4.8 (1.2K)
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Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meraki

4.8 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 years ago, ephemeralpizza
HUGE Improvements
This app has undergone such a tremendous makeover and keeps getting better with each new update. It’s obvious the developers are carefully considering which features are useful on mobile and which should remain available only through the Dashboard via a web browser so as to provide a solid user experience. On the MV side, would love to see the addition of some features commonly found in consumer camera apps out of the box like push notifications on activity and use of the mobile device’s geolocation services in policies for recording and/or alerting.
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2 years ago, jd362642
Not “dashboard in your pocket”
Can’t claim “dashboard in your pocket” if you can’t alter network or organization settings from it. Having to use a browser to manually log in and make important changes defeats the entire purpose of having an app, especially when you’re troubleshooting next to the rack or the middle of the shop floor. I’m sure it is great for what little it does, but at the moment it does only what I don’t need it for. If you have ever crouched near a rack with a laptop on your knees, pinch zoomed around the browser based dashboard from your phone while standing on a ladder, or typed with one hand trying to hold a laptop in the other because you didn’t want to drag an entire desk around the shop with you while your MX’s aren’t connecting to your MS’s - you’ll understand.
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4 years ago, ChadS224
Latest update broke a lot
With the most recent app update no longer can I switch between different companies or locations within a company. Once you have a location pulled up, the only way to back out now is to force close the app. UPDATE: Another update fixed the problem mentioned above and the app is back to working great! 👍🏻
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4 years ago, Frets1127
Update shows no devices
I work for a company who uses the mobile app to check cameras and other devices all the time. I’m in the IT department so I have been getting calls saying their app isn’t working. Since the new update no devices show in their dashboard. I have yet to update and I can access everything. I’m not sure if it’s a support issue or not. I will be contacting support but trying to get this resolved ASAP we have every camera in our company on this platform, all of our access points and our MDM. We need the mobile app fixed. Would love to change this to 5 stars once it’s fixed.
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2 years ago, אiרן
Troubleshooting a client issue on the go!
I love the Meraki app. Built for a mobile device, it makes my life much easier when troubleshooting issues on the go. I may not be able to perform all network changes through the all, but to be honest.. I rather no do any breaking changes from my phone 🫣
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2 years ago, Joe Eubank
Unable to see any organizations after logging in.
Unable to view any organizations under our msp dashboard then also after talking to tech support they informed me no vpn connectivity would be needed in order to have phones pull up mv feeds. We have a user saying unable to log in due to unauthorized IP.
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1 year ago, Alek said
Love the App
Being a Meraki customer for enterprise level wireless, switching, cameras, and sensors makes this app a god send. Being able to manage firmware upgrades from an iPad app at home one a Saturday night makes my life a lot smoother. Only thing is the graphics need better optimized for mobile resolutions.
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4 years ago, mypridewar
Aside from it lacking real features for management (see: UBNT, they rule!) IT DOESN’T RUN IN LANDSCAPE MODE. Good grief, Cisco, fix this. FIX THIS. Make this app useful. I use the UBNT app to manage SDN networks all day long. I have to use the browser for Meraki. Very annoying. Update: oh wait. No update. Still garbage. Update 2: App is finally updated...years late. It’s better. Not blown away.
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3 days ago, Real App Reviewer
Tech Support it Slow
When you request for help, their response is extremely slow across the organization. The apps are great and all other products they have, but they are so slow at responding to issues that it almost makes it not worst. I am a enterprise user and it’s the same thing when you submit tickets with issues. They take forever.
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5 months ago, VoIPGuru.
Meraki Dashboard in an app
I use this mainly for my cameras, but has also been handy to monitor my network when not in front of a computer. Has every feature I’ve needed from the dashboard and can’t think of any it is lacking.
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3 years ago, Cole0424
Excellent tool for the network
The Meraki app just keeps getting better and better. With each release there are more features added to give administrators tools and capabilities to address needs that arise while on the go.
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1 year ago, Az khan
Good summary view of your network
I love the idea that this app is a minimalist view of my network without too many configuration choices. I use it mainly for the iOT readings and condition monitoring. The UI could possibly use some streamlining in some cases, overall a great app.
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2 years ago, 1TGraham
Best one out there.
Easiest and most feature-rich app for your WHOLE network. I haven’t gone to the dashboard on my computer since adding licenses last year. Even software updates are managed in the app. Pure gold!
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9 months ago, 👍🏽👍🏽🤠😎👍🏽👍🏽
Quality and Stability!
This gives me great access to see what is going on and the app is very dependable! Many other apps crash when you need them but not Meraki! 👍🏽👍🏽
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8 months ago, Maccleoud
Love it
I am able to check everything on the road through the app. I can do a lot of the administration needed through my phone as well. There are some things that are just easier on a PC, but for what I need in the road this is great.
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1 day ago, DrewCW-LA
Intuitive and powerful
I can do everything in the app that I can on the dashboard, and having it on my iPad and phone makes accessing settings quick and easy.
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3 years ago, IMWJL
Super tool.
This app has matured well and become an important tool. It's a good part of the overall Meraki value. It packs a lot of stuff in one place. It's valued on site and for incidents that come up away from the job.
