My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar

4.8 (52.9K)
72.8 MB
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Current version
JRustonApps B.V.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar

4.85 out of 5
52.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Tasha N TN
Perfect app ensures perfect memories under the moon
Hiking & horseback riding under a beautiful full moon, has provided me a lifetime of rewards for the stress, career & things life just throws us. Yet, in the past, those glorious nites required diligently monitoring the lunar cycle, the weather, keeping cumbersome, unsightly calendars, coordinating work schedules & just hoping for the best. This app is awesome, with the touch of a finger & a quick glance. It includes not just the cycle, exact times of rise & set, but provides the ability to easily plan for future nocturnal enjoyment. This app will give anyone a new-founded appreciation of our golden & blue hours. I have been very happy with this app, well over a yr or longer, but there is an area that could actually improve it, to include a small reminder of upcoming meteor showers, (best seem during the new moon) or any predicted unusual events in the night skies. I lov this app!
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7 months ago, Denajune824
I love this app because the information I need is always at my fingertips when I open it. I’ve been using it for a long time to help me plan so many things in my life. I come from a long line of farmers. The moon and its phases have been important for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me how to read the sky and how to interpret the moon to assist in making choices for planting, harvesting and everything in between. The app only makes this knowledge work better for me. The creatures of the natural world move and react to the moon and learning to read the reactions while being aware of exactly what the moon is doing is extremely helpful in many ways since I still live on the same farm that my ancestors worked. It helps fill in the gaps for me.
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6 years ago, Beanwonan
Concise, easy, & quick, no aggravations.
Simple easy to use. No frills. Basics. You could use this for gardening/planting using your knowledge of your specific growing area. I would like more contrast on the lettering for the blue & golden hour. Not being sharp makes it seem unimportant and it’s not. Did I miss when the astrological signs start & end? Does the sign info mean it’s based on where the moon is or is it the traditional sun sign? Best thing, while using it no pop up ads & no pop up noisy screaming videos about products that I wouldn’t buy just because I couldn’t stand the ad. Thank you. This app should be included on every Apple phone. Apple should buy it from the developer. Thanks again.
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6 years ago, not1lost
Great Moon app!👍🌝
Great App, best I've found so far! I use it right now mostly for keeping up with the full moon for various reasons and the new moon to determine the proper days for the Sabbath of the Hebrew scriptures; although I am a Christian new testament believer as well. I'm also interest in learning more about the moon and all the ways it is used and history of how it is said to effect many things. I find ask the data here very interested and consider it all even though I do believe the flat earth theory has more evidence in actual scientific experiments than the globe theory. Very interesting study and this app really helps. I also appreciate the photography info as that's one of my hobbies. Thank you!
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4 years ago, tizz-a.ok
Perfect, especially for photography!
I love this app! It is so helpful as a photographer to know the time golden hour, and night photography is my favorite. This app is easy to use and pretty to look at it. My only thought is I wish I could see the whole month with moons on the dates. They give you a calendar and a graph showing the moon’s schedule, just not a calendar with the little moons on each day.... unless I can’t find where it is..... But the app is great so I shouldn’t complain. I also find the notifications of different parts of the cycle so useful, especially because I can pick and choose what I want to be notified about.
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4 years ago, kostelacj
Tracking the New and Full Moon
This has been the application I’ve used longest to track the phases of the moon. As a Buddhist this is very important since many of our activities are timed with the new or full moon. I’d give it -0 stars if they would add in a calendar that tied the phases of the moon the important monthly Buddhist days to the moon phase and integrate it to the calendar or send notifications. For reference use the calendar associated with Abhayagiri Monastery in California, USA. As they use the same calendar as most of the Buddhist in the US, UK and Commonwealth Nations, Europe and Thailand and Burma, but without the extras associated with the Asian countries other holidays not related to Buddhism. Thanks!
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2 years ago, The niha
Very helpful. Needs few improvements.
I would suggest on the date scroll bar at the top, that you allow it to go to the previous days past instead of only being able to scroll to subsequent days ahead. Another helpful view would be a monthly view with the astrological signs in order to better relate the data to planning, seeing what was ahead and behind without having to scroll or use the function that moves to a specific day. This has been one of the most helpful resources of any app that I have used in concerning moon phases, and moon signs. I hope for a continued improvements, and to purchase the full version which has a widget I hear!
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4 years ago, urlocalyeeyee
Perfect for beginner or baby witches
I’m pretty much a baby witch, & so far I really love this app. The first couple days I had it, I kept annoying everybody by telling everybody what moon we were going to have that night. There’s not much to do w/ the app, all it shows you is the moon you’ll have, what time it’ll rise & what time it’ll set. What time the sun will rise & what time it’ll set. This is perfect for trying to learn your moon phases for spells or potions. Again there’s not much to do w/ the app, if you’re looking for more just download a video game app. But all in all I love it bc I need to learn my moon phases.
