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Monster Worldwide, Inc.
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User Reviews for Monster Job Search

4.6 out of 5
83.8K Ratings
4 weeks ago, pinkskies44
User friendly!
I love using Monster compared to other job board websites since it is so user friendly and there are so many listings available. There is even a “Quick Apply” option that sends your resume instantly to employers. I do wish that the search function had more filters such as a choosing a part time vs full time position. I also appreciate the “Remote Jobs Only” search filter but it is not completely foolproof, as some jobs will say that they offer remote work, but training is in the local area.
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5 years ago, great app, user friendly
Disappointing on all levels
Normally, I do not take the time to write a review on apps. However, given the fact that Monster continues to market itself as the leading website for job seekers and recruiters alike, hopefully this feedback will be helpful to both of those demographics. From a job seeker perspective- stick with Indeed or LinkedIn. Monster’s search results rarely match up with the key words submitted. It is set up similar to a dating app of ‘swiping left/swiping right’. When you swipe to dismiss a position, it ‘permanently’ removes it. According to the warning when swiping, ‘you will not be able to go back and apply for a dismissed job later’. Since the recommendations were never for positions similar to my uploaded resume and completed profile, swiping away those ‘recommendations’ was an easy choice. Additionally, be prepared that if you upload a resume and complete a profile, you will be instantly bombarded from insurance companies recruiting for sales people and franchise opportunities. If those are the fields you are looking for, Monster is the app for you. Everyone else, it may be wise to devote your time on other platforms which more closely align with your career field. I kept my profile active and approached this app with an open mind. While it does have ease of use; the search feature, recommendations and sharing of profile information to ‘recruiting’ activities completely unrelated to your information earns it a 1 star and written review.
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6 years ago, TylerBoggz
Finding a Date, not a Career
Not sure where to begin besides that I rarely ever rate apps. But this one is very different. What happened to the old Monster? Did you turn into Tinder? To begin, the sync between the website and what you have in the app are completely off. I have to enter my info twice which is highly inconvenient. Second. I do NOT want to do a full and complete keyword search when you could easily introduce filters. Have I mentioned how wonderful filters are? Let me filter by location (which by the way if I do filter by location and limit to 10 miles or so, I get other states, which I do not understand). If I search for a specific title, I am told that this job is not available. Yet when I look for said title on Indeed or LinkedIN, it appears with HUNDREDS of results, not none. I’m not too sure who programs the app and the website, but they may want to think about working better as a team! I receive more hits on my resume here than anywhere else, which is why I keep Monster. But if it wasn’t for that, I would never touch this app again. Please get back to the way you used to be Monster. The old Monster always had the perfect results and filters. None of the “Tinder” like ideas. It just ruins the juju of finding the perfect job. Instead it feels like I am trying to find the perfect date....I hope in the future that Monster turns this around.
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2 years ago, Mike*31•
Truly a Monster
Not sure where to start with this app. You create a profile and you put down you’re work history and you specify what type of job role your looking for and the amount of calls and e-mails I get have nothing to do with what I posted. It’s like what’s the point if no one’s gonna read it? The search engine doesn’t let you specify the types of jobs your looking for or the amount you wish to receive. I mean even on indeed you can do that but Monster won’t let you? I’ve received so many phone calls from jobs that I’m not even interested in and I can’t even filter that out to only get calls for jobs I’m actually looking for. I’m either getting a voicemail from someone I can’t understand or an email from job that I didn’t even list in my profile. At this point it’s just cold calling you to get your data I mean what’s the point of all this. At this point I’m giving it another week and if I don’t see any resolution to this I’m just gonna delete my account and stick with indeed cause this is just a joke. I don’t have time to be screwing around with jobs that are paying you less then what your worth that you put on your profile. Hoping I’m not the only one who feels like this to but anyone who might read this and is serious about finding a great career path this ain’t it. Pretty sad if you ask me.
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5 years ago, DOESNT SAY
Bad customer service/app
I downloaded Monster about three weeks ago and I made a account. When I made the account, everything went well until it didn’t let me sign in. When I would try to sign in through the app, it told me “get profile: http read on closed response body” so then I searched it online to see what it meant. I didn’t find anything for about a good 10 minutes. Now I try to sign in through Safari, It finally let me log in but now it only said “We're sorry, but the information you are trying to access has expired. Please Visit the forgot password page and have a new password link sent to you. Remember, the link we send you will only be valid for a short time.” This made NO SENSE because I had already logged in. So again, I went on safari to try and figure out what that meant... I didn’t find anything once again. In that time trying to find help on safari, I didn’t get an email what so ever like how they said I was. Now I’m writing an email to their customer service and I told them everything, the email was sent on that same day and till this day, I still have no response. I still don’t have the other email I was suppose to be expecting. It was a waste of my time!
