Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

4.56 out of 5
98.6K Ratings
3 years ago, RLNfirst
Outstanding Unique Design Blocker App
I would like to take a Minute of your time to talk about this app. It’s not easy for I can remember when I could open a Phone Book get the information you and myself wanted. Heck I could even Dial 0 for an operator for extra Help and they would Dial the number for you and I. Those days are gone and the Technology changes that are taking place now this second minute every day is hard to sit down and face. New words now Scam Fraudulent Crooked people who invented these words to steal your money and mine let alone our identity. They change their phone numbers every second of the day as soon as the Developers of this app catch them. I thank the Developer for all the Hard work and programming their Software system to protect you myself and our family. Is the app perfect? No , but they are working every day every second every minute to make it perfect! The app for myself works , but do I get 100% ? No but I can say each day it gets better and better. Try the app I believe in the long run you will like this app and it will grow on you. Yes it cost money but today’s Technology is not Free sure like you I wish it was not, but I learned a long time ago nothing is free that works well and you really want to keep,or use. Well my time is way past, but one last time Thanks Developer’s for a great unique outstanding design app and for protecting myself and my family I tip my Hat to you!
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2 years ago, Lancelot du Lac 11/8
Mr. Number is the perfect combination of assorted spam, bill collectors, get rich fast hustlers, survey takers, people searching for information, political hawkers and in general time wasters. That not only blocks these and other nasty email’s but it doesn’t ring your phone when it does it. It will never block a legitimate contact or number that is real that is not in your phone book. Having the ability to enter numbers and be told if their fraud, spam etc., it will even give you the owners name if they list one and are hiding it. So far it’s the only other cleaner blocker that plays well with another powerful call announcer that also hunts for garbage trying to enter your phone. Bonus, you can use Mr. Number to look up the numbers that your other program block’s but might pass some on to Voicemail in case they are real. Bottom line! You still control phone. Not like the one Killer that actually has people routed to a different number and answers every call by machine. Thank You Mr. Number, Jeff Smith
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3 years ago, Castsajen
I’m getting more calls. I don’t know what’s going on
So I’ve had this for about a week now... and it’s not getting better it’s getting worse. I know sometimes the holiday season can explode with evil and ridiculous spam) so I’m gonna give it a little bit more time but I wanted to bring the rating down so the developers can take a look. I am using it correctly it is updated, there’s just something going on when it comes to how many spam calls I’m getting especially for what I’m paying. I want to give you guys a chance to make it right. Thank you so much. Dec - 14th) 2020 So I’ve only had this for a day now but if you are like me you’ve been through a lot of different apps. I know people get angry when something isn’t free. But I know my services aren’t free and that’s how you survive and pay your bills. So this app full disclosure is four dollars a month. And they offer packages if you want to pay for a year upfront or a lifetime. I’m going to go on a monthly basis and see how it goes. I figure if they can keep the spam calls away in the things that are annoying in my life when I’m all in really under a lot of pressure that’s worth A cup of Starbucks coffee every month. Which is really what this equates to. So I’ll be back for an update in a week or so ) and will continue to send fair reviews based on my experiences. If these guys can give me peace of mind I’m happy to pay them.
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2 years ago, 1SLK
Complete Gank Move
So all the years people supported this app, told everyone about it, kept this app alive and going , Now the loyal customers have to actually pay for it? Wow who needs enemies with friends like this? This app is a complete nightmare now. It does not even have a purpose. Initially this app was allowing you to keep track of numbers that contacted you , it allowed you to see when the number called you last, the amount of times it called, actual name of the persons whose the phone is in, where the phone was coming from like location of the number. This service was for everyone number that called you. Kept track of all incoming and outgoing calls from your device. You would be allowed to personalize your contact number as well as others who you were familiar with for personal reasons, references, etc. This app does nothing at all. I doesn’t even have professional numbers listed for businesses, schools , offices , anything at all. So basically this is a app that is for a 3 year old to input a number and the screen will allow you to see it again. Oh yeah don’t forget to pay for that service. I don’t know why all the years this was available for free now they want to charge the loyal customers and do absolutely nothing for them. This is such a horrible situation. No more Mr Numbers.. pay $80 for a lifetime of ,,,,🙄,,, preschool time saver. Thank you .
