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User Reviews for MetLife US App

4.15 out of 5
13.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Robert3410$
Outstanding customer service.
I was asked by my Dentist’s office to confirm if any changes to my group #. My initial questions could not be handled by the automated system. I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast the automated system transferred me to a live customer agent to handle my questions. Neika, the assigned agent, handled my questions on the spot. She also offered to send updated cards by mail. After 9:30 PM (et), the entire situation was handled in less than 7 minutes. I was impressed. Thank you.
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3 months ago, Mehshsusnsvei
App stopped showing dental coverage
I have had 4 calls about this issue with the app and have an open case that has not been resolved. A few weeks ago (3-4), my app all of a sudden started saying I don’t have dental coverage (I do) and when I called or used the website, all my information was showing up correctly. So I called and a very nice person said they would open a ticket and let me know when they start looking into it. When the IT team first started trying to fix it, they changed my password WITHOUT notifying me. There is sensitive information on my account and that was a breach of trust. I called to complain, and another nice woman said that the IT team hadn’t looked into it yet since my call a week prior, and they might not know how to fix it since there is no IT team for the app, just the website (which works for me). She then went to ask them and turns out they WERE looking into it but did not write anything down on the ticket (so there is no trace or accountability as to who changed my password). She then said call back in a week if no one contacts me, which no one did, so I called and got someone who did not seem willing to help. This was two weeks ago, and my account is still not fixed.
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3 years ago, cmikehawk
Filing a claim online is a challenge
I have not been able to file a claim successfully online. There is always some kind of issue when using my tablet or smartphone. I’ve been able to enter all data and when I click to submit electronic signature I get a message that I have been timed out and all my work has been lost. I have gone back in and entered all the information and clicked on ‘save for later’ and that also results in a message that I have been timed out and my work has been lost. The 2 prior claims I have attempted to submit electronically have also been a bust. I’d like to be able to submit a claim conveniently and easily online, however, I believe your website and app need a lot of work. It is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Labsgalway
Log on problems website
Had to contact MetLife since I couldn’t log in on iPad. Had been able to log in just a couple of weeks ago. Was told Safari was a problem, wanted me to download another browser - didn’t want to. Suggested getting the App - I did and was able to log on that way. Happy now. App works fine.
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9 months ago, Jw98765
This app does not work
The navigation buttons along the bottom do not work. They rarely respond to touch. It is not clear how to navigate to other screens. When they do, the screens in the app open as blanks. Every time I try to log in it forces me to reset my password. It will load expired benefits information for a company I left more than 5 years ago and I cannot figure out how to remove that. However, it will NOT load my benefits info for my current job. I have now spent several hours on the phone with technical support, over several days, and I still cannot access my accounts. Can’t access them on the website either, with a PC or a phone.
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2 years ago, Llanathemall
Both app and website is broken
Metlife didn’t send me ID card after 2 months, so I decided to create an account with them to get my id card details. I successfully created an account through website Then when I tried to login, it showed me never ending loading spinner. I downloaded application. It also took like 30 sec to load page after login. Then when I click “view id card” link, it shows me spinner for 30 sec then showed an alert to retry and bring me in infinite loop of spinner and alert message. These insurance companies make billions but don’t spend some money to hire professional developers…
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3 years ago, MJMCoMO
App does not show benefits account
I sign in and the app says it cannot find account. It then gives me the option to link. I provide the information requested. I am then told that the account is already linked and am asked it I want to link another account or go to dashboard. I select dashboard and receive the same message that no accounts are linked. It is a loop with no exit. When I select the menu in the upper right, I only receive the options to edit my profile or log out. Yes, I have logged out and logged back in. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and logged in. All return the same result. Pretty poor for a company this size.
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2 years ago, RTX employee
Does not work for my employer
Mobile app does not work, at least for my employer that is. I have a previous claim and a current claim in for Short Term Disability and my account shows nothing at all, but instead tells me to call MetLife. Without a claim being present than no other features are useful like uploading and downloading documents. Website is just barely better because they actually show me my claims, but that’s all. I still get paid from my claims so there is that, but things would be more efficient if they invested a little money into their technologies division.
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2 years ago, Luis Fernando Martinez
Luis Fernando Martinez.
