Moon Phase Calendar Plus

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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Moon Phase Calendar Plus

4.8 out of 5
27.4K Ratings
4 years ago, The emusifyer
Displays actual moon orientation
The biggest feature I like about this app is that it displays the actual moon orientation. Looking at the app’s image of the moon and then at the moon itself, the phase AND the orientation are correct. Most apps don’t do this which is something the developer really needs to emphasize in his/her app description. The use of the compass to find the moon is nicely done as well. A couple things that would be very nice are cleaning up the main page (the info panels are overly bright and huge with small writing taking up 2/3 of the screen while the moon only gets 1/3 of the page). I like the contrast to keep it readable but there’s a lot of screen wasted with a bright blank area. Keep the font large but reduce the bright panel’s size. Also, the option to see the moon distance in miles rather than km would be nice for those of us on the other side of the pond. Overall, well done which is why I gave it 5 stars. Again, the accurate moon phase and orientation is the killer feature and you should promote that more.
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8 months ago, Dsmithrn1
Moon phase plus time for an update
I first purchased moon phase plus quite a few years ago when this young developer was young. His commitment to this app is amazing. Most would walk away after so many years. This developer has not , the app works very similar to any other app that you would want for the moon, however there’s a difference. The location function is spot on. The set up of the app as you can tell through the various images shows a very clean line and easy to read screens. What I like most about the app is that it holds true to the data provided by the leading observatories in Hawaii‘I and Australia. To the developer, thank you, I hope that you continue to support this app and that others will support you through the purchase of the app. Thank you for keeping the cost reasonable. I wish you much success. Cheers.
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4 years ago, Archon Procyon
Say what? Great App!
If you are a weather geek and sky watcher like myself this app is just plain awesome! It’s got everything you need and it’s a one time payment that is very fairly priced so that’s just icing on the cake! Say what? I see comments, one in particular, that just make me roll my eyes. For instance: “I’ve been using this for a couple years and it’s great! However now that I have to pay for the premium I’m going to delete the app.” Say what? Just grab some change from the jar and there ya go, it’s paid for and worth every dime, nickel and penny you had to part with. I’m sure the developer will be just fine without ya though! Great app with great features and with a one time LOW payment it’s yours forever! Nice work on this app I definitely recommend it 👍🏻
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3 years ago, BeSquared2
‘Future’ Feature
I Love this App, but when I got it, I could look at the coming months, and now I can’t since upgrading it. Other free apps like this let you look at any date you want. I don’t understand why it now costs money to even look a day ahead if you’re on the last day of the month? I noticed since we just went from May to June, that I couldn’t look at June 1st on May 31st. I don’t get why? I honestly would have chosen another app if I knew it would eventually cost money just to use this one-Things that can easily be Googled about the Moon for free, cost money to look at on here now. Other than that, I use this every single day. Just wish you had another outlet to charge money on here instead of costing me to see one day in the future if it happens to be the last day of the month... Like I said, other than that, I love this app so much! Thank you for reading! -Britney
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2 years ago, Parodigiums child
Planting guide
I like being able to keep track of the moon phases for my gardening plans and plant by the moon as it really makes a huge difference I have found. When planting in my garden or starting new seeds they really pop up when planted during the correct phase by type of plant. I had no idea until I started doing my own experimenting what a difference planting by the moon could make in the growth of my plants. Linda Pollock Pleasant Grove, Ut
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1 month ago, MoonSinger
Older Version is better
Although this has a lot of information within it, I still like the older version better because of all of the more pertinent information that is displayed on the main page. This makes it a lot easier for me to know what’s going on without having to keep switching from screen to screen to screen. The way you can turn the small screens to see more info while still seeing the main screen was is cool! All of this blank space on the newer app doesn’t really look that appealing. I realize this allows the app designers to charge money for the different sections, rather than having to charge a larger fee for everything, but I would rather pay a flat rate for all of the “bells and whistles”. Sometimes it seems like I am being “nickeled and dimed” to death because I get a request for a few more dollars here and there. Also, someone had done a similar app for the sun, but didn’t keep it up. It would great if this developer would tackle that! Cat Perron
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5 years ago, Nick of the sith
Now requires Premium to unlock features I’ve used for years...