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4 years ago, Abigail's Pod-dictions
One reliable but simple App
Update: Originally 5 ⭐️ rated review, but while still fairly good, the quality & reliability of this app has declined (if this was free I’d be more willing to let it go). A lot more spammers & potential fraud has come through than it used and more often than not, no name/ID linked to the number rendering fairly useless. I wish this app would make a little bit of an update for better protection & ability to take action or just filter certain calls all together. As opposed to the current selections of “reporting” a number without much action/response or simply “blocking”. I’d like to be able to get my number removed from any listing or hidden so I’m less likely to get bombarded with this stuff. Otherwise I do like the app in general, enough for a 4 ⭐️ rating. ********************************************* I downloaded this free app as a back up years ago & it quickly became a favorite. It has become one of my staples in fielding scammers, telemarketers & creepers alike. One of the few apps I can say remains reliable, user friendly and the updates aren’t irritating- which I can rarely say about other apps, it just keeps on improving a simple, easy, reliable format. Mr. Number is a chick’s best friend
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6 years ago, xxx456xxx
Awesome tool for screening
I LOVE this app!!! I don’t know how, but for some reason in the past few months I suddenly began receiving dozens and dozens of robo calls and telemarketing calls. Must have inadvertently disclosed my number on the wrong form. What REALLY annoyed me about it was that I am and have been on the National Do Not Call registry, which makes this contact illegal. However, because of my job I do often receive calls from unknown numbers, so I often pick up. I was so annoyed, I was quite honestly on the verge of changing my number entirely. Anyway, downloaded this app after a recommendation. It tells you if the call you don’t recognise is a scam or suspected scam, and offers you the chance to block all future calls from that number. You can also add numbers to the block list at any point, and it’s very easy. After a week with this app, my unwanted calls dropped from about 10-20 per day to 3-5, and now - two months in- I’m down to on average 2-3 per week. SO much better!
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4 years ago, Brooke Martini
Don’t install!! I installed this app to do a reverse lookup on a number that called me. It wasn’t very helpful with that, as it came back with someone’s name instead of a company. But since there was a 7-day free trial, I thought I would keep it for a week and then unsubscribe before it renewed if I didn’t find value in it. When setting it up, I saw that it offered an “anti-spoofing” service to warn you of incoming calls from numbers that had the same first 6 numbers of your own cell number...because those are likely spoofers I guess. I thought to myself “hmmm...I used to get calls from numbers like that but I haven’t for awhile so I won’t turn on that feature.” Well wouldn’t you know it...the day before my free trial ends, I get 6 (SIX!) calls from numbers that had the first 6 numbers as mine. I called one of the numbers back and it was this lady with kids in the background saying she didn’t call me. I almost let the subscription renew because at first I thought “Gee, I really need to keep that Mr. Number app and turn that anti-spoofing feature on!” But I’m on to you, Mr. Number!! I don’t know how you generate calls from random phone numbers that match the first part of mine, but I know you are doing it to trick people into letting the subscription auto-renew.
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6 years ago, jennatar
Works great at screening "neighbor-spoofed" calls
I've been getting "neighbor-spoofing" calls for months. I ignored the problem until I received an angry voicemail from a local woman (because my number is also being "spoofed," natch, popping up on other victims' caller ID), at which point I felt motivated to take more decisive, defensive measures against these obnoxious robocalls. Mr Number has a setting to block these calls, plus phone calls from telemarketers and criminals alike. Since installing Mr Number a couple months ago, only two robocalls have slipped through. I did my civic duty and reported both numbers, with hopes that I can help protect my fellow humankind from these obnoxious and occasionally dangerous phone calls. I would not hesitate to install this app on the smartphone of a loved one, especially the elderly or the young. I've been considering purchasing a subscription out of gratitude, but the base Mr Number app is already essentially robo-proof on its own.
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1 year ago, kellzxmilo
Paid version not as good as it used to be
I used the free version of this app about five years ago and it would automatically alert you the minute You received a call or a text message from a phone number that it recognized. now you have to go in manually and search for reports on any of the phone numbers you’d like to know about which is massively inconvenient and the features that are paid now used to be free and there is far less functionality than before. I don’t know what they did with this app, I mean it’s still useful, but not anywhere near what it used to be. To the developers: you should go back to the former functionality of this app for paid users, and have the features that are currently for paid users be free features.
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6 years ago, EducatedSquirrel
Used to be amazing, now not very useful
I have use this app for a very long time. In the past I found it incredibly useful as it allowed me to not only block numbers are messages from certain numbers, but also allowed me to see who was calling me from various numbers and if it was reported as spam or not. Unfortunately now they have most of the information behind a pay wall with their new premium service. I now can look up a number, but I can’t see who was actually calling me unless I want to pay extra. This app used to be amazing now it’s pretty much only useful for blocking specific numbers which I can do via my phone settings. It should also be noted that blocking a number via this app doesn’t actually prevent the number from calling you, it just auto hangs up the call for you. It would also delete text messages you’re getting. I am also incredibly disappointed in this app because they collect a ton of data and I don’t believe that they are using it in an ethical manner. Highly recommend uninstalling and deleting this app.
