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User Reviews for My Sprint Mobile

4.53 out of 5
1M Ratings
6 years ago, GodChaser1988
Horrible App
Every time I use this app something happens (usually in the very last step of the long, drawn-out, seriously cumbersome process) that loses a connection somewhere and I have to start the process all over again. I can pay my bill easily, but that’s the only easy thing about this app. I decided I might try to upgrade using the app. It took me through the entire process & (of course) dropped the connection so I had to start over. When I got to the end & filled out my physical address, it kept telling me the address saved successfully, but when I would try to continue, it said my address was invalid - no explanation! Just invalid! I finally decided to cancel & they have the audacity to give me a popup saying not to cancel now when I’m almost finished!! The sad part is that their website isn’t much better! I love Sprint. I’ve been with them for years. But they need to fire their developers because this really looks bad on them. When I’m tempted to go to another carrier because of their app and website after being with them as long as I have, that speaks volumes about how horrible their app and website are!!
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1 year ago, Unsatisfied T Mobile Customer
Easier than having my tooth pulled
When I went to my local T Mobile store to upgrade my tablet, they were not helpful in any way, shape, or form. I was told they had nothing to offer or show me, in tablet devices. They told me to look for other T Mobile stores to see what they “might” have to offer. Other than that , they didn’t suggest where those places might be located , or in any other way, try to direct me in a direction that I might be able to solve my dilemma. So my end though on how T Mobile in Gilroy, Ca., handled my problem, was , I will not go into that store again, will not recommend anyone to go to that store, and would like to think , that I would be compensated for such poor service ( which more than likely will go unanswered), but I have been with Sprint/ T Mobile for so long , I’m all but relegated to remain a customer (a paying customer) until whatever unforeseen event happens ,to end this relationship . To think that going online, and not talking to an actual human being, and solving my problem, by myself has opened my eyes, to the change in society, it’s belief in problem solving, and how so much of a disconnect there is amongst ourselves as a whole. I’m so glad I’m nearing the end of my time here, cause this world is nearing the end of its existence here also. All due to the the disconnect in humans
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4 years ago, Brenda182
Sprint app has come a LONG WAY
I had an Apple iPhone 6S & went to upgrade my phone using the Sprint app about a year and a half ago and there was no option to switch to anything but Apple, which made me very unhappy. I don’t like going to the Sprint store because the associates are snarky and rude. When I went to upgrade today, the Sprint app has increased their functionality one hundred fold. Not only was I was able to look for different phone brands, I was able to sort lowest monthly payment to high, which is great. Now a minor inconvenience was, when u click on a phone for more details and then go back to the list, it automatically puts the sort back to the ‘Featured’ which was not fun having to update back to lowest monthly payment. It was a fast, overall process to upgrade this time around and I am surprised that Sprint was able to enhance the app this much. Good job, Sprint.
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4 years ago, K.L.C.T.
If I could give it negative stars I would. I leased 4 phones from sprint... one of them came out defective. I had to pay for a new phone AGAIN! And they didn’t even refund me back my money completely. I had the service no more than 15 days because the service was just so terrible! I would disconnect from the WiFi of my home and it wouldn’t let listen to music or do anything. My iPhone messages were coming out green and not even sending. I decided to deactivate the lines and return the phones. Sprint made me drive all the way to the place where I bought them(3 hours away from where I live!!) just to return them. I get to the corporate store by brickyard in Chicago and they won’t let me return them or cancel my line without having the headphones and chargers. I went to another sprint store nearby and they gladly took them. They told me to call customer support to cancel the lines and customer support told me to tell the sprint store to cancel the lines. It was very frustrating. I ended up FINALLY being able to cancel the lines and return the phones. I paid 944 dollars to start the service and for the phones. I got back 300 dollars. TERRIBLE! Don’t get Sprint!!! They will do everything in their hands to not let you deactivate your account!!!!
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5 years ago, Kare - Bear 💚
Unhappy Client
I am only being very honest in saying that yes, I did have my bill extended twice now (due to transitioning of jobs to which I explained to customer service, twice I might add. The last customer service agent I spoke with on I believe the 23rd of November was extremely empathetic and kind and told me “If you need to extend your bill (again,) ma’am, feel free to call our office by December 3rd and we will be happy to assist you because I understand your situation fully.” I thanked him immensely, and he said “God bless and have a wonderful rest of your day.” However, today I contacted sprint and told them again, my situation and that I would pay both bills once I get paid on my pay date.. Which is next week. Both woman whom I spoke with, we’re not at all helpful, mindful, kind, etc. Everyone has trials and errors. I’m a single parent that has to have communication (via phone,) incase of an emergency, and I was simply not only doing what the guy before had told me to do, but was hoping would give me a chance so I’m not deeper in the whole, and to be kind and courteous to their customers. Now, I do not know what to do, etc. I have had nothing but great experiences with Sprint as a loyal customer, until now....
