Motive Driver (ex KeepTruckin)

4.4 (10K)
207.9 MB
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Current version
Keep Truckin Inc
Last update
2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Motive Driver (ex KeepTruckin)

4.41 out of 5
10K Ratings
5 years ago, InZanePain
Simple, easy to use, and could improve.
This is actually a pretty amazing app that lets you keep all you logs and inspections in an easy to use format. It’s also easy to submit the logs and inspections to the companies office. It can fax the logs or email them. If your company sets up an account real quick they can get all your logs without even having to submit them. Some features that would be automatic duty status change by detecting when your moving/driving and when you've stopped. Another app i like does this, it would be nice if it detected the location automatically with GPS as well. That would just be one less thing to have to manually add. I constantly forget to log my duty status changes and am constantly having to go back and modify them and add them. Perhaps a map interface when you have the app open could display your current location on a map so I can just keep my phone mounted and have an app that does everything I need while driving. It’s a great app and it’s is honestly the one my company uses now because I just started fsxing snd emailing my logs
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7 years ago, Raven-1984
This app was suggested to me by another driver! At first I was hesitant as to its abilities to keep track of all the essentials. Especially since I've been use to doing it with pen and paper logs for 10 years now! So I decided to give it a 2 week trial. I gotta tell you that this app really impressed me! It keeps track of your hours, there's a location button for when you need to log a city. You don't have to keep writing your company address everyday it keeps it until you need to change it. Same goes for truck and trailer #'s and shippers commodity info! That comes in handy when you loads takes a few days to complete! All that info stays the same until you need to change it. It sends you a mobile notification when you are 1 hour away from HOS violation. Meaning your approaching your 8 hr break or your 11/14hr. And if you have an iWatch, it even pings you on the matter! The best thing is, when your off duty or taking home time, when you go off duty for 3 , 5, 10, 14 days doesn't matter it keeps you on that line until you change your status. You can plan your day wiser. If your on your way to your company yard and you have you load info.. just insert the info thru your phone or iPad or tablet and you've saved time there. There are two ways to log.. the standard 15 mins increments or real time. Say it only takes you 5 mins to drop & hook, you can log 5 mins! It's a really awesome app! I wouldn't go back to paper logs at this point!!
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7 years ago, Smuggler6
Amazingly Simple, Incredibly Effective
I am driver manager for a small company delivering trucks and trailers. I also drive, working as team leader for crews on the road. Everyone here is an independent contractor. Since we move from vehicle to vehicle (sometimes multiple times in a day), Keep Trucking makes it very simple to keep up with unit numbers,drivetime and on duty not driving. The app shows any violation. And mistakes can easily be corrected. It simplifies record keeping for management and for the drivers personal records. As everything is stored electronically, it saves time and work for everyone who uses the app. At tax time, just let your tax professional access the records. We were recently audited by the DOT. We received a lot of praise for the ease of access to records. In fact, the officers simply scanned over the Keep Trucking logs and concentrated on the drivers who were still using paper logs. I strongly believe that Keep Trucking helped us pass our DOT audit. I recommend it to anyone who has a need for this type of log keeping. There is no reason to use paper logs when this is available. Thanks Keep Trucking!
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2 years ago, aaronsmith1990
App not working for me
The recent update (march2022): I love the timer clock I love the easy access to inspections I dislike the big buttons because most of the time they do not work. I dislike that it keeps telling me to sign the same log over and over again. I dislike that i have to sign the logs no matter what, before getting the chance to edit them. You need to add to that home screen a reminder to update shipping documents, or automatically after i change status to pickup it should bring up a notification box to add shipping documents. For inspections if i say something is wrong and dispatch tells me to drive anyways and i agree to this it should force the dispatcher to sign something saying its safe for the driver to drive. For safety the score card needs to be fixed. If 50 is KT average driver score then KT is scoring harshly because 50 is poor! It makes me want to not drive anymore with a score of 38. The videos you send of the violations most times are stupid and just cause i apply the break does not make me a bad driver. We should be able to appeal an event. I also think we should be able to see what the dispatchers see. I feel like its set up so the driver can be caught in a lie or something. Specially how dispatchers use it.
