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Q link Wireless
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1 year ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Mobile Account

3.76 out of 5
134 Ratings
3 years ago, VeePeeCee801
BYOP don’t buy from dem. Where my free tablet?
Because thes they send you are be worked a dollar at rhe pawn shop. I brought my phone phone, I’ve actually had 3 different kinds “MOTO” Samsun galaxy, And now I’m using the iPhone 7. I haven’t had any issues that’s everyone’s been saying. The problem is is get 5 emails a day saying I need to press that button on the email or I will lose my service. And I also did the EBB ENERGENCY SERVICE cause I wanted the New Tablet. There “SUPPOSE” to send out. I got a email about it but still nothing has happened about that tablet. So what’s up with the tablets? Which it just a scam? So we’ll had to upgrade to your NEW SIM CARD??
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1 year ago, Tiredofyourshit43
The absolute worst service
This service is the worst service I've ever had. It's free for a reason. As soon as I turn the phone on in the morning the service is throttled for the first 5 mins. It takes 2 1/2 minutes to load an article. After 1 1/2 minutes they throttle the service and you lose connection wait another 2 1/2 mins. for it to load again. Then every minute and a half they throttle again. It's useless. I haven't received one phone call. The one text I got was 3 1/2 hours after it was sent. This company is just a government ripoff. They are charging them for a service they aren't providing. The day I got the Sims card and tried to use it I knew it was bad. So I applied for a different service on the same day. I'm glad I did. I will have this service turned off and report them to the BBB and DCFS who recommended I get it. HORRIBLE COMPANY, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HORRIBLE SERVICE. Whatever company runs this network has lost me for life. I'm going to use safe link until I get back on my feet and then I'm going back to straight talk.
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11 months ago, Tommy Bandz
Amazing phone service and app
The app is super convenient, super easy to use and stupid people friendly… and I am a stupid people 😂 lol also the phone service has good connection and unlimited data, talk and text which is cool because all the other free service companies only give you a limited data. Thank you, Q Link for helping me stay connected with friends and family! It’s so helpful 😊
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3 weeks ago, Runin1wild
Lowered data speed
I paid for unlimited data and now they lowered the data speed to connect for $30 more I can get 5g of date speed each month. I can wait almost 3-5 minutes for a page to Load if that or it tells me I have no internet service retry again. This service is horrible. I also keep getting disconnected. I called to get some answers but I couldn’t understand the person I was talking too. All these call center are in another country and are very hard to from me understand with their accents .
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1 year ago, Nefarious Etheral
Love it!
With all the negativity in the world I swear this was a scam or I’d all of a sudden need to add a card to get minutes. When I inserted SIM card and made a random call and it actually went through I was amazed. On every I know and love I haven’t had a phone in close to three years. I used text free apps. I do appreciate this.
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1 year ago, Lalique175498
The Worst Carrier on the PLANET
I wish I could rate QLink with NEGATIVE minus ZERO stars. Do NOT sign up with this “government” service. You will NOT get data! They will try to blame it on your phone, but of course when you have access to other wi-fi, there’s no problem getting online. But if you’re trying to access internet through QLink, then no, you’re out of luck. You might have some data at the beginning of the month, or sporadically, but never consistent. They are LIARS. There’s a reason why this service is free, & it’s because THAT’S WHAT ITS WORTH: NOTHING!!!!!
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1 year ago, CorinneW143
If you need it, get it!
I had to end my Verizon contract early and go on a “government phone” due to covid. I have an iPhone 11 so I chose to just get the SIM card and they aren’t lying, you get unlimited data, unlimited talk and text for $0! I’ve had it for a year and I am so grateful! It’s saved me $100 bucks a month! Get it!
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12 months ago, Alabama BlackJacka
The Worst Service You Will Find!!!
I’ve tried for two months to get service through Q-Link using the ACP discount but every email they send me or when I log in, I end up somewhere showing that I’m approved but I can’t get them to send me a SIM card. I have received some emails from them saying they need more info but the link they give u doesn’t lead to anything saying any about that. Don’t waste your time with this company! It’s only a matter of time before they go out of business!
