MetaMask - Blockchain Wallet

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User Reviews for MetaMask - Blockchain Wallet

4.72 out of 5
53.3K Ratings
2 days ago, AG👩‍⚕️
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I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but i really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 65,000 GBP worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,000 GBP within a couple of weeks. But i didn't realise i was dealing with a scam company, until i tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because i could not afford to let it go. So i tried all possible means to make sure i recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, and tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of JOEHACKEXPERT via gmail So i file a report and he was able to help me get back all my lost funds within 3hrs i feel indebted to him. Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam, reach out to joehackexpert (at) gMail
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2 days ago, Mark McClan Lin
Most extremely effective well experienced crypto recovery service expertises!
I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but i really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 65,000 GBP worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,000 GBP within a couple of weeks. But i didn't realize i was dealing with a scam company, until i tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because i could not afford to let it go. So i tried all possible means to make sure i recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, and tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of CYBERTECH076 via gmail So i file a report and he was able to help me get back all my lost funds within 3hrs i feel indebted to him. Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam, reach out to CYBERTECH076 (at) gMail
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3 days ago, Todd Hermandez
Most extremely effective well experienced crypto recovery service expertises!
I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but i really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 65,000 GBP worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,000 GBP within a couple of weeks. But i didn't realize i was dealing with a scam company, until i tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because i could not afford to let it go. So i tried all possible means to make sure i recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, and tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of EASYYTECH51 via gmail So i file a report and he was able to help me get back all my lost funds within 3hrs i feel indebted to him. Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam, reach out to easyytech51 (at) gMail
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9 months ago, ZebulonCrying
It’s absolutely amazing that the reviews at the top are embarrassingly obvious crypto noobs. MetaMask does not lose your private key ( those 12 words that are created when you set up your wallet) nobody should have that key except you..NOBODY! Write down those 12 words or they are lost forever if you ever need to change phones or computer. This key let’s you access this wallet forever. Also guys stop embarrassing yourselves please. MetaMask has ZERO FEES!! Wow I know right. That is the Ethereum blockchain fees and those fees fluctuate with usage. The more people using the blockchain at that time the more the fees. Hey MetaMask you could add a GWEI meter to help the newer people out on when it’s cheapest to make transactions. Newer people try using layer 2 blockchains that work along side Ethereum like Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum. There are also other blockchains that you can add to MetaMask for lower transaction fees. Go to chainlist to see almost every blockchain in existence and the info to add it to your MetaMask wallet. Stop blaming others for your lack of knowledge this wallet is easily the best wallet in crypto for Defi.
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2 years ago, monick
Favorite messed up
Favorites are messed up again, I can’t save any… it’d also be nice if the app always opened back up to the browser. 3 stars Update: there’s been an update! And the favorites are still broken? How is this real life?.. I can’t wait for MM to have some actual competition… please don’t bother with the generic reply that you send all of these reviews, it’s not helping your case. 2 stars for updating but not fixing the biggest issue. Update: how is the favorites bug not fixed yet?! What are y’all even doing? This is beyond ridiculous… it’s a fregin security risk! Get it together! And don’t send me the same generic message telling me to contact support, you should probably stop doing that all together, it looks awful… Edit #2: ok, fair enough.. but if this is true, why didn’t support ask me for any state logs? They just wait “we’re working on it” Ultimately, you run an app that a lot of people depend on to keep their funds secure, and y’all can’t figure out a favorites bug? Come on.. more time answering these means less time fixing the problem?! There’s so much wrong with that statement that I’m not even gonna bother.. seems like you’re just gaslighting here… again, get it together! Where do you want me to send logs? Absolutely nobody has asked me for any.. this is also not the first time you’ve had problems with favorites….
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2 years ago, Themacman21
I love metamask!
Metamask is a great wallet that offers plenty of features that i have yet to see anywhere else. But seeing all these negative reviews shows me that alot of people really don’t understand how crypto works. Its not metamasks fault that ethereum has high transaction fee’s. But that shifts me to another point that makes metamask so great because it gives you the control to use whatever network you want. In my case i use polygon , bsc and harmony. Mobile version could use some improvements such as the web browser and perhaps if possible more notifications whenever your address receives assets across different networks but as someone who is actively learning about blockchain development I understand how it could be difficult to deploy such a feature. Just a shame so many people are missing out on so many great defi opportunities because nobody wants to take the time to learn how this stuff works and rather use a app that holds your hand like trust wallet.
