My Roehl

4.7 (1.2K)
177.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Roehl Transport Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Roehl

4.65 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
12 months ago, flathauler
Roehl Driver App
This app is incredible. It is very user friendly and supports all functions to be a successful driver. It keeps communication flowing when it is convenient to answer. All needed messages, work flow, training documents, informational documents are all available. Someone put a lot of time to lay the tabs out making them more streamlined and user friendly!! Thank you to the creator and also for making us successful by keeping us more easily in tune and in touch with our supporters!!
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4 years ago, john10293
Locked out
Lately I’ve been locked out because the app things I’m still driving when I am actually off duty or in sleeper berth. The only way to fix it momentarily is to completely uninstall the app, turn off my iPhone 8 for a minute, then reinstall the app completely. For a few seconds I am able to use the app but then shortly after locks me out. This is very frustrating and it needs to be fixed
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6 years ago, 白驹
Great Tool, But Developer Makes Untested Updates
I can’t give enough praise to Roehl for their constant push to improve their technology. The features they have been adding to their apps have become a critical piece of my daily workflow, and it is really handy to have all of my load notes available to me when I am away from my truck. The ability to scan all of your documents to payroll and billing makes this a must-have app.
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2 years ago, Totally awesome!! (=
Roehl App
The Roehl App allows me to see my workflow and the times of places I need to be. Ship Advisor allows me to get my fellow truckers feed back from our customers and what I need to expect. I like I can send messages to my Business Advisor. I can scan all my paperwork through it. It’s a very handy app!
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4 years ago, Bigrigs19
Top notch!
This has made my job so easy that I can't even put into words. This truly is a one place stop for everything that you need to do your job!
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6 years ago, Dr. Slap Happy
Must Have for Every Roehl Driver
As the title states, it’s a MUST HAVE for every Roehl Driver. Pretty much everything I do related to work is done through the app. The new version is definitely better than the old version by leaps and bounds. I don’t really have any complaints about it. It’s a well rounded app that makes a Roehl Driver’s work life much easier.
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5 years ago, RickD16443
Great app
This app is full of information and easy to navigate. Just wish direct communication with my fleet leader would be easier and show both sides of the conversation.
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2 years ago, Arthis the conquer
The App is very good extremely simple to use reliable, helpful, keeps track of your stuff, secure app. HOWEVER THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY TO WORK FOR. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT WORK FOR ROHEL YOU WILL REGRET IT.
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4 years ago, roehl driver
Keeps saying I’m driving when I’m not
This makes it inconvenient when I try to pull up load information. I can’t contact my driver manager outside the truck either. This problem makes it useless to have on my phone. Can we get a update for this bug fix? I keep having to delete and re download the app for it to work for 2 minutes
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5 years ago, Les33456
Needs improvements
It’s slow and keeps prompting me to begin registration. When I go in looking at the different open Jobs once you click on learn more and read the details then want to go back it returns you to the home page
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4 years ago, Rae😑😑
Location services
I understand that the app is not to be used whilst driving, but I hate the fact that the location settings has to be set to “always on”. The setting “allow while using” should be sufficient. Tracking my location 24/7 is NOT ok.
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3 years ago, Ahmed ١٣١٣
Great Company
If you learn the Roehl way you will be the best Professional driver. We work as family. Thanks Roehl
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5 years ago, Jaysteeller
This days we have smart phones, witch all you got to do is hey Siri read the messages, Face ID, now we have to stop every single time to read notifications ect, waist of time, cause you don’t now if is something really importa or not, going backwards.
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5 years ago, Robalob#1
Not too bad
Useful app. Could not do my job without it.
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5 years ago, Dee1971@%$$
Helpful very helpful
A must for both company drivers and owner operators.
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11 months ago, Bigtj8
It been a journey I’m enjoying it a lot
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4 years ago, ontime truck
Company driver
Smooth sailing , no stress yet big plus👍🏻
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2 years ago, BreeLiz9021
Locks up all the time
Painfully Slow app. Takes forever to “validate” to the point where this app isn’t even usable anymore.
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6 years ago, the2Más
Have to delete and reinstall very often to get the app to work. All of a sudden you’ll get “missing token” or “edit registration” messages and it’s over. Juice not worth squeeze. Great idea, poor execution.
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4 years ago, Guar777dian
work Flow
gr8 app to have very resourceful
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5 years ago, jerseyjesse
This app is amazing
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6 years ago, GeneralRetodd
Can’t get back in
You should probably fix the app so if I have to redownload it I can actually get in to it
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6 years ago, babababaha
Not working with my iPhone
Not sure what happen it use to work. I don’t get any preplan information anymore.
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5 years ago, Roehl Jr.
Doesn’t work properly. Very restrictive
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11 years ago, RandySchaff
I just have to say this app is so great. No more trying to find a scan station just before the cut off time. Real easy to work. The only thing missing is a stapler to keep the paper work together. Great job and well done.
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9 years ago, chaosgamer13
Roehl driver must!
It's very helpful for the most part. I can view messages, check paystub, and submit trip sheets. Could use a little work though. Would be helpful if I could send messages via the app as well. Biggest thing I'd like added on would be notifications. Would make it a lot more useful if I was in the terminal and when a message comes in, my phone pinged to let me know something arrived rather than having to manually check it ever 10 minutes to see what's come in, if anything.
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10 years ago, ArmySoldierMP
Great tool!
This app is awesome, I use it daily, saves time and makes scanning so much easier and gets it done in a flash! The new message app to view messages from the driver link is a great addition!
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9 years ago,
Great Time Saver
I've been using the MyRoehl App since it first was released. It's so much easier than having to hunt down a Transflo location to send in my paperwork! I've heard about the new updated version coming out soon. I can't wait for the new enhancements.
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9 years ago, Danny Pyrate
Great app, one issue
I always use the app. So convenient. Just updated to fix sent documents crash. I can not open the Driver Resources to open the menus any more 😞
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11 years ago, BodhiHogie
Great Idea
I love technology.
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9 years ago, Rodd24
Send and reply to messages
Please make an update to allow drivers to send and reply to messages from the app when not in their trucks
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9 years ago, MikeH24
The "new" driver resources won't even work. I'm stuck at the home page. I try to touch the menu option in the upper left corner, but nothing happens. Just a tip for the App devs... If it isn't broke, DON'T FIX IT! There was nothing wrong with driver resources tab, so why go and change it?
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10 years ago, Biggoofy929
Apps saying I'm driving while in sleeper and won't open.
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11 years ago, smalleng
Awesome !!!
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4 years ago, reallypissoff
The app is good with but it won’t stop dispatch from judging you for your driving all from a 20sec flim clip out of some 34000 sec
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10 years ago, F@&$ Boss
Want let me login cause it think I'm on the drive line, been in SB for 5 hr. Do not update
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