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User Reviews for Meta Business Suite

4.66 out of 5
326K Ratings
2 years ago, Ray112300
Facebook/instagram censorship and restrictions
Last year, I posted a funny picture from Hunter Biden’s laptop with him in his underwear wearing a scarf. Facebook/instagram waited an entire year before they censored/restricted my business account. They said we could not buy ads from them for a whole month during the busiest time of our booking season. Who tells a business you can’t buy ads? Also facebook said we could not go live with our church page restricting our freedom of religion. Who is facebook, a service provider like AT&T, to poke their face in my personal communications with my own friends and family. It would be like the phone service listening in on private phone calls and telling me I can’t say that to my own friend. I hope facebook and instagram is sued for every penny. I hope they are held responsible for every infringement on my constitutional rights. You are not the arbitrator of truth. Freedom of speech looks like this: I am free to say whatever I want, however stupid, and my own listener can scroll on or walk away. Facebook needs to be taken down.
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3 years ago, Lizandlogan
A nightmare to use with screen reader technology
The “pages manager“ was simple and easy to navigate using screen reader technology, like a voiceover and J AWS on a computer. Ever since it switched over to business manager, the majority of components are not reading with screen reader technology. As a blind business owner, this significantly complicates me being able to independently use the app. It is beyond frustrating and extremely disappointing. Facebook has come so far with accessibility, and this portion, By adding the new business manager application, makes things nearly impossible!!! I used to be able to share and schedule directly while in the Facebook app, but now I’m required to use the business manager app which things are not labeled, so I have no idea what I’m trying to do while inside the app. And of the data is read off to me, navigating in a logical and sequential order is nonexistent! I am not the only blind business owner who has been having his issues. I am also part of a nonprofit organization, and affiliate of the American Council of the blind, and run the Facebook page for this organization. It is more convenient to just create a group for these organizations, rather than creating a business page, as we keep getting lead back to using “business manager“ which is not accessible in the slightest! ADA States that websites and applications need to be compliant with screen reader technology abilities, and, well… This is just not anywhere near acceptable!
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1 year ago, Faaaaaaahhhh
Only works if you have both Facebook and Instagram
I was randomly kicked off Facebook for no reason. Meta has zero customer service. I’m a paying business customer and was given no reason why I was kicked off just told that I violated Facebook community standards but I was not told which rule was broken or which post was the issue- I think I might have been hacked. This happened on my personal Facebook. I’m the admin for my business account so now I no longer have access to my business account and can not log into either account or my meta business suite account which now messes up my Instagram account. Shortly after Meta charged my PayPal account $800 for Facebook ads that I couldn’t have even taken out since I didn’t even have access to my own account since I’m banned but again no way to contact them. I had to cancel my business credit card and spend an entire day updating and switching over all of my business automatic payment accounts- I can’t even use Instagram ads -my main source of advertising because I don’t trust them with my payment information and again ZERO customer service or even explanation on why my linked Facebook account has been permanently disabled - how do you do business like this. The only way to contact customer service is via your Facebook account which has been disabled even if you have an issue with Instagram- I warn any business giving their credit card info to this company!!!
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4 months ago, Myjams11
Don’t solicit for me on messenger
I have a couple of issues that propped up number one. I’m having a lot of people get back with me that I have never contacted and they’re blocking my page causing me potential loss of future business. I want to make my own ad and boost them, that’s why I’m paying you to boost the ad. I don’t want ads sent to people in messenger. They get confused as to first of all what it is second of all find out it’s a solicitation and thirdly block your page thus blocking potential future business. I love the fact that I’m hitting a lot of people don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to text somebody directly. I want them to get with me and then will correspond. the other thing that I’m having issue with is user friendliness of these applications I know they’re very involved and very intense however, things such as being able to find a button to switch messenger marketing turn it off I can’t find it I don’t even know how to turn that off, so I’m gonna have to search back through here and see if I can’t find that feature hopefully in the meantime somebody else will see this and respond that would be nicebut that’s the only two issues so far that I’m having a problem with. Both of these issues however, definitely problems for my business. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Pretty stone face
May be okay for big corporations, but not the little guy.
Does the little red number ever go away? You think you check every notification, which are scatted all over the app, but it still seems there are unchecked items. You hit mark all as read, and it goes away for awhile, but it always comes right back even though nothing has happened. Perhaps, it all comes back to the icon in the upper left hand corner that always freezes up the app. If I had one good thing to say, you can use it to check your posts without actually having to log into social media and experience the toxic news feed for yourself. It has been said that META caters to the audience they want right now, not the audience they have. They could only deliver 3.25 of my last 5$ ad. That seems to be proof that they are treating my target audience with contempt, and are not using social media as much. So what is their response to this loss of income, kill your natural reach to compel you to buy more ads. If anything, this app, and what it tells me, had convinced me of the opposite. Of course I’m just a small nonprofit site. I wish there was a way to make that official distinction to META. Then their offers might be more appropriate. Right now they treat me as just another big time capitalist like themselves.
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2 years ago, Gordon13ombay
Horrible, horrible app.
