Messages and Chat Export PDF

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User Reviews for Messages and Chat Export PDF

4.6 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Cartwright918
Handy & Versatile
Purchased this application immediately after trying it due to it's simplicity and multiple uses in the future. It's also worth noting there are instructional video clips under settings for those who are completely clueless about most things beyond calling and texting. My grandmother of 90 could use this application. Lastly, it's one of the better and the closest apps you will find for saving iMessage conversations. Stitches anything you can screenshot into a photo or PDF file though, so has many uses beyond just that, including saving longer recipes, books and more. Great app for those of us who love easy, yet highly functional. 👍🏼
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3 years ago, AertoneFX
Purely fantastic!
This app is all that you will need in terms of screenshot stitching! It allows you to precisely cut each individual photo, it auto aligns the stitches to look spectacular once cut, it can save your stitches to multiple file types such as pdf, png, and jpeg. As a bonus, it doesn’t collect your data! How much better can you get than that? Definitely a must have if you want to stitch any amount of screenshots into one beautiful stitch that you can send to your friends and family.
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2 years ago, nmfreeman
Very handy app
This app is really nice for documentation of CYA type of items. I work in Real Estate sales and Insurance, and it’s great to have the ability to save conversations and upload them to client files for complete records keeping. My only gripe is that the instructions aren’t super clear, had to play around with a few stitches before I figured out how to quickly cut/stitch the pages. App also repeatedly force-stopped and closed while I was working, however progress to that point was saved, so not the end of the world.
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5 years ago, luanne613
I’m so happy I found this app. I had a wonderful message involving myself, my husband, our daughter and our son announcing her engagement and all of us being silly as per our usual. I loved the conversation and wanted to save it. This app worked perfectly. It gave me the chance to fine tune the stitching and make perfectly seamless transitions and it’s fairly easy to use. I haven’t tried the video portion yet, that’s next. Try this app, you won’t be sorry!
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2 years ago, Marty20220804
Piece of Crap - Do Not Buy
I downloaded this app based on a review I saw online. It was supposed to stitch together screenshots, and be able to print out PDFs. However, there are problems with the training video not matching what actually happens in the app. I have sent my concern to them, but no response. I paid $8.99 because I was hoping that the video portion would capture the messages in one consistent PDF, based on info I received in the app. Additionally, when stitching together screenshots, I am unable to add more screenshots after the initial set. The tutorial also shows how to manually select the portion of the screen you want, but it does not exist in the app. Horrible customer service.
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4 years ago, WildBillWillie
Your feature to block the top and the bottom of the video is somewhat useful, but usually that's the least important parts you want to crop. It's usually just their name and the entry field at the bottom. But I feel you missed a huge feature that would be easy to implement -The same feature for the sides. Most messenger apps have a list of people to the left we need to block, or in some cases on the right. Please add those capabilities to put gray sliders to crop the right and the left! Best regards, and thank you
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6 years ago, Maryam Ayy
Personally I love it closest thing
I can mostly get away with uploading 37 images to stitch which does it in order thank God by the ones I select then I can export it as a pdf or email it to myself . Yes it can be tedious but if you want to purchase the full thing inapp for $2.99 I say it’s worth it because I have downloaded multiple apps trying to achieve what this app actually does and they all crash or don’t work with exporting at all.
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3 years ago, Mr.ZipZipZip
What is even the point?
Seriously, this app has two main features, “stitching” and “recording”. Stitching is where it allows you to make one continuous document by stitching multiple screenshots together. This is actually a great concept, except this app can’t handle any more than stitching 5/25 pictures before it loses it’s mind and crashes. It’s second feature, recording, literally is just a screen recording. You know, SOMETHING ALL IPHONES 5S AND NEWER HAVE. I’m not saying this app doesn’t have some good ideas, but I am saying that it can’t actually do any of the things it promises, or can’t do it any better than the pre-existing tools on your phone
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4 years ago, islander-whidbey
Fun app, no other choice but to enjoy it
I typically “run” to the App Store for an occasional unusual task; I dread the learning curve on most apps so when one shows up with a lot of stars and simple graphic overlay, I plunge, give it a try, and decide then what I am willing to pay for it. This app however, won’t let you go through those steps. It’s good, it works, it’s easy to use BUT the “end result” won’t manifest unless you pay the fee, so lol...I did. You won’t get a five from me unless you drop the clever hijack, team sms-stitch.