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5 years ago, DISAPOINTED 64
When I re-signed up for sprint I was looking to lower my bill. After going to the sprint store in Fitchburg mass. I was doing so. When signing up for renewal I was asked by The store associate if I was interested in a free hotspot. I replied absolutely free and the associate said yes. He just had to add another number to make that happen. So I agreed and upon getting my first bill I noticed my bill was $30 higher then quoted and when I called to dispute the charges Sprint said that I signed up for a hotspot and that was it $30 charge. I then explained to sprint that my hotspot was told to me that it was free. Then Sprint told me that I signed for it and was responsible for the charge. I’ve tried several times to dispute this and it’s been over one year. If you look at my bill I never activated the hot spot. So unless I get credited for my year plus of being charged and not using that service my next alternative is to go about it with legal action. My fiancé and her daughter were there at the time to witness The whole transaction. We’ll see how this review is handled. If I haven’t heard back by Wednesday you leave me no choice but legal action. This has been way overdue and drawn out without any results. Thank you, Bill nadeau.
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4 years ago, JAZZEAZ
Bad business!!!
I have been Sprint customer for some time now, back some time ago talking to different people a lot of Sprint customers left Sprint. Don’t know exactly what the reason was I think it was bad business bad service. I’am old school I don’t like changes still here. I have had trouble with my phone since day one still having trouble. I’ve call sprint, sent reviews to Sprint, talk to people at the sprint store, Still have the same problem. I have been standing next to sprint customers with exact same phone we do same task and their phone 💯 times better than mind, I go outside my house and sit on the steps try to Goggle something and can pick up six or seven different wi-Fi every body but my own, leave the house no matter where I’am at can’t get on line. Sprint the amount of money I have spent and as long as I have been a customer know one have ever corrected my problem Sprint this is absolutely ridiculous, it asking for anything extra just want what I am paying for. No one never will get back with me. When people write a review is that just something you do, is it because that what business do to see how a customer feel. Bad business Sprint...Bad business Thank you
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4 years ago, Paredyce
Worst Phone Company Out There
I put $400 down on a new iPhone 6s in 2016 when i began a new service with Sprint. This was aside from the other fees to begin service. As I paid off the phone, I never received a notification that I had completed paying my phone off. I come to find out in 2019 I was still getting charged for a lease after overpaying about $400 on this phone over the years. Because I didn’t call in or specify that I wanted to “own” the phone...they assumed I wanted to keep paying for a lease...which just blows my mind. Who in the right mind would put a down payment of $400 just so they could keep paying more on top of that later. (This was the explanation of the customer service rep) Anyways, upon asking for a refund they were unhelpful and I got hung up on a total of 5 times while being pretty chill about it all. I suspect sprint customer service knows the problem exists and their trained to avoid it. Another friend has gone through this same thing with Sprint. Needless to say I have Verizon’s better service....I have a way better phone....and I’m paying $4 less a month. I’ll never be back sprint. Thanks for making my choice easy.
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4 years ago, Mikialama
Okay only in USA
I travel outside the USA a great deal. The mobile app and website both are fine if you are in the US. However, despite paying for Sprint Open World, there was absolutely NO WAY to receive help from Sprint outside the country. When I tried to pay bill recently while traveling, neither the app nor the website were available. The app said I was not an authorized user and the website said it was not authorized for use on that server. If you are going to offer what you call international service, you need to make sure you have a way for customers to contact Sprint when they are abroad. YOUR texts asking for payment came through fine (you charged for them!), but when in desperation I tried to text Sprint—even to call customer service, your customer help was completely unavailable. It was frustrating enough for me to think about seeing if another carrier has better international support, despite my being with Sprint a long time. Very disappointing.
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6 years ago, Cats' N Bearz
Rough Service in some areas but A+++ in customer service!!!
I homeschool so I am at home 28 hours a day unless we go on an excursion/field trip. Since I am home all of time I turn my data off and use wi-do only in order to not use a lot of data. However, when I do leave the house and depending on the area where my other half and I are at the cell service can be downright “struggle service!!!” I live in a pretty metropolitan area so it is not as though I live on the outskirts of town. All of this still does not stop me from leaving due to the AMAZING customer service I have received from them!!! AMAZING!!! Let me tell you I have cancelled many subscriptions and services, faster than a married man leaving a hen house, due to bad customer service. If I have an issue they are always quick to help find a solution and resolve as though I am a top priority customer. I could not have asked for better customer service so I will take the caveat of having weak or sometimes off cell service.
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1 year ago, jjNice_123
This app is possibly for you… maybe… IDK🤷🏾‍♂️
If you’re looking for an app to pay your sprint bill with, then this app is for you! Because that’s literally all it’s good for I constantly have login problems (on their end) and when I have access to early phone upgrades it’s the longest process ever and sometimes it will bug out on you at the last step forcing you to have to repeatedly enter your info over and over again! It’s honestly frustrating to use and frustrating to look at! Sprint is huge company that deals with tech yet they can’t get an app layout correct! Trying to take the old fashioned route and surfing the web isn’t much better due to the comparable lack of ingenuity and care shared between the website and this app! As you can tell I’m obviously not the biggest fan of this app but as a loyal Sprint customer I think this is a big “Wiff” on Sprints behalf and there is definitely room for improvement!
