My Massey

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Current version
Massey Services, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Massey

2.02 out of 5
52 Ratings
4 years ago, Sideiki
Works, when it works
Functionality is fine when you can actually log in. I've had this app about 4 months and had to reinstall and/or log in on the web every single month to pay my service invoices. Just tried again to get in to pay my latest invoice and, as usual, it didn't work.
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4 years ago, Mikey j2
Happy customer
Thanks for improving the app but please return the upcoming service schedule. I used that feature to know approximately when my next service was due. It allowed me to ask questions or point things out when Massey personnel arrived to perform the scheduled service. Some Massey employees were not aware of the app and features such as next service when I mentioned it to them.
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2 years ago, Raiderms3
Still doesn't work
After my review, they contacted me. They changed the password. I logged in. Had to use my work computer to then change the password again. Got logged in. Less than 60 days later, broken. Again. I use the app to pay and schedule service. Their fix...change the password again. Pretty much the last time I'll even bother with the app. If it fails again I'll just cancel their services and go elsewhere.
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4 years ago, hoganab
Upcoming services
After the last update I can no longer see my upcoming services schedule, that’s the part that I used the most, please put that back on the the next update.🙏
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3 years ago, Ichabad
Broken more than it works
This app seems to ALWAYS be broken. I try daily to log in and pay service invoices but it refuses to work. Terrible app. Massey, if you want to be paid, you may want to put some effort in to your app.
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4 years ago, cloudreaver14
Very useful app
I love Massey - they’re always professional when doing my services. This app allows me to keep track of my services, payments, etc. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Ocean Hammock Customer
I’ve had the same problem with the Massey app. When it works it’s fine but when I try and login I can’t and I have to delete the app and reinstall it. I have an iPhone 13 with all current updates downloaded. I don’t understand why Massey hasn’t fixed this problem at his been going on for years.
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2 years ago, Nue yogi
Submit request never works
One thing a customer would use the app is to submit any service requests with details, at their own convenience, not relying on office hours. The submit request option lets enter all information but always errors out on submit.
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8 months ago, SamP2020
I mean seems like working ok for me
I prefer this over their website tbh!
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1 year ago, Jerk daddy
No need
adding another layer through an app was not needed and improved nothing
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2 years ago, notroHelyK
Poor app for terrible service quality and company
Pointless app that offers limited functionality and should just stick to web portal. You’re better off avoiding Massey all together
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4 years ago, Miser 321
What’s up with this app . 8 out of 10 times when I try to log in it tells me my credentials are incorrect. They have been the same for the 2 years I have been involved with Massey. After waiting a few minutes, it works !
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4 years ago, harrybrown69
A truly magnificent app
Who knew paying your pest prevention bill could be so pleasurable?!
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4 years ago, ChaseSkylar63
Terrible App
The app is a nightmare and hardly ever works. Don’t waste your time. It crashes, has errors and won’t allow logins. Sneaky because you can’t request service online; only on the app...and the app won’t work. Not helpful. They Cleary gave up on this.
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11 months ago, Frippcat
Can’t log on
I’ve tried and tried to login to my account. Will not let me on my phone or iPad. Guess the next step is to try a computer. Frustrating!
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4 years ago, P90newb
Horrible last update
The last update is awful, you can’t even see what you are typing during log on. No scroll option, so keyboard covers everything.
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3 years ago, abczwqrs
App perpetually fails
Must uninstall/reinstall each time you need to access the App. Massey says there is nothing wrong with the app. As you can see from the reviews, others would disagree....
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4 years ago, Garzones
Service request tool not working, useless app
We complete the form and the loading wheel never stops, with a final message that service can not be submitted. This company needs lots of improvements.
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4 years ago, Lavv11
The newest Version of this app will not allow me to log in. It says incorrect password. I can log in on a computer using the same password. Developers of this app need to fix it
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4 years ago, WDW PH
Upcoming Service
Latest update is OK but please re-add the upcoming service and service history views. Thanks
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11 months ago, Manny's Groove Box
Poor app design
Not very user friendly .
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11 months ago, RDSC2021
Barely Works...
App barely works, it doesn't allow you to remove or add new payment method. It's poorly developed & appears to lack even simple QA testing!
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3 years ago, BekahR2
Can’t log in
Would be great if I could actually log in. Says password doesn’t work yet I can log in from my phone on safari.
