My Just Energy

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Just Energy
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7 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Just Energy

1.7 out of 5
138 Ratings
2 years ago, effanember
Get it together guys!
It takes the planets aligning perfectly on the sixth blood moon of the new year just to get this app to load correctly so I can pay my bill. All I want is to pay for my electricity so I can cool my house and cook food for my family without having to speak to a human being. It’s 2021. I feel like this isn’t too much to ask.
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3 years ago, Lilgboss
Really Need maintenance/work
I’ve used this for several years when it comes to paying your bill it messes up a lot either you can’t fill in the info because it’s half not there or when you pay for your bill it has a loading icon forever and then it tells you to fill it out again and it doesn’t show up that you paid it even though you did. This really needs to be fixed it has many bugs in the program or something. For customer’s like me that have been with this company for well over 8 years this is a disgrace and it needs to be fixed ASAP!
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2 years ago,
This app is junk. It always has been. As much as the customers pay for electricity, you guys should be able to afford bug fixes in your payment apps. It takes an act of Congress to make a simple payment. Between you guys and AT&T, I’m not sure which I hate paying more. I ended up sending a complaint about the payment app through the chat service. The response was to delete the cookies in my browser or try another browser. Ummmm, I wanted bugs in the APP fixed. I don’t want to have to go to google to pay my bill. Fix your app and your web page or give your customers discounts for all of their trouble. I’m not the only one.
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4 years ago, Tharelic
I haven’t even fully used the app yet and it suuuuuuuccckkkkssss!!!! It cuts off part of the payment page, doesn’t show you past due balance, forces you to pay whatever amount is shown, & you can’t click on any of the bill viewing options. With the world being currently run by apps, you can’t make me believe they couldn’t pay for better app developers! Should have left this on the drawing board!! Was there no testing process before the actual launch? Does no one at the company have or pay an electric bill?? There’s no way anyone is successfully using this app other than taking up valuable space on their phone storage. Deleting!
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4 months ago, michael_b410
Horrible app and company
This app is a complete JOKE and it seems it will NEVER BE FIXED!!! The company, not much better to be honest! No way to pay a PARTIAL payment with a debit/credit card. It has to be the ENTIRE BALANCE or you have to use bank transfer using your routing/account #'s. This is so annoying as I live in a multiple family home and we need to be able to easily make quick payments. I use my routing and acct # to make a partial payment and it takes days to come out of my bank or sometimes doesn't work at all! Ridiculous!!!!
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3 years ago, The Mega Reviewer 💪🏻
Update the App it’s 2020
Yes I’d have to agree with a prior review. It’s very outdated and basic. I was also told I could monitor my usage. That’s part of the reason I downloaded the app. I don’t see anything reflecting real time usage.
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4 years ago, Ddddd2/;sc:,$)
Zero stars
Used to be decent. Don’t know when/why they had to screw with it. I get an rrror message when I try to pay my bill. In this day and age, surely Just Energy can do better than this. Unless they are just trying to make us call in and unwittingly pay $4 to have some idiot take a payment over the phone. Come on, Just Energy — fix this. Make it right. Fire the developers —- you are overpaying them.
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4 years ago, OnlineT@VO
Makes me want to change provider!!!
Its been months since Ive used this stupid app, I hate calling over the phone when I could just pay over the phone app. How is it that in this time and age a company can’t pay/won’t pay to have developers make them a great app for customers convenience! With this sorry app and my bill climbing I really don’t like Just Energy any more, Im getting out as soon as I can!!!
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2 years ago, Allasta
Terrible Company
Just energy will shut off your power without notice despite having a perfect payment history and being up to date on your account. You will then have to spend 2 months talking to 20 different people only for them to tell you they won’t cover the cost of the food that went bad.
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3 months ago, tps42
Won’t load and then crashes
Just like the title says. And when trying to enroll after the app finally does (thirteen attempts), while entering and then confirming a hard to type, complicated password, it crashes before I can submit my info. Fix it. This is awful. And I just signed a two year contract. I’m already regretting it.
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2 years ago, JD Navarrete
Stupid app
This app does not work so great. Especially when trying to make a simple payment. The operation of this app is totally flawed. I can’t even make a payment right now because it does not populate the rest of the payment form to complete. What a waist of time. I’m going to try to reinstall to see if I get through payment feature.
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3 years ago, Lrosson05
Every time I try to make a payment it closes and kicks me off. Very annoying! It’s also outdated. C’mon Just Energy! **Update, now it’s saying I have the wrong password. I absolutely do not. Fine! I reset my password and wait. I try again, and what do you think it says? “Wrong password”! Are you flipping kidding me. Website is crap too. Same errors. I’ll try again another day.
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3 years ago, Inshore Addict YouTube
App won’t let me add payment info
What’s the point of having a payment feature if the app won’t let me add the payment info. It used to work just fine not sure why I have to go through the website now to make payments. Pretty much just good for checking your balance and viewing bills but not making payments.
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1 week ago, Randa2559
About to switch my electric company because of this app!
You’d think after years of people having the same issues with this app they would actually fix it. Can’t even make a payment on the app, full screen does not load, trash just trash.
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1 week ago, beyou _sheshay_
Horrible service
Horrible service my bill different prices every month and I barley stay at my home most of the time I’m at my boy friend house and I feel like weekends should’ve be free and it takes them forever to turn your lights back on never heard of customer service close at 5
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3 months ago, Jeff24rocks
Very Poor App
All I want to do is pay my blasted bill! That’s all! This app will only give you part of the blanks needed to fill in, does NOT give you the necessary buttons to push and times out to where you have to start all over again just because THIS APP can’t get it together.
