Microsoft Edge: AI Browser

4.7 (201K)
291 MB
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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Edge: AI Browser

4.68 out of 5
201K Ratings
1 year ago, Jadid Herrera
The Cutting-Edge Browser That's Got It All"
As a long-time browser user, I've tried my fair share of different browsers over the years. But recently, I've been blown away by the performance, features, and elegance of Microsoft Edge. First and foremost, Edge is fast. I'm constantly impressed by how quickly it loads pages, even when I have multiple tabs open or am streaming video. But it's not just speed that makes Edge stand out – it's also incredibly rich in features. From the built-in ad blocker and password manager to the integration with Microsoft services like OneDrive and Bing, there are so many tools that make my browsing experience easier and more streamlined. But what really sets Edge apart for me is its design. The sleek, minimalist interface is a joy to use, and the way that the tabs and address bar are arranged makes it easy to navigate between different sites and tasks. And with features like vertical tabs and immersive reader mode, I can customize my browsing experience to suit my needs and preferences. Overall, I've been absolutely delighted with my experience using Microsoft Edge. It's clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into designing a browser that's both powerful and intuitive, and I'm excited to see where Microsoft takes it in the future. If you haven't tried Edge yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance – you might just be as impressed as I am!
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2 years ago, Toa Of Justice
Good browser with a few issues
I enjoy using Edge as my preferred browser on iOS. Support for organizing and editing favorites and collections is almost equal between iOS and Windows. There's even support for some hidden settings in this app via edge://flags, just like on Windows. I also like the ability to scan barcodes and QR codes via the camera tool in the address bar/omnibox. However, I'm experiencing a few issues with Edge on iOS. ISSUE 1: Edge on iOS unnecessarily truncates default favorite names that are over 50 characters long. On the Windows desktop platform, these names are not truncated. The truncation makes no sense to me because there is enough room for the full page title in a favorite's name on both iOS and Windows. I can copy and paste the full heading from a page into the name, and it saves just fine. ISSUE 2 (FIXED): At random times, my pinned top sites used to be overwritten with "frequently visited" sites. Thank you for fixing this issue, Microsoft. ISSUE 3: The ad blocker occasionally fails in Edge. Fortunately, I was able to make the ads go away by flipping the Tracking Protection switch back and forth. I hope this issue gets fixed, since the ad blocker is one of my favorite features. It would be nice to be able to use the ad blocker with "Balanced" tracking protection so I can properly view features like embedded tweets. Also, I wish the ad blocker worked in InPrivate tabs.
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1 year ago, gstokley6
Automatic light/dark modes vs default page colors?
As a user of edge and bing for a few years now I absolutely prefer it to other browsers for the speed it provides and for the different experience from using browsers that are maybe more mainstream and default for work and home use (ignoring the obvious cost of more RAM that it uses to provide the boost of speed). But the recent change to the mobile app that added the weird dark/light mode feature that is impossible to be turned off unless you go into advanced system settings seems like an unfriendly option IMO. I have dabbled with adding extensions to my PC browser that adds a dark mode to sites that wouldn’t originally have them and sometimes it can be nice! But obviously user experience may vary and not all sites are created equally so using a plugin or filter that makes most things on a page dark sometimes leads to text being unreadable or the site just looking much uglier than it would’ve even if it was blindingly white. I am glad that you are able to disable this feature in the advanced settings I just wish it was on the main page of the dark mode settings instead of being hidden in the advanced section!
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5 days ago, singingishreat
Annoyed with this app!
Why is it so hard for your developer’s to come up with a fix for multiple problems that is clearly a noticeable problems? One of them being is that your font size button doesn’t do anything at all! I change the size of the font and it changes nothing! Another problem is with many websites is that while I am reading a really long article no matter how far I get down the very long page it will without warning reload and it will not start back up at the area I was at while reading. It starts back up at the very beginning. Leaving me to have to scroll down to find the spot I made it to in my prior reading session before the reload and not just once either but over and over again. Only to reload again and again and again. It seems like it’s timed. I only have so many minutes to read before it resets/reloads and puts me back at the top of the webpage. This has happened many times on many different websites. I have more complaints but I will leave it to you all to fix these most annoying problems first before I waste anymore time listing these. This is also the second time I have written this review on your application.
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1 year ago, Jacob Waller MN
Overall really good could use some features and fixes
Overall this is my main browser. I use it as my go to now. On the iPhone I don’t think I have ever ran into an issue at all. On the other hand on my iPad some changes could be used to make it great. On the iPad when I close the last tab it doesn’t open a new tab automatically like it does with the iPhone. On the iPhone this works great and I love that I don’t have to click the open tab button again and again. Another issue just specific to the iPad is when I come back to use it I get an error message that says tab closed unexepectly and a restore button is available. I hit that it opens a new tab and I keep moving. I wouldn’t say it happens every time but happens enough to be annoying. If those two iPad specific issues get resolved then it’s for a sure a 5 star browser. I think it’s just a little better than Safari and better than firefox and Brave. Down grading to 3 stars as some of my favorites icons flash when I close an existing tab. Might sound like a small issue but it gets annoying. Seemed like an update broke caching the image somehow.
