MetLife Legal Plans

1.1 (95)
0.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
iOS App 1.1
Hyatt Legal Plans
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for MetLife Legal Plans

1.07 out of 5
95 Ratings
1 month ago, Jason in frozen
Don’t buy it.
Met Life legal is awful. My experience with it after almost a year is that they don’t care. You pay for a service you don’t actually get. I’ve had 3 times now where I tried to get an attorney to call me and they did not. Are they not under contract to call back? No 15 minute free call? Apparently not. I absolutely cannot stand Met Life legal. It is a lie. You are wasting your money and I will be canceling my plan. Save yourself the trouble and go through legal shield instead. I’ve had good experience with them in the past.
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1 year ago, Maddi'sMom
Worst App Ever
This App is horrible and I’m paying for legal assistance and everything I need help with they don’t do it, even though they say it is within my coverage for the services that I am seeking! Save your money and just hire an attorney off google! MetLife Legal is a joke! I’m trying to cancel my account because they can’t provide me the legal services that I’m paying for! The lady tells me, you basically can get your Wills done if nothing else, well that’s not what I need out of your company! Poor customer service!
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3 years ago, ngtubbs
Why even bother creating an app??
When you have an app this bad and buggy, what even bother paying a company to create one? This is by far in the top three worst apps that I have ever downloaded from the Apple App Store. I couldn’t get past the login due to the page not being found after spending multiple cycles entering my email, just to be auto directed to a different box mid typing.
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4 years ago, cyclone72
Mostly Dysfunctional
On the first login I get “Oops this page could not be found”. Somehow I managed to login and explore the services. I can select multiple attorneys (for example) but I can send email to myself with the info for just one at a time. The search feature results in “Oops...” again. Did everyone who worked on this app get laid off before they could finish?!
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4 years ago, -Colemaniac-
Whatever happened, FIX IT!!
Not sure what happened to this app but it is simply worthless. Can’t log in, can’t do nothing!!!!! Just keep getting “Opps something went wrong!” So I decided to you my computer and can get logged in only to get errors and can’t see any lawyers. Come on!! Are we really paying for this service that doesn’t work??
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2 years ago, turnrightspanky
Page not found
Might be a better name for the app since that’s what shows up for several functions. I agree with other reviewers that you’re better off with no app than this one.
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4 years ago, Chris-Brown83
From 2014
This app was made in 2014. And it shows. Instantly turned my brand new iPhone into an iPhone 5! If a company can’t sort out their app over 6 years, seriously makes me question their ability to provide the services I’m paying for!
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3 years ago, Buckrogersrn
Nothing works!
Error 404 on any button clicked. Worthless phone app - have to use the online website. Wondering if their legal services are as bad as their app. Deleting the phone app now - the storage space isn’t worth it.
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3 years ago, bboytacoma1991
Dire need of an update!
This app is in dire need of an update - I keep getting page not found errors. I would expect to have a working app from MetLife considering I pay for this plan biweekly. I don’t think that’s to much to ask.
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6 months ago, TheLukeShort
App Made By 10 year old on Fiverr?
There’s so many bugs in this app it’s impossible to use. It hasn’t been updated in 4 years. I’ve had decent experience with MetLife legal, but this app is a nightmare and waste of space
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2 years ago, apersonthatusesapps
Really badddd
This app was written by an intern. Honestly I’m better off making a shortcut to the actual web site rather than keeping the app. Honestly this is so bad I’m really wondering if it is a scam app to steal my info. Seriously sketchy app. Don’t download.
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4 years ago, oldmech71
Very poor
As others have said, it’s almost completely dysfunctional. I just keep getting the “page cannot be found” message while trying to navigate the app. Useless.
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2 years ago, SwassLikeMe
Displays nothing
So, when I open the app, every tab I select displays nothing. This is by far the worst app. They should remove it and not waste customers time.
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4 years ago, Fugie
Flawed app
The app shows 404 Oop! The page could not be found. However I was able to log in but could not navigate through the app because of the same 404 error. I do not recommend this app.
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1 year ago, sk8rgrl8624
Just doesn’t work.
Got access to MetLife legal through a work benefits plan. There app is so buggy it’s inoperable. I got 6 error messages and was redirected to the log in page repeatedly.
