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User Reviews for My Consumer Cellular

3.07 out of 5
731 Ratings
10 months ago, ssingle82
Looking to Change
I’ve had to replace 4 SIM cards in my phone due to issues with the inability to track my usage on my account. The app is a piece of crap. Every time I try to log on, I get an error message that apologizes for the inconvenience but they’re working on getting it up and running. This has been going on for almost 2 months. Can someone please tell me what the problem is? I’m uninstalling the app and am going to reinstall it with the hopes that this fixes the issue. *Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the issue.
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5 months ago, Kasealee
The app is simply not of any use. It opens you can ONLY see what you’ve used for data, go to settings and nothing of value there say nothing of not having any settings to anything except if you want to share a mobile hot spot, support is generic non specific questions/answered and very literally no reason whatsoever to have installed on any device. Just use a web browser don’t waste the space or your time. Company is ok and customer service the people themselves are nice. I love the not in my face all the time advertising, annoying texts with promos, and the overall simplicity BUT the company does NOT stand behind the products they offer and they do NOT honor the warranty (I have a useless to me $1000k plus phone that I still diligently pay for every month along with the phone I had to buy since the other was useless and I have to obviously also now pay for)or it’s process so basically as with anything… you get what you pay for. I can use my phone in most places and truthfully so did pay one amount each month if 40 something endless calls and data… I used to love this company now I don’t think they are any better than Walmart. It’s a shame.
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4 years ago, user915qmf
Doesn't show the correct amount due
I've been using this simple app for several months and it's fine for what it is, but it's not showing the correct payment due! I've been checking it regularly for weeks and it's been showing that I don't owe anything on my next payment due date (I've been paying extra), but suddenly today it says I owe $75! It's fine if it can't show the current amount owed until the billing cycle updates, but DON'T SHOW incorrect information! If the payment amount isn't current then just leave the old payment date in, don't put the next one and mislead your customers!! I've been using this app to check my data use on the fly, and I'm not confident that information is very current either, but this issue with showing the incorrect payment due amount/date is a major problem!!!
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8 months ago, Odysseus 14
Fun Memories for my Phone
As a member of Consumer Cellular, I want to tell you that I belong to the best cellular company ever. During the last 20 years, I have used so many companies I can’t count, but for the last 5 years with CC. I cannot say more about the company. It not only saves you money, but saves you time and effort. I have never had a problem with CC. Their company Lee their records straight while offering the best low cost ones and offering phones to purchase by using low cost programs to pay them back. I can not say more positive things about Consumer Cellular. Thank you!
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8 months ago, myworld360
Consumer Cellular services
I’ve never had service that’s as dependable as Consumer Cellular is! I’ve been with them for longer than I can remember, and I’ve never had any problems with their products or phone plans! I’ve recommended them to all my friends and family. I’ve tried some of the other mobile plans and they just don’t come anywhere as good as Consumer Cellular, I have no plans of moving in the future! If your on a fixed income I recommend you give this service a try! I know you’ll feel as I do! Brenda B.
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10 months ago, Leaving for better
This company has gone way down hill in four years
I’ve used Consumer Cellular since February, 2018. At first I thought they were a top notch company. Unfortunately, in December, 2022, they are terrible. First, their CCapp has not functioned for TWO MONTHS. Therefore I have had no way of tracking usage and went over the limit both months. The slow down is beyond absurd. It averages 2 minutes loading a site if it loads. Very few sites connect with Consumer Cellular’s outrageously WEAK SIGNAL. I called customer service and not only did the woman employee have no solution, the EMPLOYEE ENCOURAGED ME TO LEAVE AND SWITCH COMPANIES!!! If their service offers no help and total indifference toward customers, you are the worst company I have ever used. Beware!
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1 year ago, 78Clone
Fingerprint login doesn’t work
I have used this app for over two years now and within the past two months the fingerprint login has stopped working. I am asked to sign in with my phone number and password then the fingerprint prompt appears. Kind of useless. I have checked to make sure that the feature is turned on in settings. I have tried to delete the app and reinstall but it still doesn’t work. I tried using the chat feature but they were just following a script on how to use the fingerprint feature and couldn’t understand that it wasn’t there until after you signed in. Very disappointed!