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2 years ago, The Way Climax
Persistent UI issues
After many months and many updates, the iOS Edge still has the UI problems it had the first time I downloaded it. Why has nobody at Microsoft fixed these? When switching orientation, either landscape to portrait or vice version, the browser just zooms in on the webpage for no reasons. If I do it several times, it will zoom in so much that texts are blown out of proportion. It should scale the webpage perfectly so that the edges of the page align with the edges of the screen instead of zooming in. Following the zoom issue, whenever I pinch to zoom out in landscape mode, the page is scrolled up by some amount. Why? Shouldn't it maintain the same position? Also, there are issues with the address bar when I tap the top of the screen. Sometimes it shows the address and sometimes it doesn't. It's very inconsistent and annoying. Another annoying thing is it automatically opens a new tab when I get back to the app after a long time, even when I set the startup behaviour to stay with open tabs. I thought the developers for this browser would have seen the issues and fixed them during one of the tens if not hundreds of updates in the past year. It's such a shame.
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3 years ago, gavin123321
Pretty good, a few features I’d like to see however
This browser has become my default on my phone cause it looks way cleaner than Safari or Chrome, and the news section on the homepage is amazing! There’s one feature missing that prevent me from giving it 5 stars, however, and that is custom search engines. The desktop version of Edge allows you to set up any search engine you want, but for some reason the mobile version only supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. That’s probably fine for most people but I’ve been a big Ecosia user for years, and while I have been using Bing a lot more recently, I still think it would be nice to have the option to use any search engine I want. Plus, I occasionally seem to have serious performance issues when having 50 or more tabs open, while with Chrome, even with that many tabs, I had no such issues. Besides those annoyances, this is still a clean and better designed alternative to Chrome and Safari.
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4 months ago, Jan’s Flowers and Butterflies
I like the ease of adding sites to my phone! Gives me ideas!
I like to cook. I’m an old fashioned cook who could teach others??? I love to bake! I love to sew. Today I started to repair my old quilt, a lap blanket. I cut off the worn out ends, ended cutting off all four sides. I’m replacing with blue border which I’m making free hand. I estimated width of blue cotton material needed for the borders. With each side I tore the lengths of fabric by hand . It tears easily because it’s a good cotton blend. I pinned the edges and will take some of the pins off before I sew on the machine. I left enough extra length to the sides so that the corners will match. This quilt is a very old quilt given to me by my friend Pam! She was going to throw it out because the edges were ragged. I used it for a while, but now it was time to repair. I’m using contrasting fabric because I want to emphasize the old and the new. This quilt was quilted by hand. It would be impossible to make invisible repairs! Stay tuned……
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1 year ago, Xxayne
It's great
I used to hate Microsoft Edge but now i love it I mean it has all the essentials and more. Okay here me out if you see something on your screen in a different language the sidebar has an in built translator which is much faster than Google Translate. They also have an in built calculator for easy access and let's say you're bored Edge has in built games. You can customize your sidebar to even show apps you use a lot. If you're on a site with lots of information that you don't want to read press the read aloud button! Edge is great alone and with extensions it's even better Chrome and google is only good with extensions and safari is just plain horrible for anyone who actually actively uses a browser. And also I want to talk about Microsoft rewards as well because you can get things like free robux and if you play or have a friend that does so for my Review I'm just here to say it's great
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3 months ago, Vlad Oat
Increased productivity and usability
I’m butthurt I didn’t switch from safari years ago, gotta say this completely changes the game when it comes to browsing the web. I feel like I get information so much quicker. No more ads in the way, reader mode (which isn’t new to other browsers but safari doesn’t have it…), and my new favorite, read aloud articles. Read aloud has always been a cool concept, but was never good because of the annoying robotic voice. Here I can choose from many voices and they actually sound like a real person is reading the article to you. 5 stars and more! Oh one annoying thing is in dark mode it doesn’t show that you visited a particular website by changing the color or highlighting the link. Minor but an easy feature to add for convenience. I’m sure the developers just overlooked it by accident, and will get patched sooner than later.
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9 months ago, Rudra The Rajanya
Edge is my Favorite
I use Edge because it's consistently good on every platform. It's nice to be able to sync all my favorites and collections no matter what device or operating system I'm using, and unlike Chrome, Edge has a built in ad blocker. This browser is wonderful for reading articles as well, it's built in reader is in my opinion superior to what Safari and Chrome offer. I actually have started using Bing (I know I fell into their trap) but after a lifetime of Googling things I've noticed Googles search results and general layout to be more chaotic and harder to parse compared to Bing. Bing feels more streamlined now. I feel like this is where Microsoft really shines in consumer tech. Making software like this! So please keep it up. It's nice to have a GOOD alternative to Chrome. Edge is kinda like if Chrome and Safari had a love child that turned out to be the best of both it's parents and more.
