Metal Detector

4.2 (10.1K)
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Current version
Giorgia De Giorgi
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Metal Detector

4.22 out of 5
10.1K Ratings
3 years ago, BecCanDo
Simple, basic, but works🤯
As a critical thinker I was skeptical and expected this to be a novelty app “for entertainment purposes only“. I was surprised at how well it worked & tested it with a variety of objects at different sensitivity levels. I have yet to locate my lost earring behind a piece of furniture but it was super sensitive with a knife, a razor blade, phone charger, accessory hardware. It did not respond at all to any jewelry I was wearing. That makes me think it won’t detect my lost earring or maybe it just doesn’t respond to sterling silver. I think the ppl who claimed it found a diamond ring are full of it… Unless it was junk jewelry but it does work well for numerous items and I give kudos to the developer for offering it freely… Without even having to watch ads. 👏🏽
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8 years ago, Travelur
I have an extremely rare coin I took it out to look at..thinking of selling. Well I miss placed it could not remember where I set it down. Was really freaking out in complete mental breakdown call the paramedics mode. Had a thought about these apps I heard of. This seemed to have the highest rated & came out on top in the search. I went with it.. Turned on and oh my good Lord it lead me to it in 70 seconds I had set it down on the bed and this detector had me down looking under the bed the best guide EVER. I would HAVE NEVER KNOWN! As I have bed skirt DARK BROWN that covers the sides of bed and the display box the coin is in is jet BLACK. This is unbelievable to me, I'm still in shock at the extreme accuracy of the app. I found this app on a whim ok! Want to say how grateful I Am to the developers they worked hard obviously and had the knowledge of how to create very good metal detector very useful in times of emergencies! "GUARANTEED" as "my" word to work for you as needed.
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2 years ago, HUF
Actually seems to work!
It’s not perfect, but given the poor reviews I saw on some other apps that report to do the same thing, I was reasonably impressed! It has a sensitive spot that is likely right where the magnetometer is in your phone. Take a bolt and stand it upright with the head up and then sweep your phone up and down and back and forth until you find where the highest signal response is, and note the position of the bolt head. That will be the location of the mail or screw when you find it in the wall. Have not tested it yet, but this probably only works on ferrous metals. But for the price I can’t say I’m at all disappointed. Just moderate your expectations though, as this is still not going to give you X-ray vision. I think it only detects ferrous metal like nails and screws, and probably won’t detect wires unless they are steel wrapped.
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5 years ago, Sofein
I am so surprised it works, but it does.
Yesterday I started using a brand new set of throwing knives I got with my dad, but after just a few throws, I lost one and couldn’t find it despite a good 20-30 minutes of looking. This morning I got up and went outside to look some more. But when my dad came outside, he showed me the app, and I thought, “that’s definitely fake.” But after we tried it out on some metal, I got it, despite still having some doubts, and I got to work. About five minutes later, we found it. My conclusion, one, use it on the sensitivity two above the minimum, otherwise, it’s either too weak, or way too powerful, and is ringing nonstop. Two, don’t use this app if you’re trying to be a treasure hunter or something, it’s definitely not powerful enough for that, but if you lost something metal, THIS APP IS GREAT.
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9 years ago, Karl8886
This is a potential life saver!
My wife, living in China, baked some traditional Chinese pastries for the Mid-Autumn holiday. As custom would have it, she placed a 5 Jiao coin in one of the nearly 100 she baked. This is supposedly lucky for the poor guy that bites into it. When I realized she planned to give these to her friends, I began to worry what would happen if a small child ate the one with the coin, which could easily choke someone. Other than cutting into every one, I was not sure how to find the "lucky" pastry! This app came to the rescue. I was able to find the pastry which contained the small, dime sized, coin in a matter of a couple of minutes. This app works very well. Much better than the other two I tried. Thank you for making this available for free!
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11 years ago, frdmfghtr
Surprisingly it works
I was surprised that this works, but then after thinking about it it makes sense. I'm guessing that it detects FERROUS metals (i.e. metals that are attracted to magnets) by comparing the change in the internal compass measurement with the accelerometers (not affected by magnetic fields). If the compass moves without a corresponding change in the accelerometers, then there is ferrous metal nearby. I tried it on several metal objects, being careful to hold the phone flat, and after turning the sensitivity up to 20, I could detect my metallic flashlight. Somebody else was able to detect a metal knife. Yes, the needle moves if you tilt the phone, but I've never thought the compass worked very well unless the phone is flat anyway.