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2 years ago, gnh gnh
They sell your information!
I give them props on how easy it is to setup and I really like that part but, my goodness the transfer fee is absolutely insane and the worst part it’s fluctuating constantly. They will say it’s not their fault, but it is. I transferred ETH from my back up wallet on a different site and paid $6 to transfer so I could purchase a couple NFTs because it can direct link to OpenSeas, but on MetaMask you have to pay “gas price” which is silly because it’s fluctuates between $30-60 all day. I was going to send $10 and the total if I would’ve sent it was around $65. Like really? Seems like a good and secure platform but if you’re not a big baller crypto guy/gal don’t waste you time and money on it. I realize other crypto’s don’t have that big of a fee but MetaMask was designed to take ETH as your main balance when you sign up. Edit: 1 star now because they said exactly what I thought they’d say. Also if I don’t verify my account in 2 days they delete it and take your balance. 0/10 don’t use. Just recently discovered that I’ve been getting emails from fake MetaMask employees having me verify my identity. Sad this is I didn’t even sign up with an email and they still have my information. MetaMask is grimey and will sell your information. Just sad honestly
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2 years ago, SrZyzq
Could Do Better
Charges insane gas prices , forces you to spend eth for every transaction, swap/conversion, and transfers to other wallet. Does not let you use any other crypto to pay/cover gas fees, as if they can’t convert it, basically if your not using eth for this wallet it’s not worth putting any other crypto in it you’ll be forced to buy eth just to send your crypto to another wallet on top of the transfer fee of your crypt. Developer claims gas fee out of their hands, well why keep catering to a crypto with high gas/transaction fees , if u want good feed back cater to people that use multiple networks ,ie Algorand ,Solana,XLM some of the cheapest and fastest transacting cryptos , as I mentioned b4 let people use crypto of their choice to pay transaction fees or give them more options than just Eth for everything .it would be good for both developers/consumers and it willPromote growth throughout blockchains as not everyone wants to use Eth especially in the crypto community Knowing that people want to hodl and are prepping for eth 2.0, just look at coinbase 3Prominent apps , though problems of their own they still allow you to convert and as simple as that the entire fee structure cheapens for the user and u dnt get low ratings because everyone Complaining about gas fees.
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2 years ago, Bobby_MoJ
Good program, invest wisely
If you leave under $100 of ETH coins in your ETH wallet, it may be difficult to get out. I had $300 in an underperforming coin that was “stuck”, it would have cost more in gas fee’s to get it out so it was stuck as some sort of collateral for the system i think… or something… Anyway, they came out with ETH 2.0 and gas fee’s were reduced and i would withdraw to a Centralized Exchange, for a hefty fee, and start trading and using my tokens. I was not impressed to say the least. MetaMask has no control over this, and the situation will likely improve drastically at some point in future. I am optimistic about other systems in development. Metamask runs best on Chrome Extension which does not currently run on my mobile device. I need to get a new laptop, which is recommended for best functionality between decentralized exchanges. Watch out for gas fee’s! Also there are many metamask scammers throughout the dark corners and alleyways of social media internet
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3 years ago, zebufleckvieh
Metamask is confusing
I lost my money with no ability to recover using meta-mask. As such, these morons have found a way to completely ruin the whole point of block chain. I mean, if I can track where my money was sent from my DeFi Wallet, but meta-mask simply loses it on their end, with no ability to recover the wallet, then that basically just ruins the whole concept of Blockchain. The DeFi Wallet is amazing. I can track exactly where I sent my crypto to. I can see the meta-mask that I sent it to. When I open the meta-mask and type the address in, it says that wallets never existed. But it very much did. I sent VEchain to my MetaMask, and the transaction was completed, but when I turned off the app and re-opened the app a different wallet opened up and I have no access to the prior wallet. This app looks like it was designed by somebody from Apple, and it is constricted and cryptic. It is hard to tell what you are doing. It doesn’t let you name wallets, so I assume that I had multiple wallets called Account 1. That’s REALLY stupid. If this app had allowed me to name my wallets, then I wouldn’t have lost my funds, because I could’ve identified which wallet was open. What a crummy wallet. Cirst crypto transfer to a wallet I attempted is lost.
