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User Reviews for Moom

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0 Ratings
7 years ago, donperreault
The best window app on the macOS market
I’m a software junkie, an addict, always llong for my next fix of software, even if it is a big upgrade. First thing every morning I launch the App Store app to see what is new or has bveen upgraded. I purchase software i don’t need just becasue it looks good or it has a nice GUI, maybe the developor is a great developer and rarely releases anything not of value. Anyway, I spend most of my day using and trying software. Peter Maurer happens to be one of those excellent developers he has developed some of the best utlitites for the Mac for many years. Moom happens to be one of those great applications that save a tremendous amount of time. I’ve tried many other window manipulating app’s and always end up back using Moom. It is simple to use but can be configured to be powerful for the pro user. It does most everything most everything every other window manipulating app does and more. **I highly recommend trying it. He has a free trial on his website. You won’t be sorry!**
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4 years ago, SquidlyMan
One of my Favorite Utilities - Mojave Update
Catalina Review The app is still great. It even works with remote desktops (outside the desktop on the entire session) and remote apps (on the whole app via keystroke only) such as VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDP clients. The only area where I wish it could perform magic is if the app could detect whether I'm in a remote session client app (like Mac's Screen Sharing) and then ignore the keystrokes and pass them through to Moom in the remote Mac OS session. For now I just use the mouse-over on the window's green button in the remote mac sessions. 😊 Mojave Review Still one of my all time favorite utilities. For Mojave, it still works with keystrokes and such, but I no longer get the pop-over when mousing over the green window maximize button. UPDATE: This was fixed and the app has worked rock solidly for years. Sierra/High Sierra Review Definitely one of my favorite Mac utility apps. It makes screen snapping extremelly easy and quick. I love that I can use both keyboard shortcuts and mouseover/mouse movements with this app - especially when I’m on my MacBook vs. iMac or differently when my MacBook is docked with an external screen and keyboard vs. traveling. My only complaint is the manual change for the hotkeys needed between use modes (docked/traveling) on my MacBook. I prefer using the number pad on my larger keyboard when docked where the MBP built-in keyboard of course doesn’t have that. Otherwise…..great app!
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7 years ago, QueueBear
i’ve been waiting for this app for years
i put this in my “to evaluate” list years ago, after hearing about it on a podcast - but, because i’m a huge procrastinator, didnt try in until a few days ago i have waisted *so much* time of my life worrying about sizing windows “just right” to fit my eccentric work habits - my experience told me that no app could *ever* get close to satisfying my obsessive, OCD-like need for pixel-perfect alignment i’m here to tell you that MooM (i like that spelling) fits my need perfectly, and i’m using only a fraction of its capabilities if you are meticulous about your window-based working environment, no matter how idiosyncratic, MooM is the app for you - hurry, give these fine people the pittance they’re asking for the app (or try the demo first, you’ll pay) i wish i had evaluated this app a long, long time ago folks, this app represents everything that Mac development is all about: - great attention to detail - clean interface - powerful, yet easy to use - delightful working on my Mac has become even more enjoyable, something i though could not be possible i dont write eloquent reviews like this one often - it gives me great joy to pen (type) this one
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5 years ago, mdawson69
Just One Issue for Otherwise Great Utility
One area where macOS falls behind Windows is the type window management that Moom provides: half screen snapping to the left side, right side, top, or bottom of the display; quarter display size windows; centered windows; etc. The one issue I have with Moom is that it is a standalone background application that needs to be invoked to use its functionality instead of a bundle for System Preferences. If Moom were a fifth category bundle, “Other”, it would appear with other third-party system preferences. Instead of a set-and-forget model where I can configure ⌥🠔 and ⌥🠖 as shortcuts that function in macOS as Win 🠔 and Win 🠖 does in Windows, respectively, I have to first hit a hot key to invoke Moom, and then, use the assigned keyboard shortcut. Other than that misstep, Moom provides window management that macOS does not.
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6 years ago, Bobby T.
