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User Reviews for Moon Invoice - Easy Bill Maker

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3 years ago, Jibaro3
Best Invoice on the market.
I be using Moon Invoice sent 2016, as my business growth moon invoice team has been created with this software they have improve the software over the year. I'm very satiified with the software and the customer services they provide. I do recommend Moon Invoice to small or big company is the best solutions for your business. What I love about this product is that I can make invoice at my office location and when I'm ready to collect I can use my phone to tell my clients what the due amount is and sent them the invoice to be paid. Also when I'm on a potential client I can make a estimate right there and then. Also when I go back to the office my computer has the updated estimate or new invoice I already made on the road.
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6 years ago, skylabb
Promissing, just missing one essential feature
This app looks very promising. The UI and user flow is well designed. However, two important features are missing. Design templates are based on the same layout structure with various cheesy background graphics - none looks professional. You can’t really customize the templates much except changing minor things like fonts and colors. The second missing feature is recurring invoice. Billings Pro offers the recurring invoice feature which allows you to use the same invoice for mutltiple billings in set time intervals. For now, I’m sticking With Billings Pro. Update: With developer’s help, I could find that little “Recurring” check box, which I missed the first time, to set an invoice as recurring. Thanks for that. The multitude control options under Settings tab is a big plus. Design template customization is still very limited. As suggested by developer, under Company tab, user can select present PDF invoice templates and only can cutomize font and color. I would like to change the layout structure such as placing content blocks in different positions and controlling box borders. If customization function is enhanced hopefully in the next version release, I’ll be full fan of this app.
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4 years ago, Bad_Bandit
Decent app, scattered interface
This app does a good job of what it is intended to do. If you need a relatively inexpensive app for managing quotes, invoices, time tracking and the like, this offers many useful tools and is simple to get up and running. It is, however, somewhat scattered and non-intuitive. For example, to import a contact from the Contacts app, you can click and hold on the little icon next to the name field, when creating a new invoice in the Invoice tab. But no such button exists for importing contacts in the Contacts tab! Huh???? The main settings are distributed across two sections in the Settings tab: App Settings and PDF Settings. The distinction between these two sections is fuzzy. There's also another tab called Companies. Guess what's in there... Yep, more settings. Why aren't the Companies settings in the Settings tab? Dunno. And finally, last time I checked, setting up Venmo as a payment method was convoluted and involved creating a third party account with another provider. Support told me that changes were coming here, but I haven't checked since. This app does what it promises to do. It is just hindered by non-standard app layout and poorly conceived layout.
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7 years ago, spaghettigalieti
Upgrade? But from the website instead
So, I tried the free version of the software and it works…fine I suppose. it isn’t the sexiest user interface, but it gets the job done. I invoice for my freelance to different names/companies and so when I went to setup more than two or three companies to invoice from it asked for $20 to upgarde to that function. No problem, I figured it was worth it for the one time charge. Then I found out that in order for me to invoice clients FROM multiple companies it was another $20 fee. Then I went to the website for the company and found out that for $15 I could have purchased the entire suite without multiple charges of$20 just to unlock one extra feature. When I asked the company about it on their support page they have not responded at all. Nothing. So, the software is, okay. But I honestly feel a bit ripped off because I have alrady spent $20 which is $5 more than the full version on their website and I didn’t even get the full version with the in-app purchse. No support means that I am even more agnry about this “in-app” purchase.
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6 years ago, Diverpaulw
Great Invoicing Program it’s Four Thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍
Moon invoice is one of the easier invoicing programs I have used. It lets me get in and out of it very quickly. I have found the program to be very useful to me. There are a few things that I could wish I could change on the PDF invoice, or instance one of the things I have different customers that have different due date. Some of my customers are net on receipt of the invoice, others are 10 days net and even 30 day net. If that can go into the contacts section of the program that would be fabulous and not have it in the individual companies section. I’m kind of a jack of all trades’s, I run a video, I’m electrician, and also a wireless company. Of which go under three different companies. I find it great to put my invoices together and track them. l The only thing I’m not a fan ofThe only thing I’m not a fan of monthly subscriptions and this goes for everything I do, I’ve always bought my programs and upgrades. I understand that the developers need to be paid someway and I’m still thinking about it. I’ve noticed that they have a yearly cost which I’m a little more in favor of. The best part I find is that I can email them directly from the program which simplifies my world just over 100%. Overall it is a good program an easy program to use, The iOS app is the icing on the cake. To sum up in three words of someone else a top-notch program.