UPDATE: Still awful, somehow now worse. Want to see who exactly liked or reacted to a post? Too bad! Tapping “LIKE” makes your page “like” the post. There’s a convoluted way to get around it, but I’m trying to measure engagement, not interact with my own stuff. Same issues with the app have persisted for years. It’s awful. Just use the browser. Facebook isn’t known for being good and this app is no exception. The only reason anyone is using it, is because Facebook just has a large, captive audience. Even now, in the app’s review panel, I can’t see the words I’m typing. On the iPad, the app constantly switches to vertical mode. Being able to post to Instagram is useless since to add a first comment or bio link, you have to go to Instagram anyways. Facebook tags don’t work at all and when you are able to tag a business, it’s 50/50 if the business even shows up. At least that works somewhat better on the browser. What does work? Facebook’s ability to take your money. Their transaction portion works well. Not sure if this review makes sense, again, the app’s review panel doesn’t show text. Horrible, laughable, and typical Facebook—only used by marketers and promoters to reach an audience hopelessly stuck on the platform until something better comes along or Facebook finally (and hopefully) fails.
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3 years ago, Leskape
They love to waste your time
You can’t just create a post, check & reply to messages, or do the things you want to do. Notifications for the same comment, message, or post are repeated in different sections over and over and over and don’t go away when you do check them even in every notification location. I don’t get notifications for messages or I do get notifications that there’s an unread message but can’t find the unread message. Our page rating has dropped to 80% responsiveness to messages but I have answered every message—that I can find or have been notified of. No unread messages are showing now and I’ve answered every single one, so how can it be 80%? The reason for two stars instead of one is I do like to create posts through the app when possible because I can schedule them or post immediately without going through the desktop’s annoying and difficult to find Creator Studio. These apps are NOT designed to be user friendly but rather, it feels like, to waste time so they can brag on how much time people spend on their platforms. Tighten it up, Facebook, and make it user friendly and time efficient! Stop wasting our time!
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1 year ago, TJMWisconsin
Very Useful.. but..
I use this free tool to schedule my client’s appointments, their feedback is mostly positive and that means it’s a positive to me. I’ve had 1 maybe 2 times where clients have said they tried to get a message through but I never received it. That’s not my major issue with this app… but this is and one I’m most hoping will be fixed… When using the messaging section, you can only message Facebook users that have contacted you initially. It doesn’t allow you to initiate a message thread to any random Facebook user. They have to message you first in order to communicate with them.… why? If I have a customer tell me they are interested in my services, I cant just pop them a consultation message. I have to tell them to message my page to begin the consultation, perpetuating risks losing the business sale. Why??? Also.. my wife, She loves to tag and share other local business’s in her Facebook posts.. however she has told me she cannot tag a non-business Facebook user profile in any of her posts using this business app..I feel like this might be a related issue. Overall I use this app daily. It’s great
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3 years ago, ccllgg09876543212344678996;57
Wish there was an alternative
It is convenient to post Instagram & Facebook simultaneously, but difficlut to do the hashtags as it is two extra clicks for every hashtag since it is not in the keyboard like on Instagram. Posts only go to 1% of people that have chosen to follow my page, and for even my friends to see things I have to share to my personal page. It’s all about the money to FB. What is the point of having people like something if one of the options is to boost a post and the audience be the people that already like my page. Add in that if you speak of reality flaws, you stand the risk of being censored just like they have censored people and news articles they do not like. They seem to be more about censoring and deciding for us what we want to see as opposed to being a platform that can truly be useful. They have become publishers, as a business you have to pay them to be seen and as an individual, Facebook jail is an most likely a definite if you don’t tow their desired line. It’s interesting how they chose to censor things about the Wuhan lab, and low and behold they were wrong. Let people read and decide for themselves instead of being similar to state run media..... because you also punish the businesses of the people that disagree with you. When I have over 1200 people like my small business page and it only is seen by 50 or so people over a 48 hour time window, something is wrong with the algorithm.... oh, but you don’t care.
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9 months ago, Gugyghjbbhjb
Honestly not good
You can’t even post carousels. Not very helpful. It won’t let me post any carousels cuz “videos can’t be added to a post with photos” like what ?? On the Instagram app you can absolutely add videos to your carousels. This app is just a really bad, watered down version of Instagram with no advanced or useful settings. The main reason I downloaded it is cuz Instagram is glitching and won’t let me schedule any of my posts anymore so I heard you could schedule them on here…. Turns out I actually can’t! Cuz I wanna post carousels but it won’t let me! I also wanna use advanced settings like hiding my likes or adding music but it doesn’t have that option. Once again, not helpful. The app lacks any advanced settings like adding music to your post, hiding comments or likes, boosting your post, and sharing to Facebook. It’s just a watered down, very poor version of Instagram. I see the potential in it but it needs a LOT of improvement. It needs more advanced settings & it needs the basic, much needed settings that Instagram has. I wanna grow my brand as an influencer and I don’t see this app helping me with that. Edit: you also can’t change your thumbnail on reels like you can on Instagram. Where are all the helpful settings??
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2 years ago, ktbeth143
Log-In Problems
As a social media manager, I really appreciated having both business suit and ads manager on my phone. It made boosting posts and running ads super convenient, not only for the FB pages I manage but for our IG accounts too. About a month ago, I randomly got logged out of both of these on the app, and ever since then, it hasn’t let me log back in. I continually receive a message that says “ looks like you entered an error in your email address, we’ve corrected it for you, but we need you to renter your password for safety.” Every time I renter my password, but I continue to receive the same message. I even tried different passwords on the off chance I was using the wrong one, but I still received the same message. And when I click “need help” there is absolutely nothing about this issue or what to do about it, or how to report the problem. I’ve also tried deleting the apps and reinstalling them multiple times, but I still run into the same problem. After a month of continually trying to log into both apps, I’ve given up and deleted both, pending-permanently. Because of my job, I’ll probably end up reinstalling and trying again at a later date, but right now Im just fed up and don’t need these app taking up space on my phone.
