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UVNV, Inc.
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User Reviews for Mint Mobile

4.68 out of 5
134.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Nutmeg jean
Happy I switched
This is totally random but a few months ago (4 months I think) I switched phone companies. I went from Boost mobile to Mint mobile. Anyways. I tried the plan that was like 30 gigs a month of data, and was shocked when it said I had only used less than 5 gigs in a whole month. However. I am extra cautious with using the data on my phone and always try to connect to wifi when I’m playing games or watching videos. You know, the stuff that uses lots of data. So with mint, you pay for 3 months. And each month I hardly used 5 gigs of data. So the next round I decided to try the unlimited data plan and I wanted to do all the normal things I’d do on my phone using data. Because I found it weird that with the last company I was with I would ALWAYS go over on my data even when I’d be extremely cautious about my usage. It didn’t seem right that I was doing all the same stuff as I did with my last phone company, and yet now I’m hardly using any of my data?… anyways. I can confirm even with using data- updating my phone, and updating games etc. I *still* haven’t gone over 10 gigs. So that leads me to believe boost was somehow causing my phone to use more data. Maybe with something running in the background. Because you can always buy more data if you go over. So freaking scammy. I’m glad I switched.
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3 years ago, Kenzie Bode
Definitely will refer
We have tried the Walmart family plan, and a few other companies. The one we stuck with the longest has been Verizon. We were on the prepaid plan and paid almost $100 a month for both phones (both of which didn’t have I limited internet). The customer service was TERRIBLE due to us being prepaid. Verizon was rude and crabby when we’d call in and it got old. We accidentally found out about MINT due to Ryan Reynolds. After looking up if he had any current movies we saw he had a phone company. We looked online and loved how sarcastic and humorous the website was. We checked into the places we went and found they had service in the area. After trialing the 7 day card we decided to make the jump. My husband has the unlimited plan and I have the 4 GB plan. We were able to transfer over our numbers and keep our phones. It was a very smooth process. I love the price we are paying and that he gets more internet that I hope he needs. we’ve also found that in some areas we previously had issues with internet (example is our Tin shop) we now have full bars. Not sure how or why were able to have access to internet but I’m not going to complain. Absolutely love the company. 100% would recommend.
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3 years ago, JDP_NM
A little frustrating at first
Took 2 days to transfer my number and several calls to customer service. If you enter any info incorrectly during the transfer process you have to call customer service to cancel the transfer and re-initialize. Took several calls to figure this out and until someone who knew what they were doing. After the transfer was complete the app was not syncing saying my number transferred and providing up to date account info. Another call to customer service resolved the issue. If this happens uninstall the app and reinstall. Representative Mark issued a temporary password which allowed me to log in. After all this everything seems to be working fine. I was the test and at that point I transferred my wife’s phone. Hers transferred in a matter of minutes and was up and running. Posting this review will hopefully help anyone else with similar issues. 4 stars for the initial hiccups. I’ve placed several calls and so far call quality seems slightly better than republic wireless. Might be switching from a 5 year old phone to the iPhone SE. So far happy and saving $5 per phone per month over republic with paying for a year in advance. With republic I was paying $25 each month for 1GB of date and Mint it’s $20 for 10GB. I do like how mint has a customer service number while republic is chat or email only.
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1 month ago, ajluis101
Interface Far From User-Friendly
User interface was far from user friendly. Right out the gate, the only way to use this service, is to choose from one of their data plans; even if you’re just looking to transfer service providers, port over your number, and pay later, they will put you on their free trial, instead, with no confirmations or communications with you of any kind. Contrary to their mission statement, there is not a single person who will help you. Not only was I unsuccessful in porting over my number with this provider, but also, I am having trouble canceling said port-over because I instead switched to a different mobile provider whose user interface was also run using similar automated systems, and was charging even lower rates for exactly the same service, and their user interface ran a lot more smoothly and actually communicated my number port over to me properly, including checking whether or not my port over was successful, since I am now having billing issues with my former mobile company, because of something that’s allegedly not in their systems - meaning, it is in yours, Mint Mobile! I was literally unable to reach an actual person with regards to this issue, again, contrary to this company’s mission statement. The company only seems concerned with getting its users to spend money on their data plans, without properly communicating what exactly their “customers” are getting themselves into, especially when they are switching providers.
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5 months ago, Shadkit
I love Mint!
We switched from Verizon to Mint a year ago and I couldn’t be happier!! We’re saving so much money to get the exact same service, honestly maybe even better! We kept dropping calls on Verizon and would have slow internet data and I was worried it would be the same for Mint, but I haven’t had any dropped calls and my data has been great! What I love about Mint is it truly is what you see is what you get. If I run out of data, they tell me I can add more (for a really reasonable price) or my data will just be super slow. I love how easy it is to check data as well. The app is simple, but literally has everything you need. The only problems we’ve had was when we went on vacation to Portland. Our phones didn’t want to work around the mall area only…no clue why but honestly, it really wasn’t a problem. If you’re thinking about switching, truly just try it! You can try a three month plan, no strings attached. It’s the best phone service I’ve had and I’m not just saying that because of the fun Ryan Reynolds perks you get as well (like an ornament that had a recorded message you could call and listen too…totally used it to pretend I was on an important call at family gatherings…). I love Mint!
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10 months ago, Lifecake devotee
Switching to Mint was a massive mistake
I switched to Mint Mobile from Boost a week ago and have regretted it ever since. 1. It is not possible to speak with a human, ever. They offer chat with an AI only or you can wait on hold to speak with a human (I’m on with them now - 25 minutes and counting, chewing my international, credits as I’m out of the country). 2. Their app is buggy. It declines payments repeatedly (PayPal, credit, debit, doesn’t matter), making it next to impossible to add International Credits. And no, there is nothing wrong with any of my payment methods - it’s all on Mint’s side. 3. Their plan rates are nowhere near as good as they sound on the surface. To get the rates they advertise you need to pay in advance for 12 months. If you pay as you go (which I did with Boost for 8 years and had excellent service with), their rates are markedly higher. 4) I clicked the box saying “enable auto payments” in 3 months when my current plan ends. I changed my mind ten minutes later and deselected auto payment. The app keeps re-enabling auto payments in my account every time I close out of the app. That’s a big and a thieving one at that. So, buggy app that makes payments cumbersome (that’s if you’re lucky - they’re impossible when you’re not); no ability to speak to a human EVER; limited use AI Chatbot; plans that are nowhere near as good as they advertise. I will switch back to Boost as soon as I return back to the USA from Canada in a few days. Mint, you’re awful.