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5 years ago, Preschooler parent
Works Excellently
Just started using CC's service. So far I have had better coverage than Sprint! Add to that this great app to easily track my usage AND change my plan, and it's a wonder I never heard of them before. CC, or those who design the app, it’s disappointing that you took the number of days left in cycle away from the app. The date is still there but that number was one of the main reasons I use the app. I’m still sold on Consumer Cellular. Never have dropped calls. Always get great service. Love the no hassle month-to-month service. It is so nice to know exactly what I will be charged each month. This has got to be the easiest to understand and use phone company ever invented. I do wish the text and data features could be split so the use of a flip phone would be cheaper than that of a smart phone. But I’ll live!
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6 years ago, SYF54
Does not work well on iPhone 6
App is unreliable and does not work well, at least not on iPhone 6. Latest update for fingerprint access almost never works and now the autologin with password, that worked only if you tapped it, doesn't work at all anymore. What a pain, can one rollback to the previous version, which at least worked plus or minus? Auto login never works, have to tap login button every time. Frequently get message "Still working... Are you connected to the Internet" when trying to get additional details using "More" and "Go to my account", when Internet connection is just fine and all other Apps working normally.
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3 months ago, N715DP
Service is great, app doesn’t work… still.
Unable to login despite having correct credentials, as many others have stated. Customer support has no idea how to help because they are in the dark (but they are great at service-related stuff). Where is the response from Consumer Cellular? This app has been broken for months - since the “update” came out. Update June 2023, version 5.0.3 adds Face ID but doesn’t solve the actual log in errors. Have to uninstall and reinstall just to be able to maybe log in.
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1 year ago, Angry5.3
Fingerprint (Touch ID)
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years on both an iPhone and an iPad. About 2 weeks ago the fingerprint (Touch ID) stopped showing up on the sign in page on the iPad . After entering the password and signing into the app it then requests me to enter my Touch ID. Kind of defeats the purpose of Touch ID. The app continues to work perfectly on the iPhone however. Tried turning the fingerprint (Touch ID) on and off a number of times. Deleted the app and reinstalled it a number of times. Tried rebooting the iPad as well. All with no luck. Finally contacted Consumer Cellular support and they were basically no help at all. They told me to contact Apple.
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1 month ago, ibl0b
New Face ID feature does not work
Please fix your new Face ID feature. It doesn’t work. I have the feature activated in settings but it constantly asks for my password every time I open the app. What’s the point of having the Face ID feature if you keep having to sign in with a password?! Either fix it or have the app just remember my password so I don’t have to type it in every time I open the app. Update: I’m deleting this app. It’s more annoying than helpful since their last update and the Face ID/login fiasco. Weeks have gone by and it’s still not fixed. Not quite the customer service heroes they claim to be I guess.
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1 year ago, billboyd42
I’ve been a very satisfied customer with CC for some years now but for the last 4-6 months now my signal has been only between 0-2 bars which makes it very hard to enjoy much of the phone’s features. Is this something that only I have encountered? Can it be fixed and/or determined what it is? Thanks
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3 years ago, Njslim
Overall My CC is convenient and nice. One issue has arisen in the last month. My CC used to display the amount of data used but no longer is. I am on the unlimited data plan which is subject to slower transmission rates after using 35 GB of data. The graph allowed me to track my usage and maybe alter usage as to avoid exceeding the data speed limit. Currently it shows no data usage in the current billing cycle which I know is incorrect. It would be nice to have this functionality restored.
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1 year ago, Dune Rider Terry
Horrible Celluar service
This cellular service is really made for people who don’t know how to use a smart phone or they are retired and no longer need data! Every money I run out of data usage about 5 days before my cycle reset! 50GB is not enough data and I really don’t use my phone that much! I go to the company and they could care less about what I need! No my usage is turned down to snail speed and I can’t even open an email or it takes 3 to 5 minutes!! Also they have NO PLANS FOR AN IPAD!! They have them own tablet that is made for 78 year old person!! Sorry but after 3 years I am leaving and going to US Celluar!!