Well I’ve been using this app for a long time now and I use it as part of my job. It’s been great! However, I guess with this last update they made it to where you have to “unlock” with premium the ability to CHANGE THE MONTH OF THE CALENDAR... how ridiculous is that?! it’s been nice using this app but I refuse to pay for a feature I’ve been using for years now. Thanks for upping your business model to the same crap everyone else is doing where you now have to pay for features you’ve been using already for free. I will be deleting this app and searching for another. Thanks for all the years I was able to use your app before this.
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6 years ago, PrincessEvilyn
I love this App
I Absolutely Love this app! So easy to use and follow the moon phases for fellow moon lovers like myself ! However one thing I would add to make the app even better is on the calendar I would love to be able to go back hit a full moon day and see what moon it was in for example full moon in Leo or cancer etc sometimes I like to go back and take a look in the near future and know what full moon will be next other wise this app is amazing keep it up
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6 years ago, olliemail
Exactly what I didn’t know I wanted
This app does exactly what I want and does it beautifully. With a simple click I know everything I want to know about the moon and more. I grabbed this app to know when the moon was full for some amateur photography. I find myself using it all the time now, just to check in on the moon and in some cases to plan a session for photos. Thanks for this simple, yet extremely helpful moon app.
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6 years ago, Keevon327
Pay twice for full features?
I wanted to get rid of ads and unlock features so I payed the $2.99 price it showed me. Then I tried to use a feature and it tells me I need to pay again, at $1.99? What? Don’t make me pay twice for full features, that’s sneaky and underhanded. If you want to charge the $5 then be upfront about it, don’t use micro transaction tactics.
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4 years ago, turonrambar
Can’t go wrong with this fantastic application.
This application has never stopped working for me. I love the features and information that contained in the application. I love the moon because it’s ours. It’s a beautiful object to study and observe. Thanks for a great application for a great object in the sky. You have done me a favor for using your ingenuity and skills in a positive way, thank you. kip mason
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1 year ago, nycpunk13
I love this app!
This app is great. It’s not as amazing as the moon itself, but it surely does a good job of keeping up with the moon phases, waxing & waning, and percentages of moon fullness. Plus many more goodies and bonuses about the moon that are very interesting to me , and I’m sure there are many other people who enjoy it as well, and as much as I do. I would rate this app as one of my moon favorites 🌙 🌝 🌚 LITERALLY WONDER -FUL!
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7 months ago, forth name now last one
Setting the Grandfather Clock
I repair clocks. When I go out to setup or repair a Grandfather clock, I use this app. to set the moon dial on the clock. Then I explained what the dial if for and how to interpret it. Most folks don’t know anything about the phases of the moon nor any of the term’s associated with it ie. Waxing and waining gibbous. You app. is educational to many after I explain it’s usefulness.
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6 years ago, Do aloe
This app keeps me guided.
I do and make all important decisions by phases of the moon. This app is well organized and informative. Gives you the current phase and calculates when phases change by how many days to each phase rotation. I love this app, its so convenient to have on your phone or pad which makes it quiet handy. I strongly recommend downloading.
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4 years ago, RN I kinda hate U all
wish I had never wasted $ 2.99 plus taxes
Wish I had never wasted $ 2.99 plus taxes for this so-called premium features. Also it doesn’t remove ads at all and now a pop up message appears on my screen whenever I try to open the app asking what kind of ads I wanna see if they can keep tracking my behaviors and tailor making ads or just randomly choose what to show me. Unbelievable. This hassle was not there without the premium features I bite my hands and freaking resent having wasted even just one buck in this nonsense. Awful. Awful. Awful.
