My Aurora Forecast & Alerts

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User Reviews for My Aurora Forecast & Alerts

4.72 out of 5
36.5K Ratings
6 months ago, _ELAP_
Useful and straightforward app
I used this app while planning, and then enjoying, a trip through Iceland. It is a well-done app that is nicely laid out in a straightforward manner. I got the pro version just to get rid of the ads. I got value from using the app so that was worth it. Overall the app was of good use while in the wilderness in predicting the aurora most days. My only qualm is one night I was in the middle of Thingvellir national park late at night, with 100% cloud cover and no aurora in sight. The app alerted and also had a high KP forecast and showed no cloud cover in my location. IMO That’s no fault of the app, though, because the aurora and weather) are elusive. It’s just to say don’t rely 100% on the accuracy of the app. Before my trip I looked at a few apps and this was one was the best and least complicated of all.
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5 years ago, Obtsfan
Edit: never mind! I found how to change location. I’m happy now haha. It was a bit hard to find quickly for some reason. It’s not where that function usually is on most apps. Previous review: This seems like a great app but I wish there was a way to change the location. I live in Indiana so I don’t expect to see any auroras here. Therefore most of the functions of the app are useless to me because they forecast auroras based on the phone’s location. Why not give the ability to see forecasts in another location, or multiple locations, like any weather app? I want to see when auroras will be visible in Michigan so that I can plan on when to go. I don’t want to have to drive to Michigan just to get a forecast there. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Frostlostfire
Aurora App is Ethereal!!
I live in Alaska, with easy access to the Aurora Borealis, the catch is that I live in Anchorage which has light pollution. So with the App, I check the forecast, KP index and other factors that help me plan of my Aurora watching nights. It’s pretty accurate, even with my local weather, conditions & cloud cover info, hour by hour. Even the weather forecaster up here doesn’t come close to getting our weather right. I find other local Aurora watchers post the app’s forecast to notify other watchers-Plus the Aurora gallery from around the world is spectacular 🤩
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4 weeks ago, Julius_Caesar.
Auroras R cool
So basically on Friday the 10th I just got told that a massive Solar Storm was going to hit Earth and that in my area there would be a good chance of seeing the Auroras. When I downloaded the app I got told what the KP index was and to see when it was best to go out. Well when it was time I took my chance to see it with my friend and…WOW it was amazing. Thanks to the app I knew when it was best to see it. Just a little heads up.. the area I live in doesn’t get the Auroras. So I would definitely give this 5 stars.
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7 years ago, twincitiesABwatcher
It would be perfect but...
It would be awesome if they could add a section where people could post sightings/locations near you, I am imagining that in the app you could set it to show sightings within a certain radius of your location, this would be really helpful for nights in place like Minnesota(northern US) where it is not too often that we can see the AB, and so we can be sure that there are sightings tonight that would make some of the less risk takers among us to be assured that we could see them on that night.
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7 years ago, SDMega
Love it
I, unfortunately, live in Southern California so I'm not able to see the aurora in person, but I am an aurora live cam junkie. This app is super useful in letting me know where the best places to tune in from are, how active I can expect the aurora to be in the coming days, and it alerts me to auroras in the place I've set as home. I wish I could set multiple places for alerts, but the 'find best places to watch' function is nearly as good. If you're an aurora borealis lover and dreamer, this app is necessary.
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1 month ago, Pbvelomagic
Nice app but had to deduct 1 star
The app is one of those rare apps that is both useful and easy to use. Unfortunately on one of its biggest nights, it let us down. I actually saw a major Aurora in WA state during the May 11, 2024 solar storm so I reported the sighting. The report never was used apparently because despite the aurora being seen my millions in the US last night it only showed straight lines of sighting pins in Canada. So something is definitely NOT working right with that feature!
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1 month ago, BerzerkerD
Notified of Aurora
Seeing the aurora in person has been a dream of mine and ever since moving to Nebraska from Arizona I’d hoped to see them. A few years with no luck I was sitting at home and a notification came through that auroras were likely visible in my area. I rushed outside and was greeted by red green and magenta lights streaking across the sky. I would have gone to bed and missed them. Thank you for making such a wonderful application.