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3 months ago, Mymindfudge
Is there anyone in customer service?
I signed up for email notifications about my job search parameters, including remote work positions. I started getting notifications the next day but the emails list jobs 1000 miles from me which do not specify if they are open to remote work applicants or not. If they are, great. If not, I’ve wasted everyone’s time applying for a job I’m not able to commute that far for. I tried contacting the feedback department. I filled out the form and explained my dilemma. Then I had to do the ‘I am not a robot’ captcha thing. After getting the green check mark verifying I am human, it just goes back to the same feedback field where everything is blank again. Is it being delivered? Did they set up a pointless form that goes nowhere because they don’t want to deal with questions or feedback? Who knows but there’s no way to point out flaws in their interface.
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5 years ago, CherrySigler
Jobs that you aren’t searching for, sponsored by UNER EATS!
This is a job searching app that doesn’t know how to show me jobs I’m looking for. It just shows everything and Uber eats. Seriously. ‘Literally’ every 2-5 swipes I get Uber Eats. During the tutorial it said if I swiped left that job posting would be gone forever because that means I’m not interested. That’s obviously not the case because I have swiped left on Uber 100 times. Tried searching for ‘bar manager’ positions didn’t get anything. Tried bartender and got a few mixed in with server jobs which are not the same. But seriously 80% of the jobs shown to me have nothing to do with my preferences. I constantly get IT positions when I am looking for manager positions in restaurants and customer service. This app is literally useless for me. And I am looking for some of the most common jobs. Also, before you say it’s just my ‘area’ I am looking between Ann Arbor MI, and Detroit MI. So that’s not the problem. There’s 100s of relevant jobs on other job apps that come up for me, and about 4 on Monster. DELETE.
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4 years ago, Guilzon
My experience with the Monster App
In my experience with this app I have had a terrible one. I would get an email saying I have a message then when I go to the app there is no message. When I went to the help and support it says I must have more than one account, but only have one account. They asked me if the email I am receiving is the email address I am using for said account and it is. Since an email account can only have one profile then the email I receive is for the account the app is linked to. Plus, the jobs they recommend are crap, they are not even in my field of experience and education. I am a autocad/3D designer and the jobs they recommend to me are all in accounts payable or sales. I would not recommend this app to anyone I know or don’t know. Out of all of the job board apps I have ever used this one is the absolute worst.
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3 years ago, junebug.75
Worst. Job Search. App. EVER!
This dumbed down app has pathetic features! Almost every other job search app is better! Even my local newspaper app has better functionality! What happened to being an industry leader, Monster? You’re a FAR cry from that with this app. I diligently filled out my profile with my location, experience, and education. I’m in Utah, with 20+ years of administrative and office management experience, but no degree. In the worst “job search” section in the industry, the recommendations I received include: Biomechanical Engineer in Florida, Physical Therapist in Colorado, Bus Driver in Ohio, Lawyer in New York, etc. And let’s not forget the Lyft, Uber, RN, MLM, and spam listings. If I want to enter my own search parameters, I can choose keyword, location, OR industry. Where are the options for part or full time, level, distance from home, etc.? Where are the filters?!? I can either look for admin jobs OR jobs near me (most still aren’t even close) OR industry and then wade through screen after screen after screen of completely irrelevant options! Also, I can only choose from the industries Monster sees fit to show me. No option for a career change with this app! If I do manage to find a relevant job, it will usually require a degree or be out of state. And WHY is my current job listed LAST? If it was first, my profile title would be accurate and more appealing to potential hiring managers.
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6 years ago, 33lman
Monster has been slain
Coming from a long time user of the site—it was instrumental in me finding my previous and current jobs—I’m deeply disappointed in the functionality and accuracy of both the website and, more particularly, the mobile app. After recently applying to more than a half dozen jobs via a swipe on my phone, I was quickly disgusted to learn that the app only retained the data on two of them. What happened to the others? So now I must move forward with the knowledge that I have applied to jobs that no record—other than with the companies themselves—exists. Of note, one such company contacted me for an interview, but I had to decline because the company would not provide me the details about the position in advance, stating, “Use the information provided when you applied for the position.” Unfortunately, Monster has no record of my application and all attempts to find the posting failed. If I cannot trust you to aid me in my next job search, then why do you still exist?