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6 years ago, Cantuseit
Ok, when I first started using this app, it used to give names for numbers calling if they were available. If I didn’t recognize the name I wouldn’t answer. Then, they stopped showing names and required premium subscription to get names. After a while I decided to subscribe. During the trial, I realized that the information was useless because those names were for the true number owner but the scammers were faking the caller id, so really the info they were giving was useless. Well, I already don’t answer calls from numbers that are not in my contacts, and my greeting says I won’t answer unknown numbers, and I won’t return calls unless they leave a message. If the call is legit, the caller should leave a message so I’ll call them back. So, what do I need this app for at all. I just ignore numbers that I don’t know. If the caller leaves a message and it is someone I want to talk to, I’ll call them back. So simple, I don’t need an app at all!
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6 years ago, TomInTN
Great app
First of all, to all the people who think that this app blocks calls that are in the master list. It doesn’t and it never says that in the description. My wife and I have been using it for a while and it helps to know who’s calling. If the number is in your block list, it will say so. It won’t block anyone in your contacts. I’m happy that it warns me about possible spoofing numbers. Again, this app DOES NOT BLOCK calls. It is just a great way to get an idea of who’s calling. As I have told my wife, “If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer. If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail”. She uses the app now and agrees that it helps to know what calls to answer. One bug in the last update: it prompts me to enable push updates/notifications and I have but it doesn’t seem to take the setting.
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5 years ago, EKBryant
So far no benefit to being a paying customer.
Still not worth paying for and I will not be renewing my paid subscription. I don’t need a service that allows all MARKED as spam numbers to call my phone. Actually I get more spam calls now than I did before subscribing to this so called service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP! DO NOT PAY FOR THIS, WASTE OF MONEY! Unless something happens to make this app actually block numbers that have been marked MANY times as Spam I will not be renewing my paid subscription. Also I’ll note that I do have all my settings set to block and these spam callers still get through to call me. That is unacceptable, I can somewhat understand a new spam number getting through but not a number that has many people already marked it as spam. I really had high hopes for this app because I am beyond tired of all the telemarketers but so far this app does not do its part to justify paying for it. So far all I can see it does is sometimes it will mark a number as spam while letting it ring my phone. That alone is not worth paying for.
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5 years ago, Elm32
This app is amazing! I have been searching all over the App Store to find the best app that blocks telemarketing calls and all of them either don’t work or cost a tremendous amount of money. However Mr. Number actually works! Ever since I have downloaded this app I have received ZERO telemarketing calls. What’s great about this app is that it’s free and you have options on whether you would like to block telemarketing calls or you would like the app to warn you when someone calling you is actually a telemarketer. Lastly, this app also has a premium version, which obviously costs money, so imagine how much better it is than the standard software. If I were you though, I would just stick to the standard version of the app because it does all the work that I expected this app to do!
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1 year ago, Capandjudy
Works As Well As Can Be Expected
I’ll start by saying that it is not possible for a call blocking app to catch numbers that are generated by a spammer and are not from an actual phone. I’ve been getting slammed by these ghost calls after getting a call from Poland a couple of days ago. The only solution that I can think of is to “silence unknown callers” in settings. I have decided to go ahead and purchase Mr. Number mainly because it seems to be like Hiya as it is made by Hiya and has the same database (I assume). I like the number look up feature. I actually still have an active subscription to Hiya but it had become very slow and buggy or not connect at all after having voicemails go to the Hiya app. With Mr. Number, voicemails go to voicemail in the phone app. Recommend with the limitations that all phone spam apps have.
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6 years ago, jerelena
Has saved me hours of aggravation!
This is my favorite ap. I use it EVERY day. Why put up with scammers and worse? They finally made me quit using a house phone. But now with my cell phone, as soon as I get a call from someone I don’t recognize, I don’t answer. Then I “copy” the calling number, let Mr. Number look it up and tell me who or what is calling and from where, and gives me a choice of what to do with it. Three times out of my last 50 unknown calls, it was someone or some office I DO want to use, so I added them to my phone directory. All the rest I had Mr. Number block and tag as scam or worse (extortion, etc) due to feedback from previous clients. I don’t need to because somebody else already has reported it to Mr. Number! How great is that???