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8 months ago, admin console ha1
Bill Gates forgot his glasses cuz SAFTER on the iOS App Store?
Safter? I knew being with bing was like ping-pong. Stop flying around the world with the beloved former president and current Emperor of the USA Bill Clinton. Get it together or I’ll go back to Netscape and I swear I’ll get my AOL cds from when adobe costed $450+ and get a nice coat and have my nieces and male nieces get the scratches out. I hope you have a cents of humor about what I am saying and or not even thinking or not saying. Spell check and an urban dictionary?? Ha I love Microsoft way more that the alphabet people at the g0oogle place and chatter is gossiping that since those alphabet people can’t seem to pick an operating system that they are being fased from iOS or something like the Eula is just willfully ignoring the rights of the user that doesnt know how to use chrome cuz I was told we can’t get the extension wet but yeah in the under web chat rooms
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2 years ago, JesusPerez47
A nightmare to use, Microsoft likes making people suffer.
The only, and I must emphasize, the only reason why anyone uses this garbage of an obsolete browser is because of Microsoft rewards, and you know this. That’s why you keep making it harder for Microsoft rewards users by making it impossible to solve website searches on mobile, while simultaneously making load times excruciating and killing your battery every time you search, with or without Microsoft defender on. You also removed community sharing, which made it easier to accumulate points between families in order to redeem things faster, and you haven't done a 10k points challenge on gamepass in years for whatever reason. I understand that you’re giving your users some money back from their searches by allowing them to use Microsoft rewards, but the amount of obstacles one has to cross before they finally complain has a limit. Garbage app, at least fix the battery issue, I’m tired of it killing 30%+ of my battery every time I use it for 10 minutes.
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3 weeks ago, gabssssssssssssesssss
Love the Read Aloud Feature but it is very buggy!
The read aloud feature is my favorite thing about this browser and it is the reason I find myself using it every day. The natural voices are top notch and there are no other apps that beat its quality! However, the read aloud program is EXTREMELY BUGGY. Half of the time it doesn’t work for some reason or another. It will skip ahead, not play at all, or the app will completely freeze up. This has been an issue for months now and I hope it gets fixed soon. I usually have to close out the whole app a few different times and it will randomly start working again but it is very very annoying. Also, most web pages won’t allow reader mode for absolutely zero reason. It just won’t show up. If these issues are fixed the browser would be 5 stars!!! I know edge is still fairly new, so I’m sure they are working out all of the kinks over time. Don’t worry though, I will continue to use edge despite its faults. ❤️
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4 years ago, BaffleBlend
Unexpectedly picked up the slack when other browsers failed
This is the last browser that actually has a functioning desktop view feature, which is something very important to me because 2010s mobile web design is absolutely atrocious. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari's "Request Desktop Site" buttons have done absolutely nothing for the past several years, and Puffin has been held down by Apple far enough to not be compatible with many sites anymore. I'd been hunting down and trying so many other browsers, but virtually all of them had the same problem. This was my desperate last resort. But to my surprise, that last resort pulled through. The desktop view in Internet Explorer (I know it's not called that anymore, but I still call it that out of affection) isn't perfect—the text wrap is irritating and makes sites like Reddit unreadable in-browser, for instance—but at least, unlike every single other iOS browser, the desktop view EXISTS.
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7 years ago, Calebo 85
This browser gives the upper edge!
This browser is really good! Since it is my favorite browser on Windows 10, of course I had to download it when the version for iOS came out! I am very impressed with the speed! Since I have an iPhone 5, and since Safari and Google Chrome are CPU intensive and since iPhone 5's CPU isn't very powerful, I've found that Microsoft Edge works much better than the competitors! The only problem is that sometimes when I am using the voice search and when I try to use it a second time, I have to start the browser again. I am not sure if the exact reason, but I am guessing it is because my RAM is maxed out, since my phone only has 1GB of RAM. But overall it is a very good browsing experience and I would like to say really good job Microsoft! You have made a really good browser on Windows 10, and finally brought it over to iOS. The browser is just as good and I am really happy that it's finally over on mobile phones!
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6 months ago, jimmyjimmiejimmi
I believe millions of people look to The edge browser for a variety of reasons. But I will just name one. It’s security. You see millions of individuals cannot afford security like Mcafee Norton, etc. However, millions know that Edge has some decent security protection and one of them is defender. most of us do not know how edge security works, and what it entails in a complete way, but we do get security and this security alleviates anxiety for those of us who cannot afford the more expensive security suits. I believe that Microsoft Is people oriented when it comes to safety then money oriented. Don’t get me wrong. Money is very important to. But I believe that one day Microsoft will build enough security on their browser. We won’t need to go anywhere else. so in summary, I believe edge will do whatever it takes to protect those who embrace the edge browser.