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2 years ago, soopmeister
The one that started it all
To my memory, Monster was the first website dedicated to helping people find employment. It’s The Godfather of the online job finders. It was nice to discover how much all the features have have been improved. However, there’s still room to become even better. While there’s no shortage of jobs available, the “recommended based on my profile” feature is largely hit or miss. About half of the recommended jobs are either not within the scope of my experience, well below my listed minimum salary requirement or not within any of my preferred locations. A tool designed to simplify the search process actually prolongs it due to the time spent reading over the irrelevant information. Majority of available positions seem to be entry level and less of a fit if looking for management positions with salary.
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3 years ago, efauss
Not Good
Sorry, but this app needs lots of improvement. I downloaded it thinking it was going to be like LinkedIn and be helpful. But it just opens you up to constantly being contacted by recruiters who want to fill a job that most of the time doesn’t even fit what you say you’re looking for. This lady called me 3 times one day wanting to talk to me about a job that wasn’t even close to what I’m looking for. It’s like recruiters literally don’t even take 5 seconds to scan your profile and see what you’re looking for before reaching out. They even text you, and a lot of the time the texts have grammatical errors. They leave voicemails that you can’t even understand. This makes you wonder if they are trying to scam you, because no professional would leave texts and voicemails like that. Don’t waste your time with this app, unless you want to hear about crappy job opportunities you don’t even want, or possibly even scams.
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2 years ago, Kellzbaby_
I normally do not leave a review on apps . But I must say that Monster jobs is the worst app I ever used for job searches . I decided to sign up using my Apple I.D. I posted my resume . My phone number was also posted on the site without my knowledge. I’ve been receiving scam and spam calls , emails , and text messages non stop from people claiming to be recruiters from jobs . Even from some out of state and out of the country. Most of them sound like Indians . I notified monster jobs customer service about the issue . They claimed I didn’t have an account under my iCloud email address. I explained to the representative that I signed up using my Apple I.D since I saw that as an option. All the phone calls , emails , and text messages from these fake recruiters have took a toll on me mentally. I deleted my profile on Monster jobs . I regret creating a account on Monster Jobs . Do yourself a favor and use Indeed for your job searches.
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6 years ago, 🌚💕✨🌸🔮👽
Can’t really rely on this app
So I haven’t had this app for a long time yet, but I don’t really seem to trust this app much. I feel like scammers can easily hire people on this app because I recently got an offer from this one guy that wants me to post 30ads per week on Craigslist for $400per week and I’ve searched about Craigslist scammers and they pretty much described him. Every single thing what scammers do for that type of job is exactly what he did so I completely ignored it after. This app doesn’t really give you many options to apply too I think there is way more full time that part time and I’m looking for part time at this Moment. If you were to search up any common place you will always be out of luck most places are hiring are hardly common and wouldn’t even know what they really do. So it can either be made up or just a scam or just really not a common place to know. I did get a call once so you can get lucky slightly. I hope this helps and makes up your mind.
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7 years ago, I love Ivy
No jobs available, generic responses from the help messenger.
Monster does not have the jobs available that Indeed and ZipRecruiter have. I haven’t applied to any jobs on your site because you have none available for administrative Assistant (using those words, key words or synonyms for those words)in a 25mile radius. I made inquiry via Monster messenger for help, thinking i did something wrong, and was given a generic reply(see below) on HOW to search for a job. Then another generic reply as to why i haven’t had any job offers... which was never an issue as i hadn’t found one to apply to yet. I said as much and was given the best generic reply yet These are the replies : “Hey Shauna! Here are 3 pro tips to get interviews: 1. Upload a resume! (Tap on jobr://import) 2. Change your location & radius in filters 3. Use search at the top to specify (Top of Feed)” “Hey Shauna, did you know on average a person hears back from 1 out of 20 job applications? I see you have not applied to 20 jobs yet and the job hunting process is a numbers game! Keep on applying!” “No problem! It'd be amazing if you could leave us a 5 star rating in the app store for good job karma :). Just tap this link and leave us 5 stars! jobr://rate” I mean seriously? The jobs ARE AVAILABLE in my area because I have applied to at least 20 on the other sites. So I do not recommend this app for anything.
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6 years ago, MinaV
You get 1 star because you asked for a 5 star review.