I can not see my coverage for my auto ins. with the app. I added a new car to my insurance a week ago and haven’t gotten the cards. I have called several times (3 or 4 times) and the waiting time on the phone is too long and nothing about my cards. I have my ins. with my employer, The Home Depot. The service is not good, I’m not happy. Thinking moving to Geico. HELP.
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3 years ago, Chinagirl411
Having Dental Insurance with MetLife is fantastic. My claims are always processed so quickly and to be notified when it’s complete is an absolute plus! Their site is setup to where you can easily navigate through it and find exactly what you are looking for with ease, unlike some. I’d give them 10 stars if I could.
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2 years ago, Ukeduke98
App is useless
I cannot view any policies in the app. The website works completely fine, but it does not recognize or add any of my home or auto policies. I have tried at least a dozen times. I know they were bought by Farmer’s. Whenever I try to log in there either, it tells me to login with MetLife. This is completely useless. Spent over an hour at the car dealership trying to access my policies. I couldn’t find them on mobile. I eventually had to borrow the salesman’s laptop in order to login in. App is terrible. Please update to allow us to add policies.
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3 years ago, Swtvabrz
You’re Right, App Is Useless
Just downloaded it, signed in, (already have an account), and can’t link auto policy and work account together. Tried to enter my auto policy number and it only allows numeric entry only, you can’t put any letters in the policy number. My policy number has both letters and numbers. Also, it didn’t recognize the company I work for. It list suggestions and recognizes my employer when logged in directly online. Should have listened to the reviews, but thought I’d give the benefit of the doubt and try anyway. Very disappointing.
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9 months ago, kuzbro
The RIght Stuff
Insurance is good, but even the best insurance can not overcome poor Doctor availability and performance. Fortunately, I have an excellent Dental Doctor and when needed an Oral Surgeon. Oh, almost forgot, an Endodontist who almost makes you look forward to a root canal. Throw all that together with Met Life and I got it made.
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2 years ago, JuPlane
So slow it is a joke in every docs office
If you try to show your insurance car using the app, and you say that this is a MetLife app the nurses already know that it will take a long while. I had a good laugh is about it, but is this really annoying. It makes you wait to login, it makes you wait to load your profile, it makes you wait to look policies, and make you wait for every search that. 5 mins to get to the first page. Not only me. I cannot believe MetLife has an app like that.
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9 months ago, jvanderb
Registration does not work, unable to use app.
When I go through the registration process, I am asked for an email address and phone number. After I enter these and hit continue, I am given information about how my information is used. Once I dismiss that prompt, I go back to the entry page for my email address and phone number, with the fields blanked out. Entering them again repeats the same process over again. There is no way to complete registration and log in.
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4 months ago, Baltobikeboi
Cannot get past add email and phone number
If you can’t even complete registration in the first two screens because it keeps kicking back and never put information in, it’s not a very helpful app. Every time when I import my email, and then my phone number, what a deal with my data. Then I am prompted to press continue. When I do that it clears all of the data I just put in on that screen and starts the same page all over again - blank. Fail.
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2 years ago, Mjajjj
Hard to register
I have been trying to register in this app so that I can easily use my plan like other apps but it will not finish registration, I get to the assigned number question then it will say can not find the number and then freezes..I don’t know the problem. I had deleted the app and downloaded it again, same thing.. I have it a 2 because it still allows finding a provider.
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3 months ago, IndexFreedom
Registration has a bug
App has a bug and will not allow me to complete the log in process. When you enter your primary email and phone number it has a pop up notification informing the user how the information will be used. When you click OK, it wipes your email and phone information and your stuck since you can’t complete these fields and continue. Should be easy to fix but for me this makes the app useless at this time.
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6 months ago, jb4302
Simple but too simple
It’s a simple app but wish it had a page that listed my coverage from cleanings to whatever it only gives estimated costs to major procedures and I want to know more it’s too simple Their website also doesn’t work on a mobile device I just get blue screens for it. So yea can’t find anything on the go with them.
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3 years ago, Audio1one
Bad app
This app is not working most of the time, I’ve tried to look at several different aspects of my account and it always comes back as error or timed out. This app need to be revamped and updated so that is more user friendly.
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8 months ago, SE Mz P
The registration process was quick and simple. Once I registered online, I was able to download app and see everything quickly and easily.
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2 years ago, sheadpast
What a Mess!