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1 year ago, Matthew1356
I love there service it has been a blessing being a single father I need to save every dollar I can and with this service I’m able to plus the service isn’t that bad I don’t think I have ever had a call dropped thank you qlink
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1 year ago, MarthaVirginia
Impossible app
No way to enter new payment info on it. It’s super annoying. I have to buy data cuz my new job requires it and I put my phone on low data but somehow it gets turned off so as to waste my data. I’ve been trying to be aware of when I’m home to shut it off but then forget to turn it back on. Hey maybe focus would help. I know hahaha but I mean the iPhone focus mode. Yeah this app stinks.
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4 months ago, Stephen Bolin
This company is the worst company on the ACP Program. If someone has gotten your information through hacking and applies for Government phone service through the ACP Program, this company actually waits until after the Transfer has been completed before they notify you that the transfer has been requested. Not only does this put Peoples lives in danger by not having phone services in the event of family emergency’s.
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1 year ago, ninagee28
Legit app and service
I use this service with my iphone13 saves me so much every month especially since moneys been tight with layoffs i use my phone alot as a gig worker now for the last year and the service is great and legit $0
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1 year ago, Therehegoo
Great App
I done had qlink for a year and a half unlimited everything I love this service never leaving
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3 months ago, djgotsauce
It says i have unlimited data but when im outside i have full bars and the LTE dont work as if i hve no data cant get on to check social media listen to music apps etc only text barely can send pictures unless im on wifi cant wait to get off this yeah its free but its not worth the hype
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6 months ago, babysharkdooooodoooooo
Hello mobile
They shut your data off after using up 17 gigs, if your on the road a lot without WiFi I highly not recommend this service they all read from the same scrip and will play stupid games with you so don’t even waste your time.
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6 months ago, AJ988879
Stay Away
I switched to Hello Mobile then switched back within an hour back to T-Mobile. Horrible customer service and basically the entire service is 3rd class. Use it at your own risk if you want to save few bucks.
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2 months ago, tygvbhjuilp
1 m/bps
Yes. You are reading that correctly. This impersonator of a cell provider provides a smoking hot 1/mbps. It is so slow it barely is able to open a web page. Forget about pictures and no way on video. This provider should be shut down. It’s a train wreck.
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1 year ago, realonecuz
Qlink service
This cell phone company is trash complete garbage No internet and calls drop frequently don’t wast your time with this provider all they care for is there profit not our convenience.. throw whole company out the windows including employees smh this is America
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5 months ago, Almost beyond help
I cannot get my iPhone to connect to the internet and it is causing major stressful situations with money/bills because I use my phone for everything and at this point I want to stop using the service
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11 months ago, MacBoneZ
It doesn't allow me to do anything besides look at the stats of my plan. I cant change anything, view anything useful, and it’s just redundant.
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1 year ago, Stjimmy1990
My advice for anyone is to change to a real service provider. Q link is a scam! The app is useless and so is their service. I can't even get texts.
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1 year ago, mrphatlipps
My Internet stopped working completely on my iPhone and suppport never called me back to fix the issue
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1 year ago, 东北发面大馒头
Cheat the consumer
There is no such thing as unlimited data, and data usage beyond 5GB will be limited to 110Kbps, which is simply not worth it.