Must Have
This was one of thoes tools that I got wondering if I would ever even use it, only to reach a point where I can’t imagine being without it… I’m a little OCD so if a window is off, even by a little, I have to fix it. I actually set the app up using a Launch Agent to ensure it’s alwasy running, even when I boot up in safe mode…. When I’m using a computer where it’s not actively running, I constantly find my self hovering over the resize button waiting for the Moom window to pop open. There is one UI adjustment I’d like to see (namely being able to re-arrange layouts so I can replace the defaults with the items in the custom dropdown), but even without that I still give this 5 stars...
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1 year ago, Whit G
Doh! Dual/single screen adjustments still elusive...
After using DisplayMaid for a couple of years to 'iffy' success, I was excited to try the much more highly-rated Moom. Unfortunately, for the task I need from it the most, it doesn't seem to be much better than the former. I get that Apple makes it essentially impossible to fully recognize window identities, and that any app like this is operating with one hand tied behind its back, but I was pretty frustrated to see Moom *un-minimizing* long-ago-minimized Safari windows — why on earth would it do that? I can forgive it fumbling the Finder window positions here and there, but can you stop forcing me to re-minimize 4-5 browser windows every time I restore a snapshot? 🤨 There aren't any adjustments for that task, so I can't even tell it to ignore Safari.
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5 years ago, Head Pumpkin
Occasionally I get a project going that needs about 7 or more Applications running at the same time. It gets pretty crazy on my Desktop to get the project completed as I have to bounce back and forth between the Apps. That being said, Moom straightened it all out for me. It has a learning curve but once I got through that my Desktop became extremely organized and now and I can find what I am looking for VERY quickly. I looked over the ratings before I purchased and the only conclusion I can come to about the "one-stars" is that they must be this company's comptetitors. This is a nice piece of software and I am glad I found it.
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4 years ago, haleykang
Better than Magnet
I just purchased a new Macbook Pro, and I couldn't figure out how to transfer my Moom purchase from my last computer, so I bought into the hype and opted to try Magnet. Basically, the hype for Magnet is NOT real. I used Magnet for just over a day and hated it - dragging the windows was annoying, and even then they never snapped to the area of the screen that I wanted. The keyboard controls were buggy for me too and it would keep switching the wrong windows. I much prefer Moom's functionality and think that the UI is much friendlier. I figured out to transfer my purchase so I will be alifelong Moom user :)
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5 years ago, Till Krueger
First app I install after a fresh install
Not sure how I would fare without Moom. It has become an *essential* app for me, which is saying a lot if you knew me. I simnply can't anymore, without it, and as soon as I have it installed and move my windows intio the the ordered grid that I have come up with, over the years, I sigh a deep sigh of relief. If you like order on your desktop, and have found yourself spending time moving windows out of the way of other windows or applications, get this app. Over time, it will pay for itself manyfold in time and nerves saved. Do it now and thank me later!
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6 years ago, Onthelevel2
Priceless! Wouldn’t own a Mac without it.
I’ve been using this app since 2007. The app was perfect then and it’s perfect now. It allows you to quickly and efficiently manage open windows, and is particularly helpful if you have multiple displays as windows can be sent from one screen to the other and resized at the same time. My one sorrow is that some selfish individual said Moom infringed on his patent and so there is no grid anymore when “drawing” the window size; (do you suppose the printers of graph paper spend their time suing each other?)
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7 years ago, AdamKayce
I use it all day, every day
I've been a Moom user for years, and while new programs have come along that handle window management, I'm happily sticking with Moom because it has everything I need (and stuff I don't). For example, I can't stand the "window resizing on drag" option, because I drag windows for placement only, not size, so I disable that option in favor of Moom's mouse and keyboard options for resizing, which suit me perfectly. Moom is one of those apps I can't imagine living without, because I rely on it every day, all day.
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9 months ago, Seimenev
Think the best window manager
After trying out multiple apps, this seems to be the best window manager currently available. Unlike magnet, this one allows you to take into account the Stage Manager. Unlike Better Snap Tool, this layouts on a grid instead of fixed pixels, which is great when you switch between a laptop screen and an external monitor as the main monitor. One negative is that it phones home. While the app says it does not collect data, rather would it didn't. Easy to block with a firewall though.