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4 years ago, Eric Montgomery
Simple, easy to use
This has become my daily time card. Really the only thing missing is an associated Apple Watch app that I can use to fast switch my status. When you’re driving you tend to want to get moving. Not spend time updating. A watch app would allow me to “one tap” change my status (complete with location) and then go back at the end of the day to fill in fine detail. Just stopped driving and tapped off duty? How about a prompt to remind you to grab your odometer? I’d also like to see some customization options. Maybe your employer wants tire pressure readings in your inspection logs, how about a template? Driving a Vac truck? Maybe a custom checklist to have you check off that you have your nozzles and tubes onboard as part of your pre-trip!
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7 years ago, Lilovegas
One of the best tools for my truck!
I've driven trucks with QUALCOMM's in them, and I've used paper logs occasionally. Nothing compares to KeepTruckin! I can see with the touch of a finger how much time I have left to drive in my day, and all the information I need remains in the memory, so I don't have to keep putting the same information in over and over again. When my new truck came with an ELD device, and my phone wasn't communicating with it, I called technical support, and they were very helpful and accurate, and resolved the problem. Actually, they resolved every issue that I've had quickly and efficiently. They even went as far as to call the company I was formally with, to explain to the fleet manager how she could watch all the other drivers that were using the app. She went from insisting that I give her my password, to thanking me profusely for being able to do her job more efficiently. Out of all the logs I've used, KeepTruckin is the best by far! Thank you! 👍
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5 years ago, BTRyland
Good App, but definitely needs tweaking.
This app works very well, but it’s definitely a challenge for novice and new users. The reason is that while updating your status report, if you aren’t paying full attention to details like time, AM vs. PM, and you incorrectly put in the opposite of what your intentions are you will subsequently erase everything that you’ve completed that day up to the point of your last entry, thus you have to reinstall everything you had previously input earlier. Hopefully you’ll be able to reconstruct your entire day’s input from a traditional log book or utilize your best recollection. I use this app for my “on duty and drive time work as a transit bus driver. The other negative aspects is even if you know with precise accuracy what time you’ll be shifting your status report or location, you can’t input any future reports. Some locations are not in the apps archives nor can they be installed manually into the archives, thus you have to manually install those locations each time every day if you’re on a fixed route.
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4 months ago, jhuls87
Is still a great app and company
**UPDATE** I was slightly misinformed but another rep, A knowledgeable customer service reached out to resolve the issue within 12hrs of writing. I was misinformed and very put off because I use this app daily for logging and wrote the review. I am thankful that they have a great team that reviews these and addresses the issues. Thank you and I’ll continue to use this as my primary!……………………………… Used to be a great company back when it was keep truckin. Now as I was just informed but customer support, if the company you work for does not have an active account with their DOT number attached, then you will be unable to log in on a computer and print off prior logs or use online service. When asked about a individual account like I’ve had for years, I was told that’s not an option. Looking for better service provider!
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2 years ago, Foodtrip90
Unethical Business
They locked me in for 60 months contract without my knowledge. I asked the agent, Tim Shaw, multiple time if this is month to month and can I cancel at anytime, he said YES! Then I later found out that I was locked into a 60 months contract when I was trying to cancel their dashcam service. I contacted their customer services multiple times and everytime they try to blame it on me for not carefully reading the contract, but refuse to take responsibility for their agent scamming me. I even asked them if they recorded phone calls between their agent and I, they said yes. They said they listen to all of it and did not hear Tim confirming it's a month to month. I then ask them if they can send me those recording and they refused, saying is their company property 😂 Okkk! Who in their right mind would lock themselves in a 5 years contract with an ELD service company on the first year of opening their business? Now Im stuck with them for 5 years, ain't going to use them ever again after this stupid contract is over, which is in 2024. TRUCKERS PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS UNETHICAL BUSINESS!
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3 years ago, jeigh77
easily understood
very user friendly interface with phenomenal customer service. only thing i would change is the service fee for the dashcam. they offer it free, but the caveat is that you must pay an additional service fee on top of the one you already have. if the service is clearly already there, and a company has paid for a two or 4 year contract, it seems rather predatorial to offer the free cam, which is a safe thing to have, but the add charges to you for something that is clearly already available. i just use my GPS and will continue with that. it has saved me thousands and a number of potential people looking to sue. with the evidence undeniable, it’s always dismal for us. otherwise great company and outstanding customer service. always available to help any way the legally can.