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4 years ago, BK the cat
Helpful app for the city dwelling astronomer
As a kid I grew up under dark night skies on a small farm on the outskirts of town and was more in touch with the current moon phase being that the moon then was more naturally part of my daily life. But now, fast forward 40 years, sprawl and suburbia have dismantled those dark skies across much of America and so I find this app useful for keeping this, now city dweller, in touch with when the moon is near new moon and the deep sky observing will be best. Simple app to use with the pertinent observing information that I need.
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3 years ago, L1lj1nx
Lots of Useful Features!
It has the sun’s and the moon’s rising and setting times as well as the golden and blue hours for photography. It also tells you the current phase and percentage of the moon, but my favorite part is that it tells you the future phases (rather than having it only on the present day) so that you can plan accordingly for whatever you need the moon for!! It also tells you the weather for the present night and the (likely) best viewing time!
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1 year ago, Flying Wildcat
Highly accurate, and Very useful.
This is a great app. The GPS for your current location gives extremely accurate information regarding sunset, sunrise, moonset and moonrise. In addition, you can use calendar to see what the times will be on a particular date in the future, and even for a different location which can be set in the settings. It is my favorite go to app for both the sun and the moon.
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4 months ago, Kypris333
So easy to stay in tune with the moon
This app has pretty much every feature you need: a moon calendar, notifications for the major moon phases, moon rise and moon set, and weather conditions. It even tells you which exact part of the 28 day moon cycle you are on for every single day. I've been using this app for years and it has only gotten better with time. Highly recommended! 🥰
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2 years ago, moonbeam🌙
Everything you need ~ more than you need
My moon phase is a detailed app to follow the phases of the moon. Everything you could possibly want is on the app - the dates, the percentage that is viewable, rise and set times, calendar options, etc. The app is also beautiful but sometimes clutter with too much so only 4 stars out of five. There is a beauty to the moon image that I would like to see with more space around it. Otherwise - moon phase is tremendously helpful and accurate. Thank you 🌒
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4 years ago, never.met.the.broskies
when i downloaded this, i didn’t have very high expectations. I was just looking for something to plan out spells and collecting moon water and whatnot. it’s safe to say this exceeded my expectations. the features are extremely helpful, the timing and weather is spot-on, there’s little to no ads at all. And i’m young, so i’m fairly easy to amaze, but this is definitely worth downloading! blessed be <3
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2 years ago, bowwowkitty
No eclipse info?
I JUST bought the paid version of this app and was absolutely heartbroken to find out this morning that I missed one of the longest full eclipses in years last night. Why would this not be included in the app info?? It should be on the widget when something that big is happening. I am disappointed, to say the least, and was utterly shocked that there isn’t even a mention of this eclipse anywhere on the app. Major fail. Switching apps and trying not to be incredibly sad about missing last night’s wonder.
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3 years ago, Dire Problem
im a ((( Diehard Freshwater Angler ))) perfect for fishing
i got this app so i could know when moon rise and when the moon sets and the moon that is out at night because the new moon and full moon is great for night fishing for those large mouth bass or those giants anglers are after. I have it set up to notify me of the full moon , new moon and Super moon. This way i can fish 3 days before and or 3 days after the new , full and or super moon.
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6 years ago, Beav1958
Love it!
I’m manic about knowing when the full moon is! (Who knows?) This is a great lil app to have. Also has a few perks like when is the next super moon, etc. It has weather, all kinds of stuff. The only drawback is not being able to purchase for as free but; the ads, so far, have been very unobtrusive at the very bottom of the screen. Well duh.. I feel silly.. just found the Pro version, sans ads! Lol 💕
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5 years ago, sequoiahj
I just downloaded three moon apps, and this one gave me the most information, it makes sense, the picture of the moon is beautiful, and I loooove that I found my house on the map and I can see the weather on the main page. All of the info is right on the main page actually which makes it really nice to look at. Love it!! I’ll probably be deleting the other apps!
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3 years ago, The BigRedSexy
Lunatics U Need This App!
