Mindbody Business

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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Mindbody Business

4.57 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Sole-diz-app-da-shizz
Getting Better
The overall app gets the job done. There are a few things that don’t work like when you add a client through the app and you select text messages as sending appointment reminders it doesn’t work. You can’t process account balances through the app yet so just waiting for that to happen. I wish there was a way to see your total sales on the dash board instead of the rolling 30 days. I’m happy with the app. It’s great at booking and processing payments. ✌️
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2 years ago, ChadR20
Zero stars Look at recent reviews not overall!
Run stay as far away from this software and anything tied to this company as it will cost you and your client base substantial amount of money I have been going on with this company for eight months and it has yet to work as we originally had been sold and described it would. We continue to have to re direct our clients due to the frustration factor that they cannot use the software. Out of all the software programs on the market this was supposed to be the Cadillac of all programs in it has been the absolute worst nightmare we have ever experienced in 10 years of operation. Again stay far away from all software associated to mind body and mind body companies if I could leave a zero star I would and if you really look at the reviews the past three years majority of the actual reviews are all negative the ones showing four and five stars have no reviews which tells me it’s just internal bots just like all these companies do to up their reviews and cover up their flaws. Oh yeah and when you submit a support ticket it takes two weeks for them to respond and then you give them the situation another 3 to 4 business days and then you get a response from somebody else and have to re-explain yourself over and over again
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5 years ago, Stacey Chuck
Horrible customer service & bait and switch
I had such high hopes for this app. When I was initially contacted by mind-body all the amazing features that were supposedly offered seemed too good to be true. In hindsight they were. But as an eager consumer ready to offer our customers more I signed up. After laying out the complete requirements from our company to MINDBODY in the beginning seemed like a good match. Only two months into it to find out they cannot do what was sold. So we accommodated what their apps capabilities were and moved forward. Only to find out two months later they cannot do what they initially stated. Now five months down the road we have spent $430 a month for an hour but that is not functional for us. They breached the contract they initial stated. Their reps continually over sell and under deliver. They have the customer do a tremendous amount of work only to tell them they have to go back and redo everything. To top it all off every time you have an issue you never get to discuss it with your rep, you have to email to a non specified email address only to wait up to 2 to 4 days to get to reply. They make you feel like a herd of cattle that occasionally gets to the right department. It is a horrible set up for what could be an amazing app.
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6 years ago, BeautybyJordy
Reminders aren’t being sent to clients
This system worked okay when I first started using it; 2 months ago. The last few weeks when I try to change the notification setting to email/text or just text only it goes back to email after I have saved. Some of my clients are still receiving the reminders via text message some have stopped receiving the reminders. In result I have clients text me frantically about their appointment or some have FORGOTTEN and don’t come to their scheduled appointment. My clients really rely on those reminders and is upsetting when I’m loosing money due to YOUR malfunctions. Also, there are a few things that I would like to change. If there is an appointment scheduled with two different names but paying together (brother and sister or mom and child, etc.) it can not be combined on the same ticket. Making the client do more than one transaction. There is also no feature for reoccurring appointments for those who come on specific days or every so often. It helps so that their appointment is already scheduled. Step up your game. If I had the choice I would use a different system but the salon uses this software.
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6 years ago, littleblackkittykat
suddenly unable to cancel a booking
i’m a tennis pro and the tennis club where i teach uses mindbody. i, myself, use the app for booking/canceling courts and lessons. recently, the ability to cancel a reserved court or lesson has stopped working. when i tap the trash can, nothing happens and there’s no other method of canceling (to my knowledge). also, whenever i try to book a 30 minute lesson, it says session time not available and doesn’t allow me to book half hour lessons. what that means or why it doesn’t allow it, i don’t know since i am able to book them from the website. this issue is not recent, it has never allowed me to book a 30 minute lesson in the two or three years i’ve been using the app. these are two small things but make a BIG difference in the usefulness of the app. so as of right, the app is pretty much useless to me which is too bad since the website is not mobile friendly which makes it hard to view the courts sheets on my phone which is what i use most to manage my courts and lessons since i’m on the court all the time and can’t easily access a computer.