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4 years ago, not-stupid
Wow! Shocked it worked so well!
Was searching a small area in my yard for a metal property marker than had sunk into the dirt. Downloaded this app assuming it would never ever work. Figured i would try it anyways just for fun. Within 5 minutes it was able to located the marker firmly buried under 5 inches of hard clay packed dirt and mud. Very impressed! It does seem to have to be semi close to the object though. No way it would have found it if I was standing. But I worked for my specific purpose. I just ran my phone right along the ground and it picked it right up! Wish I had found this 3 days ago. I’ve been searching for the marker for 3 whole days including using a high powered magnet to try and locate it. This app saved me!!
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11 years ago, sainsomnia
This is Real!
I'm actually shocked. This app works. I'm using an iPhone 4 32g. I rarely write reviews but I noticed the 3 star average and felt compelled to recognize the quality of this app. I tested this in a handful of situations probably 10 minutes prior to writing this and it works exactly as described. It did work better without my case. I slowly move the phone over some furniture and it alerts me at the location of metal hardware. I drag it over a wall and it alerts me at the edge because of the metal corner strip. Basically worked on every magnetic item I tested on. I'd be interested to know if the developers can figure out how to make this identify the unique metals
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5 years ago, IReViewerHWM
Depending upon application it works
I am shocked that it works. The best use I have found is detecting nails/screws in drywall in order to find studs. It works better than a stud finder. As for scanning the ground for something that is dropped, I had little luck. But, I mean you are using your phone to find something metallic; do you expect it to work as perfectly as a tool designed to locate metal? No. But it sure works better than nothing and has not directed me towards nonexistent metal
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11 years ago, Oldtimer
Know what this can be used for before you trash an app
Someone said it worked on computers and some another thing but not on lamps or ladders. Some lamps are made of brass and are not magnetic. The same goes for ladders, most are made of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. None of those are magnetic. You have to be searching for steel or metals that are magnetic. The sensor used in your device is the same sensor for your compass that senses magnetic north, just like a compass does you get out if a box of cracker jacks. It's not a metal sensor. Keep in mind, if a magnet won't stick to it, your phone won't detect it either. Stainless steel is not magnetic either.
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9 years ago, DSeabury
Found my property line iron pin
Just when I thought I had seen pretty much everything the iPhone could do, I found this app. My guess is that it is using some function related to the compass and magnetic sensitivity. It's definitely not the camera and is only sensitive to ferrous metal as stated). I have a 6+, and this app worked perfectly. I calibrated it on a known iron pin (set sensitivity at 30) then went hunting in about a 9 sq. ft. section of grass for the next pin. The app worked perfectly with a beep when I swept over the hidden pin (sweeping fairly quickly about an inch above the grass). Awesome!
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2 years ago, sammiblueyes03
I was so skeptical about this app. I lost my diamond necklace in my front yard and have been looking for days. I went on FB looking to borrow a metal detector and someone suggested using my phone! After I figured out how to use it; I took the cover off my phone just to be safe. You have to turn the sensitivity sensor up all way to get the constant beeping. Otherwise people suggested to two. Then this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART!!! turn your iPhone so the top of it is facing the ground. As soon as I did and used it bam! There was my necklace!!
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2 years ago, SorryiFrogot
I thought this would be one of those apps where unless you pay hundreds of dollars you can use it. The medal detector works perfectly. When metal is near the top of my iPhone, it starts buzzing. This app also has super cool animations. This app is absolutely perfect for anyone who is a science nerd. I would give it four stars because this app has no practical use, but since it is not the developers problem, I will still give 5 stars. Over all I would 100% recommend downloading this app.