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3 years ago, BrentT76
A good system
As a first time user it’s not bad. I’m giving it 3 stars due to app needs improvements and idea’s. For one idea it needs is split screen instead of just driving hours. It would be nice to see what you have as the rest of the day and week. Second improvement would be nice to take a picture of your fuel receipts along with Bill of laden and able to to import the data into itself. Third is away to turn down the sensitivity of it especially when you move your vehicle when asked to cause it happened to me and messed up my 36 hour restart and a function to set it as personal use especially when driving a pickup truck when doing a reset on hours. Conflicts have been popping up a bunch and when you reject them they still pop up. TruckMaps with preferred fuel stops would also be nice to incorporate into this app. Anything that can improve a truckers life of ease would be greatly appreciated.
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7 years ago, Truknbear
No fear
The whole idea of electronic logs was seriously stressing me out because logs and paperwork in general is something I've always hated and did poorly on. We do entertainment specialized transport so I was even more concerned! Fast forward to today as I've been using KeepTruckin since before Christmas and I have to say I'm so surprised! I have found this app so user friendly and I'm certainly no computer guy I've only used computers for internet! I've had no violations either since day one! I cannot claim that in all the years I've done paper! I still disagree fully with the " 14 hour rule " however keeptruckin has nothing to do with that. We are not robots out here and this rule gives serious problems but that's for another place. A thank you to the folks at Keeptruckin for making this a relatively painless transition and I now prefer elogs over paper!
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7 years ago, Hillzyeaitseryan
The end all be all of trucking tools!
I can speak on the KeepTruckin app from several points of view. I started as an owner operator, now I own and manage a small fleet of trucks(while still driving myself). This app is great, it makes training new hires super easy, simply because this app is super easy to use! It saves me and my drivers time when logging our records of duty and it keeps you in compliance. Which is a huge benefit for both the owner of the truck and the driver. This app is great for the dispatch office too, allows you to keep an eye on your drivers and allows you to make sure your company isn't breaking any HOS regulations. This company is also one of the better if not the best option for small to midsize fleets when the ELD mandate comes. Other apps simply lack in their interface and on the office end. To sum it up- Keeptruckin keeps you truckin!!!!
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7 years ago, Crotts Trucking
Not an IFTA solution
If you are a company driver it is probably the best thing since sliced bread. I however am a one truck owner with authority and so far I am not impressed. I would like to be able to add fuel gallons from the app and have it transfer to the admin side and calculate IFTA automatically. For now I have to manually enter it after the fact. It would be nice if once you hit the duty status change and entered fueling in the notes an automatic pop up asked for gallons. Same with loading, an automatic pop up asking for BOL number would make it less time consuming. And the ability to take a picture of documents is nice, but it really should be a scanner type function. The ability to crop out your leg or passenger seat, and also make it black and white would be nice. Also I would’ve liked to have seen a 100 air mile duty cycle. It has “other” but I have no idea how to switch it to other, or what it means for that matter. I am not computer illiterate, it just seems like it’s lacking for all around user friendliness.
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6 years ago, carterandkevin
An App that is Not Too Good To True
I am shocked at how incredible this app six I just wanted a simple app to track when I was driving and when I was not. As a professional software developer myself, I must say that I cannot believe that this app is actually free. It is so incredibly well designed. I initially thought that this app was too good to be true. I had to email support asking them if there was any subscription, limit if I was simply doing trial run of this app and they said no. They offer additional features and services that customers can buy. This app itself is free, the existing functionality that you get is free. This app is so incredibly well written. The user interface is simple yet functional. My only feedback is that it would be nice to have a zoom feature on the time grid.
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3 years ago, malraso
Easy, and intuitive.
I would suggest “Keep Truckin” to any owner operator, or small fleet out there. I have used Omnitracs, Qualcomm, and Zonar, in the past each having there pro’s and con’s (including but not limited to price). I have not seen any glitches yet. I have had to call customer service and got right through to a tech who changed my Co. name without a problem in about 5 minutes. I have purchased the A8 Samsung tablet so I am not tying up my Cell phone ( this was my choice and not absolutely necessary) but even still menu hundred less than buying a display that is only good for one purpose. If you have ever used an ELD of any brand, you can figure this out. Over all it does everything I need effortlessly for much less money.
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11 months ago, ggaytom
When vehicles cut you off?