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So I literally JUST got my sim and activated it. The process took no longer than 10 minutes. Honestly, the customer service part with my old carrier took the longest. But as soon as I correctly entered my pin, account number, and billing address, this was LITERALLY THE SMOOTHEST PROCESS EVER. Mint said it could take a few hours for the number to transfer (and up to 48 hours). But it literally took no longer than 5 minutes from the moment I entered everything and let them put in the transfer request to have my number activated with MINT. And it automatically cancelled my T-Mobile account (bill was paid up to date which made it easy) which was WONDERFUL because I don’t have to talk to customer service to do it! I was BLOWN AWAY by how fast it happened. Literally jaw dropped. I’m definitely going to update in a month or two about how well the service is for the plan, which I’m sure it’ll be phenomenal. For the record, I was paying $85 at T-Mobile. This is definitely a game changer and money saver. I used to work there too which is why I was agonized over the thought of talking to customer service for the account cancellation. Literally, I’m sold with Mint already!
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7 months ago, sweetjulie07
Sooooo thrilled!!!
I had Straight Talk for years and it was always ridiculous shenanigans! Their website and app were both terrible and customer service, ugh forget it! I mostly used wifi so I just kept on at their lowest cost plan. However, after I moved & didn’t get home internet, my 10GB of data ran out super quick. I don’t use social media or streaming services, so it seemed weird. I had ppl stop sending me pics (sorry mom!) and limited data usage to just when necessary and still ran out about half way through the month. So I switched to Mint without fully realizing it was only 5GB for the 3 month $15 plan. At first I thought there was no way I could do it, but the last two months in a row I’ve been under 5GB by the end of the month and have been using data for several apps quite a bit! Service areas seem pretty comparable and the yearly plans are super reasonable. Just starting my fourth month since switching and I’m loving it! I don’t use the Mint app a ton. Like all other non-essential app, I have the data settings turned off and occasionally check my data usage while on wifi. I appreciate how easy and straightforward it is to check it!
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2 years ago, CBP0229
Mint Vs Tello
I do like Mint a lot. They have great and knowledgeable customer service, the phone service is great and I have never had any major problems that wasn’t fixed as soon as I reached out. The issue I have with Mint is they limit the tethering/hot spot on their unlimited plan to 5 GB. This is where they have a major disadvantage to Tello, who is on the same T-Mobile network as Mint. Although Tello’s “unlimited” plan is 25GB, you can use the entire 25GB on hotspot if you wanted to before you are slowed down. That’s the way it really should be. Why would Mint want to limit that to a fraction of what the customer is purchasing for a data plan? Additionally, on RedPocket’s 100GB plan, they do not limit how much of that you can use on the hotspot if you chose to do that. You could use the entire 100GB on hotspot. It’s unlikely that would happen, but at least they give you the option, unlike Mint. After all, YOU are paying for the data whether you use it or not. It should be YOUR choice how you use it. Mint did point out that they only limit 5GB on their unlimited plan whereas on the other plans you can use more. What?? Doesn’t make sense to me to limit the hotspot plans on the more expensive plans and then allow more hotspot data on the LESS expensive plans. Are they in business to make money?
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3 years ago, Salsalita4801
Ciao T-mobile Hello Mint
Since T-Mobile joined forces w/ Sprint I began to notice the change. Calls frequently dropped, my bill secretly increased, my same 2 associates for 3 years that always handled my account vanished…they would even ask how my dog Capone was… I soon was being transferred to a call center in another country … yeah T-mobile Tuesdays was a cool perk but after all issues stated above longer a perk to me …I heard about Mint on Trash Tuesdays Podcast (Hollaaa Slugs) the paid 3,6,12 months at once like my car insurance was what sold me… then BONUS how extremely inexpensive the plans are! So this morning I waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for T-Mobile to call me back spoke with someone (I couldn’t understand her name) who had me on the phone for another 20 minutes to apologize letting me know she didn’t know how to release our phone numbers on the account to transfer too Mint. I then called up mint, Erick answered and within 10 minutes had both our numbers transferred and our new mint account activated! If making the switch because of their Awesome phone plans doesn’t budge you then hopefully this review of their Stellar Customer Service will! Just doooooo it!!!
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11 months ago, A minty fresh delight
So far so good
Switched from straight talk. I had straight talk for probably 12+ years. It was generally OK but their customer service was horrendous. Also, my wife's card that was on file had been hacked on two separate occasions and straight talk was the only place that card was on file anywhere so we knew it had to come from them. my wife switched to mint about five months before I did. She doesn't use mobile data near as much as I do so she gave it a try first when she got a new phone. After she was satisfied with it I decided to go with it. I've been really happy so far. my biggest concern is coverage. We go camping from time to time and when we camp in the fall, I stream college football games. So coverage is important. Know some of these areas we go to like in southeast Ohio, coverage is very spotty so I don't expect good coverage at these places as nobody has it, but it still needs to be as good as I had before. The jury is still out on that one, but so far I am very happy I switched to Mint Mobile. Coverage has been great, the cost is phenomenal, and I have had zero issues. Customer service has been stellar so far.