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6 years ago, 23johnk
Software is simple and easy-to-use, has a top-notch UI appearance
This software is great for the Mac and Iphone X. It is one of the few apps that are both asthetically pleasing and retains most of the features commonly used by small businesses. I tried using Xero, Wave Invoice, and Gnucash. While all of them use double ledger accounting and are able to project sophisticated reports, none of them have a cloud based platform that can be used offline (and then synced later between mobile and computer). So far I have found one problem, and that is with using percentage discounts on invoices. For some reason it makes a miscalculation. Hope it will be fixed in the near future. I saw some reviews saying that the software can possibly crash and lose all data. But I wouldn’t worry about it so much as long as you are backed up through the cloud and export your account data regularly.
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4 years ago, Hshshgdhdhdhdhxbxhxhd
Not so impressive
A few glitches that affect basic tasks like preparing an invoice receipt to a client. Dates are wrong and also payment number appears as total for you and not the specific number for the client's payments. So, if a client made the 2nd payment on an invoice, but it happens to be the 7th payment I received in total of all clients, this client will see on his invoice receipt "payment #7", and not #2. I am currently waiting for a response for this issue and the other with regards to a wrong payment date on the invoice receipt as well. Developer has contacted me to say the issues were resolved but not quite yet. I am still unable to show to my client the right number of partial payments as he makes them. The date issue is still happening. I know have to go back one day as I am creating the payment receipt so it shows the right date when I print/email it to the client.
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1 year ago, Muddy Oaks Homestead
Decent progam but it is missing one important element
I have been using this application for over 6 months. I had no previous expertise running a business using estimates, purchase orders, invoices etc and this program seemed to be good enough. Over the next few months, It was good enough such that I started my second company and paid the extra money to have multiple companies. While initially very pleased with this application, I am becoming underwhelmed. I have the basics down but when I want to expand and do more, the support just isnt there. i.e. I want to reorder the tasks on an estimate to show the customer the chronological order of events for the job. Although I found a post (with the same question) with an answer, it simply stated "Yes, moon invoice can reorder tasks." That's it! How about providing the "how"? I can not find any information online to help answer these kinds of questions and I am quickly looking to other invoicing programs to meet my requirements.
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7 years ago, mollybermea
Outstanding :)
**update ** I have been enjoying the latest updates and attention to this app. I did originally switch to Moon Invoice because I wanted something that did not charge me an annual or monthly fee. I loved that plus how straight forward the app was/is…. with recent updates I am a bit confused with the added subscribtion service and hoping this app doesn’t turn in to needing that. That was one of the first/main reasons I started using it = a great app not based on subscription needs. **** I absolutely love this invoicing & expense (and more) tracking app. I love the display of data. I love the reporting, etc. I LOVE the one-time payment for PRO. I will be using Moon Invoice Pro for a long long time. Keep up the good work guys, I will def be referring you to my professional network of phtographers (and more).
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6 years ago, ZosheCo
REQUEST FOR MUCH NEEDED MISSING NECESSITY for the capabilities to Manage and full-fill backorders.