When vehicles cut you off, you ain’t got enough a time to slow down and it activates your device and so it shows that you’re following too close and the speed limit everybody knows that everybody runs over the speed limit. You should be set for five over and other things wrong with the app that needs to be fixed like when you have to go over the yellow line to make a right turn because the roads are too narrow it shows illegal lane changes, you’ll need to do more work on with the job that y’all were supposed to do to provide us with a better experience with motive, but it was better when it was Keep Trucking because they cared about their drivers molar. If something was wrong, you let them know, and they fixed the correction. Yeah, I don’t give nobody time to do anything that counts against our driving score. It is a good app but I need work done to it. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Gursharan5
Need improvement on 5mph
I had my truck parked in the yard. So mechanic worked on my truck and after that he just test drive it. After that later when I connected my app with ELD ... it shows ‘claim that drive in your log book’ ...but how can i claim if i didn’t drive it ???? And there is no second option until you claim that. It will keep showing in your app till you claim it ... that doesn’t make sense... so up that speed limit at-least by 25 mph or give us any second option... And second one... i came at truck stop with still 20 minutes drive... thought i made it ... but guess what ... couldn’t find any legal parking... had to drive 40 miles to get at next stop... not supposed to drive after 14 hour shift... but no option?? Pls give a option to slide the whole drive back or forth just in case of emergencies... not saying lets cheat n add or erase drive.. but just slide so we can deal with 14 hour situation....
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2 years ago, Croszing Roadz
 Hi, my name is Lateisha Davis and I’ve been a customer for a year now. I’m totally unsatisfied with customer service bill department. I’ve had an open case since March 2022. Motive/Keep Truckin was processing payments on my personal account for another customer. I’ve explained to multiple agents that I have no affliction with company. The company has taken $1018 from my account and only refunded $350 June 15. I’m still placing calls to company to obtain my funds. I’ve been getting the run around. Agents are dismissing calls by saying there’s an open case. Again I disputed charges back in March. I’ve uploaded bank statements verifying charges. I will be taking this company to court. A case shouldn’t take months to resolve. Unfortunately I can’t opt from agreement from what I was told until 2025. I’ve exhausted with contacting billing department and hopefully you’re able to escalate. I was paying not only my account but another customer.
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7 years ago, ChasingStardust83
Great app.
Easy to use. Anyone can figure it out. My only reason for not giving 5 stars, as a flatbedder we tend to go to large places to deliver and have to drive around their yards. It always trips the log into driving time even when you’re just pulling to the other side of a building. My other complaint is you have to stop driving to see your other clocks (14 hour). So when debating about how long I have to stop I have to actually stop to know if I’m working off my 14 or my drive time. So please put our available hour time on the driving screen so we know what we have left for hours.
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3 months ago, TDF # 1
Dash Camera
This message is for owner operators. Do not ever order the dash cam from this company. The sales team will deceive you that you could access the dash cam on your cellphone or tablet. They pushed me to sign the contract through docusign. Guess what, after I received the camera, it doesn’t work on cellphones or tablets at all. When I tell them to return it, they said that I have to pay the entire year because of the contract I signed. They will give you false information and after you sign the contract then you will be in trouble. Plus the customer service are pretending as if they are professional but they lie straight to your face. They don’t even care for your time & money. I’m warning you stay away from the Dashcam service. Someone will come under this comment saying “sorry for experiencing inconvenience bla bla…bs” sorry doesn’t mean nothing if you can’t value customers time and money.
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7 years ago, Medevac69
Nice Surprise!
I am new to the hot shot trucking industry but am also an avid traveller due to being in the military & a full-time RV'er. I taught myself how to use the paper logs & when I started driving professionally, I was encouraged to use KeepTruckin'. A bit skeptical & knowing eLogs are coming, I decided to give it a try. It has taken some playing & getting used to but with the ease of editing, signing & everything else, it has been a very pleasant & nice surprise! The customer service has been great in emailing me instructional videos to help me, as well as with the little pop-up tips to help! My terminal is even thankful I'm using KeepTruckin' now! Thanks KeepTruckin'! Great product! Update: Just keeps getting better to use!!
