MOON - Current Moon Phase

4.8 (12.8K)
148.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Charlie Deets
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MOON - Current Moon Phase

4.84 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
5 years ago, FrustratedAsHell555777
Tracking the Moon
This app is perfect for tracking the moon! My favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t require WiFi - my little brother and cousin were asking questions about the moon and wondering how soon it would be full after I explained to them that it was waxing and what that meant. We were camping in a secluded, dispersed, rustic site with no WiFi or service and I was still able to open the app and not only view the current moon but also look at future dates to see that it would be full in 3 days! I also like that this app makes it easy to track the moon. Knowledge is power and it’s an important thing to be aware of your surrounds - this awareness allows you to deepen your connection with nature and also become aware of yourself and how you are affected my nature. The moon effects your energy as well as well as water. By knowing what the moon is doing and what your energy is, you can find a correlation in yourself with the moon.
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4 years ago, corvidd
Notifications have gone downhill
I’ve had this app for years and used to love the cryptic messages, but lately they’ve just gotten worse and worse. They used to often be sweet and were at least semi related to the moon, or felt like something the moon might actually say, but now it’s become some weird attempt at “random” humor. Todays was “my sternum started sweating”. I can’t even tell at this point if someone’s just trying way to hard to be obscure and cryptic or if someone’s literally just typing the first thing to come to their head. Either way, the notifications definitely don’t sound like something the moon would say anymore, and they’re not funny at all so I’m not really sure the point anymore? If anything, it’s honestly starting to feel kinda offensive? I’m pagan and the moon means a lot to me and giving her this sorta “personality” that’s just unintelligent human nonsense, just doesn’t sit right with me. Also, the moon phases aren’t astronomically correct?? The full and new moons are usually off by a day or so from the standard astronomical calendars... would be really nice if you guys would fix these things. What’s the point of a moon app if it doesn’t even properly serve its primary purpose and the notifications are super annoying???
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6 years ago, Loving Mother :):):)
My wife and I always look at this app at night. We’re moonistroligists and we live to study the moon. We have kids but secretly sometimes we love the moon more!!!! This app gave me my true feelings for the moon. We teach our kids to love the moon and to always be well rounded just like the moon. However, some days all my kids look at is the moon I tell them to stop staring. However, sometimes when I drive I stare at the moon and stop in the middle of the street to watch the moon rise. I make cars crash but anything for moon lord and savior. We view the moon as a gift and we like to eat moon shaped cookies at lunch time. Johnny, my oldest son said he wants to take a bite out of the moon someday. I think that’s a great idea! Anyways, I love the idea of moons and I want to marry one. I love the moon so much that I named my youngest child, Mooney. Parents think I’m crazy but I just love the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🦒🦍🐖🐕🐘🐏🐩🐃🐑🐈🦏🐂🦌🐫🦌🦏🐓🐘🐈🐩🐊🐑🦍🐐🐆🐏🐆🐪🦔🦔🐲 (these are all creatures of the🌝🌚🌜🌛)
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4 years ago, TheREALHeyMah
UPDATE April 7, 2020: NOTIFICATIONS ARE FIXED!! Thank you! I was so psyched when I got the notification today, 5 stars, my favorite Moon app! This is by far my favorite of all the Moon phase tracking apps! Only thing I’ve been bummed about is I haven’t gotten a notification from the app in months. It’s been so long I’ve lost track, it may be at a year already. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, deleted tons of files from my phone to create more storage, changed my settings and changed them again just to try, deleted and reinstalled a few more times, nothing works 😭 From the comments I see on Instagram, I’m not the only one, a lot of people are experiencing the same thing. My favorite part of the app is getting the awesomely strange and cryptic notification messages and seeing if they link to anything. If there’s a way to fix this, please do!
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4 years ago, Keith777
Love This App! Highly Recommend!!