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8 months ago, Word Counter Reviewer
Overall good but number porting and esim pain
Got 3 lines on mint. First, new number, fine. Could not port AT&T phone number to this line because it was old mint acct. Why? Bureaucracy. So got new mint acct. Was able to port AT&T number and get esim. Hooray! Tried to get another mint acct to port another AT&T number. Learned that: 1. Esim transfer phone to phone is not possible to do on your own. You have to contact mint and it can take a couple hours on their chat line. Should have used sim card. 2. AT&T has so much fraud protection on number transfer (port) that if it fails, your number is in a weird intermediate state and mint points at AT&T and AT&T points at mint for the source of the problem. So therefore in that case, one just gives up. Ok the tech is too fragile for ez number transfer. Yes it works sometimes. But if you call AT&T, instead of fixing it, they try to sell you new devices and plans instead of fixing it. Do I want this hassle? Picture bugs bunny saying Noooooooo. Sorry mint, you have to complain to the FCC about this, it is above my pay grade and not my job. And your business model depends on it. Why should I waste hours on chat lines for esim transfer and number transfer? It should take 2 minutes. 5 at most.
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12 months ago, TD1 Mom on a budget
Advertised price is ONLY for NEW customers. Changing phone can cause you to lose your number.
Advertised price is ONLY for NEW customers. Yep, you will pay DOUBLE to renew. SURPRISE! Changing phones can cause you to **lose your number** & have several days without service even if you have time left on the plan. I made the mistake of buying a phone on the site along with the esim card. The phone arrived locked, with a standard SIM card. (Not compatible & not what I ordered) Tech support sent an email to “The Back Office” to update or help. I had No phone service during the 2 day waiting time. I knew my plan was a about to expire at the end of the month when I ordered the phone & new esim at the beginning of the month. I made the mistake of ordering from their add & not in the app. I am again without service while I wait for a back office to grant my wish for a credit to my mint account for the $$ spent instead of reimbursing my bank account & then pay double what I just spent to renew a 6 month plan. I know now I have to pay double to renew as an existing customer or lose my number. Single mom, with a type 1 diabetic 5yo who gets her blood glucose number on the app in my phone. The down time has been a pain to say the least. Things I have experienced as a customer, you may want to be aware of.
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1 year ago, Eddie Spaghetti with the Meatball Eyes
Disappointing Customer Service
Service agents never veer off scripts or checklists limiting ability to address the root cause and simple solutions for service and technical issues. Nearly a dozen phone calls and twice the Mint Mobile agents and technicians whom each time had us start troubleshooting from the beginning of their script/checklist rather than pick up where we left off from the call prior. Tech, agents, and supervisors all contradicting each other from call to call rather than coming up to speed with the notes from our previous interactions. In short, paying for service we are not able to use with one of our phones (3+ weeks thus far); not standing behind their confirmation that one of our phones is compatible; and not receiving 3 referral incentives I shared by link to family. That’s not to say that the representatives were not friendly or polite (except 1). In fact they were very pleasant. But inflexible to offer solutions that were both in best interest to the customer and to the Mint Mobile brand. Unfortunate. Forced to sever 4 customer relationships with the brand despite the very appealing connection costs. PS - Service slower during peak hours and more blackout zones which I experienced rarely with Verizon but those inconveniences were offset by the lower costs for me until I needed actual customer service issues addressed and rectified.
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3 years ago, Th1sN1cknam31sTak3n
Bad Service, Worse Support
We travel full-time with our family in our RV so we’ve been a lot of places with Mint. We also have an ATT hotspot plan as our main internet service on the road. ATT is there for us in 95% of the places we stay (and most are in towns and near cities, not in the woods). Mint, however, is usually good for voice, but the 10gb of data we pay for rarely gets used because their LTE service is nearly non-existent in the west. Try chatting to see if you can find some resolution and you’ll waste an hour and a half while someone takes 10 minutes between each response only to accomplish in that time checking an address they were told we don’t live at and resetting our phone, and finally checking a couple recent addresses to let us know, “we’re weak there. And there, too.” Oh, and offered $5 for the inconvenience that our plan with them that we’ve had for 3 years didn’t work in Bend, OR (100,000 pop) or 80% of the places we travel since leaving there. Customers for 3 years and we’ve kept it because it’s cheaper than most service plans and like I mentioned, we have our trusty AT&T hotspot for WiFi that works nearly EVERYWHERE. Why is ATT so much better than T-Mobile/Mint? I mean, it’s absurd how often Mint just fails you when you’re traveling. Oh, and they’re constantly pushing you to refer friends and family—I would never! Run!
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5 months ago, countrymama712
Great Company!
I left Verizon bc I didn’t like things they were saying and doing and also bc I felt like they were fleecing me each month with my enormous phone bill. I tried Visible for awhile, they’re a cheaper sister company of Verizon, but that didn’t work out bc they didn’t have service in areas that I needed service for my job. That sent me looking for alternatives. I looked at all of them, including Patriot Mobile and Pure Talk. They both had plans for $50-$60 a month, which was way better than Verizon, but I needed something a bit more economical that still had great service and attitude. That’s when I remembered that Ryan Reynolds had done a commercial for his company called Mint Mobile. I really like Ryan Reynolds. I think he’s silly and fun, so I looked into Mint. I loved the laid back, silly and fun demeanor of Mint from the get go. Atmosphere is huge for me. I also loved that I could pay a whole year up front for my service and it was only $100ish than I was paying MONTHLY at Verizon. I also noticed that my data usage plummeted as well, even though I haven’t changed anything I do on my phone.
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2 weeks ago, call me what ya like
False advertising. Do not trust this company!