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2 years ago, Crocohead277125
Stop blaming Metamask
When you utilize this application which works as a cold wallet storage. You’re going to have to connect to specific networks in order to be able trade specific tokens. For example, on the ETH network I wouldn’t be able to purchase XRP because it is only available on the BSC network and other networks rather then the ETH one. This has nothing to do with Metamask however, I see many people confusing transaction fees that are being charged by the GWEN or places like Uniswap/Pancakeswap to process a trade. Metamask is not receiving a fee unless you are using your card to buy BNB directly or ETH directly from the in menu option. More so, BSC network fees are less then a penny, even when you move over 50,000 USD. Do your diligence, learn about different networks, and figure out which one works best for you. This application is amazing and works wonders, I give it an 11/10 been using it for five years and I’m not stopping anytime soon.
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2 years ago, Steve&Sharon
Outstanding Support
Don’t believe every negative review you read on here. I had an issue with the incorrect balance of a deposit showing up on my wallet (balance was WAY too low). I did all the recommended do-it-yourself stuff before reaching out to them. None of it worked. Well guess what, they have live chat - that’s right LIVE chat with real support agents to help you with any problems. When I reached out to them I was put to an agent immediately and they helped me resolve my issue in literally minutes and were very friendly. I wish I could put more of my coins on this wallet - but there so many different networks and they don’t support all of them. I can’t believe the great support I received for something that I didn’t even pay a dime for. Special shout-out to Mhin (I think that’s how you write his/her name) for the awesome service!
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3 years ago, nextarman122
It’s broken
So after spending 2 hours after having received payment from one of the mining to try and figure out how to get past the “secure your wallet” issue (I almost turned it into a burn wallet) I’d strongly recommend against making the wallet on iOS first. You will end up spending a significant amount of time on the secure your wallet page if you don’t, and it’s a pain and a half to get past it because everything after inputting a password just rapidly scrolls up and only displays a white page, only usable option is the back button. If you’re already past the bug, yeah it’s a nice wallet. (Original review)Broke unless you setup your wallet on another device and transfer it to iOS… but if you already have mined funds/token/crypto and have started a wallet on iOS first, you’ll end up getting locked into a secure wallet loop. Don’t know why this is a thing, but it’s highly stressful, it also locks the app so you can’t do much with it. Oversight? Feels like a huge one.
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3 years ago, 1JoshR1
Do not use this wallet
2021 Update. IOS!! This wallet is completely garbage. Is unable to detect a transaction sent under my public address. At the time I didn’t have the Binance Smart Chain connected to my MetaMask because is no information about it. After couple of minutes I figured everything out by myself and I added the BSC network to my MetaMask. The MetaMask system accepted the change of the network and the address were I sent my coin is the same. But this crap of wallet is not able to recognize that!! Meanwhile I lost the tokens that I “transferred” to my MetaMask wallet and still waiting for their crappy technical support to get in contact with me. If you watch videos about MetaMask in you tube, THEY’RE NOT ADAPTED FOR a mobile IOS system. Also, MetaMask in IOS is built exclusively for the etherium network, meaning TOO high transaction fees!! My advice is that if you just depend on a IOS cellphone to invest in crypto Trust Wallet is the better option. Is mobile friendly and always is giving the most accurate price value of the coins at real time. Because Binance is user friendly also is real good to use it along with Trust Wallet.
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1 year ago, t welc
Dynamic industry standard but app is slow and still lacks ledger support
Unfortunately in the crypto world you almost have no choice but to use metamask. I wish this wasn’t the case bc the app on iOS mobile is so slow it’s nearly unusable. The browser lags and I find that I have to connect my wallet multiple times to establish a connection. 2x usually does the trick. I also find the lack of ledger support disturbing. Come on guys… people use ledgers and trezors. We want security on the go They had announced 4Q22 last fall but here we are approaching the end of May. The lack of functionality limits my use of metamask on mobile. I purposely did not buy a keystone bc of their announcement. I was going to import my ledger to a keystone so I could use cold wallet on the go. I still can’t trade on the go and no communication has been sent about future release. Couple improvements needed: - faster browser (feels bloated but isn’t) - more intuitive placement of network wallet switching buttons - support of transactions for other networks. - integration of portfolio desktop site into iOS mobile - customizable alerts - ability to enter token price sources to return value on tokens not listed on CG Also, if I quickly switch to another app, why does it need to face id again? Scans face and back to wallet instead of browser. You have to start what you were doing in a dapp all over again.