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5 years ago, Gill florida
Horrible customer service
I called customer service at 1040 am to have my phone replaced since my speaker seems to be malfunctioning. Waited on hold for 20 mins only to get disconnected when the representative answered. Well I called back, waited about another 20mins. The representative and I discussed an upgrade since the insurance that I have been paying for stated I have to take the phone in for repair first. I didn’t want to do that had the phone since 2016, ok let’s look into an upgrade. Our call got disconnected after I was placed on hold for her to inquire with the supervisor about the misfortune I had and waiving of some fees. Well I have no confidence in calling the customer service line, so I figured I use the chat on line. Same thing happened got disconnected and eventually was told do it myself on line. I requested a complementary case for the phone and sprint declined that as well. I wonder if Verizon would appreciate my business and loyalty. Sprint needs to give their employees more tools to assist the customer when you guys drop the ball. An upgrade should never start at 1040am and finish at 4 pm. Embarrassing and you should be ashamed.
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5 years ago, Hamsomelove123
Poor service
I’ve been with sprint for 4 years and have the worst experience sprint is an okay carrier but they’re is just one thing that is so horrible I rarely get service I could go 7 feet from my house and get the worst service I went to myrtle beach recently and had the worst service and I’m switching to t-mobile next week but if you need amazing service and you travel a lot and your also on a budget I fully recommend t-mobile or Verizon they both have great service for travelers and sprint will charge your for roaming becuase of your location but t-mobile doesn’t do that sprint is a waste of money if your looking to bad service in many locations and if your looking for poor customer service I recommend sprint if you looking for great service and fair customer service I recommend Verizon if your looking for extremely good service in many locations and if you travel a lot during the summer and need amazing service and fair monthly pay for a “family” I recommend t-mobile
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5 years ago, Dmick90
Impressed So Far
I recently switched from AT&T and am pleasantly surprised at how much better cell phone reception i’m getting. Bought an iPhone X and got the phone for half the price with a military discount. Living on a military base where hardly anyone gets good service really put the phone to the test. I had a lot of dropped calls and missed text messages with AT&T, particularly inside buildings. Not with Sprint. The 4G LTE internet seems to be faster too. Everything is just working better and i’m paying less than AT&T for the unlimited data plan. I was skeptical at first knowing that a lot of people have had bad experiences with Sprint in the past but they have really improved their service recently and are on par with or better than Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, the big three companies. You have to try it for yourself to believe it.
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4 years ago, p... off customer
Cell phone service
I don’t know how to rate them they don’t follow up on information concerning your bill or account..also they don’t respect customers request nor conversations!! I don’t think that all representatives have the same information to give or tell customers, nor do they take down the proper information to put in the system or give to the next rep.. I think that big companies don’t respect the knowledge of the customers nor do they listen half the time when we are talking to them!!!! I have about three or four reps. that I’ve been talking to for the last three months to no results that only made my bill increase for lack of communication and improper information.... I will be reporting you all to the proper authority unless we solve this matter immediately. Someone needs more training or your representative are not doing a proper or well enough job to be dealing with peoples account and livelihood for this much confusion!! Hope to hear something soon not later. Suppose to get a call back today, we’ll see!
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10 months ago, LarLarGwen
The app won’t load
I have the the mobile app up to date (no update needed) yet, the app won’t pass the first screen where it says “Welcome to Sprint, Wait until we try to validate you over the Sprint network” It was taking so long to “verify” that my screen kept going on locked mode, so I turned off my Lock Screen and let it run for the validation and it passed over 25 minutes with the same “Welcome message” I’ve been having this issue for over two months and after coming here to see if there was an update that I might have missed which could be the reason Not to work properly but nope.. app still showing up to date on my App Store, so as of right now I’m deleting the app and letting you guys know that the app does not work anymore, it used to work good a few years back but as of recently (months) it has not and I won’t recommend it. just use the desktop version, it’ll be faster than the mobile version (as weird as it sounds.. this time around the desktop version will save you time and frustration)
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3 years ago, cocoa & C&Cs
Oh please. Mister Sprint Please!!!!!!!
