My Total by Verizon

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Current version
TracFone Wireless, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Total by Verizon

4.77 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Chris' Sneakers!!
Total wireless
I love total wireless because it uses the Verizon Towers to get Great Reception no matter where I’m at as long as I buy my iPhone and on the total wireless box it has a V on the side of the box normally somewhere on the box it will let you know that it is connected to Verizon and the prices are so much lower than Verizon who I used to be with almost all my time when cellular phone came out the only thing I miss was the new upgrade every 2 years and my (ex-husband now) wouldn’t use his upgrade so I would get free upgrade every year well they would say it was free but to get the one that you wanted it would usually cost me 50$ but I don’t think they have upgrades anymore no contacts or no more deals like years ago so I definitely would rather stay with total wireless! Just wish they would have trade in deals with iPhones and iPhones sales and more was to get points Thank You
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3 years ago, kurt.iss
Why isn’t my data add on not being applied?
I noticed my internet speed was horrible so I checked my account balance. It shows a red bar, indicating I used all of the 1gb of data. Which is accurate. However, I looked below that and I have a data balance over 13GB. Why? Why wasn’t my add-on applied when I purchased it BEFORE my LAST end-dates? I spoke to support and they said they manually applied it. I checked the app again and nothing changed. So I then turned off my phone and back on, waiting a few minutes to check once more. Nothing changed. I hard reset my device, wait a few minutes, and checked again. Nothing changed. I then made sure to check that everything is up-to-date. Everything was up-to-date. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing changed. I logged out, deleted the app and all related data from my device storage, and reset my phone. I then downloaded the app once more, signed in, and nothing changed. I’ve tried on a different device, reading FAQ’s, plan details, etc. and still no way to get what I paid for. It’s happened before so now him thinking it’s intentional to make people accidentally buy more data, just for it to not be applied.. it already is dumb that I can’t get a refund for an add-on, so when this is going on I feel like I should just dispute it and part ways at this point. Especially after finding out GoogleFi is literally the same, except the prices make sense and GIVE more—in addition to 24/7 customer support.
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2 years ago, MinnesodaFrost
Good by total wireless…hello T-mobile
Leaving this service for t-mobile there have been a couple of times where I would be late for the monthly payment due to my checks being delayed or just ending up on a wonky date which isn’t the issue here. My main issue is that not only do they immediately shut off service once it doesn’t go through (no grace period whatsoever) but they wipe your entire account when you miss a payment even if it’s only by a day. I’ve had to re register and make an account 4-5 times now just to be able to pay more to go back on the same plan I was already on. How do you guys expect me to be able to pay a overdue phone bill if you wipe the entire account? Doesn’t matter because in the end I’m switching to t-mobile where I’ll be getting unlimited data talk and text for 30/month where as for 10gb of data and talk and text it costs 35/month on here. This service would be good if it made sense and customer service wasn’t horrendous. I would love for someone to explain to me how I get 1 bar of service from my room in the middle of a suburban area yet at my grandmas house I get 4 bars of service and she lives up in the mountains with the nearest store is a 20min drive. Absolutely makes 0 sense. Oh also if you go past your data good luck their 2g data is basically the same of 0g it’s atrocious.
