a few times, but I am right now inclined to pay for the pro version of this application. I use memes to circumvent some size and content restrictions on social media, so I truly enjoy being able to post a meme quickly. Load it up and give it a try. Give it a few minutes of learning. I suspect you too will contemplate paying for the upgrade.
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5 years ago, Fyrefly18
This app has been terrific until…
The latest update no longer allows me to save my Memes. I do something with this weekly and now can’t even though I’m still paying for it. The app has been telling me it’s saved the end of my meme and there is no finished product on my iPad. Because of this I am not able to make my weekly commitment. In addition, there is no help for Mememaker Pro. The only help is for the piZap and there is no place to get quick help now that the app is not working. I’m going to miss my weekly commitment and all the cool options on this app have soured once I realize I can’t get help for the problem. Clicking on app support here takes you to a page that is only about the pills photo app. Very disappointed that they do not appear to support Mememaker. I paid for this app because I need to use it regularly and needed it to be stable. I am off to look for other apps today and if I cannot get this fixed will be switching. Too bad because I really liked the features on this.
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3 years ago, Alien Sazabi
Fun and Interesting app
For about a year now, I’ve been using this app to make all sorts of cool and fun memes, and even have been able to do some creative photo editing with just the free features! However, as of late, I’ve found that some features that I usually use have become less user friendly, or lacking in terms of quality compared to I perceived it to be less than a month ago. I don’t know if there’s been an update, but some sort of change has made it harder for me to enjoy the app on the same level as when I first downloaded it. For example, today, I found that the text bubble feature can’t be flipped left/right anymore, and the words in the text bubble don’t fit it either. It has also gotten harder to proportionally resize pictures when making a collage. Hopefully, the app makers will resolve these issues and restore the app to the original quality it had.
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3 years ago, RedPandaGG14
Why is this app good
This app makes the best memes! I also use it to edit my photos. I feel this app is very professional and it is worth buying a subscription to extra features. If you’re someone that loves to make hilarious memes out of millions of gifs and photos you NEED this app. And if you’re just someone wanting to edit a few photos I completely recommend this app for you. ‘Meme Maker’ allows you to do funny and professional editing to your photos and personal work. I subtracted a star because maybe there could be an update where you don’t have to pay for unlimited space for memes. And because there could probably be an update where you can share your memes like social media and have followers and likes and all that stuff social media has. But I completely recommend this app to meme lovers!
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4 months ago, shammyd
Amazing — Fast, Easy Professional
I use Meme Maker constantly. I do messaging for several PACs, and I do more graphic work (mainly for social media, or a website) now on my iPad than I do on my computer! I’m able to create professional-looking materials so quickly — on the fly often — that people think I’m really much better at graphic art than actually am. I recommend it to everybody. The erase background works extremely well when I import an image to add to a meme, and it’s so flexible I can play around with the text/color/pasted images so easily. I’m an old-time photoshop user, and Meme Maker prevents me from having to use it very often these days.
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7 months ago, Person how loves this app
Use to love this app.
I downloaded this app a year or two ago and I LOVED it. I used it every day to make memes, videos, and wallpapers. Pro was an option but it really just gave you more stickers and pictures so I didn’t need to buy it. Then it started updating and you had to buy pro for almost everything. So I deleted it and used different apps for my projects. Not a while ago I redownloaded it to make an Olivia Rodrigo wallpaper, and I was very badly surprised. Now there are barely ANY pictures and backgrounds I can use. Also when I search anything up to get a sticker it doesn’t work and sends me to my Home Screen. This use to be my FAVORITE app. All I’m asking is for there to be more options for kids or people who can’t or don’t want to buy the pro option. Hopefully that will happen but if not I’m just going to have to continue to hop from app to app. I wrote this because I really need this app back.