Sorry CSR I have been very unhappy with them since I got started to upgrade by one CSR Rep Because Before the coronavirus our screens were broken I tried to get an appointment at city Avenue Sprint the snot turned around and spoke very nasty like someone of the street all up in how I was hurting her business or bothering her distasteful,disrespectful to me on the phone saying that I can’t get in any time for an appointment well I don’t want to get any coronfrom customers so she be like I called Sprint and complained just these were her exact words were I will explain why I am not getting my phone fixed and then she said my husband and I have a upgrade for new ones so we chose the I phone 11 like I put my faith in to this middle aged woman whom doesn’t know what she is saying Now they are charging us all these fees for the app more than regular amount for our 2 phones but Oh good grief not to mention they were saying that we were not able to get upgraded to new phone’s cause we had cracked screen yad yad yada. Now I have to get things straightened out soon as I can Thaxy
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4 years ago, TrekDeb
Sprint is the best
I tried all of Sprints competitors before I became a Sprint customer. This review is for the Hooper Ave., Toms River, NJ store. I have never had any problems with Sprint. I never had to return anything I bought there and the price is right. Their store manager and sales people are friendly and they will go out of their way to help you. They have the same people working there 4 years ago when I first walked into that store. They only sell phones, tablets, speakers, and accessories. They don't sell home security or whatever else their competitors are selling. And Sprint has great sales at different times. I have no problem with wi-fi or cellular and no dropped calls. Thank you Sprint for your great service and being honest with me when I wasn't sure what to buy. Keep up the great work and do not change, please keep it just a phone store.
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5 years ago, insane loyalty
Delusional one
We have been with sprint since 2002, at this point our sense of loyalty is sickening! You can take this review however you want because at this point we are literally the definition of insanity! Trying sprint since 2002 and expecting a different result, only to be disappointed over and over again! When there is a problem we will be on hold for an hour and once you do get someone you will have someone in India that doesn’t speak English and can’t understand or help you with your problem. You will be made promises of callbacks that never come true not once in all the years that we have been with sprint! The customer service is virtually nonexistent! This service is amazing if you are connected to Wi-Fi, but sprint service on his own is completely useless hope they still have payphones wherever you live!
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5 years ago, nmh2017
Every month I seem to have an issue with my auto pay. I’ve been told multiple times by sprint employees that I am signed up for auto pay but again this month I checked my bill to see that it was apparently “past due.” I’m frustrated, I feel that I’m being charged extra charges that I was told I wouldn’t be after signing up for auto pay. After “confirming” my payment on the sprint app, I refreshed my browser and my account had an add telling me to sign up for auto pay to save 10 I guess I don’t have auto pay???? I clicked this link and went through the steps to “authorize” auto pay. This is mostly just annoying and irritating that I have to worry about this bill every month because of a simple payment issue that doesn’t seem to be working how I have been told it would.
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5 years ago, SpintIsHoldingAGunToMyHead
I have called every month to have my bill adjusted. I joined sprint while the promotion was get an iPhone X for $20 a month. For this to happen Sprint has to credit my bill $20 a month per phone line. I have 4 phoneS. Every month Sprint only gives me credit for 2 of the phones. Last month after we calling in for three months in a row. I decided to finally trust and allow them to automatically take the funds withdrawn from my checking account to receive a $5 credit for each phone. Saving me another $20 a month. Because I did this I was charged $60 that Was automatically drafted from my account. This month again they charged me full price rent for the two phones that I am to have the 2 $20 credits for. I just spoke to them again. We have been customers for 5 months now and I feel forced to stay with Sprint. The service is awful. We have dropped calls every day. And the data is horrible and because Sprint has a map that says we are in a coverage area they will not help us. I feel like a gun is being held to my head.
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4 years ago, Ktjfam
Unsatisfied customer
Sprint customer service representative are under trained. I had an issue with my bill after paying my iPhone off. Sprint customer service representatives always had a different amount for my payment. If it weren’t for one online customer service representative that understood the billing I would have been paying sprint double what I really owed them. Also I paid my phone off but was also charged a rental fee for the same month. I should have been credited the rental fee after the phone was paid for but I was so tired of dealing with the customer representatives that I paid the fee. Sprint charges a month in advance so be mindful of what they are charging you and when it is being charged. I learned to always have an only representative to assist so you can receive the transcripts and also take screenshots of the conversation, record if necessary. Sprint customer service representatives do not check previous conversations before assisting customers. I’m not happy with sprint and now that my phone is paid for I’m considering switching carriers.
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3 years ago, catdogfive
Check out
The only problem I sa with the app was at checkout. Somehow I managed to change the color I wanted through the process and I needed to go back and change it. The old app one could just go back by tapping the item, fix it and then come right back to checkout. This app one can’t do that for any mistake. One has to erase all your work and start over. A second thing I saw is on shipping address. I moved several years ago and updated all my addresses. It however did not update on this and I really did not think it would however. I could not type in my new address and have the app save it. When I went back and changed my color I found it had not updated what I had just typed in for my new address. Little things but Annoying.
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5 years ago, Shane198634
Works for me!
I’ve been with Sprint for nearly 3 years and I have never had an issue with them. The service is great where I live in south Pennsylvania. I’ve traveled some & granted no network is perfect and obviously Sprint is no different. But I can drive to northern NJ with no drop calls. Center of PA definitely has a lot of 3G spots & a few extended areas. I switched to Sprint from T-Mobile because I was tired of T-Mobiles poor calling service and (in my experience) even spottier coverage. Since switching I drop calls a lot less & my bill is the just about the same each month (another reason I left T-Mobile) the app is simple and easy enough to navigate and use. Just be sure to check their coverage before switching. I find their coverage map is fairly accurate.
