Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

4.6 (107.5K)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

4.6 out of 5
107.5K Ratings
3 years ago, SuzieJenke1
Must have for anyone who has an electronic device!
I've been using SwiftKey for a few years now. I started with my cell phone and now I have it on all 7 devices we have in our home. It's a must have for anyone who can appreciate just how much it does and without even realizing. It keeps track of your choice of words and easily guesses and or auto corrects as you go. Can't begin to imagine how much time just that alone has saved me/my family over the years. It does it with such accuracy that when I had to use someone else's device I was amazed. I didn't realize how much this simple app did for me in my every day typing of texts, sending emails, even searching the web. It took all of 30 seconds into using my friends tablet for me to stumble over such basic words, but in a good way. I'd gotten so used to SwiftKey guessing my desired word after only the first or second letter. I recommend SwiftKey to anyone who has an electronic device used for texts, emails, notes, calendars, and any and everything in between and can appreciate the time this app saves you. I'm team SwiftKey 1000% and I never take the time to leave reviews for anything. I mean ever which clearly shows just how awesome this app is. You will not be disappointed!!!
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1 year ago, Scottie NH
Completely Ruined!
Been using this app since way before Microsoft bought it. And I didn't even mind the little label on the space key that says "Microsoft SwiftKey". But the new toolbar is horrific. First there is an ugly square button on the left (btw... it doesn't even match any of the keyboard themes) for Bing. Bing. Really? The one search engine that no one likes. And also there is no way to remove the button or even allow you to change it to a real search engine. The center of the toolbar now has a border which is ugly and they added an icon menu on the right that doesn't even do everything the original toolbar could do and now I have to press another button. Stop forcing Bing on people and don't fix what isn't broke. I'm praying this is just a nightmare and that everything will go back to normal by the next update or I'm shopping for a new keyboard. Addendum… You made the button a little more theme-friendly, but I still don't want it. And if you read EVERY other review since you added it, I am clearly not alone. Nobody wants Bing and NO ONE wants to be forced into it. Everyone has their preferred search engine. This is also why so many people are switching to Mac. No one wants to be forced into anything. This is wrong! Fix it! Update: Increasing to 3 stars as they at least have an option to remove that dumb button to that search engine that no one likes. But stop making changes now! Just fix the bugs and be done with it.
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3 years ago, attilathefun22
Mission accomplished
OK so I'm only 10 minutes into using the app and I already have a fully customized "Rick and morty" theme for my keyboard and I've utilized a couple other tweaks the app allowed me to apply. Ex. Lighter to no outline around each key, customize color of pop up text. And that was what I set out for on this search for a keyboard app. I have grammar LG and typewise installed too because I'm looking for the one that would allow me to get that great keyboard. At first my review was based on the theme customization but now that I'm typing I have some notes on keyboard intelligence. Auto correct is applying it's corrective and learning methods very smoothly. I have to correct it'I s auto's one. Once or twice but then it catolalogs it permanently and adapts to your slang and abbreviations. Layout is nice too. Nothing too new but that's fine with me. The only thing that's annoying is the page(or the keyboard) not scrolling down as I continue to write. So I'm writing and the line bars start to descend and the keyboard blocks it so I have to manually scroll the page up. Other than that, solid app.
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5 months ago, DJ Scorchie
Not as useful to me as word flow
1) Misses a lot of words; for instance i can't even simply type "you're" (i don't rely on auto correct and as you can see from this, Swype doesn't properly capitalize "i" like word flow did, it also doesn't space words properly but it does get apostrophes right. 2) Requires full keyboard access just to use the swiping feature. Blah. 3) There's a third thing but i forgot what it is since these keyboards mess up my train of thought with their problems. Word flow didn't do that. Yeah, i would use word flow still if it worked on my iPhone x but i had some issues so tried to check this out. Back to Swype i guess. Edit: The “team” responded to my review after SIX YEARS. As we know, MS often changes the features and abilities of apps, adding and removing features as they go along like they’re throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. The point being a review from six years ago is hardly relevant, why are you wasting time now addressing only the smallest issue I brought up (#2) in the review? I’ll add a new negative note that I thought of it, the amount of space available for your app is reduced because this keyboard uses more space. Some apps don’t like that, putting things you need to see while typing i’m the covered area. It appears this is not configurable in the keyboard to turn off unused features if you’re only trying to get swiping, but Apple includes that now (except for the aforementioned ability to recognize and capitalize “I”).
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6 years ago, enter my review
Not pleased
I have had this app just about a year now. Having the ability to swipe and not chicken peck on a cellphone to send text and email is huge, but some basic features on this app are inconsistent and worse than earlier versions or similar apps (hard to know switching from Droid to Apple). For instance, as others have mentioned, it completely forgets previous frequently used words not even suggesting them, instead inputs words I have never used or selected. Where do they come from? I have never heard or seen anyone use this crazy/foreign/ dated language. It does not appear to be improving with usage, as I thought was implied. And to the above point, I use similar language frequently and I don't know why I often have to repeatedly correct it from crazy words I never use. Why isn't it improving? Next, when I begin typing a word or compete a word and it offers a suggestion and I choose that word from the suggestion box it does not input it but leaves the few letters I typed and enters a space after the incomplete word, or just enters a space after the wrong word. I have to go back and select the word again or completely type the word myself. What's the use in suggestions then? I am growing increasingly frustrated with this app and beginning to question if chicken pecking might be faster and more hassle-free.
