My Amigo Energy

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Amigo Energy
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Amigo Energy

1.58 out of 5
48 Ratings
5 months ago, Ibleedsilver&blue
There needs to be a way the cards can be saved or Apple Pay would be great. Sometimes the app will not load the full page and I have to refresh it MULTIPLE times. 😒 which is very frustrating. But when it cooperates it gets the job done quickly and it’s very user friendly.
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4 years ago, kelzum
Very simple app, it’s outdated. I didn’t care as long as I saw my info but it started having issues when I want to pay my bill. I will put my card info and the submit button doesn’t show up!! It is really frustrating I’ve waited days to see if it needed updates or maybe it had a glitch that day but nope it just never appeared again so I can’t pay my bills unless I go to a computer. Overall best cheap electricity I’ve ever had so far. But people of amigos y’all need to update your app!!!
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2 years ago, Toothy3T
Poorly made app, I really couldn’t think of a single positive thing to give the app itself in the way of a compliment. Beyond that the company itself is a scam, they’ll raise your prices to ridiculous monthly bills and put you in 2 year contracts without your consent or knowledge and charge fees when you try to escape rising prices. For reference my final bill trying to leave this company was $312. I live in a one bedroom apartment by myself and conserve energy constantly.
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7 years ago, Flugamer
Why is the Mobile website better?
The app looks like it was made for the iPhone 4 and just kept getting updates to it’d be compatible down the road. I completely prefer the website than the app.
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4 years ago, Edwile
It’s a Shame
This application is not only a shame but it’s an indication of the level of regard you have for your jobs and customers. I’m sure I’m not the first person to note the ridiculous and useless nature of your so called « app ». But the fact that you’ve done nothing thus far to remedy this situation makes my original point : You don’t respect neither your customers nor your Jobs.
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3 months ago, Balliee33
App Usage
I had no problems with using the app. My payment was done with ease.
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11 months ago, GenericBearName
Barely Functional
I can’t figure out how a company today could fail so badly at creating an app. The payment page is a frustrating mess, with parts of it not loading correctly at all, making it impossible to submit a payment. Don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, critic22
Does not work
Could not pay through the phone directly since that option was down so I downloaded the app. Does not work at all!!! When the app cones up there is only a “y” that appears and that is it. Does not do absolutely anything. Had to go online and pay an additional 2.50 dollar fee for doing so. What a scam....
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1 year ago, Anton.Ni
Fix it please
Cannot pay with a credit card since the menu is frozen and doesn’t scroll down…
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2 months ago, Jessie J Jackson
No Bueno, Amigo.
It’s 2024 how are we supposed to pay our bills if Amigo is not updating their App. Like don’t you want our money . Plz look into this and stand on business
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3 years ago, Payton-Situation
Garbage App. Can’t Submit Payments.
App is completely broken. Can’t scroll down, won’t load the rest of the fields you fill in for your payment information. Just another way we bleed money for these companies and get nothing but trash in return.
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1 year ago, TheGoatJ
This app is completely useless
Why is the website better then the app I can’t even make an early payment on the app doesn’t even give me the option to pay
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4 years ago, SniperNoSniping69
This app is trash, when I go to pay my bill half the page won’t load and I can’t click submit. You think they’d have the page where you pay your bill finished but you’d be wrong.
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3 years ago, AO000001977
I like the mobile browser better
Appreciate the effort but mobile browser is way better.
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9 years ago, DavidBurford
You've got to be kidding....
The app has a poor design. The screens don't scroll down correctly. So your left was looking at the top half of the bill. Can't scroll down to see your usage. Really from the perspective of the customer this app is completely useless… BUT you can bet your A you can still PAY YOUR BILL on the app. That fact is either horribly ironic or the sign of a company that isn't interested in their customers. Just their customers' money. Hope it's the former not the latter. Only reason I rated them a 2 instead of a 1 is because at least they have an app. Thats more than I can say for many companies. Keep trying guys.
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4 months ago, App is hackable
Poorly designed app that is only updated yearly, which is frightening. (Look at the versions link) I will not be paying anything off this application.
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4 months ago, Alejandra%
It doesn't work, it freezes and you can't pay with the debit card.
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4 years ago, BreeKAdams
Something’s wrong with the app
The app will no longer load up completely or allow me to make payments.
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10 months ago, The Kween Destiny
Update the App.
Literally the worst app on my phone. Makes me not want to pay at all. Super outdated and glitchy.
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5 years ago, NAtAliE&dAddY&MOMMY
Needs updates!!!
As an iPhone user i will like this app to have the face recognition or the fingerprint login.
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4 years ago, KiminHouston
I can’t submit payment
The submit button disappeared??!
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6 months ago, jaudnis
Terrible app !!!
Horrible app!!!, really hard to make a payment
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2 years ago, App dont work anyway
Terrible ‘
This app is freakin TERRIBLE! It halfway loads, freezes, it’s absolute trash. Whoever is in the IT department and designed this needs to be FIRED.
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3 months ago, fjkffrcyhnkjsa
App does not work!!! Cannot store payment. Page will not scroll!!!! HATE THIS APP!!!!
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1 year ago, Nathaniel12333
DO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET YOUR MONEY STOLEN! Twice I used this app with 2 DIFFERENT CARDS And had my money stolen from some scammer D O NOT USE THIS APP
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9 months ago, Juanes1616
La app no sirve
No funciona no abre toda la información Necesitan arreglarlo
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10 years ago, Tony.White
Not Very Interesting
Elementary design and only 12 months history. Would like at least 2 yrs history. Better would be full history since joining Amigo.
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10 years ago, Chris316red
I'm an amigo energy customer for over two years and I love the fact that they finally have an app. Now is more convenient for me to make payments on the go. Keep it up amigo energy
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10 years ago, luisem_2007
Great job Amigo
Thanks to Amigo Energy for providing an easier way to make our payments and for the lowest kilowatts possible.... All the light companies dont compare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Cornfender
The website is better
This is one of the worst apps I've ever downloaded. So slow and difficult to use. Do yourself a favor and type in the gd website
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2 months ago, Lefebre8
La pero aplicación de mi vida
No tiene actualización interfax súper fea, no hay información completa. Conclusión es un desastre
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3 years ago, SuperReconHD
App looks out of date and problems
It a good up but be better if there was an update. I do struggle on putting info of my card due to the page not loading everything not even to click next on the app all it lets me is just card number and that is it. It will work from time to time where it will let me put the address zip code etc... and pay but when it don’t have to use the website or call to pay my bill.
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