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Meta Platforms, Inc.
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User Reviews for Meta Ads Manager

4.45 out of 5
28.8K Ratings
1 year ago, DaVikes
Better than the online version
The Ads Manager app is far more intuitive/easy to use than the online version. It has a couple of downsides. You cannot do AB testing. Also, when duplicating an ad, not all of the settings actually duplicate. So you have to review thoroughly before publishing. If Meta could figure out how to make the online version more intuitive, I think they could increase their advertising revenue 20% or more.
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4 years ago, J FERRARI II
Fake bots, Fake likes, Fake followers
I was using Facebook ads until I noticed my sales decreased even though I was running thousands of dollars of ads. Facebook ads was sending fake bots to my page while charging me for real traffic even. Facebook ads charged me money to send fake bots, fake followers, fake likes, fake interactions and fake website visits. Facebook ads is a scam. I bought 1,000 followers/likes from Facebook ads but when I post only 20 people see my posts and no matter how many ads I run my sales decrease! Please take my advice and advertise elsewhere. I contacted support and they hung up in my face. Their support is terrible! Also they started charging my debt card for small dollar amounts everyday. My bank statement had a million small charges cause Facebook ads wants to be paid daily not to mention they started overcharging me cause they noticed I wasn’t paying attention to their ads. That’s also when they started sending a lot of bots and overcharging on the price.
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4 months ago, 1980jbaby
All of the people sent to click, like, ask for estimates are fake.
I started advertising 2023 with my kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. One thing I noticed right away is they would send my ads to states that wasn’t in my 50 mile radius. Texas, Alabama, Colorado now y would I advertise there if I’m a local small business doing remodeling? I wouldn’t but all those people from different states I was charged for. Also when it’s set up to get new clients and your charged for every message that a potential client starts I don’t even have to respond I get charged for when responding to these potential clients they never respond back ever and not received one client from the ads that I’ve posted in a year not one because not one of them conversations back with me once they ask, can you tell me more information. I will never place the ad on Facebook ever again you can’t get a hold of customer service. They charge your card without you knowing it. So it isn’t like they are not already worth billions and billions and billions of dollars they had a stable from the little guy and then you can ever get your money back but let me take somebody’s money like it. I’ll be in jail.
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7 years ago, SteveDolo
Not only is the support for problem non existent & beyond generic but they don’t even try to personalize banning or solutions when they make a mistake & van the wrong person. Like they’ve banned me from paying for more ADs after I’ve already spent $200 I worked truly hard to get together as a single mother for my FB page that empowers women & is a support group that sometimes needs to use certain words like trauma or addiction simply to explain you can recover & spread hope. It needs to be case by case the trigger words. YET THERES PAGES ADVERTISING DEGRADING PHOTOS & CHILDREN IN NOTHING BUT UNDERWEAR CLAIMING ITS A KIDS LINGERIE LINE & THATS OKAY CAUSE ITS LABELED UNDER CLOTHING?! But I can’t provide a service helping women empower women & end bullying?! And instead of providing a solution to this error on their part I’ve spent weeks messaging just to keep receiving the same generic message for weeks. So now I’ve lost all my advertising money to this group just for it to shut down my ability to advertise & waste all of the money I have trying to make a life for my child & help create a world of hope. DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY OR WORK FIND A BETTER ADVERTISING PLATFORM FOR SURE. WORST EVER AND I NEVER REVIEW THINGS BUT I HAD TO PREVENT OTHERS FROM ENDURING WHAT IVE ENDURED.
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4 years ago, sasha1665
Something changed and I don’t like it!
I’ve used this app for a few years and it has been a wonderful tool to help me change my ads quickly and efficiently. Until something changed and the ability to edit my ad by choosing a previous post that has been getting a good response, is no longer an option. Now if I have an ad running and want to edit it, I can only edit a picture (choose a new one) or edit the text, among other things. So to change my ad and keep the same audience, budget etc, I now have to choose my picture and save it, and then go back into it and change the text. I feel it is forcing my to just buy another ad set and I don’t like it. I generally have just set my budget and let it run indefinitely and would go in every week or so and pick a new post to advertise. Now it’s a lot more trouble and I’m thinking I may have to end my ad every few days and start all over to instead of simply editing it. Can’t we get that option back please??!!