Dear Moon I've been providing tech services for your product Moon Invoice Pro in supporting a client that use it. Since then the program has improved nicely, but it still has some much needed missing necessities, which hopefully you will consider adding to it. REQUEST FOR MUCH NEEDED MISSING BACK ORDER NECESSITY: Back Ordering Capabilities. Why: This is a much needed necessity because to me it's unreasonable for most businesses to be unable to provide backordered items to their customers billing, and for a way to manage and full-fill those backorders. Reason: Having a way to Manage and full-fill backorders is a much needed missing necessity. In the invoicing software industry the necessity to manage and full-fill backorders is a well established standard, where items can be easily backed ordered, full-filled and shipped at a later time. Sample of how it could be done: Turning back orders On: 1. In Settings > App Settings/Enable Backordering During Invoicing: 1. Enter the quantity of the items shipped 2. Check box if you want a backorder to be created User Interface: 1. add Backorders to left column that opens a screen to easily manage and full fill backorders that were created during invoicing. Hopefully it’s something you can add to the program. Warm Regards
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3 years ago, BR Music Services
Great Product, simple to use, always improving!
I've been using Moon invoice for many years, and have always been very happy with the product! They are constantly adding new features that really make the product all the better! If you need to invoice, and keep track of income and inventory in a simple fashion, Moon invoice is fantastic! I know it has many other features, such as time logs, Expenses, Credit Notes, Purchase orders, estimates, projects etc., I just haven't used them, but I imagine they are as easy to use as anything have used. When I have needed any customer support, they have been very responsive, but that hasn't been very often since the product is so easy and intuitive to use.
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11 months ago, Beesped2013
Efficient Invoicing Made Easy!
Recently, I started my own startup and realized the need for an invoice making app. That's when I came across the Moon Invoice app. I figured out Moon Invoice Easy Bill Maker is a capable invoicing software that streamlines the billing process for small businesses. Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and robust reporting features make it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to manage their invoicing efficiently. To further enhance the user experience, it would be beneficial to include a guided app tour or user trail. The overall value provided by Moon Invoice makes it a reliable solution for invoicing needs. I would recommend it to other small business owners seeking reliable invoicing software.
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4 years ago, benbarron1216
Awful Updates
I have been using this app for 3 years, the updates seem to always have glitches and bugs that make my business very hard to run. As a self employed contractor, I would be cautious to invest any money into this platform. The support the company offers is terrible and for the price that they expect user pay, it is a bit frustrating to accept, especially that we have to wait days for a response. Often times their response doesnt even pertain to the issues we experience. Anyone can write a policitally correct response, but at what point can the user actually see some change?
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7 years ago, terrynorton
Gets the job done
I'm the invoice creator for a tow company. Trying to find a simple invoicer is rather tough. I am switching from Totals to Moon Invoice Pro. Why? Totals is very flexible with the most important feature of its ability to create invoices based on a project. Each vehicle type we tow is setup as a project. Then I can later add which autobody shop will end up repairing the vehicle, or which salvage company will get it. However, I've always been in need of an iOS version. Finally went looking for an app that had apps for both macOS and iOS with syncing. Only Moon gave me macOS and iOS, but the project part is really lacking. However, Moon's search capabilities sort of make up for this lack. Instead of starting with a Project vehicle, Instead have to add the vehicle as a Subtitle manually. no list to select from. Also, most other invoicing apps seem to revolve around timing. Moon has timing, but not as its core functionality. I hardly ever use timing. All our services are entered as products. Multi-user was also a must, and I must say it works darn good (via DropBox). One thing I miss is being able to create separate sections with it own subtotal on an invoice. If that's possible, I haven't found it.
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7 years ago, Qmediaservices
UPDATE.1.5.5.Wont let me do anythink in the Iphone & Mac.