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4 months ago, StarinaGoldman
Worthless agents
This app is pure garbage it doesn’t let me log in with my finger id, I try to manually log in and it freezes and doesn’t do anything, as for the useless agents, I had the pleasure of meeting the worst one DARA this one was a prize, she didn’t understand anything I was saying and just simply ended the chat, then I chatted again and this one was as worthless as the other one, did not understand and was just copying and pasting the responses that are given to them by this crappy company onto the chat, I didn’t tell her my problem and she copy pasted the typical copy paste response, how sad, they need to be trained to interact with customers because they do not know what they are doing at all, I will be switching companies and this one has let me down so much and I simply had enough, how does one line appear on my app when I have two lines, I can’t check my other lines usage at all because it simply disappeared from my account app, I only see ones information on the dashboard, these agents couldn’t understand this or help me, even a blindfolded monkey with one working finger can do a better job than these agents. This will be my last month with this service and no more, I’ve had enough of their mistakes and broken app
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3 months ago, TBritt1721
Worst customer service care
Have been through an extremely extensive redundant process at least six times to try to get my old phone number to my new phone and I still haven’t gotten anywhere. I traded in to get a new phone , but they fail to inform me of the problem of not being able to access any of my applications without my old number and they took in my old phone as a trade-in so I cannot get any verification sent to it in order to port the number over, have been given the runaround and I have been told several times that they would help me by sending me my port information and have not yet to get it and I am extremely frustrated with this whole system yet to go through at least 15-30minutes of automatic prompters over the phone before you can actually talk to somebody and they all sound like scripted robots. Absolute worst phone company I’ve dealt with not to mention. The reason I switched was due to paying for extra data and never receiving it on multiple occasions. I do not recommend this Service provider and still highly disgusted they still cannot receive the proper assistance. I have been calling about every day for the last week now is from a loyal customer since 2015 I’m livid !
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5 years ago, ms101010
Terrible customer service
I have been on a 2-line plan for over a year. I purchased a new phone whose IMEI showed as compatible according to the total wireless site, activated the phone and changed to a 3-line plan. Then the service dropped and after hours on the phone with customer service they determined the device was not in fact compatible due to something with megahertz - this information is not revealed on their site nor a common feature you’d look for when buying a phone. I reverted the plan to a 2-line plan immediately and got an email confirming this. I also returned the phone, paying the $35 restocking fee. I couldn’t return the SIM - out another $8. I was charged $88 for the new 3-line plan and have yet to see this charge reversed or my plan to reflect the change back to 2-line. I have called (can’t actually get someone - they’re busy), tried chats multiple times (again, too busy to respond), submitted feedback via their survey and asked to be contacted (twice) and wrote a letter - you know, with handwriting and postage. Terrible customer service. I will continue to request my money back. If 30 days pass with no response, I will be reporting this to the better business bureau. And the app is beyond glitchy.
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5 years ago, blblglf
Great service
The service is great, i never had any problem, and the best thing about it is having the signal where ever i go, not like other carries i did try before they asked me to have boosters all over the house and loosing signal in some areas of the city. Beside one more important thing i pay the same amount every month not like other companies i did deal with before were every once a while i used to see $200 or more on my bill coming from no where. Since i did start dealing with Total Wireless i am very comfortable with the service and the reasonable charges.
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3 months ago, Liha42
The new app deactivated my account
When using rewards points to purchase a data add-on, my account became deactivated. Apparently my phone number was deleted during the process (why is there even an option in the app for your number to delete during this transaction?). There was no warning that my account would be deactivated, I just received a text after the fact. When I messaged the help desk, I was told I would need to call. In order to call, I had to purchase another plan. Thankfully they refunded me this amount. But this should not have happened in the first place. I was with Total Wireless for several years and never had problems, would have given a 5-star review on the old app. Now that they’re bought out by Verizon, the new app is not user-friendly at all, and this was clearly a glitch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a sneaky way for them to get more money in the hopes that customers won’t bother calling for a refund. Now that Verizon bought Total Wireless, I’ll be switching carriers, as I have a history of issues with Verizon and it gets old calling customer service to dispute things like this.
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1 year ago, Haunter125
It use to be great..
I use to love total wireless! It use to be a great deal with great service! Once they got bought by Verizon, my service stopped working. I tried calling about it but customer service would send my on a wild goose chase, so I stopped trying. I decided I would use my rewards points and then switch because the auto refill option was taken away from my plan. After 2 months of using points, I noticed they were still charging me for auto refill, but twice! So I’m using my rewards points AND being charged for 2 plans!!! I still had exactly the same amount of service though!! So I put in calls to customer service. Each time I called, they would transfer me around for HOURS!! Then, it would end with customer service hanging up on me everytime. It seems their way of helping is to try tiring you out. If that doesn’t work they hang up. I’ve put in calls for weeks now, and there’s nothing I can do but switch providers and do a stop payment with my bank. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!