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1 year ago, Dave Smith II
The Best Keyboard for iPhone: 1 Star
I used the Swype Keyboard for years after it was out of support, until an update removed it from my phone. I don't expect another product to be exactly like Swype, but every keyboard on the app store is garbage, including this one. It is the best, though. A little customization would be nice, for example, I have to manually space after every comma and there is no apostrophe shortcut, but there is a shortcut for emojis. Hallelujah, who needs a comma shortcut when you can send a smiley face? As a 40 year old man, I find emojis to be very helpful in none of my communications. I actually rated this keyboard two stars but having this review gutted by autocorrect was enough to bump it down to one. Still the best keyboard available for iPhone by a mile. Edit: I wish I could leave less than one star for this garbage keyboard. It is absolutely infuriating with its lack of intuition. It doesn't learn anything and I send nonsensical messages constantly, as all its predictions are based on the first letter you pressed. So if you want to type "keyboard," and you start too close to "j," you'll end up with "jester" if you're lucky, but most likely it will get lost and just retype the last word you input (instead of "my keyboard" you'll get "my my"). I've had to make over 60 corrections to this paragraph. Still the best iPhone keyboard.
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2 years ago, Jessika C.
Minor issue that has me searching for another keyboard
**EDIT** PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! It's been long enough. It's only gotten worse and this keyboard is becoming unuseable. I don't like any other keyboard but I've started having to use other ones because this one has become so horrendously glitchy. I can't type 3 words or tap an emoji from my recently used before it glitches out and resets, not to mention the times it just doesn't show up at all except for a blank screenface. Removed stars until this gets fixed, if it does. **ORIGINAL POST** I've been using SwiftKey for years and it's THE BEST!! I really can't find a better keyboard. However, for the last maybe week or so, it keeps glitching while I'm typing. Sometimes the keyboard takes too long to show up in the first place and then it keeps like "resetting" while typing every few seconds, so I have to wait while it "reloads" before I can continue typing, even when typing something as quick and short as "I'm almost there". I thought maybe it needed to be updated but there's no new update. So I'm hoping this is just an issue that will be fixed in a new update quickly. I just tried a few other keyboards and none of them are nearly as good, and the default iPhone keyboard is crazy awkward with how it's set up for emojis and punctuation.
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1 year ago, Coveyite
HUGE potential to be THE keyboard of choice for everyone
Integrated with Bing's relationship with ChatGPT, this keyboard has incredible potential! Unfortunately, right now, its swiping and dictation technologies are terribly and painfully inaccurate, even when swiping slowly with purposeful pauses on the keys you want it to use. You must have the ability to be patient in its learning curve and trust that the Microsoft team wants to get it right. They have yet to harness the power of their AI with the swiping and dictating. Once they wake up to that power to have AI look at the context of each word in a sentence and/or paragraph and get the words, spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct... wow, there won't be a keyboard that can touch it. That's what I'm going for. In the meantime, I'm pushing forward with the huge productivity losses I'm currently experiencing - it's painful. This message has taken 15 minutes to write due to all the frustrating errors it's making. Keyboard swiping has always been somewhat inaccurate because it places nonsensical words in place of what you really intended and autocorrect has a bad reputation for changing the words you WANTED after you have moved onto a few words after the fact. AI can fix that if Microsoft hasn't already realized that fact.
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6 years ago, Anchorman428
Go back to combing typing & swiping for the same word.
I've been a devoted SwiftKey user for years. I even purchased themes to keep you going. I primarily love SwiftKey because I love to swipe without having to lift my finger up. However it seems like SwiftKey changed the way that swiping works and it takes away some of what made SwiftKey better than Gboard. You see, I used to be able to enter a word by manually typing the first two letters of the word and then finished spelling the word by swiping the remaining letters. As long as I didn't hit the spacebar then it knew that I was still working on the same word. This made word prediction significantly more accurate. However, your new method removes the ability to start a word by typing and finish it by swiping. Instead, if I lift my finger up, it automatically considers that a new word. The end result is that I end up typing most words (to get the proper ending) instead of swiping. And that defeats the purpose of swiping all together. Please strongly consider going back to the old way of swiping.
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7 years ago, Cathey98
I love this app buuuutttttt........
I love SwiftKey, and have had it for years now, buuuutttttt... Every now and then it seems like it forgets all words lol. For instance I will just type and show you the ridiculous predictions it makes... Seeley is they beat ladybirds applications I have asked to be ony phone fit this looks (years) Brevard it is bets than any other keyboards I have ever been able Fri use that actually does what I need it to do. Thus is turning out to be a bad example of the ridiculous words of will change my round into.... Sooooo, what I just typed (or tried to) is "SwiftKey is the best keyboard application I have allowed to be on my phone for this long (years) because it is better than any other keyboards I have ever been able to use that actually does what I need it to do. This is turning out to be a bad example of the ridiculous words it will change my words into"... You get the point. Just wonder why it seems to forget my words at random times. Makes typing longer and more difficult when I have to re-type every word over and over and OVER AGAIN. But other than those random points where it re-learns my style or regular English (lol), I do love this app.