This app has been one of those apps that’s been happy lil discovery! Downloaded on recommendation by a pal for a project my daughter had & because of the quality of info ease of Navi and the info the provides on ALL lunar & lunar related events Easily makes My Moon Phase my ‘go to app’ for astronomy. My kids love it & have on their phones. It NEVER disappoints the user! 99 out of 100 LUNATICS agree, My Moon phase is AWESOME!;
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5 years ago, 4u2latte
Moon Phase
This app is helpful to me. Scientifically, no evidence that the full moon affects behavior. Institutions, law enforcement, schools will disagree. Can usually tell by behavior of people, but check the app to be sure. Harvest moon seems to have the most intense affect on people in general. Maternity wards, more babies are born. Ever have a really bad day? I check the app and many times, it will be a full moon. It just helps me to understand the rhythms of life and enjoy my days.
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4 years ago, Miggles7
I love this app for years?
I am able to see where the moon is where located at my direct location. The phases per the app is constantly active from where I am able to view it. It allows me to also see what the moons status in the direct near future. Very reliable. I use this app to practice my full and new moon rituals. Very grateful for this app to keep me updated with all moon activity.
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5 years ago, whitewolf9898
It works well
This app is soo cool because you can see what the moon is gonna be that current day and from anywhere!!! And you can also see when it’s gonna be a full moon 🌕 and yeah I think many other people should get this app. It’s quite fun to I check it almost every day so it’s really an app that can let you know some things in the kinda future it’s awesome
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6 years ago, RachelClaire88
Over the moon
This is a great little app for tracking the moon’s patterns. It even shows best visibility for the day based on weather conditions via your gps location. Since using this app, I have noticed how the phases of the moon and other planets directly affect my personal mood and energy levels. Very interesting. I wish I could find an app like this with the whole solar system!
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4 years ago, Lol_Linny🖤
Nice app
I really like this app, it has a lot of information for free and has a calming and not so animated and childlike setup. Many other moon apps look like their geared towards children but this one is more pleasing to the eye. It even has times for golden/blue hours and gives weather and says whether or not the moon will be really visible each night. Very nice app so far.
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6 years ago, Ralac71
Sketchy Adverts
I downloaded and began to use. Yesterday the little mail icon flashes and I click to look at the advert. I have no problem with this kind of support. The link took me to a sketchy .ru(Russian) prescription sales page that had only links. It looked like a spam phishing email. There was nothing about the add that looked legit. Not willing to take a chance I immediately deleted. I can’t recommend an app that looks like a trap Update August 8th: Good response and will try one more time.
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4 years ago, Sunshinee37
My 1st moon app but I love it
Honestly it’s my first experience with an app like this. Notifies you with the different changes to the moon something that so greatly affects our planet, universe, and those of us who live on it. It’s easy to use yet effective in its purpose. With out all the extra BS to make it too heavy or congested! Nice work on this app it’s very much utilized & enjoyed in my life👾
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6 years ago, Tommyfaf
Everything you need and more
This app not only tells you the phase of the moon, but also what time it will rise and set at your location. It also informs the user of the time at which photography is enhanced by the "golden hour" and the "blue hour". Furthermore, the app is accessible offline, making it great for campers interested in stargazing and moonwatching.
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5 years ago, alison9i
Great App - one request
I love this app, the free version exceeds my expectations and I especially love that the app tells you what zodiac sign the moon is moving through. However, I’d be willing to pay for a pro version that is the same app with a tide calendar integrated in as well ... from what I can tell the upgraded pro version does not include a tide calendar.
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3 years ago, pnhar
Love it!
This app is so amazing if you love to look up at your night sky or to set alarm for beautiful pictures. They never get the golden and blue hours wrong and never get the moon incorrectly. I alway tell my friends about this app and will stop telling people how amazing this is I totally recommend it for everyone.
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4 years ago, Tristen Cox
Honestly the best moon app out there
For the simplistic design, the accuracy, and all the other features that come along with it, this is by far the best app for moon phases out there. I’ve had it on my phone for years now, and I only got it whenever it was starting off, and I’ll only ever use this one. I’d recommend this to anyone.
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4 years ago, xiamorabaconpug
Most helpful app ever!
Super high quality app! I haven’t experienced any glitches and the graphics of the app is very crisp and clean. I have absolutely no complaints. It provides such accurate and easy to access information, it’s an essential for any moon lover out there.
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4 years ago, Pandora's Box Of Lies
Simple, but very convenient
I’ve yet to have any issues with the app. It gives me the exact time for the sunrise and sunset, which makes moon water so much easier, and the exact moon phase is the first thing you see when you open the app, making it way better than google.
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4 years ago, Txpixie1963
Love the Moon
Just enjoy watching the moon. Told my children when we are apart we always can look at the moon and know the other is looking at it too. Something fascinating about seeing it and know others see it too. Loved one and ones far away, children you miss and they miss you.