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2 years ago, JxTwidgie
Helpful, but needs work.
The app is helpful for managing both instagram and Facebook, but using both the Facebook and Instagram apps is actually much more helpful within their individual apps. Don’t get me wrong, I i th still use the meta business suite out of convenience but the issues are actually inconvenient. Example: messages sent via MBS aren’t updated live and it’s difficult to “refresh” the app to update the messages that have already been sent and received. Example: updating photos is actually terrible. You can choose which photos you want to upload but you have no idea how the photo is going go look after you post it. I posted a picture of a guest from my podcast and from his neck to his head was cut off completely. Sure, I could’ve made sure the photo fit the dimensions of FB and Insta, but I didn’t and I ended up having to delete the entire post and repost it after having already received likes and reactions to the post. I hope yall would make the meta app just like the apps that it represents. That’s the biggest issue that needs to be resolved.
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2 years ago, timeforplants
Hard to Use.
Putting ads on is a nightmare. I save my audience, only to find when I place my next ad that the audience has been selected by business suite AGAN. and the audience they’ve selected for me is completely irrelevant to my business. FRUSTRATING. Then when I FINALLY get it all done, and click on “boost now” this Is what I get: AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED. TRY AGAIN LATER. If somehow I am finally successful, it takes forever for FB to approve the ad. AND, the one ad was stopped because my card was declined….impossible. But I went ahead and reprocessed the payment ON THE SAME CARD, it went through and guess what? I was charged TWICE. Now I’m disputing that too! Also cannot figure out how to just simply view my page. It shows my post. One post. I want to see what my customers see when they click on my page. I literally despise this app. And as a result, seldom even try to post ads anymore. It wastes so much of my time every time I try. And I’d really really like to put an ad out there once a week. But being a garden center, I don’t want the audience FB picks for me: Appalachian trail, adopt a pet, breweries, and some musician named Chris. Ridiculous. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Pawsrancher
K.I.S.S.❗️ For those that aren’t familiar, it means keep it simple stupid
I actually haven’t updated off of fb manager version because I am not a fan of most of the updates, so this is a review regarding the app in general. If there were a negative star rating, I would be using it! Fb should remember K.I.S.S. And I will do the same. Simply put, if you don’t bother to show my posts to the people that have “liked” my business’ page, meaning that they want to see my posts, then none of these other things matter! We are a small service based business and we have 1200+ people that have liked our page but rarely are our posts shown to more than 150 of those people(according to your insights). Why is that? If I were to “boost” a post, it would be shown to a bunch of people but still not the people that have asked to see it and that are the targets of our posts. So, that is my biggest issue with this platform. There are countless more (like not being able to post a single picture as the header, now it is a slideshow, telling me I haven’t posted in a while when I post almost every day, no longer being able to write details about pictures when posting multiple at a time, etc.) but again, if you don’t show it to the people that have asked to see it, none of that matters!
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3 years ago, CupcakeQueen0706
Ruining my relationship with customers
As usual in typical Facebook fashion they’ve found a way to inconvenience their customers. Facebook is a truly awful company with the worlds absolutely worst customer service but they found a way to sink lower. I use to engage with my fans a lot using polls and since Facebook took that way a lot of my page fans have become quite upset. Next they took away being able to be post backgrounds for our post. Smh. It’s watered down junk now. They made the UI a tiny better but took away everything else. Update: Business sweet is ok. Not great. It needs to have the ability to share products from your shop to the page. All you can do is edit 2021 update: Once again Facebook has proved why they are worst platform in all creation. They removed the option to tag products in post. Something that made it convenient for customers to buy from a post. So sick of them
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3 years ago, BlueJay&
Why, just why.
When the app was Facebook Pages Manager it was about a million times better. It was easier to use and understand and even then it could have used a little bit of nitpicking kinda work. Now. That it’s “new and improved everything in one” it’s just awful. I do not recommend this app anymore. The ONLY things that are cool about it is you can post on both your Instagram and Facebook page and schedule for both of the pages and the side by side comparison of insights on posts on Facebook vs Instagram, but that’s it. Nothing else about the app is worth it or easy to use. PLEASE GO BACK TO FACEBOOK PAGES MANAGER. The only thing missing then was an easier way to change your hours and edit the profile. I genuinely regret “updating” the app and strongly recommended all my business friends not to as well. I’m young, learning apps is an easy process for me and I even find the change extremely drastic and difficult to manage. I can’t imagine how everyone is doing with the change who are much older than I am running business and trying to put information out there. I hope the next “update” isn’t another 10 steps backwards. I’ll update my review if it actually gets better.
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6 months ago, trumpskisinjeans
Super frustrating, doesn’t make your job easier
This app is incredibly frustrating to work with. The whole point of using it is to manage Facebook and Instagram together and be able to create one post to two places. But it is so glitchy and often after making a post it will only successfully save and schedule to one platform, not both. Tagging often does not work or save correctly, and sometimes tags just disappear. This app wastes my time consistently and I find myself frequently yelling at my device after working with this app. It often doesn’t show you updates you’ve made and can’t be sure they went through which is infuriating. I always have to double check that things work right which is ridiculous. Social media is part of my job and it’s the most time consuming and aggravating aspect of my position hands down because of how this app operates, or more accurately, doesn’t work well. Why can’t Meta make things work more seamlessly?! You’d think they would make this app more of a priority if they valued their customers and social media users. Wish there was a better alternative.