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3 years ago, jigleypufff
It’s such a great app
I love this app it’s real cool except the reason that you can’t get every single one but I get it they might just need money so that’s ok but still get this app It shows you instructions on how to do the thing that you can do in the game and I don’t think you need instructions because it’s SoooooOOoooOooOoOOooo easy to control I haven’t had any bugs or nothing so P.S. get this app this is my review ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
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12 months ago, Water_Enthusiast1955
Used to be good
I’ve used this app for about 2 years now, it used to be excellent but now it is extremely limited. I hate the subscription that the devs offer. It feels like you can’t do anything at all unless you get pro. Now it’s no different than any other meme making app. The watermark is especially annoying. The fact that there was no watermark is what really made this app stand out. I understand y’all need money, but maybe you could give more access to non pro users instead? What really upsets me is that the stock images are gone. I used stock images to make a majority of my memes, and the fact that I can’t use them anymore is just annoying 🙄. I guess I’ll just stick to google images for all my meme templates until the devs clean up this app. Ty for reading
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4 years ago, FnafAddictionMan
This game, this game... OH boy you guys, it really limits what you can do, the “monthly/annually” thing is terrible because it is literally 80% of the game and the other 20% is like nothing. You only get around 7 backgrounds and can’t make your own until you buy that garbage, THEN you also don’t get much of text options like, fonts and stuff. There are stickers like pictures that are cut out and put in, BUT... to make your own, first of all you need the little pay yearly or monthly thing, then you need to cut the whole darn thing out!!!??? Ugh they really made it limited, find a different app that allows you to make memes. Recommendation: take a screenshot for your background, go to camera and click edit, then you click ..., after that you click “markup”, then add texts and there you go, the most custom meme platform you can find bois!
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5 years ago, reviewer $tuff
The rating is the title
So I got this app bc the last one I got glitch and would not let me play on it. And you have to be a member or “pro” to get most of the stuff they have on there, they remind you constantly to give five stars when u feel like they should not really be getting two. One if the “pro” memes you can use wasn’t any money like the others in my last app. This app is good if you no more choices but I don’t really recommend this app tho, if you want the other app I had (MUCH better than this app besides the glitch) the name was Meme Maker And has a little baby boy with sand in his hands with a weird looking face with blue or green background color. The other “good” reviews are just paid people who get money for say good stuff about the app when they are really the opposite
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5 years ago, OMGYUSERIOUS
I love this app, I love everyone who made it. I am a meme machine now thanks to this app. I believe that anyone who is a man of culture will agree that you won’t find a better app than this, period. The only thing I can say is the lack of being able to put two pictures on top of each other, that should be an option for format. As of now, I have to manually pick a background, then post two pictures and fit them on screen. Needless to say it turns out blurry, uneven, and an overall disgrace to meme kind. But this is still the best app ever, props to the people who made it.
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5 years ago, CrunchyBanna55
Best app for kids
When I downloaded this it was my friends birthday and I wanted to make my own funny meme for them but I couldn’t find a meme app that was free than I searched “meme maker” and it came up with the best meme making app ever. All you have to do is get a picture that’s funny and cool and write a text on it it’s a great app for kids that wanna joke around and have a good time with memes! But the only down side is that it has a lot of adds, but I know that a free app always has adds so that’s partly okay. So I would still recommend it for kids and adults it’s just a great app for being funny.💙
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5 years ago, X.Felonius monk
Excellent — but limitations
Before writing this review, I read many others and discovered pieces of my experience in each, both good and bad. First, the bad. * can’t fix a typo without deleting the entire text back to it. * font sizing is way too squirrelly! * can’t space between lines of text, so each line must be done separately * sometimes intricate memes confuse the app when saving to camera roll, and image becomes blurry to the point of uselessness! All that being said... Once you know those limitations, this is freakin awesome! * take a full photo of my love, crop and resize as close-up in SECONDS! * use any photo from your camera roll to start with * simple to add text anywhere on pic, modify size, font, and color. In particular the quick change from one color to another makes it easier to figure which works best with the picture background * immediate and simple saving to camera roll. I’m sure most of my complaints would be addressed in the “pay for” version, but this free app is just fine for my on the fly ideas far away from my computer!
