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Prospects Software Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MLS-Touch

4.83 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Aurrol
Great time saver
Whether it’s setting up a route with a string of favorite homes, or now finally having access to CRS data, the Touch app does exactly what it’s designed to do. Save time and keep you from using your lap tops exclusively. It comes in handy when Multi tasking while writing offers as well.
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2 years ago, Toddster 41
My Listings
Why Not have the ability to add & delete photos when you click on modify listing? You can edit everything else...why not photos?? It would make my life much easier than having to take photos with my I-Phone then email them to myself, then get on a computer, then save to a file, then download to MLS....Please fix this OR let me know what I’m doing wrong please! Thanks!!
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3 months ago, 8 roper
Why is this working so poorly?
Very difficult to search for properties. Reset search settings. Plug in a specific address. No results. Plug in mls number. No results. Performance is so intermittent as to render this app only mildly helpful. If I zoom in to maps and know the specific property I’m wondering about, I can find it. Otherwise, no results. Also the updates lag compared to any other industry website. I shouldn’t be finding a property on Zillow before I find it on our MLS sanctioned app… What’s up guys?
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4 years ago, DeK Danny
Search parameters limited
When working in the field with clients we very often need the ability to show them active, pending and sold homes in a neighborhood. Currently this app does not have that capability. Our previous MLS did have it so it’s technically possible. I asked the help desk to help me fix it t and they basically told me this is how it is. Now I have to enter a nickname in order to submit a review and the first four are taken. This is not user friendly.
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3 years ago, Dinesh Gurung
I wish it showed more that what it currently shows. Like the history, it does not pull past current history of the property. Have it a 5 star because I use it but I use Homesnap too because of its easy access to history and value of nearby property right on the map.
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2 years ago, ivotaw
Updates have made it useless
Don’t waste your time unless you like waiting 30 seconds for each photo to load. I used to be on this app several times a day, but after the last couple updates the load time for pictures is absurd. I’ve tried reaching out to support, deleting and reinstalling. Their only advice was wait for the next update. I hope the update comes soon, I’ve had to start using a different app entirely and won’t come back till it’s fixed.
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5 years ago, Realtor Rancho
No way to mark properties as already reviewed.
My clients are all using Redfin app as it has more functionality. This app would be more useful if there was an option to X out a home and not just favorite it, because when the client starts looking again, they need to go through all the homes they have already disqualified while Redfin app the ones already marked off are not shown or towards the bottom.
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7 years ago, Brip2323
Wow. So cumbersome. Totally infuriating.
This app is terrible. It has listings that 6 other apps don't have yet is unusable to my clients. I simply use this app to obtain the listing agent or # and then close it. Completely antiquated and non-user friendly. Redfin has a better interface. I can create a search and have no way to save it or batch an email to a client just for starters. And if it does exist it is in a format that is not intuitive. Yikes. I thought you were here to help me against the BOT realtors. Instead you force me to them. Please hire some competent coders that work with the end user.
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3 years ago, Midnight813
The GoMLS app was better and it stunk also!
Really is absolutely a horrible app considering what we pay and I see MLS apps for other areas that are much more intuitive and user-friendly. I just sent two different clients a link through sms text and they can’t view the property I sent them. The link flat out won’t open and I mentioned this to the developer a few weeks ago. I have yet for someone to be able to open a link that I send through text. Absolutely horrible!
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2 years ago, Syrfrank
Intuitive software
This is an in-depth data resource. Once you have used it often you will continue to find more and more searches and data that will expand its initial capabilities. It’s a rabbit hole of information and extremely resourceful.
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2 years ago, FrancisTheFierce
Shows everyone home for sale super fast and informative.
We are the valiant team and we use this app daily to share homes with our clients. If your a realtor this is the best app we have ever used and we have tried all of them !
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2 months ago, sshalwani21
Great app! Minor improvements can be had
App is great overall! noticed a minor issue when selecting each parcel. Sometimes it does not allow you to select the parcel to quick view the tax rolls. If this could be more intuitive and quick it would be a game changer!
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5 years ago, Berts0071
I’m upset that MLS is replacing our current app with this trash. It’s basically a limited version of my desktop. It doesn’t have the GPS feature that helped me locate other homes for sale in the neighborhood when out showing homes, in this app you have to actually create a search which is time consuming! I should have the ability to simply open the app and have it show me everything for sale in the area I’m in.
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1 year ago, BoujeeBossHair
Omg finally!
HomeSnap is horrible. I’m not a person that likes to carry abound paper but HomeSnap was so unfriendly I usually ended up opening up matrix if I wanted details. This app is great it actually has all the information you need at your fingertips. Love.
