MSG Viewer for Outlook

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Current version
Element26, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.9 or later
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User Reviews for MSG Viewer for Outlook

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6 years ago, SFLifter
FYI, free trial is limited to 3 emails
converted 3 files, which was great. but free trial stopped after 3, only showing the header and a couple lines. I only have 10 emails to view, so not worth it for me. But if you have to do this regularly or for a lot of emails, might be OK
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4 months ago, 951Jimbo
Works Great
I have a Windows PC at office and a macbook for home. I frequently have an issue where either I or someone else has saved an email file as a .MSG to a clients account. This program works perfect to open the email and allow you to read it and retreive any attachments. I highly recommend it. Some users are turned off by the price, but the program lets you open a few before you must pay. For me, it is well worth the cost.
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3 years ago, iaeurgh;aieru;aireg
Very User Friendly, Great for Legal Email Review
Downloaded Pro. At a price well under similar products, it is much more user friendly and functional than others I've tried. Submitted a help request and received a response from the developer within 2 hours. The convert to PDF function is excellent for coverting documents for production in legal discovery.
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6 years ago, anonymouse3845398475
Helps me deal with absurdly ridiculous forms of communication
Some of our clients send attached .msg files instead of just, you know, sending an e-mail. This helps all of us at the office deal with antiquated file types used only by technologically-illiterate individuals.
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7 years ago, bsdjunkie
Works well
Just installed it today and tried it. Did not install the ‘preview’ component off of the web, but just dragging and dropping a .MSG file to the viewer window did work! Nice to have something handy like this.
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4 years ago, ccall226
No Issues
I have used this App for several months now. Because I needed to convert a large number of .msg files I purchased the App. The purchase version opens up batch conversion and other preks!
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4 years ago, BeardMaestro
100% useless. Why/How is this in the App store?
Seriously, not worth your time. Tried to convert just 3 oft files, but it kept failing because their program can't be scanned by Apple's security. Then as I was trying to do it again to write the message here, I get an alert that I've already hit a free version limit. Surprised this has even 2.2 rating, let alone is on the App store at all.
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6 years ago, Gordon1468
I thought this was free. Not!
You wil end up getting prompted to pay a very hefty fee for a license after using it a few times. I have never had another App Store app do that. They have always been up front on whether you have to pay or not. So I did some additional web searches and there are much better options that do the same thing. Not good. Don’t buy.
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2 years ago, mjcx
Did what was needed
I was given a msg file. This opened it (in Mail) just fine.
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7 years ago, Nz4ypt
dont let free app fool you
$16 for a small converter is TOO high. 5 dollar maybe acceptable.
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7 years ago, EnglishStudentOfLanguage
Doesn’t work
This is simply old fashioned crippleware. Doesn’t show attachments (if there are any). Doesn’t show full email. But it does provide a handy URL to payment methods to obtain enable functionality. There also is a proper version elsewhere in the AppStore, but this certainly is not.
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6 years ago, snowtravel
Agree with the criticisms. I have no idea what the app costs, ‘cause I deleted it after it crippled itself (after converting 3 msg files IIRC). No problem either (1) charging what the market will bear, or (2) showing ads, but be up front about it, OK? Saying it’s free is just plain false.
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1 month ago, IvyDima
doesn't work
was working for a while and starting few days back - not working... waste of money (I paid for the paid version)
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2 years ago, GrandNagusTony
When trying to open an oft file, right click on the file, select app (MSG Viewer for Outlook) and a new email opens with the oft file attached to it. No way to open it, or see the content.
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10 months ago, @jzjakez
Doesn't Work, Free "Trial" Worthless
Didn't work. It says it "opened" and "viewed" the emails, but nothing showed up. Then it stopped working after it "viewed" three files. Worthless in my opinion
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2 years ago, Sharron1168
I tried this on several msg files and got absolutely nothing except a message telling me I'd probably have to buy a different version.
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5 years ago, Jmo@1
Update broke the app
I was using this to open OFT's because Apple and Microsoft don't do it on Mac. The developer now wants $19 to do what this app has been doing for years. Too much. Sorry. Looking for alernatives.
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6 years ago, Paris of Central Aisa
Crippled Junk
Don’t bother it will nag you every time you open a file, just after you open a few.
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6 years ago, tink0
Agree with others… not a free app
They should eliminate this “free” app and just have their paid version. Deceptive to imply it is free when it is only free for the first 3 messages.