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3 years ago, forever2020!
If only there’s a zero star Option
This app is beyond embarrassing. MetLife fails as a company to deliver the most basic digital experience for their customers. Worse than a piece of garbage
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7 months ago, BrandonChristian
Why was your last update 3 years ago?
I’m about to enroll in these benefits with my company and this app looks terrible, already thinking of rescinding my enrollment decision
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3 years ago, Ylw Dymd
When will this app be updated?
The previous person review is from August and the app is still not performing any better in March. Is anyone looking at the reviews? The app is not performing properly. Please update.
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2 years ago, kim77777777
Shame shame app is still broken?
After all the neg comments, still bad? Shame shame app is still broken
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1 year ago, iaxat
Useless App
Useless App should be removed from the App Store. There is no reason this app is still here without any updates and usability.
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3 years ago, Ejmharris
Error messages galore
Maybe the worst app I have ever downloaded. I guess I will just use laptop to connect. Expect more from Metlife.
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6 months ago, UsEr462
Will it ever be updated?
This app has not been updated in 3+ years. I wonder whether they ever will, as it is not usable in any form. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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4 years ago, Smashmonster1
Used to be good
This app used to be good, now I can’t even log in, I always receive an error message.
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3 years ago, PGGonza
Terrible site
Days & days of trying to get info off this site . Keeps saying OOPS to all pages I try
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3 years ago, GeoRGe T12
It doesn’t Work
It doesn’t work from the very first log on attempt.
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2 years ago, Crystalieee
So I downloaded this before reading the reviews. I could not login and I got error 404. Do not waste your time with this app!
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2 years ago, Big-Bman
Terrible App
0/10 Would never use again
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3 years ago, fotash
Why even have an app???
Most pages just bring up a 404 error
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1 year ago, maajka
Should be illegal
This app is garbage. 404 errors, login info doesn’t work. Why is this crap allowed on the App Store?
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3 years ago, SSO811
Will not renew
This app is so broken and inept, I’m concerned that the whole service is just as poor. I will not continue with them.
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1 year ago, Ricky 105
Horrible app
Worst app I have come across. Always get a 494 error. Nothing works.
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3 years ago, DigitalV
This app is awful
They could get some year 1 computer science interns to make a more usable app.
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1 year ago, MetLife customer1
Please don’t try to download this app!
The #1 worst App I have ever seen in App Store. Non functional
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1 year ago, Libertyforall
Update app!
Does not work well, app not updated in 3 years!
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3 years ago, aoweijlkf5343
It literally does nothing.
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4 years ago, Qhamal
Update your app to 2020!
The app is ridiculously sluggish and hard to navigate. Please update it and test well before deploying it to production. (Yes, I’m a QA Tester)
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6 months ago, @lidervenezolan0
Does not work properly
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4 years ago, Zena reader
Can do better
Unfortunately this app looks like incomplete. A lot of oops and 404 errors.
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3 years ago, Texeli
Bad app
Very poor app, doesn’t work, lots of 404 errors.
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3 years ago, awerchniak
This app is basically unusable. Can’t even log in...
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3 years ago, Mark519
This has to be one of the worst apps ever.
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3 years ago, Awesomepack
Waste of time
Waste of time
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3 years ago, Steventh223
MetLife Legal Plans [app use age 4+]
Really.. only 4+ years old to use, wow.
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4 years ago, tjetfly
App doesnt function
App non functional
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4 years ago, br-97.
Worst dysfunctional app
Nothing works on this app. Continually getting “oops ...” error
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2 years ago, Dier's iTunes Account
Worst App Ever
Has to be the worst app ever created
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10 years ago, Fjf731
Doesn't work
Can only enter the last four of your social despite it saying you can enter your membership number. Doesn't work at all.
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9 years ago, Disappoint and p*ssed
Works great. Limited to what you can do within the app but gives a lot of information. All the links and contact numbers are available here, make this app very useful.
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8 years ago, Gus Car
Should be better
You must Enter the last four of the MEMBERSHIP number every time to have access. It should memorize your login info. Once in, It has all the necessary information... just like the website!
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5 years ago, cmr0n
Location Access Required?!
It requests location access on first launch. I declined and the app will not function. Why do they need location access?
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