They have unethical business practices. They falsely advertise that the introductory rate can be locked in after your three month period. Which is NOT true. You can only get that particular rate IF you change your plan such as downgrading, which is NOT the introductory offer since the introductory offer is associated with a particular plan. So to keep your current plan you HAVE to buy it at a higher price. It’s called bait and switch, and is fraudulent, misleading, unethical and generally illegal. This offer is all over the website in multiple places, and I even called customer service prior to switching to confirm this, and was told yes. The funny thing, is that when I spoke to this representative I was told the company is all about transparency. Ha. Again, total LIE as they mislead their customers. Customer service reps are not authorized to make price adjustments so calling the help center is useless. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the company did nothing. And did you know in the terms and conditions it says that we as customers are NOT able to participate in a class action lawsuit against them? So when they pull this kind of stuff, we are not able to stand up for ourselves and seek justice. Just another example of corporate greed and a misuse of power. Thanks Ryan Reynolds, you’re a stand up guy. 🙄
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12 months ago, mophiex4
Terrible customer service and technical issues
Mint Mobile might be cheaper than other phone plans, but it is not worth it. The eSIM activation link only works one time. If something happens (i.e. your Wi-Fi cuts out in the middle of activation, or you accidentally close the tab), you will not be able to activate the eSIM using this method. This happened to me, so I was on the phone with multiple people for an entire afternoon to find an alternate way to activate my eSIM and connect my two accounts into one family account. They helped me use a manual activation method for my eSIM, but after this, connecting my two accounts into one family account required usage of the Mint Mobile app, and this app refused to work for me. It wouldn’t let me create an account, so I had to create one through the website instead. But even after doing this, the app wouldn’t let me log into my account. I’ve never had any issues with SIM activation or family accounts with any previous phone carriers I’ve used. This process has always taken just a few minutes, but at Mint, it took an entire afternoon, and the experience was beyond stressful for me. The customer service was incredibly incompetent, and at times, rude. At one point, the customer service rep threatened to hang up on me. Please fix your technical issues and improve your customer service.
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2 years ago, DME_Ski
Thanks for The Update Fix
Thank you very much, Developers, for fixing the mobile Apps as well as the computer site. I am finally able to login on all platforms. I really appreciate it. I don’t ever recall having this kind of issue with any of my other Apps and websites, however, a friend who uses a different mobile provider also experienced some trouble with his provider where data was leaked. Hearing this and comparing it with what I experienced with your platform I wonder if many of the communication companies/providers were hacked or tried to be hacked. It would be great to know why these things happen. Thanks again. Original Review: A Piece of Junk And cannot sign in on computer either. App says my phone number doesn’t exist meanwhile I’ve been signing in for years. Checked my phone number several times as well as password. Still nothing. Try to sign in on computer and account section either hangs or comes up blank. Tried to sign in on tablet and the browser SCREAMS that there is an App for that. Well, eah, but it doesn’t work. Was gonna buy more data but flip that. Gonna look elsewhere. There are plenty of other mobile carriers.
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3 weeks ago, Tricia K Emore
Joining Mint Mobile
Hooray! I’m so excited. I’m 74 years young and I have difficulty using the internet. Not because I’m stupid but because of medications that give me a hard time concentrating when reading and typing is difficult because my fingers are bent with arthritis and they shake a lot and I double touch letters. So I really need to talk to a person because it’s easier. In connecting to Mint Mobile my choice of carrier, I had a lot to go through. With the help of Marge, to first get my transfer pin from my previous carrier which took quite some time and then I needed more help from Sasha on another matter concerning the removal of old SIM card and installation of the new SIM card and helping me buy the insurance for my phone. We talked about the use of the 2nd SIM card and I know just who it will go to and I get a special credit for that too. The two people I talked to were so nice and friendly. What made it nicer was the ability to talk to a live person at Mint Mobile. GO MINT MOBILE. I love you all ready! Typing is hard but this review is worth it.
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2 years ago, GingerVen93
Worst customer service of any I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with!
I’ve had mint since October of 2021 without any issues until now. I switched from a 13 pro max to a 14 Plus and have been fighting with customer support for the last 10 hours just trying to get an E sim. I’ve reinstalled this app countless times, factory reset the new phone twice, reset network settings, and everything else under the sun, just to have to sit on the chat support screen for 20 minutes before getting any response, only for them to speak to me like an idiot and ask me to repeat the exact same steps the prior 5 support agents asked me to do, even when I show them screenshots of my issue and prior chats with their techs. One support agent when told I’ve followed the exact “fix” he asked me to do over a dozen times, asked me to just do it again anyways and try the chat screen again after the process if it didn’t work….. another 20 minute wait just to be asked to do that again. How hard should it be to get an Esim to activate a phone line?! The “order a replacement sim” option on my account just tells me “this function is not currently available, please contact mint care if you’d like to continue” yet their “care” is utterly useless! At this point I may just cancel my service and move to Verizon!
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4 months ago, Nikos81888
Exceptional Value for Reliable Service
I recently (3 months ago) switched to Mint Mobile and have been thoroughly impressed with their cellular service. The pricing is unbeatable, offering significant savings without compromising on quality. Mint Mobile utilizes the T-Mobile network, providing extensive coverage in my area. I've experienced consistent and reliable service, whether I'm in urban or rural locations. One of the standout features of Mint Mobile is its affordability. The plans are incredibly cost-effective, especially with the option to prepay for several months. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to cut down on their monthly expenses without sacrificing connectivity. I had a few questions during the setup process, and Mint Mobile's customer service was prompt and helpful. The online chat support was convenient, and they resolved my queries efficiently. I haven't noticed any significant difference in data speed compared to my previous carrier. Streaming, browsing, and app usage have all been smooth and without interruptions. Mint Mobile provides a user-friendly app for managing your account, and their approach to simplifying plans is refreshing. The ability to customize your data needs and the ease of renewing plans make the overall experience user-centric. In conclusion, Mint Mobile has exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for an affordable cellular service with reliable coverage and excellent customer support, Mint Mobile is a top-notch choice.