I was asked, by the monster app, to give it a 5 star review. Here’s your 5 star review, minus 4 stars. When I ask why there’s no grid or list style, and I’m told that it’s: “I am really sorry but right now when you swipe right we submit your resume that you have on Monster directly and we can not unapply. If you did not have your resume on file before, we submit your formatted profile in a PDF form.” And when I reply how terrible the swiping is and I get a reply of: “No problem! It'd be amazing if you could leave us a 5 star rating in the app store for good job karma :). Just tap this link and leave us 5 stars! jobr://rate” That’s not just terrible, it’s purely pathetic. First off, I don’t use dating apps. So reading reviews on here that call this app the Tinder of job apps...well it doesn’t make me happy. It means that you saw something that made others successful and you’re trying to copy it. Be Unique. Deleting the app and sticking with the website. I may do as others have and use a different job search company altogether. A shame, since Monster has been around (seemingly) forever. Secondly, stop trying to be trendy. You have a LOT of people using your services who don’t care about how trendy something is. I’m one of them. Trendy is stupid. Tried and true is fantastic.
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5 years ago, noscamspleasedotcom
Good app- bad eggs
The app itself is awesome. I love being able to swipe and quickly apply. However, there are A LOT of pyramid schemes masquerading as entry level jobs. It would be one thing if they were upfront about it ( I’m not above standing outside with a clipboard for a few weeks if I can really move up in the company) but I’m pretty sure these companies are lying about that. Many of the companies create a new fake name every few months, but if you look at reviews or stories people post on forums like reddit, it’s the same people pulling the same scam. I hate to think of the eager job-seekers or people looking to change careers who will waste precious job hunting time being duped by these and I hope Monster can implement a better way to vet these out.
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6 years ago, shockingsoul
First things first. The sync between app and website. Why is it you have to re-enter your job history a second time upon logging in the first time? It’s very inconvenient and the app should sync across clients. Secondly, the search feature is horrid. I typed in the name of a couple workplaces and nothing showed up despite the app offering me listings for one of the places! Typing in literally anything in the job search box returns nothing despite boasting many jobs and even showing them on the Monster website, which is a step up from this terrible app. Job match algorithm isn’t that great; a good example is I keep being shown welding, nursing, IT, and marketing jobs despite being only qualified for an entry level marketing position at best due to retail experience. This application needs a huge overhaul if it wants to keep going and keep its mobile userbase. Whoever designed this application’s algorithm is a peanut.
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12 months ago, AR340
This app has the worse filters and is a waste of time. It will recommend you jobs that you either don’t qualify for or are overqualified to apply. I have been getting strange emails everyday from people asking me to apply for contract jobs for low pay. I deleted my profile from the monster app weeks ago. Yesterday and today I had the horror of hearing from MY BOSS, that people have been calling her to reach me to apply for jobs. Why would you start talking about applying for a job before you even verify that you are talking to the right person? I don’t even remember putting my boss down for a reference, but even if I did why would you call my boss before you reached out to me? The person that called today said they received my resume from monster. Why is my information still being shown when I deleted my profile? DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
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4 years ago, Anonymous7528932
Why is job searching like Tinder?
As I’m sure other reviews have mentioned, you search for a job and you have to go through one job at a time, either permanently erasing that job from your options or immediately applying to it, before you can see the next job that they think you are looking for. Not only is it inefficient, but they did not have many of the available postings for my career that GlassDoor and Indeed both had, and it kept redirecting me to jobs in accounting (which seems similar to my field but really isn’t). Furthermore, I would get calls from recruiters saying that they wanted to speak to me in person about a job before they even disclosed what the job is. All of the jobs where recruiter contacted me had nothing to do with my field. The actual interface looks very nice, but it’s not worth your time to see it.
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6 years ago, MayBoobays
Holy spam calls
I am blasted with about 50 or more spam calls a day now. Not one professional company has called me. This app has given me the biggest headache and I actually have to change my number because I have people from Scotland calling me. People from everywhere but America calling me. When I block them or ask them to not call, they found a way to use a local number to call. They are responding to ads from here. They will even say they are responding to my resume but they also have college grants for me. Then the same number calls back saying I owe on student loans and I have to pay them now or I’m going to jail. All not from America but with local numbers. I’ll block that number or say it’s not me. So they change a number or 2 and call back. Your app is a disaster and has caused me more grief than it has helped. Thank a whole lot. I guess this is what they call professional now.