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5 months ago, Xoxolove34
Terrible and they delete reviews
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1 year ago, fedupwithqlink
If I could give zero stars I would. I’m supposed to have unlimited but I am always having to drive to Walmart or somewhere to get free Wi-Fi. Forget customer service every time I call I am told I am eligible for some promotion I have no interest in. I’m told press 1 for promotion or just hang up!! What kind of crap is that?? Crap that’s exactly what it is!! How about just give me my unlimited data I’m supposed to be getting. I brought my own number and my own phone. I will leave this connected or take to safe link or assurance to keep my number but I’m back to buying my own plan because this one is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS!! UPDATE: After leaving review my data was restored however it didn’t last long. I have unlimited and received a text April 2nd that my plan was replenished. It is now the April 3rd and once again I cannot load most sites as my data slowed to a stop. What is limited?? Nothing should be slowed to a stop and certainly not the day after my unlimited plan is replenished. When I use Wi-Fi in public places everything loads and opens rapidly!! When I was paying prepaid monthly for unlimited through Boost or Verizon there was never an issue and I was able to turn on my hotspot from my same iPhone I brought to Qlink with my number I ported and I could use my laptop. Never a problem..only with Qlink. I guess it’s true you get what pay for. I am going to check reviews for safelink, assurance and others then decide if it’s worth transferring. If so I definitely will. I am also contacting my state representative as they are the ones providing this service and in fact told me to sign up. Updste: still no service and I don’t even get Broadband or hotspot I’m supposed to be getting. Customer service is horrible I can’t understand a word they are saying when I can actually which isn’t often. This app is horrible and doesn’t even show my review. I have to drive to Walmart to get there wifi to do anything online. I’m transferring my service to safelink and hoping with all their towers I caa as n get the unlimited everything I’m supposed to get with Qlink but never do. THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!
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3 years ago, crimminy
Bad review
I am very unhappy I am in the process of moving and I am also in the process of having to get this new Sim card but they have not sent it to me but they keep saying they’re sending it to me and all of my accounts are attached to it who else has this problem and who else is that it had to go through this on my iPhone I have to sign into my account with my fingerprint so that verifies me but when I try to put my phone number in it says that it’s not the right phone number on my account other than the negative Ness of this issue I love Qlink I think they’re great I think the people are great and they really have been there for me for a long time if I have an issue did you try to take care of it and have taken care of it almost every time but right now this has been really ongoing end it usually is when they have to send me a new phone or something like that it usually takes a couple of months for me to get a package from them so that’s just saying that it is not the people it’s the procedures The mechanical part of it
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2 years ago, BikerBunnyD
AVOID QLINK; Not worth your time / risk
TOTALLY USELESS: 💯 % AGGRAVATION! Installed the SIM card & activated successfully over WiFi - but get zero bars when away from WiFi . (Turned Calling over WiFi “on” in my phone settings) To test it we drove over a 40 mile radius BUT still has no bars. NO HELP! U call Qlink & is a joke, sit on hold for hours and hold music stops you get disconnected. - company claims it’s TMobile... well TMobile DOES work here but ONLY on a T-Mobile acct, BUT not on. Qlink acct. Very GRATEFUL I DID NOT PORT MY NUMBER - ADVICE- DO NOT PORT your # B4 u TRY with their sim assigned #. THIS IS A SCAM! How did our stupid Govt Hire these scum to provide service? THEY HOUNDED ME DAILY WITH TEXTS TO GET THEIR DUMB APP, APP HAD NO SUPPORT EITHER. It’s only to teach ppl how to install SIM & Reset network. I will be removing Sim Card and filing complaint to the Attorney General’s office, FCC and the Better Business Bureau. Nothing but FRAUD 100% . BELIEVE THE BAD REVIEWS, they’re all accurate. One good review probably was paid to post it or WORKS FOR QLINK! ANGRY 😠 (AND did U know THEY TRACK U N ALL U DO ON PHONE & SELL YOUR DATA!) yup. I’d rather pay out of my pocket for phone and have a secure service that actually freaking works✔️.
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3 years ago, Steve Downey
Not for Grumpy People
I’ve had it for a month and it works for me. Regarding the negative reviews by grumpy people, please note: A) I’m sixty-nine years old so one of the reasons it works for me, may be that I can fairly easily turn back the clock to when this level of service and support was normal. Younger people might have trouble with that. B) I was paying $96 for AT&T and $25 certainly does not buy you the same coverage. This is basically T-Mobile’s less favored towers. It’s important to be realistic about that. C) Data works fine on Wi-Fi at home or in a McDonald’s parking lot. It’s not worth $71 a month to me to have it elsewhere. D) Traveling through South Eastern Washington recently, I had no phone service at all. Had I broken down, it would have been a long walk. But I take care of my car so it wasn’t. E) Yes, the app claimed I didn’t exist once. I waited twelve hours and tried it again and it was back. The service was uninterrupted. The app is not so fancy that you’ll need it for anything.