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4 years ago, Içül
Really good
If you’ve been looking for an app to creat memes to impress your big brother, LOOK NO FURTHER. My brother is very hard to make laugh. I came up with a funny meme idea, but I couldn’t find a meme maker that would do what I needed. Then... at a glorious point in time... I found this. This app is fantastic. It helped me make the meme I wanted and several others that are funny too. I sent one to my brother and he lost it. He sent it to his friends and they thought it was funny too. For a younger sibling, that’s a great accomplishment. This app is ready for all your meme making dreams. They will come true.
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3 years ago, Cynlew16
Couldn’t be better…couldn’t be easier to use!
I’ve made at least 3500+ memes for activist purposes using Meme Maker Pro, & with the upgrades in the past few months, I can’t think of one feature that would make this app better, more complete or easier to use. Whatever you want to do with online graphics, you can do with this app…easily, quickly & bug-free. Can’t recommend it highly enough (& I’m not connected in any way with the developer). It’s awesome!
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5 years ago, Shmebulock0001
Read this before you get the app
I honestly don’t have a lot to say. It’s just your everyday meme maker. Don’t think I’m hating on this app, because I’m not. Anyway, I just think it’s very limited unless you upgrade to pro version, which gives you more options. I understand that they have to make money, but it’s just kind of annoying. Again, no hate. I actually kind of this app, because I love the different face stickers you can use. All I’m saying is that if you are going to get the app and use it regularly, you should get pro version, which you can buy in the game. Great game; kind of limited. 👍💪🤛😎🏀
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4 years ago, @kandykat😇
Good and bad
Omg I LOVE this game! This is the funniest game I’ve ever played! I love how you can add words to gifs and memes. But as much as I love this game, I have a complaint. Why do you make us pay for certain meme fonts, memes, and gifs? There is this one meme I want to try, but I can’t because I have to pay for premium and my parents don’t like to pay for that stuff. I know this is how you make money, but maybe you could make some more memes so we don’t have such a limited choice. I would also like for you to fix this bug. Sometimes when I save my meme/gif it doesn’t save. Other than that, this game is absolute perfect!
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1 year ago, NatalieG.079
This is my honest opinion about this app! I hardly ever give any of the apps I use a 5 star review, but for anybody who’s looking for an app to make memes this is the 1! Obviously you have to pay for things, but I like how most of it is free! This app doesn’t glitch out or X you out of the app. This app is good quality! I started using this app this year, and I don’t have any regrets! I enjoy making people memes! At least try it, and if you don’t like at least you tried! Have a great day everyone!🤗
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4 years ago, PGar58
Simply The Best
I was using a different app to make memes and was having problems. I remember I bought a lifetime license for this a while back. I had forgotten how good this app is. It is intuitive, there’s all the fonts you could ever need, all the styles you could ever need. You can use their database of pictures or your own. Works flawlessly. Want to do ‘Keep Calm?’ You can. Want to do free form text? You can. An amazing and versatile app. I do not recommend apps unconditionally often. But I am here. Props to the developers and keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, hsuzette
Suzette Moore
I love Meme Maker and have been using it for years. I have Pro. I have always used it on my iPhone... I have iPhone XR right now and have no problems with it. I recently got an iPad 9th generation. When I got the iPad and did the transfer, it only transferred about half my memes from “My Projects”... I prefer using my iPad for memes... I can see them better. I need to improve my memes from last winter/Christmas before sending them out. How can I transfer ALL my in progress memes (My Projects) to my iPad???
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4 years ago, GlurbNack
I LOVE THIS APP I am only nine, had the app for three days and I already love it! have made SO MANY MEMES already! It has really good gifs and pictures that are PERFECT for making memes! One (and only) thing I DON’T like about this app is that you have to have some sort of subscription to get most of the stickers, pictures, and gifs. The price is fine, but I don’t want to need to go through the trouble of needing to go and pay for it. But still I do give this app a good rating because it is a LOT easier than photoshop or other meme makers. GETTHISAPPYOUWILLNOTREGRETIT.