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6 years ago, Angel spy
Horrible customer service
I bought a new phone at the Sprint store and returned my old phone. First of all the person at the sprint store told me I could get an offer I brought in as long as I purchased $100 in accessories. No where in the offer did it say that. But I went ahead and agreed to purchase the accessories. When I got my bill I found out that they had charged me for insurance that I did not request and I also got charged for the device they claimed I had not returned. After 1 1/2 hours of being in an online chat with 3 different reps. I got the issue resolved. This was after the first one told me after 20 minutes of waiting that their system was down and to check back in 30-40 minutes. The second one disconnected out chat suddenly and so did the third one. The only way I found out that it was resolved was because I signed back on to my sprint account to see if I could get a customer service number and saw that the bill has been adjusted. Very poor service. I may start looking for another carrier.
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4 years ago, garudadude
Pretty user friendly app and acceptable service
It’s far from perfect but I switched over after being with AT&T for over a decade. AT&T seemed to have a small (to the point of being negligible) advantage when it comes to signal strength but it’s barely noticeable. For the better price and the exceedingly better customer care, my only regret is that I didn’t ditch AT&T way way sooner. AT&T is a thoroughly crooked company that ashamedly lies to and steals from its customers. So, comparing the experience between my current service from Sprint and my past experiences dealing with AT&T (like the way they format their billing statements statements to be practically impossible to decipher) has given me an appreciation for Sprints superior customer care and less aggressive practice of adding fraudulent fees on top of whatever the agreed upon monthly service plan was supposed to be.
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4 years ago, CombaBird
They rip people off
I drive a long distance to work and most of the way I get little to no service. I switch from Verizon to Sprint because I was promised better service and better price and I realized on my first bill that I made a grave mistake. Not only the service was bad but I found out about the hidden fees. Almost 3 three years later I decided to cancel my account and I found out that I had to still pay for my phone if I wanted to keep it because what I as initially promised, was that I would pay for my phone for two years and it was mine. Almost two months after my cancelation they are still changing (full price for two line) because because canceling my line is not enough, I have to call to cancel my automatic payment as well. Reading all the review here, I realized that I’m not the only one. Too bad I can’t give negative stars!! Costumer service acts like you are a idiot and don’t know anything “because I’m the expert about your bill, let me tell you why you are wrong” (this is what they told me).
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5 years ago, Beneri2018
Sprint Service
I have been with sprint for almost 20 years throughout my career with the government I have moved 7 times along with sprint, I just finished moving from Colorado to Atlanta, I have called several times for my service to be checked ... because I now have the slowest internet possible, I pay sprint 300 hundred dollars a month, you would think this is a great customer a solid account and someone would address this issue properly!!! Nope that’s not the case ever-time I call is like I get spin around the rep tells me reset this and reset that, keeps me !!! on the phone for and hour an half with out any positive results... so when the opportunity comes around I will have to cancel sprint, I can’t speak positive about the company any more cause sprint has changed a lot throughout the years with customer support and service, it is very sad that no one cares about their customers in sprint anymore!!!!
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5 years ago, Nerou Carr
This company is something else.
I just paid an extra $200 something on my phone bill because the company wants to charge me for a phone I had previously bought out in the store, even though I’ve had the receipt for it and everything. After contacting the company on numerous occasions and even going back to the store and having them tell me there was nothing they can do about it, except for me to call over the phone or go to the corporate store, I had to pay my bill because I need my phone for work. Even after I paid my actual bill last month they still decided to shut my service off and usually I’m very patient with things and never leave such long reviews, but this was all just ridiculous and people need to know how terrible they are with dealing with such a thing. I will never be recommending this company to anyone ever and I’m definitely switching over after my contract is complete. The only positive thing I have to say is that all of the people that did help were friendly.
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6 years ago, CramW
Horrible experience!
Actually beyond horrible! Called to unlock my fathers phone. Was transferred 3 times. Was then told that we had to pay the fair market price for the phone. Was transferred again to pay but I was transferred to Apple and the phone is a Galaxy S5. So the next day I went to a Sprint store and paid off the phone but since the store doesn’t do unlock I had to call again. I was told that the phone would be unlocked within 72 hours. It wasn’t. I called again and was told that my unlock request was made too soon after the payment so the unlock request was denied. I was told again that everything was now OK and the phone would be unlocked within 72 hours. Last night I received an email stating that the phone could not be unlocked because there is a balance due. The account is on auto pay and has been for years so any balance is always paid on time. I just authorized an early payment but now I have to call again to request the unlock. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!