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5 years ago, kcibelli1
Beware if you use a monthly billing system
Beware if you use a monthly billing system like my studio does (in which clients get a certain amount of sessions per month and expire at the end of the month). Apparently if you make an appointment using the app it will automatically book AND APPLY the session which does not happen when booking on a desktop. This caused us to charge clients at the wrong time of the month and overcharge some clients for sessions they had already paid for. I brought this to the attention of a mindbody tech support person but they did not see the problem in this design. There should be an option as there is on the computer to just book a session and not apply the payment. I could see this feature being useful on the client app but not for the business owner/employee app. I’ve been using mindbody for 7 years now and I’m a little disappointed that this is not seen as an issue and cannot be fixed. I am also annoyed that I cannot use the app anymore to book sessions in the future.
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3 years ago, olehyvä
Terrible “customer service”
This app has always had random glitches but with the most recent updates, it’s even worse and it seems that the “support team” (if they even have a team) couldn’t care less to make the app work for everyone. Once I exhausted the “tips” they had sent to troubleshoot the issue I’m having (I should add that I’d already tried all but one suggestion; I’m not a super techie kind of a person so that tells you how poor the suggestions were), they just quit responding and basically said “you’re the only one with this problem so it’s not a problem.“ Even if I’m the only person with the issue, you’d think they’d try to help especially knowing that there are several things that could be causing it thatI wouldn’t know about from my end and that this is for business use, it’s not like my game of angry birds crashed. They just seem completely inept at this point. I’ll update this review if anything changes but from the lackluster help I’ve received so far, I can’t imagine it’ll ever change.
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2 years ago, Toby1715
No customer service.
Paying the premium amount to be able to talk to someone almost instantly is a lie. Attempted to contact someone for over a week before finally getting ahold of them to be put on hold for over an hour with no resolve still. The software constantly crashes and glitches. If their payment processors fail you they make you pay for replacements. The app doesn’t require leaving a card to book so anyone can make an appointment through the app without following your business policies unlike any other software is capable of. Was told 1 year contract to sign up and monthly payments after yet now I have to request a contract cancellation to cancel service when that was nowhere in my initial registration agreement. Your money and energy and frustration is better served elsewhere with other software that can do all of the same things with actual customer service and 1/5 the price they charge.
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7 months ago, RudyC13
Beware, they will lie over the phone to you on how my body business easily integrates with any software and website. Upon hearing these things I was inclined to go through with mindbody for my business. The support specialist that they give you are from the Philippines, which wouldn’t be a problem if they knew how to integrate MINDBODY with my business. None of the stuff they said over the phone was true. It does not work well with my business. I’ve had a MINDBODY for now two months, even though I’m paying a lot of money a month I can’t even use it because it doesn’t even work with my software/website. When I further complained about this. They let me know that they denied my request for cancellation. They don’t work to help your business, they are destroying mine. I’m having financial hardships just because of it and they don’t seem to care at all., would definitely not recommend.
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5 years ago, Devawnduh
Font update is just not going to work.
I was so relieved to see the latest update for fixing the dynamic font situation. My phone settings is set to larger font, but it was a mess with the last update bc the font was so large it was unreadable. Now, with the update, which I appreciate the effort, is just as bad because now if I turn off the dynamic font setting it is WAY TOO SMALL! and now unreadable that way for me as well. I am begging you Mind body— change the font size back to how it was before the original dynamic font update. That size worked perfectly (not too large, not too small) and I could actually read the student names and lists on sign up page. **** Or on the class roster page — you could change the size of the font (to be smaller) on the class purchase type (in the grey rectangle with white writing) under the students name. It’s just enormous with the larger text turned on. Please FIX it!!!!!
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4 years ago, hungryx5
Don’t buy mindbody for your business
This company will price gauge you at every opportunity, provide zero support. It is impossible to reach anyone ( I have requested a call back multiple times at 8am to receive a call at 6pm saying “sorry we are now closed please try again tomorrow”) The developers have no concept of the industry’s they are building software for, basic requests to fix software issues go ignored. Don’t get sucked in like I did, look elsewhere for a business that will make your business better not one run by greedy aholes that con you to sign up and then put your business in precarious situations. In addition they fired over 700 employees using COVID as an excuse yet did everything they could to con clients into contracts at the same time while we didn’t know we would have zero support because most of the employees were gone!
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2 years ago, Adam L..