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2 years ago, bvbvvbhchjkfkhdkj
Locked in
I have read all the reviews for this wallet and was a lil skeptical… but as I used it the issues I was noticing in the reviews were all very fixable! This is a wallet that does take some time to get used to but is a good wallet once you get the hang of it.. I will gladly change my review to more stars if a support team would reach back out to me.. I have been trying to contact for a week now and have not received a reply back… my funds are currently stuck and I Cannot make any transactions.. it doesn’t say that anything is pending or stuck or needs to be sped up on either the blockchain or in the app.. luckily I know all my funds are there because of the blockchain so I’m sure it can be fixed but I do need some assistance asap ! Much appreciated Patrick
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2 years ago, Budd0413
New update buggy
App fails to open through wallet connect, confirming swaps rarely opens any dialogue in app, if you are trying to catch a launch you will need a more reliable wallet until a new update Update: MetaMask responded offering to try and fix the issue, however I had already imported my wallet to another app and fwiw this is a widespread issue so they are already well aware… a simple fix if you want to keep using MetaMask for a specific nft launch or whatever is the make sure you have your seedphrase and delete the app and data and reinstall and import, will work for the first transaction anyway. Opening in the built in browser increases odds of working greater but still no better than 50% personally. Not trashing MetaMask ofc, and if you are using a desktop you probably won’t have any problems, But on mobile don’t risk it until it’s fixed. Miss one launch on 0 block and you’ll be a sad puppy ask me how I know
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2 years ago, nnkmans76
Still needs work to match other payment systems
Even tho I use MetaMask as one of my wallets, compared to my other wallets, MetaMask is a little clunky and show errors for some reason even when tractions go through half the time I am getting frustrated thinking that I have to retry or worse my funds are lost. While these types of payment systems are fairly new, I feel that MetaMask is lag in and should me more seamless and intuitive in regards to their ui. They are one of the first wallets to be released and yet it is my lease used wallet because of so many failed transactions and error screens that don’t make any sense. This is honest criticism and I hope MetaMask see this as such and work on the bugs.
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3 years ago, Blooper scooplee 2000
Can’t sync it with desktop version
This app is so frustrating. Somehow this wallet is so bad that ON THE SAME ACCOUNT your metamask on mobile and metamask on desktop can have 2 separate balances and look completely different. I know with 100% certainty that I don’t have a phony version of metamask installed. And the only supposed “fix” is to use the sync to mobile feature in the settings but metamask disabled it because they can’t get it to work. How can anyone consider this a valid mainstream wallet with flaws THIS BAD. I know my account is safe but it’s frustrating when I have to go to my desktop to see the true amount of tokens I own because the mobile app just won’t sync and update my amount. The app is fine if your only using it to store some ether but any other token or account you add will definitely ruin your mobile account and you’ll have to rely on a desktop , making this app useless.
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3 years ago, xasdew21
Use any other platform, seriously
This is the worst platform that exists for crypto. There is no customer support, when you try and use their stupid community support your login info doesn’t work even if you just changed your password, speaking of I’ve had to change my password multiple times because after awhile it just stops working and I know this because I “change” it to the same exact password every time, your coins will just randomly disappear from your wallet and good luck getting ahold of anyone to find out why or how it was possible with no outgoing transactions, you absolutely need your seed phrase because your Face ID will also randomly stop working (hasn’t happened on any other app so far), and if that weren’t enough the fees are also at the tippy top of the market. Use other platforms it isn’t even worth it to hold a small amount of a niche coin on here, it will either disappear or you’ll lose access to it.
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3 years ago, Zayzay23
Great custom wallet
Been learning about crypto for 9 months now and feel like an expert lol I really like MetaMask wallet. Once you do your own research about how a wallet like MetaMask works, you will find it easy. Some of the posts on her sounds like people are under the wrong network and that’s why they can’t view there coins. You have to be really careful abs make sure everything is correct. Info can easily be found online. Other than that, MetaMask is a great wallet and also you can only be hacked if you gave your seed phrase or possibly left open a decentralized application like (pancake swap) without disconnecting.. FYI: MetaMask should come out with a hard wallet to connect to its software! 😁
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7 months ago, Nick_gates
iOS app is bad
App is laggy, when you try to submit a transaction nothing gets confirmed so when you try again and keep trying even though nothing happens in the front end, transactions get executed in the back. I ended up sending the same transaction 10 times. App also resets in the background even after 20 seconds which is aggravating because when I’m looking at a chart on another app then want to execute trade with MetaMask but the MetaMask app resets and has to initialize again, it screws up my ability to trade at that very opportunity since I have to input my password again, even though I have it set to “don’t ask for password for 10 mins”, then go back to the dapp via the MetaMask browser, then re-input all my arguments and values within the dapp. All that takes time and ruins my intended trade when on mobile device.
