Mp3 Recorder : Voice Recorder

4.4 (7.8K)
19.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
AppDev Technolabs
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mp3 Recorder : Voice Recorder

4.38 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
6 years ago, not that guy but the other one
It’s pretty good the only problem is you can’t record for longer than one minute and 30 seconds , And if there was a way to make a new recording without closing out of the old one it would be better
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4 years ago, JerrodTune
Reliable, but clunky; not worth $6.
I bought this app because I needed a reliable recorder. $6 bucks is steep for a recorder, and I didn’t get my money’s worth. It does fine as a recorder. But it is clunky and incomplete. First, the recordings are listed in some random order. I can switch to sort by date, etc., but later on, while still running the app, when I go back to recordings, that parameter has been erased. Makes it difficult to find the recording that I just made. Second, there is an option to record with 1 or 2 sources. But it doesn’t give any options for which two sources. When I plug in a USB mic and record with 2 sources selected, it only picks up the usb mic. For a $6 app, would like to be able to pick up the onboard mic as well. Last thing... There is a play button that appears on the recording dialogue box. Would be convenient for listening to a recording I just made. However, After I’ve paused or stopped a recording, the play button does not work (after pause) or disappears (after stop). It appears to be a button that does nothing. Hoping these are known bugs that are being rectified. Not a $6 worthy app.
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5 months ago, McBurger
I downloaded this app and immediately noticed long recordings not saving. At first I thought perhaps it was due to using the free version and perhaps there was a limit on how long a recording can be/how many you can have for free so I went ahead and purchased the full version. Huge waste of money. It still doesn’t save any recording over perhaps a minute, I also have experienced the issues other people talk about regarding the app crashing constantly, and the “report a bug” feature is nonsense. I’ve reported these issues repeatedly and received no response. For reference I do make sure the app is up to date before using it, and I have an iPhone 13 Pro that is also kept up to date with it’s software.
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11 months ago, nddbfhdjhdhfhdj
Solid, easy to use, quality recorder!
I’ve been using this mp3 recorded on my iPhone for years to record recipes and email to radio stations for daily broadcasts. They sound better than ones recorded IN the studio. I also record a one minute devotional each morning for my children & grandchildren. I text to them same time each morning. They will have these long after I’m gone. This is a terrific app! Ro Morse
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4 years ago, jd of Iowa
I dug out my very expensive 9 year old digital recorder, spent a half hour learning how to run it again. After SEVERAL recordings to get the levels and volume to get as good as I could and still not liking what I was hearing I decided to see if there was a app that would be better. Oh my Goodness! It was basically push record and push stop and Sounded great (I was recording my acoustic piano). Oh it cost $1.99! A no-brainer!
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7 years ago, LifeisGood66
Too many additional charges
Scam app. First I paid for the "no ads" option because the ads kept interfering with my ability to record. Then the app asked me if I wanted to add "unlimited record and play" because it seems they limit how often you can record. I did not choose to pay for that option because I had just paid for no adds. Thought I would see how well the app worked first. Then I thought I was recording my lecture I noticed it quit recording after 2 minutes. Looks like the app does not work with a screen saver or the app just does not work. Don't wait your money.
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4 years ago, Ped ric ba...by2🤓
No fuzz or anything in background
Great app. The recordings are clear and has no fuzz or anything in the background, unlike other apps I tried the mechanics are simple and easy to use. Making for a much more enjoyable experience in app. Also being able to share what I record is a great feature. Thanks to the Dev for making such a great app!
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3 years ago, MancalaPlayer
App stops recording when I switch apps
I hit record and then go to other apps on my device while still recording and the app stops recording. Unfortunately, I have already paid for the pro version of the app. It did not do this until the latest update! Now I am using a completely different app since this will no longer operates. Waste of money. Also, I have never been able to save to Google Drive, I just get a continuous scroll bar and the app gets locked up.
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4 years ago, Vampires land-
Record both far and near voice/sound
The app is wonderful! It has almost every required features. The most amazing is it’s ability to record both far and near voice/sound with a good quality sound output. Thanks to the developer of the app.