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3 years ago, Skierjoeb777
Honestly the best meme maker I could find FREE
Easy to navigate and doesn’t scam u by it being free but then having to pay like all others very good app and I struggle with patience and I would recommend this app to anyone plus the ads aren’t annoying which is literally the best not wasting your time I promise nor am I being told to say that don’t get any other app but this one I swear it pisses me off the other scam apps that lie about it being free or are free but u have nothing to work on unless u buy the “Ultimate premium subscription”
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1 week ago, Confused Costco Pizza
Angry, Mad and Happy
I was trying to make a cover for a fake magazine (don’t ask why) and I clicked on text and it kicked me out of the app. I do not know why it did this and I would like some answers. I make memes and get bored. Wish there was and internet feature so you can share your meme with other people. Sure, you can send memes to friends but that’s not much hype. Love this app though! There are some confusing bits, like, I searched up Elon Musk in the search bar and I got pictures of random things that don’t relate to him. I did find 1 photo of him. This app is very mid but toward the bad side.
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2 years ago, tyme2fly_lydia
Awesome creative App
This is a awesome creative meme App for your smart phone, however it is false advertising when they tell you it is free and when you go to click something on to create you have to pay out of your pocket weekly monthly or yearly. It is advertised as a free app but it is not free. I cannot afford to pay this great app, so I gave it five stars because it’s a great app but I can’t afford this. I wanted a free app to creat meme. Beware most free apps you must pay.
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4 years ago, k lets play:)
This app is a real piece of work. It really is :3
We’re do I begin to start with this so called meme maker. The whole game is so limited that after a few weeks or so it gets boring bc you have to pay monthly to get what a real meme maker will give you. You can only make at most ten memes before you have to pay to get unlimited space to make memes. And then you have to pay even more to get basic font, backgrounds etc. The whole thing is a scam so people can make money from an app that you can’t even use after a few days bc THERES NO SPACE FOR MORE MEMES bc you have to pay for freaking unlimited space!!! I’m on the verge of deleting this app and unless they fix these problems then I’m deleting this so called “meme maker”.
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12 months ago, Incredible 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣
Cant have photos
Ok the latest update is SO bad because they romoved the stock image option. When I open the app and I search somthing, for example: if I search “monkey” there is NO More stock image tab. THATS SO DUMB. The only option I have is to use some dumb unispash or whatever the crap its called. And when I click that, the pictures that come up are NOTHING related to what I search. You guys that made the app better add that stock photos option back or im quiting this app. All im going to say is that this app was good when I could actully use good pictures to make memes. I dont want to use no crappy unisplash photos to make a meme. ADD BACK STOCK PHOTOS NOW
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7 years ago, HildaBrown
More than I could have imagined. So many features, and so very, very easy to use. I've already created several memes to send to friends and family. Even with my lack of experience, this app makes me look good! Lots and lots of features to explore. What's more, there are very, very few ads, and they only show up at natural "stopping points" in the editing process - they don't intrude on your work. I can hardly believe all of this functionality for this low, low price (free).
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5 years ago, fishyphoenix25
Definitely recommend
This app while with its few problems is a great free mobile meme maker the only problems are that there are only 31 images with the app but you can use images from camera roll so it’s not a big deal also that to fix a typo you need to delete some text to fix it but that’s not a big deal I definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes memes and wants to make them away from there computer five stars
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2 years ago, nickname11+30098-702
I have to pay to “rule the internet”?
I like the app cause it’s simple, free to use, and everything is always availab- oh wait. I’m only putting 3 stars cause it’s a great app, but I can’t make as many memes as I want, I can't use certain templates, etc. I would give 5 stars, but you have to pay a crapload of money just to do things that shouldn’t require a subscription. Please edit the pro subscription so that it gets rid of has the same things but at least get rid of the template restriction and meme limit. That’s all.