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2 months ago, Ryanldunn
Great tool
Easy to check on network status when out and about without a laptop
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3 years ago, dudleydogg
Best overall view of my network
so easy to be able to see everything adding reservations port forward and the support is always responsive and available.
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4 months ago, Djremix Rick
I just started using Meraki and it has given me so many things to look at. It's not complicated. They do well in sharing what things are.
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5 months ago, DavidHosler
Meraki App
This application is a great tool to provide easy access to your entire network. No visible difference from the desktop application. Great work
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1 year ago, Mr. Jones44
So far it’s great
Coming from a major switch upgrade, having a dashboard with every network device is so nice. Configuration was so simple.
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1 year ago, PBJ-55
Always getting better
The features in the app just keep expanding and getting better!
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8 months ago, VitICSF
I like everything about the app!
Works stable, gives access to whatever I need in Meraki. Does the job well, there is nothing to add.
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3 months ago, Dt501lr
Massive improvements
The Meraki app has made tons of improvements and enchantments with new features coming out every month.
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10 months ago, RabidNinjaGerbil
Organizations Disappeared
I love using this app as an overview, while I’m onsite. There’s still a number of items to be improved upon, but it’s a solid 70%. That said, recently all of my organizations disappeared. I have my single organization (MSP root organization), but all client organizations have vanished. They’re in the portal (online), but not in the app on iPad nor phone.
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10 months ago, Averym7
Like the new look
Appreciate the changes and listening to us. Loads faster now too
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3 years ago, Pale0phyte
Love all of the new features!
There are a ton of great new features in the app. Still a ways to go, but love how much stuff has been added!
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8 months ago, SC Tommy V
Amazing Experience
The Meraki app and whole ecosystem are amazing. I love that I can monitor my network from anywhere and help resolve issues even while on the go!
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4 months ago, Fried chicken and 40's
Easy to use A+ experience
Simple interface. Tells me what I need to know at quick glance without a lot of clicks
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4 years ago, Migs2010
Significant improvement
Great to see Meraki investment in the app again. Still missing features compared to desktop. It would be nice to see recorded video for the cameras for example. Hope to see continued improvements.
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3 years ago, TBM1231230
This version is practically useless.
It takes forever to load, then provides limited information. You can’t even use the ping feature to test the connection to a device on your network. As often as we have to replace their networking devices I guess I should expect much from their app.
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2 months ago, HogDar
Director of Information Technology
Meraki mobile app brings to me what I need to know just in time and in the right place! Thanks
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3 years ago, Robby
Current version
Current version completely breaks login after a few times. It just stalls while logging in infinitely. The only way to solve is delete the app and reinstall it. Basically makes it useless until this is resolved. Update: latest version still doesn’t fix this
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3 years ago, andycollette
Error message after signing into account.
Error after signing in: “Network Error There was a problem making that request. Try again and contact support if the problem continues.” Everything works fine from the website…
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3 years ago, TonyS-550HP
Meraki is the best
Reliable, consistent. Very few issues with so much control in the cloud. My goto especially for remote devices.
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3 years ago, tenderloiner
Performance improve
It’s much faster now loading into the app.
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2 years ago, Hawaiian Vacation Today!
Fantastic solution to our networks!
From setup to day to day use, this is a fantastic way to run a distributed network.
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4 months ago, Eric straw
Clean n easy
Straight forward and intuitive.
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6 months ago, Dgilkey
Poor adaptation of the dashboard
This app is absolutely half baked. They basically took the dashboard and stripped all the functionality out of it. Half the stuff doesn't even work correctly. They really need to go back and give some love to this because Ubiquiti is crushing them in the mobile app space.
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1 year ago, Brokenscreeniphone4s
Initial Reaction
Had this app installed on my phone for a while, but never had any Meraki devices to add to it until about 2 hours ago. This app is useful for “read-only” administrators, but not ideal for configurations.
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9 months ago, Doug from Richmond
Best camera and app available!
A must have if you appreciate having the best!
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2 years ago, Jlubbsa
Force closing issues
EVERYTIME i open the app it force closes. I used to be able to delete it and redownload and it would be fine- but now it’s not working!
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3 years ago, NJMacDaddy
Lacks feature and function
It provides basic function but lacks all ability to manage the Wi-Fi network from the app. Mostly view only mode, lacks any ability to upgrade or make changes.
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2 years ago, Phiction4
Makes managing my network on the fly better.
I like this app and how useful it is for me.
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8 months ago, unicornSkull89
Works well!
I love how I can do some lite configure and manage from my phone.
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3 years ago, Neuteon
Improving at a faster clip.
The app has come a long way, but it has a long way to go. I hope the app is getting as much development dollars as the web based dashboard.
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3 weeks ago, Christhemacguy
Convenient app for monitoring our network.
Easy to see what is happening with the network.
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2 years ago, UserID160
Zero security options
Meraki is clearly not focusing on enabling anyone in security, or networking, to be able to do anything from the app. Sadly these are some of the most urgent things to monitor and respond to - instead, classically, they’re only focused on features around availability. Come on guys, can do better.
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3 years ago, BVASD
Greg Steeber
Love the work so far… I like the continued progress… feature request list too long the list here… would love another developer discussion
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