Mobile Forms App - Zoho Forms

4.4 (212)
143.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zoho Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mobile Forms App - Zoho Forms

4.36 out of 5
212 Ratings
6 years ago, Popatop15
Great App with Potential
First off I just want to start by saying this app is great. It has everything we need, but I have one suggestion which might help make things a bit easier. So, part of our flow involves taking a picture of a quote for future use. It would be neat if you added a custom input field which allowed to scan documents with your camera, sorta how Apple allows in the notes app. This way things look more uniform rather than a bunch of weird pictures in various lighting.
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4 years ago, Joeken2
This is a great tool for anyone who needs an interactive list. There are very few limitations to this app. It does have a little learning curve as any program of this type but if your form is simple than the learning is simple. Great for businesses that need an accountability check list. The only complaint I have is, you have to back the structure of the form up by renaming and sharing to another device. Would be nice to be able to back up and edit the structure on a PC.
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2 weeks ago, DjParrish
Nice app
I really enjoy this app and keep coming back to it, but I keep looking for an app that is like yours but would allow me to compare things in graphs, like graphing your time sleeping, or how much time you spent reading or how much water you had, or a blood sugar graph. It would just be really nice to have a section for graphing things. I hope you bring this on in future updates, thanks Darlene
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6 years ago, baaaababababaaaa
Great app!
Great application with a lot of flexibility. Be aware that the form structure cannot be backed up at this time. Keep good plans if developing intricate forms because if there is a crash or you accidentally delete it, you are back to square one. The data however can be exported and saved.
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5 years ago, fostedflakes1
No way to identify user
The app almost does what we need it to but there is no way to identify which user submitted an entry other than manually adding that field to the form and having them type it in every time. It only displays the task owner which will always be the super admin if you are trying to have multiple users submit leads. Very annoying. This can be resolved with url parameters in a browser but not for the app itself.
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5 years ago, Armst543
Zoho forms
Very easy to navigate and saves generous time making out a work order compared to the old V-work program.
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3 years ago, miket4972
Like what I see
So far things look great. One request would be to have kiosk mode for more than one form. Like having a dashboard of forms and have the dashboard in kiosk mode instead of a single form. If this is possible, Jotforms are history!
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6 years ago, Research Afloat
I can see the potential for this program, but the extremely poor functionality and subsequent loss of data while trying to work two forms does not encourage me to pursue it any further. It was very frustrating with the constant dialog box claiming it was performing a synchronization and I could not retrieve my data. In the end the program proved totally why subscribe .
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5 years ago, blado$19
Works wonderfully and easy to work it
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5 years ago, dmcrobotics
Crashes all the time
The app has kick me out repeatedly. If you do not complete your form on the first try the app is not letting me get back to editing the forms. This is subscription-based however I will not be paying for a subscription if the app does not work
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6 years ago, Nathancook77
Zoho Forms are average
No way to further develop the form after it has been created, but overall better than many form builder apps I've tried.
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4 years ago, Never quit 1999
100x more functional than Salesforce.
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6 years ago, Doesitmatter3
Great for making the forms, but I just signed up for $10/month yesterday which allows for 10,000/submissions per month, and I’ve had two people submit the form and now it’s saying limit reached. Why is that happening??
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3 years ago, JB3536370
Great idea. Missing core UX.
No way to dismiss notifications or turn off notification bubble numbers. New vs already viewed notifications are not distinguishable.
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5 years ago, allufrnds
Clear steps required
Need to contact to get all the clear steps in sharing the documents
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5 years ago, jdthayne
Add native QR scanner
This is a great app and it’s very useful, however, I would love to see a native QR scanner implemented into this app much like on Zoho Creator for iPhone.
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7 years ago, emurph78
After install the screen goes black when launched. Won’t do anything.
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6 years ago, Szymczaksteve
Crashes when launched
Will not open on IOS 12.1
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5 years ago, DeasiaPerk
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4 years ago, anameforcmmt
can not change the language
no option on setting to change the language!
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8 months ago, Email3546373g
Won’t let me share
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6 years ago, ItsMissKris
Love this app!
Love this app!
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5 years ago, hein one
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7 years ago, KelseyBadass
Hidden Gem
OMG I've been looking for a form builder to use on my iPhone took me long enough to finally find a great one! Very user friendly. Wish there were more templates to choose from and also I wish you could customize the custom template 😑. I'm still pretty new to this app but I am having a really hard time figuring out how to write in my own texts, I did figure it out but then I forgot which input field it was. 😫😖😭🙄. But plenty of fields to choose from and some options to make them unique to your form. By far the best mobile form creator and it's all almost free. Of course you have ur form limitations and entries but definitely enough freedom to use without having to pay. If you do update more fields, templates, and an easier way to write your own texts in or put links into your form. Also maybe social media icon hyperlinks? And a way to customized your own template.
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8 years ago, Birdrivercolonycats
Zoho forms
I actually work in animal advocacy helping community members that have been feeding stray and feral cats that resulted from irresponsible pet owners. We help get the cats neutered or spayed and vaccinated through TNR clinics. The online form we created was to help us keep track of all of the colony locations caretakers and cats we are helping. This form was easily created and is so easy to use via my phone when we are out in our community helping to get the cats. The ability to take photos and immediately upload to the form is an amazing feature and then I can easily edit the submission with the clinic records. Love this product
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8 years ago, Back2you
Powerful and easy
We were able to create a survey and share it by email easily. Good app
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9 years ago, Webulater69
Buggy and very very slow
This new release wasn't tested much. Any database with more than 50 items turns this app into an unworkable mess. It takes minutes if time to refresh whenever a search is made and it can't always find a record. The iPhone version is fast and bug free. This problem has been around now for a month be no idea when they will fix it. It's killing my business
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8 years ago, Saudirain
I really like it so much, it help in many thing
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8 years ago, Noah O'Leno
Love it
Great application to automate many of the tedious task of everyday life. Great job, Zoho!
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8 years ago, ChrisCC1234567
This app is amazing!
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11 months ago, Juan Carlos Arce
Excelente aplicación
Muy practica de manejar y con mucho más opciones que google forms, la diferencia es abismal. Realmente vale la pena incluso pagar por las otras opciones que brindan. Felicitaciones ZOHO por esta app, excelente trabajo
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2 years ago, SENGEMENDE007 SPIRIT
Spirit Airlines
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