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3 years ago, Olivia renne
I wanted to tell you guys this thing is amazing and let you know my story so I was taking my moms jewelry up to her room and I lost her wedding ring but so my mom put me on punishment and didn't really talk to me so after a few days of looking I decided to get a little help and wanted to get a metal detector and this is the first thing that popped up so I downloaded it and tried it all over the house and seconds later it was found and I waited till my mom got home to give it to her and she took me of punishment all thanks to this app download it now!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, *Not A Troll* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Surprisingly this app works
I lost my ring and had absolutely no idea how to find it. So I downloaded this app in hopes that it might actually work. At first, I had very low expectations. But when I held a nail to it for a test, the sensor actually went off. I thought “this just might work.” So I started scanning for my ring and got a beep to come from inside my couch. I thought there’s no way, but when I reached in, I pulled out my ring! This app was a life saver, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has lost something small.
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11 years ago, Coop101088
Worked great!
Looked forever trying to find pipe holes in the grass for an outdoor volleyball set to set the poles in. Someone mentioned that we needed a metal detector and that they thought there was an app for it. Thought it was a long shot but searched the app store and downloaded this detector. Ran my iphone over the area where we thought it was and the dial on the meter went up and buzzed within seconds! The pipe hole was overgrown with grass and we would have never found it. This app was amazing! Thank you.
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2 years ago, Slalom44
Great for finding Property Pins
I’ve spent countless hours trying to find the property pins that define my home property lines without any luck. Even a strong neodymium magnet couldn’t detect them. I downloaded this app and in less than a minute each I found all three pins I was looking for. They were an inch or two below the ground surface, and hovering over the ground easily pinpointed their exact location. This app is awesome for finding property pins.
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4 years ago, Ivriyah
Sometime ago in the hospital, where my sister was discharged. She got home and discovered that she did not have her cell phone. We went back to the hospital where 5 staff members looked in the soiled linen closet until someone used a wand to find the phone. I was so grateful I made Thanksgiving dinner for the night crew. My cell phone is lost inside a storage unit with many items. I started to buy a metal detector but decided to get the app, tested it the first time and it works.
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3 years ago, CrzyCooper843
Work every time
I’ve used this app a few times and it always finds what I’m looking for. The first time, a bolt came loose of off my sons dirt bike while riding. We downloaded the app and walked the track...after five minutes of searching, I found the bolts hat had fallen off. Again, a nut rolled off into the grass on my motorcycle while cleaning the carb. The app helped me find it within seconds. Awesome!!
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7 months ago, the reviewer b?$:&
Free no ads and it works as advertised!!
My dad could not find the last property iron on his property so … I rigged my phone onto a stick with tape and used this app , what do you know I found it and it was like 6 inches in under ground. Thanks guys I’m impressed, you saved me the price of a metal detector. Please put more valuable free tool apps like this , if your free apps work right I can only imagine what you payed apps are like! Good job guys thanks agin.
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4 years ago, buthghhfg&xgxhgjgfhvhgfg
Great app
I seriously can’t believe this works I even tried covering my camera and it still works..... I would HIGHLY recommend this app for any on who has lost an item that happens to have some metal on it. Like for me I lost my AirPods and found them in 5 minutes. I have noticed that it reacts a little slower to alluminum... but who cares it’s a metal detector on your phone, it doesn’t get much better than that.
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4 years ago, Gameplayingmania1O1
It actually works?!
I downloaded this app for fun and too see if me and my friends could get anything and surprisingly we found a few things! Just to make sure we weren’t just getting lucky and it was a coincidence we held a metal shovel in front off it and it started beeping like crazy!! I would definitely recommend this app to adventures and people who just want to find some stuff.
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3 years ago, granny ducc
Actually works
I dropped a wireless earbud in my backyard, so i placed the other one I had in the grass to give a sense of how far i need to be/ how much it reacts to it. i ended up looking up and finding the missing one immediately w/o the detector, but it actually worked for the one i was testing lol. The only downside is that you have to be pretty much on top of the grass for it to work, but for a free app it did its job.
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2 years ago, Nerve12
Read this.
Okay, so I was looking for something I lost. I saw all the “too good to be true” reviews that were all 4-5 stars. I was skeptical, but it works! I don’t know how but it works. No joke most of these reviews are not bots. I don’t know how it works but it does.