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3 years ago, WickedPorter
This should be default functionality in MacOS
Apple needs to acquire this application, make it default functionality in the OS, and ensure the original developer is financially set for life. It's such a simple concept, yet so necessary and will instantly enhance your daily workflow. For me, the use case was simple ... I have a MacBook and 3 4K monitors in my "docked/clamshell" configuration. I also have 4 applications that I need running and visible at all times, which are dedicated to one of my three 4K monitors when docked. Before Moom: Dock and manually arrange the four afformentioned apps manually on my third monitor, as their size and positions are never remembered by MacOS. After Moom: Dock and the built-in automation sizes and positions those apps exactly where I want them. It can do so much more as well, but this is my primary use case and Moom handles it flawlessly. Thank you!!
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4 months ago, antoniot
Great window manager
After looking at several options for a long time, this app does *exactly* what I need: saving and recalling exact window positions per individual app and groups of apps, which is fantastic for my workflow. This allows me to instantly switch between as many layouts as I want for different occasions, and it's great to know I can also save and recall default window sizes for indivual apps. Works flawlessly with the latest version of macOS on Apple Silicon too. Keep it up!
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5 years ago, dancingbrook
Great—Used Many Times a Day
$10 may seem a bit much for a one trick app but in this case...Moom actually has many tricks up it's sleeve, AND it get's used many times everyday. You can trial it from the developer's website if you want to be sure, but trust me, just get it. I assure this is a great app. I say that without taking away from any of the alternatives; this is where I landed after trying others. I hope the developer puts the money gained from his new notoriety to good use, and doesn't squander it on foolishness. ;-)
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4 weeks ago, crushDENpound
Game changer for an engineer
I'm a QA engineer who uses a Macbook pro on 3 monitors and I gotta say this app is a game changer. My 3 monitors are different sizes and with all the windows/apps I use for work, Moom's snapshot feature allows me to keep my windows organized no matter how I often I move windows around. With one key command, my windows are organized back again. In addition, my monitor setup at home is different from my office so being able to save multiple snapshots is perfect.
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7 years ago, KDub102.4
Way Cool!
Love this app. It integrates right into the green window button in the upper left-hand corner of every window, which makes it a natural to use. I often have a need to have several windows open simultaneously for either dragging files, or comparing info. With a click, windows are arranged for me!! There’s also some great customization options in the PREFERENCES area for building your own window layouts that you use often. And its RELIABLE, too! Keep up the great work, guys!
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2 months ago, iPhonalot
FANTASTIC Mac utility
I've used Moom daily for more than five years. This morning it did not load (for the first time), and I panicked and realized how much I'd come to rely on and love this absolutely perfect, simple, incredibly useful Mac OS window-sizing and positioning app (with its great snap-to and automated features). I restarted the computer and -- thankfully -- there it was again, but it made me realize how much I value the app, which is programming perfection. Highly recommended. Thank you, Moom.
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7 months ago, Bruce4187
Everything Missing in MacOS
This app is everything that Mac needs to have. The window placement within the OS is a bit faulty, and there are windows that cannot be used in the position. Moom has everything and more - many different positions, customizable, and even can be used between screens. Very easy to set up and learn, and everything you need to adjust your windows for easy management.
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2 years ago, w777
The best!
Adding saved windows arrangements and adding hot keys to them is life changing. Wow! I always liked the initial funcionality, but now that I took time to look at the customization, I love it. I use several apps at the same time and like the windows arranged in a specific way. Moom allows me to save that configuration (showing which apps are in the snapshot) and use a hot key to instantly put everything where it should be.
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6 years ago, joshintosh
The Best One
I've tried a few and I keep coming back to this one. It's nice and simple and give me the control where and when I need it. I never liked the "snap" way of resizing windows because it gets in the way of the other mac desktop features and is a pain with dual monitors. This app lest you turn that off and only use the green button. Perfect! The only thing I don't like is the icon. ;P but that's a silly reason to not use an app.
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1 month ago, I keep coming back...
Keep coming back...
I have tried the newest apps, the shinest apps, they all are complicated and hard to use. Or are overly simple. This app is simple if thats all you need. And also has the more advanced features too. And on top of all that its fast and reliable. Does not slow down my computer. This is after 5yrs of usage so i think the app is more than deserving of this review.
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3 years ago, nommek
Have to have!