Thank you for this app! It has very useful info and a fun user interface. I love how it provides such a relaxed and cool experience by keeping things simple and avoiding excessive info that can feel cluttered and unnecessarily complicate. I also enjoy how the developer adds his own sense of style with the occasional optional notifications with fun sounds. It creates a lively and more connected personal experience. I deeply appreciate the developer offering this wonderful app for free with no ads and no pressure to upgrade to the pro version. I also appreciate all of the time and effort the developer has put into designing such a visually appealing and useful app and keeping it updated all these years while asking users for nothing in return other than including an optional donate button. Keep up the great work! You are appreciated!
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5 years ago, Baron Kilmarnock
The Man in the Moon
This app has truly been one of the best downloads I have ever made from the App Store. It’s a simple app that doesn’t do much; it really just tells you what phase the moon is currently in and how long until the next full/new moon. But when installing the app, remember that you MUST enable notifications. Every so often, maybe two or three times a month, an unfamiliar and mysterious sounding notification will chime. And every time, I am delighted to read the vague and cryptic message from the Moon. While it may seem creepy to someone who has not had this app as long as I have, it almost feels personal, as if from an old friend, just seeing how I’m getting along. 10/10 would recommend this app to those who appreciate the little things. It will always have a spot on my phone. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Alisia m
How amazing this app is
I love this app so much, and I’m sorry for the people that disagree with me on this. But I personally love it so much. Yes, I do agree sometimes the quotes kinda seem a little weird but I think that’s what makes this app so cool. I don’t know if the creator of this app is gonna see this but thank you so much for creating this app like it’s so meaningful in my opinion. I honestly wish I could get more quotes daily but I think getting it at random times makes it more meaningful. There was this time were I just got word about something awful and as soon as I got word, a quote popped up. I can’t remember what it said but I remember it feeling like I shouldn’t allow myself to get upset and get up and move on. Whoever made this wonderful app. Thank you. Keep up the great work!!
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4 years ago, E lugo
Strange experience
Okay so for starters, this app is very useful to me since I’m a Wiccan. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. But something strange just happened in the app and it’s never happened before. I was sitting on the couch, and I accidentally dropped my phone. I pick it up, and the app is playing weird music that sounded like a music box kinda. I turn the brightness up and the sky behind the moon (which was now way smaller than usual) and specific stars were really bright. They each had their own chimes they played when you tapped on them. I’m not worried at all, I actually thought it was kinda cool! Anyways I closed the app, reopened it and it was back to normal. Weird
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5 years ago, Lala Babushka
The notifications are INSANE <3
I don’t know who writes the notifications that come up on new and full moon days, but I am IN LOVE WITH YOU. They catch me off guard every time and always make me smile. I am constantly screenshotting them to send to friends who are amused but not as excited as they should be. One of the beautiful things is that the notifications disappear forever if you click on it, they don’t show up in the app. At first I was annoyed about that but now I am simply charmed because isn’t everything in life fleeting? EXCEPT THE MOON, WE CAN ALWAYS RELY ON HER!!! Also gorgeous app, works well, etc, no complaints.
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3 years ago, anthropologeek
widget issues but great app !!!
obviously the app is wonderful and fulfills it functions perfectly. i love the look and the little right swipe, it’s great !!! i only have one small gripe— ever since a few months ago, i’ve been unable to access the widget for this app. i have an old iphone six but i keep the iOS updated. i couldn’t figure out how to email the dev so i’m leaving this in a review. i can see in the version history that the widget disappeared for me around the same time that it got added for iOS 14, so that’s probably why i don’t even have the option to add the widget anymore. it’s a little annoying but definitely not enough for me to undermine how much i like this app.
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4 years ago, kimy a
Weird af but helpful
Okay so first off, if it weren’t for the notifications this app sends me, I would give it four stars. The images and the overall look of this app are beautiful! That’s why I downloaded it in the first place. But the notifications are..... weird to say the least. A few examples of notifications I’ve received from this app are “What’s for dinner?”, “My sternum started sweating”, and “coming out of the gates slowly.” Like it’s almost creepy, so I’ve decided to delete the app and find a new one. Idk who thought these were good ideas to send out as notifications but please change this. This is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen. Also, There’s no calendar, you have to input the date to see the moon phase unless you want to know today’s moon phase.