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4 years ago, Westway72Tn
All Mixed Up
What should be a real simple task to upload a resume has become a chore with Monster. I'm constantly having to check my profile with Monster because the app wants to mix up my jobs, the dates, and the descriptions of each job. Also, I'm constantly having to change the city where I worked because the app wants to default it back to Chicago Illinois. Monster has some serious issues with their job app for iOS. Gave it 2 stars simply because giving it 1 seemed down right cruel. Don't know who's in charge of programming at Monster but you might want to make a change in that Dept. Maybe place an ad on Zip Recruiter or something. Monster has made job hunting a full time job itself but unfortunately I don't think I'll be receiving a check from you all. So could you please look into these problems? Thanks
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5 years ago, nemea
Tinder of job search... doesn’t like to find the exact fit
Monster used to be a better package, I’ve used it since 1997. Major problem, the search capability has gone down hill. I’m searching for a specific job, I only want that job title. Instead of providing the specific results, AI based engine demonstrates that’s an idiot by providing exclusively irrelevant jobs. Its kind of like I’m searching for jobs as a teacher and Monster’s AI is only telling me about opportunities driving Uber and Lyft... If the AI was that smart, it would know I can’t drive because I’ve totaled several cars in the past two years and can’t get insurance. Kind of discouraging. Then there’s also the spam from the “recruiters” who seem to scour the board trolling for a piece of the action. Most of them seem to be from India, and they are very excited to tell about a different wrong job. I almost wish “Want ads” would return.
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6 years ago, Tkrdhd1
Tried using this for about 5 minutes and once I’m done with this review I’m deleting it from my phone. As the other reviewer said...I’m looking for a job, not a date. The swiping on this is annoying and just dumb. The bigger issue though...I live in Western NY and set the radius at 30mi yet it is pulling 90% of the jobs from the Bronx and New York City area. Sorry, I’m not interested in a 6hr commute each way! Waste of time and a HUGE disappointment coming from a reputable job search site like Monster. Whomever came up with this should be fired...then you can give me their job. I’m looking and I’m not some foolish wannabe overachiever 20 something or in my 50s(+) pretending I know the best way to relate to 20 something’s. And by the way...everything doesn’t have to be catered to the kids looking for their first job! Us *adults* don’t need to “swipe” and it would be nice to be acknowledged and shown some respect!
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2 years ago, Dalton Wentz
Preferences Must Not Matter?
I did not want recruiters to contact me directly regarding job opportunities due to the fact I was worried about getting calls and e-mails at all times of the day. Even with me opting out to share my contact information, I still got numerous calls a day and emails from these people. Not to mention they would ask questions that are NOT relevant to a job offering they are sending me information regarding. (Ex: last 4 of SSN, DOB, Vaccination status) Incredibly unprofessional and troubling that my information was shared despite me choosing not to and confirming that my settings were as aligned with my preferences. I rarely ever write reviews and had never heard anything negative before about Monster until my own experience showed me otherwise. I’ve deleted my account and am simply posting this to warn others. I’m sure there will be many without issue, but judging from other reviews I’m just now seeing, I’m not alone. Would recommend you look elsewhere for job postings to avoid the skeptical calls at all hours of the day and emails from staffing companies that only want to reach out about 6+ month contracts despite indicating this wasn’t what you’re looking for. Hope this helps.
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6 years ago, Lifeisamemory
Horrible. No jobs available, really?!
I am a registered nurse, and thought I’d use this app instead of the website to search for current opportunities in my area. When I used the search option at the top of the page and typed “RN”, I got the “No jobs available” message. Then I tried “registered nurse”, and even just “nurse”...same thing. I checked the filters to make sure my radius was not limited to my back yard, and everything was set correctly. So it is definitely this site. To make matters worse, I got what I’m sure was an automatic greeting from a support person called Jay, who assured me that several postings were available in my area. I mentioned the above in my response, and his counter response made it clear that he wasn’t a real person and didn’t read anything I wrote, asking me to try typing a key word in the search field...
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5 years ago, Linds1128
Terrible App
Do you want us to get our identities stolen? Geez to use this app you are required to put in your name, education, and current job. Then to search for some reason it can’t use all that information in requires your resume too. I was already displeased that after I entered that information on the website I found out I couldn’t set my profile private or tell if it was already private but I could switch my name to initials. But at least I didn’t have to upload a resume to search. And the profile shows our email and since I can’t tell if this is public or not I don’t know how many people have all that info and my email. I will not also give you my resume and all the information on that for scammers to use. And I highly recommend you add what other sites have toggles to set the profile and resume to private. There are a lot of scammers and identify thieves in this day and age and to be required to give all that information to use one of the most well know job sites is just too high of a price. Not to mention if someone was exploring new job options while at their current job and didn’t want their employer to know. The privacy is important in that respect as well.