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6 years ago, sizzlin'soap
Bummer keyboard
I had a keyboard that swyped better than this one until it continuously froze. It guessed my words accurately and didn't change my typed words after a second time. This app is a let down, the amount of times I have to retype a word because it wants to supply a different word is ridiculous. I've had this keyboard for a few months because it's the only option aside from manually typing like everyone else, but it still feels like a waste of time. I give it two stars since it still cuts down the amount of time I could've spent putting in the text individually, but there have been a number of times that I spent more time trying to get this keyboard to work and I doubled the time that should've been non existent. Really disappointed. My expectations were too high, I guess because the other keyboard put in the word I needed and I didn't have to be so concise, on the other hand, when I am annoyingly concise with running my thumb across letters to be accurate, the keyboard doesn't pick up the word 🙄 this rating has a third of the original words, I had to delete the other two thirds and retype them. I continue to look for another keyboard that's accurate and efficient. If they update this one , that would be nice (:
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6 years ago, sdewey99
Sometimes works correctly
This app is great to be able to design your own keyboard and enjoy the swipe feature... when it wants to work! I tell my friends when they see my custom keyboard on my iPhone, with swipe, to download this application. But I won’t if it isn’t working correctly and will only cause others technological issues as well. I find myself C O N S T A N T L Y rebooting my phone or messing with the application itself to try to figure out why the swipe feature is in fact not working. Especially when I need it to work, trying to send something quickly and efficiently which is why I utilize this keyboard as a tool almost 24/7. The only thing is the mistakes with the functionality of the swipe keyboard itself is making me want to look into other options because the keyboard won’t work 50% of the time. I just rebooted my phone to fix the issue, and it lasted about 5 minutes, or a couple of texts to be accurate, and then the issue began again! If you could fix the bugs that would be great. Thank you! You will he keep me as a user and I will continue to promote this keyboard.
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2 years ago, anakasapovska
I love swift key but....
So I think I have had swift key since the iPhone 6 came out so definitely a long time and I loved it no complaints up until now. I downloaded it originally because of the swipe feature which of course is amazing. But lately for the last couple months there has been a bug or something making the keyboard not function as well as before. Now when I swipe text the keyboard goes up and down slightly and when that happens if I'm in the middle of a word the swipe will cancel and I have to do it again. Also it is just so slow. You know how your phone acts soooooooo slow right before it's about to die? That's how this keyboard is like even with full battery. It's just so annoying because I downloaded this so it can be easier to text but it's been awful lately. I didn't say anything a couple months again because things happen and break but eventually theres a new update with bug fixes. This has not yet happened and I am disappointed. I'm gonna look for another keyboard use that wont cause me these issues. I really hope you guys get it together soon! Would love to use again and provide a good review when it functions well
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5 months ago, jeffyy78
Wonderful Now
I’ve been using SwiftKey for a while on my Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. For some reason recently the keyboard kept switching to the default iOS keyboard and I couldn’t figure out why. It would take me multiple tries to get it to revert back to the SwiftKey keyboard and every so often when I would open a new app that I needed the keyboard for it would revert back to the iOS default keyboard. I kept trying to figure out why and I was looking up solutions and I couldn’t figure anything out until I found this post on Reddit and someone suggested checking for an update. So, I did that and of course there was an update. I don’t understand why it was never updated automatically because I have it set to update my apps automatically. Anyway after updating the keyboard is working better than perfect it’s back to normal there’s neek no reverting back to the default ios keyboard and I’m very happy with everything. Wonderful keyboard give it a try especially on iOS. Very happy with it
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1 year ago, Kevin 72638393
Long Time User, Mostly Good
They fixed it ! Microsoft did the usual “let’s see how much uproar this causes” and then when it was more than they wanted - the reverted the “permanent bing icon” feature. Now, you can hide the button in settings. Nice. It’s back to being 100 times better than the Stock iOS keyboard (come on, Apple…) . OLD REVIEW: I’ve used Swiftkey as long as I can remember, instead of the stock apple keyboard. That all ended today - when I saw the ugly and major privacy-concerning “Bing” button that is permanently attached to the keyboard in a prominent location. That’s a deal breaker for me. I like search and AI as much as anyone, and I understand the hooplah around ChatGPT and Bing, but the minute Microsoft and Swiftkey even HINT that my personal typings are even CLOSE to a new and groundbreaking (see “risky”) AI search platform - that’s a hard dealbreaker for me. I uninstalled Swiftkey within 30 minutes of seeing the new “Bing” button and seeing there was no way to turn it off. Goodbye Swiftkey, thanks for the memories. Shame Bing and ChatGPT are cosying up to user’s personal data.
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5 years ago, AmandaLG86
I don't know what I'd do without this app!!! Actually Yea I do!!! I'd be spending a hell of a lot more time typing!!! Thank you SwiftKey!! The only disadvantage is not having the option to go into SwiftKey settings to view/edit the "dictionary" that is automatically created specifically as I use the App! I'll keep checking back after any updates the app has just in case this feature is added!! Or if there is an option to do so but I've somehow over looked it, please let me know!! There's quite a few words I've misspelled while rushing that saved in my "dictionary" of words, some aren't even words!! Very frustrating having one of those pop up several times while I'm typing! Even worse when I correctly spell words but SwiftKey will change/substitute it to my accidental jibberish 😳😐!! Now these nonsense words are piling up and popping up way too often!!! Very frustrating! I still feel it's a five star app just give us the option to edit our dictionary!! Thanks SwiftKey!!!
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1 year ago, Kidthathatesmath
Has potential, needs work
I see swift key has been added to the App Store. I love how you can flow type in the big key conformation on iPad and how you can have a shared clipboard between your Apple and Microsoft devices. However some important things need to change before it’s useable for me. The biggest issue is that there aren’t any alternate keyboard conformations like on the default iPad keyboard or the Windows 11 virtual keyboard. This problem is made even worse by the fact that it feels like you’re locked into SwiftKey, unlike the default iPad keyboard. You can only change keyboards by holding down on the emoji keyboard and going to next keyboard. And then it’s random what keyboard you go to. Then there’s the problem of not having a keyboard dismiss button like on the iPad and Windows 11 keyboards so you can’t make the keyboard go away. My final complaint is that the keys on the keyboard are a lot shorter than the iPad and Windows ones so it just doesn’t feel natural. TLDR: I want to use this keyboard because it brings great features to the table but I can’t because it’s lacking in so many basic features
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4 days ago, JesusSavesLives712
SwiftKey: The Best Keyboard App for Mobile Devices
I absolutely love the "SwiftKey" app by Microsoft. It has revolutionized the way I type on my mobile device. The predictive text feature is incredibly accurate and helps me type faster and more accurately than any other keyboard app I've used. One of the things I really appreciate about "SwiftKey" is the level of customizability it offers. I can easily change the theme of the keyboard to match my personal style, and the option to resize and reposition the keys is a nice touch. The only thing I would change about the app is the selection of emojis. While the app offers a wide range of emojis, there are a few that I can't search for yet. I hope that future updates will expand the emoji selection even further. Overall, I highly recommend "SwiftKey" to anyone looking for a top-notch keyboard app for their mobile device. It has greatly improved my typing experience and I wouldn't use any other app.