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5 years ago, Daisy Doodle's Fam
Absolutely not even a trial version
This app is rudely constructed as a trial version don’t waste your time. Upon attempting to record a 10 sec trial recording a pop up pressing you to “unlock” “restore” comes up. If you select cancel it starts recording right away. No control to start the recording it just starts. Then when attempting to play what you do get recorded it doesn’t work at all. Clicking the play button on the file just makes to app close. Then it’s a repeat of the same all over. Really poor presentation of a trial
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2 years ago, WeHelpUSoar
Excellent app
I upgraded once on this even though it is free to record longer voices. I love ❤️ it! Easy to use and if I need to send a voice message to someone not on the same phone operating system I can. Thank you
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4 years ago, Phillip63
Crash city
Downloaded the demo. It worked well so I bought the pro version. Needed this for my work. Was pleased overall, but now it won’t stay open. Restarted phone, closed all other apps. No tricks work. I think it is shutting down because it thinks it is the demo version and I am done with the demo? Tried the restore option indicated on the menu but that did not work either. Not going to pay again. So I’ll look for something else now. Frustrated and Disappointed.
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4 years ago, guestteacher29
Can’t upload directly to Google Drive
This app records clearly and I like that the file length can be unlimited. But I cannot directly upload files to Google Drive. I’m using this app to record book Read Alouds for my elementary school students in google classroom. It takes an extra step to airdrop the file to my laptop then upload the mp3 file to my google classroom.
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6 years ago, Nobody_2014😂😏
No recording after IOS 12 update.
App comes up and looks like it should but when you press record nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reloaded. It still doesn’t work. I have the paid version too. Shame. I did like this app.
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4 years ago, Baretinha
Need to purchase everything
I tried to download the recording that I recorded but all I was introduced to was a purchase request, when I tried to record for over 3 minutes, it canceled it and showed me a purchase request, you have to pay for almost everything in this app, and it shows you ads at horrible timing. If you want to spend money for things you shouldn’t even need to spend money on, this app is for you. I do not recommend this app.
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5 years ago, "MsB!"
I Love this MP3 app!
I love it! This app is easy to use and has great audio quality that is broadcast worthy. I have used it to send sound bites for radio programs and auditions for commercials. Most recently I told a movie producer about it and he used it to coach actors on how to deliver their lines in his film. It’s wonderful!
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1 month ago, stelth206
Annoying to use for free
I don’t often like to write reviews but for a college assignment, I needed to record a song. Unfortunately, you can only record 3 minutes max unless you conveniently pay their subscription. If you need to record a shorter video, then it will work great however, it didn’t work for me as i needed a longer video. Keep it in mind.
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6 years ago, Arm1234ert
Don’t download it
I never write reviews but I felt I had to do it so that no one else falls for this scam. I thought it was a problem with recording but was their way of asking more $$ for additional features. At the end, worthless
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6 years ago, M3chling#
Too many fees
I bought this app to record our auto-attendant message for our business. I paid for the upgrade to improve quality. It is $4.99 - it doesn’t seem to offer any real enhancements. So you pay $4.99 and still get pop up ads. These ads pop up while you are recording, which means you have to re-record your audio a dozen times to complete your project. I would choose a different app. The pop ups make it worthless.
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3 years ago, George jack doll
Capable app for recording some quality sounds
Indeed a very useful and handy app with option of sharing with other platforms setting bitrate according to own needs..
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3 years ago, Wei#ooooo8
I m using this for creative ideas of my notes.
I’ve used this app to quickly on the go record ideas for creativity purposes. Easy to use. I m happy thanks.
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2 years ago, My time for News
So useful for a musician
Just great. Easy and handy to grab a melody you want to remember. I play various instruments for Irish and Old Time music. I hit record while others play, then learn it by ear later with this app.
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11 months ago, campg2013
This has been working beautifully and I would have given 5 stars except recently deleted files keep on coming back. I’ve reported this bug a number of times Oliver the past few weeks and never received help.
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5 months ago, even this app is a problem
Crashes too frequently
Maybe my iphone is too old ( 6S plus) but this app crashes constantly. Also When i delete a file, it moves from one section- local recordings- to the other list - icloud sync recordings. I do not understand this. I move them to dropbox so i can then delete them. By the way, the use of an apostrophe for “recordings” is incorrect. Its plural, not posessive.
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3 years ago, sarah@09
Cool app I loved it!
It records audio as several different quality levels so u won’t run out of storage space if you need to do a long recording it will help u a lot thank you!
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3 years ago, Babszz
Just bought it
Learning about the features now. I will test it today for the first time while on the phone
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3 years ago, Carol1234@
The design and the quality of sound great!
Great app, the pause and continue recording option is very useful, great design, give u choice of recording quality amazing app!
