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User Reviews for Microsoft Remote Desktop

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6 years ago, wad11656
Fantastic, fast, and smooth from my small use
Had no qualms with the “square logo” version. I used it often, using both Active Directory logins and local logins. Did mass software installs on multiple machines simultaneously all remotely from the app. This one I feel like runs even faster and smoother than the last one! Great job, devs. I also can see on here that the devs are responding to many of the (often unbelievably whiny and uppity) complaints on this review page, often proving the customer wrong or letting them know that their desired feature is forthcoming. Thank you for your dedication, dev team. I feel these guys deserve a 5-star review. The average rating for this app largely seems to be due to customers’ ineptitude or ignorance, so the rating really isn’t fair or telling of the quality of the app.
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9 months ago, realdanielbyrne
The software serves its purpose, but it is wrought with bugs and suspect UI design elements that for several major releases hav e not been addressed. In particular on a i9/AMD 2018 Mac, connected to a Display Link docking station, if the docking station was unplugged during a live RDP session, the software would cause the screen to go black, and it was irrecoverable until rebooted. On multiple Macbook versions, when a session is active and the connection is broken say when the laptop is put to sleep by closing the lid, when the computer is openned again it asks the question do you want to resume session. This is annoying because if accepted, the resolution from the prior session is restored which might not match the resolution of the current monitors the laptop is connectd to, and so the bet option is to say no, and then reconnect. A better solution would simply be to be disconnect without showing the dialog box and big black screen. Hitting the 'Delete' key at any time when transfering a large file with copy paste between local and remote connections with throw an unspecified error and cancel the transaction, even if the File Explorer progress bar is not active and the user is in any other application. Sometimes the remote desktop background image will not be visible, and the RDP session will just show a black background on the remote Windows/Windows server computer. This bug is not consistent, but frequent.
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4 years ago, cycollins
nearly perfect
I have a specific usage case - I work in a multiplatform environment in which I work on the Mac and on the PC. I don't want to keep changing physical keyboards, so despite the fact that the two physical machines are next to eachother beneath my desk, I use remote desktop to view and operate the PC while working on the Mac. This works reasonable well except that the Remote Desktop Service on the PC requires that I can only be logged in either via the Remote Desktop app OR the PC itself. Since there are some operations that cannot be performed via RDP - attaching to a VPN being one of them - it would be nice if I could just leave the PC logged in and operate it via Remote Desktop at the same time. Now, I'm sure there really IS such a way, but the internet is not my friend in helping me find it. So properly-speaking, this probably a complaint about the service and not the client app, but the entire eco-system is failing me in small ways. Also, while I appreciate the option that allows the Apple key to be interchangable with ctrl for edit operations and find, it doesn't seem to work consistently, and as everyone who has ever switched back and forth between the Mac and Windows knows, confusion over which meta key to use in editing will eventually cause brain damage and is likely to send hardware on ballistic journeys through windows (not Windows).
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1 year ago, --=ICEMAN=--
Its good, but needs to fix these 2 issue to be great.
I have used Microsoft from DOS days to Windows 11. But recently migrated to MAC for personal use. However, I do PC support from home and have a Windows 10 work LAB running. Both MAC and Windows PC are on the same Local network and IP scheme. My main issue is hit and miss. One day I can connect to the Windows 10 LAB via the hostname, the next I must use the IP address. I can map my shared drive from my MAC using the hostname yet cannot connect to the hostname with this Microsoft Remote Desktop app running on my MAC. Rebooting or flushing the network makes no difference. My next issue happened with the newest update. Once I am connected and use the fit to Window option and exit out of full screen mode to window mode, The desktop rather than stay at a scaled down version now blows up. The issue sort of looks like I am using the old Microsoft magnifier app. I really hate this as it makes using multiple apps hard while connect. Changing resolution makes no difference. Issue is still there. So, I truly hope that these two issues get fixed in an update soon. With this said. I really like this app. I appreciate the fact its free, easy to use and it has the ability to import or export the RDP files.