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4 years ago, Daniel I. Rodriguez
Best browser ever than the legacy version!
When I was trying to log in to Clever in Google Chrome on my computer during the beginning of a new school year, it keeps redirecting me to the same page. However, I tried logging in Microsoft Edge and it worked and I became interested in using the new Microsoft Edge. I usually use it for my school work and everything else. Well, I also like to use Google Chrome sometimes for education and everything else. I think like both browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome), as well as other Chromium-based browsers. The legacy version of Microsoft Edge became unsuccessful, due to fewer features of the browser. I used Google Chrome as my default browser and I became to like it a lot. Since Microsoft Edge became Chromium-based, I became to like it. I do like browsers that became Chromium-based. Thank you, Microsoft! Microsoft Edge is so new, newer than ever!
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2 years ago, annymossy
Better than chrome
When I got my computer I tried to download chrome but I dicided to stick with bing and it’s way better I’ve earned a Xbox gift card just for doing research in school google is filled with ads and usually never gives you a direct it just gives you a paragraph from a article that usually isn’t helpful but with bing it will give you the answer and 3 or more sources also whenever you search up a country or a historical country on bing it will have a side menu with all the important info when google just gives you some ads and a Wikipedia article. Chrome also puts up propaganda like the COVID vaccine tab and other things. Chrome is outdated and frankly just bad. TLDR: chrome=❌❌❌❌🚮🗑🗑🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢📉📉📉🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bing =👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏💨💨🏎🏎❤️❤️❤️🆒🆒🆒📈📈📈
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7 months ago, ✨🥝👄🥝
Sync glitched and I lost my hard work
I’ve tried, I really have. But right after the app automatically downloaded, I lost all of my tabs. All 144 of them. No big deal right? I had sync on. But when I checked the sync, it had only saved 40 of my tabs from 65 days ago. That’s over 2 months ago. I had no idea my sync was bugged until now. Time and time again Microsoft Edge has proven to be unreliable. I really wanted to make this work, I mean they have a rewards program, that’s pretty cool. But that just isn’t enough. If the sync can’t work properly, and if I can’t save my work, then there’s no point in struggling with the inconvenience. Instead of trying to implement AI into this browser, focus on fixing that sync yeah? Prioritize what’s important, not some trend. It’s reliability that’s what keeps your users, not what’s trendy. Giving two stars because I really did enjoy using this browser, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, but this was my last straw.
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5 years ago, DJdantheman1980
Quick and reliable browser!
Since Windows 10 came out I have regularly used it on my PCs at home. Over the past year+ I’ve been using the Edge browser on my iPhone and it’s been trial and error over the time, but like the PC version it’s come a long way and works great! Other than speed that you’ll see as a difference vs Safari and Chrome, there’s a lot of customizable features available on the settings and of course everything links conveniently to your Windows desktop if you want to set it as so. My personal favorite that is built into the Edge phone app is the ability to enable add blockers on webpages so they do not show up (so you don’t accidentally click on one) and it speeds up the page loading even more. Highly recommend, excellent browser for mobile devices!
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2 years ago, Internet Software Reviewer P.
I wish there was Edge Extensions for iOS
I have been a user of Microsoft Edge for more than 2 years ever since the Chromium version came out and even before. I have gotten the ability to explore many extensions on my desktop but what makes me unsatisfied in one case is that I wish there was extensions for iOS as it would make things more convenient. Or I wish Microsoft Edge at least was able to sync my extensions from my desktop to iOS mobile. Overall, Microsoft Edge is a powerful, advanced, and easy browser to use. It’s UI is beautiful and the web browser includes many built-in features like translate. It would be great if the browser included many other built-in features in the near future. Microsoft keep it up!
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7 days ago, trmills52
Going back to Chrome
Update: The problem I was originally experiencing has been corrected. Thank you! BUT, the IOS Edge browser is the only app I have ever used the does not go back up to the top of the page when you touch the top of the screen. Very frustrating when you are reading articles down the page and you want to go back to the top. Original Issue: I use Edge on all of my computers and love it. Edge for IOS really has some functional problems. Open Edge, click on a link, go back, white screen every time. Go back again and your back to the link. Go back again and white screen. No exceptions. Search for something, click on a (Web not Ad) link, the progress bar changes to light blue and that’s all. Will not open the link. Opens other links. There’s always 1 or 2 that just sit there and will not open. I have deleted Edge, reset my iPhone 14 Pro, reinstalled Edge and their problems persist.