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1 year ago, John Alden
An amazing app, my #1 daily user.
SwiftKey is hands down the best of the keyboard apps I've used. There are things I still use other keyboards for, so it's not a universal solution, but the ease of use, the EXCELLENT swipe typing capabilities, and about the best predictive text I've encountered make it indispensable as an everyday tool. This one also gives cool statistical info on your typing and keyboard usage, including a "heat map" (recently renamed the "tap map") shows where your fingers THINK letters are, the total improvement to productivity, number of words typed, corrected, replaced, and a total distance your finger traveled across your phone screen while swiping (mine if over 2100 METERS!), etc. The only real criticisms I have are the voice dictation, which I can't seem to streamline, and an occasional auto-fill glitch that inserts "F+(random word)." All in all, this is a must have for anyone that doesn't use voice dictation regularly.
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2 years ago, Earle R
Long, long time user. App is not as good as it used to be.
I've been using SwiftKey for many years now. I've reached almost a million auto corrects and completed words. First, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE ADD THE OPTION TO HIDE THE PERIOD KEY IF YOU'RE USING THE SPACEBAR TO ADD A QUICK PERIOD. The app is a good alternative to the stock keyboard, but lately it has not been correcting obviously misspelled words. For example, trying to type "is" and accidentally typing "ks". Even when you block a word from being predicted again, it will keep showing up. I do like the prediction feature. It works pretty well for me and I find it very useful. Sometimes I don't even need to continue typing, I can use the prediction feature to type entire sentences. Honestly, my biggest problem with the keyword is lack of customization. Not in terms of appearance, but functionality. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE ABLE TO REMOVE THE PERIOD KEY. You should be able to create your own layout, or at least have some control over the layout. Please, devs, please put as much effort into the app as you used to. AND PLEASE LET ME REMOVE THE PERIOD KEY!
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1 year ago, Sddggh
Not as good as it used to be
I wanted to love the keyboard but it's just not as good as I remember. The auto correct is not great and is annoyingly percistant. It will correct a word after a comma, and then if it corrects a word incorrectly, you go back and fix the word, but after you tyle the comma again it forgets you just fixed the word and incorrectly corrects it again and again. When using the swipe keyboard it's annoying that it adds the space immediately after you type a word, and if you swipe the wrong word, you have to backspace through every letter of the word instead of pressing the backspace button once to get rid of the entire word and swipe again. Completely ruins the flow. And because it inputs a space after you swipe, the word suggestions only suggest the next word instead of suggesting possible corrections for a word you swiped incorrectly. Also I don't know why but I somehow miss letters on the top of the keyboard all the time and it messes up my words, I think it's because they keyboard thinks I'm too close to the word suggestion bar.
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2 weeks ago, InkyLines
Fantastic but a few issues
So this keyboard is truly great and is the only one I use. However, it has a few issues now with it that need to be addressed. The first is the lack of ability to once more choose the transparency of my keys and pop-up color cannot be changed even though it "gives you these options" when making a theme (it just ignores it entirely). I can’t make any new themes that have a completely transparent or mostly transparent, it’s only the default that MS has decided which is rather frustrating and needs to be reverted. The second is the inability to edit or delete existing themes. I used to be able to do both and I do not understand why those abilities were removed. The keyboard works great but having these functions restored would help out. Third is the lack of emoji updates. It'd be nice to have access to the most current ones but alas, I don't. Come on, MS, it can't be that difficult to address these things. I've lowered my rating again due to the lack of fixing these basic things. I don't want new features, I want existing ones to work and be maintained.
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1 year ago, Dre Fessha Fresh
Need predictive engine and swipe prediction and accuracy update
Needs an update to the machine learning algorithms to optimize the space bar triggered predictions in a sentence, the "recognized/remembered word" pattern used by the predictive algorithmic engine and swipe prediction and choice word accuracy update. The Swiping prediction accuracy targets and places words that have not been swiped across at all as its auto imputed at the end of swiped or even typed word. But also, the auto-completion of the short hand typing and AI's choices of using the correct word via the space bar "finish my word prediction" or the proper word being ignored completely. These issues have not been addressed in totality and the obvious wording that is generated in all methods have severely degraded and at times spell out completely wrong words with letters you didn't come close to Swiping across. This causes all kinds of mistakes in texts and emails and social media that look almost juvenile. Please just update that at minimum of nothing else.
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1 year ago, riship2_
Thank God they decided to give SwiftKey another chance
They discontinued the iOS version of SwiftKey last winter, and I was incredibly disappointed. I was a pre-Microsoft SwiftKey user and had been loving it since, but the excessive amount of bugs forced me to switch. I recently realized they decided to continue support after pushback, and I’m so glad. Yes there are times when I wished there was less Microsoft bloat, but it does what I need it to. It’s consistently able to predict what I’m typing or sliding, and I'm enjoying using it right now. It also has multi language support, which is awesome because I frequently type in Spanish. It's predictions are excellent, and I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternate keyboard. Dont even get me started on the number row, such an awesome feature. Also the slide punctuation is great. Easy 5 stars as long as they continue support.