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3 years ago, Gillius2
Poor Performance
MacOS version works but has horrible peformance compared to the Windows version. Connecting to a local Windows 10 machine over 1 gbps Ethernet has very noticeable lag and low framerate. Using Windows 10 RDP client to same Windows 10 target on same network is dramatically faster. All 3 are using 4k resolution (at 4k though even Windows RDP client has some noticeable lag but nothing compared to macos RDP client). Setting up resolution too a lot of manipulating with choosing "optimize for retina" vs. not. I suspect this is the issue with the slowness, that both sides cannot agree consistently on DPI and resolution settings so there is a lot of scaling going on on both sides. Sometimes DPI is messed up and Windows target shows massive fonts, but if I exit and re-enter full screen it will resolve. Probably also due to the scaling is image being blurry in some cases. No stars off from this, but it would be nice if modifier key remapping was possible, as control/option/start button/alt are in annoying places. Also annoying is that control left/right arrow to move cursor is not possible as macos intercepts it for switching between full screen apps. But this is macos limitation.
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4 years ago, kevinn87
Current version is worse than previous version
This version of the application is frustrating. I've been using this for years and the most recent update introduced lots of new "features" that make me scratch my head. For instance, every time my computer sleeps, the session to all remote desktops is severed and you must reconnect by pushing a button. Given the fact that there are two bullet points in the current description of this application, it seems like they place a lot of pride in how they rewrote the reconnect features. To me they seem like they are actually less functional than before. Previous version would automatically reconnect as long as the remote server session hadn't expired and allowed it. In this version, you have to push a button. Small price, sure, but also seem completely unnecessary. It's compounded when you have work open on multiple servers as it seems only one remote server can be reconnected. If you have two or more open, they become nonresponsive after sleep and require that you completely close and connect from the connection center.
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9 months ago, ķǫǫɭ
Doesn't Load Properly
Hello! I have been a fan of microsoft since I was a child. Actually, literally. I prefer microsoft over apple products 100%. However, since starting with the remote desktop, I have actually had to switch to an apple computer becuase it seems to work better on Apple products. However, do not think that by using an apple product and saying it's running better is actually doing anythig. It takes me about 30 minutes to send a message on teams as it will load teams 1 frame per second. Which is still better than using the other computer, becuase it wouldn't even load at all on the microsoft computer. This app needs to have a lot more networking and a bunch of things done before I can say this is a good app. I genuinely don't mean this in a bad way and I want this to get fixed. My company probably believes that I am an incompenent employee as we mostly use teams, and yet with the microsoft remote desktop, it doesn't load. It needs to be fixed. Please. Thank you
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4 years ago, TaylorCABC
Great option to remote into my office desktop from home - a little glitchy
As I've transitioned to working remotely full-time, as many other office workers have as well during the pandemic, Microsoft Remote Desktop has proven so very useful and to be the answer to all (or most) of my problems. I can use my personal laptop - a MacBook Air - and have that option to work with my preferred device, but still be able to access company files, keep work files separate from my own, and use certain subscriptions that require being downloaded that are on my work desktop (such as Adobe Illustrator, Miscrosoft Publisher, etc)... So cool! Only issue is that my cursor has been disappearing if I switch between my laptop interface and remoting in... Kind of a small issue, but also not if you're trying to use your cursor (which of course is always!). It is also a bit slow and requires a very strong WiFi connection.
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5 years ago, copper planet
Inferior compared to version 8
I work remotely and must use this for work. I use work related apps and have more than one open at the same time. if any one app is maximized, my dock and menu bar disappear, and I have to minimize the apps to see those. I absolutely hate that. My work has the remote computers set to time out after about 20 minutes of inactivity for security purposes. If I leave my desk for longer than that, I have to let it time out because if I log out, and then try to log back in later, I end up being logged in as a temporary user instead of as my profile. So if I leave my desk, I let it time out and when I come back and log in again, the apps are still open (I can see this in the RDS icon menu) but I can’t get the apps to pull up on the screen. Also, in version 8, I could toggle on my kepboard and see the box with the list of apps on my desktop easily, but with the new version - no. This version is definitely NOT an improvement over 8.
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4 years ago, automatedfuture
Mostly Good
For the most part it works as promised. There are a few key combinations that could be a little more obvious or easier to access when logged into the windows machine. The big one being somehow getting to the Windows-Key functionality. it might be there but I have not found it yet. Using it with work resources from the house I have not had any serious issues. The MS Contour mouse I use (yes Mac should issue a 2 button blue tooth magic mouse) but as I was saying the windows specific functions on the mouse work fine when on the windows machine. Also Skype through the windows machien over BT headsets works pretty good. overall this latest version seems to be a signficant improvement.