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3 years ago, Bogus1989
Facebook Pages
I do not like this new format at all. I don’t know what the thought process was behind these changes, but this is nothing but ridiculous. I use to be able to post anything, anytime, anywhere without a problem. Now it’s a real process! If you manage more than one page, all your photos from all the pages get dumped into one place. Same with forms of payment. If I want to place an ad, I have to be very careful which card I choose to make payment. I also have to worry about other admins having access to these forms of payment that may have nothing to do with the page they’re helping to manage. I realize these business pages are free but Facebook could be doing a much better job of laying these pages out and making them more user friendly for the people who rely on them. The older format was 100% better!!!
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1 year ago, Lieu95
I am mostly happy with this app. I do have two major issues 1. Ever since the beginning of the year I have been managing two separate business social media accounts and have had issues with a post every Sunday all year with the exception of maybe 2-3 posts and I’ve had to go in real quick and manually publish the posts! It gets extremely aggravating and annoying to have to cut extra time of that day to make sure it goes through instead of letting the app take care of it! Second major issue is support! I haven’t been able to but for one time get a hold of support to talk or fix the issue! I’m hoping with the new update things will change! I would gladly remove or edit this review if the issues are resolved! I have even considered changing over to another service provider to use the schedule post feature to resolve the issue I am having by just changing platforms! Other than that the app works great and I love it! Every other feature works great except the main feature I need it for.
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2 years ago, 6stringslingr
**UPDATE** ZERO STARS IF I COULD, THIS APP IS STILL A HEAP OF BURNING CRAP. I hate call caps. I do. I really seriously hate it because it’s overused and 99% of the time it’s unnecessary. But this time, it’s necessary. This time, it’s the only way I can get my message across strenuously enough. First off, this is a “free” app. Knowing that makes it marginally easier to understand why MZ has abandoned any urgency in fixing its issues. However, as many other reviews have stated clearly enough for my 3 year old niece to understand,... THIS. APP. DOESN’T. WORK. Since I “upgraded” from pages manager, it has told me that I have two unread messages in my inbox, and I don’t. I’ve refreshed, force quit and restarted the app, signed out and signed back in, and deleted and reinstalled this app to no avail. It still says I have two unread messages. Problem is, I can’t turn app badges off because I run a business on Instagram and FB. I’d miss commissions. So Zucky, who are you lying to this time? Those suckers who download this app hoping to use the features you purport to be available to them or those of us who “upgraded” from Pages based on your claims of it being easier to use and reliable?
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1 year ago, Iratherfly
…and the purpose of this is what?
All this does is popping up the same messages and status comments that I already see on instagram and Facebook. Obnoxiously it does so a millisecond after the message shows up on the other apps so as I try to open the other apps this appears right under my finger and opens up on top instead. Why on earth do I need the same message thread in 3 apps? And who thought it’s a great use experience to not give me a button to turn off notifications from this app? (Can turn off Facebook but no IG. No rhyme or reason. Would be helpful if I can use this instead of Facebook and instagram but I can’t turn off feed on these two and they need to remain open to like, engage, explore and connect with other brands and users). Facebook and instagram already never connect properly on the instagram app (error at the last page with no explanation of the error) so this is all just an app salad that’s going to waste your time. Ad management may be the reason for someone to use this but frankly my conversion on a good post is 28% and if I spend money on an ad I get 0.06% so I’m not spending a dime for ads that destroy my conversion.
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2 years ago, SpiffyBethy
Nice Improvements
It’s a useful app with lots of features that I enjoy. The planner with the ability to cross-post to IG is by far my favorite thing. I really enjoy that I can scroll down through there and see what posts I’ve scheduled, what day, time, & if there are any significant holidays or events I might need to post for on that day. The appointments feature is handy, although I now have another appointment system so I don’t use that anymore. It’s a little annoying that it doesn’t refresh my feed. I am constantly having to restart it and then it still doesn’t refresh; it shows like I haven’t checked notifications, some notifications show up in one area, some show up in another and it’s just a constant back and forth battle to get that little red number to go away 🤬 But bonus - you did fix the messages and I love that I can use auto replies. Those help me tremendously. All in all I like it and will keep using it but if y’all ever figure out how to fix that refresh issue, I’ll definitely add a star or two
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1 year ago, shishi2shy
Glitches out and makes me loose my posts
I’ll be writing a post and I like to reread as I go, so I can reword things and check spelling, BUT it gets funked up. Because I’m scrolling up and down the page to read and reevaluate that stupid “select where to publish” prompt comes on. And when that does often times it will not ever go away no matter where I select to post. I will click “done” and nothing happens. I will wait, close my Lock Screen, try not to press buttons, press done once, press done alot, nothing I do seems to make “select where to publish” to go away even when I have already selected where to publish. Because of that I cannot get back to my post to finish writing or posting it. So I close the app and reopen it and my whole post is gone, you don’t even hold it for me as a draft. Thanks I love getting stuck on the “select where to publish” screen and being unable to use the app and loosing my posts. How can I fix this issue? Happens several times a month. Surely I’m missing some important piece of info to make this not happen. Here’s hoping it is just me being silly and not your app just doing this to me all the time.