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1 year ago, Melliflously
Great wallet!!
My first go to wallet was trust, but I noticed that I kept on getting coins that I’ve never authorized for a transfer but instead it was sent. I’m really cautious so I tried Metamask and I DO not have an issue such as that and I love that. Moved all my investments to this app. However, I do wish we could get a line graph of the value of our coins. Something like CoinBase of the homepage that would be nice for those people use this app for their long term holdings. For example how much of our value has gone up or down you would have the option to see daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly time frame. Hopefully we just get a line graph hahahaha! Please devs!
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2 years ago, ZombieOne61
Great On Brave browser
I feel like most people complaining don’t understand how the wallet truly works. If you are new stick to using a centralize finance like crypto app, coinbase , BlockFi and a few others. How can you complain about a network fees from Eth when you can simply change chains to Matic or Avalanche. Also, people complaining about coins disappearing, I’m sure they added liquidity somewhere received some sort of LP tokens, and complained about money disappearing. All you need to do is import the token yourself. I like connecting my Ledger X so found it easy to use. That being said, the app version is pretty terrible though, and hope they update asap.
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2 years ago, FarmerJohn42
Please fix these issues
I am doing a lot of transactions on the Fantom and Avalanche network and constantly having transactions not go through, or get stuck for long periods of time. Also the app has frozen many times and I need to turn off my phone to get the app to work again. Today the app froze completely while trying to open it. It stayed on the white screen with only a small orange diamond in the middle for over 2 hours. Turning my phone off and on again many times did not fix it. I finally had to delete the app from my phone, reinstall it, reimport all of the tokens in all of my accounts and add back the 20+ bookmarks that I use. It took me hours to do this. It’s so frustrating. I love the app when it works, but lately it seems to not be working well, more than working well. Please fix this. I’m trying to do this for a living. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Lindicud
Okay so honestly meta mask gud wallet
So i have been using meta mask itself for about 6 months. The chrome extension works well but i always had trouble using the mobile version. I would have to open and close it multiple times and clear my session to try to even have a chance of it loading. Recently that has all changed. The app runs extremely well now and i have not had any issues since the last update. I did have to re enter my seed phrase because of some data error but i have mine memorized so it wasnt an issue. 5/5 would recommend especially since it has a browser. No KYC. And able to add a ton of custom networks
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2 years ago, DaUub
MetaMask works, you just don’t know how to use it
MetaMask does exactly what it’s supposed to do. People who are experiencing issues with it are probably not as experienced with how different blockchains work. This application is very complex and it’s not for the beginner crypto user. If you want an application that will hold your hand then get the trust wallet. If you really want a true crypto experience learn about how meta mask works. Your tokens aren’t lost, you just have to import them with that tokens token address and make sure you have the network set up on your MetaMask. The only issue I have is when I’m on opensea and I am filtering through a collection it freezes.
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1 year ago, Bucky's Friend
It’s not what it used to be
Update: Wow almost immediately after submitting my critical review I saw an update button appear for my metamask. After updating all of my woes were remedied. Good job team. Updating my rating... for now. Suggestion: enable autorotate please! ----------- previous review ------------ To all the people complaining about not being able to sign transactions and it sending them to the AppStore: yes it’s quirky and you have to manually switch over to MetaMask to sign the transaction. I recommend using the iOS Firefox browser and doing wallet connect with MetaMask. I find that it works better than most browsers I have tried on mobile. My biggest gripe is that this app takes forever sometimes to open. I have cleared all data that can be cleared but this thing takes forever to open the app. Sometimes you are on the go and gotta make some urgent fast transactions that are time sensitive. This wallet is not reliable enough for that. Unfortunately there isn’t much out there yet. To the MetaMask team, you need to do better or you will get your lunch eaten by someone better.
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2 years ago, redtab78
Getting there!