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2 years ago, Abe .
Great keyboard
I love this keyboard have been using it for years.I love it better than the iPhone stock keyboard. I did however run into a few issues and bugs which I think need addressing first one lately when I’ve been trying to use the keyboard and start typing it kind of glitches and resets it’s not too bad but it does get in the way of typing usually uninstalling and reinstalling the app works for me. The second issue comes after this last reinstall of the app I’m not able to login to any accounts such as Facebook or Google there is an error saying something went wrong which is frustrating because I have to start from scratch again and after using the app for many years you get a custom to using certain predictions so now when I type something incorrectly and it auto corrects to something else that you normally don’t type. I wish there was a fix for this hope it gets looked intoOther than that it is a great keyboard app
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6 years ago, CasperUllal
Needs improvement although best for me
I tried Word Flow and Gboard keyboards before I settled on this keyboard. Word Flow is deprecated so there is no point discussing it. Gboard has a couple of features that are nicer than this keyboard - example, searching emojis. However, the predictive capabilities of this keyboard are much better than Gboard or any other keyboard including Apple's built-in keyboard. This is why I keep using it. The negatives of this keyboard for me are: 1) Inability to search for emojis. 2) The predictive text bar doesn't show up in some situations but I can't tell what the reason is. 3) The emojis move around - especially the first part and if you try to send multiple emojis of the same type you may end up sending some other emojis if you keep tapping in the same spot. It doesn't make sense for the frequently used emojis to move while you are using them. 4) The period key doesn't have a single quote option. I find this annoying as I use it all the time. It would be nice to be able to customize what punctuation options are available on the period.
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5 months ago, afrancis1124
Typical microsoft
Update: you'll likely get a meaningless boilerplate response from Microsoft for asking critical commentary to the effect of : thank you for helping us make this app better... That translates to: "we are salaried employees and have zero motivation to listen let along incorporate your critique. We are smarter than you." This gestalt is endemic at Microsoft. Microsoft: 1. your keyboard continued to occupy 2/3s of the the iPad screen. 2. There is no AI or noticeable "learning" in the functionality of this keyboard - it requires precise sweep placements or the wrong word is transcribed. 3. Typing is prone to error on this keypad. At least do a revision that allows users an option to narrow keyboard while you work on 2, 3. Thank you Second rate product that could be so good but they have the wrong people. Folks - THE KEYBOARD TAKES UP NEARLY THE ENTIRE SCREEN!!!!! DID YOU SOMEHOW NOT NOT K N OW THIS OR THINK THAT WOULD BE FINE????? I AM WRITING THIS NOW BLIND AS YOUR KEYBOARD BLOCKS THE TEXT. ARE YOU ALL COMPILE T ED KNUBSCULLS??? YOUR KEY OARD ALSO CONTINOUSLY INSERTS SPACE S IN WORDS. DID YOUR RED N GINEERS SOMEHOW MISS THIS???? MY GOODNESS. AND YOU ALL WONDER HU OW APPLE CAME FROM NOWHERE AND BLEW YOU OUT OF THE WATER. FIX THIS. DON'T RELEASE BETAS WITH LIPSTICK. ALSO I M AM YET TO SEE ANY "LEARNING" WHATSOEVER R
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2 years ago, itnickit
I love SwiftKey...but omg
I have been using this app since it first came out. I don't even know how long. It's the only texting app I have ever and apple. I think it's the best, I've recommended it countless times over the years. Whenever I get a new phone it's the first app I download. Basically, I just can't type using other keyboards! That's what I want to say first. However in the last week or so, including right at this very minute, it is like this extra bar pops up ABOVE where the text is predicted and it makes the keyboard move up and down and blink. So whatever you're typing will get messed up since the keys all move horizontally. It is quite literally going to cause me to have a meltdown. 😂 The worst trouble for me personally is on FB Messenger. It happens like, every five seconds. I highly recommend this app. I pray to every God that Apple isn't making other keyboards glitch on purpose. Theirs is awful for me. Please please please to any developer reading this 😂Fix it. Please. And I still love SwiftKey.
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3 months ago, mloft503
It’s gotten unusable
I started with Swype which was the best ever. I’ve been using this one for years since Swype went away and it used to be pretty good. However, now it just pains me to use it. I like to use “flow” but there are some words that just don’t work although I capture the pattern and letters correctly. It used to suggest a few words that were close and I could select the correct one if it didn’t pick it up correctly. Now it just picks one word which is not even close. I delete and try again and it’s the same incorrect word, over and over and over. Until I finally give up and type each letter like an idiot. You’d think it would start learning like it’s supposed to but no.. if it went back before they started the stupid copilot or whatever, maybe I could use it again. I’ll just use Apple’s keyboard I guess. There are a few features I’ll miss like having a short cut to punctuation on the first keyboard. It’s annoying to have to switch to the number screen on Apple. But I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it. It’s better than trying to type the same word a million times.
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7 years ago, Raikon87
Its a shame Microsoft abandoned Word Flow
The swipe prediction of SwiftKey pales in comparison to Word Flow. Word flow would let you swipe fast and would recognize every word...with SwiftKey it doesn't recognize words if you swipe fast, so you have to spend time swiping slow or spend a lot of time correcting. SwiftKey's only saving grace is being able to swipe complete a word from mid word to correct it. however that doesn't make up for its faults. Also they need to add an apostrophe to the first page punctuation button. It's a shame Microsoft abandoned word flow for this. Also if this program want backed by Microsoft I wouldn't be using it.... It REQUIRES FULL ACCESS which I'm hesitant to give even though it's backed by Microsoft. Who knows what data could be getting mined from what you type, that Microsoft isn't aware of. Either way, with all that said, it's the best option on the market since Microsoft took down word flow, so I use it.... But it's far from perfect. Maybe one day Microsoft will start up word flow again or integrate it into SwiftKey... One can only hope.
