Mi Telcel

2.2 (1.7K)
186 MB
Age rating
Current version
América Móvil
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mi Telcel

2.25 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
10 months ago, max.123
iPad version rotates automatically
What is the reason that the iPad version rotates automatically, if you are using your iPad in horizontal mode and you open the app it rotates to vertical mode. The best is that the app don’t rotate automatically, it can adjust only if you move your iPad.
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6 months ago, KyleBeers
Telcel is the worst
I’ve had this app for about a week and not once has it been functioning. I tried to delete it and reload it, this is not a brand new phone. I’ve now spent an entire afternoon trying to pay my stupid bill. The website is not working, the chat is not working, the app is not working, the Call-in system is not working. Because I have an iPhone 15 I can’t just go to an oxo and put more service on my phone, because I have a plan. However I literally have spent the past four hours trying to pay this company and every single thing that they have is completely broken. GET IT TOGETHER!!!
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9 months ago, Campeche999
System failure
There is often a system failure without any follow up, I have automatic charges for prepaid and all the sudden it stopped charging. The app doesn’t update either, names of each plans are very confusing that doesn’t tell you what is included, that makes think they are designed to confuse people and to make them pay more for misleading names of each package which doesn’t mean anything by itself. Since there aren’t much competitors, they don’t improve anything or at least I haven’t seen for years
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3 years ago, boodabill
No help for gringos
Paying for US credit card each month is a depressing, Dreadful experience. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, using the same credit card. The app almost seems to be toying sadistically with me. My credit card works in Mexico, has been used over 100 times in the last seven years. Mexican bank card does not work either, although at least it was explained they they don’t like foreign, permanent visa owners. Anyone reading might would think twice to move to Mexico and help the economy here, Telcel.
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2 years ago, HGWXX /7
Never a problem
I have been a Telcel subscriber for years. I never had any problems. Over time, the app has slowly gotten better. I am pleased with Telcel, and the customer service I have received over the years. It is not always the best signal in Mexico City, but that is why I also have an AT&T Mexico account. Where one signal is weak, the other is good.
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2 years ago, .Esu.
Needs update
And the end of the process I know it’s not my card I called my bank and also I made other payment with the card try using other cards and still got the same message payment can’t be process at these time
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3 years ago, Peaksurfer
80% of the time.
TelMex Infinitum is so bad that when I really need to work or have to be on a Zoom call I set up a hotspot with TelCel. That works most of the time. Except when it fails. Sometimes it just goes dead for no apparent reason. If I am buying extra minutes at those times I really feel cheated. Dead spots can last an hour, even if you turn off the devices and reboot.
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2 years ago, NamelessVidiot
Very unhelpful
I have had a Telcel account for 15 years. I was formally a tourist, but I have been living in Puerto Vallarta for the past three. I switched from a MIAMIGO plan to a post paid plan. Because I have so many bonus points in my amigo plan, a cat be canceled. To me the points are worthless. Instead I get false reminders of payments due every other week. Graph I have been to the office four times and they cannot resolve it. I am about to transfer phone companies. This company is worthless!
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5 years ago, ROJM19
Bad functionality
I regularly receive messages from Telcel advising me that I need to pay my monthly invoice. I go into the telcel app to pay and the service to pay the invoice with my pre-charged credit card “is not available at this moment.” Apparently “this moment” is a span of time covering multiple days or weeks in a row. Naturally, it’s impossible to pay via that method and my account is then blocked. An extremely dissatisfying customer experience - on a monthly basis - and very poor app functionality.
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1 year ago, Air Supremacy
App closes shortly after clicking on the icon.
After clicking on the icon, it briefly opens and then closes and returns to the home page. Before when it opened sometimes you could not see how much data you have left. Also large chucks of data mysteriously disappears now and then. After living in Mexico for 12 years now I’m getting used to being disappointed by Mexican businesses and their customer service.
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1 year ago, AelioSejano_
What happened?
This latest version is completely unusable. Never have had problems until now. Can’t check my plan (got an SMS that said I had exhausted my data two days before my new bill cycle and being in WiFi 99% of the time, as has been the case during the past 5 years). I had to go to pay our last two invoices at the Telcel office because you can’t log into the “pay your bill” no more.
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1 year ago, grfemac
Non functional
The pay function works like 1 day a month, how (Un)helpful is that? You have to repeatedly go to pay before the end of the period. Then, for every unknown reason, you are able to pay. It takes about 12 tries to pay every month. Then, for other questions you have to speak to a person. This app is way subpar.