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4 years ago, 333enlightened1
Banning people for no reason
First off they banned my ads i did a review they answered back and said sorry it was a accident gave me my privileges back then 2 days later! They unpublished my page and deactivated my ads so they deny some ads ok understand but then they approved some ads then 2 days later disapprove thats so un-professional im looking into legal action as we speak facebook needs to get sued for this im building a class action and im sure im not the only one that had this problem its robbery you take peoples money they get good high percentages in there rankings you take that away without a warning literally even a email like hey make sure you change this or we will deactivate your account so we can fix it no just makes mistakes and then does it again 2 days later i have all this snap shot saved so this will hold in court you dont make a mistake then say sorry then 2 days later i do nothing different then ban us this will be addressed whoever's working that section in facebook needs to be fired making mistakes and no compensation is a big mistake
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6 years ago, DanielB1997
A Good App - If You Have a Heartbeat And Half Brain
I normally don’t even feel strongly about apps. But man, oh man. These reviews are pretty unfair! This is a great app for anyone who’s comfortable with basic decent graphic design, knows how to create an audience, and read metrics to improve the performance of their advertising. I’ve worked as both a part time social media manager for a nonprofit organization on a university campus, with upwards of 1.8k likes on the page being added to my tenure with the effective use of the ads and the Ads Manager. I’m now a supervisor at an authorized dealer of prepaid wireless service, and I use the app to run the promotions for a store in the Inland Empire region in California. Using the audience parameters, I’ve been able to increase our sales with very limited and strategic use of location-based advertising. It’s a good app. Keep it up!
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3 years ago, anjsreview
After the recent update over a month ago, not only am I not able to view ANY notifications whatsoever in this app (yes notification settings are all turned on, but the notification page shows “no notifications” even after the badge at the bottom is displayed as having new notifications within the app) but EVEN WORSE - now I can’t view, edit, do ANYTHING with any of my ad sets, only my campaigns! I select ad sets from any campaign and it just says “failed to load” on the would-be ad set display page!!! And the campaigns are visible, but they stopped showing data on the campaign level altogether! I relied on this app for my business since I was frequently on the go. Now it’s become completely useless to me for two months now. (And I NEVER get a response, message, feedback, ANYTHING from anyone about this problem!) Ive even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, made sure my phone and apps were all up to date - NOTHING WORKS. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, current software. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Lana DelRay
Absolutely terrible, a HUGE mistake
I can’t even begin to explain the holes in the app and site. The customer service in nonexistent. Someone might send you the same automated message 2 weeks after you try to report a problem. For me, I built up an instagram profile, and then a payment went through RANDOMLY and was denied because it WAS NOT SCHEDULED and i do not keep money in that specific checking account. I tried many times to pay the .20¢, YES, TWENTY CENTS that I owed, but everything about the app glitches out. It banned me from trying to pay, and it disabled my account. I’ve reached out and gotten the same response at least 15 times. “We’re sorry... we see the issue... we’re reactivated your account.” Except my account is never actually reactivated. I’m no longer the admin of my own Facebook page, and I cannot disconnect my instagram account from the page. I’m 100% helpless to have this issue fixed. BE WARNED THIS APP IS ABSLOUTE SH**.
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3 years ago, Tedmcruz
Worst existing customer service in the world
By “existing” I mean that there is a customer service that actually responds back, but all the answers are automatized without hearing my side of the story. The short story is that I was hacked by some Bulgarian and/or Russian people that made to ads in two occasions that charge my account for some advertisement that violated the terms of use of facebook. Facebook didn’t even bother to check in with me about what happened, but they were definitely interested in the money that they charged me, before blocking my account. If anyone from facebook sees this, please respond and help me with my problem, since our company needs to use ads (which have always followed your policies) to promote our products for sell. I will be waiting for your answer since I got tired of send help tickets through the facebook support page.