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7 years ago, FLX Thom
Edging Out Other Browsers
The speed of Edge has made it my go to on Windows...and now on iOS. I like the design, especially the minimalist navigation bar on the bottom of the browser. Being able to send a URL to another Windows device is also neat - and allows Windows users the ability to continue browsing on the desktop - just as OSX users can on Safari. Being a cross platform user, I am loving being able to integrate the two ecosystems in varied ways. Tab navigation on Chrome is also superior to others. The snapshots and grid of tabs makes switching a breeze .... and it is much easier to use than the ‘cascading cards’ on Chrome and Safari. The only complaint (minor quibble) is that it’s not fully integrated into other MSFT applications on iOS. For example, Outlook only allows me to open links in Safari and Chrome, not Edge.
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1 year ago, Not J Cole
Browser is Great… just needs an update…
I like this browser on iOS more than Google Chrome and sometimes Safari. Overall, I like how I can manage my extensions within the browser, controlling what my Ad Blocker can do. It also syncs my account to the browser, which is nice. But I think Microsoft Edge needs to move the address bar to the bottom like it was on Windows Phone… YES, Windows Phone. Legacy Edge on Windows 10 Mobile had the address bar at the bottom, and so does the current version of Safari on iOS. I have geared myself to use Edge, since I also use it on Windows 10 and Windows 11, but not on the phone. I primarily use Edge as a backup to Safari if something doesn’t work, but may reconsider it as a default if the address bar could get moved to the bottom instead of the top.
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2 years ago, Essika-chan
The newest version killed my favorite feature
I loved that I could now, with the update before, add favorites from safari. I use edge on my computer and it was a super fast way to use both and navigate without over loading my phone by opening them in edge and safari just to save them. But now I can’t do that anymore!!!!! I open so many pages a day and leave them open… I tried to just open them on edge but the app crashed and they were all gone!!! So o keep to safari on my phone and I loved that I could have to option to save them when I went to open them in edge. I love the browser but to give me something I love and take it away so quickly makes me sad. That’s why this is four stars. Cuz I have some sadness now. Will still use just it makes me sad… for what was.
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4 years ago, wcm44
100% Important
I absolutely never write a review, especially about a Microsoft product, however, I am an IT Professor and teach Microsoft Office in a required Freshman year due to so many children today coming from High Schools have never even used Office before. Nearly every school system in America is run by Chromebooks (cheaper) so all they know is Google Docs, Slides, etc. FINALLY MICROSOFT HATS OFF 😆👌🏼! You finally designed the new edge from the open source called Chromium which is the basis for Google Chrome and Opera and a couple others. It's a very professional and presentable Home Tab that you can customize as well. One thing that needs fixing is the continue to an from PC, at least with an iPhone iOS 13+ newest one. That's the only complaint I've gotten.
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3 years ago, Link2999
Reader View Missing
Rating this 1 Star for now even though it does deserve more than that, but I’m hoping a developer can read this review. The app right now advertises its immersive reader mode, but it actually doesn’t work if it’s even available. Tried a few different webnovel sites like RoyalRoad and Scribblehub, but no matter what, the reader mode option just didn’t show up. If I wanted to contact support, it looks like I would have to jump through a bunch of hoops, so I’m leaving this review here. I’ll make sure to update it if it ever gets fixed. On another note, if the reader mode is fixed or added to the app, I'm hoping for it to really be an “immersive” reader. So every time a new web chapter is available, it will automatically load it (the next page) once I finish my current chapter. Safari used to do this, but unfortunately the last update removed this feature. The only browser I know that still does this on iOS is Alook.
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2 years ago, Kylezo
Frequently freezes and crashes when starting up
I have been trying to switch to edge for 2 years but it's actually unusable still. I have 6-10 tabs open at any given time and over 30% of the time I launch it, it freezes within 5 seconds and crashes. When I wait for it to finish crashing and open it back up, it'll pop up a prompt saying "edge crashed, restore tabs?", But if it crashes again, which it does about 1/3 of the time, I can no longer access the restore tabs feature, losing all my in progress workflow, and none of the tabs are in history or recently closed. This is obviously unacceptable, but the fact that it's so frequent is really embarrassing. Guess I have to go back to Chrome AGAIN. It's kind of mind boggling that it's so difficult to justify using in a situation where they already have very low market share. You'd think they'd be extra cognizant of massive issues like this.