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4 years ago, gymmom722
Worst service and company ever
As a 20 year plus customer who has spent 6 k a year with this company I am completely disgusted with everything about sprint. When you call you get transferred around and spend 2 hours minimum on the phone listening to how they will fix things but fail to do so. I have not had good audio service on any of our lines this entire year and have not only complained, hours on the phone, in store, even another brand new phone and being sent to the apple store an hour away. Sprint store told me they don’t know how to work with apple phones. This was the repair store. The service quality is horrible in fort Myers everywhere. I have done all they asked and it took 6 months to finally get their magic box. I have been lied to by their employees and they never follow up as promised. My phone cuts out and my family can only hear every other word. This company is a joke and I was promised a big discount on my very high bill and not one penny removed. WE ARE LEAVING THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY!!!!!
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5 years ago, JLtowU
The worst!
I also wish I could give 0 stars. Sprint in general has been ripping me off for $136 a month. Garbage customer service and weak signal that varies from one block to the next. I will be canceling my service within the next month. The give me a reminder that my bill due date is coming up. Do they say the date? No! Then the due date comes and goes, with out another word from them... and I’m stuck paying an extra $36 for a late fee...for the past several months! If your stupid company was trying to be helpful, why not remind me of the date you jackasses. Telling me “it’s coming up” is stupid. I know it’s coming up, the end of the month is too. I’m so sick of the app that does nothing good except TAKE YOUR MONEY! Customer service is always experiencing technical difficulties, the live chat bull crap has never worked. They’re always too busy, try again later. Later? I’m gonna make my business easier than ever for you to handle Sprint, I’m taking my money elsewhere! Kiss my *%!! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Slagwar
App works great, their network though is garbage
App works well enough, the sprint network is utter garbage, a brand new iPhone 11 and barely any service in a major city (Portland) it used to be halfway decent until October...then boom if I ain’t on WiFi I pretty much have a $1000 paper weight, the chat feature within the app is nice if you like vague, and canned responses, and constantly being “handed off” to another rep or tech, just to be constantly disconnected, or fed “our techs are working hard on the problem” with no resolution date or timetable of any fix to the network issue. It’s pretty bad when druggies on government issued Obama phones have better network connectivity. Than someone who pays almost $200 a month for a shoddy your money go to Verizon
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3 years ago, Chef_ Silky_J
App ok, desktop unusable
The app works as it should. it has easy accessibility to your usage and billing data. Let’s you quickly pay your bill if needed and can connect you to customer support easily. When you use a desktop its much less intuitive. Pages load very slow and the layout is terrible on the main page and inconsistent on others. The entirety of it needs to be updated. For instance, while in checkout, It automatically charges you a $10 overnight shipping charge to the final bill when purchasing a phone, UNLESS you search the phone out again and change the how you want it sent. The next screen prompts a “modify delivery” but has no other option to choose. So what’s the point there. The cart page is not very user friendly oddly enough. It’s not streamlined and it all has a lawyery-read-the-fine-print vibe to it. Colorful and friendly when shopping, but not when checking out.
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5 years ago, for the live of god!!!!!
Not a happy customer
Not happy at all with the ap. My credit card expired and I was not sent any text messages to advise my payment had not been made or that I needed to edit the card. My son who is in college received a text message advising the payment wasn’t made. He assumed I took care of it. It was by accident that he mentioned it to me. I pay the bill. Not sure why I wouldn’t receive the message. I went into the ap and made and updated the credit card information and paid the bill. I hope I don’t get charged a over due fee. I have no idea if I am still on autopay or not. Also, the coverage I have is hit or miss. Very disappointed in the service I have. If something doesn’t change I will finish my commitment and move in. I will also tell everyone I know not to go with sprint. BTW, I think it says something when you require a nickname and “not happy” and “not happy at all” and “not a satisfied customer” and “unbelievable” and “I hate sprint” are already taken.
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5 years ago, Bullseye2016
It’s a good service provider
I’ve been with sprint for a few years now, the service is good but being able to actively talk on the phone and not being able to receive or output any data (besides basic text) is a bit odd considering most other providers allow this “feature”. The pricing could be a little more affordable for account owners. For two lines it cost me around $150 a month. For unlimited Text, Data and Call. Which in consideration that’s the going rate. So it’s not just Sprint. The range of service isn’t the best, but tolerable. I’ve stuck with spring mainly due to the fact that the customer service surpasses any other experience I’ve personally had with other service providers. Along with in store service.
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6 years ago, Scrap 80
Great for the price...
I still can’t believe that Sprint has a hard time making and receiving Conference calls. Sure, you can click over to the other line. But you can’t separate the calls without hanging up on Both parties in order to speak to one person privately. Even when you click to answer your other line while currently on the phone, it would still show you have two parties in the phone after one caller hung up. Tmobile, AT&T and Verizon has that feature to separate two way calls. I don’t know what’s the point of Sprint not having it by now. It may sound petty, but I like to make conference calls with the ability to separate or drop the calls with ease. Sprint has too much History in the phone company to be Missing Features! Great Family Plan Prices Though. Fix it Jesus!