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5 months ago, MercedWindow
Used to be better
I have been creating ads so easy on my phone but months ago some changes happened and came with many bugs. When you want to duplicate an ad in your app it would make a single block of text in you copy. And then when It is running I have to go and edit the text to make spaces (small paragraphs) and to edit is a pain because every time I want to edit a button pops up and you have to exit. So it is a good app to check your ad performance, adjust budget and maybe duplicate and experiment with other images. But if you need to work with new copy I now go back to my laptop. I hope someone fixes the bugs in the app. That would be awesome.
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10 months ago, Or Mordekhai
Terrible, makes it so difficult to promote your brand
I have been trying to run ads on my Instagram and Facebook for the last 2 months, suddenly out of nowhere they just stopped working. I constantly get error messages saying “your account was not found” even though everything is connected exactly right. I’m unable to preview my ads because im “violating guidelines” which is 100% not true, everything i’m trying to advertise is my own photos of my own products. It’s extremely frustrating that Facebook is making it soooo difficult to boost an ad. Its not rocket science and to make matters worse, out of all of the Instagram and Facebook employees there is no customer service or representative that can help fix these issue… such a joke
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2 months ago, t3rr0rr33
I was thinking about starting again…
I used this platform a couple of years ago to try and promote music but I kept getting my ads and ads accounts disabled without explanation. It worked great at first but then they decreased their reach, got irrelevant traffic, then they removed ads and disabled accounts.I wasted a lot of money. After appealing, they admitted to a mistake and reinstated my account but the process took weeks and when you promote a single you need to get that ad out right away. There were many missed opportunities. I was hoping to sign up for the platform again, but reading these reviews, it doesn’t seem like they solved any of these problem so it looks like I might continue to stay away. It’s not worth the headache.
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3 years ago, Pucsterrr
The absolute worst app ever
This app makes me want to bang my head against the wall. It freezes, it doesn’t publish ads, even if it looks like the ad is active, it doesn’t actually publish but doesn’t let you know, what’s in the app doesn’t correspond well with what you see in a browser, adds disappear. What a disaster. I could understand the poor quality when it was first launched, but why is this app still so unbelievably poor quality? Obviously Facebook has a monopoly position, which is why I come back to it, but I really hope a new platform takes over, just because adversing on Facebook is such a stressful, frustrating, disastrous experience. And while I am a paying customer, there is no customer service. Barf, absolutely terrible.
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1 year ago, brittbutte
Good luck if your account was hacked
My Facebook was hacked and suddenly I have ads being ran and coming out my ears. No matter how many times I delete the campaigns, more keep getting approved and ran. I have contacted support NUMEROUS times in the last two weeks and have heard nothing. The ads are being ran in Thailand and there’s an unknown payment method on the account. I’m completely helpless. I can only imagine what chaos and stress this would be if I were trying to actually run my own ads and had my own payment method on there that was hacked, and the complete lack of help is really telling. I’ll just have to end up deleting my entire Facebook and thus meta account (that I didn’t even make!!!). Really, really, disappointing.
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5 years ago, BLACkL1ST
Bugs! Insects! Animals! Seriously FB?