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2 years ago, Joffrey lorquet
What happened to this keyboard? (Glitch fix also)
I’ve been using this keyboard for so long, way before microsoft bought the company. This was by far the best keyboard out there and definitely better than Apple’s stock keyboard. Not sure what’s happening lately but Switfkey is very glitchy now and so unstable. Keyboard keeps flashing on and off, moving on its own or just not showing up. I didn’t use to have this issue before and I hate it because I’ve spent so many years using this keyboard and It knows me so well. Please stop trying to change things that used to work just fine. People were happy with how this keyboard was before and that’s something that shouldn’t change. Anyone else out there struggling with the glitching. The only work around it I found is to uninstall the app and reinstall it , go through the whole setup again. It will fix it for now but the glitching will again after they release another update but you can repeat this. The only thing is, you will lose your typing map and some of the learned vocabulary.
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5 years ago, Ahi kdnzidbdiane
Fantastic app
Great, smooth, and very well designed, user friendly keyboard. My only problem is autocorrect, autocorrect is great with English but is awful with Arabic. It's always changing things that I typed correctly to weird unintelligible words that aren't even close to what I wanted to say so what I send ends up being gibberish. To be fair, fixing autocorrect for Arabic would be too much to ask because the lexicon is diverse and very regional; all I'm asking for is the ability to turn off autocorrect for a certain language by itslef. I can't give up the English autocorrect but I also can't live with the Arabic one... I hope that option is not too difficult for the developers to add. I feel bad for giving the app 3 stars but having to manually re-correct two to three words of every sentence I type is quite annoying and I feel like 3 stars is the best way to get through the developers. Will update my review as soon as the option to turn off autocorrect for certain languages is added, I check for updates of this app very frequently
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2 years ago, iTunes4leo
Best keyboard app out there!
If you look at any reviews out there, SwiftKeys always seems to come out on top. Give a go and don’t penalize the keyboard for some of the kinks that are still being worked out with the new iOS. A few things… -there do seem to be some issues when the keyboard isn’t working right in certain apps. BUT This seems to be more of an iOS 8 issue. I think we’re all looking forward to iOS 8.1 which should solve a lot of things besides the keyboard (no, not 8.0.1). -at first the keyboard might seem frustrating to learn, but keep at it and it gets Flow gets really smooth. Awesome feature when you can’t type with two hands. -it’s great that SwiftKey released the first app free to be there for day one. Awesome way to get people using it on their phones and get the word out. I’m sure there will be paid additional themes to comes.
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6 years ago, Skler5467
Not perfect, but I'll never go back to the stock keyboard.
I've been using SwiftKey for about 3 years and have seen its ups and downs. It started out with occasional glitches that would cause the keyboard to close and swap back to the stock keyboard until I reopened whatever app I was using, but even then, the functionality was worth the minor inconvenience. Nowadays, it's 99% stable and its predictive engine knows me so well that I never want to go back to the stock keyboard. The designs look great (I've been using Shooting Stars for years now), the swipe typing is super efficient, and its subtle modification of my typing map makes my accuracy spot on whether I'm typing with one or two hands. The only remaining glitch is that sometimes, the text doesn't continue to scroll down, so I have to manually scroll down or at worst, switch keyboards and back, but the amount of time saved by its features makes it well worth it. Try it out for a week or two and you'll fall in love with it.
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6 years ago, Tahl000
I like the look of this swype app and I like that it allows to have multiple languages with ease of transition directly on the same screen but it has quite a few flaws. If you want to swipe two letter word and the letters are close to each other, it won't swype. It's ability to predict your words is inconsistent. Short cuts to punctuation marks are practically none existent (unless I don't know them) I hate switching to the number keypad every time I want to use a symbol. The shortcuts they do have (to the right are a pain to use. With the previous app I used, each letter could be pressed for a second longer and it would instead display a corresponding symbol. For example hold g and you'd get a parentheses. Hold j and your get a colon, etc. Also the app would recognize when you'd swype names from your contacts and it allowed you to save words you want to app to recognize. I also don't know how to switch to the regular Apple keyboard from this apps keyboard. I love swyping but this app sometimes makes it frustrating to swype.
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6 years ago, Sjsksksks
Great app, 2 major problems.
I love this app and all of the features it has, especially the slide-to-text feature. It works very well and I use it a lot. Although, there are a couple of things that really, really annoy me about this app. 1. When you misspell something, it doesn't underline the word in red telling you it's misspelled. The auto-correct function does not do as well as the standard, Apple keyboard does, even when texting normal opposed to the sliding feature. 2. You cannot use Siri to type for you with this keyboard. On the standard apple keyboard, there is a microphone icon in the bottom right corner of the keyboard where you can speak and it will type for you, SwiftKey does not offer this feature unfortunately, which is very annoying to me and seems like a main feature they would have. Overall, this application is great and I use it daily. I urge SwiftKey to fix these few issues and I think it would put them on the top!