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2 years ago, Girl600_podcast
Can’t Activate 📱- suppprt will not help u
Worse tech support to date. Worse than Tracfone. Seems they have to avoid costing the company any money by helping you or they may get fired or something. You will not get your plan. Try your credit card company. I did but they later told the company all was good. I just wanted to have the phone make a normal phone call. It goes to a Verizon message. Luckily I have other phones and apps that can get around this non activated XR. Backstory 📖Bought a refurbished XR for Christmas; paid $35 extra for a 10Gb plan. Phone arrived but the PIN suppprt keeps asking me for is nowhere to be found. Not on the emailed receipt etc. Jan - my called is transferred over and over to different techs, phone says it’s activated - all calls go to a Verizon robot 🤖 who asks they you pay to make calls. Feb - 2nd support person says I activated the 10 gig 1 month plan for a day then cancelled it the next day. Thankfully the phone works over WiFi. 💡Get a cheap XR from them then sell it or trade it in.
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2 years ago, BKisTha1
Very misleading when it comes to points
I’ve been with total wireless for a long time and hadn’t had any real problems up until last yr. When I log into the it tells me I have 1,041 points (enough for a data add-on) but when I got to redeem or use them it says I have an insufficient amount. Now I looked at the “rules” and all and it’s says that it may take up to 30 days to post to account but my points availability has been sitting at 996 for months now and it’s very frustrating that I have to keep spending money when I could use the point system you all put in place. Please fix this issue and I will rate higher. Lastly, I can no longer log in with my Face ID.. idk what happened and yes I remember my password and all but you all keep tweaking certain stuff for nothing. I didn’t tell y’all I wanted to remove Face ID as an option but you all removed it anyway which is weird. It’s been a lot of weirdness going on with my account please fix these issues.
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2 years ago, arielle_sevyn
Version messed up a good app
When this service was “total wireless” the app was clean and simple and smooth and nearly flawless. Now that Verizon bought them out Verizon has totally messed up the app. I can’t even log on because a stupid Verizon banner covers the submit button , I have sent emails and messages and reviews addressing this ….nothing happened and probably no one ever read them knowing Verizon’s reputation for horrid customer service…and there are now 50million screens and pages to navigate thru, offering this or that and pandering for $$$, In order to get where I need… if I don’t get a “ page requested not found” . Which is very often in their buggy app. The app and the website are trash, absolutely garbage and a pain to navigate. A high school freshman could do better. And customer service??? Total wireless had amazing costumer service … now it’s Verizon’s typical crap service that they are known for. Such a decline since Verizon took over. I was a die hard total wireless customer for years …absolute die hard . Guess I got to start looking at Verizon’s competitors as i bet many will. This was a great service turned into crap after Verizon bought them out. Too bad… I’ve had this service for years and years . Do better Verizon…. Do something. I can’t even access this app due to the stupid “Verizon” banner covering the submit button on the log on info screen. Im
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1 year ago, J1046323
I’ve been a long time customer (5+ years) of TW and now after Verizon took over, I am having big problems. First, I bought a phone upgrade from TW and “earned 10,000 rewards points” well now, these points have been pending for months. Customer support does not help with any issue and are usually rude, I don’t even know why they’re there at this point because everyone has to refer me to someone else. I would have stayed if they weren’t so rude and unhelpful and ignored the points, but now I am angry. The lady on the customer support when I asked for my points to get a service plan told me “you don’t have enough points for a service plan” and when I told her it showed me they were pending, she said that it wasn’t showing in the system. I now, at this point have ordered a SIM card from Mint Mobile but TW will not unlock my SIM. I am losing my phone because I can’t use it without TW service and my phone number and now I feel as if I have been scammed.
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5 years ago, AngRose30
Way better than a lot of prepaid services but still lots of bugs
Every month I seem to have to uninstall the total witless app so my new minutes, data will load. I have to keep adding my daughters phone. So a lot of data being eaten up right there They do not support hot spot They told me after I spent a lot of money on a iPhone through them so I could do hot spot when needed, welp I guess we aren’t allowed to have that feature even though their website says they do I’m a lot happier with this company than trackfone, if you want a headache on a weekly basis switch to trackfone. I’ve done prepaid through a lot of services and cell phone companies. This is the best by far, I get Verizon service for a fraction of the price unlimited talk text 15 gigs of data 2 phones $64 a month. Before I was paying that plus more for extra data, one line.