Hello peeps, I know you guys are working hard 24/7 to improve this app as much as possible. But HELLOOO! Guys, you gotta see this mess and sort it. Its basic man, no rocket science. May be no one noticed that or may no one pointed that out but we need to sort this: - I cannot access all photos in my camera roll through this app! Only a few photos in a random order show up every time i access my camera roll through this app! - I cannot add a banner sized static image for a campaign as it cuts off but on the other hand i can easily upload it on desktop! - I cannot make a duplicate ad set! This app is only limited to duplicating campaigns! Can you please get these small blockers sorted so that i don’t have to look at my desktop ever again for any campaign related stuff? P.s. don’t give me the “reinstall the app and make sure you have the latest version” crap! I got the latest app and a new phone as well! Make this world a better place! Do your part! Do it! Just do it! 🤘🏻
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7 months ago, anonymousecom42
I started using Facebook ads a month ago and at that time it was going pretty bad because they were targeting wrong people but it was okay because it was still real people but then it changed as time went on. Now they are literally giving me false click reports and false charges then to add onto that giving a ridiculous cpc for the bot “clicks” Absolutely the worst ads app out there. They are scammers and they always ban your accounts for the smallest things. Anyone unsure whether to run ads with Facebook take my word for it. DONT this company is corrupt and is scamming you by giving you dozens of small charges to your account and making it so you don’t notice. IF I COULD GIVE A NEGATIVE NUMBER OF STARS I WOULD
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3 months ago, fhugfcfh
1 star ! Hacked account , be careful.
My account was hacked a while ago. I’m not tech savvy at all. It took me months to get my balance cleared. A year to get my page unrestricted. And now I’m trying to get the extra accounts off of my account so I can feel comfortable putting my payment information in. I’ve been trying for days. So frustrating. Happy I only used a card I can lock. Reading these reviews just deterred me from even trying any further.
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7 years ago, ByOsmosis
Where to begin...
This app is predominantly useless. On multiple occasions I just put it away and waited until I could get to my computer. Lately I’ve been using it to check ad performance, but even that is abysmal, only giving the most shallow stats. And you can’t get help. Don’t bother trying. Glitches cause an ad to stop and you’re basically screwed. Build another one and hope it survives. FB ads use to be available for phone support to fix that stuff. Then it was email. Then it was messages through the help center. Now it’s nothing. I doubt they’ll even read this review. So tonight the update they pushed out went ahead and just killed the app altogether. Maybe they’re just driving the last nail into its coffin.
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3 years ago, Peter in Minnesota
Easier than the site in some ways
I am still learning the ads manager interface, and think the app is easier in several ways. It automatically organizes active ads at the top of the list and some editing features are just one or two steps to do instead of going to multiple areas in the more robust online interface that has multiple areas. Well organized app- generally.
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2 months ago, SAndeliz
Fake bots, useless customer service, account banning
I have been advertising with FB for years. However in January 2024, my ads were being filled by bots. I spent 2 months reaching out to reps requesting a credit for the ads that generated bot info (i sent in videos and screenshots of this) however no one was able to help. I disputed this with my credit card company and once that kicked in, in April, my ads account was banned. This is so unprofessional as Ive been using this service for years and when I complained of the bots filling out my forms, some reps disregarded my request, others had me go in circles as they kept telling me they fixed it, and now FB has banned my ads account.
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2 years ago, ZachF4
Hacked FB ad acct and won’t help
I’ve emailed Facebook on multiple occasions after I found out that my Facebook account was compromised. Someone had created ads under my Facebook account and locked me out and made themselves admins. I’m unable to delete these ridiculous ads and have no control of the ad portion of Facebook. I never got a response from anyone at Facebook, and now I’m currently on deployment serving in the US Army I’ve been bombarded with these notifications for these ads once again. Facebook won’t help in any way. I hate your company and what it stands for when you can’t prevent fraudulent use of accounts, let alone stop it or want to help with correcting the issue.
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7 years ago, GregSamek
The worst customer support
Facebook seems completely disconnected from the people who actually pay this company by purchasing ads (unless you’re a VIP). Customer support is nonexistent. There is literally no contact information of any kind to use when you have a problem. It takes days to get a response through their help system and then they close your ticket before you can even confirm that they have fixed the problem. My account keeps getting locked for “unusual activity” with no explanation. My ads violate no policies and in fact get approved. If they spent one tenth of the effort on this that they do on tweaking the newsfeed for the millionth time, they would probably have a great service.