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5 months ago, nickolasShawn
Good with some obvious issues
Overall it works pretty well. My main complaint is that it's terrible at participating in the normal windowing behaviors in macOS. It doesn't handle being full-screen on a desktop that isn't the same one as the weird old control bar it's always trying to show. It also doesn't handle moving between multiple full-screen connections very well. If you have two full-screen sessions open at once and try to switch between them it falls over until you non-fullscreen one so it understands which one it needs to interact with. It also flat-out ignores the window hide behavior in macOS. It will hide, then immediately re-appear. It would be a big upgrade just to get the normal native macOS window controls. Performance always seems meh at best, no matter the connection and PCs you give it.
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6 years ago, GABATHEHUT
Getting Better- Still Some User Interface Issues
We are a Microsoft partner who delivers a SAS app to 100’s of users via remote desktop and remote app. More than half of our users are on Mac’s and use Microsoft Remote Desktop. We have found Version 10 much harder to setup on users desktops because unlike the prior version where most of the information was in one place - now its spread around via access to dropdowns and in various locations. When we first started using this we had cursor disappearance and mysterious disconnects - and couldnt seem to get support It seems that they have been working hard to bring this up to speed and improve support. We started retesting and found the most current release to be much more stable - just dont try to open a full session screen on a 5K iMac in High Sierra yet.
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3 years ago, Dubble D 2020
Needs improvements
The Remote Desktop is a great idea so QBs Desktop users can use it remotely. However, it has many flaws. First being that they haven't figured a way for you to be able to drag and drop files from your desktop to the remote desktop so everything has to be done within the remote desktop. Second, the remote desktop will not stretch between two monitors so you can have QBs open on one side (aka monitor) and your emails and other webpages open in the other. Third, They give you Chrome browser to use, which is great, but it is set up to not save any user information such as logins and bookmarks. This is a pain when you have to do everything from within this program. Fourth, it coninuously loses connection and has to reconnect. It is not my connection to the internet because everything I do for work is over the internet and my other connections on my local desktop is just fine. Fix these fout things and I will give 5 stars.
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2 years ago, MrTheEdgeSTB
Seamless functionality
I use my MacBook Pro as my primary platform and use the Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) app as a way to "jump" to my primary work Windows machine and the various servers I manage. It has all the key functions of the Windows based component, with additional features I like very much on the Mac platform (like the palette that can display all your saved machines, based on groupings; the ability to run in optimal res for Retina and auto-resize res), and the accompanying fast-screen swiping native to Mac/Linux platforms makes it super easy to queue up several machines and just swipe between them. It's made running my windows sessions from a Mac so seamless I can't see ever going back.
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2 years ago, Akerr1024
It works, but its isn't great
This works, but it has some bugs and annoyances in the way it works. The bug I've noticed a lot is that there are blanks where the names should be in the connection manager, but if you sort it they'll come back or others will disappear. The annoyances are that if you have a number of them open it should launch the connection manager instead of just the open session, its just extra clicks and annoying. The biggest annoyance is that the connections aren't stored in something sane like a .xml file that you could put in version control, or sync between more than one laptop. You can export one at a time, but what a massive pain. So in a company of more than one admin each has to create their own - which is really fun when you've got 100 servers, or even 10. It works, but could use a ton of improvement.
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2 years ago, Herrmzh
Plenty good for one mac. Once started using my laptop, other Mac desktop and this Mac destop, as well as iPad.... I am painfully aware that the app doesn't sync settings or remote desktops accross devices. There is an export/import feature that I've tried to use between windows and Mac... Realised that wasn't possible and gave up for a time... Then later tried using it on two of the afore-mentioned Mac desktops and saw there is a lot of room for improvement. - It clearly states user IDs and passwords won't be moved, so I had that expectation, but also; the groups didn't move for me... it just plopped all remote desktops in "saved PCs" with no option to import to groups or change during import.... Pretty much not worth the effort for me. I use another app for SSH/Telnet and SFTP connections; it syncs across ALL my devices wether that's windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, or IOS/Android... It just works and works very well... It has a built-in key/password manager and really just makes sense.... Whereas this... Is maybe 1/4 of the way there to reach that level of awesomeness.... I would hope one day it can sync and manage large amounts of connections well... But for now... This is all.