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3 years ago, mle_21
Moon will make your life better
Update on my very old review: I was super excited to see today’s update introducing a home screen widget! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working for me on 14.3 — I still don’t see any available Moon widget. Just a heads up for the dev. ————— I’m not even kidding when I say Moon is the greatest app I have ever used. It really only does two things: reports on moon phase and sends notifications on the full and new moons. But oh, those notifications. Whether it’s a haiku or a declaration of love or a complete non-sequitur, Moon never fails to charm. This app has changed my life. Let it change yours.
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5 years ago, Lauren Hester
Beautiful design, would love to see a few more features...
This app is brilliant in it's simple and pleasing design. For those who look forward to lunar events, though, I think the app is lacking. How cool would it be to see the moon light up red on the day's there's an eclipse? Especially considering how (and I can't say it enough) beautiful the display is! Or to have a little tidbit on when super-moons are happening, just to encourage people to go out and look at the real thing? Either way, this app does exactly what it says it does and pretty much nails the essentials. Thank you for creating a beautiful moon tracker!
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3 years ago, Jdixon27
Yes, just yes
The Moon app is truly incredible. Sometimes I am sad and lonely but then the moon app sends me a notification. Usually the message the moon sends is cryptic and keeps me intrigued. When I got a new phone the Moon app did not transfer to my new phone. I felt empty. Until one day I came to the realization the Moon was not on my phone. I dropped everything I was doing and downloaded the app. Good thing too because who knows what could have happened if I continued living without the Moon on my side. I recommend this app for everyone. The moon gives you the strength to keep going everyday. I love you moon!
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7 years ago, Meowkernaut
I noticed in the month of June, the moon phases were off by one day in comparison to the calendar I bought from the store and have, hanging on my wall. I use the moon phases for planting and casting spells; I am unsure which is inaccurate, but it did puzzle me. Looking at the sky didn't quite help either (both days looked so similar!) I also liked the older version of this app. I gave one star less than I would have, because now in order to see the moon phase, I have to swipe. Also, what happened to the stars keyboard?? My son discovered that "secret" a while back and I am unsure how to do it again. He liked tapping the stars and making music.
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5 years ago, GoS/T
Love this app, best one I have. The notifications are bananas, I love it. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t check this app, or at least the widget (love having the widget!!!) Just figured out you can turn off the star animation, which was my only issue with the app, so now I’m happy :) Only suggestion would be to add a perspective/parallax feature to give the moon a more 3D look inside the app! But even without it, it’s my favourite app out there and I recommend it to everyone; there’s literally just no reason not to get this app.
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7 years ago, Basia S.
Wonderful app
I love Moon! It's simple, convenient & beautiful. I think it could be improved in a few ways. First, I wish the notifications were more frequent. I'd appreciate messages on more than just New Moon & Full Moon nights, because who doesn't love texts from the moon? Second, I'd like to see more information in the app about celestial events. There was a Lunar Eclipse recently—I wish Moon had told me about it. A heads-up for August's upcoming Solar Eclipse would also be neat, as well as basic information like daily moonrise & moonset times. Still, five stars!
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5 years ago, RedBeardedBastard
Great App that keeps me updated
Gorgeous app interface, easy controls and such an elegant star harp to play around with. I also like using this as a meditation app at night with the tranquil background music. I would LOVE if you added more notes to the star harp or even made the stars react to each tap. Anything to make that more fun is welcome! It would be awesome if there was a way to set calendar events on dates when certain moon phases occur, like through the share button but for the calendar? Well anyway, I love the app, thank you very much!
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5 years ago, Wyrd.ghost
I love it!
It's super cute and very aesthetically pleasing, easy access and easily understandable. I really enjoy the feature of being able to see what lunar phase will be happening on any given date with this app. There are occasional notifications that pop up will silly or cute phrases that make me love this app even more. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple but beautiful app that allows them to track moon phases. Great for planning nighttime outdoor activities on a full moon or connecting with Lady Moon during a new or full moon.