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5 years ago, 123 help me
I’m writing this review with the thought it won’t get read. Nothing to be done nobody economy and none of my concerns will be taken care of. I’ve had a lot of issues with Sprint once I get my phones paid off I’ll just go someplace else. I tried to get them resolved at the sprint store online. Going online that’s a joke either on hold too long with your specialist can help you. Just to make me happy and be nice if somebody would respond. I’ve also had lotta issues with answering multiple people on the same email or text never works right. Well there you go I probably feel so much more better by at least sending you this. Have a blessed day. Well there you go again nicknames three taken won’t take my email
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5 years ago, more pr less
Awful service
Since I started using Sprint I had a lot of problem and I spent a lot of money too. Firstly, I have a plan with just one line and the seller said that I was going to pay $90/month and I agreed. But in my first bill I received about $310 and I went to the store and the same seller told me that he wasn’t understanding why I received that bill, but it was my first month in here and I needed my phone bc I needed to talk to my family. Anyways, I paid that money and the seller(he was the manager) he said that I was gonna pay just $90/month. But how I hoped, nothing changed and I received about $200 on the second month. I thought that they were going to refund me bc I paid a lot of extra on the first month. And the same seller was always saying “idk what’s happening!” And I needed to contact sprint by Facebook and I talked to a bunch of different ppl and nothing was changed so far. I’m paying too much for just one line and I can’t wait to cancel for this kind of service.
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4 years ago, Brutally_Frank
Poor customer service
Typical offshore call center. The people barely speak English, don’t have a clue, and talk over the top of you instead of listening. Just became a new customer, and am ver dissatisfied with the phone support. Instead of listening and responding with possible solutions, the representatives want to go through their entire “script” before putting you left for extended periods fo time, and then transferring you to someone else, who then asks for all of you personal information (again), only to read the same list of questions the previous person asked. At the end of the call, you are no further than when you started, except 2-3 hours older. The representatives, are not native English speakers, and have such poor diction and understanding of the language that they can barely communicate, and definitely do not comprehend. Pathetic service for a company supposedly base in Germany. Hoping that the US Department of Justice does not approve the merger with sprint and TMobile, as that would just reinforce their bad behavior. Best thing would be for them to lose enough customers to impact their business model and profit margin, since money is the only thing that gets their attention. A very disgruntled soon to be Ex customer. There are other options, and life is too short to waste time and money on a corporation that does not respect those who keep them in business.
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3 years ago, AndyVert
I got the free line promotion and I was excited to buy a phone for that line. The only issues was when I wanted to buy the phone it wouldn’t let me so I decided to call sprint and a guy named Michael help me out. He tried various things to help my issue but he said the only way to get the phone is to go to a sprint store because the system wouldn’t let him however, the issue with that is that I tested positive for COVID 19. Therefore, I could go outside he told to wait till July 2 and that he was going to call me to give an update luckily I was able to buy the iPhone for my mom and I was excited. I mean than you so much especially during these times making it easier to buy item from the site. Thank you Sprint
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5 years ago, That guy that loves this book
Awful app to match the service.
A lot of people have already made reviews about how bad sprint has treated them and their billing, and this app represents how garbage this company is. I can’t even see my bill on the app, and recently every single occasion I try to sign in on the app it tells me that my account type isn’t supported. How did it go from supporting my account when I bought my phone plan with them, to breaking after I started to call and ask about stupid charges I don’t want to be charged? They asked me to rate their app after telling me they don’t feel like supporting my account?? Here’s another one star review to accompany all the others, because a bunch of idiots can’t figure out how to keep up support for people’s phone accounts. Also piggybacking off every other review about sprint as a service, I have never seen my connectivity go higher than 2 bars of LTE and constantly my phone switches to 3g because the network is so slow in Las Vegas.
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5 years ago, BSNmajor
Quick and convenient
I love the Sprint app because it gives me quick access to my account when I need to check my bill or look at any information regarding my plan. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the chat option within the app is of poor quality. When I chat on the actual website I am connected with representatives that are professional and literate, and whom seem to follow a script. They are also professional and courteous. The last two times I’ve connected to the chat via the Sprint app, the representatives I spoke with had grammatical errors in their chats and did not have any customer service etiquette. When I asked for the chat transcript to me emailed to me for my records, the agent told me to screenshot the chat. Other than that the app is easy to use.