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2 years ago, Multidynamic
Did not work
I wanted to view a .msg file, but this errored
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11 months ago, Democratixization
Free for a couple files
not worth 20$
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4 years ago, JW10017
Bait and switch
Limited and cumbersome to use. Expires after 3 tries.
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6 years ago, adsfsdfasdfas
this app asks you to download another app outside mac
useless app in itself
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8 years ago, ruthptb
True Freedom From My Window’s machine!
I recently was able to go back to a Mac from an 8 year stint with a Windows machine and this program, MSG Viewer for Outlook has not only made it possible, but so easy to keep my files and enjoy them on my Mac! Being total user error, I couldn’t figure out how to register MSG so I wrote an email to the given address in the App Store thinking I’d probably get an autoemail giving me the bare minimum instructions if that much (too long in the Window’s world I think) but within a small amount of time, I get a really nice email from the author of this program, politely instructing me what to do. All I needed to do was reboot my computer. Once I got MSG registered, I booted it and got a huge surprise! IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! There is a little window that tells the user to 'drag and drop myr MSG file(s) here’ but I read it too late as I had already double-clicked on the .msg that I wanted to open and it was INSTANTLY opened! All I had to do was select all, drag and drop the data into the program I wanted to use the data in and I was good to go. Well, this isn’t short but I wanted the reader of this review to understand fully that this is a quality program that works excellently! I definitely would purchase any program by this author/company.
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7 years ago, Disgruntled and Perturbed
If you’re not going to offer a working product, don’t offer one
This application was downloaded from the App Store but seemed to require an alternate plugin downloaded from the creator’s website. Once the plugin is downloaded and you finally get the application up and running, when it first is going to successfully convert the file (on the third try), a popup advises you that you aren’t able to convert the full file unless you buy the license. So despite the application being offered for free on the App Store, you actually aren’t able to convert your whole .msg file without purchasing their license. The fact that the app is “free” on the App Store is entirely false. There’s very much a reason why there’s the same amount of 1 star reviews as every other rating combined. Don’t bother with this application, as it’s just a waste of your time
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7 years ago, OPC98
Great Product, Exceptional Support
I have clients who work with MS Outlook and I work on a Mac. This program allows me to store and view MS Outlook Mail messages on my Mac. It’s a must have app if working with MS Outlook messages. I had an issue with the plug in for quick view (you just press spacebar on highlighted msg for a pop up view window of the msg). I went on their web site and sent a comment and received a reply in less than 15 min with a fix for my issue….Freaky Fast! Great app…great support!
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9 years ago, BreakdownMGD
Great Software
Working on a mac in and industry where people are still using Exchange, etc is made much easier with this plugin. The free version of the app lets you preview the message, but then you can do an in-app purchase to license the full version in order to view all of the messages! The batch processing in the full version is really helpful too when you're running through archives after switching over to OS X.
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8 years ago, FaceKickFlix
It just works at first then asks for payment to view the whole message!
First app I tried and it works perfect! Let’s me choose a default mail app “Mail” or “Outlook for Mac”. I use Outlook for Mac and after installing this and setting Outlook as my default app, I can double click the .msg file and it opens up with now popups or issues whatsoever! NOW THEY WANT MONEY TO VIEW THE WHOLE EMAIL AFTER THE 3rd TIME.
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9 years ago, quemadaroad
This app is life saving!
I switched to Mac recently and was having such a hard time opening up older files, which I needed to view for my work. I downloaded this app - and at first it was not working. However, I contacted the developer, who explained how to do it properly and BAM! its fantastic! No more waiting to view….. LOVE it!
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9 years ago, amyfaith256
Best app, works like a charm
Works perfectly, only program I've tried that actually works! Easy to use, lets me seamlessly open old Outlook MSG files I thought long lost -- essential for any Mac user who's got a stash of Outlook emails from their old PC". Well worth the full version!
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9 years ago, evilnode
Definitely not worth the asking price. There are better low-cost or even free alternatives.
Save your money. Don’t let the “free” app fool you. You have to shell out 13 bucks if you want this app to do anything tangible. 5 bucks maybe, but 13 is way too much for a single purpose converter app. The functionality I could use without spending money was useless. As much as the app is disappointing, I’m even more disappointed with Apple for letting this garbage through.
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7 years ago, Blacknight659
Needed a solution to open attached emails. When you open an email, the app will appear and then suddnely dissapear from the Dock. When it dissappears, you will have an open window with the .msg open. Works really well for me.