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5 years ago, NYCJoshua64
I used Mr Number for almost a year, but after a few months, I started seeing SPAM calls increase. Same thing with Hiya, which owns this app as well. At first I brushed it off as coincidences. Almost all of the increases were from Chinese speaking callers/bots/recordings. The same with another call-blocking app, TrueCaller. Originally, I had all 3 installed and would switch them on and off to see which worked best, at first. Then it became about which was the worst. THEY WERE ALL BAD. One day, I uninstalled all 3 apps and guess what? Almost all the SPAM calls stopped. Not all, but I’d say 85-90% of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day we found out that they were actually selling the membership lists to specific companies which they’d let through knowing they were spam. My suggestion is to uninstall all SPAM blocker apps, particularly foreign ones. I believe they are selling all our private information & data from what kinds of devices we use to who is more susceptible to being SCAMMED, not just SPAMMED.
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5 years ago, hayblack
Mr Number doesn’t do enough to pay for it
I’ve used Mr Number for several years when it was free & it was okay. Since “upgrading” to “Premium” for $2.99 a month, there is negligible improvement. The User still has to do all the work of reporting bogus, scam or telemarketing calls in order to build Mr Number’s database of bad actors. That might be acceptable if Mr Number displayed the information in their database on your phone at the time the call came in, but it doesn’t. You have to copy the number from your “received” list, go into the app, and search for it. Then it will show what, if anything, is in their database. Sure, after a search you can block the number, but you can do that on your phone software. Mr Number does nothing to identify “Robocallers” spoofing the Caller ID. Even at just $2.99 a month, it’s not worth it. I’ll be cancelling because Mr Number does not allow going from “Premium” back to free, even though there is little difference.
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5 years ago, BCSurvivor_Mel
Great job to the developer…awesome app!! I’m extremely happy w/the results oDefinitely worth every penny spent sinceI found this wonderful gem of an app! even if U’re in a position Payment is due monthly or pay for a year in advance; which is cheaper exceptionally I can’t say enough good about this app it’s ridiculous how many unsolicited calls I get (:·::ok::»•«:·:used to::::·:·:·: it has stopped unwanted legit way to stop to block calls or get in a pinch financially because this is an absolute to pay for a year or on a month It’s so nice that I can actually use my phone & no longer have it on to actually use phone and not being。。。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜ ゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜。゜゜゜゜゜゜゜ 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 ☆ ☆ 。 ☆ 。 ☆ 。 ロロロロ 。 。☆ 。 。 ☆☆☆ 。 。 。。。。。。 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵∵∵∵∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ .∵. ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵x∵o ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵☆∵ ∵ ∵ ∵ ∵.∵.∵.∵.∵.∵.∵.∵. ∵.∵.∵.∵.∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ .∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵M∵è∵l∵à∵ń∵ì∵é∵ ∵M∵∵/ ∵ \// /\///. .\ ∵. . ∵ . ∵ ∵∵∵∵☆∵ ∵∵∵.∵.∵.∵∵。∵・∵・∵。∵∵∵∵∵.∵.∵.∵∵. . . ∵ ∵
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6 years ago, Stressed no more!
Better than an air horn!
I get so many spam / hang ups/ telemarketer in a day I switched my 10 year landline into a cell phone just so I could start identifying, auto rejecting, and blocking the calls up to a dozen a day! Then I read an article suggesting Mr. Number could do it for me. So I downloaded the free app a week ago and it’s working for me! I am notifying them daily of spoofed local numbers and instantly see them identified to warn others! Mr Number already blocks over half the hang ups I get normally, and I can review the numbers it blocked Incase a friend’s number is spoofed, as I am sure those hang up calls are spoofing my number. It even blocks 11 and 12 digit foreign numbers! All I can say is WOW! Mr Number where have you been, I needed you in my life! I love you man!
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5 years ago, gommboy
Me. Number
The price for the app is great, however their is nearly no value to the app. It will occasionally give me the name of a blocked number. It has never informed me of any calls that it has blocked. And based on all the calls I’ve ever received from robo callers or spammers it has never blocked any. If they want to add Value to their app they need to allow the app to sink up with the numbers you’ve already blocked on your iPhone phone/contacts app. Because as it is now I have to manually type the number into the app if I can remember it. Also if I cut and paste a number from recent calls,after pasting it I have to painstakingly and consumingly delete every spaces or any other characters other than numbers for it to work. It’s just not worth your time or your money to try to have an additional app block your calls when you could simply block them from your iPhone phone/Contacts app
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3 months ago, BGoodwin.xiii
Sort of like daddy’s reviews but reversed.