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6 years ago, MrsCulver007
Does the job
These really isn’t enough apps that can download your messages and put them together in a format presentable for legal issues. But this is the only one I’ve found that will do the job without charging a bunch. It’s still A LOT of work if you have a lot of text messages to get through, like I do. Still have to screen shot everything. But this app does get the job done.
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4 years ago, nicknamethen
Useful but Takes Forever, Lost My Stitch Almost Immediately
I just spent 30+ minutes screenshotting and stitching every message I've had with my apartment manager to keep a record of our interactions. Tried to export the whole thing and it stayed loading for a while, maybe 5 minutes. Closed out of app, came back in to try again and now I don't see anything. Will have to do this again but wow, what a huge waste of time. The app already has photo access, it might as well autosave there and not just in-app so this doesn't happen again. I'm so annoyed. 40ish minutes spent on this app and I have nothing to show for it.
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3 years ago, Gidiron
Very helpful
My attorney needed the text message conversations from a litigious customer in order to respond to allegations. This app was very useful in creating several long-form PDFs to email to him. It allows you to re-edit text screen shots if you mess up somewhere. Also, the basic features are free & easy to use.
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5 years ago, MKB NH
This app is exactly what I was looking for
I was looking for a way to save text messages from my customers into my CRM system in pdf format and be able to review them easily in the future. This app works perfectly, is very user friendly, and even saved the one I was working on when I closed the app by mistake.
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1 year ago, marvin fahrquar
This app worked perfectly! The lady at the print store I use joked that she was proud of me because I downloaded the app, created the PDF and emailed to their system without her help! (She normally has to walk me thru stuff) lol I now have the conversation and screenshots that I need all printed out and they are all numbered too. THANK YOU
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2 years ago, Mr.Picky
Very, very good. Recommended.
Simple to use. Let’s you try App first before upgrade to Pro. Best of all App Store says this app does NOT collect information. How’s that for a change! If you decide to pay for Pro version you only pay once for lifetime access. Find and support apps like these.
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3 years ago, Chi-town user
Super easy to learn and use
This product was exactly what I needed to organize a long series of texts. It’s very intuitive and the ghosting function that allows you to align multiple text screen shots is very effective. You have too pay to print or send the file but definitely a great value.
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3 years ago, *Tumbalina
Good app
Since the volume tutorial did not work on any device, it took me a while to get the hang of this app. Now, I do appreciate it a lot. Would love to be able to change the background color of the text and font color to make texts more legible
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6 years ago, EMTP310560
Simple to use
I have been using this app for over six months to save text messages in a format that could be saved, emailed and even printed for a court case and I couldn’t have asked for anything more user friendly. It does exactly what they say it will and has been a huge help to me.
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6 months ago, Tell_It_True
Works well
Easy to use…. Allows you to quickly stitch screen shots together to document/save text messages. Since it is a screen shot function, it could easily be used for anything else
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3 years ago, LadyBrave7
Wow! Just perfect!
I have been looking for a way to save text messages from loved ones that have passed; special messages between my fiance and I for a memory book; and messages with pertinent information. THIS IS IT! And it's so easy to use... Thank you for creating it!
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4 years ago, Kim"s iPhone5s
Yes convert text to pdf
This app works EXACTLY as advertised for my iPad. Had a long text chain about Mother’s illness. The app is great press start, scroll through a day or more, stop, save and edit. Most excellent for siblings who get amnesia on what things they text.