The new update that now explains a lot more information when entering into a contract, is a much needed improvement to help protect assets. As another reviewer had mentioned there are still a few small things that would be nice, but meta-mask is by far superior wallet compared to the other ones out there, and is actively engaging with the community to improve itself. There are still a few things that I have ran into over the past few months that require you to use the desktop version instead of the mobile version, but they are few far between and it’s understandable at times.
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6 months ago, AMiiGOE
Just some gratitude towards the team
I love this app, and has definitely been my go to for a few years now 🔥 really appreciate the team behind this and appreciate giving us the opportunity to manage our tokens in a way that has made life in crypto a lot easier to handle. Hope to see you guys continue growing The only suggestion I have, please.. how awesome it’d be to have an iPad version of this 😭 I know the app works, but would be sick to have a version that fills the resolution of the iPad. Thank you for being supportive, even to those who flame for being unfamiliar with what they’re doing lol the reviews crack me up
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3 years ago, Coolguy89
Issues with getting quotes
I downloaded this app because it was the easiest way for me to get the new Saitama Inu coin. Thankfully, transferring Etherium from another wallet to this one so I could swap it for Saitama went off without any issues. Since then though, I am unable to swap back to Etherium. It comes up with a “quotes not available” message and when I attempt to send my Saitama to another wallet, it doesn’t recognize the Saitama as an option. At the moment, my plan is to hold my coins so it’s not a great need to have this feature at the moment but the fact that I can’t swap my coins or send them to another wallet is frustrating. Please fix this MetaMask and I’ll gladly give 5 stars. Outside of this issue the app has been great and very easy to navigate
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3 years ago, Michael Robert Dolgon
Don’t Listen to the People Rating 1 Star
Reading some of the reviews and seeing people give this one star is really lowering my (already quite grim) outlook on humanity, it’s painfully obvious that the majority of people complaining haven’t taken the time to do the most basic research about their problems…I don’t pity Metamask support staff is all I’m saying. If it weren’t such a magnet for people who would pull shady scams, there would be quite a lucrative business opportunity in creating something kind of third party support offering to help the desperate newbies seeking assistance. Food for thought.
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3 years ago, whydima
Transaction Completed Issue
Great app and wallet, very easy to use and effective, but recently I have encountered issues with the Transaction Completed notification that pops up at the bottom of the app once you submit an order on sites like Uniswap or Pancake Swap. Instead of the notification disappearing, when I re-open the app the notification is stuck at the bottom when I go to the browser so I am unable to use the browser properly as I can not click the screen at the bottom of the app since the notification just stays there. Only way to fix this is uninstalling the app and re-installing which is quite frustrating. And it has happened once again. Five stars if this bug is fixed.
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3 years ago, itslels
Pretty nice..needs darkmode..
This is a pretty nice wallet and works as expected. Latest update for NFTs is nice as well. Only thing really missing is darkmode. Pls for the love of baby Jesus and my eyes, add darkmode. Also, don't let the negative reviews of people claiming to lost their coins/money scare you. It's not the apps fault that they don't know what they're doing. Please make sure you fully understand everything about transferring your coins/funds and what network you're on before trying anything. If you send your coins/funds to the wrong address and/or wrong network, there is absolutely nothing Metamask or anyone else can do to fix it or help you. Take responsibility for your actions.
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2 years ago, T7 in IN
Data Loss is a known issue!?
One day I opened Metamask and it said “Metamask encountered an error due to reaching a storage limit. the local data has been corrupted. Please reinstall metamask and restore with your Secret Recovery Phrase”. If you google this, it’s a known issue. It’s a very bad bug because data loss = loss of access to funds if you lose your backup phrase or don’t have convenient access to it. Metamask should prioritize fixing this because this is a basic software engineering 101 kind of bug and the magnitude of the impact on the user in terms of risk and fear can be immense. I was lucky and could recover access but you might not be (if the stores key is lost and the secret phrase is lost your access is gone forever—also never tell anyone your secret phrase to anyone including and especially anyone claiming to be Metamask support).