If you value your time, the following information may prove useful. I hope you understood my playful reference. This app is an excellent resource that can provide you with insights into whether a person who has contacted you has any prior interactions with others, particularly if they have reported them before. If you find that they are a valuable use of your energy, time, and attention, I highly recommend using this app. I personally use it whenever I receive a contact from a prospective client and have on more than one occasion been spared the endurance of a time waster due to the warnings, given by the user reports found on Mr. Number.
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2 months ago, Bob 64
This app is no good anymore.
I’ve been subscribed to Mr number for years. At least 4. And before I got my first I phone. This application definitely runs better(is more effective on androids). I’ve had my number on my iPhone and lately it doesn’t allow me to tap the block settings anymore. Yes I’m aware you’re supposed to do it through the settings. However. I recently blocked a number. Twice. And the phone call still comes through. I can’t feel comfortable paying for this service. Yet I have to scroll through my phone and block the number using the phone app every single time I want to block a number the right way. Spoofing protection barely works. Even calls that are marked as spam with tons of people reporting it and saying what it is. It doesn’t even block well known spam calls. I’ll get lucky when it works. I’m just disappointed.
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3 years ago, GAV MAD
Good but cumbersome
Mr. Number works satisfactorily for what it is meant to do. It generally can ID phone numbers, but also allows users to edit ID information. I don’t know how that does or doesn’t effect accuracy. It could be used to remove ID from numbers by the number owner. It could also be used to assign a false name to a number by the number owner. What I really can’t understand is why Mr. Number doesn’t integrate into the iPhone calls. Anytime I get a phone call from an unknown number I have to type the number in to Mr. Number to get an ID (or be told there is no ID). It is extremely cumbersome to have to do that in the moment. I wind up missing those calls because I have to type the number in to the app, which takes time. This seems like something that could be fixed with relative ease so I’m not sure why it has never been addressed.
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5 years ago, Lowcountry Traveler
YOU make this work for THEM and now they want to charge YOU!
I’ve had this app for quite a while. It was apparent from the very beginning that the only way that it worked was for the people using the app to report numbers that are telemarketers, fraudsters, and the like. So basically, unless you report that a number is of that nature then they would have no idea of what numbers should be blocked. There is no work done by the developer to create a database. In fact, when you update the supposed database, it lists that you are “protected” from X number of annoyance numbers, yet that sum changes very little, if any. It only stands to reason that if people are reporting new numbers daily, that the listed number of blocked calls should increase exponentially. Understand that only numbers you have blocked don’t come through, or else they ring briefly and are sent to voicemail. So again, unless someone does the work for them, the app is useless and lets calls through. It is absurd that it is based on you, the consumer, making this app work and now they want to charge a monthly or yearly fee for you to help them make money off of others. I am deleting this app immediately. Let them find another sucker to be their mule - or jackass. BTW - Many service providers offer this same service for free.
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3 years ago, bugle6
Can actually block TOO much
This is a very efficient app. If you check to block everything, only your numbers in the contacts app will get through. A bit of a problem for medical calls or service techs who you do not have listed. Easy fixes to remedy: 1. uncheck boxes when expecting a call, 2. ask for a phone number sent by text in advance of a service call, 3. laugh at those non-friends who tell you “I can’t reach you by phone.” One thing I don’t care about it is that it makes you leave the app open. It warns you every time you try to close the app that it needs to stay open. It can drive the ADHD person crazy.
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6 years ago, Alesia28
No longer works on my old phone
I have an iPhone 4 (OS v7.1.2), and am still satisfied, it serves my needs. But Mr Number no longer does. First, earlier in 2017 the did away with their PC app's ability to look up complaints on a submitted number -- now it only takes reports. This week, the phone app is telling me that it can look up a number (any number) and that I should check my Internet connection. (My connection is fine.) I'm surprised to see my MrNumber version is shown as 1.0. I've checked for upgrades but none is available. I assume this is yet another app that has made itself incompatible with my old OS. As for MrNumber customer service, forget about it; I've written them about both these problems, no reply. 1 star, because it still blocks numbers that I've already blacklisted, but for new callers it's become useless.
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6 years ago, Review in okc
This app is great at identifying bad numbers. I have recommended this app to a quite a few people. I have even had calls to from my own number. That had happened twice. I guess the scam artist use robo numbering system to send out random calls. I looked on your website to see if my phone is on there as a bad number- yep it sure is. I personally have blocked thousands of phone numbers. I am afraid a real call is going to come through and they will not get through cause I have blocked the number. It is a little worrisome when you have kids or parents. There maybe someone trying to reach you about your love one. This can be a problem if they are borrowing someone else's phone.
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5 years ago, DocGetty
Don’t waste your time! 2 years and never worked well. Missed most calls.