Update, Waiting for a lont time for the new version, BS, no working, waist of time, cant do anythink here, developer keeps offering extra services, but I need to pay for it. DONT BUY Im reporting this to apple. Thanks for nothink.)::::::: No customer servicesn in the US, have to wait overnight for an answer. New Version TERRIBLE wont work, team Support help me wiht a backup, works for a few days, compleate waste of time, unistal and reinstal fix the probelm for a few minutes them crash and I need to unistal and reinstal, no new update coming. Thanks for nothing. After trying many time instal, unistal back nad for wiht the SUPPORT TEAM, i can do a bit more, some time wont sync for a long time, so my phone say something different. They have to improve in the functionality of the app. Lest see what else come up in the next cuople weeks. Unfortunately I was using my Ipad to do all my work, Ipad was stolen , now I use my Iphone is a probelm cuz is to small, I had abour 50invoices 4 stimates, after creating the stimates I try just to do some cahnges in the Mac, and the stupid sofware keeps telling that i need to Upgrade, I send a lots of emmails to the “support team” they keep telling that I need to upgrade, this is a total BS not acceptable. I ask for refun and they just don’t answer, dont wast your time and money buy, spend a bit more and buy a beeter app. TRASH
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6 years ago, Olson Woodworking
Great money tracker
This app is great for keeping track of what I’m spending, and what I’m making. I was weary on buying something like this because I believed I could do the same thing with an excel sheet. That is partially true in regards to keeping track of numbers, but this app allows me to label what I’m buying, where I’m buying, and also who is paying me! All I have to do is enter any time I make a transaction and the program adds it all up. I was pretty sure I was making good money in my business, but now I know for sure I’m making money. I love knowing what my margins are and its easier at tax time because I can upload all my receipts and have copies of all my invoices! Great product.
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6 years ago, LostGears
Lightweight But Robust for Small Business
I’ve been using the app on my Mac and my iPhone for six months and have learned to appreciate its simplicity. It has a very simple interface to input your data, then creates a nice looking print or email-ready invoice document. My only complaint is that it doesn’t offer statement generation for clients. I like to send monthly statement to clients with outstanding accounts that detail all transactions. The app does include a “balance” of unpaid invoices at the top right of each invoice, but provides no explanation of where that number comes from. Otherwise the app is perfectly suited to the way I do business as a consultant.
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5 years ago, movingtoquickbooks
unstable program and generic useless customer service
For several months now, I have been unable to run tax and invoice reports from the software - it crashes immediately when trying. I have had to use the phone app to email myself the reports, then import them to excel and run calculations manually. Customer service has been beyond useless, they refuse to provide a phone number for tech support nor will they call you - they will only send generic support emails. I have made every update as requested. I have complied with all of their information requests and sent them my backup files for analysis several times and have not received resolution. Additionally, this software does not output .PDF files to email, only “copies” the invoice so many of my clients have complained about receiving graphic versions of the invoice that cannot be downloaded or printed properly.
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7 years ago, Hoytvisionfilms
Glad I dumped Quickbooks
I recently switched from Windows to a Mac and was completely frustrated with Quickbooks. They wanted a rediculous amount of money to switch my software from PC to Apple so I went searching and found Moon. I have been using this for a couple weeks and have been pleased. After the initial learning curve I’ve found it to be much better than my old Quickbooks 2009 and at a much better price. No copmplaints here. Well worth the 20 bucks!!! Update!!!! I have now been using moon for 6 months and I am still a huge fan!!! They are constantly updating and making improvements which is very reassuring!!!
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6 years ago, enispjr
Great APP, 4star jsut because it doesnt have one very neccessary window
Work great, end I am using it all the time. But have advised you to add a feature, that is very neccessary under HOME section. We have "Sales Report by Product" and "Purchase Report by Product", but dont have "Remain Stock by Product", where it will be shown al. the stocks stil remaining, with purchase price per product, sales price per product, taxes per product, and TOTAL. Believe me everybody would love to have this. And also we need to have under SUMMARY INFO in HOME section TOTAL AMOUNT that should come from cash sales, or via bank and transfer sales. And that is (SUM=Invoice Payed - Expenses). Just because of that I am giving 4 stars. Otherwise it deserves 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Tonalgestalt
Great for Freelancers
I got this a year ago because my business just doesn’t fit into the standard, product based, templates of other apps. It’s very customizable and it has helped me keep accurate books. I use it for proposals, reminders, planning and of course, billing. I love that it can log expenses and receipts. It remembers tax rates from different states. The great benefit of clear books for a freelancer is being able to look at the year’s financial outlook at any time and have confidence that you’re in the right business. A slow day is no reason to doubt when the numbers are right in front of you.