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1 year ago, Lachance11
Works well for small projects
App works fine as long as you don’t need too many screenshots stitched together. I uploaded a lengthy text thread and the app took hours to convert it to a PDF, then crashed every time I tried to export the PDF. I’ll have to split into multiple small projects and try again which is frustrating.
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1 year ago, mh42217
are you serious?
first off the recording of messages can already be done from the iphone with the built in screen recorder. second the export to pdf is a joke at best. so you want me to screenshot my messages (all 1000+), overlap them by 20% so i end up doing 1/5 the extra work and trim them all myself just so you can “stitch” them together? AND have the gall to ask for a 9.99 lifetime access fee??? bwahahahaha. you stoopid. what a waste of time and money.
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11 months ago, FlabbyBellyGone
No free exports
It would be fine but why make a free app with no functionality. You can’t export anything unless you pay. Also the stitching of the messages is something a grade schooler could manage in paint. Ended up just emailing screenshots to myself and pasting them in word. App works fine but produces poor results and has a last minute “gotchya” demand for pay after you’ve gone through most of the process. Seems sleazy.
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4 months ago, Zeus baller
Makes you pay $9.99 to export then doesn't work
This app made me go through all the editing. took me about an hour and then when I went to export it, they made me pay 9.99 to export it. once I exported it it cut off all of my text messages top and bottom wasting the last hour of time of editing and wasting $10. I am applying for a refund as this product does not work correctly. I wish I can give negative stars.
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8 months ago, lag in check in
Scam Scam Scam
$9.99 for the app when you try and export information. Basically it is record your screen and lets you crop the video. You can do this on your iPhone already. To export into PDF you have to screenshot all your messages and “stitch” it together yourself. I thought this program was going to help decrease the work and be able to convert the video to a PDF. This is nothing of what I thought was being advertised.
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4 years ago, Hollycakes723
Intermittent app crashes/ losing your work every time!! :(
Really want to love this app!! Pros: Love the idea of stitching my text messages. User friendly. Cons: Crashes constantly — after carefully selecting and aligning screenshots with precision, as soon as you give it a title and hit the save/create button, the app complete crashes and you lose all of the work you just did. This has just happened to me three times in a row - I’m done with it until there is an update that actually fixes it. I’ve had this app close to a year now and have kept my hopes up that an update would fix this bug, but it’s been happening on and off since day one. I’d say about 1/3 of my projects end in this specific app crash. WHY??! Fix this please!!!
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1 year ago, andrew d todd
“My First Program” (age 11)
Virtually useless. What you are supposed to do is to know enough about the underlying data structure of the way messages are stored, and use that to build a PDF file, in which text messages are stored as byte codes, URL’s are stored as URL’s, and camera pictures are converted into Acrobat’s image format. It is not remotely good enough to photograph screenshots, and do this stitching nonsense.
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4 years ago, abell9107
Not so terrible
I stumbled across this app and was so happy. Working in management this is a great tool! I use it to document texts and conversations from nasty supervisor and from staff. It’s not as easy to use as id like though.
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2 years ago, willie371
It’s not worth it
I don’t know why this app has so many reviews I tried it and wasted my time as it wanted 899 for me to download my messages the same time it takes me to use the app I can use my iPad to record my messages as you still have to scroll as it’s doing a screen record save yourself the money and just use a device that can record it’s the same thing
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2 years ago, Hey Dr. C
Quick and easy!
I needed to share a text string with my supervisor. This app fit the bill. Thank you!
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5 months ago, disappointedjoey4512
Not as functional as made out to be
The only format available as free is a ‘photo’ or image and a single-page pdf of the stitched-together screenshots. The single-page pdf is useless for any longer msg because the font is so small. But the app does what it says and it works as presented in the video.
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3 years ago,
IF you can get this moody app to work…
…it’s fine. But it’s moody. Sometimes it will delete screenshots you are finished with and sometimes not. Sometimes it will ask and select new screenshots from your photos and sometimes not. Overall, nice when it works but it’s not dependable. A huge pain.
