Microsoft Power BI

4.7 (71.1K)
158 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.4 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Power BI

4.71 out of 5
71.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Sguridi
Love Power BI App Mobile
As a business intelligence developer I’ve been waiting for over a decade to embed reports inside both SharePoint, web portal and many various Microsoft platforms. The fact that you can embed PowerBI into a Teams tab is shocking. As a developer I can constantly take a look at my work and examine my mistakes as well as validate my data. I always knew there would come a point where the possibility to pin a report/dashboard to a web portal or mobile app was in the near future. Although, I did not expect it to come this quick. I am extremely satisfied with Microsoft Power BI.
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5 years ago, joecefis
Almost there...
The concept behind this app, and the functionality it provides in connecting to big data is invaluable. The problem is that there are many (many!) minor things that don’t work correctly or were not thought out, that they add up to this not being all that it should be. One immediate example - there is a navigation bar at the top of report pages that obscures the report below it. It would be a simple thing for MS to fix this by moving the report down slightly on the page, but as-is, makes it very difficult to use, especially if in your mobile report layout there are slicers or other navigation elements at the top of the page. I could go on (no freeze-pane functionality for tables, no long press to bring up tooltips, poor use of font shrinking, etc), but hope MS puts polishing this app high on the priority list!
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4 years ago, Kinga3736362736
Navigation and card issue
It’s very easy to view reports in the app and the performance speed is much faster, however it’s difficult to navigate. If I open a report and manipulate the filters multiple times, I have to keep pressing on the arrow in top left corner to go back to the list of my reports - is there a faster way? If there is, it’s not easy to find - not user friendly. Also, when looking at the report in horizontal way I cannot exit the app easily by swiping up from the bottom of my screen (I have an iPhone 11 and I exit all of my apps this way). What happens when I swipe from the bottom up is that the screen saver shows up positioned horizontally. There is no way to exit that - unless I turn off my phone. Also, one of my measures has spacing between values (using “ “&), the spacing is preserved when I first open the report but it’s not when I go back to that page from a different page.
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1 year ago, Wonder365
Report accuracy
Reports either don’t load or are inaccurate due to data from other locations doesn’t transfer. If one report is accurate why isn’t the other report that pulls the data accurate. Leads me to believe the information is not trustworthy. We are 3 1/2 months into the year and still don’t have accurate information as to where we stand and don’t know what areas we need to improve on. It’s not fair to us that we have to react once the data and the reports are up to date. If one or more areas of our goals is lacking it’s hard to recover from by the end of the year. Especially when the rating scale changes and categories are changed. I do my job to the best of my ability and work hard to stay around a 2 rating overall. So not having accurate reporting is unacceptable.
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7 months ago, clsaura
Handy for report developers, with some room for improvement
As someone who develops Power BI reports, I appreciate the ability to pull up a report on my phone and refresh a dataset (sorry, “semantic model”) from my phone. When a refresh fails due to a random transient error, refreshing from the iOS app allows me to fix the issue when I’m not near my work laptop. My only suggestion: My team relies heavily on Power Platform Dataflows, so it would be a huge quality of life improvement if we could also refresh dataflows through the app.
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2 years ago, Sviesa
Incredible app with exciting possibilities
As a BI Analyst / developer I use this app every day. I include a mobile view of every report I make knowing how easily others can view the report in the app. I hope that online services are in the works to be added. I would love to be able to manage workspaces, refreshes, and permissions from the app - that would be a huge feature for any data governance steward.
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1 year ago, Jon.upshaw
Problematic card viewer
There is a Microsoft custom visual called a card viewer that is demonstrated with baseball players, you can insert a picture and include lots of great information on and “flip the card” to see even more information…. However in the mobile app this wonderful visual only works about 20% of the time and the rest of the time it won’t even show up, so what is a wonderful effect on the desktop ends up being an empty screen on the phone. I am giving this one star in the hopes that the good folks at Microsoft will address the issue. I’ve tried adding my review to the online forums with no luck. Aside from that this is a wonderful app, here’s to hoping that this review will get someone’s attention. 🤞
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4 years ago, mahz
I do like this app/program overall!
Hello! My company recently ended a contract with a company offering similar services. I do like this program! It seems to be very versatile. I look forward to working with IT to fine tune it to best suit our needs. Question though - would it be possible enlarge the icons at the top of the window (Sales and Profit window)? That is, to the left, the arrow pointing up/2 down, surrounding icons, and on opposite side of window filter symbol/arrow/maximize icons as well as the icons to the far top right. I actually created a picture for descriptive purposes. Unfortunately, no way to upload here. We have 40 sales reps in the field who will be using this exclusively on iPads and phones. Enlarging the icons for better maneuverability when drilling down on analysis - I can already tell from some feedback - will make a huge difference. Thanks and looking forward to further development of this app!