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9 years ago, Eagles32
A life saver
Long story short, left a house key out for the dog sitter prior to going away for the weekend. When we returned home we searched and searched but couldn't find the key anywhere. Since there's an app for everything and I was desperate I downloaded this app. How could an iPhone actually be a metal detector...I know I know. HOWEVER, I gave it a shot. Found the key in 1 minute. It works folks.
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3 years ago, Ean Nelson
Pleasantly surprised
I literally never write reviews, ever. This wonderful, free, software uses the magnetometer built into any iPhone (which is standardly used for GPS). It pings when you pass over a nail/screw in the stud, not the whole stud itself. However, this is still a very easy way to find an entire stud though, just gotta connect the ferric dots.
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9 years ago, i-Phone-4
IT WORKS .. Only for magnetic materials
Pro : - user adjustable alarm threshold that some of its competition don't have. .. Benefit - made it acutely sensitive to small difference in field discontinuity around steel and magnetic materials, thereby its detection capability and penetration. Application : - pre-detection routine : require a new threshold settings for acute result from : - object to object, - phone<>object relative orientations, as well as - phone's geo-orientation. Next release nice to have : - calibration button .. to register an ambient field average value when phone's geo-orientation is prefixed and ready to go detect in that orientation. Then the software will set detection threshold at (K*average); where K is a threshold factor and is also user adjustable, default is 1.40.
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2 years ago, some idot
Wonderful app.
It works well however the limitations like only being able to work on magnetic metals and not regular metal or iPods or iPads aren’t limits of the app itself, just your device. It’s really creative using the gyroscope and is lots of fun for when I’m bored and want to stick my old phone on the fridge
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4 years ago, TravelerFJ40
Great close-range metal detector
This app is useful finding metal objects that are very close but hidden. At maximum sensitivity, it can start registering at about 6” (short piece of rebar). Have successfully used it to find buried survey markers that are not too deep and whose location is known to within a few feet. It is not a professional tool, but it can be useful under the right circumstances.
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1 year ago, yzzyx
Promising, but is it truly useful?
This is not a scam. It definitely detects even very weak magnetic fields. Newer iPhones have very sensitive magnetic field detectors. Do all ferrous metal objects have magnetic fields, albeit weak? Maybe. The needle does move when it is near ferrous metal. But it’s hard to predict which way it will move. Good documentation might be helpful. It may behave differently on different phones. I have an iPhone 12 mini. I’m giving 3 stars for effort. I hope it improves.
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10 years ago, AjarBarbecue888
Tested and works
I was reading some of the bad reviews. Some of them said "tilt your phone and it goes off."so I put it to the test. I put my phone on a stand, vertically. Next I put my pocket knife up to it and it went off. And after that I held a box up to it. The dial did not change at all. So basically, it really works. I recommend getting it.
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9 years ago, VanyaP
Always beeps but works
It works enough good. It is beeping anytime but if it is about 10 cm from metal it starting vibrate, it works a little bit better without case. In the biggest sensitivity it all time show from 50 to 75 magnetic measures. It is such as real metal detector: it always beeping, but if it beeping louder, or vibrate this is a signal that detector finds metal.
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10 months ago, Charlysenf
A Detector that works!
Thank you for developing such a tool. It’s a great help to find the drywall screws. All you need to put a little marker on your iPhone screen on the spot when you’re getting the highest readings vertically and horizontally when moving over the nailhead. 5 stars!
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1 year ago, MBelt22
Bought a metal detector to locate my property pins but it couldn’t pick them up. Then downloaded this app and it took me right to them! Was able to locate all property pins within a couple of minutes using this app.
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3 years ago, twinapex
It sure about these people.
So every review I read says this works. I tried it on ever setting and it didn’t pick up my truck. You k of the entire metal bodied frame of a 4000lb vehicle. It didn’t pick up the coin I put down. It didn’t pick up the 3 penny nail I tired it on. It didn’t pick up my gold wedding ring. It did however pick up my Apple Watch. So, if you are looking for an app to find electronic deduces that are also made of metal this is your app. Otherwise, it is useless.
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2 years ago, nbtt2626
Found our ring
I was very skeptical to try this app but we were desperate to find my husbund’s ring that flew off in the grass. It was Jade and we couldn’t see it. I got this app and it was hitting 100 percent on this patch of grass. We found it. It’s a sentimental ring. This app is great !