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2 months ago, shdhshhxdh
Please, please, please never stop these amazing notifications. The notifications are so funny and so random, I love it. Keep doing them exactly how you are doing them. Don’t listen to anyone who says these notifications have “gone downhill.” Everyone who rates this app poorly just because of the notifications has no soul. Not everything needs to be taken so seriously! If you don’t like the notifications just turn them off!
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6 years ago, Langaroo5
The moon is your random friend
The app is straightforward and easy to use and gets the job done, but my favorite feature is the random notifications. They’re very occasional and not at all intrusive, and they’re always so random. I like to imagine it’s really the moon sending me a super random text. A few weeks ago it was, “Hark, thee! Beware my army of witches!” Of course it’s just a fellow human being thinking up something amusing to say and sending it from the moon, but it’s amusing and brightens my day. I certainly appreciate it :)
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6 years ago, lindseypajamas
Best app ever
Exactly what I wanted from a moon phase app. You can select a specific date (default is today) and it shows an animation of the moon we see during the phase, the name of the phase, % of fullness, and days until the next full moon. It’s simple, doesn’t over complicate things. Exactly the right amount of info in a easy to understand at-a-glance format. ***Unexpected bonus: the notifications I get from the moon are hilarious . It makes me smile each time one pops up on my screen. I’ll never delete this app.👏👏👏
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2 months ago, Emily sighs
Always something fun
I think this is such a fun app solely because of the bizarre messages they send on full moons or new moons. I also like that you can check previous moons, like the position of the moon on my birthday. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that it does not save the messages it sends you. It has sent me some very funny messages, some including links, that I want to review and share with friends but I have no way of checking them :/
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2 years ago, Beanwonan
Love this app.
Yes the notifications are not related to the moon phase. They do get me to look at the app and see what’s going on. I would have the moon as a pen pal (yes I’m old) but alas it’s a one sided relationship. I don’t care for board games either. I guess I’m still the only person on earth who doesn’t At least the moon understands.I would love to be able to respond to the moons comments sometime very insightful. Yes this is a very long poem. An epic that will continue long after we are gone.
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3 weeks ago, P.L. Snaps
Love it
This app is perfect for me with tracking the moon phases. Unlike some others, I haven’t had any pop ups at all and everything is still completely free for me… Hope that doesn’t change. The design is nice and it isn’t junky with info/features not needed. I love the funny(and often weird) notifications for each new/full moon and also the hidden music feature. Makes it fun and sets it apart from other moon apps.
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3 years ago, Hacking_is_your_only_weapon
I love this cute little app its simple and i love the notification i want to be friends with who sends them lol i love it i love the moon i love this app but i also have a question if anyones there to answer its only happen once but something in the app started to show up like stars in a line and music playing idk how it happen and idk how to get it to happen again ifk what it was but it was cool i want to figure out how to make it show up again but idk how
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2 years ago, idontlikeliars101
Don’t download this.. there is better.
I put 5 stars so my review would be seen. This is NOT a good app.. there are much better free moon phase apps. This app literally opens to a page with an image of the moon, that’s it. No percentage, no description, nothing. Just an image that’s slightly animated. You have the option to change the date in the lower left hand corner, share your non descriptive photo to an unamused friend.. or DONATE lol 😂 clearly they need the donations cus this ain’t it.
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2 months ago, alexbtbh
I’m obsessed with it
Everyone complains about the notifications, but they are the BEST part. I downloaded this app just to use as a moon widget on my phone and i’m absolutely in love with the random unhinged messages on the new moon and full moon. the fact that they make no sense is so hilarious and I’ve gotten multiple of my friends to download it on that alone. It’s a fun way to be reminded that the moon is new or full. I guess don’t get this app if you hate fun, lol.
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5 years ago, WoahLikeItsShan
Informative but strange...
I downloaded this app because I'm pagan and like to track the phases of the moon, but also because I work with kids and their behavior corresponds with the coming of the full moon. So this app does it's job well! It tells me how full it is, which phase it is in, how far until the next new or full moon... The graphics are good and I love that you can see how the moon looks in each percentage. This app does have one thing that I wanted to report... The notifications are creepy. I'm not 100% sure when they'll happen (usually the night of a full moon). But I wasn't expecting it, and one night my phone went off like someone had texted me. All it said was: "Moon sleeping alone again tonight." Another time I woke up to "meow". I have since turned off the notifications. But it almost gave me a weird, you're being watched kind of vibe. Otherwise a great app!