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4 years ago, La le
laggy vs. regular MS rdp client
When I use the this rdp client, I consistenly get mouse lag when I click it takes 2-5 seconds for it to register on the remote machine (I'm using an external USB mouse). I did a speedtest between the server I'm connecting to and my machine and I'm getting 53Mbps down and 18Mbps up so I have good bandwidth to run a remote desktop session. As a test, I installed Parallels Desktop and setup a Windows 10 VM. Within this VM, I use the regular Microsoft Remoter Desktop Client and connect to the same machine = the lag is almost completely gone. I'm using resolution=default for this display (2048x1152), full screen, color quality=medium (16 bit), no other display setting are being used.
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6 years ago, MJS251
Fantastic new version; however, please check on RemoteApp importing!
The new version is a significant improvement over version 8 offering many usability improvements and new features. Kudos on this new version! The only glitch we’ve encountered is with importing RemoteApp RDP files downloaded from a Remote Desktop Gateway web portal. The old version would allow you to import them and then you could add folder redirection in the properties. The new version gives an error saying “We couldn’t import any of your desktops because all the files are invalid.” The same files work on version 8 perfectly. If you try to import the RemoteApp from the old version, it converts it into a Desktop connection instead of an App connection. Besides that nuance, the new version is fantastic!
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5 years ago, ryanvito2
So many issues with something so critical
I've used MRD for a long time at work to access all kinds of Microsoft systems both desktops and servers. However, it is constantly updating and intruducing new issues and there seems to be no stability. Biggest problem I face all the time is copy-paste failing which is an absolutely critical component of the tool. Why does it work in one version and fail in the next? Nothing changed on my Mac, just a new version of this tool that says "bug fixes" for release notes. A more annoying problem than copy-paste failing is whenever my AD password is updated (every 60 days) MRD loses access to unlock my keychain. There is nothing that will let me update what password it attempts to use to unlock my keychain either so I am stuck recreating all of my credential store. Password changes are a common occurance but it appears no thought was given to how that would impact heavily-used features like storing credentials. That feature is excellent when it works but I can't trust it because every password update it fails so I am forced to manually enter credentials from other password vaults every time I log in. I gave this 2 stars because even with these flaws it is still better than the RDP client in windows which makes absolutely 0 sense.
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6 years ago, Nteal
It’s just okay… Good from far, but far from good
One of the features that seems new is the ability to manage credentials much easier then version 8. That was one of the main draws to upgrading (aside from the fact 8 was depricated). I’m glad to hear organizing the connections list is coming soon, but dissabpointed that it wasn’t out of the box in version 10. My main gripe is that when importing saved connections from version 8 it did not copy over the resolution settings. Maybe I’m wierd, but I prefer all the connections to run in a window (1600x900 works decent on my monitors). I had all of my connections in version 8 set to this, but it didn’t carry over when importing from version 8 into 10. There doesn’t appear to be a easy way to bulk edit conections either, so it looks like I’ll be editing 50+ saved connections by hand. Overall for this version, I’d rate it somewhere between :( and >:C Edit: Also the app doesn’t seem to be able to import desktops that were saved with remoteapplicationprograms from version 8. It imports it without the remoteapplicationprogram flags and shows a full desktop environment instead. In addition there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit or create a new desktop in the saved list with remoteapplicationprogram options.
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3 years ago, Cs3gallery
Don't pay attention to other reviews. App is great!
Not that others have not had a horrible experience but we need to put them in context. Most of the time their app has issues or disconnects or does not work not because of the app but because of other issues outside their control. This could range from internet issues to an IT administrator not setting things up correctly or server outages etc. If your RDP servers are setup correctly, this app works flawlessly. Could their be orgninizaition improvements? Probably. But it works well.
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6 years ago, DLEastTN
Connections window displays app data from the server from last connection, is security breach
Just changed to this version, seems to run faster, but displays the last screen prior to closing or after logoff in the connections window for each of the connections. This is a serious security breach if app data on the server (we use Windows Server 2016 on our servers) is being displayed. This is occurs when the connection is closed, with plans to reconnect, but also occurs when signing off on the server without closing the app in use at the time. No other problems thus far. Please prevent the connection screen from being displayed, or at least provide an option to block it, with blocked as default, and a warning about enabling it.