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4 months ago, Lynnz10
Honestly feels like a waste of space on my phone. Maybe larger businesses find the feature is useful? All I have found is I only like one or two things meta app does for me but still have to go through Instagram and Facebook to post higher quality content. Meta biz is only useful when I want quick insights and some simple posts for both platforms. Scheduling out seems like a great tool until I realized it just doesn’t quite Entrégate well with Instagram. I either have to exit the app and edit photos in another app or simply post an as is photo. Why use this app when both insta and FB allows me to do more? Also the notifications are the worst. It isn’t timely and when I do get notified I have to almost break the ap to get it to stop telling me over and over “you have an unread message” Cool. I checked that three weeks ago. The worst fact is since I can KINDA do a little more than the OG apps I am keen to keeping this waste of memory on my phone. Here is to hoping later updates make this tool and actual tool instead a few tricks icon I never want to use.
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1 year ago, TheDaringDarla
No way to submit bug reports
There isn’t a way to submit bug reports or request format feature updates. In general I would say this is a better app for tracking across meta accounts and I actually don’t mind having to have a second app to manage the backend, compared to other platforms. However, the Help Center is the only option for support and the “Support” page is blank and doesn’t load. There isn’t a way to submit feedback, request app updates, or report problems. The Help Center has a LOT of information. And compared to other apps, the articles are intuitive, to the point, and well written (hats off to the communication team). You cannot read the articles tho, because there is a pop-up “recommended for you” that you cannot close that occupies the full screen. Additionally, while well written, the instructions are not correct. I’m trying to better understand how the reels payout system works but all the links direct you to go to “monetization > payout settings” which is not an option anywhere. Soooo, anyways one star in hopes someone sees this and then like maybe something happens.
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3 years ago, AshGBeauty
Not as compatible as you’d think
I used this app to reply to a message from Instagram. Since Instagram has a character limit the message created in Business Suite was too long, but Facebook doesn’t have a character limit. On my end, it went through. There was no notification that the message was too long. I didn’t understand why my potential new client wasn’t responding because she had been very responsive before. A few days later, I ended up going to Instagram DM’s and looked at our message thread and there was no reply from me. Went back to Business Suite and the reply was there. This looked like negligence on my part. I had to copy my message to notes and break it up to send through Insta. Now I only reply to Instagram DMs in Instagram. I also get double the notifications for Instagram because they don’t update in the biz suite when you check them in Insta. I can’t turn my notifications off in Instagram because this app is not reliable. I would rather have the Pages app (or an equivalent) back and compartmentalize my comments and DMs. This app does not save me more time when I have to double and triple check everything. 👎🏼
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4 months ago, benjamin420999
Most usable business app
Out of all the major social media platforms i have tried to reach customers on- X(formally twitter), google, snapchat, instagram, and a few others- none of them have worked for me except for Facebook’s business app. Theres more usable and openly available features to run a business with on facebook than x or google. Free! It is free to use the business app on facebook. You could pay for some adds if your moneys feelin thick or you can just post your page in the local buyselltrade pages. You can edit your posts and post longer posts than on X. Advertising is on an as much as you can comfortably afford basis. You can pay for as little as what few dollars in advertising. For scale of how serious i am about it; i have not had a single request through any other social media platform to date!
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3 years ago, sadfacesadface
I have never cried while using a platform, but here we are
Drying my tears as we speak. I consider myself very tech savvy, I have never had an issue using any marketing application other than Facebook’s. Wow. Just the amount of frustration experienced just trying to set up a CRM for my Lead Ads is unfathomable. Want to find your leads? That’s a whole nother experience. There is no push notification when a lead comes in, so you’ll have to open your desktop every time to DOWNLOAD and view your leads. In a world where everything is mobile and on the go, this is just great! /s How many different pages and apps does one need to run a business? Business suite, Leads manager, Ads manager, Ads center, the list goes on. And guess what! Any time you find a support page for whatever you need help with, the links take you to their OLD platforms they used (like Pages), with directions to buttons that don’t exist anymore. If you want your business to fail, use this platform! I have never experienced such a non user friendly app in my life, customer support is an absolute waste of time as well
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4 years ago, Dutty_nutty
Major Downgrade from the Pages App
If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it. Why oh why would Facebook do this? Firstly the notifications don’t work so I have to keep checking to see if customers have messaged or commented. Before it was so much easier to invite people who liked your post to like your page too. You could have clearly seen who needs to be invited in bold blue with a raised button. Now the button is flat and looks like every button for people who already like your page or who you’ve already invited. Also the messaging is the worst! It looks like a webpage interface from the 1990’s with no, yeh, get this NO saved message responses. So now I have to use my Facebook app, then click on pages then access my Pages where Facebook conveniently toggles between me personally responding and me responding as my page. And the best part in business Suite I have different page names for the same business but guess what? Facebook gave all of them the SAME name. So now I never know which page I’m on. Can you all just reinstall the Pages app please and forget about this Business Suite thing until you get it right.
