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Memphis Light, Gas & Water
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3 months ago
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8.1 or later
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User Reviews for MLGW

4.52 out of 5
5K Ratings
3 years ago, Kevin Askew
I was told payment for certain account was due on a certain date. When I checked online the payment for opposite account was due. That really confused me and it was after hours so I couldn’t talk to anyone. I had a similar incident not long ago making payment arrangements with a trust date to pay and my services was disconnected. I was told everything was fine and you’ll appreciate the way I was paying (recording) when I called to check on account, and then boom my services was disconnected the next day. I got a phone call and immediately posted $1,100 payment to MLGW. All that could /would have been avoided and my credit would have remained excellent with MLGW with any disruptions to my services. So to avoid all the confusion this time I went ahead and paid both accounts, but I really needed to stretch those few bucks today during the (pandemic). All is well and thanks for letting me vent. Have a great day! Sincerely, Kevin Askew
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7 months ago, Ms D Jones
Assistance with my own line account
I called in yesterday to get assistance with my new account with my new apartment Miss Banks reached out to me and assist me the best way she could I thank her so very much she’s very knowledgeable and hard worker and understanding me and having patience with me as a customer I thank you so very much Miss Banks for all your hard work and I hope your job sees the wonderful things that you’re doing I know you had spent more than enough time with me on the phone and you would not finish until it was completed until I get my account up and running thank you so very much for all that you’ve done you went above and beyond the call of duty to get me signed on with Memphis light gas and water have a wonderful day miss Banks and thank y’all Memphis light gas and water for having her as an employee🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊😊😊 kudos for Miss Banks Go MSBanks Go MSBanks you are awesome 👏
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1 year ago, Oco50nyc
Well you know myself alone with plenty of your customers don’t like the increase in rates But we decided when we signed on with MLGW to pay our bill, I been through the pandemic and now I’m on dialysis for kidney failure and awaits my transplant date and I haven’t missed a bill payment at of yet thanks to God, I just want to say that God makes a way out of know where. Thank You MLGW for all you do David Rawlings
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1 year ago, 💋💄🙋
The App Features Are Ancient…
- the fact that’s the app exists in the first place & i can pay my bill in it is the ONLY reason i gave it 2 stars. other that that, it’s extremely outdated & cheap feeling. it does the absolute bare minimum!! i can’t view a copy of my actual bill or previous bills in the app, i can’t chat with customer service, i can’t view my payment history, I don’t receive push NOTIFICATIONS to my phone from the app about my services or outages in my area. To make things worse, these basic features aren’t even available on the actual website either. ITS BASIC.
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2 years ago, Geeba Mom
Thumbs Up MLGW
What an app. I love the ease of making payments. The continued updated tips are so helpful. Im in the process of trying to put in effect the cost effective procedures recommended. At least I now have a plan. Hey I’m 68 and on a budget. Need all the help I can get. Thanks
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2 years ago, Theboz777
Good, but one big flaw
I have had no issues with the app except that the outrage map isn’t as useful as it could be, especially when there’s widespread outages. The outage squares have no opacity which means you have to see surrounding areas to figure out where the outage is. But the more squares there are, the more useless the map becomes. Please give users the ability to adjust the opacity so we can see the map below the squares.
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1 year ago, 07312010
Outdated electrical sources
Something has got to be done about these power outages! We were out of power in February for over a week and for some of us, even longer. Now we’re in 80 degree temperature nights and we are now experiencing power outage scares. I am originally from the east coast where there are hurricanes and tropical storms. I have never experienced something as ridiculous as an ice storm knocking the power out for over a week or more. It seems that the power lines would be able to withstand more, but who am I… I’m just using my common sense
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3 years ago, Caryty
Smart Meter Data Not Available Until Next Day
Speaking to someone at MLGW, I was informed that I should be able to read my electric usage every 15 minutes. However, the data does not populate in my app until the next day. I am currently on the latest version. It would also help if the reporting feature allowed me to generate usage comparison for more than two days. For example, I would like to compare usage of same month in 2019 and 2020 as well as compare usage for similar temps.
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3 years ago, Shundasmae
Account information
The app is a good idea but can’t see up to date account info usage info need to work out the problems
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3 years ago, gott'ee
Don’t download this app!!!
They just got it updated and still can’t pay on this stupid app. What kind of update is this?! I see there are new pics, but still can’t do crap. Disappointed in whoever developed this app to accommodate people who are just trying to do something as simple as paying on here. Now I’m just going to call for the rest of my life. WTH...MLGW? Don’t bother replying. Wasting people’s time. Don’t even deserve a star, but had to so people can see this reply.
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11 months ago, talkfilms
Utility rates
O comment on the app, but would like to see lower utility rates per month in these trying times I am a senior citizen over 60 and it is hard keeping up with these monthly payments.
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2 months ago, Nickname27365
Inconsistent information
The information on the app is inconsistent with the information on the phone line. Also why does the my account page not have my outage number that corresponds to the numbers on the outage map? I have to guess which outage I am tracking on the map based on the time my power went out. So glad you have an app but make it easier!
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10 months ago, sadiepresley
Fast repair
Storms rolled through power went out at 8:40 and MLGW had it back on by 10. Crews were out quickly troubleshooting!! Appreciate you!! Keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, Ladydi1231
Love the app and notification feature. Great app especially for outages. Thank you to all the MLGW employees diligently working to restore power during this winter storm.