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5 years ago, BobBoards
The Aurora app is a fun, informative offering that allows those lacking the meteorology gene easily to keep a finger on the pulse of the northern night skies. It’s great shortcoming, however, is that it operates almost totally in the “now.” For example at mid-day in my locale it is not surprising to learn that there is no possibility whatsoever of enjoying the northern lights. (I don’t need an app to tell me that!). What would be most useful would be if it Aurora projected into the future, so that it might give me some idea at noon as to whether a later, 3:00 a.m. trek into the back yard might be fruitful.
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6 years ago, Val from Maryland
Worked perfectly for us
We specifically came to iceland to see the northern lights. We had no luck on a bus trip or on a boat cruise. I downloaded this app. When in Reykoldt in West Iceland, I received an alert that there was a high likelihood they would be visible in an hour. The forecast was spot on. Visibility started at the time predicted and ended due to cloud coverage 30 minutes later. Our entire tour group cheered and I was the heroine who allowed it to happen thanks to Aurora.
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2 months ago, kelsherb1
A must for Aurora hunters
I used this app on my trip to the north and it was amazing. I was checking it every night to see how the lights are going, and set it up to notify me if it’s expected within an hour in my location. When it did I set out with my rented car to darker locations and had an amazing show in the sky. Thank you Aurora app and its creators for making this a fascinating experience 🙏❤️.
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2 months ago, eiT WoB
Awesome maps
I go to this app whenever I hear there has been solar activity and a chance to see the northern lights. We live in a big city so the chance to see them is low. The maps are very specific and really show where the lights can be seen. I really enjoy having the app and I’m hoping for the day when the maps show we have a good chance to see the lights.
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5 years ago, M, M & J
A fun and useful app
I used his app pretty extensively during my recent visit to Iceland and successfully saw the Lights on two nights. I enjoyed referencing it as part of my hunting strategy. My only complaint, and why I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is the lack of instruction/explanation offered through the program. I conducted my own search to understand what I was reading. I would use again if the opportunity arose to see the Aurora.
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5 months ago, Dudie2
Love this app!!
I found this app a few years ago and it is so easy to navigate and has a lot of information. The information is very helpful! I’m just a person that would love to see the lady but I probably wouldn’t, but I can get excited about them and cheer for others in their search for Aurora I would definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, AmyLynH
We were in Iceland for three nights and really wanted to see the northern lights. This app was SPOT ON with the best places to view and the viewing times. The first day, it said we had a 3% chance. The second day it said 50% so we drove to the town mentioned on the app and sure enough were were able to see the lights and they put on an amazing show for us.
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2 years ago, Chiefsnurss
Best Aurora Chaser Tool I’ve Found
This app seems to cover all the bases. It tracks the aurora worldwide in real time. It shows how close it is for great shots. It gives a person predictions on cloud cover and visibility. I love the notification: “If the sky is clear, you might be able to see aurora within the next hour.” I had great success for the timing of some awesome photos!
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9 months ago, Becca303to406
I’d never had seen them if it weren’t for this app!
My heart is beside itself! I’ve lived in Colorado my entire 39 years of life and we JUST moved to Montana and I got this app because about a month ago, I saw that they were active, but I missed them. Then I got the message from the app that they could be visible tonight! And they were!!! I was shaking. This is amazing.
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6 years ago, Senthil Singaravelu
Awesome app
App notified to check out northern lights when we were in Iceland if the sky was clear within the hour and the lights lite up the sky in 30+ minutes. Worked perfectly for us on the last day of our trip with a beautiful view from our porch. Had not bothered to check the app until I saw the notification:). Next time I will
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3 months ago, crao33
Simple and informational
Loved this. Used it to check for activity in Fairbanks Alaska and also used its best location feature to find a good spot to view the activity. Cloud cover and probability feature is not all up to the mark but what is when we don’t fully understand this phenomenon but love the usability.
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1 year ago, mjg3523
Ads and PORN in a paid for app??!!
Appalled to open the app for the very first time to be affronted with a come-on to dial an obviously pornography talk line. After closing the app and reopening next presented with Ads. Get real. Had hoped to use Aurora to maximize my possibility of seeing the Northern Lights on a trip. But frankly it’s so offensive, that I am deleting it right after posting this review. SHAME ON YOU. Just wish the apparently excellent maps, probability and reported sightings features were not obliterated by the unnecessary and offensive issues.