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4 years ago, Crystalleighann
Wishing for the old app.
This app is terrible, it’s never able to find comps or search history of homes. If I try to narrow a rental search down it tells me there’s nothing, while in mls I’m staring at 30 homes with the same criteria. The layout is also hard to navigate and finding simple information takes to much scrolling into details or features that it’s exhausting. I’m resorting to using matrix on safari instead of this app.
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1 year ago, JPants306
Not sure it’s better than Homespotter
I really want to like this app more than I do, but here’s the deal: It just doesn’t provide enough- or entirely accurate- info for me to switch from Homespotter. What it needs: - The listing # clearly visible for a listing (still not sure where it is) -Accurate list status for an active list — e.g. Sure, it’s green, but is it pending? Under rescission? - More customizable advanced search options — e.g. Pools, Needs Repairs, etc. - Make it easier to set up a logo for a non-big box company What is great: - Importation of MLS data - Easy to set up searches - Easy to connect with other Realtors - Great social media potential
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7 months ago, Greekgirl9306
Bring Back Homesnap
Now that Homesnap Is gone we’re either forced to use this app or the Homes app. Both are equally terrible. You’ve take everything that was easy and made it difficult. I use to be able to quickly find properties when I was out and book them last minute for my clients to see. The rapid CMA when a client would call to list was amazing and easy to use. Both apps are trash. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, Dano35
Excellent, quick & informative.
Great application moves quickly and I’m able to search all of these properties quickly and it has all of the information needed.
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2 years ago, KooKu123
Not bad but not the greatest
The app isn’t bad but can use better support. Still takes too long to fix the bugs. A response from the development team that the deletion of contacts was resolved. Still broken. There is a lot of potential for this app but there is still a ways to go.
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6 months ago, Anthony0224
Terrible since the update
The option to filter search results by min / max heated sq ft has been completely removed…. why? Makes no sense. This app used to be ok but has gotten worse
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3 years ago, AnnieBlanco
Use daily!
As a realtor I love this app because I can check on any property ASAP when a client text or call me. Many times I’m not in front of my laptop so I must use my phone to check on a property.
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1 year ago, GrayStam
I know the app will continue to improve, but it’s so nice to FINALLY have an app that works as seamlessly as the consumer facing apps like Zillow and Redfin, but has all of the backend tools and data from our MLS.
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4 years ago, Biancamay13
Search is great, sharing is lagged
I love the search features and the mapping. However, sharing homes in messages is not consistent. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. I also had issues with syncing my contacts. The app created duplicates and the listings I had sent previously weren’t showing up.
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11 months ago, crashes and is not good any
This is so outdated technology
This was supposed to get us real estate professionals to switch from Homesnap to this trash can app! So disappointed. You cannot see comps. The map doesn’t pull up lot size. I cannot see what’s sold in the neighborhood from a map. It’s old. Ugly! And not smart. I’d rather log into bright through safari then use this app. 0:10 would not recommend do not download! Shame on you bright!!!!
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5 years ago, MD922
It’s pulling up recent comps from the year 2013, how is that recent? There’s nowhere in the settings to make it search back three months, six months, 12 months it’s just pulling back way too far! I also can’t find an easy way to upload my photo, I clicked on the emblem with my initials on it and there’s no way to upload my photo from there, which would be great
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3 years ago, zxcvbnmlkjhgfdsaqwertyuiopyy
Not Realtor friendly
Realtors need to be able to: search by neighborhood(not map search), ability to show active pending show for backup sold etc. in saved searches, ability to log into local mls website within the app. This app does NOT provide that. The last app we had (Homesp*****) provided all of these. When contacting developers they are not able to add any of these. I strongly recommend our board not renew.
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6 years ago, CallMarti
Loving it
It’s getting better. Using the app. I attended the webinar recently and recommend everyone watch it. I was paying $50/mo to another developer for practitioners same thing and this one is included in my membership. Love it !
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2 years ago, DJ Tone Capone
Font is Too small
The app is decent as far as user interface and ease of use. however everyone using it does not have 20–15 vision. Please add an option to adjust the font size or allow it to use the iOS settings. I can’t use it if I can’t see it.
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1 year ago, Vcmmsu12
All the info and features of desktop Realcomp but in an easy to access and use mobile app 👍🏼
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7 years ago, L.A. Consumer
Am new to the MLS Touch but from what I've seen, the convenience of it, the efficiency and the results I've received, it would be hard to top it. I've been a R. E. Broker for over 15 yrs. and am glad to have this app available for my use.