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1 year ago, KsTamale
Incredibly inconsistent
# 1 likes on the page do not stay consistent. We’ve counted and there are at least 50 likes that have disappeared. Another problem people who liked the page early on in 2013 have been suspended so their likes not being shown and we can’t re-invite them. # 2 scheduled posts made on the computer allow extra photographs to be added after the post is created but not on the app. There’s no way to add captions to pictures before it posts. # 3 Scheduled posts made on the app for iPhone do not post. We have to go in and manually post them. # 4 Editing posts scheduled or published on The app is almost impossible. Every time we try to make a change the adding within sentences is almost undoable and names of people who liked the page pop up in odd places and are very difficult to get rid of.
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2 years ago, Singinggirl05
I just started using Business Suite to post Facebook content for the business I work for about 2 weeks ago. It has been fantastic until today. Now, it will no longer allow me to schedule posts. I have tried multiple different times, multiple different posts, and nothing. That was the main reason I downloaded the app to schedule my posts for the week on Sunday. I don’t understand why it’s not working. It’s fully updated. If this was fixed, I would give it 5 Stars. But it’s extremely frustrating when you try to schedule a post, it says it’s schedule, but it all disappears. I wasted 30 minutes out of my day making a well thought out post that disappeared in less than 5 seconds.
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3 years ago, speedymonaco
The goods don’t out weight the bad
This app is frustrating. There are some nice features and I like having everything in once place but there are so many more issues. The messaging and comment section is clunky and not user friendly and I found it was much easier to just use Instagram to post and share from there to my Facebook page. The final straw was that I’ve had an “unread message” for weeks that I can’t clear. I’ve tried everything including deleting the app and redownloading. When the notification popped up again I was done. I searched for some fixes and found years old posts with the same issue that hasn’t been addressed. I deleted it after that. The business options for Facebook are so annoying anyway I’m considering removing my whole page so it wasn’t worth keeping the app that they clearly don’t fix or listen to problems that need to be addressed. A fantom notification doesn’t seem like that bit of a deal but it’s actually incredibly frustrating to think you’re missing someone’s message.
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4 years ago, JFoster2031
Needs work!
I love having an outlet for my small business that’s not on Etsy. Much of the features are useful but it needs quite a bit of work. First, I wish I could post both a picture & a video at the same time. I like to showcase my items in still photos & a video. But currently, you cannot post both at the same time. It’s annoying and doesn’t allow me to display my items. Second, I cannot tag my clients in my posts. I would love to be able to tag a client in a post when I’m showcasing their custom item. Third, PLEASE STOP making recommendations in messenger. QUIT asking if I want to “book an appointment” or telling me “orders now get reported in ads manager”. These stupid boxes pop up in random private messages & it WILL NOT GO AWAY! They’re annoying and when I click “Not now” the box disappears but then comes right back when I enter back into that private message. Please make it stop! I’m sure there’s more feedback I could give, but this would be a great start! Thank you! 🤩
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10 months ago, Para Buo
Glitchy, Buggy, and Slow
The majority of the time I can rely on this app to bug out more than I expect it to actually work. I mainly use this app to schedule multiple posts across Instagram and Facebook simultaneously, yet due to constant crashes, this task becomes more needlessly frustrating. There are days where this app is completely unusable because of its sporadic inability to publish posts - even after multiple attempts. Uninstalling, reinstalling, and having the latest updated version still doesn’t seem to help alleviate these issues. I now find myself uploading directly to each platform separately rather than dealing with the unpredictability of Business Suite. I’m giving 2 stars because the features of this app would be so great if they actually functioned properly! I also think being able to schedule reels in the future would be a great addition. In conclusion, I wish this app would stop crashing so much and I hope the bugs causing these issues will get fixed soon 😔
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3 years ago, shebreathes
Morning! Do not convert to this from Pages!
I absolutely loved pages, I have a business page which is my primary business with over 160,000 followers, and I did A LOT of business with this app. I was delighted when I saw that this was converting to the sweets, however after updating it it no longer recognizes my primary business page. The frustrating thing is that it lists pages I created over the last 10 yearsI never use. It lists those with no problem. But my primary, Maine, page it just will not see and I have no idea how to fix it. Of course there’s no one actually accountable that I can contact, so in the end I’ve had to just go back to my PC. I am so frustrated with us, and believe me I’ve googled it, I’ve submitted a ticket via Facebook, I just don’t know where to go. If you are currently a pages user, try to get as much life as you can out of that app before converting, because if you have the problem that I do, there is no way to fix it.I am only too happy to be contacted directly by the developers should they read this message, however I am not holding my breath.
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1 year ago, KenDease
Inspect what expect
1. The “invite likes” feature is completely broken and unusable. You’re supposed to be able to invite up to 1000 of your likes every 24 hours. Currently, you can only send the automatic invite if the count of likes is 299 or less. If you have 1000 new likes, you have to manually invite until the count is 299 or lower. This makes this feature useless. 2. “Sent with stars” is stupid and should be removed. It’s automatically set as default and the only option, if you have monetization turned on, and I would wager that statistically most accounts aren’t receiving stars, but would like to; It’s a catch 22. 3. You cannot scroll to change the sorting of comments or view comments if “sent with stars” is on and you have 0 comments. Also, you cannot select the “sent with stars” to change it, even if you can scroll and quickly tap on it; it’s disabled. This makes reading comments on this app nearly impossible and infuriating. I only have this app because of the messenger feature. The rest is useless to me.