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6 years ago, FirEmt_12347654
Not working since update
This is a great app and have been using for several months now. Have not had any issues until this last update. App will not log driving status now. Just stays in on duty mode. I still have a 5star rating due to not have any issues since day one until now. Have been in contact with with proper contacts and issue is being resolved. Problem solving steps have been taken with no resolve to problem but still the customer service was there to assist in fixing issue. As far as customer service, they were highly professional and courteous. Would recommend to anyone. All in all it’s still a great product.
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5 years ago, ham radio geek
Give it a try!! You will be surprised!
When you begin this log, you have dubious thoughts about it. They are quickly laid to rest with the ease of use. Even making corrections to your log are simple and straightforward. Paper logs used to drive me crazy, but this app has been the best one I’ve ever downloaded. Once printed, no corrections can be made by the company. Thank you for looking out for the little guy when it comes to following the law. I move from 12 hour local to 14 hour regularly. Working construction and moving from rules to rules, this app is a Godsend! Thank you for making this app and helping out the people who usually are on the receiving end of a bad situation!
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5 years ago, In my un-humble opinion
E-Log location??
Program work well to track HOS, I use it as a “paper log”. backup in case the trucks elog goes down. It works well for that,BUT the “Location “ feature doesn’t work, I have to type in the location myself every entry that needs it. I have this in Apple iPad II Air, which runs it just fine, but when I check the location services under the privacy tab there is no KeepTruckin item listed. I have the app in always refresh in background and cellular service turned on (my iPad has cellular capabilities) but can’t search for location. I get a message that the program is offline, but there is no way to get it online without Wi-Fi. Evan linking to my iPhone XR Wi-Fi mobile hotspot didn’t fix it. For math, it’s great, but there other more functional app/programs available.
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6 years ago, SoloTrucker
Good, but needs improvements!
My company decided to go with the KeepTruckin app as their resolution to the electronic log mandate. As a solo driver, it works amazing! I have no complaints about it whatsoever, but as a team driver, it is horrible! You have to have an Internet signal to be able to change drivers which means logging out one driver, and logging the other driver in. Cell phone service is not always guaranteed, so when the app needs to have Internet service in order to log a driver out, and log in their co-driver and it doesn’t have service, that’s just a huge mess. There needs to be a way to log two drivers into the system, and be able to switch drivers without requiring an Internet connection. I have not had any problems with the customer service whenever I have had an issue, but I’ve heard a lot of the drivers with my company say that they have had numerous issues that never got resolved! There also needs to be a revamp of how DOT officials are sent the logs when it comes to emailing to them. Not all DOT officers are able to open up the website, that they need, in order to download our logs after we have emailed them our logs during an inspection.
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2 years ago, Maxx Rockatansky
Do Not Sign Up For This App
In October of 2021, this app caused the anti-lock brakes on my Peterbilt 389 to fail. I was told to send my ELD system back in. I sent the ELD, cable and camera back in. After two months, I received my ELD back, but no cable and no camera. I called several times and was promised the missing items. After a month I received the cable and no camera. Again many calls and promises but no camera. Today is March 25, 2022. I canceled my service due to not having been provided the complete system. I was told that even if I do cancel, I will still be charged again for another year in December. So they feel it’s okay to take my money even though they cannot provide me with a working system. These people are crooks and their system causes issues with the electronic systems in trucks. If you decide to go with this system, you’ve been warned.
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5 years ago, SJM - MI
Easy to use AND DOT likes it
So as a new carrier and a hot shot I’ve been in contact with the DOT at scale or pulled over 7 times in our first 10 weeks operating. 3 formal inspections and 4 short informal inspections . 6 of the 7 interactions involved discussion about ELD and a review of my clock. EVERY boots on the ground officer stated that they really like. keep trucking. As it was easy for them to review and use and one of their favorites. I have received zero tickets or warnings so far. As a user I’m very happy with it and have used other systems before starting my own authority. Does everything I need for a small carrier. Bonus is that the DOT lines it too so inspections are easy with little drama.
