My h2o

2 (65)
3.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Locus Telecommunications, Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for My h2o

2 out of 5
65 Ratings
5 years ago, MommyLiss
Only good for balance check
I was hoping that by downloading this app, that I could keep an eye on how my son was spending his $$. He has used $5 in less than one month. The only thing I can see on here is the balance. When I go to Transaction History, it only shows how many times I’ve checked the balance! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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7 years ago, lanieann7
Absolutely horrid
The last update had minor bug fixes? I think that might have been too light on fixing anything! This has to be an app developed by a 5th grader. Really. The text even overlaps on the pages, where you can get very little information once you get there anyway. For example, we have three phone numbers, two currently active on my account. The app will only let me view one. You cannot do much of anything productive throughout what little of an “app” there is. So aggravating, I rather just pay more to AT& least they have produced a functioning application.
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6 years ago, randomdude81
class A customer service
heard many horror stories about trying to port out from h20. but I must say virginia m. was very helpful and professional. she didn’t give me a hard time trying to port out. might come back if they ever get visual voicemail
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4 years ago, T-sk8
Phone plan works great
This app is simple I know when I need to pay my phone bill on time and the H2O service is a little better than trac fone
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7 years ago, Admjob
It has to improve
It's looks pretty much the same as using the Safari app. Not cool 👎🏼
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2 months ago, Green engine
no service since days, so I cannot check my balance by phone. At least this app gives me the balance and expiration date.
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3 years ago, Viktor.chib9
Sold my phone number right away after I got it , started receiving robocalls from day 1
After activating my number , 20 robocalls per day including 20 text messages with ads I started receiving every single day , this is unbelievable. The only way they got my number is h2o sold it Very upsetting
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4 years ago, downwithH20
Horrible horrible horrible data service plan in plaster in this all over the surge charges and the “unlimited data” is bull crap !! 60 plus dollars gone down the drain in not even 48 hrs of paying the bill all my data usage has been “used” horrible company I will be moving to a different company as soon as possible
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5 years ago, C2-78
This app and web sites is D*head
I tried to update my credit card, every time I put my phone number it keeps saying I’m already sign up for auto recharge ( that is true) but I’m trying to update my card and there is no option to update. Don’t even use there service. Customer service is below C-
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2 months ago, invester.broken
Latisha T worst customer representative and h2o scam
I transferred my h2o account last month to a different provider. But h2o still charged for this month and refused to offer a refund for this absurd charge. The customer representative latisha t was very rude and did not provide any solution. Scammy company, please stay away.
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4 years ago, BRAZAHUNK
Very limited
Needs a lot of improvements, can’t do much with it.. I’ve been trying to change my plan for a month now.. can’t do through the app, you only can do it by phone wich they never pick up..
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4 years ago, Ibrahinch
Very bad quality
Come on guys! You should make a better app! This is too old, looks horrible and doesn’t help at all.. this days even the small companies have a decent app.. I strongly believe that you can make it too.
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4 years ago, kayawmu
Data config link problem
Data configuration link is not working for iPhone 12 pro. I need help
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6 years ago, felixzh88
Need some fix update
App need some updates , it’s been a year ago, need compare with new iPhone X. XR XS MAX now,and service need MMS for iPhone X XR XS MAX, visual voicemail for iPhone too. Keep updating if you don’t want company going down. Check out ultra mobile they doing better.
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1 year ago, rhale130
This so is trash. It’s outdated and needs to be bright up to speed. It’s totally useless and no user friendly. Do not download it very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Jamal sarker
Need update
This app is very old and working very poor…not all functional Pls update it quickly
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4 years ago, Jscratch38
Not worth the time
This app is very disappointing. It’s so basic and not very helpful at all....the website is way better
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6 years ago, Hyj_ny
Worst plan
Absolutely the worst plan if you try to use for data. You can waste 10 dollars in the a few seconds.
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10 months ago, Mmk only me
Keeps crashing
App keeps crashing after iOS 17 update
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11 years ago, Loachmonster
Why won't it remember my account?
It's ridiculous to have to enter it every time. Also, why can't I manage my account? Took me one hour on the phone with H2O to activate my account. 20 minutes of which was waiting for them to answer while there were a series of awkward beeps I had to listen to while waiting, and another 10 mins on hold while they were doing god knows what. During the call, the idiot on the phone asked me if I want to "charge" the account. Why would I spend an hour on the phone activating an account and then not charge it so I can use it. Furthermore, I asked her to sign me up for the $50/month plan and when I go to the account I see that I only have the $40/month plan. I am dreading having to call them back so they can correct their mistake!
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5 years ago, Cvele car
I spend 20GB in one month by using for uber and lyft, data in this service goes like nothing....
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2 years ago, What's ina Nickname?
Useless App
There are no instructions and it is not intuitive.
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7 years ago, Sraghukumar
No use of downloading
I think it's draft version
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4 years ago, Venkatgnex
Bad customer service
Bad customer service
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3 years ago, marlin Mayo ok
This service is a joke
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4 years ago, mitch5023
The worst app ever!!!