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3 years ago, Reaper413
I’ve used this program MANY, MANY times over the years. It’s always beneficial to know your lunar illumination for night ops- and it’s just kind of fun to see if the increase of that “special kind of crazy” your dealing with has anything to do with a full moon!!! LOVE this program. Use it all the time- DTS in AZ.
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5 years ago, sueilla
Purchased already - only good for one device?
Hi, I do love this app and I have previously purchased through my apple account. Does this not work for more than one device? It’s not allowing me to restore previous purchase. I’ll change to 5 star after this is resolved. I think I figured it out. Thank you!
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7 years ago, thegourdlord
This app increases my love for the moon
Great app, clean design and super easy to use, moon phase pops up right away. I especially like the detailed numbers on the fullness and distance. It's fun to see them change and to be reminded of the moon's movement through space, as though you're following it in real time. I love the moon this is seriously the best app ever
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5 years ago, dylanlewisfox
I’m so glad this is free
This sort of information is made super accessible, but this app makes it so that I don’t have to do the research on a regular basis. I can simply have notifications set for when there is a full moon etc and whallaaaa. Thanks to all this information in one app. Very good!
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4 years ago, GavintheMasta
I Really Like This App
Except for the ads. The app is really accurate and I liked how you took away the second variable of time. Even when I tell them not to give me ads they still gave me the same ad even when saying “We’ll try not to show you that ad again”! I am going premium. But Great App! Now I get to know what phase the moon was when I was born!
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4 years ago, Gxghdjjdixjdjxdjhhdc
This was one of my favorite app, unfortunately the update made it impossible to check the previous or future moons without paying (as well as other needed options). The design is a little old and if I was gonna pay for something perhaps I would look into something else. Nonetheless, this is a very good app for your basic moon needs. I enjoy it’s display and accuracy.
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4 years ago, MoeGW
Teacher’s helper
As most teachers can attest, kids get crazy and more difficult to manage during a full moon! It’s nice to know when it’s coming to prepare oneself for the extra patience needed! That is what I use this app mostly for! It helps.👍😊
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5 years ago, lavendersashes
This app used to be absolutely amazing. The best feature was the look ahead. You could look years in advance to see what the moon would be doing. Recently they made nearly all features, including future view only accessible with payment. They also introduced pop up ads. The app is useless now, all the information on it I can get with a quick google search. Was a great app. Not so much anymore.
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6 years ago, akamom907
A plus
I really enjoy having this application it is very accurate with a very precise detailed description of the moon. I recommend this to anyone to check out more of our moon and journal to see what you can discover. Who knows what you will learn.
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5 years ago, toddhunt
Not bad
This is not a bad app. The free version gives you the basic info you want while keeping ads to a small banner at the bottom with an occasional annoying popup. It's not a great app because it is sorely in need of better graphic design and UI. One small nit to pick is it's confusing to me to have moonset listed before moonrise. To me logically the moon has to rise before it can set.
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2 months ago, Hammock More
Appreciated but
Maybe I have the free version idk. It would be nice to see what astrological houses and if it was easier to see the future moons time and date. Maybe offer to enter dates past and future to see the moon phase we were born in or coming up. Cheers thanks.
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5 years ago, LeeB65
Very useful
This is an excellent app. I use it several times every month to find moon rise and moon set times. The practical and mathematical information provided helps me enjoy a bit more of our nearest celestial neighbor. :-)
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1 year ago, Pammy McG
Love this site!
This site gives me information all month long and is quick and concise. I’m an avid Moon watcher and connect with friends across the country, “all looking up at the same Moon”.
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5 years ago, moonbeam bobbi
Moon plus makes life better
With Moon Plus you’ll never miss the show, if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere to see the full moon rise! Such valuable and easily accessible information is just a click away.
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7 years ago, Ed 2896
This is the way all apps should work. Clean lines, great info, works flawlessly, gives the info requested without delay, no fanfare, just exactly and clearly displayed! Thank you, Pete, for the app and for your approach to providing what we need in a clear, concise display!