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3 years ago, Nbppp2
Issues far outweigh its usefulness
Summary: The issues far outweigh the benefits. It’s clear MS is still trying to play catch-up, and are still far behind. This browser has good privacy, but the issues it has make it near unusable about half the time. I had gotten better over the year but the fact that it seems to have some serious issues when using Google as the search engine means I don’t recommend it. The good: it works more like chrome and sites work good (good, not great). The privacy features are a plus, even over chrome. I’ve chosen to use it over chrome for this issue. The bad: using google as the search engine causes issues on every search past the first one. If you go into app switcher, close edge and search. No issues. If you come back several minutes later and search again in the same tab, the search freezes and the browser does nothing. MS - I’m not going to use Bing. It’s crappy (I’ve tried multiple times a year and it hasn’t gotten better). Stop handicapping other search engines to push your own stuff. Certain sites which are coded to hide the search and option bars, have issues when trying to get those bars to show up. Edge starts to act like no touch events are being made so it takes a lot of clicks to get them to show so I can navigate elsewhere. Either that or edge is just slow in responding to this. Neither of which is good.
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4 years ago, Macky Martin
Good but previous version was better
Previous version was better in terms of user interface. This January 2020 locations of buttons is much harder to use compared to previous version where It is much easier to navigate most buttons where it is on the right side on the screen from the bottom and top. I really like the floating video which is one of the main reasons I used Microsoft edge browser aside from earning rewards. Also when saving a bookmark there is no way to choose to save it to a folder that I created, you have to go to favorites then edit then move to a folder. I hope you make the interface back to an easier way to navigate that will make me decide to bring it to a 5 star rating. But I still like Microsoft edge browser, fast and great browser.
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3 months ago, RicoSuavet
I like the gpt but would think that it would be more secure and would be more transparent with me , maybe it’s the fact that the Wilmington North Carolina area that wasn’t approved went into my house and device without my consent or my parents consent in person! I would of gladly approved any kind of security and privacy and privacy for me and for myself and my parents! And my parents friends who deserve privacy and the fact I was not aware is extremely disconcerting and it hurts to know that the local police and government did not give me an explanation when I went down there 3 times to get a report! I also have pictures of the Wi-Fi! So is their a valid reason or excuse? Bc I’m sure that me saying a secure environment to access my hardware meant secure , not a unsecured environment! But I like the application and new AI that’s used!
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4 years ago, Ado Chokolado
Chrome + Firefox = Edge 2020
This is like if chrome and Firefox had a baby and Microsoft was the surrogate mother. This browser took the best parts of Firefox and the best parts of chrome and merged it with the best parts edge had in the past. Battery life is amazing on my surface and my iPhone. Looks great, just waiting for more extension support for the desktop version. Some tips for the future, if you ever listen to me. Listen, MBA executive’s who call the shots. Make a Microsoft version of “google apps” and connect it the bing search engine like google does. Make make it in a way you can’t get sued for it and actually have it connect to the actual applications through the cloud. This would be such a power love it would take google 2-3 years to catch up.
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4 years ago, frogbunnie
My favorite browser
I have experimented with all the top browsers for my iPad and this works best for my needs. I can copy/paste, save, and send with ease. A close second best is Yandex and the third one is FireFox. I like all three but Edge has a slight edge on the competition. Microsoft gave it a well deserved name. If you do an image search this browser will let you touch a gif to watch it without going into full screen or double touch to go full. Not good at explaining things in detail but I highly recommend anyone trying it for themselves. Thank you all that took part in designing Edge because I think it’s the best of the best. To me Edge browser with Bing search engine will be a hard combination to beat.
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1 year ago, MrJadaml
Better, but not there yet
Not bad, not great. The GPT Chat feature is the most alluring element, but sadly the UI flickers a lot and there are some UI bugs with the content hiding and appears as you scroll or if you tab away and come back which is pretty annoying. I also really dislike the feature where if you scroll down when you get to the bottom of the messages it transitions you to search results. I regularly accidentally end up in that view and have to switch back. I selected Chat, just let me be in Chat. I also dislike that when I copy the response it includes all the sources and injects the annotations into the response which I then have to go back through and delete. It often times ends up being as much text as the response itself.
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4 years ago, sp@mon!e
Printing problems
Everything is great except one thing, and that’s if you’re trying to print. I print recipes frequently from my phone and cannot do it through this browser. When I go to click the print icon on webpages it doesn’t do anything at all in this browser. If I hold it down and try to open the print page in a new window it says there’s a JavaScript error. The exact same webpage in Safari works fine. After clicking print in Safari it will open the print menu and I can print the page. The only way to print in Edge is to print the entire webpage which means it’s not formatted right and you get a lot of unnecessary junk. Sadly that means for all my printing needs guess I’ll still be using Safari until this gets fixed.
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3 years ago, Lotechie Mo
Pleasantly Surprised
After many years looking for alternatives to Safari and Chrome I’ve settled here with Edge. I did use Firefox for a while too, which I liked, but it came down to finding something that worked well on all devices I use. I’m a windows user for work, but iPhone devotee and also use iPad for work. Edge syncs quite well through all devices and has become pretty user friendly IMO. As a matter of fact, it’s been my experience lately that all windows apps have been working and playing very well on the apple devices I own. I’ve very pleased all around. I love apple devices, and find lots of Microsoft software useful. This has just been a good user experience for me.