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5 years ago, slynchfla
Easy to create and track your invoices
The app is easy to use and does a great job with invoices. I like all of the features and you can't beat the price for the number of features you get. If I could make one suggestion it would be that to allow the invoices to be exported in CSV format so that I could print a Summary Report for a client. Or better yet, have the app provide the summary report of invoice history by month for a client. If it has this feature I haven't found it yet. The invoice features are simple to use and provide everyting a small business needs (except the invoice summary feature).
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6 years ago, DropGearz
Good program
Software is pretty good and works well for us at our shop, however there are a few bugs such as sometimes when you enter a new customer, the invoice you were entering said customer for disappears. You then have to exit that invoice and start a new one. I also don’t like that it requires customer info in order to save an invoice, sometimes I don’t need to enter their info for quick orders and sales. The other issue I have with it is thatit sometimes won’t keep estimates saved for more than a day, so when a customer calls back and I go to reference their estimate, its gone and I then have to start over. No complaints about anything else
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4 years ago, SeanEverett
This app REALLY helps me
I've had this app for a couple years now and all the improvements have made it the only app I would use and subscribe to. It's very much worth the cost of subscription to me. Once entered every input becomes as easy as a pull down menu and a click. For my recurring customers that makes invoice creation VERY easy. I can have the invoice created and sent within minutes of each completed project. I used to wait to invoice because the thought of it was exhausting. Now it's so easy I invoice with ease and get on with my life.
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6 years ago, zopylote
Very nice and potential software…
Excellent software to create invoices, estimates, annual, partial or by customer sales.. just need to remove some playground buttons… you don’t need the link like us on facebook or share this app in the main menu, trust me i shared this app more than 10 times and not because of facebook (change for linkedin, facebook is a playground, no one is looking for a software to manage their business in a trash) need to concentrate more on the software potential that is awesome!!!!… better control for inventories and fix some glitches, after that it’s a Five start app
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6 years ago, njackson81
Nothing More Than Perfect
I came to Moon Invoice from using Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010 edition for years and needed to have an upgrade as that was outdated, and I was not wanting cloud software. This product suite not allows me to do my work from my office, but now using my iPad in front of clients which I never had that functionality before and I love - love - love it! In addition being able to print remotely by Bluetooth to my printer remotely or to a clients printer and save postage. I highly recommend seasoned business owners move to Moon Invoice, or new business owners to use Moon Invoice. You will certainly not regret it!
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6 years ago, Howard’s Older Brother
It’s decent
I use invoicing programs for my home service company. We have a technician at the customer’s house and run credit cards on site as well as email paid invoices to customers. I was hoping for a great program and this one is ok but doesn’t impress me much. It is not really user friendly when it comes to editing invoices, estimates and customers. Also, there seems to be some delay when it trys to sync between an iphone app and computer app. It’s enough of an issue that it scares me away. I need to know that when I open the app, the customer/invoice info is there, not just hope it’s there. It does the job but isn’t user friendly/easy to use and doesn’t seem reliable.
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4 years ago, Mark98119
Inexpensive, often-updated
Spend much more elsewhere if you lke, but this is just $15 a year, and once you get the hang of it, is better than anything else I've found--especially for a services business. You can email invoices direct from the program without having to set up lots of details, and set up to get paid through almost any service, including ApplePay, PayPal, and many others. Documentation is not always perfect, and it can take a while to figure out, but you can do that during the free trial. . .
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9 months ago, ManekiNeko1
Amazing App For Organizing Your Invoices
This app is MADE for anyone trying to organize their finances! It makes it very simple to create personalized invoices and manage your expenses without any headaches. This app has many extra features included, such as a time log, creation of unique products in your inventory, and being able to add your team members so everyone is on the same page. I recommend this app to everyone out there looking for a way to keep track of their daily income!
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6 years ago, coretire19
love this app, just having a small minor problem
i love using this app for my company and has saved me tons of money versus other programs, however, i wish i could change the font size of the terms and conditions section. maybe you could help me with that if there is a way? if not its ok but maybe you could add that in on the next update so the text isnt over crowding an invoice. It tends to run on to a second page if i have multiple items on an invoice, thank you for your time. Keep up the amazing work!