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4 years ago, Woodelph
Good MSWindows client, but poor macOS software
Much better than the last time I used this, a few years ago. It is fast (given a fast connection and remote computer) and handles differing screen resolutions well (though I haven't tried it with a Retina screen). However, it is missing what I consider the most basic feature for a remote desktop (after "can make a remote connection): key remapping. I should be able to type Command-Z on my Mac and have it send ctrl Z to the remote Windows 10 computer. Hardcoding just Command-X, Command-C, and Command-V is almost worse than nothing, because it makes the mental code-switching even harder—what if I cut something and want to undo it? Or want to select all before copying? The better solution would be to enable global remapping of the modifier keys within the remote desktop session: I could map Command (locally) to Control (remotely), Option to Alt, and Control to Windows (or whichever arrangement makes the most sense to the user). Bonus points if it let you select left and right Command/Option/Control keys separately (I wouldn't want to split them, but I could see someone wanting to map the left-hand set to macOS standards and the right-hand set to the MSWindows standards).
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6 years ago, PMD1NH
Scroll bar not scroll when not full screen (not fix in 10.1.7)
Version 10.1.7 The scroll is still scrolling the entire RD screen when not in the Full Screen mode. It should scroll the selected/clicked window which is INSIDE the RD screen. Steps to recreate: 1. Connect to RD but do not go into Full Screen mode or Fit Window. 2. Open a browser on remote host and go to Microsoft or any website. 3. Click (to focus) on the browser inside the RD window, now try to mouse scroll. The entire RD window will scroll instead of just the browser window session. Hope this will be helpful to recreate and eventually fix this minor issue. Thank you! Version 10.1.6. So far so good. I use it to control lot of my Windows VM from Mac. The problem is that if the RD window is not full screen, the scroll will scroll the entire screen instead of just the local window (like file explorer) inside the RD window. I understand this has something to do with the resolution of the RD, but that does not happen when using RD from the windows host machine. Please fix to capture the scroll when inside the local windows of a RD windows what is NOT full screen Thank you!
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6 years ago, Heheh dud
Good quality with keyboard bugs
Love the quality of the stream/feed coming from my office PC to my mac, not run into any major issues bar one big one. On occation I work in visual studio, i work alot on a mechanical keyboard (Brand: Plugable) and have "modifier keys” to have my Ctrl and Alt/Options switched on my mac, when coming over to MRD, it’s messing them up and both the Left Ctrl and Win buttons both become windows button functions, and the alt keys on both sides of the keyboard becomes a dead key. (Right Ctrl is still working as a Ctrl strangely enough) If i turn off “Modifier Keys” in OSX and then go into MRD then the keys are correctly pulling the Ctrl, Win and Alt on the left hand side of the keyboard as hoped. But now I have the oppasite issue where modifier keys are nolonger active on the Mac side. This would be all good and well if the “Use Mac Shortcuts of Cut, Copy and Paste” in the preferences worked, but they don’t. I’ve tried toggling them on and off and it doesn’t switch the keys around for either the USB “Plugable” mechanical keyboard, my external mac keyboard or my MBP’s built-in keyboard. The main feature request I would LOVE to see for this app is to have OSX be able to pass into MRD the modifier keys so I’m consistent across both systems.
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3 years ago, mØid
Terrified to update this app
Does Microsoft realize people rely on this app for their jobs while working from home? Looks like a recent update broke RDP and Microsoft just says we'll update it one more time this year and sorry for the inconvenience. Otherwise it works great and I use it every day. Just wish we could trust the updates. Or if an update is broken have a way to downgrade back to the last stable version. It's just too risky to update when any update could render you unable to work. I'm still using 10.4 today because it works for me and I can rely on it. I have no idea what will stop working, or be improved in any given update. People are saying don't update to 10.7.2 which is why I'm sticking where I'm at.
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3 years ago, BryanL62
Very helpful but can be quircky
i use MS Remote Desktop frequently to operate certain software applications on my Surface Pro with my Mac desktop. Generally it works well but sometimes struggles to connect and stay connected. To connect, I often have to "wake up" the Surface, which is not a big deal when at home, but is a problem when I'm not. Have tried everything to solve the problem with no luck. The staying connected issue may be related to Wi-Fi but not sure. My home Wi-Fi is very good and has no issue with other hardware or software items, including streaming TV and radio. I will say that it disconnects much less frequently than it used to so perhaps MS is working on that. In all, I use it often and appreciate it!
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3 months ago, Анна3Д
Works but wish it played better with Mac shortcuts
My review is overshadowed by some natural tendancies to use shortcuts to minimize and close windows as a mac user. These shortcuts close my remote desktop app instead of what my brain intuitively wants it to do such as close windows or tabs within the remote desktop rather than the app itself. I wish I could override these shortcuts in someway while remote desktop is active. There are also some UI issues for dev builds I need to test on my remote desktop machines that conflict between the app and my Mac. I think remote desktop could be improved in these major ways but until then I am going to ask my company to give me a laptop to use instead of having to remote in.