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3 years ago, mariap zamarriaga
Difficulty using App
I could not use the app. On the page where you input your card information to pay, it asked me to press “Confirm” once done, but the button was not appearing and the section that said “Billing Address” was at the bottom, along with the “Confirm” button, but I was unable to scroll.
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1 year ago, ReeseLo09
I’ve been using for years and absolutely no improvement! App is slow and paying your bill takes multiple attempts each time. I may move to another provider for a user friendly app.
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3 months ago, Mikear
Never loads the whole page
I’m the bill pay section the page never loads all the way making it impossible to make a payment
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4 years ago, TavoKanekk
Horrible app
Horrible application basically useless and just taking up memory on my phone. My first month bill is about to be due and I get no updates on my usage, no type of information in how much the bill will be. Very disappointed
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2 months ago, lozano101
Bill payment
You can’t use this app to pay a bill. It doesn’t load all the info and it doesn’t have the submit button. There online payment portal is the same way.
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3 years ago, Accekk22
Submit button missing
Just energy you will need to fix or update your app!!! submit button is missing and we cannot submit payment through your app!! spend some money and fix it or do not provide an app at all!!!
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2 years ago, shajsisnzjzs
Don’t let them lie to you
It is the worst company that I have sealed with in my whole life, they stole all my money, lied at me with gift cards and have not received any of them,and they have the worst costumer service. Don’t try them I promise you you will regret.
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11 months ago, FeliciaD82
Worst electric company
This company is the most horrible company to have electricity with. They do not help their customers, will harass you about your bill but will not try to work with you to resolve the issue. I plan to break my contract an go elsewhere ASAP.
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1 year ago, Jaybo214
Can never pay my bill
Tried paying my bill countless times using the app but it never works. Can’t ever see the submit button or even scroll down to it.
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3 years ago, Dalance123
I agree with everyone else. This app needs an update. This is ridiculous to have an app you can use. I thought it was just until I seen others review. Can’t use it to pay a bill and won’t let you add your information. Smh.
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4 years ago, Msncjohnson
You would think by now they would have fixed the notorious bugs this app has! You can’t even see all the words on the page and where is the submit button??!!
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2 years ago, Iamshadae
Completely outdated app
This app terribly outdated. And i really don’t understand why no one has taken the time to fix it. I can never do anything on the app so i have to login online just to make a payment 🙄
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4 years ago, Teenjesus
I don’t know how a company can let an app this horrible exist for so long. Especially when your automated call line directs you to use this broken atrocity. It’s actually so bad it makes you want to switch energy providers.
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4 weeks ago, JustinAS0909
Horrible App
This app make it so hard to make a payment on here. Please how many of us have to complain and tell you to fix you app to make it user friendly.
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3 years ago, Rynohaymaker
Wish I could give it 0 stars
It’s 2020 and these goofs can’t even get their app to allow you to make a payment. Yet if you’re 1 day late the letters come in the mail. Pull it together just energy.
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5 months ago, Finch 28
OMG worst app ever
It’s like someone said in the comments…it takes the six moons to align in a straight line in order for this app to work. All I want to do is to pay them. Frustrating!
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4 months ago, mollyyycoooke
Terrible app for a terrible service
My biggest regret is getting scammed into this terrible provider. The app is a joke and so is the customer service. 0/10.
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3 years ago, MatthewJLawrence
Sad garbage
Missing critical features Requires password every time. Why? iPhone has login at the device level Poor password security. You can’t use special characters. It’s a hackers dream Usage history does not work. It’s not on par with other energy providers Does not even tell you how much energy you used during current billing cycle or your current/forecasted bill.
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3 years ago, alexa0099922
Last update
Since the last update I haven’t been able to make payments on the app since we need the billing address all of a sudden
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4 months ago, K@M25
App ls Terrible
App needs a MAJOR overhaul! Completely outdated! The amount of info I have to input every single time to make a payment raises my anxiety too much! Please redevelop this app!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, CordesN
Unable to use
Unable to login via the app. Sent multiple email requests to their customer service that have not been answered.
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4 months ago, cariD82
No good ..
What’s the point to have it if I can’t see the whole screen to pay my bill : / ..
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3 years ago, jehude
Can not log in
I’ve reset my password, created accounts and yet can’t log in Extremely frustrating
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4 weeks ago, Siirt05445595445
It is bad
It is bad, really bad. It looks like a 1999 app or something …. Come on, it needs to be updated in full asap
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5 years ago, Gutierrezcv
Unable to login
The need to update the database. It doesn’t recognize my email on file nor create a new account
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4 years ago, S0m3b0di3
Login broke
I can login on the web but the same information will not let me login to the mobile app.
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2 months ago, Danielinforever
Won’t let me create an account
Won’t let me create an account or reset password 👎
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2 years ago, Winandez
Truly crappy
This app doesn’t even work to make a payment. It’s useless.
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5 months ago, bigSMALLS
Do you like wasting your time? This is the App!
Just use the website.
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6 months ago, Jayden's grandma
Horrible app
This app is horrible. Can’t even pay my light bill.
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1 month ago, elpanialaverga
Stupid app slow
App glitches all the time
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1 year ago, ndbehsjrn
Absolutely ridiculous!
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4 years ago, spoken41974
They lure you in and charge more than any other company has changed us in 20s of living here. Be aware.
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5 years ago, TwinMa777
Unable to login
I can get in on the website, but not on the app.
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