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2 months ago, Fordguy21
Total Needs To Go Back To Total
Please kick Verizon Wireless to the curb. Since Verizon has taken over. Service is spotted, data goes in and out. Please get some American speaking people in your offices as well. Last week my account was charged twice for the same plan because the couldn’t get the plan right. Glad I had the money in my account. Once next month plan hits I’ll be leaving and going to another company. The app needs updates and improve T’s across the board. Points earned should not take over a week to hit your account. Reviews never update. Seems like you never can win at spin the wheel. Always gives you a free magazine subscription which it freeze up on when you try to redeem. Balance alerts and mins used and data used never updates. Your always better to use 611 and not the app. And that’s even slow.
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5 years ago, Frederic0728
Misleading Website & Poor Customer Service
I tried recently opening an account with total wireless for two lines $60. First thing Total Wireless make you do is letting you check whether your phone is compatible. After putting this information , total Wireless says my phone was compatible . I then inserted the total wireless SIM card and followed all instructions . After one hour of trying to activate phone, both the total wireless desktop website and recommended app will not go beyond the compatibility check. I started to think Total Wireless is a scam. To check if this was true , I called their Customer Service. No human voice available . I then give Total Wireless a last chance by using their online chat . The experience of the system was frustrating . Associate , was not understanding issue and what I was going through and was doing the same device compatibility test. After a few minutes , I received a standard reply “I am sorry your phone is at this moment not compatible “. Phone ran on the Verizon network always and how would this even be possible . It doesn’t seem Total Wireless cares about making new customers and is falsely advertising that if your phone is Verizon compatible you will be able to use your old phone .
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4 years ago, Hard2findgoodnickname
An Actual Review of the App Itself
It seems like a lot of the reviewers here are mashing together their overall experience as total wireless customers. So I’m going to break it down. First, the service itself (talk/text/data) is absolutely *phenomenal* for the price. Especially for families. It’s Verizon reliability and speed at a fraction of what they will charge you. This seems to be what the 5 star people here are focusing on. Second, customer service is...well...poor. I’ve interacted with several TFW folks and most are genuinely trying their best. The problem is that their employer has set them up to fail with absolutely awful, archaic processes for fixing things. When hotspot rolled out last month, it took my guy over an hour of clicking away madly on his computer to get mine working. It’s ridiculous...but that price... So now the app...the thing that I’m actually giving the 2 star rating. It’s meh. It’s decently designed but it’s no more useful than the mobile website and it’s often unreliable, especially the widget. I basically never use it and would delete it if not for the semi-reliable widget. If it were reliable, it’d probably get 3 stars. So that’s it. Complete review. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, Fordguy23347
App + Customer service rip off.
So I have had total wireless now for about a year. Service was good at the giddy up. But now my phone drops calls. Data is useless. I had the 25 gig plan. Never went over my plan allowance. So this weekend I went to switch my carriers. Just to find out that total wireless locked my phone. I paid out of pocket for MY phone. This is not a total wireless branded phone. I spent over the 1000$ on an iPhone X. Just to be told by the other carrier my phone is locked. Called Total wireless to let them know my phone was locked. The rep told me that they don’t like the BYOP phones. Then asked me what type of phone it was. I told her iPhone X. Then she proceed to tell me that it had to go to a different dept. that I should here something in 24 to 48 hours. Which I really don’t understand how they can do this. So please if you have a. Non branded phone. Please don’t go with this company.