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6 years ago, atandreolli00
Hate it more than I Love It
The swipe feature was the main reason I downloaded SwiftKey. And I love that feature. I'm not into the whole customization aspect so I just picked a keyboard that looked most like apple's stock keyboard. The sizing and spacing was different so it took a little bit of getting used to. I tapped a lot of wrong keys in the beginning. The word prediction and auto-correct is TERRIBLE. It is so frustrating to use. I'll type a very normal word that I have typed MANY times correctly and it will change it to some random word. It slows me down a lot. You'd think that the advertised feature that the app "learns your typing style to know what words you choose and use frequently" would actually work...but it doesn't....not even in the slightest. I feel like I am too committed to switch back to Apple's keyboard or a different 3rd party...but overall, I hate this keyboard app way more than I love it. It slows me down a ton while trying to the something simple. Even the swipe feature will never give me the words I want. So yeah, I'm not a big fan unfortunately.
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2 years ago, SneibMyuu
Yay it's back!
I'm just so happy that this is back on iOS! This is my default keyboard and I've been using it for years. I was very sad when it was off the app store and I am just so glad it's back! I love the option to add a number line and the fact that I don't have to switch keyboards when typing in all the languages I know. The Apple stock keyboard doesn't have any of these features (I know they have multilingual typing for some languages, but none for the ones I use). I was worried that when I get a new iPhone, I would have to use Gboard in order to get multilingual typing. I downloaded Gboard and just found it to be so bad. I even considered reverting to the Apple stock keyboards (where I'd constantly be switching keyboards) since Gboard was terrible for me. Now I can continue using SwiftKey, even when I get a new iPhone! Thank you for being back!
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2 years ago, shyedit
Finally gave out after a decade of use
I started using Swype about a decade ago. Happy with the swype feature which pther keyboards picked up on. Every now and then it'd make ridiculous word suggestions on common words which I'd always hafta correct (eg. when I swype "always" it somehow becomes "ashjay" which I didn't even know is a word). Fine, nothing's perfect. The swype function was very responsive and emoji suggestions were on point. No way was I using the crappy Apple keyboard. However, more recently the keyboard keeps refreshing making typing a nightmare. It started switching keyboards even though I set Swype as my default keyboard. I even deleted the apple keyboard such that swype was the only keyboard left to no avail on the refresh issue. I had to give up ater a decade's use and switch to Google Keyboard, which does not give me this issue. Wishing y'all the best, Microsoft Swype. 3 stars for when y'all were working over the decade, but from how the app's acting now, 1 star.
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11 months ago, Mutty234
Broken and glitchy, crashes all the time
For a month or so now, I think at around the same time the new bing and chat appeared, the keyboard is almost entirely broken. The keyboard visually “crashes” all the time and blinks, and each time it does that it breaks swift keyboard typing, stops typing whatever you where typing, lose all context of word corrections etc. You’ll have to fight to manage to type a long word before it crashes and resets again. The only reason I have this keyboard is because it provides swift / gliding style of typing in my language which Apple does not yet do, but with this functionality (and the keyboard) broken, it is entirely useless. Edit: saw a tip from developer elsewhere about deleting the app and reinstalling. That helped for me as well and solved the crashes and glitches. Leaving it at 3 stars for now since developer did not reply to me with this tip, and since it was not communicated anywhere else and just started crashing.
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3 years ago, Igot1too
So I've used this app for some years. I have since switched to iPhone and all the keyboards I purchased when using samsung are no longer in my account. I can't restore them? This was before all the keyboards were free. I purchased several and I would either like the keyboards or my money. Additionally, the "contact us" within the app is a scam. Everytime I try to submit a question it gives and error message about my connection. I take it they don't want complaints. If you are thinking of getting this app, sure why not, it's all free now. If you purchased keyboards in the past and can't find them or access them in your account consider it money down the drain.. !!!! Update: someone did get back to me about this problem. And basically said that iPhones have limited capabilities on the keyboards which is ridiculous. And no I still couldn't get the ones I purchased on Samsung cause of this limited capabilities. And apparently no one is working to increase the capabilities so we could have more crea4ive keyboards instead of 12 they offer.
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5 years ago, Stihlmanthrunthru
Good as they get!
Been using this app for year's now and would not send a message without it for the simple fact of the time alone it saves you compared to other apps or even apples that comes with your phone can not compare and can not stand when my phone will change over to one of the others that is in my phone like I am not going to notice that it is not SwiftKey. This app bar none hands down is the best free app out there for messaging, if you are looking for a messaging app don't waste your time looking any further and download this one now I promise you will not regret it. It also has themes I almost forgot to mention so you can customize your keyboard to your liking which is neat specially during holidays they have themes for each holiday and all free and who doesn't like free. Hope this helps someone who is considering this free app download with their decision!
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6 years ago, OmerWow
Best keyboard ever but..
This is seriously the best keyboard I've ever used. I tried them all: Gboard, Fleksy, Grammerly, Minumm, Apple's own keyboard and more, but I always come back to this one because it's just works so good in pretty much every category. I have a small request though: if you can, please do something with the wasted space on the iPhone X, either eliminate it or do something useful with it (in the app settings there's no wasted space for example and that's nice). Also, on 3D touch enabled devices, can you please do that moving the cursor up and down and not only left or right will be an option as well? I know that when you reach the end of the row it automatically does that, but it's not the most comfortable thing... Another complaint I have is that the keyboard doesn't insert a space after things like a .,?! and that's pretty annoying. Last complaint is that there's no long pressing a letter for options like ":()*% etc.