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4 years ago, Mr. Stinky Fishface
Worst service I have EVER had, hands down
My experience with Sprint has been one disappointment after another. My service is absolutely terrible, I can’t even get a signal at my work, on the road to work, and if I head into Chicago, forget about it. I went several times to the sprint store, and they offered me some booster box that looked like a window air conditioner and said that I could connect to that while at work to make my signal better.....great, but what about everywhere else? The employees at the store I went to promised that I would be reimbursed for changing from Verizon (worst decision ever if I have made that perfectly clear already), I wasn’t reimbursed at all. They promised two tickets from ticket master as part of the sign up promo, never got them. Best thing ever, they told me that yes, Verizon was a lot more expensive and that’s why you get better service. Sadly, that only aggravated me more. I would gladly pay their expensive cost for a phone that is actually reliable. When they did that 100% satisfaction guarantee, I called to see if I could get out of my contract because of all the issues I have been having, and they said no, it was only for new customers. Please heed my warning!!!! I won’t say who to go with, but certainly do you research better than I did. An old saying comes to mind about this whole situation, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
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5 years ago, jeserv74
Very unhappy customer
Will be changing carriers when my contract is up. There customer service is horrible and there service is deceiving. I had a sales rep. Up sale me on an item she claimed was completely FREE. After three months I started getting charged. I then got on the phone with customer service to TRY and figure it out. Each month for the next three months I continued to get charged, finally customer service told me i needed to cancel the service within the thirty day period. Let me remind you that it was a device I didn’t want or need and only took it after the sales rep insisted it was free. It will now cost me an early cancellation fee that is more than just continuing to pay the service. I STILL TO THIS DAY HAVE NOT USED THE DEVICE!!! Sprint claims it was my fault for not canceling in the first thirty days, which is the deceiving part because I did even start getting charged for ninety days. Needless to say I WILL be changing service providers when my contract is up.
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5 years ago, 68pooh
iPhone XR
My iPhone XR works at the store, but when I get home it doesn’t work like it suppose I can only text and talk for a couple of minutes then the call fails. And when I get back to the store the only thing they do is change the sims card and tell me to reset it when I get back home but it still don’t work. And with in iPhone you suppose to have different features such as when you FaceTime more than one person at a time or do more than one thing a time but it doesn’t work that way. When I am on social media I miss all of my calls or when I’m on social media I can’t listen to my music and be on the media at the same time. Paying too much for a phone and not working properly
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4 years ago, Kerryp2007
Difficulty speaking and getting to the point.
I am as new customer as of February and have had to call sprint 3 times because of charges that were incorrect. Each time speaking to a representative it was difficult as each person is hard to understand and they ask three to four times what you are calling about. The last time I called I was having the sprint complete removed from the newest line that I recently added and after telling her 3 times the line I wanted it removed she then started to remove on the one I wanted it on. Ugh frustrating!!!!!! When I set the line up I never wanted the sprint complete on that phone. I went to sprint solely because of price and it is cheaper but at the cost of frustration of charges constantly getting added. I gave a two because the lady was super nice but she needs to write things down and get to the point. Rant over.
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4 years ago, jeargle01
Service and review
I also have been having a horrible experience with Sprint . I have been a customer since 2005 with 5 phones on my account. We leased the phones for 18 months then after 26 months they tell me I still owe 250 per phone because I didn’t go online and state after the lease that the money I was still being charged was not going towards paying for the phone so in essence the iPhone 7 Plus that I had already paid 1000 plus dollars on . I still owed 750 on them before they were mine.... Really come on that’s bs !!! I finally got it fixed when I had to get a attorney involved. Never had a problem with sprint up until this point. But the employees are terrible they don’t have a clue about customer service. I must say in the end it worked out but I understand your frustration. Hope Sprint takes these reviews and does some serious cleaning house.... or employee training!
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6 years ago, klassik25
Don’t understand how my account is growing when my phone has been shut off since oct,28 but the bill has been growing ever since. It stayed at 580 for a short period but now has reached 611 how when my phone not on. So I believe that is so misunderstood preposterous I have been unemployed do to the fact that I was in the hospital and I died 15 times and went into a coma but after being in the hospital and getting out knowing my current circumstances I paid my bill knowing what will happen. And now that I have a new job I was getting ready to make a payment to get my account back in the green so I can get out of the red. But with my bill growing and I don’t have no service and if I pay it down the account will grow with no service still so that’s why I put 1 star cause your charging me and it’s not like my account has been off from 6 to 12 months. I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years or 3 and never had this done before.
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4 years ago, Hates Sprint!
Horrible on all fronts!!!!
I will not take too much more of my time to waste with sprint. However, I will make it known that Sprint has DEPLORABLE customer service, they are shameless thieves, and to top it off they have horrible connection (dropped calls, loses data on a regular, and more!!!). I signed up with sprint in June of this month and that has been the BIGGEST mistake. They charged me from May- June for an ENTIRE month of service that I didn’t even have! Now everytime I call to ask why I was charge for a month I didn’t have I get the runaround, I hear it will be escalated or just some BS while I wait HOURS on the line for people to try to come up with an answer. This was also IN STORE. NO ONE CAN GIVE AN ANSWER AS TO WHY I WAS CHARGED FOR A MONTH WHEN I WAS NOT A PART OF Sprint AND THEY WILL NOT RETURN MY MONEY!! You guys said guaranteed or you get your money back?? WELL I WANT MY MONEY BACK!! Take back your crap phone and crap service and I will gladly get my money back and move the hell on!
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