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6 years ago, cRuschellB
Excellent Service
I really believe this app deserves a 5Star and above because While I was updating and checking my profile I received a message and enjoy of receiving a guidance as for any help that I had a question on and had received immediate service as to what I wa spooking for and really enjoy there choices of the jobs they have available. Excellent service was definitely given. Appreciate this very much and would really recommend anyone to download this app or login to this website for a job search. -Chels
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6 years ago, ktlutz
Awful app
You can only view one job at a time most of which are spam. You have to actually decline or apply to view the next job vs scrolling down and looking for something to engage in. I hate the swipe feature, I hate that my contact info is given out to many sales people, I hate that monster only offers crap jobs on this app and why do you put pictures of jobs that have nothing to do with the actual job post? What’s he point of even having pictures of it only confuses people more? I never write reviews but I despise this app so much that I finally took the time to come back into the App Store to write this review. Monster app developers: read these reviews and take notes on many of the hated features and recommendations being offered up. Until that happens I will be deleting this useless app.
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6 years ago, Fatcatz4lyfe
Spam, scam, and Phishing
All I get are scam calls. I tried using Monster in 2015 and I made my profile available for employers to contact me. But these aren’t employers, these are phishing attempts and scam artists! I removed my account/made my profile private but it was too late. I had different numbers contacting me numerous times literally every day. I blocked one, then another would call, and the cycle continued. I had to change my number it got so bad! I decided to give it another try in 2018 thinking that before it was a fluke or some kind of error but literally the day after I set up a new account with my new number I get two scam calls. You need to work on how you are classifying “employers” because the only people getting a hold of my number are those who want my credit card info and social security number.
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2 years ago, Huntaman
FRUSTRATING and unreliable
Im a videographer and started using this a few weeks ago. The job search they do for you or at least for me, has nothing to do with my profession. I shouldn’t be getting search results for structural engineers, or painters that for one, aren’t even in my city. No matter how many times I fix my search/filters for San Diego it always gives me jobs outside of the state, jobs that don’t even use the same key words as my search filters. I get it if there aren’t many or any jobs on here which makes sense with everything I said above. But don’t give me jobs that aren’t even remotely close to me or relevant to my job. If you are in the same line of work try something else. Freelancer is more reliable than this. If I could give less stars I would.
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5 years ago, raykhay
Bartender job search issues
I’m searching for bartending positions. I’ve tried to use this app several times in the last couple years and every time I cannot find any bartending jobs on it. If there were none available that would be acceptable but that’s not the case given the number of positions listed on other sites and apps. Instead of listing any bartending positions every position (except for maybe 1?) is for marketing or sales and they are all with one of three companies. They come up because they’re looking for people who were in hospitality. It would be fine if one or two of these were in the search but my entire search is nothing but marketing jobs. It’s not worth my time to even use the app anymore.
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7 years ago, BoltSkinz
app is ok but man the spam
I tapped on this mainly to give a review of monster. I was actively seeking employment and decided to go on as many job boards as I can to look for employment. What I did not expect was the bevy of random phone calls from companies all over the country trying to hire me for this that and the other thing even outside of a 30 mile radius which I specifically put in mine. They clearly are not from the area I was looking for employment in so we’re just making phone calls and then also asking me to help them find people and forward resumes to them. I do not appreciate my information all over the place like that so monster needs to buckle down on their privacy for job seekers
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5 years ago, Elektrikblack
When did searching for a job become like a dating app - swipe left/right/up/down? First things first, the app cuts off a lot of the job description, that it makes it difficult to understand - compare the app vs web browser for detailed postings. Secondly, the app keeps recycling irrelevant roles that you have already dismissed - if I have passed on it, stop showing it to me. Third, the app contains the same job posted by different parties - read the descriptions and you’ll see. Fourth, the scavengers (fake “recruiters”) disrespect your contact preferences and contact you on every medium you’ve provided - this is terrible and obviously data mining looking for anybody to fill their role. Overall, avoid this app because of the above and go with LinkedIn’s job search is a much better tool and an all-in-one solution.
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4 years ago, 108326629
This is an off-brand Tinder with none of the “success”
First, this isn’t Tinder. The swiping in and of itself isn’t bad, but the “disappear forever” is nonsense, not to mention you’re showing me jobs that have nothing to do with my keywords or qualifications. Stop showing me the “hottest” and start showing me the most relevant. Second and most annoying, you send me emails that I have messages from potential employers, yet when I log into the app, there’s no messages/inbox button (and if there is, it’s not easily found). Third, the website is better than the app. Make them match as far as interfacing and usability. I shouldn’t have to go back and forth depending on what I need to do. If I could give zero stars, I would. This is why I stick with other job sites and rarely ever come to Monster anymore.