It’s not worth it at all! Don’t use this app. Just stay away!
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1 year ago, raafel valentin
The worst application
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7 years ago, Ustad007
Bogus app
did they ever update it??
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10 years ago, Edwmos
Not working with iOS 8
It was working well, but after updating to the last iOS 8 version, the keyboard does not appear on some screens, when numbers needs to be entered. Makes it useless.
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9 years ago, ldefoe
good but needs a lot of updating
ok it's a good app and it serves it's purpose just fine, I agree it's very annoying to have to enter your number and GSM every single time but I've gotten used to it. it should be updated to fit the iPhone 5 screen and now 6 & 6+. if updated it'd be nice to have some visual meters to see with you usage and maybe even a widget for use with iOS 8 to see my usage even more easily.
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12 years ago, Jorgeunzueta3!Gangozo
Better than AT&T
My contract was over with AT&T. So I've been looking into prepaid. And with h2o I don't even have to unlock my iPhone to have it working why? H2o runs on AT&T network. So it's like having AT&T without the contract. If you go with AT&T go prepaid you'll spend $65 for service. And h2o $40-$60 and this even include intl. service unlike att
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8 years ago, Mabeluch
Keyboard doesn't work
The keyboard of the app doesn't work on my iphone 6 and when I press the button to write to support it sends me to your website's main menu. The keyboard doesn't work, I can't type my phone number to see my balance, or to add credit.
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13 years ago, Taz 28
Amazing app
This is a great app, i was thinking about unlocking my Iphone to be able to use the internet but now thanks to this app i dont have to do it.
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10 years ago, KC4ZYP
Sorry, but program hung ...
After I installed program, I went to check my account after picking GSM phone and my phone #. Program hung. Even after trying to restart program it was still hung from last time at same point. The previous button wouldn't work either. I had to delete program. It was installed under iOS 8.0.2 Oh well!
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9 years ago, HalcyonRain
This app needs a refresh
Honestly how can you leave this app to rot for 4 years?? I cant even make a payment until i have to use the FULL desktop site on my phone. Thats basically a slap in the face and thats basically telling me "welp, its mot our problem." Surely you care about your customer base a little more than that?
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10 years ago, LCBCOCHISE123
App Freezes Up
This app is terrible. It constantly freezes up after I enter my cell number and the Edit and the Back button don't even work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 20 times without any luck of moving past that same point. Very disappointing!
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12 years ago, MrJackyLiang
Re-enter PIN every 2 Hours??
Why do I need to enter a PIN every two hours. It only stores stupid numbers on the app. Come on! Such poor innovation, and your interface is ugly.
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13 years ago, Jayisthatnice
Great App
It's great to see that H2O is recognizing it's iPhone users. Makes checking balance and expiration quick and convenient.
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12 years ago, Leolyon00
New H2o user
Good app - I left red pocket for h2o who recently went to (1gb) and they didn't have an app now I can easily check my data and stuff , and my phone isn't JAILBROKEN
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12 years ago, Dezrt Storm
Pure junk
They really need to fix this app. Who ever made it needs to try again because it's junk. Doesn't even work all the time a simple request of checking the balance only works like 50% of the time and all the other fetchers are even worse.
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13 years ago, Digitalburr
Very helpful
Does what it says. Great app for h2o customers using the iPhone! Thank you for great customer service and rates!!
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12 years ago, AlwaysMuneca
Would be useful if I can get past the log in screen. It just stays "processing the request" but it never does anything :/ was excited to see they had n app but disappointed that is not working for me
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11 years ago, Biosteres
Add minutes??
I don't get it. This app doesn't seem useful without being able to add minutes. If I have to obtain a PIN somewhere else to add minutes then what is the point? Am I missing something?
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12 years ago, Nasir Haleem
What's taking so long ????
Why in the world does the phone need to be jail broken or unlocked to be able to send mms messages? Other companies don't need to. When will H2o get with the program? It's last compatibility was with pre 4.2.1. When will you update???
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12 years ago, marcusfromireland
Good app
Good app, stupid people that don't know how to log in with a simple phone number, keep it up h2o!!
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7 years ago, crossfire3636
Nothing works on this app. Trying to view account balance or recharge I get error messages everywhere. And my phone is connected to the mifi
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13 years ago, Xxxxxxx27
Great app
This is great and very convenient :-) however I used to see how much data I had and now I cannot....what happened?
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13 years ago, arizonaloco
I love the app and H2O. I wish that I didn't need an unlocked iPhone to get MMS. It's still great to have and without a contract. H2O, a great MVNO for AT&T.
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13 years ago, Toonyla
Great app But I tried to recharge pin it says missing pin although I typed it
Show more
11 years ago, Koalateatimes
Okay so why is the icon on the App Store different from my actual home screen icon? Mine is still yellow and the AppStore's is black? Fix somehow...
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