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2 years ago, Luvbuzz1979
Missing posts, can’t get help or resolution
As of today, all of my posts since June are missing, only on the app end. If I go to my business page through Facebook, everything is still there. If I go to this terrible malfunctioning app, the last post it shows is from June, and it’s telling me I haven’t posted in 157 days. I just added a new post ten minutes ago. The post shows up in my regular Facebook feed, but is nowhere to be found in the business app. I tried reporting to customer service, it just takes me round and round through help topics that have nothing todo with my issue. My second reason for the two star rating is the ridiculous issue with notifications and comments. I never see anything from anyone because the notifications sections is inundated with instagram notifications, and it’s just the same ones repeated over and over. I rarely see notifications about actual likes and comments on my business page here. The whole thing is a mess.
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1 month ago, Tami Bee
I should have read the reviews before i downloaded this, so many negative reviews. So I tried to use this with my facebook account, I haven’t loaded anything on my pages except for profile pic. I paid for my ads per day even though it was blank because I was trying to understand step by step. About 12 hours later I saw likes, followers, and clicks on links when up real quick, even though my page is blank. Then I see all these messages from people who live in Nigeria, then i realize this is a scam, so all these likes, followers and clicks are fake just to get your payments. I tried to delete my facebook business account, there was no option. I google, watch video of ways to delete I still could not delete my business account. So I just removed my payment card from my account, because these fake likes, and followers not getting my money. I turn off my ads account which is also connected to meta business. So if anyone knows how to delete facebook business account I sure love to know…
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3 years ago, Jimmy Strummer
I’ve got an issue with Facebook’s Pages AND the Facebook Business Suite app that absolutely needs to be addressed, but of course there’s nowhere you can address it, not one person you can talk to who can solve it, so I’m resorting to writing a review and hopefully Zuckerberg’s spy-bots see this and reach out to me about it. I am SICK of these — what I call — “phantom” notifications on my Facebook homepage and the Business Suite app. First it was the red-font notifications that have been underneath each of my Pages, both in Facebook’s mobile and desktop version, telling me that I have one or two or five new notifications. They’ve been there forever and I know they're not true because when I go to each Page and check my notifications, there are no new ones. Now the problem has extended to the Business Suite app which tells me I have an unread message on one of my Pages even after I went in, cleared each message in my inbox, marked them all “unread” and then back to “read” to see if that would work; I even DELETED all the available messages in my inbox and the app is STILL telling me I have a “new message.” Facebook: I know you got a lot of crap on your plate right now — y’know, with recent studies surfacing that talk about the negative effect your products have on teen girls’ self-images, as well as your never-ending battle with others regarding how you do business just in general. But for the love of God, get these notifications outta here!!!
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1 year ago, Bo Bo lala
Not helpful when issues persist
Wish I could give it half a star. Meta business suite works several months of the year and then randomly decides to disconnect everything and make it impossible for me to do my job. I am the sole media manager of a small non profit and in mega FB and IG are no longer connected and I cannot find anyway to reconnect the account even though in many other areas the accounts are connected. I can no longer schedule any IG posts and meta claims I am not authorized to connect the accounts and manage the page (I very much am authorized to do so). I resorted to use a different social media scheduler in the meantime in hopes I could get my work done but that didn’t work either because Meta STILL thinks I am not the page admin even though the account I use is the admin page set up by my workplace. This platform is incredibly frustrating and there is also no place for people who o go for support when these issues occur. Overall meta has made my job incredibly more difficult than it needs to be.
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3 years ago, Biz Woman Shena
Needs A Lot of Work
Trying to update my business profile in the Facebook Business Suite doesn’t function properly 99% of the time. When I attempt to update my business description message or update or add a new logo or cover photo it doesn't save it (the circle keeps spinning as though it’s processing my request, but never does- I have to log into my laptop and log in to submit these changes. I experienced the same issues when I used to use the Facebook Business Manager. Both APPS need a lot of work and for business owners to run our businesses proficiently from these FB APPS, these glitches needs to be rectified. The only two things the FB Business Suite and FB Business Manager APPS allow me to do seamlessly are post to my timeline and pay for sponsored ads. How convenient for Facebook. Overall, I’m not pleased with either APP so will be deleting both from my device. I’ll update and post from my laptop. You would think as big as this company is their APPS would function seamlessly.
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12 months ago, David Joseph Ostrowski
Most Obtuse Software I’ve Ever Used
This is maybe the worst piece of software I’ve ever been subjected to. The ONLY thing I’m on here to do is moderate the pages I run. Just show me notifications for comments, let me click on those notifications, and then interact with the comments. I don’t need anything other than that. Please stop forcing me to look at this complete mess. Also, if you have a notification for me regarding the page I run, when I click on the notification the very minimal expectation is that I’m immediately shown what I’m being given a notification for. Why do I then have to do Meta’s work for them and hunt around for the thing you’ve just shown me? Why do I get multiple notifications for the same thing I’ve deleted days ago? It doesn’t exist anymore. This whole format and UI is the opposite of what it should be. It’s horrible. Please get rid of this and let people just moderate their pages on the original app. Using this incomprehensible monolith to incompetence is an absolute nightmare.
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3 years ago, Wangos04
This app is so bad that the positive reviews have to be fake, it’s the only explanation
This app is so unusable that there is no chance the positive reviews are from real, independent users. The messaging function is clunky at best and highly problematic. It doesn’t even say what time messages were sent or if they’ve gone through. The notifications are a mess and constantly says there are notifications when there are none and also does not show notifications sometimes when there is one. Even if you’ve read something and replied to it, it will continuously leave it marked as unread and vice versa, always with no rhyme or reason to it. If a message or notification has been answered/addressed directly in the Facebook or Instagram app, this app doesn’t reflect that. It’s essentially unusable, unpredictable, and feels like a knockoff app that some random company would make… how on EARTH is this made by Facebook? I’m at a total loss for how this is an actual product that Facebook decided was ready for market.