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4 years ago, Yeahitwasme
It’s basically tinder with less features
As a job search app, this is horrible. Swipe to apply to or decline a job. Once you decline you’re not allowed to apply later, being a swipe interface it’s easy to accidentally dismiss something and if it’s a job you wanted, then you’re out of luck. And the absolute biggest, by far MOST IMPORTANT part of a job search is communication. The app doesn’t have a dedicated page for messages. I keep getting emails about messages in my monster jobs account but the website will not load the message center and the app doesn’t even give you access to your own messages. I’m assuming the 5 star reviews were all submitted by monster employees. There is no way anybody actually searching for a job thinks this app is functional.
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6 years ago, ABfrurstrastred
Mobile App.
I have used Monster several times over my career to hire employees, it has always been one of the best resources I've used. I have referred Monster to several neighbors in our subdivision who have been transplanted to Texas due to their spouse taking a position with L3, Space X, and uother Corporations. I have to say I am so disappointed with Monster's Mobile App. it will not allow me to upload my profile picture or make any changes to the information that I had created on the original site. After searching over an hour in every aspect of the App. to solve this issue, the final suggestion that was listed was; "Delete Account?" I am hoping that the "BUGS" in this App. are getting resolved-ASAP!! Or I will be deleting it from my phone.
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4 years ago, archaicArcher
The worst.
What is the point of permanently getting rid of any job listing the user doesn’t select? The first time you “pass” on a job, you get a message that says you won’t be able to see it again. WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS FEATURE? And it doesn’t stop at jobs you swipe left/“pass” on. If you view a listing, click apply, and then decide you want to just come back to it later and then close out of it, then the app GETS RID OF IT FOREVER! Sure, I guess I could have clicked “save” on the listing first or just bookmarked the application page, but I didn’t know I would have to do that because I didn’t know the app would just make the listing disappear like that! I’m sure I’m not the first person to complain about this feature. I see no positives for it even existing.
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6 months ago, JLIDeveloper
Extremely Meh
This whole ecosystem is very mediocre. I don’t see a way to simply say “I found a job” and stop the notifications. Even after I turned off job notifications, the app still kept sending me junk. Thats the big problem with Monster: it is junk. I have a specific set of qualifications, and it did not make it easy to hunt for several position titles. I got flooded with absolutely irrelevant postings that had nothing to do with my skillsets. The only reason I used it was because I wanted to cover as many possibilities as possible and get a job as quickly as possible. But many job hunting sites were much better at it than this old behemoth.
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5 years ago, Qpajdndialabdidpalab
It looked promising, but felt like a waste of time
I liked the idea of the Tinder-style swiping, but in this case it was TOO easy to apply for jobs. I had been applying for jobs via email for months with not much to show for it, and then less than 24 hours after I download Monster I’m getting multiple interview invitations, sometimes just hours after I apply (which feels pretty shady). Maybe it’s the lack of relevant employers using it, but no matter how many different keywords I used I’d keep getting the same jobs from the same companies, the majority of which were just entry-level marketing jobs. It has potential, but you’re better off putting your efforts into other resources.
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5 years ago, Mojogirl7
This is horrible
Upon opening the app the first time, you require a full profile to be filled out before you can do anything else. Sorry, no. But I played alone anyway, entering as little as I could to satisfy the requirements just so I could see what jobs came up. When taken to the “results”, to my surprise, it’s not a list but a Tinder-swipe interface. Then I found out once you swipe off—you know, to evaluate the other listings—you’ll never be able to see the listing again unless you save it? I don’t want a long save list just so I can glance at a listing again to see where it ranks in my preferred job search. Searching leaves a lot to be desired. My family is relocating, so I want to be able to just bring up a list of all available jobs, then be able to use a set of good filters to sort the results for each person. This doesn’t allow for a general area search, requiring a keyword search. This is ridiculous—but then again, Monster’s filters on your web listings are also trash, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Conclusion—It’s worthless, much like the website. Uninstall, cancel account.