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8 years ago, JBrooks11
Worked perfectly.
Worked well with all my Outlook messages. Was a little confusing at first but once I figured it out, all good.
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7 years ago, RMM2
Don’t waste your time
Requires purchase to view first msg file (to see entire file); took several installs, entering Apple ID/password, etc., to even get it to download. Not intuitive; have to drag & drop each file (and then it still doesn’t work unless you buy more). An absolute joke. Do. Not. Waste. Your. Time.
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7 years ago, Bnsifwqnwqefivno;iew
I bought the license and it STILL doesn’t work
When it works, it is fine, but it stops working after a short time and asks for payment and then it still doesn’t work!
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8 years ago, ejsuncy
Why provide a free version if it’s useless?
The “free” tag on the app store is click bait. App is completely useless without buying the in-app purchase, as it only shows portions of messages.
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9 years ago, gregmacfarlane
Calling it free is disingenuous.
With the free version I can’t confirm that it actually works the way I need it to. Why not simply sell the full version for one or two dollars? Or have a timed trial period?
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9 years ago, Randy Chatterjee
Just in order to “VIEW” an msg, file I have to save it somewhere and then see only a portion of it. This is a total waste of time.
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7 years ago, Kate_Review
Doesn’t work. Broken App
This app doesn’t work; can’t even close/exit. I had to remove the app. Don’t bother to download it.
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8 years ago, marthacunningham
Does not work at all
It askes me to save my .msg file but then doesn’t do anything. Cannot recommend this tool
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1 year ago, msumac65
Premium Version Not Working Consistently
I was very excited to find something that would automatically open .msg files on my Mac. I used the free version for a bit, and then I ran out of freebies. I convinced my manager to allow me to purchase the premium version and it has been very disappointing. When I go to open a .msg file, I get the following error: "Byte.bundle" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. So, I am not sure what to do at this point. It works every so oftern, but definitely worth the additional costs for a version that doesn't work every time. Hopefully, the development team can get this fixed or advise on a resolution.
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8 years ago, angry123456ghjdfg
horrrible- purchased it and still acting as if i never bought it
horrrible- purchased it and still acting as if i never bought it
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9 years ago, Tedesco.ut
wouldn't open entire message and died shortly thereafter.
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8 years ago, ntrval
Few to no options
The trial version worked just fine for one msg i needed, but failed and prompted me to purchase on the second one i tried. After purchasing, and trying the file again, it just crashes MSG Viewer. $13.99 for what, exactly?
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1 year ago, LerMomma
This worked well for me
I had a couple hundred emails to convert and it did work great after i purchased it for $19.99 - The one thing i would love to have them do is to auto put the PDF in the same folder as the original so i didn't have to select it. It defaults to the last folder selected. I did a find of all .msg files and so they were in random order. I finally got smart towards the end and if there were more in the last folder selected i just kept converting them. It works great. Would also love to have the attachments stay inside the original message. It makes separate files from all attachments, but they are all named with the same prefix so they sorted together.
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5 years ago, Lighthouse359
They charge you $18.99 the second time you use it. Other apps available for < $4.00
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6 years ago, Le_Jawa
Best MSG importer I’ve found yet
I started using this app (as well as competing products) today, and so far, I’m impressed with this one. The conversion from MSG file to a message in my Outlook database seems to be flawless. Unlike its competitors, MSG Viewer for Outlook picked up all text formatting, images, etc correctly. That, and the fact that it handles MSG files and Winmail.dat for $15 puts this one at a better price point than the other reputable products. Until MS adds MSG and other Outlook file support to Outlook for Mac, it looks like this is going to be my product of choice.
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8 years ago, WillBe3812
14.95 for an app to open Outlook messages? Crazy.
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8 years ago, YYC888
Very bad app
It is a disappointment. I download the free version and it did not do anything. Then it asked me to pay $14.99 to get the MSG files converted. So, I did that and it keeps opening my MacMail Accounts which I do not use becasue of some issues. Then, it takes abot 15 minutes before one file gets converted. It takes another 5 minutes for the second file. Every single file takes about 5 miutes. This is a crap app that is so expensive. I really don’t like to pay for apps; it’s not like you can get a refund. I have a lot of files to convert since I had PC for a long time and I am now using Mac.
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8 years ago, sendnine
It works
Downloaded free version, pointed it to a folder for output, refused to install any sort of integration (twice), dragged MSG file on to it, out came an EML that Mail opened just fine. Worked well for me.
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