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1 year ago, Tankerman11
Do not use Telcel - harmful and unprofessional
I’ve tried using the app numerous times. It impossible to pay your bill, even after following all the prompts. Dragged through crappy processes repeatedly only to continuously receive messages telling me to try again later, or unable to contact server. Every single other app on my iPhone functions except this app. As a result of this poorly designed app am now unable to receive verification texts from my bank. No phone service and now no account bank access. I will be canceling Telcel service and will switch to a professional cell service. Don’t waste you time with Telcel, they are a failure and their incompetence is damaging to the customer.
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2 years ago, funsun2022
Need to support Expats with English Language option
Telcel frustrates me and many fellow expats. The phone service is adequate and pricing is decent but neither the app or most customer service agents can assist those of us who are not fluent in Spanish. I continue to work at learning the language but wish Telcel would accommodate those of us who are not yet competent with Spanish
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5 years ago, Jahcat
I have been trying for months to Pat through credit card. I was able to do it before probably 3 payments after that it would not take my card no more. I called them “ no one could help. So much for using the app. Not worth it. And really need it.
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2 years ago, P4PA_PE3zY
I recharged 200mx last night. I tried to buy the 4.5g package for 200mx and it kept say insufficient fund regardless how many times I fully closed and reopened there application. It worked after I added 30 more MX dollars. Which will probably go to waste. Looks like they only let you recharge of you'll have money left over.
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3 days ago, UserNameRequired
Payment through app never works
I use Telcel 30 service and renew monthly. I only downloaded the app to be able to pay digitally instead of having to go to a store to do it. I’ve tried several times and the system lets me go through every step and then card payment fails every time. This app is pretty much useless
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6 days ago, dirtymartini4me
Why Have An App
When it is not working? I have been trying to get an account for days and it keeps saying the action is not working. I want to be able to pay for my phone but I can’t sign in, after creating my account and changing the password, it doesn’t work. Please let me know how I can get an account. Thank you.
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1 year ago, ñlkhdsa
Canadian cc which works in Mexico. It is getting to the point that every month I dread getting the email bill. I wonder if it will work thus month. No luck so far this month. It is a major inconvenience to go to the office. Absolutely no help or support from telcel. Waiting for contract to expire then adios.
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1 year ago, McOmarge
Works eventually but crappy app, how can you not Telcel?
This app eventually works and allows me to pay my balance. But it continually crashes or doesn’t respond. Patience is a must. For a mammoth telecom company like age el, it’s just baffling that it can not have a top-notch developing division. They must be cheap when it comes to providing.
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1 year ago, Cabomax
Was good … Now not so much
This app always worked for us to pay our bill but they changed it so it doesn’t work anymore. How frustrating!!!! If it isn’t broken … don’t try to fix it!!!! That is why I give only 2 stars
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10 months ago, T.lane.taylor
App not showing data usage
I’m very frustrated because the app no longer provides data usage. And I have a five day driving trip coming up! And the app no longer accepts my credit/debit card. I have to have a friend add data to my phone when I’m low! Both issues very frustrating and inconvenient
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2 years ago, kumikoairey
The mitelcel app is awful. It often says this operation is not currently available. This happens most when trying to deactivate more data. The result is having to call to not pay repeatedly. Overall the app is frustrating. It constantly has issues that are not resolved.
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3 years ago, R Durazo
Bad app
Everytime I try to pay my house internet it says that my password is wrong and I re enter it multiple times until I get logged out of my account. Once I’m logged out of my account the only way of paying it is in person but that’s a struggle because I live in the United States and can only go to Mexico on the weekends. Mi telcel app has to be updated or worked on !!!!
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1 year ago, maquico123
This is the worst, slowest, bugging, and waste time app I ever downloaded to my phone. Every month I try to make my payment is a NIGHTMARE. The payment is not processed with my MX credit card, or even worst the payment freezes or not even download the screen. I tried the website and is the same. This app and company is trash.
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2 years ago, CampaignLobby
It crashes all the time and won’t open. Also, when trying to purchase a plan, sometimes it doesn’t work (credit card payment doesn’t complete). This app really needs help.