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5 years ago, Crazy ginger!
My favorite moon app EVER!
It’s simple and beautiful and the way I can interact with it is just really entertaining! It’s easy to understand and read and check certain dates! I wish it could tell if there’s gonna be an eclipse or which full moon of the month is coming up like the Hunters moon or harvest moon lol I love making music with the stars and I get so excited when I get that rare cool little notification from the moon in my notification and the lithe sayings always make me laugh and smile
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2 years ago, LilyBieber
moon quotes
i absolutely love the moon, and this app is so sick. the graphic is stunning. it is so simple to use. but above all, my favorite thing about this app is the moon quote notifications. they always make me laugh and i wait every month for a new one. things like “ever get an idea—TACO SOUP” and “i think i’m peaking” and “mooooooon”. all a silly and fantastic surprise. however, my only qualm is that I want MORE moon quotes!! give me weekly notifs!!! i want more moon. please and thank you 5 stars
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2 years ago, text VOTE to 57-Scotty!!
Love this app
I admit most of my enjoyment of this app comes from the quirky notifications, I often screenshot them but also the app itself is very nice and simple! It does what you expect, it shows the moon phase and let’s you look up the phase for any particular day as well. The notifications are just a major bonus, in my opinion. Nice to have something actually entertaining in the notifications occasionally 😂
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2 years ago, Nicole0179478
It gives what needs to be gave
I’ve had this app since 2016 or 2017 and I love it so much. I initially got it when a friend recommended it to me and told me about the funny notifications it sends. My first one said “beef.” Now I look forward to seeing each one they’re always unexpected and they make me laugh. I’m never deleting this app it does what it needs to do and it gives me a laugh from time to time. 😂
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7 years ago, May2014123
Greatest Moon app so far!
This app is so AWSOME! Since I am a fanatic of the moon and space, I love to look at the app and see when I can use my telescope. I like that the app shows how much % of the moon is being shown and when the next full moon or lunar event is happening. Something cool I found out is that when I went in on the app the moon became small and weird music started playing, a few seconds later the moon become big and the app is quiet again. It was a cool feature to add on.
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2 years ago, Irishgrrrl
Download this!
This app is fantastic! Works well and looks beautiful. I donated because I respect the work that went into this and the fact that it’s 100% free. You can donate, but you don’t have to and donating won’t upgrade your app in any way. After you donate, the “donate” button goes away. I was impressed that they handled it this way instead of charging for the app/in-app purchases. Highly recommend! 🌙
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7 years ago, Totty_42
Elegant, informative
A small app with simple elegance. I am able to explore the lunar cycle for all my favorite dates, like children's birthdays and special events. In fact, concerned I was going into labor with my first child, I confirmed a full moon with this app, so I headed to the hospital. (Of course, the labor pains were the true confirmation a little later...) Another use for this app: planning romantic date nights! Beautiful app that I use more often than I thought I would.
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7 years ago, Wandering Jackalope
That's Amoré🎶
Each day this app tells you the current moon phase, how many days are left until the next new moon & full moon. There is an option to view the moon phase for any calendar date, as well. It is simple and never buggy. BUT, my favourite part of this app is the notifications for new & full moons. Each month, the app sends a different push notification with a witty way of telling you a new or full moon is soon to come.
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7 years ago, Peanutbutterluv
I love this app so much, but...
I wish it had more notifications. Like maybe every couple days just telling my to check it out the app and the phase of the moon because sometimes I forgot. It's not a huge problem so I'm still giving it five stars. Other than that this app is amazing, love the layout and when I do get notifications they are very intriguing and always put a smile on my face. Good work, definitely one of my favorite apps!
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2 months ago, DaviddWatsonn
Big fan! But so many app updates w no changes
I love this app. It does exactly what you expect it to do. Additionally, it’s simple. It’s straight forward. One thing I don’t understand…. Why is there a new app update dmn near every other day. It’s such a simple app and nothing ever changes. What’s there to update? I’ve always wondered about that… Anyways, download the app. 5/5 highly recommend.