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2 years ago, Sueshi21
Unlimited data is not unlimited
I’ve had this service for over a year, when they switched to 5g everything got messed up. Just recently data stopped working. Called Customer service and representative told me that when you go over a certain amount of data the system automatically suspends your data but the talk and text would still work. So i was told i would have to buy data for remaining few weeks before the next month resets again. That did not make sense when i have the unlimited plan- data,texts and calls. Even the rep was embarrassed and couldn’t provide any help. Crazy. If this happens again i will end up switching to a more reliable network even when if it costs me extra $15 a month.
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2 years ago, iChris89
So unlimited data doesn’t mean unlimited data
So unlimited doesn’t mean you have all you can use data you can use per month on your qlink plan. Qlink believes Unlimited means 31 gb of data a month then cuts your data off completely without notice. No warnings no throttling of service. Regardless of the time of day. Mines was recent cut off on may 30 till the first. Now if you call in the peoples who have American 60s and 70s first name but sounds like they are from Pakistan or such place. ( no offense ). Mary Ann told me it’s up to 31 gb. LIES. no where on the site or fine print has it every said up to 31 gb and service will be suspended. Free is free but don’t lie to me saying free unlimited has a cut off point with no warning. I’m thinking about putting on my big boy underwear and switching back to a dang phone bill. Ugh. Why !!!???
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3 years ago, m@r!$01
No service
I can’t make or receive any calls. I checked my settings and everything is turned on the way it should be. My bill is paid up to date. I have the unlimited talk and text plan with 1gb data. I can’t log into the app because it didn’t recognize my number. I can, however, still log into my online account without a problem. I noticed other people have been having the same problem. They say they’ve sent a SIM card and I keep getting text messages to start using the new sim but it still hasn’t arrived. I don’t think it ever will. My daughter reported this company to the bbb before and left because of issue’s she’s had with them that got no resolution. It’s time I do the same. It’s a pity for them to be losing customers so frequently due to poor service.
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2 years ago, mama Madonna
Louisiana hurricane
I live in Louisiana and have been through some serious weather, hurricanes. During our last hurricane, everyone in family did not cell service and I was the only one in family who had cell service. Because of this , my family members were safe and we found all resources for water, food, and gas on google. I have had only rare moments of no service but it comes right back. I’m very happy with Qlink but the app could use some updating and easier access.
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3 years ago, Julielovesmud
New 5G made it worse!
I started having trouble with text to anyone who wasn’t on an iPhone. Then Calling anyone who wasn’t on an iPhone. Then in the middle of a conversation my call dies and says buy more data. I’m on a free plan unlimited service. When I finally got an agent they said nothing is wrong on their end it must be a glitch. It will work when I get off. And they are sending the new SIM card. It never worked again after I got off. 2 weeks new card arrives, now it says no service or I get one bar briefly but can’t make any calls. I had to download an app that lets me text and call. It works but is a different number so I have to tell my contacts it’s me. I’m going to have to get service from another provider. I’m not sure they care one way or the other.
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2 years ago, $Tråπg∑ †∆m≈®
Awesome Service but Sim Swap aka clonership
I’ve had service for about 2 years. Never paid a cent! Unlimited talk, text, data. Connects to T-Mobile network and I use iPhone 12. I have a Galaxy 21 on AT&T 5G contract and it is weak! Q-Link is selling your data and unless you know how to root, rebuild, spoof Mac etc…. Then I would be careful because you cannot secure your sim and that means your phone can be cloned. So I don’t know how they are U.S. BBB approved for this being a gov phone?!? Location is FL but no office!! I see this as a national security threat to U.S. citizens identity and there are others just like them. I have free service but I don’t know how these programs are approved and get authorized by Apple Store?!?