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2 years ago, boarder90634
Terrible Browser
Every time an app says “can only be opened in edge”, I know I won’t be getting that task accomplished today. Its usually an overzealous blocking software that’s blocking me from accessing resources within my own company that I can access on my laptop. Its a corporate connected device, so it should have same access, but any app that diverts to edge is an app I delete because those links never work. Theres always some sort of issue on microsoft’s end that makes it sound like my own company doesnt want me to access my own work files on the device that they provided to me. I mean come on guys, whats the point of a corporate connected device if I can’t use any apps, I just get referred to edge to sign in and then told I cant. I can’t print from my work ipad, but I can from my work laptop. Does that sound like a rule that a company would have? Ofcourse not, its not blocked, its horrible software.
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3 years ago, Rygulas
Bug? Lacks split screen and slide over
Like all browsers on iOS, Edge is just a skin overtop of Safari that gives access to Edge synced favorites, tabs, history, etc. And that’s lovely. I use a desktop PC and love to be able to sync all of that stuff from my Windows PC to my iPad. Edge does all of this except for one critical thing that for my usability, really makes it hard to use this over Safari. It completely lacks the ability to use splitscreen app mode with itself, something that is extremely useful to me and many others. It also doesn’t have the ability to use slide over, which is kinda odd considering there is an iPhone version of the app of course. If it just had these abilities, it would be my go-to browser app without a doubt.
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3 months ago, Elgin Tarot Resolutions
🌟 "Microsoft Edge: Where Work and Copilot Unite for Boundless Possibilities" 🌟
Embarking on my digital journey with Microsoft Edge has been nothing short of transformative. With its seamless integration of productivity tools and the innovative power of Copilot, every task becomes an opportunity for creativity and efficiency. Navigating through work tasks feels like a breeze, with Microsoft Edge as my steadfast companion, guiding me through the vast ocean of information and possibilities. The intuitive interface empowers me to stay focused and inspired, while Copilot adds an extra layer of brilliance, effortlessly assisting me in my coding endeavors with insightful suggestions and solutions. In a world where every moment counts, Microsoft Edge has become more than just a browser—it's a catalyst for inspiration and productivity. It's not just about getting things done; it's about igniting a spark of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Thank you, Microsoft, for crafting a tool that not only meets my needs but inspires me to reach for the stars. With Microsoft Edge and Copilot by my side, the sky's the limit! ✨
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5 years ago, drfbmhlg
Password Syncing has always been a problem for me since first use!
I’m Office 365 user for four years and I love Microsoft’s softwares, the same for Edge browser. I like speed and reliability of Edge browser EXCEPT for syncing! For me, syncing passwords never works in Edge browser(iPad). Bookmarks syncs, but sometimes history not sync ... etc. Edge on my iPhone(never on iPad) syncs passwords but it takes a long time to sync. It’s a real pain. I don’t know why passwords and history syncing in CHROME browser happens in real-time but NOT in Edge browser. So, I have to rely on Chrome although I don’t trust Google for web browsing. I don’t know why Microsoft can’t fix this to sync in real-time even though it is one of the most advanced Tech-companies in the world. Please FIX Syncing Problem!!!!
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7 years ago, LucarioTechGuy
Good but not the best
After exploring Microsoft Edge on the iPhone after its initial release to the App Store I have to say it’s good but not the best. Where to improve: Privacy settings: I would like the ability to save my privacy settings from my previous browsing session and have them applied to my next browsing session. Like say for example I toggle the offer to save passwords switch off in my first browsing session I would like it to remain off in each following browsing session following when I toggle that switch off. Next: when opening a new tab I would like it to go to a home page I set. I do not see the ability to set a home page in the app. Unless I have to pair my iPhone with my computer to get those settings I have applied to Microsoft Edge on my computer I would like the ability to set those settings similar to how I have Microsoft Edge on my computer. The good: I have my favorite sites from my computer in the favorites section on my iPhone I can print articles to the AirPrint enabled printer I use I can set my theme from light to dark like I have on my computer If possible I would like the settings I have suggested addressed
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4 years ago, maddscot
Really liked Edge until...
Really liked Edge and made the switch from Chrome. When setting up it asked to sync my bookmarks which I did and all was fine until a day later. Duplicate bookmarks and multiplying. Did the removed duplicates feature and they came right back and subsequently duplicated them across all devices and browsers too (Chrome etc.). Had to make a clean copy of my bookmarks, store as a file, delete Edge and Chrome as well as disable all syncing on all devices. Installed a clean version of Chrome, imported bookmarks, and no all is fine. Support from Microsoft was poor, support from Google 1 was poor as each blamed the other. Though I will admit no issue ever using chrome. Shame as I really liked the Edge browser too. When it is for sure fixed I may give it another try.