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2 years ago, Mel Burch
Overall, and upgrade from previous app
Love the additional features such as document attachments, but only wish it was easier to see historical listings for a particular property
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2 years ago, pico da guy yo
Two suggestions
Be able to search multiple zip codes at once. Continuous vertical photo scrolling!
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3 years ago, Hilton Head Agent
Could use a little improvement
It’s a great app but my clients still see everything I ever sent to them - not what’s currently on the market or meeting their criteria. Any way to update that feature?
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6 years ago, D'Andre Moore
Best Real Estate App ok the market.
One of the best apps ok the market. Easy to use, great for communication between agents and clients. Accuracy and quick to update over other apps. Great map feature. Vital for anyone’s home search.
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2 years ago, LiatShuly
Need more comps features for sold rentals and more options to share this info with our clients
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4 years ago, OKC MLS
Not user friendly
Cannot access listing history; commission info - nearby homes
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2 years ago, BBR fanatic
Request login too much
I this new version requires me login every time I use it even in the same day. So stupid design
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2 years ago, Adunn1012
Search feature changed
I use to be able to search for a listing and have a bunch saved on my search list — now when I search for a listing the results come up with a purple bubble next to it versus the previous yellow icon and the property details no longer come up. What happened!? Fix it please
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3 years ago, Jackson/Coco
a deplorable launch of an app that has no clue what it's users are going through
or it would not be so self absorbed as to launch at this time! Covid is taxing agents, we don't yet know what the tool will and won't do for our clients and as far as I can tell they don't care! Did agents design this? Who pays MLS? Would've made sense to ask what we REALLY DO NEED Buyers text agents in the middle of the night because the inventory is so low Sellers expect everything to sell over ask in a day. No one has had a normal life Shame on Stellar! and MLS. Can't wait to see what happens to dues! I suppose it will increase to pay for this inconvenience? Jolly perfect 👌
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2 months ago, P_Zero
Not as easy or the same as the desktop app
I wish the app had the same search criteria as the desktop app. For example, why would the app not even have the ability to search for a school district when the computer can?
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3 weeks ago, Gcarbaker
Should have photo of the home (not a hyperlink)
This app can be improved so it's more inviting to open. Make it look like Zillow where the recipient sees a photo of the home/homes when they click on the message, instead of a link that just states " look at this property" .
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4 months ago, Passionfruitbikinis
Info on the tip of my fingers…
Love the app! Can change details on my listings conveniently and I’m able to interact with my clients on the spot and grab any info.
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2 years ago, MonyDS
I wish it was more like Homesnap
I feel that it’s lacking a lot, like this could’ve been developed maybe eight years ago… I wish it was more like home stop where it has a lot more details on there
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2 years ago, nofloodwatercantsee
App works sparingly & sporadically
What’s happening? The past month the app often doesn’t work and last 2 weeks getting worse & worse. Now doesn’t work at all. Deleted then downloaded again. Doesn’t work. Indicates no internet signal however do have wifi & all other apps on phone work. Not happy!
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2 years ago, Bear70
Love this App!
This is the best app so far for MLS. I’ve tried all of the other ones and this one does everything that I need it to.
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7 months ago, Milli_LV
What happened
The app has been unusable ever since the new update… Every time I go to advanced search and type in an address the window closes on me and goes back to the main screen. It acts like it constantly wants to refresh, it’s totally unusable right now are we working on a fix for this?
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4 years ago, AlinaGR
More than amazing AHHHHHMAZING
I was skeptical about this app at first. I mean there Is the one offered from my local mls plus zillow and redfin etc. But MLS-TOUCH is incredible. I had some set up questions and had my husband call their 800# and in 10 minutes they answered everything expertly This is an INCREDIBLE app I Love it (One comment if I may. Please allow filtering of pendings so it doesn’t show up in the search results 🙏🏼)
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6 years ago, Realtor Blanca
My gps location doesn’t work
Every tine I log in, the map setting takes me to a location somewhere in the Asian contingent. How do I get it fixed so it finds my current location?
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5 years ago, DiRealEstate
Not compatible w IPAD 10.3
Issues w 10.3 , locks up. The iPad is not giving me update notification to update it to 11 so mls touch will not work properly. Frustrating. I've been told to utube how to update it to version 11. Also, not thrilled w comps it gives or having to share my contacts w them which I will not do.
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5 years ago, Rowleykats
Not user friendly
I don’t know yet if this app is worth anything, but I don’t find it helpful at all. I can’t figure out how to clear the map after I receive an error message, and I see nothing about Help anywhere. Am I missing something? Normally, I can figure out an app pretty easily, but not this one.
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