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3 years ago, MemeChell2010
If you need a phone to call or txt only.👍👍
The app itself keeps shutting me out. Giving a message that my number is not associated. But as I’m looking at the left hand corner of my phone I see; Q Link Wireless as my service provider. They tell me I have unlimited Data; but that’s not true I have unlimited MBs but only 3GBs. And to buy more Data is very expensive. I do have unlimited phone and Text. Which I will say is a blessing everyone needs a phone for work and family. I am not sure how well Q Links works when I’m in a different state but, I pray well bc I don’t have another phone. I don’t think I have Data when it reads 3G. So I’ll have to save my Data for Maps bc 3GB does not go far at all. The world is a dangerous place. I know I don’t want to get lost and hurt.
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3 years ago, csala1991
I’ve had this phone and have been using this company for about a year and a half or so.. never had any issues until the last few weeks. Out of nowhere my unlimited text messaging stopped working, I wasn’t receiving anyone’s text messages. Try to get ahold of customer service and nothing. Now today my entire phone is shut off and I don’t know why. I try to call out and it says something about Sprint and to contact my carrier. This is supposed to be a FREE RECHARGEABLE phone line! Unlimited texts, calls and data every month.. and now for some reason it’s not working at all and I can’t get through to anyone in customer service!! I am so frustrated at this whole situation and it needs to be fixed ASAP! Utterly unbelievable! 😡😡😡
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3 years ago, Jordan Isabella
Perfectly Happy
Not only did I get my SIM card ahead of schedule every single step was prompted! It was easy, especially when the instructions are given to you not only slowly but gives you time to get and remember the process (remembering is easy as they do give step by step instructions- although I’m not sure what they consider unlimited- as I am bedridden I watch a lot of tv as well as play a lot of games in bed. PERFECTLY HAPPY!!
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5 years ago, QueenK0211
Hands down the best
I haven’t downloaded the app yet but Q-Link is AWSOME I have had them 3 years had 3 of there phones and 2 of my own they sent me a kit I set it up for my daughter iPhone and it’s been awesome I go to the website and put data on her phone if need be so people please go to the website the phone company is awesome the app as y’all say might not work but the company is awesome 😊!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Cxgalo
Really bad mobile plan and company
I got this because it was unlimited. I tested my phone first so I decided to buy. I got the SIM card and I activated the service the way that it supposed to work. Well I had call and text service only. The data never worked I called customer service and was put on hold for more than an hour. For them to tell me that my phone wasn’t compatible with their network lol. I told them that I had already checked to see if my phone was compatible and it was but for customer service it wasn’t . I wasted a few dollars but I guy that’s hit I got for their cheap service price. So now I use Mint mobile and it works awesome. Save your money. And get another service provider.
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3 years ago, mianhb
Worsts company
I ordered 2 sims cards on February 2 but I received only 1 and it’s been 14 days passed I didn’t receive 2nd SIM card . I called customer service and they have one answer wait . When I ask my refund they refused if I ask to send me new sim they didn’t. I ported in 1 number but 2nd number was on my old carrier for which they charge me. I sent my request to port in both number at same time , now they ported my 2nd number even I didn’t receive SIM card , my 2nd number is off now . Worst experience. I checked the service in my area before ordering the sim , they told me. 4LTE/5G but now service is 3G even that service never work . I got unlimited package.
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3 years ago, Kaydayjah
I have been with Q link for a couple of years they have switched over to 5G and know when I leave my house I can’t receive text messages or use Data I have a brand new phone so that isn’t the issue I have called customer service they have sent me two SIM cards and I still have no data or can’t make text messages when you call customer service you are placed on hold for hours and than whenever a representative answers you can’t understand them or there is so much static in the background this is a nightmare I have tried emailing calling and asked for call backs and never get help
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3 years ago, DSL67
The Qlink website and app are both horrible. So far I have had no problems with the cell service or data, but I’ve only been using it for 24 hours. I log into their website and anything I click on just gives me a blank screen. The app worked, until I ported over my number to them. Since I had already logged into the app with the phone number they issued, and that number is no longer valid, I just get a launch error and can’t even load the app. So no way to log out and back in with my new number. This is unacceptable! Had did no one in the company not think this through? Numbers change, you know?