I love Moom. One of the few utilities that are must have on my systems. REQEST FOR MOOM GUYS: It would make Moom 10,000 more powerful if a custom layout could also launch the apps whose windows it's arranging. My main screen has Mail, calendar, Things, Todoist, Music, messages and Slack open and arranged all the time. It would be amazing if the Moom setup that arranges all that could launch those apps at the same time.
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3 years ago, Richard in California
Totally Mysterious
I purchased two hours ago, and I do not see the features pop up that are portrayed in the introductory video. Further, there does not appear to be a place to seek help. Finally, the preferences refer to many features with proprietary names that have absolutely no explanation, so one simply has no idea what these options refer to, whether one would want them, or what they do. I've given it two hours with no progress, so am abandoning it. Such indifference to the user introductory experience is, in my book, a very big flaw. I'm abandoning it, and writing off the purchase price. Good luck to others.
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11 months ago, jwl2021
Exactly what I was looking for
I was tired of having to rearrange my three monitor workspace when my Macbook Pro M1 would wake from sleep. This app allowed me to one-click snapshot my workspace and then restore the windows to my slected positions. I barely paid attention to its other features because the window issue had me so irritated, but I'll be exploring those as well.
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5 years ago, Me333345
Really shines on ultrawide screens
My one (and only?) qualm about this app is the octagons! Why octagons? Can we have an option for rectangles please? I did have an issue when running an ultrawide screen as a primary screen on an iMac where the iMac's screen was secondary and Moom would fail to pop up while hovering the zoom button but I'm not currently using that setup so no longer an issue for me. Please just give us an option for rectangles instead of octagons!
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7 years ago, keltersan
Great app continues to be great :)
Moom has been an essential utility for me over the years. I run a lot of apps at the same time, so with a big screen it’s invaluable. And with a little screen it’s a requirement for me. The developer has always gone out of his way to help solve an issues or even talk things out in terms of best use of the app. It’s flexible for many setups and I love the keyboard controls and Custom grids. A must have.
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3 years ago, muckraker
This is better than Monterey's snap to side
This program does this functionality way better than Mac OS. They force you to lose the menu bar and dock, Moom does not. Moom gives way more control and provides better functionality with the keyboard shortcuts. The only thing really missing is the abilty to cycle through multiple screens.
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3 years ago, mikesanjose
Best app around - must have!
This app is incredible! It is so easy to create short cuts and configuration and save them and access with just a keystroke. I usually have a lot of windows open, and saving them and finding items would be almost impossible without Moom. Moom makes it all easy and elegant. It's increased my productivity and happiness as I use my Mac. Kudos to the team for such a great product!
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2 years ago, valleyHemenway
Quick, simple, and exactly what I was looking for!
I love how quick and easy it is to shift the size of a window, but one of the best features is the ability for the application to track window placement and then move those windows back into place when the same number of external monitors are attached. It is a lifesaver!
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6 years ago, Sh3lob
I use this hmany times a day!
This is a really great, simple to use app. I use my laptop in clamshell mode with a larger monitor, and use moom to switch window arrangements automatically when I switch from laptop to screen mode. I also use moom to arrange my windows on the screen and activate the arrangements with shortcut keys. I do this many times a day - keeps my workspace under control!
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1 month ago, socialjames
A Game-changer for true workflow efficiency
For me, Moom is nearly life-changing of an app for keeping my workflow consistent. Its intuitive window management features have streamlined my daily tasks, making multitasking a breeze. I love how easy it is to snap, resize, and organize windows exactly how I need them. Highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their productivity!
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5 years ago, rgrgeo
Moom Is IT!
Moom is the best window organizing app put there. It simple design is so effective that there is simply no other reason to use anything other app that offers similar function but often with more complicated design. Moom is so intuitive and functional that it could almost be a native Apple function setting. Get this over all the others, Moom is really IT!
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2 years ago, Im Cody
A MacOS Must Have
I have used Moom since 2015. I use it so much, that whenever I use a MacOS device that doesn't have it, it feels foreign and weird. Like, this should have been a core feature years ago. The customizability, the ease of use, and integration like its another system utility makes this the superior window manager for MacOS.
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5 years ago, DerekJ615
Must Have
I have been using Moom since 2011 and it is still the most used app on my mac every day. I especially love the custom window layout snapshots and the ability to automatically trigger then when the display configuration mataches a certain setting. At this point, I feel like Moom should just be purchased by Apple and integrated into macOS.