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5 years ago, Jbarnesweb
1. From the create ad page select the carousel pictures option and select pictures. The user interface is foreign to iPhone users. You have to select a picture in the “carousel”, then change it with a picture in the tab interface for the image source. If you change the source tab often enough it will crash. 2. For some reason, it won’t link my Instagram account. When it reports the error, if you select the “Back” arrow, your work creating the ad is lost. 3. The settings icon is also foreign to iPhone users. When you select Report a problem, an error screen appears. Facebook Ads Manager needs some more QA testing. I found these bugs trying to create my first ad.
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1 year ago, Willblake13
Too Many Bugs
Changing between date ranges often fails to properly load in data. Metric tables also fail to load any data after the first few columns. Meta is one of the most valuable companies in the world and employs some of the best software engineers in the world. Why is it that I can’t trust your app to give me accurate data on my campaigns, or update when switching from viewing weeks, to months, to today? Why is table view completely nonfunctional? I’m by no means one of your to spenders, but I do spend roughly a half-million USD per year on ads. I’d love to be able to get accurate stats on my phone when I check my campaigns in the morning.
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5 years ago, Zbity
please add the ability to add call to action button
please add call to action button on my iphone? it seems if your going to load a video for sale of a product or service >> your going to want to add a call to action button option i have to go to a lap top to do this - this is handy as you know many use there iphone/mobil for business. why have this app if you cannot ad a call to action button to ad. Also were is there a link to share an approved ad with a co worker? there is no share link with the the ad for the user/admin to share it with? ad goes out no share:-( please on iphone tell me where i know on post you have this i just go to page. but on mobil the ad does not show or have a link to see on that page? does this mean i duplicated ad and leave off the call of action button as on post with video i have not seen where as well. please fix app call of action thanks
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4 years ago, One-Infinite
It’s actually pretty decent
I expected the worst when I saw the reviews before downloading this app, but was surprised by its functionality. Since I have the app, I often find myself omitting the desktop ad manager when I just want to check in on ad performance. It’s nice that custom presets (added on the desktop version) are also listed in the app. The ad creation or editing functionality is limited, but that logical for a client on a way smaller screen.
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4 years ago, Lenny Zemach
Worst Customer Service
Their support has been the worst thing I have ever experienced. The people that help you aren’t knowledgeable about fixing anything. Then they open a ticket and take forever to get back to you to just tell you that they can’t even address anything. They were not helpful and didn’t even try and troubleshoot any of my issues. I had to troubleshoot everything on my own. This platform is very bad and their support is awful. I moved my ads to google but I still have a shop on Facebook but it has many bugs which nobody knows how’s address, the experience with Facebook support has been frustrating to say the least!
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4 years ago, pho travel
This app destroyed my add account
Until I downloaded this app I always ordered advertising from Instagram app and it worked well. But since this app gives more opportunities for settings I decided to try it and after several times my add account stoped working. What happens now is when I set up the new advertising either on Instagram or in this app I receive a notification that my add was approved but nothing happens and add actually doesn’t run! And there is no way to fix it because it’s extremely complicated to even contact customer support to get any information about my case. So I just can’t use an advertising on my Instagram account anymore :((
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2 years ago, DeniseCC82
So many bugs!
I’ve been trying to create ads for my business with the app, but it keeps freezing, not all the options are available (Get event responses), I authorize the app to get access to my photos, and then again it keeps telling me to check my settings. I’ve checked the same settings over 50 times and still not getting me anywhere. There’s no point to use the app if I have to do it on the desktop version if I want to get something done. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, sadfacesadface
No notifications for new leads? Great idea!
You spend a good amount of money on ads for leads, get leads, and get no notification for said leads. Also no way to view leads on your mobile app whatsoever. Thus not being able to follow up in time and lose the lead. This is a great system they have going! Now if you want to actually want to get a notification for a new lead, you have to integrate a third party service, sign up for their platform as well and connect your Facebook account there. Because why would a multi-billion dollar company bother to set up their own notification service for their own leads? What a concept!