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2 years ago, MJ in Md
Keeps Improving
I've been using the app for our business for over 5 years and it does a great job at generating and tracking invoices. Each update has brought improvements and additional features and the times I've had to reach out to customer service they've been quick to respond and extremely helpful. It can be a bit tedious to create an invoice template due to the wealth of options but once it's set it's easy to use and modify.
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12 months ago, GregHillMusic
Easy to use
This app was very easy to use. I was able to learn the UI and create invoices and estimates with GREAT ease! It was even simple to add my company logo. The invoices I printed out look just as good or better than the invoices I spent an hour designing for myself. The only issue I occasionally encountered was when I added a task and wanted to delete it, it would only let me delete the task I had previously filled out. That didn't cause any issues with the invoices themselves, though.
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1 year ago, CafeBarrett
Great App Great Price
I've tried a few estimate and invoice apps. Some have more features though end up costing much more. Some end up costing more and actually have less features and worse UI's. As a small construction business this has given me most of everything I need to organize my business for a drastically lower price. The developers are continously making improvements aswell. Very grateful for the affordability and utility this app provides. Thanks Moon Invoice
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7 years ago, jackl2400
Good replacement for Intuit Quickbooks for what I need.
Like other commentors below, I needed a replacement for Quickbooks for Mac when intuit decided not to support Mac OS anymore and went to those kind of “web cloud” subscription products you run in a browser, which either you like or don’t (I don’t). I only needed a product which cranks out estimates, invoices and statements and doesn’t require all the other complicated and expensive double-entry bookkeeping tasks that Quickbooks provides for. Moon Invoice Pro does the trick, easily and well.
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3 years ago, fgphowo
Solid invoicing for small business
I have been using this for a few years and like that they continue to refine it. I also like that I can send estimates or invoices from any of my macs, iphone or ipad. It works well and the developer is responsive to questions and solving the occasional problem. It is sometimes a challenge to figure out where to adjust different settings as the preferences are found in a few different places, but the software works reliably and I have no regrets.
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4 years ago, JK the DJ
Love it! So easy to use!
I love it! I’m a voiceover artist, and most of my clients pay via a credit card through my agent. For a few clients, I have to send them an invoice. I used to have to “create” one in Excel or Word. A real pain! Besides, there’s no way to easily track open incomes, payments, etc. Moon Invoice is a life saver. It does exactly as promised — creates invoices. It’s not an accounting program — I don’t need that. I need to create and send invoices. I really can’t ask for a better fit for my needs. Thanks to the developers!
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5 years ago, Skyland
Does everything I want it to do!
I was skeptical when I bought this app, cause I have been disappointed by so many other invoicing apps, but Moon Invoice was different! It did everything! And the user interface is simple and intuitive. And I absolutely love the sync feature! I can have it updating on all my computers and take care of business wherever I am! Even on my phone! For me, this software is 100% worth the subscription price. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Bar MN Corp
Wont upload saved file.
I purchased a new computer and had saved a backup copy to my timemachine. After sucesfully uploading all my other files, the Moon Invoice didn't upload anything about my company. Emailed customer support 3 days ago and still haven't heard anything from them. Had to type up everything from scratch again. Horrible customer service, wish I never swayed from Quickbooks.
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4 years ago, JoJoBean2222
Super time saver and great support!
Updating my previous review. I’ve been using this app for about 2 1/2 years now and I must say it’s saved me so much time having to set it all up in Excel or learn some really heavy duty financial software like Quickbooks etc. The devs have been responsive to new ideas and bug reports and helpful as well to explain things if needed. So far I’m liking both the app and those that are working to create it for us! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Denvip
Rock Solid App
this app is a must for anyone having different parts to process its simple to save items and save lots of time making up the invoice and pack list My wish list is small, I would like either a seperate "MONTHLY" invoice option and the ability to give pack lists a different numbering option, seperate from the invoice number, since I bill monthly and ship parts back daily
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4 years ago, Stendebach 1957
This app gets the job done
This app does what it promises. Sometimes I think the workflow is a little wonky but it is probably because I don't do a regular flow of transactions, so I need to spend a little time reminding myself how to get my invoices done each month. the developer responses in the reviews have helped me get better. I don't do much work "by the hour" but when I have I found time entry to be a little frustrating. I'd like to simply enter "1 hr" instead of mess with a start and stop time. Am I missing something?