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4 years ago, Chief Garza
Buy Any Other Brand If You Need Tech Suport Keep Trucking Is The Worst, I’ve Had Two Units Replaced And It Took An Act Of God Just Trying To Understand These People, They Wanted Pictures Of My OBDll Plug End To See If Pins Are Bent, When It’s Never Been Disconnected After It Was Off And Running, They They Wanted To See If Any Water Got On My Pins, Guess They Were Thinking My 2019 Truck Was Being Used As A submarine Or Something, That Alone Took A Week Just Sending Pics Back & Forth, Then It Took Them A Week To Send Me The New ELD When I Was Home For A Week, They Sent It After I Left For The Road, Had To Use Paper Logs For Four Months Was The Earliest Time I Came Home For One Day, Back On The Road, Just To Have Problems With Tech Suport To Help Make It communicate Again, Had Another Driver Walk Me Through It, No Thanks To There Sucky Tech Suport Team Who Doesn’t Speak English, Talk Like A Robot Or Extremely Poor Grammar. When Things Work, They Work Great.
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2 years ago, 415Hw
This app is Garbage
I’m working for a company based out of Fontana, ca legion express. Inc they used this app As their ELD support. This app actually hurts the driver not keep you compliant at all . It has you approved or rejected edits multiple times in the day and night sometimes before your can even finish your shift I’ve never had so many violations from an ELD team support other then with this app it almost damaged your driving record for you. also this garbage company doesn’t even contact you to advise you of issues going on with there stupid edits and arrangements with your hours if you don’t sign it will not allow you to proceed. Point blank there not here to keep you safe from violations there watching out for themselves, do not us this fake keep trucking garbage sewer app. I’m almost considering not driving this truck at all with this app .
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6 years ago, Dragonflyz13
Buyer Beware.....
I am a small fleet company, I sat down in my office to do my 3rd quarter IFTA tax returns. And pulled up the Administrative dashboard just to find out KEEPTRUCKIN “ DID NOT TRACK MY IFTA MILES”.... that I payed for. I’ve called a number of times and have gotten the run around. They will not call me back like they say they will. And then I asked to speak with a manager and they clearly did not want me to speak to one until, I said I was not going to hang up till I spoke to one so, they told me they would have one call me back and it’s been TWO WHOLE DAYS NOW !! So here I sit not making any money because, of this crappy eld that won’t work !! That I had to pay for and not getting a response back !! Some management this place is ...I could go on & on but, their obviously not worth any more of my time!! Steer away from KEEPTRUCKIN if you don’t have the time for nothing but, headaches and ultimate Frustration!!
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3 years ago, irishmanwogan74
Only wish
The app is a very user friendly ELD. I have been using it for a few years. Only issue I have is not a problem but more of a repetitive step that must be taken . Every day when I do my pretrip I have to manually re- enter the BOL and trailer information. It would be nice to have perhaps a pop up that asked if I would like to keep current information. Also , it would be nice to have a pop up come up after the required 15 minute pretrip for the DVIR. Or when stopped and on duty is selected for the first time after a drive line was activated. Because not all regulations require a daily DVIR With new trucks . Thanks
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4 years ago, Still disappointed with iTunes
Bad updates cause issues
Since the last update to this app, continuous bugs causing movement and compliance issues. Being kicked into a driving status because a loader causes movement of the truck. Personal conveyance mode being kicked into drive time mode if you sit too long in any situation, and yard moves into drive line are just some of the latest bugs. Customer support people are not trained how to correct issues either. Just a bad overall experience from a company who was going so well in the beginning and now can't be bothered to fix the problems they create. Will no longer recommend the app to future companies or drivers. Continuous issues with tech support and rude treatment by engineers who won't address issues they cause is making me less productive in my job and costing many of us money. Fix this or find new more gullible customers
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3 years ago, danepc
App Okay, Support is not there
The App works in pretty good until it doesn’t. There support phone system an menu options make it very difficult to communicate an issue more complicated then pairing your phone to the ELD hardware. The support staff don’t understand the time and effort it takes to be a long haul trucker(I challenge they to state anyone on their staff that have ever had a CDL). I have bought to the support staff a serious software error in the App. They made me go thru numerous hoops to prove the fault. Finally their response was will turn it over to our Engineering department. When I have ask for status update, well that is impossible to get. The App should be Shutup & KeepTruckin because we don’t care what you think as a driver, beside your company pays the bill.
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6 years ago, Coyner Jr
Love The App!
Best log book app out there, hands down. Neat, organized and very user friendly! One little glitch since the last update; The four circles that show your remaining hours, the left two are not lined up correctly anymore like they used to be; it's like the somehow got spaced out and moved away from the right two. Could you please fix this? It's hard to explain, but this review won't let me post a screenshot. Otherwise, absolutely zero complaints! Have been using for a year and a half and I have nothing bad to say at all. I highly recommend this app to anyone that asks me about electronic logbook apps!