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2 years ago, Oldcorps41
The Power of the Power Platform
If only business leaders truly understood the Power of this tool, to move business forward with data. We often look for tech in our day to day with the latest phone and cars, but many times over look it in our business.
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3 years ago, TechPops
IPad Interface is great for viewing dashboards, but…
I love being able to view dashboards directly through my iPad, but inevitably, you want to see the most recent data. The application currently does not support the ability to kick off a data refresh. This would be an extremely useful feature and the lack of it usually puts me back on the web interface.
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7 years ago, redundencyredundency
Mobile app experience needs enhancing
I love that I am connected with my dashboards and reports at all times but there is too much limited functionality in the app. I would like to see enhancements for selecting multiple categories from a slicer as well as options to edit my gateway from settings.
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3 months ago, Ethan Hauptli
The attractiveness of apps, generally speaking, is their ease of use, a good UI, etc. This app lacks all the things that make an app fun or useful to use. Rather it’s a prison sentence that you’re shackled to to get your data because your employer paid god knows how much to subscribe to this pain inducing piece of software. Can’t wait to leave elements like this behind. Truly a shining example of why corporate life is such a soul crushing waste of one’s life, especially highlighted by the minuscule type size you’re expected to read. I mean wow, not a good experience.
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5 years ago, SSingh11
Barcode scanner filter
Hi Team, I am trying to use barcode scanner. I am able to scan it and it is taking me to the correct barcode report but I don’t see any scanner filter option on my phone app screen. I am not Able to filter my report with the scanned barcode value. I saw many blogs on google that this issue existed earlier due to some bug in app and has been fixed. But I still don’t see it in my app. I am using version 18.7, please help.
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10 months ago, MT$123
Overall, the program works perfectly to show up to date numbers and charts. The only negative feedback would be that you can’t complete your itrack objectives directly through power bi.
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2 years ago, kennewock
Not a fan, over complicated
Not user friendly. Impossibly to find simple information. Trying to sort down to district level is a challenge and there are far too many options that aren’t labeled clearly enough to find the information I need quickly. The old version of sellmax was a fast one stop place to get the number I need. I have yet to find any of the info I have looked for on here any of the times I have tried. It shouldn’t be this difficult
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5 years ago, amayes90
Great App, UI Needs Some Attention
The app is a great tool to allow users to review data and conduct quick analysis on the go. However, some of the user interfaces need attention. I find it often on my iPad or iPhone that we I scroll on a page the header and footer info do not close allowing you to see all of your data. The markup feature is great but again the UI could use some attention. It is a great tool and app for BI!
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5 years ago, AA124455);8;!;
Drill Down on Mobile
There must be a better way to drill down on your data from the mobile app. Only way to do this effectively is from a desktop. Not very convenient.
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4 years ago, mdtempl
Cumbersome problematic system
Difficult to see most needed data. Layers that need to access on phone are cumbersome, load fails frequently l, then can’t zoom to see info. Been using for 9 months and still very frustrated accessing data. Definitely do not recommend this platform. Our old simple data platform far exceeded this.
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3 years ago, GBH50
App doesn’t capture data
I’m unsure why the iPad app doesn’t reflect the settings or data I load into the desktop version of Power BI and subsequently uploaded to the web. For example, the iPad app doesn’t capture the filter settings I have (single select vs. multi select) and omits items in that filter. The desktop version behaves/responds as intended. This is a disappointment.
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5 years ago, Discrete David
Better on a bigger screen but great to have on your phone
Use on the phone is good but to really use the tools it’s best to use on an iPad or laptop. Still, it great to have access to the necessary data on your phone. 4 stars as it still crashes occasionally.
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4 years ago, WhyDoesSomeoneHaveMyNickname
Fast, easy to update, ready for on the go
Once you use it daily it has become a must
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4 years ago, BelgianGazelle
Reverse the filter screen as default
When opening for example the prior day sales it opens on the filter page and then you go into the prior day sales. It would be best and faster if it opened to the prior day sales page and then the filter page was default. Please change
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2 years ago, nobodylikesme01
Would be nice if we could apply widgets or bookmark the data we use frequently
Would be nice if we could apply widgets or bookmark the data we use frequently
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1 year ago, D boi206
Power Bi
Frustrating on weekends when reports don’t up date until Monday . - example in stock Some reports aren’t user friendly - example item adjustment report store users having troubles getting their store to pull up
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4 years ago, UpUser6months
Could be better
The filtering functionality in the dashboards and reports is really hard to use. Enabling filters to use native IOS filters (swiping up and down across values) would be a big improvement. Right now you need to zoom or break fingernails to filter.