I’ve had the app installed for a couple years. It never worked well. Most unidentified calls that came through would not get flagged by Mr Number. I would have to manually paste the caller’s number into the Mr Number app to find out details. The concept of the app is great and should be super simple to achieve, but it never did. Today when I opened the Mr Number app, I was greeted with a pay screen. The only way to use the newly update Mr Number app is to pay them a monthly fee or yearly fee. I have no idea who would pay for something that doesn’t even work. Now I’ll just go back to pasting the unidentified callers into Google to get info on the number (which is the same thing I was doing with the app anyway). The new monthly free requirement from Mr Number finally pushed me to delete this non-working app. I should have deleted it long ago. Don’t waste your time!
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6 years ago, stalked and fed up
Mr. Number so far so good!!
I’ve been stalked by scammers and telemarketers, and actually saved one number in my contacts as “my stalker.” They called me every 12 to 24 minutes for days, leaving a VM about health insurance options every time. I answered once just to press # they gave for no call list. Total joke, they just called from a different number 12 minutes later. Majority of their ##s were from Bayonne, NJ. And that’s just for starters. No Call Registry has never put a dent in this activity. I was at my wits end. 2 Downloaded and bought yearly subscription for premium protection 3 days ago, and haven’t had a single call get through since. The stalker had called 26 times over the prior 2 days.
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3 years ago, bugga this
The app started out good but now I’m getting 6-8 spam/fraud calls still getting thru each day! There’s no way to refresh the app, which is an issue I’m dealing with now. I’ve set up for automatic updates and noticed it’s definitely not updating! Blocked 3 numbers yet the numbers I blocked are still getting thru! Ended up closing out of the app and reopened it hoping that would force it to update. Have had the paid subscription for several years now. It worked great but there’s just way to many spam/fraud calls getting thru. Definitely doesn’t work like it once did. Unless these glitches are fixed, this will most likely be my last paid subscription. Need an app that actually works. Another issue is it allows “government” calls. Unfortunately these spammers are using spoofed government numbers which makes it very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Smart.02
More Spam Calls with Mr. Number
TLDR- used for a few years, started receiving -5 spam calls a day. Reviewed privacy policy and deleted it. Spam calls almost Stopped. I am installed Mr. number because like everyone else we started to have more spam calls. I did it about a year ago pretty quickly I became very thankful that I had it on my phone because the number of spam calls quickly accelerated. Getting as many as 15 in a single day. I started to wonder if Mr. number was even doing anything. I became beyond frustrated and looking for another tool. When I did I begin reading some privacy policies including Mr. numbers and slightly horrified I am mediately deleted it. Since deleting it three weeks ago I have not received more than two spam calls a day, many days days not at all. Mr. number not only did not block any spam calls but it also increased the number that I was receiving while selling my day to advertisers. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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6 years ago, AJA999
Thanks Mr Number
Starting sometime last year, I was besieged by telemarketers. All day long they’d call. The Do Not Call registry does nothing because the telemarketers don’t care. I tried blocking them and they’d use a variation on the number, I tried ignoring them, but it did no good. Finally I downloaded Mr Number and I swear that the number of calls dropped immediately. In the few months I’ve had it, I think only one or two got through. This is a great app. I am using an iPhone 6S and it works great. UPDATE- The latest release now includes a premium option that tells you who the caller is. Previously, this was free. I also noticed that since this went into effect, spam calls have gotten through. Interesting. I removed a star and am continuing to evaluate these changes.
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4 years ago, AlMc3407
Love this app from my experience
For one, the caller ID and Spam/Fraud notification is great! I don’t allow the app to refresh in the background so I do have to allow an update of the database from time to time. If I miss an update some spam gets through. The neighbor spoofing feature is also great! Note that if you have family with a similar number it will block their numbers when this feature is turned on or you can add their contact to allow their calls to get through. Overall a great app and has been tremendous in helping me spot spam and fraud calls, as well has saving my time and headaches with spoofed numbers. Worth the subscription in my opinion!