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2 years ago, Ecirpa
Disappointed with app
I have deleted and reloaded this app to my phone AT LEAST 3 times and it still does not show my active account on the Dashboard or any of my recent payments. I have talked to customer service several times about the issue, and they say the issue will be fixed after they take my payment but it still shows my account as Inactive. I would rather make my payment right on the app the way I used to without having to call in each month to make my payment. This all started happening when I added a line for my son, which normally would make you get treated as a good customer but that has not been my experience. I just keep getting the same response to delete the app and reload it, but that is NOT WORKING!!! This is a very inconvenient experience for me!
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6 years ago, TAZMANIANJESS23
Extremely Poor Customer Service
This company is so irritating! So the plan is ok if u don’t use a lot of data and my family doesn’t. But when they have a computer glitch, including in the app, and u have to keep calling back everyday to get those other phones back on cuz it only keeps on the primary under the service it’s frustrating. They are currently having this issue. And it just makes me and my family mad cuz we have important phone calls we must deal with for our jobs, medical, insurance, etc. I am about to switch because this is not the first issue with customer service either. I was hung up on several times by a lady who screwed my plan up and all I wanted was an explanation. They did give me a free month but that was no excuse for poor service.
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5 years ago, Hurteye
Doesn’t work
I signed up with total wireless last night for a four line family plan. Downloaded the My Account app and installed it. It asks for email address or cell phone number or Sim card number. When either of these is entered and then asked for password and whether I would like to enable fingerprint recognition. After password is entered the login button does not respond. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Update: Started working a couple of days later. Now works perfectly!
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3 years ago, Monica3059
On my first day of transferring over to total wireless, I ran into some issues and reached out to customer service. It was a total NIGHTMARE as the lady I spoke with had an AWFUL tone, RUDE as she spoke over me and cut me off consistently. Overall, extremely UNPROFESSIONAL. Not to mention, she did NOT resolve my issue. I had enough of her and asked to speak with a manager, she placed me on hold for 30 minutes just to transfer me to another rep. I advised the rep of the situation, she on the other hand resolved my issue in 5 minutes and had me transferred to a manager in 30 seconds. Shame on Total Wireless for hiring people with poor character who give the company a BAD image. This whole situation was so frustrating that I have since moved to another phone company. Not worth it, please feel free to checkout other wireless providers!
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3 years ago, Dsinmartin
Can’t refill your service via the app
App seems to work fine, except when you try to refill your monthly service. It takes you through the process, and when you go to select the plan to purchase, the page information is larger than the screen size. Unfortunately, the app won’t allow you to make the page smaller or scroll to the bottom to hit the “purchase plan” option. The developers could put the plan purchase button at the top of the page to avoid this issue, or find a way to allow a customer to scroll down. This is what I currently experience with a 2020 iPhone SE and IOS 14.4.
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6 years ago, Gatt64
Worked for new user
I bought a phone and the retailer set up my account. Later, I needed to add a line & new phone. I was a bit nervous to do add on myself since I hadn’t used the app before, but everything worked. I paid for the new contract to increase the number of lines prior to expiration of the previous month contract. Then on the first day of the new contract, activated the new phone. (All using this app) The entire process took about 8 hours, mostly waiting on the transfer of an existing phone number.
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6 years ago, DustinRhodes
How good are they?
I’ve switched from Boost Mobile to Total wireless. It’s been about two months or so and I’ve already invested more than I’ve should at this point. This company just wants money from you, data should be included with the purchase of $40 for a month. I think that spending almost $80 a month for a plan shouldn’t be done but for total wireless you have to because if you arnt at a place where WiFi is offered then you have to use data which is expensive. I get it, they have to make money but if you want to make money go with the best options, include unlimited data with the purchase of $40. I’m leaving total wireless as soon as I can this company is blinding people with what they offer in my opinion, go with boost mobile.
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4 years ago, spyderauto34
Make the switch.
Before I switched to total wireless I literally was paying well over 200 bucks for 2 lines. I made the switch about 4 years ago and it has been an excellent experience. They bounce off Verizon wireless towers so it’s great service. I pay 60 bucks a month and get unlimited talk, Text and 30GB of web, plus I get to use my phone as a hotspot. The app is user friendly and there are so many options for you to take care of all your phone needs.