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4 months ago, Disappointed LastPass User
I tried, they failed
I would not recommend. I kept hearing about this company and decided to give them a try. I prepaid 3 months, they sent me a SIM, I activated the SIM, ported my number over using a transfer PIN, and setup the app. I followed the instructions and my mobile number was transferred over. A confirmation was received from both my previous service provider However, I did not have any service. Being I could not make calls or text messages, I attempted to leverage their chat for troubleshooting. Their system was constantly problematic and/or their team would ghost me. I ended having to do a WiFi call with my sister in another state to call their support line. They were equally as unhelpful. I even had to fight to obtain a transfer pin and my account number, completely giving up any hope of activating my phone with Mint. This activity cost me a half day at work, a missed appointment for an x-ray, an activation fee to reactivate with my previous provider, and a lot of frustration. I am glad to see others have had good experiences, but I just cannot see how they overcomplicated what should have been something super easy. I even provided alternatives to remediate the issue after their proposed solutions kept failing. They wanted nothing to do with it.
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8 months ago, AllisonCordy
False advertising and bad billing practices
This company advertises an introductory rate and states on the website that you can keep that rate if you renew for a year after the introductory period. THIS IS A LIE to lure you in to their company. You’ll find out that the price more than doubles when you go to renew. I’ve contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs regarding this. ** Also, pay attention to the fact that this company has NO MONTHLY PLANS, even though they advertise monthly plans and pricing. Plans are billed UP FRONT IN FULL quarterly, bi-annually, and annually ONLY. Taxes and fees are an additional charge (unlike every other pre-paid service where taxes and fees are included in the monthly price.) **The company states that it is easy to talk to a real person by calling the 800#. However, there is no option to talk to someone and pressing 0 results in the company disconnecting your call to them. **The ChatBot feature is useless and if/when it connects you to a real person, it is obvious that it isn’t a real person (or the real person typing is educationally challenged as the responses aren’t even comprehensible sentences.) When I finally reached a real person in both chat and by phone, no effort was made to review my complaint nor was my request for a supervisor granted.
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2 years ago, Kelviinxo64
No Single-Month Plan & Weak Signal
I wish there was an option for a single month plan. I was looking for a single month plan for my partner who is going to visit here from the UK for a MONTH. Unfortunately, I am not going to pay a 3 month plan even it’s just only a month. I’d have to look another service instead. After almost three month of using this Mint Mobile service, this signal strength is very weak. I’ve been turning my iPhone off and on to see if it makes any difference. Sadly, no it is still the same. I am legally deaf myself and I’ve made video calls (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.), however, I can not see users signing due to a poor mobile connection. I can’t make any video calls when I am out of the house. So, I’d have to wait until I get home to connect to the WiFi for a better connection. It’s very frustrating. I had no problem with making video calls from the previous service. I feel like this service is great for those who like browsing, checking emails, texting. Not for video streaming, video chats, and other things that require a strong connection. This service is great for saving money, but with this signal strength, it is just not for me. Sorry, but I have to switch to a different service after my plan ends.
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4 months ago, Samueldc50
Fantastic Switch from Verizon to Mint Mobile!
I recently made the switch from Verizon to Mint Mobile after being with Verizon for over a decade. With Verizon, I was paying a whopping $208 per month for four family lines, including taxes and fees. The decision to switch to Mint Mobile has been a game-changer. Mint Mobile offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and now I’m only paying $15 per line. The cost savings alone make it worth the switch. What’s even more impressive is that the service quality with Mint Mobile is better than what I experienced with Verizon. The transition was seamless, and I haven’t encountered any hidden charges. Mint Mobile has exceeded my expectations, providing reliable service at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for an affordable and high-quality mobile provider, I highly recommend giving Mint Mobile a try. Say goodbye to overpriced plans and hello to savings without compromising on service! Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ PS. I have a red dodge pickup I would like signed by Ryan Reynolds as I have put Deadpool vinyl wrap on it Also thanks for the free breakfast meat 🥓 Mint
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2 years ago, DaniSkri
Would give it -5 stars if I could
This is the worst company I have dealt with in a while. They are just full of lies! Ordered a plan to try out, because I saw they promise a 7 days full refund tryout period. Their service didn’t work for me so decided on the 6th day to cancel my service and request a refund. They have declined my refund. Called them again, have been promised that I will receive the refund as it was a mistake from their end, got declined again. Spoke to a manager, who read all the notes of my issue, he apologized countless amount of times and agreed with me that I am in the right, and promised me that it will be taken care of. After he escalated the issue, with all the notes and screenshots, they still declined the refund. So they just stole my money and they are a company full of lies! Don’t trust them! It is my second terrible experience with them! I already have friends that switched from mint just because of this experience! You might as well pay an extra $5 or $10 a month, but you will get a better service with a different company, and for sure better customer support and they will make sure to help you, unlike those liars! This is why they take the money up front, so that they can decline the refund and steal peoples money!
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7 months ago, Sharp11Girl
Five Stars for the service, one star for the app.
I switched to Mint Mobile about six months ago. It’s pretty great, very few problems with reception, and obviously, the price is about a quarter of what I was paying before. I have plenty of data for my needs for that rate. But their app is a hot mess. it crashes upon start up pretty much every time I try to use it the first time, half the time it tells me I need to update before I use it, fine OK, I do that, then I try to login, and for some reason, my password is always wrong, so I have to get a text from them, which usually takes 30 seconds to a minute to get - most services are instantaneous so that weight is frustrating if you need to check something in a hurry. Also, the app is mostly ads which is a personal pet peeve you login in the first thing it wants is hey don’t you wanna change it to automatic payments? And don’t you have any friends who would enjoy this service? And I’m like dude I’m just trying to see how much data I have left this month. Anyway, as I said, I like the service a lot, but the app is a mess. Don’t use it if you can avoid it.
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8 months ago, Jorge Covarrubias.
First I just want to say the phone service is spectacular and I have no issues with that and customer service is very helpful. However, when I decided to buy a Samsung Flip 5 for a friend the phone’s screen started glitching and now we can’t use it. So we contacted customer service via phone call and they just told us that they were going to submit a ticket and that we should receive an email with instructions within 24 hours but we never did. So we kept calling and we kept getting the same response “You should be receiving an email within 24 hours”. Now it’s been a month and a half and we tried speaking with someone higher up but they say that we’ll get a call back in an hour but never do. So our last resort was to contact Affirm and ask for help. I'm still going to keep my data plan because it is great but I'm never going to buy a phone from them again.