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4 years ago, LGB987
Used to be great, now not so much. Great if you want more typos
I’ve had Swift key for a while. I used the love it! The swiping, the customization, the autocorrect, everything. However, recently something changed, and SwiftKey has been causing me more typos than when I use my apple keyboard. For whatever reason it stopped autocorrecting a lot of the time, BUT autocorrecting me when I don’t want it to. It’s really annoying At first I thought it was a combination of my horrendous spelling and mediocre typing skills. But recently my Apple keyboard switched on, and I noticed how much faster and correctly I was typing. It was like shedding the skin that is swiftkey. I realized that it was swiftkey and not me (okay maybe a little me, but the apple keyboard is able to keep up better with and for me). One feature that I do like is the emoji searching (something apple doesn’t have) . They could improve the results though. After getting really annoyed I finally deleted Swiftkey, I’ll see if I end up downloading it again idk
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4 days ago, DyreLogan
"How can we get worse?" - Microsoft
I'll tell you how. Microsoft. That's all you need to know. Microsoft bought a great keyboard and destroyed it like every other big tech company that buys up small business apps and tech and then proceeds to pick it apart until there is nothing left of the same product. With the "update" this time around, Microsoft managed to ruin one of the best features: create your own keyboard. No longer can you choose the button style or the color. You're stuck with whatever Microsoft deems is best, which is apparently bright pink/red key pop up color. No longer can you change the key pop up color how you want. It's Microsoft way or you can delete the app and be done with it. Sounds like good advice to me. Also, the SAME bug that has been plaguing the app since of course Microsoft acquired it is the annoying bug where the keyboard reverts back to the Apple default keyboard. It happened twice now since this "update" and I'm sure it will happen again. Because, like I said... Microsoft. Great job, billionaire tech company, great job.
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8 months ago, baigm0972
Great for Bilinguals, Custimizability, and Emojis/Gifs
I love this keyboard because I often text some of my international friends using words that even though I type in English, are not part of the dictionary, and this keyboard catches on pretty quick. I also love that it's very customizable in that I can keep or get rid of toolbars, the emoji button, numbers on long press, etc. I think the GIF search is also very useful. While it's not absolutely perfect yet, since sometimes it fails to correct my words, or corrects them to a misspelling that I tend to make. Recently, I've run across an issue where the haptic feedback stops working if I'm typing too fast which was not an issue when I was using the IPhone X. But I think that these issues are being worked on and the keyboard seems to work better and better with time.
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4 months ago, K-foshizzle
Takes up most of the iPad sceen- can’t switch keyboards easily.
Needs option to be more compact with number row. Once you change to Swiftkey, you have to hold a button down (not marked with a keyboard of anything) and choose “next keyboard”. It should have a button dedicated to changing keyboards, or allow you to do the hold button thing and pick the keyboard you want. Dictation doesn’t work currently. You hit the mic and it takes you to a black screen with a “tap here to go back” in the upper right corner. Nothing to tap. You have to force close, it then shows you the dictation screen when you go back to imessage app, but isn't doing anything. It shows the microphone white, but it isn't recording. If you tap the mic it takes you to the black page with the "tap here to go back (still with nothing to tap). Used Swiftkey exclusively for several years but gave up using it a few years ago out of disappointment.
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1 year ago, A GAWD
Yall broke autocorrect
Firsrlt, happy yall picked the app bakx up its been my main keyboard for years. However with the most recent update, (and all the blatant typos in this review are being left that way to show you the issue), autocorrect has been probatic. So essentially when autocorrect fixes a word and you backspace back to it, it reverts it to what it originally was. This is good because autocorrect isn't perfect and this is what it always has done. But when you tap on the word that it originally corred in the word suggestions list it doesn't fill it back in. On top of that every interaction with your keyboard afterwards is skewed in a way that I can't show you and you'd likely have to experience it yourself. I don't know if this issue is consistent across all devjxss. I use an iPhone 13 pro running the current latest version of ios. That's all I got for you. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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2 years ago, Transploration
Honestly I'm disappointed
This keyboard has real upsides but also some significant impediments to usability. Let's start with some positives: the themes are engaging and fun without drawing too much focus. It does feel like a lot of work was put in to mask c(auto-correcto, will be discussed in cons) make it responsive and stable (looking at you, ios g-board). The emoji-keyboard is usably searchable (looking at you meta messenger). The dictionary is editable (though with some issues) But the cons aren't tiny. It's obvious they're skimping on real world usability issues. The little +/x in the upper left is a pain to actually get into the hit box of. The autocorrect is filled with obscure proper nouns that often interfere with typing common words. The autocorrect also has some nasty habits of either inserting two words at once that may be a typo with no botton that can remove that, or it'll try changing a word id already determined correct and moved on from when I try to type a new word, often in ways that just make no sense. Common words needing to be added, like 'admin'...really Microsoft? Admin is a rare thing to type but 'Livan' is common enough that we'd need to have it from the box? Also, the majority of your users are adults, when we start using adult words and their derivatives could you just unlock other related ones because kilometers of typing in, I shouldn't have to stop and tap [redacted]
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5 years ago, expressgoner0101
SwiftKey is a slow learner
I had Word Flow on my old phone and when that died, I had to find another swipe keyboard because apparently Word Flow isn't supported any longer (you could still use it if you'd already downloaded it though). I've been using SwiftKey for a few weeks now and it's so frustrating! You would think after that amount of time it would have 'learned' by now that I'm trying to type 'and,' not 'abs' or 'Ave,' or 'neighbor' instead of 'Bridgette' or 'beige.' Its predictive text capability is absolute garbage. A lot of the time it comes up with completely nonsensical words that I've never used and certainly aren't commonly used in wider social circles than mine. I tried to give it some time to see if it would 'remember' which words and phrases I use the most so its predictive text would become more accurate, but that hasn't been the case. I spend more time correcting its mistakes or just typing out individual letters (which obviously isn't the point of a swipe keyboard) than I do getting accurate swipes. I'll be looking for another keyboard and can't wait to stop using this one.
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