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2 years ago, AxelWal
Almost perfect
Works really well, until you plug in a USB mouse to your computer... I have now had two different Mac's, one with Intel and one with Apple silicon, and both have the same issue, if you plug in a USB mouse, the remote connection completely dies and is only updating at the speed of a unmotivated unpaid intern in a Starbucks. Please fix this issue!! The software works perfectly with a wireless mouse, but any USB mouse I plug in causes the issue to appear immediatedly. The connection is immediatedly fixed if you take of your hand off from the mouse and use the laptop trackpad instead, even if the mouse is still plugged into the laptop. Pleeease I beg you to fix this, I hate wireless mouses :(
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2 years ago, nicknamezw
What I like and don't like.
It is stable when I use OneDrive. I can't get all my students to use OneDrive and they have all sorts of problems. That probably has little to do with Microsoft Remote Desktop, as it seems to happen when accessing the virtual server through the browser as well. Not sure. If I have to leave it to do something else, it becomes irritating. I like that the most recent version creates a new desktop and sits there so I can go back and forth. I don't like that it stops working (although evidently doesn't disconnect from server) after what seems like 2 minutes. I am forever having to reboot it. Luckily my work has not been lost the last 20 times this has happened.
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3 years ago, A Frolov
Need Reconnect button (hot key)
Hi I have two feature requests with my priorities: Priority0. I work with servers where I have different complex password and the servers logoff automatically, I need to close windows manually and reconnect because I don't wnat to remember and type crazy passwords. Instead of those actions I want to a simple action, like hotkey (for example Cmd F12) and reconnect the current session without other "pain", I'm sure it will save many hours of my work and other people. Priority1. Also good to be able to create groups of hosts inside main groups. Like I have a Site A with a lot of servers, I want to combine render servers in SiteA/Group1, core servers SiteA/Group2, etc.
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4 years ago, dadaDoofy
Needs ability to control menus
For the most part, this app works pretty well although sometimes it hangs while it is trying to connect. It would be SO much better if you could control the time the mouse need to be at the top or bottom of the screen before the Apple menu and docking bar pop up. I'm constantly fighting these menus as they pop up way to quickly whenever I try to get to menus in the remote window. This battle gets very tiring, very quickly. Could there be a setting that controlls how long they take to pop up?
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6 years ago, Sequoia
Grouping good. Constant dropped connections bad.
I noticed that a new compeltely separate version from 8 was available to I pulled it down to play around. I love that there is some rudimentary level of grouping available, it’s been needed for years. That’s great. The bad part is the product is almost completely unusable. I connect to many different computers through a single RDP Gateway and find that the sessions constantly lock up or drop out. In addition to that it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not I’ll be able to initiate a connection, it will stall on any of the steps it takes. 8 was crude but at least it was pretty solid. Pretty disappointed in this release, hope Microsoft actually develops fixes for it (although considering the v8 bugs never got fixed I won’t hold my breath).
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6 years ago, bkvargyas
Beta 10 -> Release 10 No Conversion?
I’ve been running the beta version of this tool for quite a while now and have quite a bit of desktop’s saved into that tool. When I saw that you released this as non-beta, I installed it, but there is no way to “Export” my desktop configurations. I see “Import” functions, but no “Export”. How can I easily move desktops between tools. I tried drag and drop, and that didn’t work either. Also, as another reviwer noted, having the ability to “group” desktop configurations would be helpful, as I have quite a bit to manage. Currently stuck on beta until I can figure out how to export my current configs.
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5 years ago, Surrealcoder
Clipboard redirection is broken
Anytime I try and copy a directory to move it on the remote session, the entire application crashes. The only fix is to edit the remote server so clipboard is not shared, then do my folder copies and then enable the clipboard redirection again. This is so annoying, I've actually kept version 8 so when I have to do heavy file copies for SQL databases or other manual long term backups I use that version. I like Version 10 but for it to crash the entire app to beach ball when I copy a file or folder that's over like 100MB in size is ridiculous and needs to be fixed immediately.
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6 years ago, maja326245
Does Microsoft even Retina?