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2 years ago, Jthgjg
Hot bag of garbage. Want to buy $1.50 worth of crypto, prepare to pay $180-$350 in gas fees. Plus your % that goes to help develop this highway robbery software.- developer response is classic, not our fault and sent me a link to learn about gas fees. A better thing to do would be put your gas fees upfront, force a learning sequence that advises how high they will be before someone is able to transfer money in. You cost me five times the fees because you concealed how much it would be and gave me false hope they a different route would be cheaper. From my wallet to your wallet, from your wallet to a wallet to get what you needed to use your wallet to buy, from there to your wallet again, gas fee still to high, from there back to my other wallet because now i had a coin that cost additional to trade in my original wallet. Disappointing.
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5 months ago, Bjones'n
Use it, and it will cost you!
The interface is nice, it’s easy to use, add some of the UX could use adjustments. A big issues I have is half the time it doesn’t display volumes or amounts. The real problem, you can’t adjust slippage above 5% so swapping only works 25% of the time, and because of this I’ve lost $1000’s in profits. Support has been quick to respond but unsuccessful with fixing the issues. Update: Three times in the last 3 months I’ve had to delete and reinstall MetaMask due to application errors (bugs that make the app unusable). I’ve been only been receiving general responses from support which have been of no help, and when I told them at this point the only resolve I see is to switch to a competitor, they closed the ticket saying, “We are happy you find a resolve!” Really?
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3 years ago, Not a dr. but good enough
This isn’t an app for those who are willy-nilly
This is a Web3 wallet app and Web3 portal. It accomplishes both of those easily. It takes time to update your transactions, yes, but it allows you to have a one stop shop for everything you need when using Web3. It comes with ETH as the default network. Don’t expect it to easily switch to BNC or any other chain without having to do some manual labor yourself. It’s not impossible but it’s not easy if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. 1-star reviews are likely people who don’t know what’s really going on and bandwagonning crypto.
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2 years ago, Roskls
I wish I hadn’t written a one star review
Honestly, this is going to be a humbling review. A few days ago I wrote a harsh, one star review. Upon further investigation into my original problem, I have found out that the app worked as it should and it was I who lacked the understanding. Long story short, write down your secret recovery phrase and DOUBLE CHECK each word! I will continue to use MetaMask and wish I could delete the previous one star review I posted. I also think most bad reviews are from people, like myself, who don’t fully understand what they’re doing.
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8 months ago, Arkytos
Decent crypto wallet
I didn't even want to leave a review, but I did it anyways because there's so many MORONS complaining about lost funds. Metamask is a wallet app, not a bank. They can't reverse your txs. They can't access your funds. Your private key (generated from your seed phrase) is used to grant access to the funds on the blockchain. If someone else gets your private key or seed phrase, OR if you grant token spending permission to a scammer, you will lose your crypto. Be skeptical. Trust no one. Separate the bulk of your funds into a wallet you don't use day-to-day. Get a ledger it you need to.
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3 months ago, Cryptonannie
I do think that MetaMask is good, but their support is just not good. Sorry, but there are those of us out there that don’t know what they’re doing, so we do need to ask questions and get answers at times. I think I have a scammer on my account, but I can’t get any help trying to find out about it. I wouldn’t know where else to get help other than MetaMask. If you have an idea, I would love to know. I am absolutely not blaming MetaMask at all, I just need some help here. And no, I didn’t give my phrase out to anyone.
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1 year ago, Wlp23
Wasted So Much of my Time and Money
I hate this company and this app. You have to pay extra money just to be able to move around the assets that you own. If you want to sell it, you pay multiple fees, one before you sell, and one when you sell and that’s as far as I’ve gotten in the process, I’ll probably have to pay more gas fees. What’s more, you must make an account with their preferred exchange binance to cover the fees. Or you can buy from another exchange in which case you must wait at least 7 business days to be able to move YOUR ASSET, and then realize that they charge another fee to sell so you have to wait 7 more days and who knows how many more after if there are more fees. Hate this company, wasted so much time and money.
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11 months ago, SlumTek
You will get robbed
At some point you will lose your money trust me. It might not be today or even this year, but somewhere down the line an app glitch, a hack, a transaction “mistakenly” being sent to another address, or a blatant theft will occur and there is NOTHING they can do about it. Not worth the risk. Not to mention the suspicious positive ratings. I WAS BLATANTLY ROBBED. Metamask WILL rob you. If your lucky you might go a year. The app is trash, glitchy, no support, its a joke. When it happens you will be amazed at how your money is stolen. Three separate occasions. Experience in crypto wallets means nothing. Blatant robbery. Im amazed there arent more negative reviews which tells me there positive reviews are fake. Look at the names. The developer response is botish. They always blame you. Dont fall for that bullsheit.