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1 month ago, LeConte8808
Always 0%
I like this app in general, but it always shows 0% for most of the contiguous US. Last night X was full of pics of the aurora from places this app considered 0% chance of observation, including Florida. With the frequency of these events likely to increase as the magnetic field strength of our planet continues to weaken, you may wish to think about adjusting the interpretation of the data available to you ahead of major solar storms.
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2 years ago, Not happy with scammers
Must have!
We live in Billings and need to drive north a little ways to get away from the city lights. This app has been great in deciding if to go or not waste our time. Of course, It’s not perfect because the northern lights do their own thing. However we are about 75% successful now vs a very rare chance before. Very well worth it!
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6 years ago, GACK Paddle
Surprise to even seasoned aurora hunters
I was at dinner in Iceland when the alert can in that it may be possible to see Northern Lights in our area within the hour. The staff at hotel said, no no and pulled up a different app. We paid the bill went outside and sure enough it went from 18% chance to 40% and then they appeared.. Very cool and memorable
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5 years ago, KB0588
Not great...
This app has just been disappointing for me. I read good reviews about it online and decided to download it. However, all it has done is given me false hope. I can’t tell you how many times I receive notifications that the KP index is “becoming high” but when I look at the map, it is clear that there is no chance of seeing the northern lights based on my location. I wouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket with this app and would recommend exploring multiple resources.
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5 years ago, Charlie45899
Paid option
I clicked on an ad within the app by mistake. It asked me to change some settings. I take my phones security and my privacy fairly seriously. I would much prefer a paid version. Update. Turns out there is a paid version. I would have liked a link to the paid version available in the free version. If there was one I couldn’t find it. My Aurora Pro $1.99. Worth it not to have the ads, cause I do like the app.
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2 years ago, aqswdefrgtfrdeswaq
I enjoy the app. and is accurate. Only downside is that I want the ability to set Aurora alerts when there is a certain percent chance (user configurable) at my location. Knowing that it is an index of 5 in the middle of the day or when the sun is still up or extremely cloudy isn’t particular helpful.
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6 years ago, Beekmeister
Great way to track the Auroras!
I travel full time and decided to spend this Winter in Alaska solely to get my fill and shoot the Aurora. So glad I found this app as it has everything you need to up your chances to view them no matter where you are on the globe based on your location. You won’t be disappointed.
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3 years ago, Ryanator99
The BEST!!
This app, with all its info and its cloud info tool included, is THE reason we found Northern Lights! I got three apps for aurora spotting, but with this one I had enough info to know where to go, when aurora was strong but my location was covered by clouds. Thank you - a bucket list item checked off!!
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4 years ago, Emn71
I love this ap
I downloaded this ap about a year ago (October 2019) and have literally been opening it up at least once per day to see the pictures and the Aurora forecast. I recently took a trip to Alaska to see the Aurora depending on the forecast that was about 3 weeks out and it did not disappoint. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Derppette
Not accurate
I live in Alaska, and many people have been posting pictures of Auroras lately so I decided to download this app so I could plan when to stay up and see it myself. My location was correct as I could see it was where I truly was. The app gave me a 0% chance of Aurora for the last three days. I woke up this morning and many people posted pictures from the night before of spectacular Aurora borealis. Very disappointed with the app’s performance and will be deleting it and trying another.
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3 months ago, andy Rph
Great alerts!
Gave us a notification about a chance of viewing the last night of our trip, 10 minutes later we could see it from our hotel in Reykjavík. Fantastic way to end the trip.
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3 years ago, Yajirushi150
Great app
Sent me a message that the lights would be active in an hour with clear sky’s. This was on the last day of my trip. Set out to a good viewing spot and bam there was the lights. Would have never look that night without the app as that night was supposed to be the worst for light action.
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6 years ago, Graceeshoe
Was able to see northern lights
This app is amazing. I was having a really hard time with the Aurora forecast website and this app made it really easy to understand where to go to see the northern lights. This app helped me see the northern lights on the last day of my Iceland trip. Thank you!!!
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1 month ago, D:::man
FIVE stars!