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11 months ago, Brooklyn Page
I luvs! 🦩✨
okay, so I am 11, and I cant find any apps that are my sense of humor. (my sense of humor is mostly funny.) and the world these days are so bad! well are you looking for an app that is 100% appropriate? are you looking for an app that has no adds? well meme maker is what you need! I cant explain how creative this app is. thank you to the developer who has been working hard for the kids/adults to be creative too!
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4 years ago, the very very best game
It’s amazing but it needs more...
Meme maker has been my meme making tool for the last 5 months, Its amazing but there is not enough images to choose from and the gifs don’t always have the right material for memes that I make. You can find images on google or what ever search engine you use but I just can’t find meme stuff on there either. If you guys know where to find meme images then good for you.
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4 years ago, vhdjorscbzfjgxBbhs
Me love dis app!!!!!
First of all I want to thank the creator because if I would not have downloaded this game I wouldn’t of been able to start a fun career of super gamer on Pinterest. Of course I haven’t gotten any likes but that’s ok because I just started my career a few weeks ago. I love this game so please find my memes and like them if you think they are funny. I hope this inspired you to download this game and start a meme career like me.
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7 years ago, FHGP
Good Meme App
I went looking for a Meme app, because I find quotes and want to share them, but find it more readable if it's on a nice background. I just wanted the ability to put text over a photo, and this was the only one that let me do that. I didn't want the text only on the top and bottom or chunky text, just text over the face of a photo. Simple, and this let's me do that, and has many fonts to choose from. Thank you. Pretty easy to use.
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2 years ago, horror raider
The good side in the downsides to meme maker
I really like how you can make funny jokes out of anything but you can also search for anything including horror movies I would like this app 8+ or 11+ because your kid can see a bunch of horror movies accidentally and there’s also gun violence on the meme screen sometimes ad has a high chance of giving kids nightmares by the creature of the Black Lagoon Dracula and the mummy including jaws
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3 days ago, Fer082209
Great App! Just one suggestion…
Ok, don’t get me wrong this is a great app, I have just downloaded this app and I already have made two gifs. This app lets you do AMAZING THINGS! This app is also really nice and easy to use in my opinion. This is my suggestion; All I ask is that YOU MAKE FEWER THINGS PREMIUM!!! Please I BEG, REMOVE THE PREMIUM!! Maybe instead of the premium make special features cost money, BUT you only pay ONE TIME. NOT A SUBSCRIPTION. That way you don’t affect the making process as much as premium does.
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5 years ago, singing monster0990099
Overall pretty nice
Okay I love this but,the update seems like it makes it so you have like four options unless you have pro witch costs money but,the things you can do are cool and with the new update you can do a lot more thing like use your own pictures to make a meme or use online pictures from the internet of gif so besides all the pro things it is an awesome well working meme generator that easily saves to your camera roll love it lot I hope this helps you get an idea of this game bye!
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4 years ago, Dirtyfish76
Very good no in app purchases.🥘 I
Very good no in a good no fun and a good game to go with you will get it to go back and try the stuff in there again this game has been a good one for you and get some good ones good for you and get some stuff done for you and get some stuff done for you and get some stuff done for you and get some stuff done for you and get some fervent was the best game ever you and you can go back and play the bom was a good one good game for the kids to
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1 year ago, Agtme
Fallen from grace
0-10. While it works fine, and is simple enough to use and with your own photos you have enough options for free that there is no issues in terms of restrictions they have committed an unforgivable transgression. Artificial Intelligence means artificial production. Any company that supports ai and its abuse of humanity is UNACCEPTABLE! It is impossible for a functional adult to approve of ai. All it does is enable and encourage vices and bad behavior. Entitlement must be destroyed or humanity will not survive. If you think you “can’t draw” grow up and join reality. Anyone with 10 minutes a day can learn to draw, you just want to be a spoiled brat who refuses to earn anything.