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5 years ago, Macbolan75
You might notice that some dashboards take too long to render though the app or don’t render at all. Delete the app completely and re-install. This will fix that issue
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6 years ago, MBeck007
Unlimited potential
But definitely needs work around clicking on visualizations. Very difficult with iPhone even when zooming in.
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3 months ago, scrap for$
Love the buyer expected margins, it tells us where we are in terms of making the company grow positively and where the buyer is weak to improve.
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7 years ago, bacon6actual
App crashing after latest update
App crashing with latest update after corporate sign in for government customers.
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9 months ago, Mn Frequent flyer
Mobile use is sketchy not intuitive
Mobile use of this app still needs to be improved. Kind of glitchy and commands to go from one option to another are not obvious.
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4 years ago, TyRow510
Please add Bookmarks!
This feature is super valuable on the iPad and computer but should also be available for phone. While you’re at it, allow us to create bookmarks on the iPad at least. These are mandatory for mobile business. Then I’ll give you 5 stars!
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3 years ago, BriLucchesi
Apple Watch Stuck
After latest update the Apple Watch portion of this app stays on sign in page even after reinstalling and restarting both phone and watch. No relevant support on website or help files to troubleshoot. May be a bug with latest set version.
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4 years ago, Khenkle
Great Software!
Power BI makes visualizing data seamless and provides countless integrations throughout the Microsoft suite and external, creating looking and customizable mobile content, and insights with Q&A nlp is infinitely resourceful and business friendly.
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5 years ago, African beast
Never has current information
Very disappointed
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2 years ago, mher1091
Good mobile app
I use this app for work. Its easy to navigate and is my go to for everything i need.
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4 years ago, Mtb climber
Working with reports with multiple tabs is tough to navigate
Need to play with mobile report settings more and see if my problems are all user error.
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7 years ago, Arian Krakov
Ok but...
It works ok in the sense that gives you a mobile access to your reports BUT the experience could be much better. Why do I need to select an object to interact with it?? You added 1 click to everything and please adapt selectors to the mobile world
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7 years ago, AnnaSalmon
Refresh issue
Microsoft still has work to do on this app. Finding that reports are not refreshing if the same tables/queries are being used. Although I've reported the issue, no action is being taken to correct it.
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3 years ago, chico paco cocoa
This program appears to display cognitive intuition. An organized data set can easily be highlighted by end users. Great work MSFT
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6 years ago, HotCalSun
Version 15.9 on 6/15 breaks iOS iPhone X viewing
App was working great until the 15.9 release on 6/15. Neither mobile dashboards nor reports load in the new version on an iPhone X. Load and refresh messages flash for a few seconds and then a blank screen. Unfortunate, as the app had been really useful previously. I have logged in/out, even deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail.
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2 years ago, valea95
You guys are lacking in the ability to touch one of the graphs and see our actual numbers attached to those graphs
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2 years ago, X33D
Takes way too long to load. Costing me valuable time that could be spent with customers and employees. Upset with having to use a nickname. And all taken.. must be a lot of bad reviews
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5 years ago, Joe Robert
Good work but needs improvement
Good app, I like that I can access my non mobile reports in landscape. My only grip is not being able to cross highlight across multiple visuals
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3 years ago, Bigdawg417457
Absolutely awful. Way too busy. you need an instruction booklet to go on here and find information. I was the time to go over the instruction booklet every time you get home. I work in the field and don’t spend my time in front of a screen. I need information readily available. This is not it. TMI.
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5 years ago, pwannsta
Solves a lot of problems
I needed a way to make my project financials mobile and web based. This brought it all together. Good job Microsoft!
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2 years ago, Spate025
After upgraded to this version, data started flickering/blinking ??
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3 years ago, Denidedeni
Great tool
Easy to use and accurate. Incredibly time saving !
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5 years ago, Jnxs27272
Hopeful but terrible
It’s good enough that you try to use it but more often than not you will encounter frustrating bugs that make it impossible to view reports. Keep trying Microsoft. It’s always an amazement that you’re still in business.
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2 years ago, sirenbhd1979
Useless since last update.
After the last update I cannot load any of my reports. They say can’t display visual when they worked just fine prior to the update. Unless it’s fixed this app is now useless. I’m very frustrated with it to say the least.
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2 months ago, Emmanuel Acceme
Data way
Best way to keep tracks of data reports
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