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6 years ago, Chops04081007
Data separation for family plan
I love the widget for the app but really wish that you would make it to where you are able to see how much data each device has used when on a family plan. Ex. My data for the month is 3.25 gb and my wife’s would be around 3.50 gb. A subtotal of the data would equal 6.75 gb that has been used. Just a though, I am sure there are others who would appreciate this feature. That app is great though. Ty for your hard work
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4 years ago, babyboy14622
Total Wireless
hopefully their won't be any refreshing flaws on the mobile app when refreshing for the updated account information and also more features are added for an account but great service overall and hopefully more phone plans will become available for a better cost for no data cap limit.
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8 months ago, ELK909
Don’t use Total by Verizon!
Absolute garbage since they got bought out by Verizon. The app is practically useless. I can’t even redeem the PIN cards using the app anymore; I have to use my web browser. Every time I log in, it lets me into the dashboard, then immediately kicks me out and says I need to log in. It’s also been very difficult to set up a new phone, even if you bought it brand new from Total. Overall, the Total app and website is glitchy and struggles to load anything most of the time. I had enough and decided to switch carriers. We switched to Tracfone and everything was much easier and more reliable (and cheaper!).
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4 years ago, CrazyCatGirl8888
I’ve had to contact them 3 times in 2 months
The service is fine but the app seems to always have my data usage wrong or it doesn’t keep me enrolled in autopay. And today I was told they couldn’t give me the data I was “claiming I should have.” What happened was that when I bought a new 60gig shared data plan, the app and data never restarted. It just kept going from the last month. Like I bought add-on data. I paid $60 on 2/10 and was assumed to have used data that we didn’t. I have them 2 stars because someone actually fixed my other 2 problems. Both had to do with autopay not working twice.
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2 years ago, Kellia Maria
Don’t do Total Wireless
Their customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve used pre paid cell service for 15+ years. I hate using the chat because if you don’t respond within a few seconds they keep asking if you are there. If you are typing a long response, they will end your chat for pausing too long. If you call, most of them are difficult to understand. Most importantly- do NOT lose your phone with this service! In order to port your number to a new company, TW will require you to purchase a new SIM and service card on your new phone so you can receive a NTP number to give to your new company.
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6 years ago, CDizzie
Great now that it works
Am a big fan of Total Wireless and love having full Verizon service without the huge price tag. Was initially upset at the development of the app as it used to incredibly dysfunctional but now seems to run just fine. Works just like any other carrier app and has many features that reduce your need to contact customer service. Overall good app and one of the best service options.
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5 years ago, Stargirl Becky
Very easy set up
I have had Verizon for many, many years and finally got sick of paying the high phone bills so I took the very scary step to switch to Total Wireless. I’m so glad I did! #1 customer service was great, phone was very easy to set up. I kept my same phone (iPhone 7plus) once I switched over everything on my phone remained the same as before. Total Wireless keep up the great work!!!
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4 months ago, Verizon_sux
Terrible service
I work in the middle of Dayton, it’s not like I’ve got bad coverage. I purchased the 5g add on twice in the last week and neither days has it worked without me calling in and inevitably just waiting for a few hours until my phone started working again. You won’t get a service rep that you can understand clearly which makes for a frustrating call experience. The only reason I’d give them two stars is because I’m afraid if I gave them 0 that they’d mess with my service some more.
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6 years ago, Fuzzymanboobs
Nice App
It’s really a nice app and it helps me monitor my account with total. Easy to use and user friendly. But, as a Walmart Associate, a electrons one at that who deals with phones everyday, I highly recommend not calling the Support line if you don’t have patience. Mainly because they outsource their calls. They speak English just as well as you and I but a lot of the times they have you on speaker and it’s hard to hear them. Other than that, App and phone service is amazing
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3 years ago, Evan04820;&
Iv had Total Wireless for years and i REFUSE to switch to any other provider! I get better signal than my girlfriend and she has T-Mobile! I pay 35$ a month and it’s perfect for me! I’m 21 and always on my phone and 5GB of data is just enough for heavy use (texting, ft, and streaming the big JB’s music in the car). This app is extremely simple to use for anyone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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2 years ago, ashjaxs88
Great phone service
I started total wireless when they first started,switched form boost. It started small and but they help services have been great and they all have worked hard. I feel like it’s growing even better!!service is great traveling east of the U.S. Easy refill and plan to go through this service for a long time. I’m happy
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4 years ago, Holliruth
Great app and service
The app interface is simple and easy to use! I can find the information I need easily and I just enrolled in autopay so I never need to worry about remembering to refill my account. We’ve only had the service for a few days, but so far it works way better than the service we switched from (Sprint) and it’s less expensive! Thanks Total Wireless!
