MetroFax–Send fax from iPhone

4.7 (2.9K)
172.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
MetroFax, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MetroFax–Send fax from iPhone

4.72 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Alcázar
Great service, very reliable.
I am in the health insurance business and still some entities and clients use fax. If you have a business this App pays for it self, I pay $80 per year and just forget about it when I needed the most, it will work immediately, seamless, and will get me out of trouble. I can take a picture of a document fax it over or receive a fax on the road. Is very reliable I have been using this service for four years now, It beats to have a fax line, buying the toner and other side expenses. I highly recommend this app even if you fax one page per month is pretty much what it cost you to go to the currency exchange, plus your time, plus your has, and maintenance
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4 years ago, DeanahTaylor
If I could give zero stars I would
Ok so first off, it’s so hard to even figure out how to log in. They send you the phone number and password in an email once you sign up.. you don’t get to create one yourself. Second, the one and only thing I did like is that you can upload pdf’s to fax over which makes it super easy BUT you can’t do more than one at a time Third, the app crashes a lot Fourth, it says you can cancel anytime but really you have to jump through hoops. I went to the settings and tried to click on my plan. Once I clicked on my plan, the entire app would crash and log me out. Ok? Weird right? I tried this 10 times it did the same thing every time. I finally went back to my original email from signing up where it says cancel anytime. I clicked on it and it reroutes me to a page with their customer service number or to start a chat with a customer service representative. I chose the chat service. Took literally minutes to even get a response and then finally once I “confirmed” my account, email and identity to be able to cancel they offered me a $7.95 downgrade for the same package to stay with them. I said no thanks then they offer $4 for 100 pages a month I said no thanks and then finally my account was canceled.. I just think that’s ridiculous and if I didn’t call or chat with them to specifically “cancel my account anytime” they would’ve kept charging me. You can seriously download FREE fax apps don’t pay for this one
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3 years ago, Bri9909
Totes the bomb appy
This appy is the best of all out there! Like totally it’s so like awesome I just totes love it to death. It’s a serious must have in all iPhones and don’t be a cheapy and back away from an amazing developer. I wish I can have some discount for absolutely loving this application. I love to scroll past it and look at the logo and go ohhh wow I love this app!! It’s like the best app purch eva in my entire life. Thanks y’all
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3 years ago, ILYBICD
Great Features But NOT HIPAA Compliant
I signed up for the free trial and it was easy to navigate on a web browser and via app. I liked that I could send and receive faxes at an affordable price. And it was easy to cancel, unlike some other online faxing options. I would have kept my subscription but it’s NOT HIPAA compliant and I need to fax PHI. I was primarily planning to use this for Healthcare related faxing needs. But when I found out it wasn’t HIPAA compliant, I had to cancel my subscription. Please make this service HIPAA compliant. Please make the faxes via web browser, email, and APP, secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant. Then I would definitely come back as a customer! Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, Melanie 👑
Cancellation is terrible
The service is alright. But the CANCELLATION is quite ridiculous. Says you can cancel at anytime but really you can’t. They were billing me constantly and it cost more with declining. So I Tried finding it in the settings in app, big nope. Logged in online and tried to find it again, nope. Literally did this for minutes until I caved in and decided to chat with a representative. Took minutes for them to respond and when they did they said they couldn’t find my account. Something so simple as cancelling a subscription should not be made so got darn difficult. Of course that’s the point. They want to put you through hoops so you just say “forget it” and keep paying for the service or so that the representative can try and convince you to stay. Just do better. We’re adults here. We know what we want and what we don’t want.
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6 years ago, shawnhank
Seems like a great idea, but the execution is flawed
The MetroFax has worked reliably for me for half a dozen years. (This and other branded fax services seem to all be run by the same parent company behind the scenes, FYI.) However, this app doesn’t do what the web site does. Using the app on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro 12.9 all report the same: Sent fax view doesn’t update. Neither do any of the other views. Push notifications don’t work to alert you to a success or failure either. There are no updates to the Sent Fax view, even though faxes fail or are successfully delivered, despite several attempts to refresh views. Email alerts work when you use the service from a full desktop web browser, email alerts do not work when you attempt to send a fax from the mobile app. I’m going to cancel this service. We pay 120 bucks a year over and over and if I can’t use this app, then I will look elsewhere. ScanBot Pro has a fax service that works, so I’ll likely transfer my $$$ to use that instead.
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1 year ago, jill jeezy
Think twice before using this service
BAD BUSINESS I downloaded this free trial. Cancelled and just got charged for the seconded time. For one, I NEVER used any of the services, as it was too difficult to figure out. 2 times I have been billed after canceling. There’s no person to person support. The number tells you to chat online. The customer service was poor. Mainly Mathew. This “person” is probably not even a person. I want my money back from being billed again TODAY and Mathew continued to say he cannot refund and he cannot backdate a refund. Today is not a backdating issue. It’s today. Refund my money that you all illegally took. Customer service gets zero stars for being rude. Not the type of person I would want taking my customer complaints. I just looked online at their reviews and they have 1.27 out of 5 stars. Not one positive review Has been left in the past year. Also, there are more people that have experienced the same issue that I am dealing with. Seems to be a pattern.