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6 years ago, Sunshinee37
As on owner of an Escort Service
I love Mr. #! Bc before this app we were still leaving a large amount of our dancers safety up to chance! No matter how extensive of a background check you did on your potential clients there was nothing that specifically targeted this industry, idk if that was the apps intention or if it just worked out that way. But it’s definitely been a BIG game changer in screening our clients, saving time on time wasters, game players, stalkers, rapists and potentially violent customers! The safety of our dancers has ALWAYS been #1 priority but now with Mr. # our staff and I are able to hold our heads up a lot higher knowing we have done all that we can in procuring our dancers safety! Thank You mr #💚
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6 years ago, djpowder.richw
Keeps resetting from block to warn me
Update: still not fixed keeps changing from block to warn me. Also has stopped identifying spam/spoof calls when the phone rings I upgraded to the premium package and the app is great for doing searches against numbers to see if the call I let go to VM is a scam/spoof etc my only frustration with the app is you set under the protect option to block all scam/spoof calls and it updates but the next time I go back into the protect option it has reverted to warn me, which isn’t what I want it to do. If you can fix this it would really help. Further update.. the above still happens and it’s now being compounded by calls getting thru with no warnings that it’s spam. When I look the number up that called against the data base 45 other people have logged it as spam yet no warnings- I’m close to calling it quits, canceling the premium and moving to another option
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5 years ago, Sindeezee
Better with the updates
It’s much easier to block spam with the newest update. It took too many steps before. Now I do it in 2 clicks. Constant updates are a little annoying but I know necessary to stay a step ahead of it the A$$holes. I like how it automatically blocks the spam without having to do anything. I have the option of checking the number but it hasn’t been wrong yet. It doesn’t freeze or slow my iPhone down either. Now if I could get MrNumber to stop the spammers that group text me. It’s worse than the phone calls. I’ve tried several different spam blocking apps but this is the best one for calls in my opinion.
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4 years ago, Bj jersey
What Spam list?
I hate the new design. I keep getting these notifications that the new updated spam list is ready but when I go to the app to review, it’s just a phone keypad. What the hell? I go to tools and there is no option to see the list! What’s up with that?! Why send me notifications that worked for the old configuration but not this one. I preferred being able to see the call list in app. This version is stupid. How can I even tell if I have checked a number before if the is no list? Very disappointed with the app since the update just a little late in reviewing it.
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6 years ago, ALLS99
Disappointed over time
When I first started using this app I was hooked! Loved it. However in recent updates, I’ve grown to dislike it. I keep hoping it’ll get better. But not so much. I get, on average 10 spam calls a day. And even though I have all blocking on, nothing gets blocked. I still have to go through and individually manually block each call every single day. Big deal, it tells you “potential spam” and so on, but anymore, I already know the spam calls and just don’t answer. I thought for sure this would help eliminate me having to go in and block. Also, one of the updates took away number look up. You used to be able to plug in a number and it would tell you who it was, that no longer works either. So, all in all, as it updates and they take away key features on the free version, it’s not at all what it’s cracked up to be.
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5 years ago, Deltawaves
Works great.
Don’t expect immediate results. Took about 2 days before the calls slowed down. It does block calls by itself. I was getting at least 12 a day. I have had days without any now. Yes, some will still come through, telemarketers are smart and will get a new number daily. Anytime this happens, copy the number and open this app, asks you if you want to add and block automatically. No need to paste the number. I have tried many, this one is the best free app I have used. Download and try, you won’t be disappointed. You will have to pay for one if you all calls blocked but that’s not a guarantee
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5 years ago, Abel Goddard
What am I paying for?!?
Sure, I can copy in a number and look it up, but why does the app keep letting through all the calls? I’ve set it to block fraud and nuisance calls. I’ve turned on neighbor scam protection. But all the calls come through. I’m manually going to the app to block each call, and what’s the point of that? I’ve got a Telemarketer contact that I can add phone numbers to so that they’ll be blocked, and that doesn’t cost me anything! All the app seems to do is let me look up numbers to see if anyone else has reported it - and a lot of the time there’s still no name with it, but many many reports that the number is fake or spam. Why doesn’t the app start blocking the numbers that get reported?!?! What am I paying for?!?!?
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5 years ago, rayluv13
Still missing lots of spam calls.
This app definitely helps. Just not as well as I had hoped. I have had about 20 spam call this week and it only caught about 2. But then on the other hand... if we would all report them, then I guess they probably would be blocked, which I will start doing. The down side is, sometimes I don’t have time to do that every time I get a spam call. I wish they could somehow link the app and have a spam button where you would block a number. Because blocking isn’t going to help the app. They need to be reported for the app to work at its best.
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6 years ago, 4My2Cents
Calls haven’t seemed to slow down
I installed this app after I ignorantly posted my real phone number on Craig’s List and started getting robocalls Trying to sell me a new credit card and health insurance. I purchased the app about 5 months ago and I’ve received 45 calls since then. How do I know the number? Because I’ve reported and blocked all of them in this app. I’m giving this app 2 stars because it does feel empowering to be able to report these phone numbers in order to protect other people. However, in all 45 calls, the app already had them marked as spam by multiple people. So why isn’t the app preventing these calls?!?! At this point, it just seems like another task I have to stop and do during my busy day, without actually seeing any difference for my trouble.