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7 years ago, Intuitouch
I thoroughly enjoy this app!!
It's simple and easy to use providing info on the moon phases with beautiful graphics. I also enjoy the background music accompanying the fun notifications when we're coming up on the full moon. If I could add to it ... I wish there were fun surprises like trivia, info and mythology about the moon, or Easter eggs behind the moon when I slide right, left, up or down simply because it would be fun to learn more about the moon in an engaging way.
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7 years ago, hodor23
Moon is Nuts
What a nutty app... I have never seen such random nutty notifications from an App before. Today there was a moon occultation of three planets and the notification on the luck screen played sound (a symphonic type sound). I have no idea how that was even possible (sound is turned off for my lock screen notifications). And the random messages are often times nonsensical. Other than that... it works.
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3 years ago, lisabug71
Moon messages
I just love the messages the moon sends me. They always come at the perfect time. I wish I could see them in the app because sometimes they disappear and I don’t get to read the whole message. This saddens me. They also disappear if I click on them. I think, “Moon, why are you so fleeting in your communication with me?” Thank you for your secret luminary messages from the moon.
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5 years ago, Heyheyhey167
Moon moon moon!!!
Moon keeps asking me to rate him, so I will. Really I just peek at this when I want to know if the moon is actually full or just like 99%. Also, sometimes the app sends me absolutely wild, random messages that don’t appear anywhere in the app, just my notifications. This is the kind of chaotic good I crave in my life and I very much appreciate it. My most recent one said “words are the problem.” That’s mildly ominous but also deep. Thank you, moon. Love u.
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5 years ago, k1j1kiji
I love the app so much! It encouraged me to download it because someone that I love dearly was inspired by the moon a lot and I sometimes think of him as the moon. I heard about the cute notifications that it sends out, but ever since I’ve had the app (about a month now) I haven’t received a single notification..I made sure that I turned on post notifications and I even re-downloaded the app 3 times now what to do?
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7 months ago, emmajaymathis
I love this and whoever runs their marketing
I’ve never written an app review before but I enjoy this app so much I had to. I love this app. It’s simple. Straight forward. Easy to use. And the widget is super cool. But what really brought me here was the notifications. I look forward to them greatly. Whoever writes them, has my whole heart. Don’t stop. In fact, I wish you’d put out more.
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5 years ago, mywheezylaugh
This app has a widget!
I really enjoy being able to swipe right on my home screen to see what moon phase it without having to open up the app. Im lazy like that. Once opening the actual app though it’s so beautiful with how the stars move around the moon and how once you swipe the moon you see exactly what % it is. This app is simple, beautiful, has no adds, and has a widget! I can’t recommend it more!!!
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6 months ago, KGofATL
Funny little moon app
This is a quirky, strange little app. It’s functionality is that it tells you what phase the moon is in today or on any date past or future. But there’s more! It will send you the most bizarre notifications at seemingly random times and I love every one of them so much. They’re poetic and odd and somehow reach me when needed most. Thanks, weird moon app.
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7 months ago, abby173
Spell check notifications
Genuinely love this app and I always look forward to the fun notifications, but just noticed this last one used the wrong you're*. I think it read, “YOUR the one with the belly button” or something like that. And maybe it's a joke that I'm not getting but if it was me I'd like to be informed about it.
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11 months ago, Me twinkles 123 eight
Who ever has been doing the notifications ily
Whoever has been doing the notifications you make my day I love your mysteriousness you awaken from your dormant rest to notify everybody who owns the app something righteous and legendary only to go silent again. I love you so much you make my day whenever I see the notification and it is something random
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5 years ago, kerrygretchenlove
Let’s take our relationship to the next level
Hi Moon. I love you. So much that I want us to be even closer. While no two people (or a person and an app, in our case) can be everything to each other, I’d love to be able to turn to you for more moon information (date and time of the full moon based on users’ voluntarily set time zone). I think this little change could seriously spice up things between us. You in? Check yes or no. xoxo
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