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5 years ago, Get off my lawn!!
Free, Meaningful Updates - Support this developer!
I have had this app since it's first introduction in the Mac App Store. The developer's have continually added enhancements and updated the app for every MacOS version upgrade. There has been opportunity over the years for the developer to release Moom 2 or 3 and abandon the single version. Very nice to see this and please support this developer!
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2 years ago, lionchaser
Can't live without it
Apple gets some things really right but some UI elements are a real miss. Window management is one of them. This app solves that problem and more, making it even better than that other OS. I'm always managing 2 or more windows at a time. This app makes it a breeze.
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3 years ago, TiggerGTO
Causes Notification Center to hang
I bought this app because it I liked the way it helped me manage my windows. However, I've noticed that when I have Moom running and I try to access the Notification Center in macOS, it causes Notification Center to hang and go to 100% processor utilization. If I quit Moom, Notification Center works properly. Would the author of the app please respond as to whether the app is still being updated and supported. If so, when will this issue be fixed? If not, how do I get a refund?
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4 years ago, dmontop
A terrific app that is well worth purchasing
As someone who has had to work in the Windows world, the only thing that I have missed is Window’s ability to snap windows to the sides of the screen. This app does this and a whole lot more. Frankly, this app is worth more than the $10 they charge for it. Highly recommended
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2 months ago, George51902
Excellent Feature request
Moom is excellent, it has changed windows management for me. Love it. It would be helpful to have the option to synchronize setting across different computers through iCloud. This would prevent from remaking custom shortcuts for each computer (i.e. work/home).
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3 years ago, Mamashizi
I am in Heaven
With one touch, this app allows me to size the window of my app to fill my screen - no, not full screen - just to the height of the menu bar and the width of the screen. Such a little thing. My computer wants to size my windows to random sizes, and this little app has literally saved my sanity, if not my life.
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3 years ago, DavidXGA
I can't recommend this highly enough. Specifically, the ability to predefine areas of the screen and then snap windows into them using just the keyboard is something I use probably hundreds of time a day. Couldn't live without it.
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7 years ago, caneridge
This is my go-to tool for window placement. There are others on the market. The developer keeps this software up-to-date and it has confituration options that allow you to configure it to your needs. The configuration stricks a good ballance between providing capability while keeping things simple.
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5 years ago, LasNaOroKa
This is the best app I ever used
I am using this app since 2012. When I bought this, it was $0.99. I am not sure how much it is now but it was totally worth and I am using this app every second when I use Mac. If you get used to use this one, I can not go back to Windows. In a word, it is super comforatable.
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5 years ago, Daniel Grady
Stable, reliable, useful, straightforward
I've been using Moom for a few years and a few major upgrades of macOS. It has always worked reliably and interacted well with the rest of macOS, and it's completely unobtrusive. Customization options are useful and easy to figure out. It's a great utility.
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2 years ago, araz2
Doesn't work
It. Just. Doesn't. Work. Yes you have to grant access in Privacy. Done that. Then you set your preferences (default is fine). Then you can click away on the various green buttons on your various open windows and NOTHING happens, as in NOTHING. The App is worse than NOTHING. If you turn it off and then hover over the green button you at least get the Apple default OS option which is bettern than NOTHING. So, if you like to give $10 for NOTHING...this is a great opportunity.
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2 years ago, JAC_151
Exactly What I Wanted
I've used this application for years and it's still an invaluable utility. My primary use to is to save the window size and placement states for my applications. This is especially handy if you jump between a laptop docked and standalone.
Show more
2 years ago, kmccormi
First thing I install on a new computer
I hope this never stops being supported. I love it over other hotekey window management tools because of the green traffic light hover state - which I tend to use more. Brilliant.
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2 years ago, robert-toups
One of the first apps I install
Whenever I get a new Mac, this is one of the first apps I install. I use for window size management for presentations and demos plus to manage a large number of windows on a wide screen monitor.
Show more
2 years ago, nash300z
Brilliant & Indispensable
I can't even use a Mac anymore without Moom - it's as fundamental now as copy/paste. It's reliable, sensible, and straightforward to use but so powerful for improving my workflow. What a brilliant wonderful app! One of the best things in the app store right now.
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