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3 years ago, proteus-ix
Obnoxious pushy sales pitch to upgrade
Almost the entire app is locked or has constant distractions to upgrade. I’m all for developers making money, but either charge for the app or don’t. Occasional reminders about premium features are fine, but don’t constantly distract me with built-in pushy requests to upgrade, and omnipresent blocked teasers that just distract from my usage. When you sacrifice usability for your sales pitch, you lose customers. Instant delete.
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6 years ago, iShaman
Over the moon happy with this app!
It’s been a good, friendly useful app from the start and recent revisions have pushed it to greatness. I’ve come to rely on the full moon alerts to prepare me for the weirdness that inevitably ensues so I can find safe harbor away from the lunatics.
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2 years ago, Cat lover723
Great app
I love watching the stars in the solar system and this one gives it all its great app and I’m a person who likes to look up and This gives you everything you need
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5 years ago, JentheBrit
Local time
I do like this, but wish that it didn’t just say how many hours - it would be better if it had the local time, depending on whatever time zone one lives.
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2 years ago, Pandale Kid
Great App
I have had this app for years, it has always been accurate and easy to use, would recommend it to anyone!
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6 years ago, reverendthorne
No ads so much better
The developer fixed a problem for me. Loved that personal touch! This little app has all the info I need to quickly check on the phases. Thanks
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2 years ago, Eaccardi
The Moon and Tides
In the morning I run the beach, out by the light of the moon and back by the rising sun. Moon phase gives me all the information I need for my running schedule. I can’t do without it.
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3 years ago, Sluggerbp
Reliable awesome app
Great app! I use it regularly. I have no concept of time, so moon phases fall into that too. This app helps keep me on track. LOVE IT!!! Reliable info. Way better than my calendar!!!
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4 years ago, rolltidescooter45
Grandmother Moon
I looked at the moon tonight and it was beautiful. I love to keep up with the phases and this app is the best. Thank you so much for so much pleasure. I look into the sky every night look for my moon. This app is the best!!
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5 months ago, todrew22
I have not seen such detail that is great.
I have not watched the moon movement’s. In awhile. I am sure that the longer I have and the more time it takes for me to get there.
Show more
3 years ago, Jan in Ferryland
Simply awesome and easy!
The moon affects us in ways we don’t really pay enough attention to. What an awesome way this is to keep track and by aware of the Moon cycles exactly at any time.
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6 years ago, Roosters hill
It gives the changes right down to the hour.
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5 years ago, pilisa
Great app!
I like that the app gives the visual, the percentage, and the phase name. The only downside is that it won’t read the tablet’s location or hold the location I put in manually, so I have to constantly re-enter it.
Show more
6 months ago, Savvvyohe
Moon? Where?!
First off, there needs to actually be a MOON IN THE SKY! Look UP PEOPLE! there is no longer a moon, it’s been removed for a week already.. it wasn’t even a planet ..just like the earth, its NOT A GLOBE!
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4 years ago, DLB66
Check it every day
This game s my favorite app. I’m a teacher and I use it to see what kind of mood my students will be in and adjust accordingly.
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4 years ago, Solar Reflection
Moon Phase is Awesome
Great app, with a lot of information available, if you’re fascinated by the moon. I refer to it frequently, and love the ability to turn on the Werewolf howl for “notification” 24 hours prior to a full moon. Fun, informative and useful app.
Show more
5 years ago, Bluibabs
Great app!
I have several Moon apps and this is my go to for easy info, nice graphics and all around great features. Love the notifications. Without them I would miss seeing spectacular moons!
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5 years ago, ten'i hitonoko
I like it.
I like moon plus. It notifies me when the moon is going to be full and when it’s going to be new and I can look up a date to see what the moon was (past) or is going to be (future) for free.
Show more
3 years ago, Texas weather fan
Complete lunar info
To me, this place has it all. All the lunar phases for the entire month at one time right in front of you. And the moon rising and setting times for each day. Great app, thanks a bunch! 🙏🏼
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4 years ago, ClydeBurton
Works for me
Like the alerts and the instant access I love the past present future ability
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