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5 years ago, Audiomaker1
App has no night mode (at least my version). Switch to check remaining hours on a dark mountain road and you’re blinded by a giant white screen (iPad) and have to try to read these tiny numbers in the circles, then try to find their tiny button to open the remaining hours ... near fatal quality often. The app needs to default to a “driving screen” with large time remaining “circles” full screen. In addition, they should add “time out” and “local time out graphs so you can check your watch (time out) or your phone “local time out” to know when your hours are up without doing math in your head. And yes...all should be dark screen unless you are inspecting your hours. We don’t need our chart or prior days while driving, we need time data only. Looking at the chart or editing, or any of that we currently see on the main blinding screen should require a click to get to when we are big deal. Main screen...6 big circles, on/off/sleep/drive buttons and “chart” button that takes you to what is now the main screen. Dark, simple, easy to read, and safe. I don’t want to die trying to check my hours remaining. Thanks
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1 year ago, Eric Davis Landstar
Love KT one issue!
Love KT, simplicity to the T! One issue is that darn split sleeper toggle button, we need to be able to toggle the button over and be able to still have it toggled while doing non driving status. Currently if you stop driving with it toggled let’s say do an en route securement check or any other on duty, 30 min break or off duty status the toggle button will go back to the default clock settings while trying to do the split sleeper provision, it’s annoying to have to remember to continuously toggle the button. only flaw, please fix it.
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9 months ago, Mcobb1205
Always a lot of bugs
There need to be some kind of common sense when it come to the AI cameras. Someone pulls out in front of you and get hit with a close follow. Climbing a hill it makes you lose all your momentum to avoid a close follow. The AI camera is built to hold up traffic and not for driver safety. Now to the logs why does it take so much work just to enter a PTI. It constantly erases my signature and lags just to pull up the screen. Why do you have to push so many buttons just to enter a PTI. Also there needs to be something done about keeping you truck under 5 mph that should be at least 7 mph to 10 mph. If I was a owner op I would not buy this system and I’m actively trying to make my company switch to something else
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5 months ago, Hulse 21
Unsatisfied customer
I’ve been using Motive for probably 4 years now. For the most part I like using it. It’s simple and does a good job. I’ve ask them to create a Ag Exempt but that could be turned on and off while moving but haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve always used PC and commented Ag Exempt which gas worked ok other than having to stop to do so. Recently they’ve implemented that if you stop 6 minutes it stops the PC. Then we have to remember to put it back to Ag Exempt. In agriculture we may stop several time at a location before we get back of the road. So it’s a pain in the a.. we need a Ax Exemption but that only changes when we change it.
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4 years ago, Tripple 7 Livestock
Paper Logs Versus Keep Truckin
Best app they ever came up with. I was doing paper logs , can still do paper logs if I want to until mandate takes effect. But I do this Keep Truckin App because it tells me when to take my 30 min break. Never lets me go over my Drivin hours or my 14 hr rule. I love it !! I love it !!! I have a printer in my truck and I print out my signed logs and send them into the Company I'm leased on to. They love it because they can read it and it's never wrong. I can make edits if I make a mistake by accident on name of city or anything else. I could run illegal but I don't because this actually keeps me running legal. And my loads give me plenty of time to take my 10 hrs rest break. I love it because it keeps me legal and a pop up tells me when I need to stop . Can't beat that !!!! Best App Ever for Trucking !!!! I give it more stars but it don't have enough stars to give it the true stars it needs !!! Thanks Keep Trucking App!!!!!!