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3 years ago, GoGoGurlie
GENIUS &Right On Time!
Helping me trace a buried gas line that carpetbagger elevation co. did not replace as is said on contract. 🤯Dangerous sitch; this little detector is FIVE STAR HELPER! I’ll use to find lost personal things later... Thank you to the Developer(s)! Pls make more powerful/sensitive if able. Every little bit helps!
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10 years ago, Cruisemaster13
Worked great for me!
iPhone 5, just downloaded it and tried it on a knife and small pistol I am carrying. At setting 5 (halfway) as I got the upper part of my phone within 2 inches of either the needle spiked and the phone vibrated. Tried 3 times each. No false alarms on about 5 min of playing around with it.
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3 years ago, Lovey.panda
Amazing I’m in tears
It detects different type of metal and I had a hard time finding what I was looking for because it scanned every metal almost but IT DETECTED MY GOLD RING PERFECTLY I CRIED. I threw it in behind my tv center and there’s a mess there , I was angry ok T-T but I was so happy this app worked if you lost something give this app a try
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2 weeks ago, lv2escp
Regained peace
This app is absolutely wonderful! I am able to use all the tools I need in one app to make sure my home and auto is safe and free of people wanting to eavesdrop on me and get private pics without my knowledge! Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, RyanLucey
It actually works!
I saw mixed reviews, unsure of which is true, I tried it out! It’s amazing! If you are unsure on how to use it, put it on max setting (then the knob). Hold your phone towards the place your looking (back side toward the ground or object). The phone vibrates when it detects medal! Love this app!
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10 years ago, AmyShimon
Absolute fail
I got this app about a week ago and it doesn't work well at all. I started on 60 and it would beep non stop if I held it flat in my palm,and it wouldn't beep at all if I held it up and down even if there was metal around. But if you turn it up to 80 it will work about 60% of the time but it would not be accurate. I don't recommend this app I have tried other apps that work way better.
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6 years ago, Ernie_13
Absolutely unreliable!!!
This app is a waste of time. It is simple app, in fact so simple that there are no instructions, no menu, no guidelines...anything telling you how to use it and how it works. You can only set sensitivity, which is inaccurate and unreliable. Once I went trough comments finding out how to use it, I tested it and it basically predicted metal with same chance as I can predict weather for next 2 weeks with my hand out of the window...ridiculous!
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5 years ago, LegguhCeee
I thought this app was a phony but i kid you not, im in the army in the mojave desert and i lost a key. We spent hours combing the ground with our bare hands on our knees and I downloaded this app within 2 minutes we found it deep in the sand. 10/10 would recommend this app!
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10 years ago, Paulo deMassone
It works as a stud finder!
I am putting up paneling in a very old house and not finding studs for nails in expected places. Since iPhones have magnetometers I checked the App Store just for yuks. Found this app and to my amazement it works! Panels now staying up!! Finally a practical app! Kudos to the writer!
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3 years ago, BluBacCutt
Found my Sunglasses
I dropped my embarrassingly expensive sunglasses in brushy blowdown at the bottom of a fresh Oregon landslide…it’s hard to find the ground for all the trees, let alone a pair of black and brown glasses. This app found the rocky ground and my glasses! Thank you.
Show more
8 years ago, Kekoa9787
Absolute Greatness
A four star rating app (unless that is all that apple can "detect", then this is a FIVE star app!) because it truest can detect metal and magnetic fields. Place your camera in front of the speaker bass and it will be detected!!!!! This is a confirmation!!!! (And I don't just go and rate and give app reviews too often!)!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Mikway
This works
I was sewing one night and I lost a needle and I thought to see if there’s a metal detector app and I found this I doubted it was going to work but it did! I am going to give this 5 star because it saved us a trip to the ER!
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2 years ago, Hwy 319
Lost property pin
I just used the app to find a lost property pin! I had been searching for two hours. I downloaded the app and in 5 min it was found Thanks
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9 years ago, Blakedoesmc
Works flawlessly
I started to assume that it's 4 star average was a let down and it was just one of those scam apps but it actually works and it helped me find metal stuff around my house i never knew i lost
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