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8 years ago, dianathegreat13
App no longer works
Was a pretty nice app you could see your amounts due and pay them. But I have tried to login repeatedly and reset the password repeatedly and it won't except it on the app so somethings up! Also it didn't allow me to make two payments for my annual termite inspection and did not alert me that I had already paid it and so now I have to wait for refund not too happy about that either
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4 years ago, MattFLA
Can’t log in
This app is awful. Can’t log in, have to go to web site to log in. Time for an update!
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4 years ago, DRPRun
Useless App
Can’t log in using the exact same user name and password that works via the web. Useless app!
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4 years ago, Fioysssjkl6632
Cannot log in or even enter my account info. Time to find a new app developer
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10 months ago, eliryan
Does not work
Unable to add payment method to account.
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3 years ago, Aurora8122
Doesn’t work. Can’t log in. Not worth downloading.
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4 years ago, Adrian79
Plz add back the “upcoming service” appts
Plz add back the ability to see the scheduled monthly service appts.
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12 years ago, sethadam1
I love this app
I'm really proud of our app and hope that our customers enjoy this convenient way to manage their accounts. We put a lot of work into designing a slick, intuitive app and hope to continue to add new features and abilities.
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12 years ago, Little Old Caddy
App Doesn't Download
App seems very useful, but I was unable to actually download the app. It opens from iTunes only. When I close it out (I minimize open apps to save battery charge), I have to reopen iTunes, search for the app & open from there. I'm on an iPhone 4S. Please help! Thank you!
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12 years ago, Captain Bart
Love the app!
I can pay my bill, see my history and take pictures of any problems or things I have questions about and send them to them. Awesome!
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5 years ago, Marilyn407
Great Service!!
I can’t tell you how happy I am with the service that Drew gave me. He was always on time, courteous and pleasant. I’ll definitely recommend Drew and Massey to my friends and family. Thank you Marilyn H
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6 years ago, BrianSeekford
Not a good app
Once you get past how ugly and out dated the app is, you realize it’s just not a good app. It’s a shell for their website. That’s fine and all yet their website isn’t very reactive so the pages don’t fit in the screens and words are cut off on the billing payment screen. I have an iPhone 8 Plus so it’s probably way worse on smaller phones. Two years with no updates ?
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6 years ago, mikejcsauer
Outdated to the max...
Massey’s service is great. But this app appears to have not been changed since iOS 3... and I mean before Retina display was a thing. Obviously it has been updated enough to run on the current 64 bit requirements that iOS has now, so someone there is keeping it running, but it’s definitely time for an overhaul. I’ll stick to the website.
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11 years ago, spartanswin
Useful and easy
Great way to manage my account, send questions and even send photos!
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12 years ago, Idrob
Easy to use, easy to get results. Great responsiveness when I sent them a picture of a problem---saved me money!!!
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5 years ago, Bob Winnie
Wonderful Service
The service is great. The App is awful. It only works in portrait orientation. I can’t see both the invoices and payments. To top it off they have hidden that option on the full site. If only your app was as user friendly as your employees.
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6 years ago, goldensaremyheart
Payment feature does not work
Love that you can see all your invoices, payment and services but the payment feature does not work. Please fix. It would be very handy!
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7 years ago, KatieMarie924
Not very customer friendly
You have to sign in again to make a payment after you already sign into the app once. Layout is not functional all the time for iPhone 7 screen. The "logon" button is huge while the cancel is tiny. Step up your IT game.
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Simple, intuitive and convenient
Great app. Really intuitive and quite convenient. Good job
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4 years ago, hercdra
Can’t login
App not working worked for a few months and now it won’t except my login
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12 years ago, heybluez
Easy way to make payments.
Convenient way to make my payments. Simple and useful. Thanks Massey!
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12 years ago, accarrigan
So easy
I hate paying my bills but this app makes it nearly tolerable. Great job
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12 years ago, Ticketscanner
Good app!
So easy to pay and quick to use. Very helpful!
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12 years ago, bsd221
Easy to Use
Love the App. Makes paying my bill simple.
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12 years ago, cdahlhausen
Great and simple
Really convenient . Easy to use
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4 years ago, waitingtoexhale57
Bad app
I’ve tried several times to put my account number in it keep saying it’s not my account number and It won’t open up and to call a number I’m so frustrated with this app I’m deleting it
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7 years ago, bdmontz
This app hasn't been updated in years. I was able to create an account but paying a bill failed. The website worked fine though.
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