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4 years ago, jwoods007
Help Documentation?
I really wanted to like this program because of its features. After creating a bunch of fake transactions to see how the parts of the software worked together, I discovered that one wrong move and you can't delete a transaction, only archive it and start over. The help files are obviously written by non english speaking people. The help files are written without letting the user know about best practices. They are also written to describe earlier versions of the product. What you see on the screen frequently does not match the info in the help files. There is a method for categorizing transactions but it exists only when viewing the Product or Expense modules. This should be a company wide setting. The web version is much stronger imo, but has not reached feature parity with the desktop version. I love where this company is heading, but I'm not willing to be a beta tester at this time.
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9 months ago, softwarequalityassociate
Efficient Invoicing and Estimate App: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses
I've been using the Moon Invoice - Billing Maker app for my small business, and I must say, it has been an absolute game-changer. This app has streamlined my invoicing and estimating processes to such an extent that I can't imagine running my business without it. This has friendly user interface, where we can create invoices and estimates easily. Absolutely loving the app.
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5 months ago, Gh0atRid3r
The best invoicing app!
Having just started a business for the first time, Moon invoice saved a lot of hassle and time for me when it comes to making invoices and estimates. It was tremendously helpful and provided many services that took my business to the next level. The app can be beneficial to businesses of ALL types and I am very happy to say that this app changed my life. 5 big stars.
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4 years ago, micheilwest
My business uses Moon
Absolutely the worst, it started out great i purchased the pro package outright, then they removed the app completely, replaced a completely different app that was horrible and now required a monthly subscription, they update and by updateb i mean roll out a completely different version that requires you to relearn the whole new format, find where they changed the locations of absolutely everything, I was happy with the original, but thats long gone and each new itterarion is worse than the last. i am going to look into letigation I want a refund for the original app i outright paid for it would be negative stars if i could
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7 months ago, Alexis A_
Great app for it's use.
The software is quite handy for keeping expenses on track unlike others. The excesssing of other options within each other is quite easy and everything is straight forward. I love how simple it is for a user that just started using it. For bigger businesses it would be really useful to keep this at hand.
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3 years ago, JRWcleveland
Upgrading to Pro
While it took the better part of a month to get together (partially my fault), the tech support at Moon stayed with me and got all my data transferred from my old version to the new Pro version. I would have liked to seen more complete/accurate directions we were successful and Moon was very helpful. I like the program and the way it works.
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4 years ago, Frustrated8
Invoicing is a pain- there's always a balance between needing to generate the right invoice/estimate format for each client (you know those clients that ask for the wierdest explanations/breakdowns that test your invoicing acumen) and having the software be too complicated to be effective in your effort. Moon Invoice strikes that balance nicely. Can estimate, migrate estimates directly to invoices, customize invoice formats via a simple list of comprehensive checkboxes, and do so across multiple companies. Nice!!!
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6 years ago, Siimpli
Product Kit Feature Missing
This software is really good for invoicing and keeping track of the outstanding ones, if you update your stock, when you sell an item, it reflects on the items stock, but what it is missing is the possibility to create a “Multi Product Item” Lets say i have a “A, B, C Kit” Which uses 1 item A, 1 Item B, and 1 Item C, i can’t tell the software that “A,B,C Kit” uses 1 of each, so it substracts from each items stock, instead, when i sell 1 “A,B,C Kit” i have to go and update the stock manually.
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2 years ago, kmakijr
Simple and efficient Invoce App
I started using Moon Invoice in 2020 when the invoice app I had been using shutdown. Oveer the last two years Moon Technolabs has worked to improve the application. The interface is a bit awkward and it takes some time to figure it out. But once I figured it out I have been happy with the program as it meets my needs for invoicing and keepting track of my consulting work.
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