They are used to work very well. However since the farmers purchase, both the app and the website browser display and accurate data, which concerns me for data integrity reasons. Both methods display multiple duplicate policy entriesOr display in accurate coverage details for the policy you wish to view. I am working with MetLife for several weeks trying to resolve, but am nearing the end of the line with my patience. Looks like a new insurer is in my near future.
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3 years ago, WalrusTexas
Worse than useless on Apple devices.
Year after year, the same problem. Having one account number confuses my homeowner’s and renter’s policies. Worse, trying to pay by credit card is impossible. Fill in all the information, and the app or website, says “Sorry, could not connect. Try again.” Then it forgets what you entered. Eventually I give up and make a phone call, which is fairly painless. Deserves zero, or even negative stars. Maybe it works on PCs, but it ALWAYS fails on Apple apps and browsers.
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2 years ago, Xtina V.
Leaves Much To Be Desired
It takes forever to load. Of course, that is assuming that it even finds my (THREE) policies. Half the time it tells me it can’t find them, rendering the app entirely useless. The website is equally as slow but at least it eventually gives me what I need. Submitting a claim is relatively easy here but it just isn’t very accessible/user friendly after-the-fact. Much to be desired, indeed.
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9 months ago, XXLITTLEGUYXX
Horrible App
Whoever designed this app needs to go back to school. It’s not user friendly. Very hard to navigate. You have to push random things in order to get to claims . The screen on the app gets locked so you can’t minimize or maximize the screen . Causing the screen to lock so you can’t see all the options to continue to make a claim. From here on out I will only use my web browser. Hope you fix this soon .
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2 years ago, Drum Quick
MetLife Review
The app is supposed to link all my auto and home because it gives me the option to do so. When I go to enter my info I’m being told something went wrong and my policy cannot be seen on the app. Not convenient at all; so each time I want to see my policy I have to go through the online version. Customer Service I would give a very low rating. Long waits on the phone to talk to an agent and too many prompts to get to someone
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1 year ago, TNWrangler
Has never worked
Signed on with Farmers 5 days ago and they issued a MetLife policy for our auto insurance. I can login to the website but every time I have tried to login to the app there is a message saying “sorry there was a problem loading your profile. “ All profile information on the website is complete and correct. The app support link brings you to a website that has no link, useless.
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1 year ago, GEICO here i come John
Time after time after time I try to pay my bill online via the app l. The system portal tells you after the fact that there are problems and you will have to start over. Unacceptable. Not to mention that I no longer get notifications of when a payment is due. Which worse I’m forced to use a nickname like upset John or frustrated John and believe it or not those names have already been chosen.
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2 years ago, rjaffer626
Can’t get past the login page
I needed to check which dental plan I had to confirm I would be in network after unexpected tooth pain - but I couldn’t even get past the login page. I just created my account within the last year and had saved my password to my phone. I got an error saying “Sorry there was a problem loading your profile”. No phone number to call, nothing - can someone help me?
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1 year ago, bluepiaa
Provider’s search capabilities is crap!
Not a contains search, not a keyword search, searching for a provider on MetLife Dental is an exact search! You have to provide the exact name in the exact format they require in order to pull up your provider, if they’re in network! On top of that, they limit the number of characters you can type into the search. So if your providers company name is longer, it gets cut off! What a joke.
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2 years ago, ha hi sbd
Horrible service
From the very start I’ve had nothing but problems With getting confirmation of my policy details How to access the policy online. And though we began our policy on February 25 - today is March 3 and we still do not have ID cards! We cannot link our policy on the online app and it keeps having an error message. This is beyond frustrating and from a company like Farmers. I would expect better
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2 years ago, Fufis.
Too many issues with login.
Website keeps sending me back to login, over and over. I could not found my claims page.
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2 years ago, Virplemae
Pre qualify
After 1 month provider still had not been able to verify my insurance. I paid cash. Hopefully y’all will start speeding things up.
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1 year ago, tksoccermom
App not working for me, no one to contact
When I open the app, it asks me to review updated policies and consent. As I do this, I get a message that states the app isn’t working and to check back later. It’s been over a week, same problem. Click on app support and it routes to Metlife website. Lots of ways to contact them about the various policies themselves but no way that I could find to contact support for the app.
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2 years ago, pkesner
Good in theory
The app lays out clearly the options. Of the options I can only get claim status to work. Consistently the other options off an error message. Estimated costs, benefits, deductibles alway give error messages on both the iPhone and iPad apps. And the contact us page offers options but the link does not work. Not great customer service.