Constant Issues
I’m calling or emailing at least once a week lately with software bug issues. I can’t even get into our software sometimes because they updated their interface and released it to the market without working out all of the kinks. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t FULLY develop the new version of their software and troubleshoot possible issues BEFORE it’s released to all of their clients. It’s incredibly frustrating and I cannot run my business properly because my staff is unable to access class rosters for attendance or retail for purchases. Until they get their act together, I would go with another service option if you’re just starting out. Update: still dealing with issues almost a month later. Terrible service
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4 years ago, Dennis-RR
Not Flexible - in complete/inaccurate Data
For the most part, day to day customer business transaction work. Mind body struggles when breaking up cash and credit services on an order. It also does not always calculate sales tax correctly. The reporting continues to be all house standard reports. Mind body's unwillingness to allow your own data to be exported, results in having to run several reports each day to close the data and analyze the business. The customer service folks are always pleasant, but unable to assist with questions regarding reporting and data exports. I have had to figure it out myself for now ... but very inefficient system. I wish we had better options, but stuck since we are a franchise.
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1 year ago, former clirnt
do not get involved with them
If I could put zero I would. Outrageous I’m turning them in to BBB. Deceptive billing ( that 1.9% on cc no thats over 4% once you add the sneaky fees on the back of your bill that the rep couldn’t even explain to me) I bought a package and they slowly increased the price while taking important features away. How is that even legal. Couldn’t even reset my employees password without upgrading. Then when I sold my business they dragged their feet 6 weeks with the transfer. This cost new owner business and she eventually had to start a new account typing in all the contacts. Meanwhile they double dipped charging us both for service. Still having to spend an hour plus each month three months later as they continue to bill me.
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4 years ago, TrishYeatts
Don’t choose MINDBODY!
DON’T CHOOSE MINDBODY! I have owned a gym for the last three years and decided to go with MINDBODY as my scheduling service. This was a huge mistake. MINDBODY raised my monthly rate THREE TIMES to more than double what I was originally paying. For zero added benefit. Every time I have had an issue with their software, they never have a solution - they would tell me that my client needed to call, making my gym customer service look awful. And they literally offer no extra services. My active client list was always totally inaccurate no matter how I changed the settings, and payments would be charged to my clients after I went in and cancelled their memberships. Sometimes even months later! MINDBODY made my gym look fraudulent by charging all of these erroneous fees. PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER SERVICE. You can thank me later.
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5 years ago, 22robin22
I’ve been using Mindbody for four years now, cancelled with them because mostly they kept raising there prices up, when I first used the app it was $95 a month then $125, now $225 I’m s small salon owner and even the $125 was a stretch for me. I’ve switched to vagaro and LOVE it!! It has everything Mindbody offers but half the cost. Mindbody also has many glitches you get kicked off there site many times, you can not opt out adding a clients email even though there is a box to opt out of it. Many of my clients have problems rescheduling or seeing there schedule. I will not be using this app again especially now that there are so many other scheduling applications available.
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2 months ago, Painsworth91
Poor execution
Only thing I use the app for is checking staff schedule occasionally and adding client relationships. Since the app allows you to add multiple relationships between two profiles at once whereas the web only lets you add one at a time and takes you to a different page after you add one. Even so, the app constantly crashes when I’m doing these few things. Usual when switching client profiles, but does it at other times as well. Very annoying to have it just close down after every couple of actions I take. Good features, poor execution.
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5 years ago, annoyedmartha
App won’t load appointments
I’m a service provider at a spa that uses mindbody and I can’t ever check my appointments on the app. I have to keep deleting and re downloading the app because it won’t load the schedule to view my appointments. App just loads and spins for minutes before it force closes. It will work for a few days after deleting and re downloading but 99% of the time I have to close it and sign in online which is very annoying and takes more time than I’d like. Also I hate that I’m not able to read appointment notes any longer on the app so when it does manage to load I have to sign in online anyways to make sure clients don’t have any issues I should know about before preforming a service.
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2 years ago, Berlspitzer
Terrible experience with them.
Terrible experience with them!! A few friends told us that it’s a very good software, but we got screwed up. We were in touch with Jeff from the sales department as soon as we give the first payment he didn’t pick up my phone calls and didn’t reply to my emails. We got training 4 to 5 weeks apart because the trainer went to vacation. And at this point we weren’t motivated for it. A few months later we tried to contact a few months later it was very hard to reach and when we reached they give us 1 training and at this point we hate this software. And when I request a refund they said they can’t refund me because of non usage.
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2 years ago, Drdanctn
Too Much Friction
Not impressed with the constant necessity to log back on. Now it won’t let me log in because it says it needs an email. When I enter the email, it tells me it’s already in use. Of course it’s in use, it’s the one on the account the system kicked me out of. The level of friction to use your product continues to grow along with your monthly fee. Moving on in the near future is becoming more of a necessity then an option.