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2 years ago, DJ DJ 95
Notifications don't work
I like the design of this app but because of the lack of certain key functions it ends up being something I use to view ads in the account, rather than edit ads or get key updates Some key things that are missing: 1) Notifications don't work properly. One of the key things I need to be aware of as a manager are: - Payment error alerts - Ad spend alerts - Disapproved ads The app says you can get notifications for these but they never notify me when this actually happens. So, I am forced to stay locked to my desktop Ads Manager + email to get these updates. And my notifications are on for the app. 2) I can't publish Instagram ads that are videos or Reels. Will this be available through an update?
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5 years ago, Charles CT III
Don’t get the new update!!!
Do not get the latest version of the app. There’s a bug that causes you to lose access to all of your campaigns/ad sets through the app making it virtually useless! You can delete and redownload but it only brings them back temporarily. Generally the app is pretty solid and I’d give it a 4 except for this new issue but it’s a big one. Fix it Facebook!
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2 years ago, Steel-Toes
Account Ads
A few years ago there was a currency issue with my country that messed the health of my Facebook account, I didn't miss any payment or anything but my ad account still shows as closed. I’ve been trying to reach help but nobody can get my account back to normal. :-( so sad not being able to link my Facebook account with my shopify collection
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1 year ago, Michael FAA
buggy and frustrating
My ads were rejected without explanation. Took several attempts to have them reviewed and approved. When they finally got approved and started running I found out they changed the “learn more” button with a link to my website with a link to messenger. So instead of customers going to my website with all of the information, I have confused people writing questions to me and getting upset if I don’t answer right away. I’ve tried to update the button but it doesn’t seem to work. No idea what’s going on or how to fix it. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Krazydave65
So Convenient!! So far so good!
Don’t know why the reviews are so low. Just downloaded the app and I already have access to all my Facebook ad information without needing my computer! I can tell this is going to really be a useful app. Probably can’t replace the desktop website version, but is very supplemental when I don’t have my laptop :) Thanks facebook developers! App is very easy to use and visually appealing.
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2 years ago, Taneischa
Terribly Disappointing
After they banned my ad account in February for no known reason, I didn’t think this service could get any worse. Almost 24 hours ago, I boosted my Earth Day advertisement. All of a sudden, the new thing is that ads can be in review up to 24 hours. They just spring that on you. Long story short, I deleted my boosted ad because I wasn’t going to miss Earth Day and pay for boosting the ad the day after. The support staff, unfortunately, haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on. Very poor service. Seems as if I will have to find a different platform on which to advertise.
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2 years ago, wihea85
This app is the absolute worst
For whatever reason, this app would not let me run an add. First it kept rejecting my PayPal account, then when I finally got it to work it kept giving me an error message saying my ad could not be published, even though it was well within facebooks policies and was reviewed multiple times. Oh, and forget about trying to reach out for help, your request doesn’t even go through most of the time and if it actually does go through, they completely ignore you. Worst service ever, I will advertise somewhere else. Don’t waste your time
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3 months ago, Nostrappamus
Significant Improvements
I have noticed that there has been significant improvements and Facebook Ads Manager. It makes it to joy to use this technology to generate leads for my business so much has happened since I last used it and I’m excited at all of these added features to help business owners like myself.
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1 year ago, LW and AC
Facebook is the greatest platform on the earth! I really wouldn’t know what to do without Facebook! From organic to marketplace, groups to paid ads you can get maximum exposure to your business. Hands down there is no better platform or company to do business with. Thank you so much Facebook. Wouldn’t know what to do without you. Priceless!
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2 years ago, Olоlо
Can’t enable/disable ads! Useless app!
1. I can’t disable some campaigns! Just buttons is not tapped! Some glitches every time! Deal breaker. When I enabled campaign it reenables all my adsets, which was selectively enabled/disabled by me before from desktop. Omg this is is really horrible! 2. UI on iPhone 13 looks ugly, all buttons are under the notch! Test your apps in Zoom mode omg! No support iPad’s! Big canvas You should fully adopt this app for iPad 12.9 screen - which supports natively landscape orientation! Currently it’s portrait for iPad pro 12.9, omg, moreover you should use iPad’s large canvas to show more data!