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8 months ago, Taboo4301
Facial recognition
I just love the facial recognition, and the fact that I can pay my bills online, Thanks
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7 months ago, Pretti Lady
Not Friendly
You said this new system was easier. I don’t think it’s customer friendly. I can’t find my bill or previous bill.
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3 years ago, UndrTkr58
End User Comfortability/Satisfaction Overall
I encounter no problems in use of this APP and have been using/accessing it since it’s inception. Easy peazy...
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2 years ago, Frozen Harry
Where is my house?
I can’t find out what my outage number is. So, I can’t see my status. Of course I am using a phone. Maybe i could tell on a bogger screen knowing my outage # would help.
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2 years ago, MTown6
Payit901 Wow
Paying the Light bill makes a little more sense now
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7 months ago, jakiee Chinese
I Really like the convince Of The My MLGW account paying online from home is Really appreciated Dearly,Best Payment system Ever.
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3 years ago, Memphis Bangladeshi
Very friendly APP
Makes life easier for bill payments and outage reporting
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11 months ago, redd cade
Great customer service!
Great customer service
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6 months ago, Hjklpoiwd💄👄👩👩🏿‍🎤
Not accurate!
This app isn’t accurate !! Don’t pay your bill on this app because the bill be way higher and than the paper bill that you receive in the Mail !! This app robs you of your money !!
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2 years ago, enrama21
Very poor service
I would give zero star if that option was available. Extremely poor outage information and no transparency. Impossible to get anyone on the phone so good luck reaching a customer representative!
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3 years ago, Mrs. Butterball
Not user friendly
Not user friendly not able to see my balance
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10 months ago, coxfamily
Worst website in America
This website had to be designed by someone that wanted to frustrate customers. If I had designed the website this is how it would have looked.
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3 years ago, Quent jones
Love it
Wayyyyy better than goin in the office it’s quick and easy SIMPLE‼️
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1 year ago, Blessed all day
I’ve reported street light outages on my street approximately 2 months ago. Not resolved. When there are outages that affect my home I don’t see any reduction in my bill.
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2 years ago, 1ofthem007
It would be nice if i could actually use this app to pay my bill instead of clicking the box and it reloading the page every single time i click the payment box ....
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3 years ago, Mooyaya
Don’t work
This app is garbage. Does not do anything when u click on the payment link, keeps bringing me back to the same page. Not very user friendly. Look and feel is from 10 years ago.
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3 years ago, midtownmem
Can’t see the map
The outage map is unhelpful bc you can’t see through the sector squares to see where on the map you’re looking. When there are a lot of outages it’s just a bunch of opaque squares.
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2 years ago, Phil Stevenson
Need to give some sort of information. I know I’m in an active outage!!! I know it has been out for over 100 hours. I want to know when I can expect power. I bet all the bigwigs at MLGW has power.
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3 years ago, Over2Klb
App accessibility
Missing a REMEMBER ME option, so Face ID doesn’t work, on my iPhone, otherwise a good app
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1 year ago, Randomnamerandomredditor
Bad design
Have to log in every time you open the app just to see that this joke of a company still hasn’t sent a crew to fix your power outage.
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3 months ago, C1112222333444
Y’all want me to write a review when my power just went out after I bought new food from the last outage?
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2 years ago, bull ---/
My bill
Not able to understand charges. Bill different from paper statement and charges unclear.
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3 years ago, Brocotto
Not good
It is impossible to use this app and pay your bill on iPad. It takes you back to the same page over and over.
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4 months ago, Jeff33635
Inconsistent Billing
What good is an app if the company doesn’t perform the necessary actions to generate responses. No meter reading last month so no billing. Twice before in the past year. This renders this worthless.
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3 years ago, keazubur
App is GARBAGE!!!!
I have tried to make a payment numerous times, but it doesn’t work! I made sure all cookies were allowed and uninstalled and reinstalled app, but still doesn’t work.
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1 week ago, tonitone55
The app needs improvement in the updates, they removed the Face ID login. Over all not well planned🥴
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6 months ago, ReWorK59
So hard to get into
It is difficult for me to get into this app
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3 years ago, Oriosborne
Sorry folks
I agree with the previous reviewer. I app doesn’t work to pay bills with! It keeps bringing us back to the payment page
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2 months ago, Memphis city dweller
Issuing false statements
My memphis light gas and water app stats the power is restored but it is not….. no information regarding duration or if it’s being restored.
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1 year ago, hefdhallah
Not bad
Difficulty speaking with services
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3 years ago, Indigo1960
Totally worthless
Why in the “He**” can’t I pay my bill on this app? Totally worthless update! 🤬 I’d give zero star if I could.
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2 months ago, Hrj90
Evil necessity
App never matches the site. And service is always out. Text system is bogus too
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3 years ago, @Dale1
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work. Won’t allow you to pay your bill. Our tax dollars hard at work 👎
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4 years ago, Vthayer
The update made it worse
The app was good but now it isn’t. I’m not sure who came up with the update but it’s terrible
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3 years ago, Limp chicken
Errors occur
Will not update . Shows an error occurred
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3 months ago, zfjhsjgs
32 hours without power y’all come on ain’t no way
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