How in God’s green earth is Microsoft deprecating Remote Desktop 8.0 before even getting DPI scaling working in this version? I realize that in the Windows PC market, super low-end monitors that look like they have a grid superimposed over them are still mostly the norm even after all these years. But Macs have had retina screens for quite a while now, and upsampling low-res remote sessions, with all the attendant bluriness, just isn’t an acceptable solution. Neither is rendering all text as fine print. Don’t any of the developers actually USE Macs? If so, I hope they’re properly ashamed. Frankly, the entire Windows ecosystem should be embarrassed by its general ineptitude with high-DPI displays. Low pixel density just looks shabby and anachronistic at this point. It’s the shag carpeting of personal computing.
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9 months ago, Jdhhdhbxb
Years old bugs are still not fixed!
Several years ago I reported a bug that still exists in the app today. There is another one that also persists across numerous new releases. Bug 1: In a Full Screen mode, when another RDP connection is made out of the first RDP session (think Jump Host/Bastion Host access), it is nearly impossible to catch the drop-down control bar of the inner RDP session -- one needs to exit the Full Screen of the outer/original RDP session for the inner session's control bar to become accessible. Bug 2: When RDP session's screen gets password-locked due to inactivity, the app almost always shows a black screen and no actions except for entering or exiting the Full Screen mode bring the RDP session back to showing remote's password login window. I had to always terminate and re-establish RDP connection in such cases until I figured out this workaround. These two bugs impact basic functionality and are very annoying. It is sad that such a poor QA is given to the app to let the bugs persist across the years.
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2 years ago, Cane_for_Life
If I could give zero starts I would
Been using the app for a long time without any issues with the app. Did the update last night to 10.8, which apparently doesn't work. Was working fine on the prior version just minutes before I ran the update. My experience in trying to get that issue resolved hasn't been good at all. Trying to reach someone is horribly difficult. When I finally got someone on the phone who could help, they want me to either pay for a license or pay for support. Don't understand why I should have to pay anything for a bad update to a FREE app that causes the app to mafunction and error out. Seems like its the developers problem - not mine. Maybe I should let Apple know that Microsoft is doing this to their users.
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2 years ago, wedermannc
Almost perfect
The standout feature with MS Remote Desktop is the quality and performance of the video image coming back from the remote device. Unlike other remote desktop tools, there is no visible compression and no quality loss; a huge boon if you are remoting in to use applications where video and graphics quality matter. One small peeve is the lack of a sync option for remote profiles – if you use Remote Desktop from more than one device you will need to recreate all the settings and profile, by, hand, for each device. Other than that, no complaints.
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5 years ago, grendlme
Two simple changes would make app so much better.
I use Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 for Mac for work -- and I hate it due to only two small, related problems: 1) Command-W -- doesn't close the current open window as it does (or can be configured to do) in almost all other Mac apps. 2) I have to work with a lot of maximized Windows windows, and every time I move the mouse to the top right corner close box (which I have to do because I just typed Command-W and IT DOES NOT WORK - stupid muscle memory), I accidentally pop up the Remote Desktop window bar along the top (this seems to happen with the cursor much lower than with other apps - the cursor isn't actually above the top of the Windows window frame). Fix/make configurable these issues, and this would be a great app.
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6 years ago, Hymnotix
4k full screen!
Thanks Microsoft for a very useful product. I am running my RDP session on an external 4k 24” monitor at full resolution and it has been working perfectly. It took some time fiddling with the settings. First you have to make sure MacOS actually is running the monitor at 4k, then in the RDP display settings check “start session in full screen” and resolution set to “default for this display.” It is great to have my regular 1080p x 2 desktop setup running not only at full resolution but actually doubled (4k is 1080p x 4). So much workspace! Only problem is that text is tiny and now I wish I had a 40” 4k monitor.
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5 years ago, proteus06
Excellent UX, better than Windows 10 App
I love this Remote Desktop Client, it is leaps and bounds above anything available from Microsoft on Windows. We are a mix of Windows and macOS users and the better experience using the client has converted two of our developers to MBP's... That said, there's an annoyance (bug?) where if you click the Menu Bar icon and click into the text input/search box even after clicking dirctly on the RD session windows the keyboard input is stuck in the search box. Took me a while to figure out that one. Not a huge deal, but it tripped me up for a while. I also find the fact that you cannot hide the "Saved Desktops" group annoying, again not a huge deal, but would be a nice polish. Overall, I think the developers of this app should be put in charge of the Windows versions as they are putting them to shame, kudos to the dev team, keep up your great work!