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3 years ago, malik0329
If I can give this app unless star rating I would this app is terrible. It keeps shutting down every single time I press record. And when it’s not doing that every time I stop the audio it cuts out five seconds of it it is a bad app and I don’t recommend anyone to waste your time downloading it and trying to work with it I give this a zero out of five.
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3 years ago, valetzy98
I glad I found this app
I thoroughly enjoy this app. I use it for my important conversations purposes it works exactly as it should for me. Glad I found it!
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4 years ago, Lindsey989
Great for my purposes..
Just starting to use it and it seems to work great for my purposes is recording some lines to replay. Will have to see how easy it is to share the files.
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3 years ago, Michael@875
Works fine
This is nice app works properly as shown all features are nice specially you can direct upload files to google drives and etc etc thank you..
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4 years ago, #joana120000
It’s honestly a very good app.
Just downloaded it, it’s honestly a very good app it can record audio while it is open in the background and the quality is great would tottaly recommend.
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3 years ago, Lutzhsyuahh)2993
Definitely the best recorder... I've seen..
I only use this for my studio recording purposes and I found this very amazing so I can say definitely the best recorder I've seen...
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3 years ago, James24@yakirz
A great app.
Records all types of sound, and voice as a high quality mp3 file. An easy to use app. I haven’t found any bug this is the best thing about this app. Highly recommended.
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10 months ago, Gregory Egan
Just what you need
Fast, easy, intuitive and safe. W Everything you need for a quick recording
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7 years ago, Art Gallery Girl
Good app but could be better
The app is easy to use, and is convenient for me since I take a lot of audio notes. However, I wish the app had a way for me to search through all the recordings and if there was a way to organize the recordings in folders.
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3 years ago, Crane.876
This app is worthy for those who want to record clear audios i recorded some of my music classes and the result is amazing no extra whistles and all thank you!!
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3 years ago, Theta Massage
Theta Hypnosis
This app is great for recording hypnosis sessions and sending them through text or email. Excellent sound quality and easy to use.
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3 years ago, Cascet mask
My experience with this app is amazing...
This app is amazing I recorded some of my notes and it very clear audible I m so happy to have this app thank you..
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10 months ago, GGStrings
Constantly crashes, but the features are cool
I like this thing, but every time I make a recording, it crashes afterwards. There are no updates for it. I wish there were. Have to move on.
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4 years ago, nurse.rikki
Simple to use
I was having a terrible time using other recorders because I had to convert to mp.3. This recorder is already MP3 and so easy to send to google drive and google slides! Saved me!
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4 years ago, As your mindset.
Great for me.
I only use for recording ideas for songs. Put rhythms down to hear back for writing lyrics. It works perfectly for that.
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4 years ago, Mari+on
Very handy app.
Very handy when I’m writing songs if lyric comes into my head I don’t know what I would do with an app like this and this one works perfectly.
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3 years ago, Andry120h😉
Good app!
This app is works properly with our needs one of my teacher told me to install this app for my project purpose and now I’ll use this app in regular for sure...
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5 years ago, mpoach
App quit working
I used this app for over a year. They had a recent update, requiring payment, which I was willing to do. However, even with the upgrade, app no longer works properly and shuts down randomly. I attempted to contact support several times. No response. So I got a refund from Apple. There’s other recording apps out there that work just fine.
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4 years ago, ewtrdf.65
Simple to use.
Simple to use, and with whistles and bells right where they are needed such as control for audio quality and gain, and file compression.
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4 years ago, Ramos.123
It has best recording quality.
Great app. It has best recording quality. To all the people reading this all the advice I can give you is download the app.
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3 years ago, Swift786
This app made my mood the quality of sound is amazing. It catches sounds perfectly….
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2 years ago, CarolineInSV
Free version is useless
The free version does not allow downloading the recording, nor emailing it, nor uploading it to the cloud. You can only listen to it locally, so the mp3 format is irrelevant. The developer posts it on the store as a free app just to get more downloads but then require an in-app purchase to do anything with your recording.
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4 years ago, appl0184&;!:72!:&;'f
Great app with few major bugs
Bugs 1. Even though i purchases every time i load the app it asks me to do a restore my account - a needless annoyance. 2. If you pause the recording and decide to cancel and go back to home screen the app closes! 3. It allows you to sort by date, but it doesnt remember the selection. So everytime u move to a different screen (either by playing a recording or reopening the app) it just resets to the default sort option. Review Its a great app with lots of bells and whistles.
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