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2 years ago, Steve Woz
Fix favorites in browser please
But a mask is a great wallet, just a couple little things that need to be fixed. The favorites in the browser is not working and I have to manually type in all my websites for defi every time I need to go on, it was working for about two weeks and then just stopped and has never returned. I also find some weird glitches where the amount in the wallet for the different block chains will change and then reappear every so often besides that I really like my wallet and will continue to use it hopefully they can fix these things
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3 years ago, TJV Freedom
Disappointed with recent upgrades and customer service
I have had issues with MetaMask connecting to uniswap based on recent app upgrades. I haven’t experienced similar issues with Coinbase wallet or Trust Wallet and ended up contacting customer service for help. However they weren’t responding and contacted MetaMask Instagram account. Worst mistake of my life as it was a scam account and very sophisticated scam. I ended up inputting my pass phrases on “Wallet Connect” and in a couple of minutiae my life’s savings were gone. If it wasn’t for all of the issues I’ve been experiment where I couldn’t connect to Uniswap or send cryptos out from my account none of this would of happened. It’s the worst sick feeling that you could have, and not sure how I’m going to rebuild.
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3 years ago, TheChosenSno
Fair review if a big feature is broken
It works as a wallet, does not work for the swap feature. Considering I only have a MetaMask for the swap and I’m just waiting on seeing when the swap is cheapest, the fact that the swap doesn’t work on mobile is pretty horrible. That’s not even mentioning that it sometimes costs $700 to swap at a fair exchange rate when just last week it was $60 for a fair exchange rate. If I swapped for $700 I wouldn’t have anything left so now I’m stuck waiting and waiting but the waiting would be tolerable if this app actually worked and served its purpose. I should give a one star, but it works as a wallet, even if they charge you ether to do anything with the wallets.
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2 years ago, JJR202219521
MetaMask support is non existent.
I never saw my secret phrase because in the beginning I was given the option to skip. I encountered an error on iOS where I couldn’t log in because it said the apps hit a storage limit. So now I’m locked out of my wallet and MetaMask support hasn’t contacted me at all after almost a month of submitting multiple tickets in their “support”. It seems they just don’t care at all. I have tried their methods for vault data following the tutorial for iOS. Explained everything to them still no response. It seems some other people have encountered this issue, an ongoing error that has been going on for a while that they seem to not care about. If you use this app don’t expect any support.
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2 years ago, Sephrial
Worst web3 Wallet
If you are into crypto for any length of time you invariably come across MetaMask as it is the most popular wallet on the most popular blockchain (Etherium). At first it seemed like a great wallet, but not on any iPhone or iPad after the first few months. It’s now to a point where it’s unusable and I don’t get how others rate it at 4.5 given just how unreliable and unusable it is on mobile devices. On my PC with Chrome I can perform transactions via MetaMask, but I am reviewing the mobile iPhone and iPad editions. Also, you can find all sorts of people have been hacked and lost NFT’s and all their tokens. So, unless there is support for 2FA to prevent transactions without email/phone approval, it’s very perilous for users that want to store value in MetaMask.
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3 years ago, lemon lies
Downloading was a huge mistake
This app is hardly functional. I was hoping to use it to swap ether for another coin, but I was unable to purchase it on this wallet. I kept getting an error message. So I purchased ether on another wallet and transferred it to metamask, and I was still unable to swap it to the other coin. The whole process was very frustrating, so I decided to just send the ether back to my other wallet, and guess what? It won’t let me!! Maybe I’m not doing everything correctly, but when I try to search for solutions to these problems, all I find are hundreds of posts and comments from users having the same exact problems as me and ZERO solutions. Do not download this wallet. You will regret it
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3 years ago, arserino
Horrible app, rarely works for critical functions
App often fails to connect wallet to dapps, also fails to confirm transactions. The app will open when prompted to confirm a transaction but now pop up notification occurs to actually confirm the transaction. Same thing when trimming to connect to dapps, the app will open but no pop up to allow you to confirm the connection. Additionally it fails to allow you to manually add custom tokens often and only works at random. It often take 20, 30, or more attempts at something g to even get the app to allow you to confirm something or do what it is supposed to as a wallet. STAY AWAY until they fix these bugs. It worked great at first but is horribly buggy now
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