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4 years ago, jet200_girl
Does the job
This app allows me to access my desktop at work. I've used Remote Desktop for almost 20 years in one form or another and it does the job. My main issue with this app for the Mac is the app's menu bar across the top. I like to work with my desktop windows open all of the way, but the app's menu bar constantly pops up when I try to close a Window on my desktop or access the menus on the Window (e.g., Word or Outlook on my desktop), so I have to wait and then go back to the desktop window again. I wish there was a way to lock the app's menu bar or something (use keystrokes to activate it instead of the mouse?).
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4 years ago, a_philbert
Incredibly frustrating
When my computer goes on a screensaver or screenlock, the remote desktop app disconnects from the remote server, and then gets hung up trying to reconnect. I have to exit out of fullscreen mode, close the window, and re-open the connection. But then the app starts causing other problems - e.g., the copy-paste function stops working altogether and causes the program in use at the time of the copy-paste function to get hung up and crash. And if I exit out of fullscreen mode and close the window, and if I then try to exit out of the app altogether (so that I can restart the app altogether), the app freezes, and I have to force quit out of the app. I have reported this problem about 20 times by now; I have tried re-downloading and re-installing the app; to no avail. Horrible app.
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2 years ago, Petter Ian Staker
Works Mostly
I like using this for work, my main issue is the resolutions get messed up when using a High DPI screen like the M1 Macbook Air - so when I move my cursor from another connected monitor to my monitor the mouse size blows up. It also effects the icon sizes on some programs using the Air's screen. It would be helpful if Microsoft came up with an option to only utilize some of your screens not all of them, right now you only have the option for 1 or all and with a 3 screen set up I'd like to have RD on the connected monitors and just a normal workspace on my Air monitor.
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6 years ago, mikeSLI
Frequent crashes
I saw the same problem reported by MCnoHammer1. It crashes now when I click CTRL-C/V to do copy & paste. Also seems to occur when I CTRL-TAB to another buffer in Visual Studio on the Windows 10 VM. Up until this latest version (10.2.3), this never happened. Please fix this, as I too live in it. Update: Disable clipboard functions and it seems to be more stable. Ugh. Update: I've since rebooted my Mac (for other reasons) and re-enabled the clipboard integration. I've not seen this problem after heavy use for the last 4 days. FWIW, MS "RDIOS" team was responsive to this review and helpful trying to get repro steps from me. Upping my rating to a 4.
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6 years ago, RoastBeefYumYum
Smart Card Still Doesn’t Work
I remote into a Windows 7 desktop from a 2017 macbook pro everyday for work and this new version is unusable compared to the v8 client. We are required to use smart cards at work and the old version provides no support for this so I’m very excited that there is an attempt to support smart cards. The smart card does not work for me, however. I get a “reading smart card” on Windows 7 vs logging in with it. The performance is much slower as well compared to the v8 client but I suspect that is due to the retina display support for windows 7 (but why does the old version 8 work better?) Is it too much to ask that the Mac version pass along smart card credentials as well as the Windows client does????????????
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6 years ago, _Svix_
Love the key mapping feature; hate the frequent freezes
This one has an integrated ability to map cmd+ to ctrl+. Not talking about just he check box, there’s a config file in the app packaging that you can update to include more mappings (and more documentation here would be welcome). This is monumentally helpful. That said, RDP sessions freeze way too often on this… Only way to get out of it is to close the session and reopen. Not majorly painful for simple auth cases, but when connecting to remote hosts that require you to enter password every time and perform dual auth, this can be very frustrating. Also, the perf (screen update) is noticably choppy compared to 8.x version.
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7 years ago, Haganism
Feature Idea
This is a great tool that keeps me out of Parallels when managing servers. Supporting multiple locations with mutlple servers it would be great if I could organize within the app by folder/location. The only sort not is alpebetical and this isn’t very helpful when you have 50 servers to step through and update/reboot, etc. Other than that I ike the new interface! OH, wait I see it know, it’s managed by Groups. Not the greatest method to setup, right click and add to would be easier or multiple selection but it works. I have everything grouped by site and this is MUCH MUCH better,
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4 years ago, Aberfinn
Great app
Great for accessing frequently used PCs. Excellent for that purpose. Area that could use improvement is for one off connections like an administrator of a large number of machines would use. Would be nice not to have to delete out a PC that is connected to for a few times. The method used by Windows Remote Desktop is better for infrequent connections. Overall, gets the job done well. No problems with dropped connections due to the app itself. If the connection drops, it is either VPN connection lost or the host mac has gone to sleep
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