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6 years ago, the.vandy
Can’t apply for jobs
So....this app seems like a great concept, but whenever I press ‘apply for this job,’ it usually takes me to the jobs original web page, which is fine, where I then fill out whatever other information they may need. However, when I go to actually upload my resume to the site, it just....closes. It doesn’t make any sense and I’ve wasted so much time filling out the same information over and over just to have the same thing happen when I try to upload my resume. I’ve even tried uploading from different locations but it still won’t work. Obviously, this defeats the entire purpose of the app since I can’t even apply to any jobs...Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
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6 years ago, Todd 1299
So far so good
I’ve only been on this for a few days but I do love the fact that this guy Jay will text message you and ask you if there’s anything that they could do to help you that’s pretty awesome So as far as this app goes it’s all right I like the fact that you can swipe left or right if you’re interested in a job and it will automatically send your resume that’s pretty cool and how you can zero in on the town or city that you’re looking for a job at that’s awesome but for me I have not found a job yet still looking fingers crossed all will go well
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2 years ago, ItsAMeJoey
This app is horrible!!!
The only job filters available are for when the job was posted and distance. Why don’t you have the ability to only see full time, filter the shift times, pay rates, etc. I have the distance set to within 10 miles of me but it’s showing jobs in Puerto Rico & Canada instead of in Massachusetts….It’s literally showing jobs that are THOUSANDS of miles away from me. Also, an alarming number of jobs listed give absolutely no information about pay, benefits or actual location, for location a surprising number of listings will say a street name and the state AND THAT’S IT, the job could be in your town or across the state and there’s no way of knowing which it is.
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7 years ago, Hinx
Good, could be great
Monsters search engines are lacking. For instance, if you’re looking in the IT industry and put “IT” or IT and a position title, you will end up with a lot of non IT positions. That partly seems to change more if you’re looking at a small town versus a large city, but it’s still a little annoying. I have also noticed less job posting than other apps, but that could be the industry as there are other job apps that are tech specific. Overall, Monster is good to keep in your tool box, but don’t make it the only one you use.
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7 years ago, Irisb693
Not reals jobs listed
Other job search engines posts jobs on this app and they are just recruiting to redirect them to their website. I followed one from website to the next to the next without ever getting to the job. It’s like a never ending rabbit hole. Temp agencies also posting for jobs that are not even hiring. They seem to be looking for more clients. Years ago they had jobs listed on this app that were real jobs in your area and you could edit your preferences on location or type of job. Those buttons are still there but seem to no longer apply. I get notifications in fields of work I’m not quailed in. I have a resume up and set up my preferences. Indeed is starting to slowly do the same thing. Deleting the useless app
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2 years ago, caddi guy
Don’t bother
This is just a way to get your info and sell it apparently. The jobs are ridiculous. After putting in my resume and parameters for jobs in the income bracket of $120k or higher full time; all I get are part time $20-22 per hour offers. Seriously? 20 years experience in management, a degree, bi-lingual, awards from every company worked at and letters of recommendations that would knock your socks off as well as a current income of $160k a year and this is what you send me? This is for kids looking for work like literal kids and a way to get peoples info and sell it, because I have received so many garbage calls since registering and garbage emails. Do not use this if you are a professional.
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6 years ago, Rome2568
This could be better had the help service been actively engaging me when I asked. I had to repeatedly ask for help before I got a response. My question was about expanding my search for employment. The response I got was "did you do a search?" If I'm asking how to expand the search don't you think I know how to do the search. I understand there are people still that are still acclimating to technology but you can't just assume. That or actually read what is being requested BEFORE you speak. Now for my technical issue, Monster you need to have options to search for employment in multiple geographic locations or able to search in a broader area.
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6 years ago, elrugg
Swiping left on this app
Downloaded and deleted the app pretty quickly. Last time I job searched, I used the monster app to save jobs I liked, to pull them up from the desktop later and send my materials to after making any adjustments. Now though, the dating app style swiping allows to apply instantly or delete the posting so you don’t see it again or... nope it seems that’s actually it. I can’t even scroll past to see other postings without acting on the first one. This isn’t a tinder date where a quick look and read is all you need; sometimes there’s an easy no or yes when job searching but often I want to look into further or save for later. Not a fan of the changes.
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6 years ago, CorranQ
Amazingly bad...
I have had the site and/or app destroy my online profile dozens of times since I started using it. It’s stunning how hours of work getting everything cleaned up, neatly connected, can all get thrown out the window in a second without you even realizing it’s happened. I may have lost any number of opportunities because of this. To add insult to injury, the mobile app does not have editing options to allow you to fix your profile should you happen to notice it is broken while on your cell phone. I like the idea of swiping to apply, but you guys have got to fix a lot of your coding before this is truly prime time. You’re supposed to be legends, but this is a database gone mad...
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