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4 years ago, Lacooper68
It works okay, but counterintuitive
The app is somewhat glitchy, but I found that their website, was easier to use. For some reason the app does not work well across other apps when you need to attach documents. ( I did adjust settings ) I could not access docs that were saved to the cloud or even google drive. I had to put a document in my photos file to access it and attach it to a fax. However, it did what I needed it to do. You just need to have the patience of a saint.
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6 years ago, Whatapizzajunk
Bad business practices
My experience with this app and it’s operating company: I filled out the information they wanted for a free trial. I never used it because I can do what they wanted money for with my phone and laptop. I removed the app from my equipment because I am an Electronics Engineer and I am not going to pay 8 dollars per month for a service I will never use but because Apple doesn’t erase the app when you get rid of it. Plus these folks figure that if you don’t specifically tell them to stop the program then they will just start taking your money. Apple App Store has plenty to correct.
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4 years ago, Maria S RB
Great product, great service
I have a small business and have used MetroFax for years. Reliable and easy to use. I read some reviews about difficulty login in and found them surprising as it’s one of the simplest app to use. It’s just great to have in your IPhone ready to use whenever and the price is great! Thank you to the developers! Kudos!
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6 years ago, EdVTX1800
Worked great, then not at all
I use this service mostly for work. It worked beautifully when I first started using it. Then the app started acting up. I would click on it and it would just disappear. I contacted the company. Their customer service was good. They did test runs and said it was fine on their end, but it’s still not working on my end. Customer service told me I could also send faxes on my computer. That’s not good enough. I use it through my phone. On to the next company.
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6 years ago, Nkitas
Spoke to a supervisor he was amazing
You need to delete the app and reinstall it. Than when it prompts you to add face recognition say no thank you. This is a temporary fix for now, there working on a new update that will fix and be compatible with face recognition very soon but this will do the trick for now, it’s working for me at the moment. Hope this helps.
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2 years ago, MomOfTheBig5
Just Joined
So for my job & kids school I have to fax things at least twice a week. I used another infamous app and was really disappointed after they charged my card and locked me out of the account coincidentally when I have to fax.
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5 years ago, kat9243
Horrible customer service app does not work
This app has not worked for the last 7 months & yet they continued to bill me without refund. I sent several emails alerting support that the app crashes immediately upon opening and have not gotten 1 response. I finally called only to be told will not be given refund and that it does work. I went over with the rep that the app does not work at all and that the website crashes whenever a second attachment is added. Very disappointed in an app that use to work great.
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6 years ago, gregoryngdpm
Please fix this new updraded app i cannot log on and it works 20 percent of the time when i can
Please fix this new updraded app i cannot log on and it works 20 percent of the time when i can never had a problem before i rely on this for business please FIX!
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7 years ago, Sheenalee1229
Awful Customer Service & Service
After receiving emails stating I needed a new card to keep my acct open and deleting the app on my phone I was under the impression my acct was closed, only to find after 3months of not using the service & the fax number not even in service, I was charged $20 & only received a $7 refund after having to jump through hoops to get a manager to even try to do it. The first person I spoke to was rude and about 2 out of 10 faxes do not go through! I highly recommend avoiding this app!
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4 years ago, Elenaraaaaaa
I’ve been using this service for over five years. I’m pleased to say although I’ve run into a few bumps on the road, the customer service is reliable and fixes any issues in a timely manner. I’m not a heavy fax user but I’m happy with the service.
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4 years ago, God M&G
Happy customer
An amazing service however I do like the app more than using the service from the internet.
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4 years ago, Lie_About_Rating
No longer works for me
Maybe there is a bug showing up since IOS-14. I have subscribed several months. I only have access to cell data only. Before I would click on a PDF file on my cell and then the "Open with Metro-Fax" icon. That no longer works as an option. I don't care about files on iCloud - only files on my cell (they only update with WiFi which I do not have). It used to work with DropBox but that doesn't work either.
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2 years ago, SteffanieR
I google free fqx and came upon this site metro fax i added myself for the subscription. When i went to download the app it does not let me register it immediately ask for name n password which i didnt have since i used google to fund it. When i call ofcourse theres no live person ive tried emailing no response now im stuck witht this subscription until they decide to answer my email zero stars
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4 years ago, Mimi🎀🍥🌸
Horrible experience
The website is hard to navigate and therefore difficult to cancel your subscription. You can’t get a live person on the phone. This company is a scam and you should avoid them. Thought I successfully cancelled my subscription last month until I saw another monthly charge on my credit card. Never seen anything like this. Do yourself a favor and stay away.
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6 years ago, BabyMakr
Crashes on iOS 12
The app won’t open on iOS 12. It keeps crashing on my iPhone. I called customer support and their only solution is to delete the app and reinstall it. Doing so shows the app is not compatible with iOS. So I called customer support back and their only solution now is to complain to Apple. Seriously?! It’s the ONLY app that won’t open. Ready to cancel my service with good old MetroFax and look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Lyv33
Case manager
I agree with everyone else. You took a perfectly working system and messed it up. The desktop version doesn't even download all the pages and the mobile version I can't even open now. What a waste of my money. Update: wish I could rate you a 0. Now I’m unable to upload my document to pdf while out in field. It only does it to jpeg. I am canceling MetroFax today.