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4 months ago, Mattmadman
Their signal strength is not reliable. It was for the first few weeks after transferring to mint mobile. After that the signal strength was never more than one bar or was totally nonexistent. It wasn’t happening just a few times during the day. It was continuously week or non-existent. It get very irritating when you constantly receive the message ( unable to activate internet connection). Every time I tried to access the internet using data. As well as my calls repeatedly being dropped. The end day of the 3 month unlimited plan I purchased. Started out reflecting 90days of service. At the end of the first 30days. The end end date would lose 1-2 days and by the end of 3 months I’d lose at least 1-2 more days. I I never received what I paid for. Which was a full 90 days of service. To top it all off they stick me with these outrageous taxes & surcharges. I would be better off with a much more trustworthy & reliable service like straight talk, consumer cellular or even Metro. Mint definitely does not fulfill their promises & so called claims. use caution if you change over to mint. I give them a star if they were worth a star but as it turns out to be. They deserve nothing for their dishonesty.
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1 year ago, Aprile j
Add more data
I was so excited to leave T-Mobile after the took over sprint! I had been w/ Sprint since 2002 and loved that company! Excellent everything even w/ a little higher bill then I wanted. Then T-Mobile ruined that company! So ciao to them and ciao to Mint! Everything has been okay. I wasn’t real happy w/ their version of unlimited data but for the price I didn’t have a lot to complain about. UNTIL the last few weeks! Every single time I enter my card to add more data I have issues!! 98% of the time it’s declined when I know, for a FACT, I have $$. I’ve called my bank and they can’t explain it. I talked w/ customer service and she couldn’t explain it either. She did say she would contact tech support. I was very appreciative BUT still having the same issues. It’s very irritating! So now, I may have to change because I cannot get my card to work on their end. If anyone else is having this issues or if anyone knows if I’m doing something wrong, please let me know. I am just exhausted dealing w/ this. Anyone reading this- honestly it’s not a bad company IF you can get it all to work right.
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2 years ago, McNightmareDeluxe
I had the very recent misfortune of joining Mint Mobile. The customer service is as aloof as it’s exiled Canadian CEO Ryan Reynolds. First off they use crappy Sprint/T-Mobile service so don’t expect any Verizon or AT&T signals. Now on to their thievery and fabrications. They offer 7 day refunds that they’ll never offer. After 4 days I demanded a refund due to poor phone service and heavy data drainage, used the same data use on a previous company and it didn’t pour like water like it does on Taint Mobile. They email me with details. I fill out the details and they ignore me. So I call them. The person on the other end named “Jason” threatens to hang up because I called them liars when he said there was no refund request on their records and then changes his mind and says the refund request was pit in ten days after. I tell him I have the emails from mint Mobile so he finally emails me under a different even faker name and I ask if it’s mint Mobile before I forward him the original emails. No response. I try to contact them on messenger. No response. It’s the equivalent of getting slimed every time you say I don’t know with Mint Mobile which ironically enough was the highlight of Ryan Reynolds career. Avoid Mint Mobile
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3 years ago, hotspotdata174
I was super happy with them until recently
I’ve been using mint for about 2 years now and i have been super happy with them up until recently. Their plans are super confusing and impractical. I was paying for the 10 gig plan but it wasn’t enough so i switched to unlimited so i wouldn’t have to worry about using all my data anymore. I was using my hotspot for my laptop today like i always do and i got a text saying i had used all my hotspot data for the month and then my laptop said no internet and my hotspot would no longer work. i went on the app and chatted with an employee asking if there was any way i could buy more hotspot data and they said no and that i would have to wait until my cycle renews. why do i pay for unlimited if it’s not actually unlimited?? so now i can only use my laptop for one week a month and i just have to wait until the data renews to use my laptop again. i’m super upset. this is completely impractical. why can’t i pay for more hotspot data?? how am i supposed to use my laptop when i’m not at home and have no other wifi options??
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2 years ago, EleanorWhutt
Don’t trust Mint Mobile
I spent two weeks trying to get Mint Mobile to help fix whatever was wrong with my number transfer, losing business, losing a lot of time, and losing money. Mint Mobile would have me on phone calls for hours only to not fix the problem, ask me to wait 48 hours to see if the transfer went through, and then have to start the process over again. My case got escalated to the port department twice and they never got back to me, a manager was supposed to return my call within three hours yesterday to three way call with me and my previous carrier to resolve the problem and they never got back to me. No one at Mint Mobile ever did anything real to help me. There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for” so there is absolutely a price to pay for getting a less expensive service - the customer service will tell you whatever they have to go get off the phone and pass the buck to someone else when you have to call back to tell the story again later. Save your money, your time, and your frustration by staying with a carrier you can count on. I returned back to my old carrier today and it works perfectly, headache over. Good riddance, Mint Mobile.
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2 years ago, coporate karren
Satisfying, predictable, and pretty reliable service
I've had mint for two years now, and even started and stopped between there. But I came back for the pricing and knowing every YEAR I would have the same service at a consistent price. Setup is pretty standard and the customer service I feel is trying to help you out. You get goodies in the mail and a good attempt to make the company feel personal. App functionality is somewhat limited (if you wanted to buy a phone with them or change your plan) but otherwise you can load your wallet and set your auto renew or not. Service will always vary but I'm in the Pacific Northwest and haven't lost signal till a mountain peak which is normal for most I imagine. Not to mention we got an upgrade in data free of charge as it became the new standard. All in all, it's simple and straightforward. If you like hidden fees and extra charges mint won't be for you.