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5 years ago, ️Mags
Great until you have to delete and download again
I’ve used this app for work for a few years now. I teach group fitnesses classes for a business that uses this app. I like that I can see and plan for the number of students I have in each class and if a student needs to pay for a drop in I can charge directly from the app. However, I have to constantly re-install the app every few months because nothing will load. It’s a small issues but a very annoying one. Looking at other reviews I see I am not the only client having this issue. Would be great if the developer would listen to the feedback and get this bug fixed.
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5 years ago, CherylSz
Contact Logs on App Would Help
The app is awesome! I love having quick and easy access to our facility schedule, appointment booking, and members’ contact info with a quick click. One feature that is absolutely missed in the app is the use of contact logs. I reeeealllly wish I could create contact logs and schedule contact follow-ups within the app like you can on the desktop version. It would really help me work more efficiently on the go.
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6 years ago, MKRube
Works until it doesn't
I own my own business and use another booking company that is so much easier and works much more seamlessly. I have to use this app because I am an employee for another company. Well, for the most part, I can see what classes I have booked and see the students, recently it crashes every time I look at a class, and I can't change the time of the class to accommodate students! There are way too many steps involved to accomplish your goals with this system and this app. And it keeps crashing! But I have to use it as an employee… Please fix the bugs!
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5 years ago, bkozlow
Terrible app
I use multiple apps in my every day life and I have been using MINDBODY both as a customer as well as in business for several years. This app is consistently problematic! It has multiple glitches and constantly signs out and needs the password and the people who are signing up for the classes have a hard time with their information not showing up or being incorrect, and it’s not updating for those of us that need to see who is signing up or canceling for our fitness classes. I have honestly never worked with an app that has had more problems. In this industry, I feel we can and should do much better!
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2 years ago, MadameBMG
Buggy app that crashes too often
This app is so frustrating - there's limited usability (can't clock in on the app, for example), it crashes often, it somehow messes takes over your audio (you can't play music and open the app at the same time!), and right now I can't even get in to see my daily schedule and check in clients. Furthermore, why does this not have FaceID or some other way to auto-login? It directs you to their website to login instead of using the app interface directly, so you can't store a password for easier access. For how much it costs to implement MINDBODY in your studio, the app should be working nearly perfectly all the time!
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6 years ago, Noonenoonenoonenoooe
I don't like to leave bad reviews but if you're considering this for your fitness business, let me save you hours, days, weeks, and possibly months of wasted time by offering you this tiny bit of advice--choose something other than mindbody. MBO is bulky, slow, glitch-filled, and they'll charge you more to use this crap software than pretty much any other company out there. Not to mention they continually raise the prices while their help desk quality gets worse & worse and you get nickel, dimed, quarter, and dollared for every add-on that would actually make it useful. Check your merchant processing very carefully of you already fell for this tap and signed up. You're paying WAY MORE than you think.
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3 years ago, Vinny5674
Feels heavy with consistent glitches.
The app is useful for the company i work for but it feels heavy whenever being used with random spurts of glitches like being thrown to another month. Also there’s a lot of redundancies i wish could be avoided, such as no options for repeated bookings. Wish we could move dates around by dragging the appointment if i needed to reschedule ( website version does it ) - I wish it would load faster and be more user friendly. On average i spend a decent amount of time on this app on a daily basis and would love to see some improvements for the user. All the best
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2 years ago, Orion_0089
-5 Stars
This is legitimately one of the worst companies out there so studio owners beware. Their software is not user or customer friendly you only have access to entry-level customer service personnel who know as much about the software as anyone. If you would like a upper level customer service person it requires an extra fee or you can pay to go through there technical support training even though you pay for the software itself. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on this market and know it. I have had the software for five years and would change in a heartbeat if there was one even slightly comparable.
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2 years ago, klray
I can’t understand how this app has an average 4.6 stars. Look at the reviews. They are mostly terrible. The app is terrible. It works about 50-75%. And it doesn’t work well when it does. It crashes, fails to load, says you’re open when you’re not and says you’re not when you are, amongst many other things. They did a restructure that actually made it HARDER to use (which had to be a challenge for them to achieve) several weeks ago. I’m convinced the developers neither have experience in any sort of service industry nor enough experience writing software/programs. Maybe they work for Apple iPhone.