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2 years ago, Doc Fischbach
Beware: they are always changing the rules and they don’t notify you
I can’t even count how many times they change the rules and don’t notify any of their advertisers. You pretty much have to learn by having ads be rejected or learn the hard way. Make sure NOT to pause an ad and delete it halfway through like I just did. They delete all engagement connected with the deleted ad, AND keep your money. It’s just shady business practices that makes me sad because this used to be a great platform.
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3 years ago, Deuce_b
Real time ad performance?
Not sure if it was a part of an update, but I’ve lost the ability to track real time spend by ad creative. I used to be able to check to see how much each ad is costing per result in real time, but now all I see is a rollup of the avg spend since the ad started running. I’m fine with making major changes on the regular site, but that real time tracking is literally the only reason I use the app 😩
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6 days ago, Oshene28
Bank details or not safe on their platform
My Instagram business account was hacked, I don’t know how. The hacker gain access and send $1000usd to my prepaid fund. I never I used that method of payment to run my ads. I contact meta about the situation no one seems to believe me they refuse to send back the money to my bank account and the money is on there platform they can see it and I also can see it. I leave it with my bank to handle the situation. Please don’t leave your bank card on their platform it not same if something like this should happen.
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2 years ago, Cyclelogicalgirl
Pointless App
This app is stupid and useless. I was forced to download it on my phone and now I find I STILL cannot delete the ad account. I tried to get a review and the app told me I had to login on a computer. WHY WOULD THEY CREATE AN APP THAT MAKES ME ISE A COMPUTER?!!! My phone IS a computer. My ad campaign ended in 2014, 8 years ago! I never got any clicks. I paid them $15 I know I didn’t owe, just so I could close the account. I deleted it then! Now it’s back and I can’t get rid of it from my phone. How backwards are your programmers that they can’t put these features ON A PHONE SINCE THAT IS WHAT WE ALL USE NOW!!!!!
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5 years ago, Zeus23447
❗️FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT❗️ First and foremost I’m not one to do reviews. However, after reading the reviews for this app I have found that everyone who has negatively reviewed the platform has not done their research. Facebook provides a full data base of videos, articles, question and answer and step by step process of how to use your ads effectively. Acceptable format is also very detailed.
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5 years ago, Drei023
Simply.. WOW!
Not sure why all the negative and like-warm reviews on here are hating on this app. It is simply AWESOME. Hands down one of THE most useful apps currently in my arsenal.. not only allowing me to work on the go and totally laptop-free, but I actually PREFER it to Facebook’s own web interface. Seriously! Get everything done SO much faster now. Now, if only Google’s ad manager was this cool..
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5 months ago, Devin Mitchell
Fix the App please
This app is costing us money because it is not reporting correct data. The data does not refresh to actual prices and amounts as you click from page to page. You have to click the switch buttons multiple times to turn off and turn on an ad. You also have to keep setting your presets because they don’t stay. You guys are always constantly updating my the app and never get it right. How can a million dollar company have such terrible developers.
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6 years ago, HairGenie
Why so many useless apps?!
One for Facebook, one for pages, how many different ones for managing ads? Try to promote an event and if there are words on the cover picture, you’re wasting your money. .59 per click for 8 clicks? No thanks. Why do you make me pay to communicate with people WHO ALREADY WANT TO SEE MY PAGE IN THEIR FEED!? I can understand charging me for mining and trying to gather new likes and followers, but just promoting an event? This is crazy. Another thing I hate— you try to get me to promote posts that are no longer relevant. So automated and useless. I’m stopping my ads and going to google.
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2 years ago, mrbbking
App bug
This app won’t let you remove existing payment method. The app tells you to come back again in 30 min to try again. I’ve been trying for days. Won’t let me delete my payment method no matter how many times I try. I have no outstanding balance and no ads running. Facebook support is basically canned messages pointing you to help pages. Also, Facebook ads are heavy with “bot” responses verses “real people”. Before you spend money on Facebook ads, do your research. You’ll be glad you did.
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