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6 years ago, TwoCreeks
Very nice
Alert: for best performance, keep the app running. I opted NOT to have automatic blocking activated, but only to see a notification pop up. Then go into the phone app/recent calls and make sure it’s not a call I want to hear. If not, THEN tag it as blocked. Dunno if it’s necessary but I always wait ‘til caller has hung up or left voicemail before deciding to send a call to blockdom or to respond. I use earphones 99% of the time so letting a strange call ring out isn’t a problem annoying anyone else. Happy with the app. It’s also possible to copy a recent number, and have the app check it. About 50% of odd calls I get are noted as “spam” or “telemarketer” by the app. Update the database as often as you can.
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5 years ago, nelphos
What happened???
I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time now. I loved the old app and used the widget constantly. Now it’s gone and the app is basically a confusing number pad. I’m almost afraid to do anything inside of the app because it feels like I’m going to make a phone call. Instead of telemarketers calling me, I’d be calling them. I know apps have to evolve over time and continue to grow, but it feels like things are moving backwards with this update, not forwards. There’s even a misspelling in the description under Settings/Allow Contacts. It also seems like my spam calls have increased since the update, even though it shows as enabled. It does catch some things, but doesn’t work as efficiently as before. For the first time in a long time I’ve been looking for an alternative. Please fix this mess as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, Mackie Tile
I’ve had this app for a few years and it has been great. I don’t use it all the time but when I get some random number I like to see who and where it’s come from. I recently noticed that the function to see who has called and where from has become a pay feature for the app as well as reading other people comments on a particular number. I think it’s a shame that the app owner decided to get greedy and charge for that. The whole point of this app for me was to see the names and where these numbers were from. I can block numbers with my phone I don’t need an app for that. I would like to keep and continue to use this app but feel like being charged for a basic function (the main function) is a bit of a ripoff, especially after using it for so many years without being charged.
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6 years ago, sunrunner77
Long time user
I’ve been disappointed for awhile now. I use to be able to place almost all types of phone numbers that I didn’t recognize and come back with some identifiable information. The past few months anytime I put in some numbers I have received next to nothing of some information in about 90% of of numbers entered to this app. I basically stopped using. Although today I was lucky and had an unknown number call me twice in the past 2 days. Lo and behold this time the app gave me information. I may end up deleting this app and stop telling all my friends and family to not even bother. This is why I only gave 3 stars. I am hoping that the quality of this app may improve 🤞🏼
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6 years ago, Cgdeathitselff
Great app but due to paying to use app it’s not really worth it anymore
This is a fantastic app that allows you to see if a telemarketer or spam number comes through and has saved me many times from answering these calls. But after looking at the app, to get the benefits of this app, you have to pay $3 a month or $15 for a whole year to get the same benefits I had just yesterday that was free? As much as I like the app, having to pay extra to use the services that used to be free has now deterred myself and my family from using this app. I wouldn’t mind the ads as long as the services were free. *premium service has knocked a star off my review*
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7 years ago, Sdertyjtrev
Doesn't Actually Do Anything
On iPhone: the app is nice, but doesn't actually block calls (Apple's fault) or even show if call is spam. The app only allows you to look up numbers *after* you've been called and only then can you block them. I don't see any point in having this app until Apple allows them to intercept & handle calls. It is simply a glorified reverse look up app. Update: if you delete the app you still are left with a "contact" that contains hundreds/thousands of numbers you can't remove unless you delete each number one by one. Apple tech support said there is no way to remove a contact w/o removing all of the numbers first.
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5 years ago, Lanjrb
Still Get Spam and Robocalls
I’ve had this app for going on 3 months now in order to give it a chance. Unfortunately, I’m unhappy with the results and will not recommend to my friends. I continue to receive Spam, Robocalls, unknown calls from other countries, etc on a regular basis. Because I don’t answer from numbers I do not know, the mystery callers don’t leave a message, or, if they do, it’s a telemarking Robocalls. I thought this app was designed to stop these calls. It’s really annoying! I don’t go to web sights and randomly enter my contact info so I’m baffled as to why I get these calls. I know it’s because companies sell your info, of which I wish was illegal and investigated and prosecuted much more often. Instead, when I get these calls, I’m still left with going into my recent call history on my iPhone and blocking them one by one. I make sure to update the database daily because every time I close the app, I get a notice the next day that I somehow forced the app closed and again need to update. Why? I will not choose to try the premium version, even for free for 7 days, because the standard free version is not adequate.
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