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6 years ago, Smartreviews
Please upgrade to iOS 12
Your app is very important to my business. Please upgrade it ASAP, I use your app multiple times a day! If you are not going to be able to upgrade please let me know so I can look for an alternative. Thank you. I’d appreciate a response as soon as possible.
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7 years ago, Bkromey
It need to fix a few bugs
On the iphone 8 plus It take for ever to log in From the sign in page!!!! Fix this asap !!!!!
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2 years ago, AbdulManai
Tax accountant
The best decision I made. I am able access from anywhere and receive docs in timely manner. 👍
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1 year ago, JayDiaz21
Great but no drafts option
I wish it had a draft option so you wouldn’t have to restart the fax if closed
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3 years ago, andy13483
The app is good
I had to send some important paperwork and for some reason there is no staples we’re I came to visit and this app got me out of a fast one recommended
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3 years ago, Jake E. Wheelright
Excellent Service
MetroFax is reliable and easy to use for sending, receiving and documenting fax transmissions. Highly recommended
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3 years ago, KBuck22
Sometimes people just do things right. This app is the result! Thx for having a solution for my problem 👍🏼
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6 years ago, CAGOP
Please update mobile application
The application works fine when you log in using a password each time, and remember me not enabled. When you attempt to use Face ID or remember me, the application will not open, causing users to delete the application and reinstall.
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4 years ago, BktoNJ
Awesome convenience
App can be utilized by anyone from anywhere. Most convenient and easily assessable fax application around.
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6 months ago, :-)…:-)
Decent service until recent update
Ive had success with this app working flawlessly until the most recent update. Now half of what i fax does not go through. Faxing from notes made on notability.
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6 years ago, BenClif
The app keeps crashing crashing
I just downloaded Metro fax on my new XS max iPhone and with Face ID turned on and remember me turned on once I get into the app and login if I go out of the app or attempt to re-login it crashes every time I’ve deleted and reloaded the app three times in a row with the same results. Not great for sure.
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2 years ago, Txjvvskbxcb
Unable to cancel
I was unable to cancel my membership and had emailed them for an email confirmation. I was never received a reply back and was charged. I will have to contact my bank to block charges from this company. Very disappointed
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6 years ago, Ty Panitz
Crashing unstable
Every time I tell to remember me logged in and I open the app it crashes and can’t use till I reinstall it what’s the purpose of an app that is this unstable Seems like a total waste of time to try to use an application I am extremely disappointed and do not recommend service
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6 years ago, missjacali
Terrible customer service and app doesn’t work correctly
When you reach out to customer service via email, they don’t help. When you try to call, you sit on hold for over an hour and no one picks up. The app constantly crashes and is impossible to use.
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3 months ago, Morgan Hill Real Estate
Faxed mobile
Needed to send a fax quickly. Done! Easy!!
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5 years ago, Craftylmp
App No Longer Works
I’ve been using this app and desktop fax system for a few years now and it’s been fine. Unfortunately, now the app won’t even open on my phone I use this for mostly for insurance purposes for my business. What a HUGE disappointment.
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1 year ago, kshdiejdo
Doesn’t function
Downloaded and it started asking for email and password which I have never created. It doesn’t give you any other option. Seems like a scam to gather info.
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8 years ago, Dam3056
Very poor
Less glitchy comparing to previous versions
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4 years ago, oecn
Incredibly slow, and in my experience rude customer service using the web version. Tried the app but doesn’t have some of the same capabilities (although those capabilities have not been working for me, hence trying the app)
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5 years ago, jk01732173
App crashes
The app is usable until a fax comes in. A black screen appears and the app force closes. If that were to be fixed, it would be nice.
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4 years ago, AlDeNova
Great App
This by far the best, most reliable, intuitive and just plain excellent Fax.
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6 years ago, Happybebe
Need update for new IOS
Crashes when opening using new iOS with iPhone X! Need updates then it will work great
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6 years ago, Skibums
Fix this app for iOS 12
App devs, please fix this app, I can’t open it but 1 time and it crashes constantly. The only way to get it to work again is by deleting the app, reinstalling it and then reopen it every time I want to access it.
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10 months ago, jahrhe
Not free
I’m leaving reviews from now on because everyone is greedy and wants you to pay some crazy price I’d rather do it at the library or at home for free a monthly payment to send a fax is silly
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6 years ago, Carmellawa
App Doesn’t Open on XR
Website still works but this app stopped working a few months ago. Now it just crashes every time I attempt to open it (pretty useless when it doesn’t even open).
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5 years ago, zach99887766
Crashes in iOS
Doesn’t function in iOS, crashes so frequently the only way to use it is via desktop. Which makes this application essentially worthless.
Show more
4 years ago, Shrnkane
This app is awful
I downloaded the app. You must input your telephone number. I kept getting an error message saying invalid number, so I couldn’t even try to use it. I couldn’t get past the login stage.
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