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6 years ago, Zzzopfgb
“Auto Login” Constantly Fails - 1st & 2nd Update,
This once was a great app because when I had it set to “auto login”, I could obtain a lot of information without logging in. Recently, the “auto login” toggle has somehow been turned off even though it had been on when I last used the app. I have to reset the password every time I wish to use it. Update: Thanks for the response. I followed your instructions last night (after obtaining a new password yet again) and it worked this morning! The “Auto Log-in” toggle was still on and I didn’t have to log in. It is nice to have that function back! New Update: Is not working again. Give up.
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10 months ago, Mountaintop girll
Fingerprint issue
Just adding my FINGERPRINT ISSUE to the others! When I go to log in with my fingerprint in the app , it ALWAYS says it failed , check user name & password & try again. When I called customer service they insisted they don’t have a fingerprint option! Go figure. He said you have to check with Apple . I spent a good amount of time with Apple & it is not on there end. Also don’t have this problem with any other app. I can’t even get into my account to check it! App it ready for prime time even though several years old. Think I can do better elsewhere & it’s not that cheap.
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5 years ago, sgeffe
Data Usage Misrepresentation
The app does most of what it needs to do, but with this latest major upgrade, it’s showing my data usage as “Near Limit,” when in fact, I’ve only used just a touch over 1GB of my 3GB limit! The bar should be green, not amber! And while I have your attention, how about implementing a pop-up that shows how much data or how many minutes you folks expect me to use, based on current use, just like the Web site.
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5 months ago, OU1954
Superb support
They just shipped new SIMs that provide additional services. As far as signal level is concerned, all their services are provided by the major carriers. If you have a signal issue it is not caused by Consuler Cellulsr so stop complaining about their service level. The few times I called them to change services they handled it quickly and professionally.
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4 years ago, whiteworthm
Outstanding Service
I would like to thank CC for their service. Their prices and easy pay are outstanding. I live in a rural area and I have never had any problems with my phone service. And anytime I have had an issue of any kind their customer service was quick, and resolved my issue with expertise. Do thank you Consumer Cellular it has been a pleasure doing business with you
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6 years ago, chamah29
Problem fixed
I had a problem signing in to my consumer cellular but immediately after writing about the situation in a review the problem was fixed. You can always depend on their service which is even better than the big name companies. I like getting a discount because I am a senior citizen; I’ve never had any other company offer me this. I recommend CC to all my friends.
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4 months ago, Daniel Doria
FRAUDULENT SERVICE internet turns OFF at 50GB not throttles
I have the unlimited data plan. Unlike every other carrier, this carrier advertises that they will throttle speed to 2-3 BMPS after the 50GB high-speed limit, allowing for schoolwork, email, etc. That is FALSE. In fact, separately from the terms you sign as a consumer, the company imposes a FULL INTERNET SHUT OFF, sometime after the 50GB usage, er go, not an unlimited plan. I run my blink cameras, schooling, and pet charity at home. I woke up to a text from my trusty cell phone company telling me that we no longer have any internet, but I can still make phone calls, and that it's for MY PROTECTION. They throttled according to the T&C for 4 months and then just decided to scrap the contract terms apparently. Fascist: 1) where are you driving to? Show me your papers. 2) what are you downloading? Show me your papers. Stick to the contract terms ya fascists. Contracts are contracts.
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9 months ago, LivingInOhio
Can't Login since app update
Been using CC app on my iPhone for three years without problems, but I cannot login since the recent updates. When I submit my login info, the page becomes an all white screen with the orange CC logo at top and it freezes. I've downloaded a second update since the first one tanked, but it changed nothing to correct the login problem. Tried clicking on "Submit error" through app link at Apple Store, but it just takes me to the CC website. The problem has rendered the app useless.
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3 months ago, CW Mann
Face ID doesn’t work
Similar to what others reviewers report, I can’t log in with face ID on my iPhone 11. Each time I open the app, I have to enter my password, which I can’t remember because it is a phone generated strong password. After I finally enter the password correctly, the app asks if I want to use face id. I answer yes, but the next time I open the app, it’s deja vu all over again. Seems like a simple fix, so why have so many reviewers been reporting this issue for years?
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8 months ago, C.J. K
New Version
Since the new version of the app came out recently with the improved user interface, every couple of times that I use it, it will not let me sign into the app. I have discovered that it is necessary for me to remove the app and reinstall it. I am just letting you know so that the issue can be resolved because I otherwise love the app!
