My Energy Account Mobile

2.1 (65)
103.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Flint Electric Membership Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Energy Account Mobile

2.08 out of 5
65 Ratings
6 years ago, GaDawgFan73
No longer receive alerts
For the past several months, I no longer receive the alerts that I’ve selected. I’ve tried push notifications, text message and email. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling three different times. I hope someone reads this and fixed this problem real soon!!
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3 years ago, Alnewoutlook
Flint Energies App does not work
A recent update was made by flint IT Dept and it does not work. In fact the old version tells you to update and will not update. The only way to get around to getting into your account is to go flint engeries website and log in their. I called flint energies office and was told to delete the app, reinstall, and click forgot password. They send you an email on resetting your password. Well I told her I had already done that. I was told to try again. An I did with no luck. Don’t waste your with flint new App, they are only going to tell you try again, again, and again.
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10 months ago, zackmicheal123
Saying needs update when I have updated it
Can you please put it back to the old update can’t even check my account saying it needs update I’ve updated it deleted it reinstalled it just keeps popping up can’t open it
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4 years ago, WhiteRice16
No payments processed
For the last month, I cannot process a payment using any debit card. I’ve tried mine and my husbands, as well as a friends, just to see what would happen. To no avail, I cannot make a payment now thru the app. This is terribly inconvenient having to get up and fly to the payment location before cutoff time, in the mornings. I did process an electronic check and shockingly it worked. So I can pay with checks, but not a debit card... please please please fix this!!!!
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6 years ago, BeeKeeperBuzz
I love the app and I use it every month to pay my bill. I would love to see you add the ability to print off a receipt. I screenshot the completed payment to have a copy for my records. When I print it, it uses a lot of blue ink to print the background. Please add a printer-friendly receipt option. Thank you!
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10 months ago, Vic9694
Update broken
Ive used this app to pay for 5 years and suddenly it tells me to update, i updated the app and it is still telling me to update even though it just updated, and not allowing me to open the app to pay my bill.
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10 months ago, SkullGoddess
I’ve been using this so called app for a few years now and there’s always a problem. I tried to use it a few mins ago and it’s telling me to download the new version in order to use the all but when I did download the new horrible version, I can’t use the app. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!!!!!! This is 2023 and your IT DEPT is completely TRASH!! Your app and website is early 90’s trash!!
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3 years ago, Walkinfaith4952
New app does not work
I have used the Flint app for several years.I had to update it, now it will not except my user account or my password. I have deleted it, reinstalled it, and called flint energies. They know that there is an issue, they updated their system and now the app fails. If you have issues, more than likely it is the app
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6 years ago, Peaches407
Great app packed with all information you need!
I really like this app to keep track of my electric bill love the bill History feature nice see it on your iPhone or iPad great! Thanks!
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2 years ago, thejennlynn
App is saying not compatible with iOS 15.5
I click “update” and it takes me to the App Store, and installs the same version? I search for another version and there are not any. I just did a full restore to factory, set up as new, so I am pretty sure it’s not my phone…
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3 years ago, Kiaishere
Notifications don’t work.
I haven’t gotten any notifications via text or email even despite turning them on multiple times.
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10 months ago, Amethyst0385
Was working until recent update
I downloaded the most recent update but it still continues to pop up saying I need to update even though it’s already installed. I’ve rebooted and redownloaded the app after removing, but I cannot login to my app now. So much for a bug fix now you gotta worse one!
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6 months ago, Ben485670
App problems
It’s really hard to pay my bill when the app is having issues for two days straight and I’m on the verge of my power being cut off. Please fix this. It’s bad enough that this is the only option available for power.
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10 months ago, CrantT
Update incompatible to IPhone
Performed update on iPhone on Aug 23d. Continue to receive message, “The version is incompatible. Please click ok to update”. I have been using app for 2.5 yrs with no issues until this recent update. I use this platform to pay my monthly bill.
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10 months ago, Shadow231504
Can’t sign in
Since the recent update I can not login my account I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still says I need the new update. Well it’s updated and it says needs update takes me to play store then back to flint app
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2 days ago, Dmazing32
Won’t let me check billing history
For some reason every time I check the billing history it crashes out on me
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3 years ago, koolade1993
This app doesn’t work anymore
The app used to be amazing. It was super helpful to pay bills and see how much energy you used. But now after the latest update it doesn’t work. Doesn’t matter what you do.
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4 years ago, Jbp-051988
App looks like it was great... when the iPhone 4 first came out. So out of date, doesn’t fit the screen size of newer phones. Kinda sad considering how much they charge.
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10 months ago, Drawls6u
Can’t access
Since the update, I can’t get into my account. I keep getting an error message that the current version is not compatible and I need to update yet I’ve already updated.
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10 months ago, Allioakes
Not working
Keeps saying this version is not compatible w/ my iPhone 13, my iPhone is up to date now with IOS version 16.6. Have tried to uninstall and then reinstall still not working.