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5 years ago, lizabethR
Horrible experience
Don’t trust this company and there staff. They all say different stories to keep you as a client. They lie and always a different representative they take like 1 hour before they answer. There merchant service is horrible they take 3 hour to answer, I mean 3 hours. Horrible I did a transaction for a client that purchased product never got the money deposited 2 weeks later I had to cancel the transaction that I never got. I lost product, money . The lie to keep you in the books. And they all twist stories . I will be posting all the recording I did when I talk to all customer service representative I talk to and how each day a different thing. horrible for business.
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2 months ago, SH SG OG
Do not commit to this business!
Ever since I started using the Mindbody app for my business, it has been nothing but problems. Wrong prices, classes that disappear from the schedule, inability to process payments, inability for clients to create accounts, and more. The back end software is difficult to use and time consuming. I have complained to the company repeatedly and they have horrible customer service. They locked me into a second year after telling me that I was only required to have a year contract for the first year. All they care about is making money and the small business owner is of no concern to them.
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1 year ago, Lovetomassage
Good but could be great
I enjoy using the app and so do my clients. The one thing that has always been an issue is whenever I want to view my week the app always buffers. I then have to close it and wait a few minutes then try it again. Sometimes , even that will not work. I then just close the app and go to my iPad.
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5 years ago, BB Crow
A simple shell of an app
I’m sure it’s difficult to create an app from a full blown package. Mind body has attempted to do this but has failed. First of all is the instability of the app. It kinda works when it feels like it, and then parts of it just stop working. We run our front desk on an iPad and just this week I’ve been unable to access my clients account from the app. It just exits the app. Its so inconvenient. Now I have to take two hours out of my day to contact their tech support and figure out what’s happening. Another thing that makes me crazy is the inability to update and add inventory on the iPad at all, even in their full blown package that you can sign into in your browser. This really makes it hard to run a business. Mind body keeps taking away features and charging more money. They are insensitive to their small clients and see us as unimportant in their business plan which is total domination of the scheduling business. They actually told me they are trying to be a Google. Really.
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4 years ago, Banana-ana
Lots of bugs, loading problems.
Needs a lot of improvement. Too often I run into problems with the schedule loading so I am unable to see my schedule. I work at two offices that use their app and logging into one office to the next becomes slow and problematic. Schedule does not sync with my calendar, so I have to constantly log in to see my availability, all to just have the loading error and not be able to see my schedule. I also cannot add soap notes in the app, I have to login through safari which defeats the purpose of the app. Annoying to say the least.
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6 years ago, jamain94
Issues for ipad
Issues that Ive experienced since January 2018, the app will not show the schedule if you check past 7pm, often needing me to check on a desktop or mobile website. The functionality is bland and should be improved overall. The schedule should only show My Schedule on the days we have availability instead of making us switch to list view that only shows day-to-day. A recurring appointment option on the app would be a time saver! Notes should have a date/time stamp option as well.
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2 months ago, Core Pilates yoga & Barre
Biz site vs the app
Me and other instructors cannot see a particular class on the Biz side but the class is on the app to book. ?! I can see this particular class on my iPad. I called in, spent a long time on the phone with a friendly woman, Ann. She sent me several links, we logged out and back in. We tried this and that. She apologized and was going to transfer me to someone with more experience. I kindly asked that she just have them check into it and call me if there is a fix. Frustrating …
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3 months ago, JaromirS86
Overall bad experience, zero support and they’ll keep you charging forever
App glitches often, customer support is really poor and available mainly for Europe customers with scarce availability for the business owners in the western hemisphere. Even if you buy 12 months subscription they’ll keep automatically renewing it for another 12 months, without possibility of cancellation during that period. Basically if you give them cc you don’t have access to it anymore. Supposedly you can give them notice 30 days before contract expiration, I just did let’s see if they keep charging me afterwards.
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2 years ago, Autumn Ren
Removed needed features
There used to be a “change location” feature for staff to switch between multiple locations to view schedule. For some reason it is now gone and I am forced to sign out and sign back in each time to view my schedule in another location. Not sure why something like that would be removed but it’s made the app even more difficult to use. There is also no way to contact app support since the link in the app leads to a page labeled “under construction”
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6 years ago, Christinacervenka
Loading errors
I keep having issues with the app not loading. I open the app and it’ll stay in the gray loading mode where you cannot tap any of the icons. I have deleted and re-downloaded several times which works for a few uses before the same issue resurfaces. Especially if I have the schedule page on “all staff” and close the app. Very frustrating since this is the platform I use for work. I’ve taken to opening a web browser from my phone to do my daily work. When it works, it’s a great app. When it doesn’t, it’s excruciating.