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4 years ago, Newtonswdc
No way to edit trim video
I have iOS 12 on my iPhone 6 and my screen doesn’t look like the one in the tutorial. There is no video editing button or icon, just a record and a stitching feature —- that’s it.
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1 year ago, LyleCairns
The app uses your screen shots of two to “help” you to stitch them into a larger photo. If you have to scroll more than 4 times, your text messages are not going to get done. This is the work of a mad man. It might take you hundreds of hours if you are trying to capture your cute messages from your partner. Nonsense absolutely nonsensical.
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4 years ago, Aap4014
Does not function properly! DO NOT BUY!
I tried to stitch messages together and they appeared to be whole. Whenever they would export (using the premium version), they would cut off. In other words, it’s highly non-functional for its sole intended purpose. I tried to contact support and demand a refund. I never heard back. So here I am letting you know not to get this program, and definitely don’t pay for it!
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6 years ago, My2GodsGifts
Great App!!!
This is the easiest and most simple App I’ve found and downloaded. It works great. If you need to screenshot and save text messages or etc this is the best app to download and use.
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3 years ago, JagXK2009
The ability to VIDEO RECORDING of the iPhone screen is KILLER !!!!
WOW !!! VIDEO RECORDING of the iPhone screen is KILLER functionality versus very time consuming “stitching” of multiple iMessage pages together!!!!
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3 years ago, t a e
Easy to use, very convenient. App crashes when I upload multiple screen shots. Good news: it has a temporary auto save and offers to “resume” after respringing.
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2 years ago, Gawa Louise
Great app
I’m 72 years old and not very tech savvy but I figured out how to use this app easily and LOVE it. I’ll be upgrading.
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2 years ago, dhjhfjkhfgujh
Helping but
Screenshots upload to my phone out of order? Makes it difficult to follow
Show more
3 years ago, 123-this-fish
You have to have trail even if you watermark it! Get with it. The goal here is to take text and convert to a PDF or text file. You don’t even allow us to try it! You and every other app developer wants the $4.99 especially when you product is crap. No go for me if I can see if it works.
Show more
9 months ago, AK-MomKatt
Have to pay for functionality
Disappointed that nothing in the description indicated that I would have to pay $10 to be able to send the PDF of my screenshots to myself. Highly annoying that I wasted time on this.
Show more
3 years ago, 704wd
Not worth it
This was the only one we could find to save a text thread for work. The regular version requires you to take a screen shot and then they stitch together. Works great for a small conversation. The pro version with the video creates a link that is too big to email.
Show more
5 years ago, Eagleye223
Text message export
Exports messages by stitching screen shots into a pdf or other format. Works as advertised, but when you go to export the pdf file, you have to pay to get this feature
Show more
12 months ago, ticket master has issues
Can’t delete…
When starting a new stitch… it starts where you left off on the last one. No matter how hard you try, you can’t delete the pictures. Worked well once???
Show more
11 months ago, ParHab
Hard to figure out
I bought this app and I was able to use it the first time. The next time it became difficult to use and I can’t figure out the procedure for converting messages into a PDF file.
Show more
2 years ago, FishdomSucks
Doesn’t do what you expect
The app says you can export text messages. The free version did that. So, I bought the paid version. Guess what? There’s no functionality to export messages. I can record a text message, I can stitch together a set of screen shots. But the export is gone.
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6 years ago, fhaifbthais
App is actually 2.99
The app teaches you how to stitch your text messages together, but once you’ve spent 20 minutes doing so, you get a PDF document that you cannot export or use whatsoever. You are required to pay 2.99 for the full version before using what you stitched together. Deceptive, I wouldn’t bother with this app
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10 months ago, Mactificent
Audio doesn’t work on recordings
I tried several times, and none of the videos I recorded of text messages. Can I hear the audio while I was trying to explain what was happening in the text messages
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