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12 months ago, Micky1002009008
I have had Mint for the past year and prior to trying to leave my biggest complaint was that you had to pay the whole year/6 months up front. I decided to move on from Mint when my contract was over and thought I had everything set up but apparently not. My phone was locked by mint and they said it would take 24-48 hours to unlock which was fine since I started this in preparation but after the 48 hours I checked in again and they informed me it was sent to the wrong location so now it will be 24-72 hours extra. At this point I no longer had a working phone since I expected them to be done. They informed me there was nothing they could do. After it was finally unlocked I was excited to move on and I was informed by my new service that they would need my account number and pin which -of course - would not be easy to get. After fighting with customer service again they locked my account for 4 hours since they typed something wrong. 4 hours later I called back and now have been on hold for 3 hours. Do yourself a favor and go with someone else like cricket. They have much better customer service.
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1 year ago, Mom2two2
Cheap, has problems, still probably worth it
I’m only two days into my Mint Mobile experience. I switched from AT&T where my basic plan was $85/month (unlimited everything including international calling, text, data). Now my basic “unlimited” plan is $30/month but it’s not *really* unlimited because if you use your phone as a hotspot often, you’ll still have to buy more data. Also, anything international seems to incur extra fees, which you must have money on your account for before you can call or text internationally, apparently. Most unexpected and frustrating are the issues with the password on the mobile app. As soon as you start typing your password, a “Login” button appears over your typing. So you cannot see what you’re typing as your password. Extra frustration: Mint App will reset your password after you type it ONE time. No opportunity to repeat your password to verify that you typed what you thought you typed. Who did the coding for these features? Who approved this? Embarrassingly bad work, IMO. But it’s cheap and I prepaid for 3 months so here I am.
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7 months ago, PngwenTX57
4 days after switching still no phone service
It’s been 4 days since I switched to Mint. I am going on 10 hours on the phone with Mint personnel. My i-phone still can’t be used as a phone. I can text to and from it, check my emails, apps, IF I’m on wi-fi. But still cannot get or receive phone calls. I have talked to at least 8 Mint employees. Most are nice with profuse apologies; but nobody seems to be able to help. Promises made that someone who can solve my problem will call me back are not kept. One tech — who could only talk to me in tech-speak— apparently got tired of trying to help. After promising I’d get a call “within 48-72 hrs,” she unilaterally had my initial payment on 10/30 returned. That meant I had to start over, and spend 1.5 hours with the account service folks, convincing them they should stick by our bargain of the amount I paid during a promotion. Now that’s dealt with. But still the phone part of my I-phone isn’t working. Just can get or receive texts, use an app, while I’m on wi-fi. When off, my I-phone is a camera and a heavy address book/calendar. Trying hard to be a Mint customer but losing hope.
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2 years ago, gagnonjk
Second year of mint and just switched phones
I had no idea that cell phone service didn’t need to be like some sort of sadistic trial of wills. Not only is mint cheaper, it provides at worst equivalent, but in my experience better signal, and has just fantastically responsive customer service. I switched my phone and I was dreading it but I just ordered a new phone through Apple, turned off both devices, and switched the sim and I had a new functioning phone. No waiting around for hours while some underpaid employee transfers my number and installs more tracking apps on my new phone and no one tried to sell me an OtterBox. There aren’t very many services out there where I legit would recommend them to my friends but Mint is that service. Not to mention they saved me during the pandemic when my internet went out with allowing tethering. I would wear Mint merch I like it so much.
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3 years ago, Rick904
I love Mint Mobile but I wish there was a way in the app to view how many minutes/text messages have been used along with a history of some sort that you can view in case a “bill” is needed for court records or just bc the customer is curious. It was a hassle initially switching over to Mint but now that everything has successfully transferred over, I am pleased with the service and the price point. I’ve even referred friends and family to Mint Mobile to see if they might be able to save money on their wireless bills also. The only other feature I would suggest for the mobile app (besides the call/text counter and history) would be a way to report cell service issue areas that use the customers GPS to help identify areas of low or no coverage or network latency so that the Mint Mobile network can be optimized and improved for future users. It is my hope to see these features added in the future.
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1 year ago, Fl0werp0wered
Good but a few hiccups
I switched our two person family (myself and mom) over from ATT and ported the numbers. Mine took a while, but it took two hours to do mom’s. Most of that was ATT’s fault. They may be required by law to allow a port, but they have things like security locks to make it difficult. The first problem with this app was that, even once mom was finished, SIM installed, and calls working, the app was hung on the install your SIM screen. Closing the app completely and reloading didn’t work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then I finally got it behaving. The second piece to note wasn’t obvious and involves setting up My Mint Family. To do this, mom needed a second login. Then I was able to send the request. This was definitely vague. I have 30 years IT experience and I know mom wouldn’t have managed it all on her own. So if you have less technical family members, set aside time to help (especially if porting a number).
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1 year ago, FerretMilk
S Tier Carrier
First off, the customer support agents are so incredibly helpful, they will do whatever they can to help you, I was trying to transfer my number from Verizon to Mint and it said "Transfer Failed", upon seeing that, i called customer support, issue was resolved in minutes. They manually transferred my number over instead of telling me to just retry it or try it later (what other carriers do). You can pay for an ENTIRE year plan or pay in advance with a 3 or 6 month plan so you don't have to worry about bills, unlimited is just 30 dollars a month with the 1 year plan, and their lowest plan is $15. Im paying as much as i did at Verizon but im getting UNLIMITED. Thats insane, just proves that tech companies mark up their prices to gain way more profit than they need. With Mint I get S Tier customer service and S tier coverage. Best carrier i have ever had, you got me as a permanent customer.
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1 year ago, CMM PEDRO
Mint mobile The best phone company
I’ve been with this company a few years now. And I have referred more than 10 persons. On the beginning I was doing it wrong and that’s why I didn’t get all those credit but the last 3 got me $105 discount for my renewal that I just did yesterday. This is the best company with prices, with customer service, which you almost don’t use at all because the system is so easy to understand and the give you the chance to do everything on your own if you want to. I lost my phone ones and in 10 minutes I canceled the old sim , get a new one that I kept from the trial package and activated on another phone and all this I did in the app by my self. I love this company and I like Ryan very much. He is a great actor and a genius as a business persons. I recommend this company to anybody 100 % and promise , you won’t regret it.