I’ve had this app for a while but today it notified me that I might be able to see the Aurora borealis in my area. So I thought, well ok I’ll check it out. I am so glad that I did. It was spectacular. Thank for making this app!
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2 years ago, JT.In.DC.
Thank you to this app!
This app is amazing and the single reason I was able to catch the lights show tonight in Iceland. I was locked in for about 4 hours and moved around according to the location predictors and they were spot on! Five stars!!!
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2 years ago, RoxCaps
Spot on
I got a message telling me the lights are out and it was confirmed. I had a day where the kp was higher, but no lights out. This app knows its stuff well. I wish I would get the notification sooner because I am 4 hrs away from my spot. Great app
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1 month ago, Aurora ♡ Everleigh
Thank you 🥹
I’ve tried a lot of other apps that would never set off notifications, but this one does! I was able to see the lights in Portland, OR tonight thanks to the alert!
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5 months ago, B T Boston
Aurora app
I have been an amateur astronomer for 70 years and will be going to Iceland to see the aurora's. tried Alaska last year but the clouds did not make this possible. This app is just what I needed. Great job to those that made this app possible. Bruce b.
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3 years ago, terrychrisk
Not enough info
Love the concept and what info I am able to figure out, but there is not enough info about what some of it means, so I am lost. I am not a pro, so don’t understand the meanings of the little symbols or the significance.
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6 years ago, ruthela777
Aurora sightings
This was a great help for us knowing if aurora will appear in our location. Indeed it appeared twice in one night . First one was jus 5 mins then nex one hour. The green map tells you its still there n their KP n percentage was right.. now i know how to catch aurora then..
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6 months ago, Backwoods Mark
Optimistic forecast
And i think tracking the moon phases and its orbit are just as important as tracking cloud cover. I’ve never seen northern lights with a full moon out. Tonight shows a forecast of 7kp for my area but it shows nothing about the fact that the moon is out and is at or near full…not that i could find anyway
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6 years ago, PaulMatthews83
Must have if searching for Northern Lights
I don’t normally review apps, but this one totally deserves it. My wife and I traveled to Iceland and this app was great. Alerted us that lights were in the area and sure enough, there they were. Right outside our hotel. Caught amazing pics! Get it!
Show more
2 years ago, M. Poe
I never write reviews
But this app helped us see the lights last night in Iceland outside of Reykjavik! Good up to date information and even pushes alerts when sightings are probable!
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6 years ago, NJ Devils 2017
Perfect App!
This is my first time in Alaska and the hotel staff recommended this app to track when the aurora would be visible. Turns out it was the second night I was here. Very accurate and got me to see the Northern Lights at the best possible time!
Show more
5 years ago, guitararchangel
Nice Aurora App
I used this app when I was in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan on vacation in September. I was hoping to see the Aurora Borealis but it never worked out. The app would tell me if I had a chance by telling me the KP number. I used another service that was a little more accurate and gave more information.
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5 years ago, lbking
Great tool!!
Used this app to successfully see aurora 4 times in a few days in Reykjavík. The conditions can change very quickly but the app did a great job of guiding us and the notifications worked too. Thank you!
Show more
1 month ago, 1967GI
Spot on
I’ve had this app for ever it feels like. Last night it was alerting me finally that I was in viewing area. Like most of North America but I was a step ahead with this app. Thank you
Show more
5 years ago, SmokeyGirl
Horribly distracting ads
I uninstalled this app in less than 2 minutes. I totally understand you need ad revenue and for many apps I use regularly I will purchase the ad free versions. This app had such a horribly distracting ad at the bottom I couldn’t even get thru putting a location in and looking around before I decided to delete it. Plenty of free info on web and other apps that are not so obnoxious. Zero stars!
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4 weeks ago, Kelangell
Love it
It’s because of the alerts as well as the cloud forecast in this app that I’ve been able to see northern lights twice now! They are pure magic!
Show more
7 years ago, RocketRosie23
Thursday Night Light Show
Your app told me I had a 40% chance of seeing the lights and at 9:30pm the hotel called my room and I got 2 hrs of dancing, swirling, circling, spiking and arcing lights chasing all across the sky. I was on a photographers tour and everyone got awesome shots!!!!! Thank bunches for an awesome app!
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