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1 year ago, tslashwish
I used to swear by using Facebook Meta Business Suite for booking all of my clients and pretty much using that ONLY to run my whole business. I am currently looking to switch because I’ve noticed the option to put in a phone number for them has completely disappeared and my clients are no longer receiving text reminders for their appointments which my clients loved this feature just as much as I did. Even though I went through every setting I could I still can’t get that feature to come back when booking a client. Even though I have text reminders turned on no one is getting them anymore. Is there a way to fix this or is this just a new thing & y’all did away with that feature? If so I will no longer be using meta business suite for booking clients and maintaining my entire business.
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3 years ago, Not making music
They completely ruined the app when they switched from pages to business suite. Definitely a ploy to only allow businesses to interact with their customers if they are paying Facebook‘s overpriced advertisement fees. The app is now so glitchy even if you do manage to make a post a lot of times it gets screwed up and you have to take it down and change it to repost it. They’re playing some sort of silly game where you have to give them access to your entire photo library or you’re not allowed to select and use photos. Facebook has overstepped many boundaries for privacy and this one is no different forcing the user to allow access to their library to post a picture is ignorant and definitely unethical. I will never spend a penny for advertisement on Facebook. I like to make educated decisions and not be forced into doing things that the company demands so they can get into your life and sell more pieces of you. Horrible app., Facebook‘s days are numbered.
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2 years ago, RoxyKD
Getting better
I have to say the Meta Business Suite was a little scary at first, because only one of my two business’s moved over. And FB was a bit sketchy on what was left. But now both businesses have crossed over and I’m getting happier. It allows me to post to both FB and IG plus events I’m hosting to at the same time. (All in one post) which is a big time saver for me. The pics seem to be sharper on the meta suite than on FB so I’m happy with that. I was also able to adjust my settings on all of my groups easily. One problem I’m having, that I’m not able to rectify is that when I first switched over to the Meta Suite one of my posts was applied to the wrong business (I’m sure it was due to only one of my businesses moving over to Meta). I am still unable to remove the post from the incorrect account.
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1 year ago, Acecc94
Too many glitches
There have been several occasions where my coworker with the same access has asked if I received a notification and I will get it a day later by this app. I’ve had several glitches throughout the last year of having it but the one last night has been the worst. A customer responded to an ad posted and her original message to the ad keeps popping up at the top of my phone every 2 min. I thought it would have fixed itself but overnight my phone kept lighting up. There’s no way to clear her message or even block the customer temporarily to make the notification stop. Also I can read and respond to notifications but the app will still show them as unread. I’d almost rather run my page through the Facebook/Instagram app. It’s a great appeal to keep your messages and comments in one place but the app is very glitchy and to me, unorganized.
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3 years ago, I'm done with FB
This app is horrible and needs to go
Edit 6/7/21 Just wanted to come back and say that as the owner of 4 restaurants, I find Facebook business suite to be one of the biggest annoyances of my day. Literally. Just wanted to go out of my way to say how terrible this app is. I hate the concept of having two (three including messenger) separate apps for facebook. It makes it painfully slow vs how it was w/ one app. Navigating the business app is a pain because I have to open a new app and go through 5-6 clicks just to find and get rid of a notification that says someone likes my page, when I already have seen this notification on regular FB app. I feel that is has poor ease of use and it ends up frustrating me and others who use this for our businesses. I really think FB has hit a wall and I don't think it will be around much longer. It's just become a place for people to post dumb videos. Business apps should be allowed to tag people too. Step it up fb.
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9 months ago, juliedawnwitter
Impossible to make a post
We have used this app intermittently to just see if “Meta” has upped their game so we can have a presence in FB. Our two business pages have had a zero success rate in publishing reels, and about a 5% success rate on publishing any post with success through this app or the Facebook app, for that matter. I guess this is just an app for paid advertising. Unfortunately we don’t do anything paid with Meta apps after being ripped off with Meta (formerly Facebook) removing our main profile without cause, reason or restoration WHILE we were running paid ads. Guess what? They took the money and didn’t run the ads. Tried to contact them about this. Oops nobody home at Meta. Just tried to put up a reel for our dog business. Unsuccessful again. This app and the Meta company and all its apps are way below par to use for business. Meta will never be part of our marketing budget again, but I think they should still allow business pages to publish posts.
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9 months ago, Not Sure_1
Clunky and Glitchy
Back when Facebook was still pretty new, I created a business page and was posting ad content on a weekly basis. It was relatively the same as posting on a personal page. Nothing too complicated and would produce immediate feedback. Fast forward a decade to Meta Business Suite. I just started using it and immediately I felt like the page was clunky, slow, and glitchy. I was right..I literally cannot do the basics. Add a video, create a post, literally anything simply I should be able to do. I've now created the same video post three times today because it just won't show up. I've discovered there's a whole Reddit community of social media marketing editors that are all saying the same thing...Facebook has let this side of the business down. I feel like I've riding an old worn out horse and I just need to get it a mile further down the road...just one more post...come can do it. Just one more and I'm done for today I promise.
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