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4 years ago, Cooky Cookie Weirdo
I really like this app and stuff, but I wish the cut outs actually worked... I was trying to make a MLB meme, but the cut outs weren’t working so it looked really dumb. Everyone’s heads were like, square. It would be nice if you could erase the parts of a picture that you don’t need, and be able to see it. When I try, I can’t see what I’m erasing and when I okay it, it becomes invisible. It has the resizer, but it’s not actually there. Can you fix this please?
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5 years ago, Starbutterfly12
I really like this game like a lot :3 #Meemz
I really like dis game and it a lot of fun but you know Ima first timer and my dad couldn’t find any others that didn’t say 12 and over so here I am. Definitely get a this app it’s worth all of your time and it 4.6 stars outta 5 so u got my feedback and a bunch others and a 4.6 outta 5 so maybe it’s ur decision but u can choose to get this awesome game or not but!... I still hope you all have a fantastic day and good bye.
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4 years ago, Appleip7$
It’s super awesome
This game makes you have creative things and you can take a picture of you or yourself and put it on a background that you want plus there is gifs and they move if you want things app please download this game or app other people say do not download this because they want the game all to their selves so get the app and stay sweet good luck and umm hope you love it bye
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5 years ago, messicom
It’s lit
This game is very fun you get to make your own meme. However there are a little bit of changes on the game that I would like. Number one I don’t won’t to pay to get the background and stuff number two I would like auto correct on the words because I don’t know how to spell that much but it’s fine and number three is I want it to save the memes I make automatically but overall it’s a great game.
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4 years ago, AngryBirds09
Why did I stop playing this?
Well I stopped playing this because when I saw there was a pro thing I was happy but then when I realized I have to get A membership (which they cost lots of money) i got really mad and then I deleted the game so now I’m trying to find something else. So screw this game I’m just gonna find another game like this but better.
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3 months ago, Ade/Addie
It’s amazing but two problems 🩷🩷🩷
This game is super amazing and it’s a pure game that I love there are many options but most of them I have to buy with money and I don’t have money online so I don’t have many choices 😭😭😭And I made a lot of cool memes I couldn’t stop laughing but then when I made a new meme ALL MY MEMES WERE GONE 😖😖😖I still love this game but i was really disappointed when they all end away 😕😔😕 Thank you for making this game 😃💖😃
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5 years ago, kgtkgtkgtkgt
This app is awesome
I just got it and it is the best thing ever awesome app would not recommend it if your phone crashes a lot. But if you get the app you will love it my sis maya sends me mean ones though and I recommend you getting the other apps that it shows I just can not stop saying the app is awesome please get it you might become famous for having the best memes ever because of the app you will love it get it now please
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5 years ago, ummmm maybe
It’s crazy because whenever you see a really good app you’re like oh well the recipe said they go it’s going to cost money or whatever. But really this is 100% free also really fun and let you be creative and makes you really think. You should really get this if you like making people laugh with funny pictures. I know that it really fits me and I will definitely keep using this app
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4 years ago, bigDcapitalB
Newest Version Problems
The newest version won’t allow you to change opacity gradient of background separately from the letters. That effects my positive evaluation of the app significantly. I was effected by the pro tools issue with the new roll out, that was fixed the next day, but the developer retracted an off of 50% off on the app for a year subscription. This would not process and the promotion seems to have been retracted. The layouts are inferior to mematic.
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1 month ago, Crystal The Mermaid 🩵
Not what is advertised☹️
This is basically a scam…. I downloaded it hoping for fun, but most of the gifs and images that I really wanted told me to sign in an account marking all of the things I needed to sign In for as “pro”. THAT IS SO ANNOYING!! I mean some people just don’t have an account for this, and don’t have the time to do it! PLEASE FIX IT!! Also, making people sign in for almost everything on the app is NOT helpful to people. Again, please fix this problem, Lily🩵
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