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1 year ago, colj2004
Mint is a HORRIBLE data provider!
Mint does not work at all. It is absolute garbage. Everyday I have five or more bouts of inability to connect to the Internet which last for ten or more minutes each. I’m Conrad try needing to shut down the power to my computer and phone and reboot them to try and get an Internet connection and that doesn’t work. I timed—it took FORTY-SEVEN seconds to load a website on my phone in the part of my apartment I do get any Internet at all! Before you say it’s a problem with my WiFi, I can assure you, it isn’t. None of my roommates are on Mint and I’ve gotten tired of asking them if they ever have connectivity issues because their answer is always “No, I’m all good. I have perfect Internet right now.” Yet the screen telling me I am not connected to the Internet almost seems to be on my screen more frequently than any website I go to. I’m gonna be getting A LOT of practice with the dinosaur game on Chrome because Mint just does not provide Internet or data at all! Do not get Mint. $15/month may be enticing, but there’s a reason it’s that dirt cheap (because it doesn’t work)!
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1 year ago, Mnemocide
Ryan Reynolds got me for 15 bucks
my Verizon bill crept up to nearly $100 a month and one evening after spending about 20 minutes in a hold loop to fix an issue, I realized how much I despise my cell service provider. There are so many services I have that I don’t hate, I enjoy the ladies I bank with so much that I eschew online banking all together, just to see their smiling faces. not Verizon though- every interaction involves pain. so while watching a TV show about the Wrexham football club, I said to myself, that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t seem like he would actively try to screw me, he doesn’t strike me as a sadist, so I made the switch and I couldn’t be happier. I have not thought about my cell phone service in nearly 3 months and I feel like I was risking a lot because if Mint had sucked, it would’ve ruined all of those Deadpool movies for me. Make the switch. Be free.
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3 years ago, Enitsirhc21
Customer for life
The app is easy to navigate through, convenient, super user-friendly, no non-sense. Now the savings I’ve had since switching from AT&T is truly unbelievable. I had had AT&T for over 12 years paying over $100 a month for a very limited data. I hesitated switching to Mint in the beginning because I was used to AT&T and I was simply attached, but I could no longer tolerate how much I was being ripped off. I also outright owned my phone and I was still paying >$100 a month. It’s downright horrendous how much I was paying for my cell service. From $1200+ a month to $240 flat a month. The switch was also easy, 3 to 5 mins tops. Not only am I saving a TON of money, I also have better cell coverage, no dropped calls, equal, if not faster internet connection. It’s a total win-win situation, and a complete no-brainer. I am a customer for life.
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2 years ago, Dat Holla Back Girl
I’ve been with Mint over a year now and have little to complain about.
I love Mint because I have never had a issue with service access to the tower down like I did on Metro and Boost in the past and being left with no way to make a call or reach help if I needed it. Being disabled I need reliable service and Mint hasn’t let me down. My only issue is the Data my bill was just paid today (I meant to pay 3 mo and actually paid 12 months the positive side to my slip is I know I have service for a full year now!) and just being paid I should be good on my data and it’s showing LTE. That is my only complaint so have the data why is it showing LTE that never showed with others service until my data was getting low. However, I am able to use my hotspot however when needed for my tablet at times.
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9 months ago, Sapote001
Doesn’t support eSIM Carrier Activation or eSIM Quick Transfer…
You have to finish setting up the new iPhone first, then open the app on it and go to Account>SIM Card>Change Device. Plus, you need a payment source to complete even though it’s free and you can’t add/autofill CC in app (should be a required feature). Not sure if I had erased my old iPhone and eSIM at the end of the D2D setup/transfer process as it asks if I would have been able to set it up on new iPhone. And after updating the app to latest version (2.2.7), it would not open/load properly, or at all sometimes (it takes about 15 seconds for Dashboard to load now). Then I received a text message that someone was trying to access my account from an unknown/unrecognized device/location. Tried contacting support via chat but no response for 20-30 minutes. And even though I described the issue they didn’t answer and closed the chat since I wasn’t waiting. Also, the UI is quite basic compared to US Mobile.
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5 years ago, YungWad
I’ve been with several service provider sprint, at&t, and T-Mobile. I worked in a phone repair store and offered other prepaid services , I must say MINT has been the best ! For the price you get it for how can you complain. The block plans are what made me intrigued with the company and what they offer . I was recently laid off from work and got tired of paying T-Mobile nearly $150 a month for 1 phone on the plan . So I unlocked my iPhone 8 Plus and got a MINT started card . I Tried it out for a week with their trial and I must say , I was getting the same signal strength and data speed as T-Mobile . So I got the 3 month $60 promo plan with 8GB of data . Besides watching my data usage, I’m used to unlimited data the overall of the service is amazing . I’m glad I made the switch and definitely will be referring a lot more people to the company .
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9 months ago, Shub95k
Customer service
I have been a huge advocate of mint mobile for the past year and half. Up until now I have never had any desire to switch. Now I am possibly considering the idea. I lost my phone in the River, no big deal, I contacted mint support to get a replacement sim sent in the mail and then again after receiving it (due to not having a secondary phone to activate it with). My issue is this, there is poor English being used in the chat systems that does at times affect the ability to understand what’s being communicated. That’s coming from someone who themselves, is not exactly wonderful with grammar so I imagine that alone speaks volumes. On top of that, mint mobiles only means of verification is via phone contents or submitting a ticket. So if you find yourself in a position such as myself, and you don’t have a a secondary phone or another means of activation, you may struggle to get your phone activated again. When I contacted support the second time to express this issue, the representative set up a call back regardless instead of attempting to find another work around. My issue still remains unsolved with no clear communication, and no solid verification process in place. I am not one to do a back and forth game, if I don’t think a company cares; I will show the same respect by peacefully removing myself from their profit margins. 🫰
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