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10 months ago, Doesean
App won’t load
I’m trying to pay my bill and the app won’t even load but I updated it. I’m not really understanding how a update to fix bugs make the app completely shutdown?
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2 years ago, lapecas
Not compatible
Needs to be updated. Not compatible with iPhone 14. Not sure about 13. Have removed and reinstalled app a couple of times with no better service.
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11 years ago, Shawn 38408773674
Stopped recognizing password
Worked fine for 2 months now it says my user name and password are invalid. They are not, I can log in just fine on the website, but not the app. Uninstall-reinstall still no go. Please fix this.
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10 months ago, EspressoWB
Show better information please not graphs
I don’t understand what project manager or team decided the View Usage as a graph was a good idea but it’s not. Please improve the app to show usage as a list Yearly view would show a hard number of total usage for the month Monthly view would show same for each day Daily view would show same by hour
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10 months ago, tayvia40
I have an iPhone 14 plus and it keeps saying the app is incompatible with my phone. I have deleted and reinstalled this app and it’s still saying the same thing. Help!!!
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3 years ago, using app for years
Not working
App is not working and giving a communication error.
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2 years ago, MDoug2
Unable to open app
I am a new customer and just downloaded the app on my iPhone. It will not open. It says that this version is incompatible.
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3 years ago, Fresh iPad fan
Could not handle payment
Flash out when confirm to pay the bill.
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3 years ago, Infamous Pilot
What a joke
The app doesn’t process payments. Additionally, no Retina display support? It looks antiquated? Flint is so quick to charge high rates, but clearly doesn’t invest in their IT infrastructure. Such a shame.
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2 years ago, Cprincern
Won’t let me sign in anymore…
Says my version is incompatible and to press ‘ok’ to update, takes me to my App Store, but there’s no option to update 🤷🏻‍♀️
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10 months ago, Do better please3
The new update as of yesterday is saying not compatible with my phone. It has to be a glitch. I have a iPhone 12promax with iOS 16.6
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Horrible App
App doesn’t work. I still have to call in to pay my bill. Would have given 0 stars but it wouldn’t allow me to.
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2 years ago, isawdust611
App doesn’t work
Downloaded app and it says need updated version. It is the updated version.
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3 years ago, Janet M11
Password Issue
Since the recent update, the app deletes my password when I try to login.
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2 years ago, Tamara Jacobs
Can’t Login
App is currently useless. Invalid password error occurs constantly. Only successful login is using browser. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Valentina the Vampire
Notifications do NOT work
I’ve never once received a notification and have them ALL selected for my ‘bill due’.
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3 years ago, cbmhxd
App not working
I received the new update today 11 august 2021 and nothing works. Can’t even log in
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10 months ago, Fgjtfnfi
Fix immediately
The app quit on iOS it says it’s not compatible.
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10 months ago, Kaya bird
Opened the app to check on my balance. Said I needed to update it and and the current version was incompatible. … okay??? So, I got the update and now it keeps telling me to update it again. I can’t! I need to check my balance. 🥲🥲🥲
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3 years ago, bambiyeomans
App use
Cannot pay online with app
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10 months ago, Jordiefoxwood
App won’t open now that it was updated 😒😒
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10 months ago, Lprigger
App broke
App said update. Now it says incompatible.
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5 years ago, AppRater33
No login guidance provided so keeps dumping me out. Awful app :-(
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4 years ago, Pooh0607
The app won’t load at all! Please help!
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8 years ago, _BigHead_
Great app, small room for improvements
Overall the app does a fantastic job for a wide number of tasks. The biggest one being able to review and pay your bill, provides a copy just like what you are mailed anytime you might need it. I highly recommend it. You can also create custom usage graph comparisons, overlay temperature and other various information to see a bit of trend data. Super cool, and very surprising to see!! One change I would love to see is in the bill history page. It currently shows the balance due, which after you pay turns to $0. If they could show balance due and original amount in the list view it would be great! That, and the large text in the UI are my only gripes, but I think it's due to the 6 Plus screen size more than anything.
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11 years ago, Turbojacket
Great little app
I recently moved and it makes you pay both bills individually (one for previous balance and another for current setup fee at new house). It's just a small ding, but they have a button to pay both and it doesn't work. Once I paid each individually it worked fine. Not an issue as ill never need to pay two bills at once again, but just be aware. Small ding, but still a wonderful app.
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12 years ago, DownAirman
Great way to pay bill
Works great, except for some reason only today I'm getting a communication error. Hopefully will fix soon. Other than that the app has always worked great!
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10 years ago, VSUBlazerFan
Needs fixing
Cannot pay my bill as the charge button is at the bottom of the screen, and when you try to scroll to it, the screen bounces back.. Back to the website I go...
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12 years ago, MastaQ
Good App
Really a nice app, esp for a smaller company. It's cool to see usage on my iPhone. The only ding is for a notification always showing up on my home screen with no way of removing.
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8 years ago, Bpayne43
Great app. Works smoothly and quickly.
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