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2 years ago, LDL61
I have to say, I’m amazed at the accuracy of the forecast for night sky viewing. Several nights I’ve been out and, no b.s., the skies have cleared and, sadly, clouded up pretty much within minutes of when it was forecast. If you stargaze, this is a great resource.
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6 years ago, Dark.Forest
Great App!!!
Awesome app. It’s worked perfectly over the several weeks I’ve used it. No one crash. Additional info such as Golden and Blue hours, sun rising/setting notifications of up coming moon cycles. Are really helpful for me to have all my desired info in one place, one app. Only negative I can work at to give? Tonight is the strawberry moon. It’s the only data type missing from this app. Buy the app, it’s got great content, and it works as it should. I am happily upgrading to the paid version as the cost is reasonable which will remove ads but more importantly add a widget.
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1 year ago, Drake fan for life
Nice app
I have had this app for a long time. I would like to say it hasn’t crashed nor one time, they are not asking me 100 times do I want pay to get a better version of it 😂 it does what I need it to do, show me the moon cycle
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3 years ago, Varda1
I never write reviews but I had to
Went through so many apps just to find this one that has absolutely everything I want AND MORE! All without having to buy a stupid subscription 15/10 ✨
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3 years ago, RedAvalanche
What I need-fast!
I love how easy this app is to use! It gives me the information in a fast intuitive interface! My favorite!! The others are way too complicated and difficult to find the simple information, especially at a glance!
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5 years ago, deplor
Moon made by God
God is teaching me why he made the moon. The moon phases are actually a calendar that God gave to Moses for the Hebrew children. And the moon was used to teach humans obedience that they’re going to need to get through the times that the Hebrew children were in and take them all the way to the end of time it is very interesting.
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3 years ago, Before Christ said kingdom
I enjoy it very much I’m glad y’all remind me I go out and watch and look and take pictures I even call my friend up that lives further east than me just so that she can see you too and she enjoys it
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3 years ago, tsipporahjorah
Find an interesting information about the moon
This app provides quick and interesting information about the Moon and what is going on with it. I use it all the time for fun and information.
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6 years ago, anonononononymouse
In our science class a student is asked to talk about the current weather, and spacial events. One could say I cheat by using this app, but I would argue that this app helps me to learn about the moons different types, and has nice mentions of when is a good moment for photography.
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7 years ago, Sergeant Pat
An Educational and Fun App
The title of this review says it all. When you give an extended thought to the data given in the app, you can appreciate it even more. The age of the Moon during current phases is handy enough, but the Moon's distance from the earth as it moves "across the sky" is truly educational. What could be more fun than learning?!
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4 years ago, Jakerz420
Almost Perfect!
Love, love, LOVE this app! Moon info. Weather info (in ref. to sky viewing.) Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Sunrise/Sunset. Perfect for a sky photographer like me! I’m seriously considering buying the pro version to support them (that’s a VERY strong endorsement!) It is missing only one thing... a widget. PLEASE DO ADD A WIDGET. Thanks for a GREAT app!
Show more
4 years ago, Lakeside Kitty
Moon phase app
I enjoy moon watching and star gazing. The other night I saw a star/planet directly over the full moon. I loved looking at that alignment. The app is wonderful! I feel that beginner astronomy students or someone new to the wonders of astronomy will be able to learn more about our moon with this app.
Show more
7 months ago, Fish-viewer
Easy Enough for me &
I am not young bright and technocraticly gifted; heck, I can’t even spell when texting on an iPhone. Yet I can use this little jewel, and it makes it possible to get good-to-great moon-pics. (Sunsets and mornings too).
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6 years ago, OGqueenPaulyyy
only moon app you’ll need
this app has exactly what i was looking for, and SOOO much more. it gives you specific date and times, current zodiacs, and it has the most accurate information i’ve encountered. recommended
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2 years ago, The Hawaiian Avenger
Forces you to update
I don’t like being forced to update an app in order to use it. Some app updates completely ruin an app and I want to check first. It’s a nice app but I’m deleting instead of updating just on principle and the fact that I wanted to check on the moonrise time when I didn’t have wifi to update. The app worked perfectly fine so don’t tell me it had to update to work right.
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6 years ago, saralavonture
Love it but missing one key feature!
Loving this app! Lots of great info and just what I was looking for. But it’s missing one key feature — syncing with calendars. As it stands now, I have to go into my calendar and manually add the moon phases as events. It would be so much more efficient if it was already linked to my calendar (I use google calendar, as many people do).
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6 years ago, tweberoftn
Moon Phase review
The only thing that keeps this app from getting a 5 star rating is its lack of a lunar phase calendar. I can certainly find that elsewhere for planning weeks ahead but it strikes me as an oversight that it is not available on this app. It is still useful.
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