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3 years ago, non ninja user
Worst cellular service EVER!!!
Lost my phone and access to my email. Paid off my previous balance due via the app. After payment my account was no longer accessible via the app. They asked for a copy of my ID for verification. I sent it via another email, since my old email was not accessible. Zero help with account. The app is horrible. The company is horrible! Hour long wait when calling customer service and still no help! Paid for insurance and phone and can’t get a replacement or service! Run from this company!
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1 year ago, Zeppie 89
Three times today I was logged/timed out while discussing an important issue on Chat. This needs to be fixed. It’s different when someone is just there too long doing nothing or forgets to log out when finished but I waited in a que to talk 3 different times and was logged out repeatedly on Chat feature and could never finish my business. Not cool, CONSUMER CELLULAR! 😡(I couldn’t call as my old phone has been deactivated and I was trying to activate another phone.)
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3 months ago, Ca6601
Top notch
We switched from another carrier several years ago and have not looked back. Cell service is still the same but the differences are in the quality of customer service (their people are great) and substantially lower costs.
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4 weeks ago, WVWTH
Face ID issue needs fixed
Edit: Face ID is still not fixed. Still having to login about every time. Dropping down to 2stars. Come on guys. Surely this can get fixed so Face ID actually works every time. Overall I like the app but Face ID needs to be fixed on the login. Even with the face ID selected as the option to login it’s still requiring my password and it’s annoying. Please fix this. Will bump my rating up once it’s fixed.
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8 months ago, 5jyl5z0zea
Older Version Was More Stable
The latest version ( is unstable. At first it would not let me log in, even though I could log into their website with the same login credentials. I had to delete and reinstall the app several times before I could finally log in. Next, the app would just randomly sign me out, which meant I had to repeat the previous process all over again. I’m not sure what’s happened, but this app has regressed in stability.
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12 months ago, SteenieBeanie
Facial ID
I would give a 5. However…I’m never able to go right into the app. The whole idea is to show my face and I’m in to take care of my business. I’ve called several times and thought the situation was resolved. Each time I’ve gone in I’ve had to go through other steps to get in the app. I’m disappointed that it’s not working well.
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8 months ago, Beadz4me
Issue with app
Since the app was updated last week, it logs me out when I leave WiFi range. As long as I am using cellular service, it will not allow me to log back in until I am back to using WiFi service. Prior to the last update, I don’t think my app ever shut down. Now it shuts down every time I leave the house.
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3 months ago, Sun74160
Can’t Log In With Safari
While I am happy with my cell phone plan I am very unhappy with their website. I can’t log in to my account with Safari on my Apple computer (that’s totally updated). I was told to download Chrome in order to log in and view my account. I don’t want to do that. How about CC gets compatible with Safari! Of all my websites this is the only one with this problem. I’m so annoyed by this!
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1 year ago, Tigmanha
No fingerprint ID
When logging in I do get the option of using the fingerprint Id. Password only. Once logged in I have the option to use fingerprint which I use. The CC app toggle is on for fingerprint use under security. Still do not get the option when I log in, only ask for password. I have texted and called CC, they all follow a script with no chance of stopping the script. Just want to pull my hair out. Good luck to everyone out there looking for answers, you won’t find them here.
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5 years ago, f69tele
Needs improvement
Just switched back to CC after being with another carrier for 2 years. The old version of this app was very nice and accurate 2 years ago. This new app is almost worthless. Does not show the correct data plan on my account and it does not show any usage. Does not show the correct account renewal date either. I have to go to the actual website to see my account standing. I am using an older iPhone (5s) but still... Hopefully this app with get fixed at some point.
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2 years ago, Semper Fi, y'all
My CC is unusable
Last month I bought a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and restored all my apps back to the new phone. My CC was one of those apps. It is now unusable because it doesn’t let me login. (Using the same credentials,I can login to consumer cellular via a web browser on my desktop computer, but not on the My CC app on the phone. Also, I was able to log into My CC on the old iPhone — again, using the same credentials.) The CSRs at Consumer Cellular are no help. When I call them they are as mystified as I am why My CC doesn’t work.