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6 years ago, mabbot
Can't verify credit card
I tried recharging my balance with new credit card. The app wants input for credit card verification in the form of X.XX of the little amount they place on the card. When inputing the number "dialer pad" comes up and not the normal keyboard. There is no way to enter a "." with the dialer pad so the credit card gets declined. So much for testing the app. 😩😩😩😩
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5 years ago, martucha01
I was trying to pay the bill for the month and I tried several times but every time I do it it tells me that the service is not available at the time to try later but it never works. :( Bas experience
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2 years ago, Gawalsh
It seems like they don’t care
It’s as if it’s still in beta mode. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it freezes up and sometimes it won’t finish the payment process. Two stars is generous.
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1 year ago, nellyrose1231
Give me back the old version!!
I’ve had okay experiences with the old version of this app, but ever since it updated, it’s been impossible to pay my phone plan online. The page loads and turns blank. It’s awful. Get rid of this useless updated version!!!
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1 year ago, 2020 SB
Must have
Having a Mexican Visa / Debit card work great for paying your bill. Very convenient.
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12 months ago, MB de pacheco
Terrible app, lousy service
Half the time you can’t connect, and when you do you get an error message saying it can’t display your data. It often takes repeated attempts to add money or purchase a package. The website isn’t much better.
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3 years ago, coronatex
Not good
They haven’t done a very good job in the design of the app. Interaction in order to select the various packages is not very clear. On top of that that keeps on updating something, Which moves the screen a lot.
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1 year ago, VikSanHer
Cero stars
Suffering worst mobile service ever… this app’ terrible coding never works. Telcel states while using the app data’s free, lies. Even on wifii is a failure. Telcel and Telmex owner Carlos Slim should merge service to offer better customer experience; however, due to monopoly practices keep them separated. Sick of this app…. Do something Telcel-Telmex!!!
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3 years ago, Mixora
App is mediocre
The app doesn’t show the internet consumption anymore. Tried to put money on a prepaid card and you need to be connected to the wifi. Pretty much useless for an app.
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2 months ago, Dneiejdjw
It’s only useful to see info but
You can’t use it to make payments, so pretty much worthless in that sense
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4 years ago, Dreaming1990
I really loathe this company
So, so many issues with Telcel and their terrible web/app services. I can’t list them all. The latest problem, I loaded 150 pesos of Saldo, then was told I had insufficient saldo to buy the 150 package and I had to buy the 100 package instead. Then they asked me to rate the app, so here ya go boys.
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5 years ago, Dhakjdkwkdkwndnwmanxjw
Should be better
Telcel is a decent company. Should have a better app though. It worked for about two days and now it doesn’t even say how much data I have left. And it doesn’t let me pay within the app either.. please fix
Show more
5 months ago, nicmart
Close to worthless
It displays data usage, but I don’t know how accurately or rapidly. The main thing it should do but doesn’t is allow you to recharge your prepaid number. No English option, naturally.
Show more
3 years ago, DAVS tkt
Bad Services
I tried to pay my cell phone bill several times and the system completely stopped and I had to go back to the beginning again for more than 6 times
Show more
3 years ago, rcjal
App won’t even open
I’ve been trying for a week just to get the app to open. I can’t logon to the website either so despite the bad reviews I thought I’d give this a try. Don’t waste your time!
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3 years ago, J4vyR
Worst carrier app
The very best of the worst app that I have experience in my life. When the payment work, the app make the change twice. And his if it works since every other day is out of service.
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1 year ago, Tabora65
It works only when you are lucky
This App is horrible when it comes to make payments. It does not mater if paying with a Mexican card or US card.
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1 year ago, BenDHORN
Difficult to pay
I try many credit cards to pay my phone bill but payment rarely succeeds in this app.
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3 years ago, Aluisabp26
I’m trying to pay my bill but it says “time has expired , sign out and try again later” . Been doing it for an hour now !
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2 years ago, ramirez5747
Horrible app
App never works, can never make payments because of this. Don’t move to Telcel if you want to struggle making your payments every month
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5 months ago, Kveeee8
Horrible app
I hate this app. It doesn’t work reliably. One month it will accept my credit card. Next month the same card will fail. Horror story of an app
Show more
3 years ago, opinona69
It doesn’t even open
When it is trying to open it just keep freezing. I couldn’t open it for weeks 👎🏽
Show more
1 year ago, Diana Lomeli
Not working
App no longer work after the iOS update. App crashes as soon as you try to open it.
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2 weeks ago, Que Viva Colombia
Constantly crashes
Horrible app, it constantly crashes and it’s been like that for years.
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