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4 years ago, Mello514
Not Joking Worst Dirtbag Company
THIS IS YOUR WARNING IF YOU HAVE NOT SWITCHED DONT DO IT. YOU WILL NOT GET DATA SO FORGET IT. YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Too bad they don’t. You cannot understand anything they say. The hold time when you first call is 30-45 min and that is just so they can collect some marketing data on you to sell. Then, they transfer you to hold for another 30-45 mins. Need technical support? Let me transfer you again 30-45 mins. The only thing I could hear was a rooster every min loudly. Then disconnected ... call and start again ... disconnected .. that went on for 3 days and I just said forget this ... they just steal your money and give you nothing.
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3 years ago, pvhjjn
Q-link worse service I’ve had
This company treats people like there on parole, you have to constantly contact them to stay connected & they make that process the worse experience ever! They never answer your calls in a timely manner, constantly send broken, no good & bad links. They cut your services when you need it most. Constantly hanging up, it’s like they know when your away from home & shut you down! They close your account when you don’t know what to do & make you jump through hoops to get in contact with someone
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3 years ago, TraceyCharmed
New SIM Card messed up everything
I have had Q link for many years and I received an updated SIM card 2 months and ever since I can’t make or receive calls or texts. I have been trying to call and email qlink for assistance when I call it takes forever to get transferred to a human then I am put on hold saying my wait will be over 200 minutes so I can leave a callback number in which someone will contact me in 24-48 hours which no one has called back. When I email them I get no response. Not sure what to do.
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3 years ago, marye5962
Still waiting for SIM card
Hello, I can’t really rate your service because I am still waiting for the updated SIM card and phone . It keeps saying it will be here between 5-7 days.. well .. it’s been over 107 days and I am still waiting .. I am just about to give up. Thank you, M. Connors
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3 years ago, going to kill me a hacker
Be careful folks
I got extremely hacked and they got into my phone through my Q linkWireless app. If you are a currentQ link wireless client you may receive a cheap looking fake Looking Q link logo when you try to sign into your Q link account via the app . you’ll be asked for your phone number then you Will be told that’s your number has no relationship to an account . Oh and I was on hold today for 2 1/2 hours today. I will never get that time back . I’ll let you know how much they Steal. Pray for me to what ever God/object It is that you happen to prey to. T/Y🚯
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3 years ago, DJfreeCrooks
Worst customer service ever
They sent a SIM card and after speaking to CS several times, my phone worked fine for a couple weeks. Out of the blue they sent another SIM card which I was forced to use. Now, data doesn’t work at all. Calls and text sound horrible and show up late. It’s horrendous! I’ve called dozens of times and got no help. They had me sit on hold for 2 hours and 40 minutes until they closed. Qlink is a scam and the federal government should investigate this company for taking advantage of Medicaid recipients.
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3 years ago, deonlafferty
Very dissatisfied with the app I’m sorry
I’ve been tryin to login to this app for weeks and I know I have the correct info. It’s pretty sample login. I can’t seem to get any help in a response the only thing QLINK has good for them is the fact that is become unlimited data talk and text which is absolutely awesome especially the fact that it’s free if you’re on government assistance somehow my mother also has QLINK and is able to actually get service in quite a few areas but on mine I can only get service in my immediate surroundings
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3 years ago, AwesomeApril1830
New SIM card has terrible reception
I’ve been using Qlink wireless for a long time, and it’s been fine until about a month ago. Qlink emailed me saying they were sending a upgraded SIM card but it’s more like a serious downgrade. Before the new SIM card my reception was fine. Now I barely can get reception. When I can actually get to call people they tell me I keep breaking up. They need to either give me a better SIM card or I guess I’ll have to find a better provider where I can actually get service.
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