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5 years ago, thyspdr
Easy button
I've read plenty of reviews on plenty of other ELD systems. When I came across the KeepTruckin ELD I was impressed with what I read. I've had my KeepTruckin ELD app for just over a year and I like it. It's easy to use and when it comes to roadside inspections, I did not have to fumble looking to navigate for my logs. I've heard a lot of bad things from friends of mine that went the cheap way with their ELD systems. I keep telling them to switch to KeepTruckin and save themselves a headache. I'm glad I pushed the easy button right from the beginning. Customer support is also very reliable
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1 year ago, Form slave of society
Spy program for big Brother
I know that this app has flaws but to also allow others to take control over the app and it sends your information to other from your ECM and puts your life at risk and it has some type of virtual driving system that take over as you try to change lanes it will pull you back towards the lane you leave this is dangerous while in left lane it will keep pulling you back into the right lane soon it’s going to cause the worst accident in history of truck driving they should let the drivers know that this self driving system controls the speed steering and many other components with in the system just to let you know have a Great life fix your system please before somebody gets killed
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5 years ago, MCBur
My company gave me a choice to use the company tablet or my smartphone to run KeepTruckin. I like it much better on my phone because it’s much easier to handle when entering log data. Plus, the immediate use of the app since my phone is with me all the time. And no one touch my phone while mechanics put their greasy hands on the tablet and often times will screw it up. Thento, the company buy the cheapest tablets they can find, which often times come with nothing but problems that screwup logging data and leave me having to use paper logs, which I hate!!!
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2 years ago, militryman1
Best ELD available
I have used other ELD systems in the past, but by far this is the most efficient and easy to use system out there. Customer service is US based and available 24/7 for any and all issues, I have never been transferred around to different departments to get an issue resolved. All employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. The drawbacks are the failure to connect to app problems, but those are minor problems compared to other systems. Good job on you Keep Trucking employees for doing the nod right.
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7 years ago, juan Hoboken
***** rating in my book
Without a doubt it's very easy and efficient way to keep up and updated , like in all thing the beginning can be challenging but once you get used to it and practice you'll become an expert and will realized that's not as difficult as paper log; it keeps all your cycles updated and with advance warning; violation are a thing of the past; just remember to write on your notes any special circumstances and you'll be protected in case of an inspection. Very please with KeepTrucking. Thank you for making my job easier.
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7 years ago, Metzy1
KT keep on rockin
This is the best app so far that I have tried for ELD. The set up was easy and the passwords are easy too. In my use of it though I have noticed a slight bug. There have been a couple of instances when I have been on duty and started driving and then when I stopped it was still on duty. When I tried to edit it there was no way to go to driving to put that lost time in. Over all I really like it and my company has made me by default the set up and answer guy for everyone else. Any advice you could send me would be appreciated.
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7 years ago, Robo272
Awesome app
I was hesitant at first but once I starting logging on the app, I realized how simple and user friendly it is. Haven't even looked at paper logs since. It is a time saver as well! I've used the dot inspection mode on 2 separate occasions during a dot check and the inspecting officer just scrolled right through the days. He didn't "look" too closely at them because he knew with the app I would be current because it shows if there are any violations and of course there were none. Highly recommend this app to any driver out there on paper logs.
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7 years ago, pakrsfan
Love this app
Took a new driving job that company still uses paper logs. I did a little searching and came across this app. Glad I did. So easy to use, I even have my dad, who is not the greatest with technology using the app. As long as you can remember to change your duty status this is so simple to use. Love the fact that when I'm done it's just a hit of a button and I print my log. Great app just hope you don't ruin it by trying to get fancy and make changes just for the sake of making changes. My opinion is it's great the way it is.
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3 years ago, Elwood.3001
So as long as your not blue toothed as in connected to the truck’s on board computer when your Off Duty or Sleeper Berth trying to do a reset, it’s okay. If you are doing a reset and Bluetooth connected it will randomly put in drive time for 5 seconds when doing your reset. Why? No one seems to know. And if it does you are still going to have to sign your logs which is obviously incorrect. So if you don’t mind lying on your legal document and being congruent with moral flexibility of Keep Trucking I’m sure everything will be fine. And it doesn’t happen all the time just when you have to pick up a JIT load. So I guess no big deal. I hope the DOT feels the same way....
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3 years ago, heysteveh
Great app, pricing plans bad for owner/operators
Love the app but the pricing plans are not favorable for owner operators. One of the biggest benefits of an ELD is that it can total IFTA miles for you. With KeepTruckin if you want the IFTA information you have to purchase the FLEET pricing package even if you are a one or two truck company. KeepTruckin’s FLEET package has multiple features besides IFTA info. that are designed for companies with a large number of trucks and it is priced accordingly. KeepTruckin’s pricing structure is not friendly to owner-operators who simply need IFTA info and no more added to a basic price package. Unfortunately, KeepTruckin cares more about larger fleets then they do about owner operators.
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