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4 weeks ago, azscbums
Happy Customers
We have used Consumer Cellular since moving to S C over 20 years ago. Have almost always been very well pleased with it and rank it a far better value than any other cell provider we have reviewed.
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8 months ago, Xnrocnejxv
Latest update broke my App
MyCC app hasn’t been working on 3 of my devices for about a week now. I can log in but the next screen is all white except for the orange CC logo. Something broke between logo and the next screen. I deleted the app from all 3 device and reinstalled the next day to no avail. Please get it fixed!
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2 years ago, Mybrit1
Paying forClosed account
I cancelled and closed account, received confirmation of closed account, yet still being charged on auto pay. The app doesn’t allow to remove credit card and web site has locked me out due to closed account. Strange given that I can log into app. There appears to be no way to stop payments. I will challenge first with CC company then file in court for erroneous billing. Even invoices show closed account with zero activity.
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3 years ago, nananndell
Excellent customer service!
I’ve saved big $$ over the years with CC! Their customer service personnel are patient and knowledgeable! I don’t know why people pay more $$ than they need to with other carriers? I’m a very satisfied long time customer and highly recommend CC!
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8 months ago, Fred Goudy
Clueless Company
Just as others have said, impossible to sign in. How could this new version have been put up without anyone finding this problem before hand. Spoke with a rep who acted like I was the first person to have this problem. She tried to blame it on the latest OS update. Is anyone at CC paying attention to the App Store comments? I was told there would be a new version within 24 hours. My guess is it will be more of the same.
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4 years ago, Duane Williams
Minor bugs
I searched and found no info on how to report app bugs. The online chat person couldn’t help. The Amount Due and Due Date fields under Billing & Payments do not resize appropriately to handle dynamic Text Size changes set by the user in Settings (Display & Brightness). The usage graphs in the app do not display the “What we think you’ll use” estimate shown in the browser display under Plans & Usage. That would be a nice addition. The app is generally quite good, although it does not seem to display real time usage data. So if you’re close to your plan limit, you might not be told until you exceed it.
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5 years ago, WTTNWA
Great little app
This works great. Very small in size and shows everything that I need on one page. Loads fast and used your fingerprint for security. Works much better that my old ATT app. Have not noticed any difference in my service since I changed from ATT.
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1 year ago, rem25
Can’t view account info
I just switched to consumer cellular and the app leaves much to be desired. I can view my data usage on the main screen, but when I click on My Account it just spins and I can’t access any menus or options. Please fix this as it’s much easier to use the app than have to sign into a browser on my phone to check everything.
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2 years ago, Sgt_frankos
Good but NOT Enough
A reasonable app for basic tasks such as dues and usage, but I can foresee a not-so-savvy person having difficulty accessing their account details. Account details should be under the Home page not in settings. And the app is not 4 years old it’s close to Six.
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3 years ago, Musicalaimee
Issues opening app and logging in
The app is fine normally - the layouts decent and fairly easy to navigate But recently (within the last month or two) when I go to log in it never connects, just constantly spins the waiting symbol. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it but nada.
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4 years ago, Keene Woman
No way to email them !!
Every time I need to call them or chat or anything, I wait forever !!!!!!!!. There’s NO way to email them !!!. App is hard to maneuver and to understand. I’ve been trying, all day, to find out WHY my new phone hasn’t shipped yet !!. I ordered yesterday, and was told it would ship this morning, and it didn’t !!!. I can’t get through, to get an answer !!!. WHY don’t they give us a way to email them ?!!!.
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4 years ago, bonsai 0099
It’s pretty good
The app itself is pretty good. It is nice to know what my bill will be. The only thing is the online chat on he app does not work. You type a question and wait and it just keeps saying we are sorry for the inconvenience but everyone is busy or and agent will be connected shortly but no one ever gets connected to me. Other than that is is pretty good.
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3 years ago, helpforpa
Auto login feature no longer works, received an App update a couple days ago and ever since having problems. Contacted CC customer service and they refreshed my phone but the problem still exist.
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1 year ago, Ijoalot
No usage data showing on app
Recently my data usage is not showing up on the app or when I look it up in my account. Seems to be a problem that needs to be fixed.
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