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5 years ago, meginbos
new version won’t remember view settings
The latest version of this app does not remember my settings for default view preferences, which is extremely frustrating when you use it as much as I do. Every time I open it, I have to re-select list view and re-select all instructor view or re-select each instructor from filter view. About 50% of the time when I’m re-selecting these settings they don’t even populate and I have to restart the app entirely. Please fix this issue! It was never an issue until recently, over the last couple months.
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2 weeks ago, Ongofitnes
After signing and expressing concern in my clientele using the app because majority of them don’t use smart phones and this was my main concern in signing up . I was explain that I can cancel any time after use of 90 days if it doesn’t work out for my business . After two days of purchasing and trying the onboarding process. It wasn’t for me and my business at the time. Now I’m getting told I have to wait a year to cancel and that i didn’t even use the software so I can’t cancel. So now I’m Being told I have to pay for something I don’t use.
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5 years ago, Seaymoney
Great but can’t see month sales report through app
Hey love the app and that you guys are always updating fixing and making better but when I run monthly reports on my phone it only shows PER day revenue results instead of monthly totals. I can do this from computer but not my phone. Please add this feature to show the totals of the individual days added up.
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2 years ago, JuliaTobey
We feel duped
We started paying Mindbody in April 2021 and spent six months trying to figure out their very faulty platform. So much time spent on phone calls and emails. We weren’t even able to update photos without phone calls and waiting 48 hours. Between the money I paid my employees to try to figure out the app and the online platform and the time and money we spent with Mindbody, we truly lost thousands of dollars. To add salt to the wound, they charged us for several months after we canceled and refused to refund us. Save your time and money and find another platform.
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5 years ago, LA Busy
Schedule times don’t show up
This app is frustrating because the main thing we would use it for is to schedule clients from wherever we are. However when you look at the schedule screen you can only see the word a.m. or p.m. to the left of the screen you can never see what the actual time as she will have to scroll around to try to gas and keep playing with it. It seems to be more trouble than its worth! Also it constantly says that the network had an error when you’re trying to schedule.
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6 years ago, knfut
Doesn’t respond well and crash often
I’ve been a client for years and the app is okay. Sometimes the functions do not work and crashes often. Last week the app wouldn’t recognize my credit card swiper even after I call customer service to troubleshoot. My only option is to buy a new swiper (weight less then 1lbs) and they charge $30 to ship it 7 days later. It’s time to make a major update and upgrade and I hope it’ll get better.
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6 years ago, MBOuser
Freezing/unreliable - Once a great app
I can’t give it just one star because, for a while, it was going great. I could easily log in and see classes, check people in etc. Nowadays, it just freezes up, staying in that loading mode (with the little circle moving) without ever loading, and shutting down on its own. I’ve updated it and have been looking out on the App Store for any new updates, but nothing so far. Maybe I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling (again).
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4 years ago, madewood
Capable but complex software
Mindbody offers great capabilities but suffers from poor work flow, I.e. it takes too many clicks to get something don as several screens have to be activated and if something goes wrong it takes a long time to figure out how to correct the mistake. When we add the fact there is not decent help or comment function and wait times to get customer service on the phone can exceed ninety minutes, this system is barely acceptable.
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5 years ago, LineaAlba
Needs notifications
I’ve missed or nearly missed appointments that clients made last minute because the MBO app/site doesn’t always update quickly. The front desk is supposed to call us to tell us, but they don’t always have time, then there bad blood with management thinking we’re not checking our schedule and it’s our fault. It’s been like this for years, and all it would take is MindBody adding notifications for the app to indicate that today’s schedule has changed since the last time we opened it.
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7 months ago, JoshClutch
Mindbody is awful, use something else!
They promise the world, and far under deliver! Many of the things I was told the system does, and reasons to upgrade, don’t work or are further upgrades to outside services that are almost as expensive as this platform. Training time is WAY longer than they tell you, and you can’t go faster because everything is outsourced out of America and the people are supposedly so busy you can’t get more than one appointment per week. Mind boggling how bad our first few months have been so far!
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2 years ago, Leia Suzanne
Not impressed-Be prepared to waste your time
I DO NOT recommend signing up with Mindbody. The costs will quickly add up. The developers of the software clearly have never tried to troubleshoot with clients before releasing the programs. The most basic features to book appointments are not reliable. Many bugs since the July 7, 2022 update, with zero improvement. Incredibly unreliable connecting the Branded Web tools linking your schedule to your website. Customer service is out sourced. Be prepared to babysit and waste hours of your time!!!
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