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1 year ago, Bohnam
Forgot user name but wasn’t an issue. Was able to reset and get in the app without a hassle. Easy to navigate through the app!
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2 years ago, Kel7s
The payment system is horrible and doesn’t work half of the time. I end up having to call and pay over the phone. I do all of my business online or through apps and this is the only company I have this problem with. Frustrating from a company of this size.
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1 year ago, mschadha
Does not work with Farmers policies
If you have both MetLife and Farmers policies, the app is useless and does not work. The app tries to load your profile, then your policies and gives an error message that it failed to load your profile and to try again. It has been a while since MetLife acquired Farmers and integrated them. They should fix the app so you can actually use it.
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2 years ago, Tjihp
Performance and functionality
Both are weak. For example if i want to see a history of what i have been paying over the last few years i can’t do that in the app. Also performance - speed of being able to pace through the application is very slow. Not a network or device issue as other apps perform as normal.
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5 months ago, ZCHIP's
Mostly does not work
Basically this app is useless. It almost always throws “We’re sorry, an error occurred and we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.” error. Sometimes you can get through it, but then it says that I do not have a dental plan even though it shows it on the homepage which is hilarious.
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2 years ago, wheresmyheater
Details not available
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I am able to use the app to see my high level account info, but never able to look at the payment info.
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2 years ago, PoolhallJunkey
Unable to view newer policies
After recently signing up for several policies and setting up online account access, I discovered that this mobile app is unable to display newer policies. The very helpful customer service rep I called confirmed this. What is the point of a mobile app if I have to log on to the website to see and manage my policies?
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3 years ago, JD87AZ
App is absolutely USELESS. I was told I could view the status of my short term disability claim and manage details (upload documents etc.) here. Wonderful! I tried setting it up with my name and SSN and it couldn’t find me. Tried with my employer and employee ID - it couldn’t find me. Y’all need to either REMOVE THIS APP ENTIRELY or edit your promises, because it DOES NOT DELIVER. Filing a disability claim is stressful, and you’re making promises you can’t deliver on makes it worse.
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10 months ago, podcastoneisuberlame
Common Issue Not Being Resolved???
Like many others here, I’m not able to finish registration through the app. I enter my contact details, click continue, and the form is cleared. If you look at the recent reviews, several others are having the same issue. It shows me that this is a well known issue and MetLife chooses to do nothing about it.
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1 year ago, Rhonda08067
Feels Incomplete
Why can’t I view all my information through the app? I have to access the website to see claims information and sometimes I receive errors, so I end up calling into customer service.
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2 years ago, MeelShoe
Met Life Dental Denied Claims for teeth cleaning
Met Life Dental will not pay for the cleaning of my wife’s teeth. There explanation was because there was no gum surgery with the dental implants she received in 2019. For the record, I paid over $40,000 for the implants and did not receive any reimbursement from MetLife as I did not have Dental insurance at the time. I find it unreasonable that MetLife Dental will not pay for normal cleaning of my wife’s teeth as it is necessary for good dental hygiene.
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3 years ago, scuba2099
Why can’t MetLife get any technology right? It’s hard for me to pay you? I’m trying to give you my money isn’t that what you want? Attempt number 5 to pay my auto bill in full online, app and regular website. “There’s a problem with payment try again” your app won’t let me type a full card number In. It’s so frustrating. Please take my money big company that wants to make money.
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2 months ago, Alexa Crossley
App Not Good!!
literally shows that I have no policies one day, then the next it’ll show that I have vision but no dental. You have to call to get any kind of verification needed to provide insurance to any provider. Have never been able to see my dental plan but when I call they always say it’s active and I don’t need any kind of card or anything. It’s really frustrating.
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2 years ago, eagle59
Never works
I can’t believe in this day and time that any company would put out an app that just sits there and spins. It never loads weather one is using login credentials or Face ID. One would think the developers would check this out first before releasing it to the public. However what most people experience is the guinea pig syndrome for their work. Shame on them.
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10 months ago, spike325
Errors errors errors
It gets so tiring when all these companies tell you download their app and then you receive errors ‘sorry your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later’ I get errors all the time on their website trying to view claims and obtain documents. Obviously our increased premiums aren’t going towards Q&A!
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