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5 years ago, Gabriel Dy
Odd bug/feature with tabs is just baffling
One very odd thing i found is that the order of the tabs differ depending on whether you are in grid view or just using the tabs bar. The grid view displays the newest tab first, top left, then displays older tabs moving to the right, down. The problem is that when you go to a tab, the tabs bar display *oldest* first, starting from the left, and shows newly opened tabs moving to the right. It gets confusing when you have more than 5 tabs open, with you being at the right most end of your tabs bar but at the top left corner at the tabs grid. Edge has been very great to use as a browser! It hasn’t had any performance issues and has been a great alternative to chrome and safari. I hope the devs fix this issue because it’s the one thing it lacks that all the other browsers have.
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11 months ago, M.$.R.
Best browser available
I dislike leaving reviews because most aren’t worth reading, and you might feel the same about mine… Having said that, I have used every browser and software option possible both on my Apple personal products, (phone, watch, iPad, MacBook Pro, etc.) I have also tried everything available for my work Windows and Linux PC’s as well as my Samsung S23Ultra. Edge is the best browser without comparison, from the ultra fast load times to much better content blockers, (if you so wish to use them,) and most importantly the workflow between every Microsoft app, on both my work and personal computers and phones. I used Safari, Firefox, Google, and Opera for years, but I keep coming back to Edge and everything else Microsoft because it just works so dang well. Download it and try it out, you have nothing to lose and I’d bet my paycheck that you enjoy it more than what you use, with the exception of very high level and intelligent computer wizards which I am working towards but not there yet. —Maximillian
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6 years ago, ChesterGreenBird
Great browser!
I have been using Edge for iOS since it was in the beta testing stage. I've really enjoyed experiencing its tweaks and improvements all along, to bring it ever closer to the quality of browser that I love in Windows 10. While it doesn't (yet) have all the functionality of the Windows version, it's stable and likeable enough that I've given it the prominent spot on my iPhone's and iPad's dock, instead of Safari. Granted, there are things Safari does better, but most things are just as good (if not better) on Edge. The built-in "Continue on PC" is extremely useful; I've used it countless times. Altogether, Edge for iOS is top-notch! I'm curious to see what else Microsoft has up its sleeve!
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11 months ago, mountain.spider
Really like it but
I’ll change the review if anything changes. But recently it’s over laying in correctly. if I do a search and I try to scroll down, it automatically triggers AI copilot, over laying the screen with search but not triggering co pilot to turn on or even allow me to click on search results unless, I click co pilot AI, close the window of co pilot, and then everything works like normal. But it happens during every single search. Even if I turn off the copilot function, it’s still happening. i’ll check back in a week or so to see if they’ve given it an update. very disappointing because I switched the iPhone about a year ago and I’ve kept using Microsoft edge and it’s my go to browser but now I can’t use it on my iPhone.
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3 years ago, Hoochalaffa The Great
Weird syncing issues
I went all in with edge to take advantage of the enterprise account integrations to the browser and syncing between devices. It’s extremely frustrating to invest time into the browser on iOS only to get error messages and no explanation on how to address them issues. I logged out to reset and it won’t sync now. “Something went wrong. [2400]” Maybe it is an SSO issue, but the experience with the browser happens on mobile and on desktop with zero explanation. Searching online for help yielded little to zero help on how to troubleshoot. [update] Reply to Microsoft’s developer response: I have now submitted feedback within the edge app. I’d hate to have to go back to bloated chrome browser. Edge has so much going for it, I hope you contact me and connect it to this review and trouble shoot this extremely frustrating issue. Rco****** at *****ics com
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6 years ago, raven_osx
A Browser I’ve Been Waiting For
This is a very good browser for many reasons. The synchronization between my Windows 10 desktop and my iPhone is great. It is performed in app and requires no 3rd party software installation on my desktop. This is an advantage over iCloud sync via windows to phone in my opinion. Continue on desktop is nice because I like to be able to send a website to my desktop as well. However, this should be done seamlessly in my opinion because the feature can just as deadly be used on the Safari iPhone browser via continue on desktop app. The browser is also very speedy and loads content quickly story would expect.
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2 years ago, Makkenai
Error in favorites bar and feedback
Hello, i tried using the help and feedback option in the edge ios app but the send button will not send after typing issue . So i do it here... I am blind and use apple accessibility mode Voice Over on my iphone se3 with 15.5 and the latest edge app , i checked there are no updates. Ok, when in favorites bar and creating more then 12 folders every folder after 12 is not spoken by Voice Over its like they are nameless. I had created 19 folders but 13 to 19 the name is not spoken and i did give the folders a name. I am blind i cannot confirm if the folders are not showing or just not spoken. Anyway not more then 12 folder in favorites bar i think that is an error. I thought i will report this thank you Mak :)
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