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2 years ago, CadDrive
I have been with this service provider for sometime and I paid by selecting different plans though this app, this has made it convenient to do that and now I have went to auto pay which will be even more convenient throughout the time while having the service..
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3 years ago, Taylor Orona
Five Star Review!
I must tell you that using this total wireless app makes paying my bills so much easier I never miss a day it let me know when myAccount is due and I never miss a date now or go without service because the app allows me to make payments or just see where I’m at if I need to refill too! No problems either no kinks to work out this app is Da’ Bomb!
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2 months ago, luhjay3
I just don’t understand?
Why so many scams in America? For the love of the money? Why fool people with the spin the wheel and the scratch stuff when you can never win or worse win and never be credited for the pts? Why not just remove this stuff and be straight up with your customers instead of edging them on into believing they have a chance. This country is so sad man everything is about showing a good face but never living up to the hype or promise. It’s very disappointing and I just wish y’all would treat customers how you’d want to be treated yourself.
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2 years ago, Bridgette7840
Love total wireless
I really like total wireless because they make it so easy to sign up and add minutes to your phone. I was having trouble signing up at first but I called them and they fixed the problem right then, great customer service!!! Would definitely recommend total wireless!!
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5 years ago, dilynnm
Was working not crashes
Was working great I love the support they helped me when some one pulled fraud and tried to use a service plan I bought enter the pin not even 20 mins later and it said it was used they took care of it and saved me from having to spend 60$ again on the two line plan unfortunately though the app has been crashing right when I sign in now any help?
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5 years ago, Vicman527
From poor to richest
My verizon bill was ridiculously high so I switch to total Wireless and the quality of service is amazing. Kept my original phone and I was able to keep on using it as if nothing had ever change. I Saved 70% of my total monthly bill and now I can save up for a family Vacation. Thank you TW, you guys are the best.
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6 years ago, oneandonly1020
It won’t show me how much data I have used
I would’ve put five stars if it would actually show me how much data I’ve used. On WiFi or off WiFi it still tells me the same thing, “your request is taking longer than expected. Please try again later.” I don’t see what the problem is but it’s getting on my last nerve. I’ve shut my phone off and turned it back on, I’ve used my data to see if it would work then, and I’ve used WiFi to see if it would work. Still, nothing. Please fix this ASAP.
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2 years ago, lostczech
Terrible app
The app is comically bad. Face ID never works. It asks you to login every time, even if you leave the app for a few minutes. It shows notification counts on the icon but nothing appears in messages section for hours. The bottom row of icons only persist in one view. It tells me I should consider enrolling in autopay even though I already am enrolled. So bad But the actual service and price is pretty good. Just wish they can hire someone competent to build their iPhone app
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2 weeks ago, Marcus878oo
App is terrible
The app is minimal. You can only pay a bill and change your monthly plan. Everything else directs you to the website and most likely that won’t work either and you’ll need to call and though they answer pretty quick, every step takes minutes to enter - starting with your name. 2 minutes later they ask for your phone number, and they don’t speak or understand English very well.
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3 years ago, ftwrn
Customer Service
This whole service is horrible. Make you pay for add ons they never give you and then won’t refund you for it. Was on the phone with 3 different agents who all told me something different. Then proceed to tell me none of the info that I have in my email and text messages FROM THEM, match anything they have on file. I would not recommend this service to anyone. I will be reporting this to the BBB cause it’s ridiculous to take people’s money then not give them a refund when the error was on them.
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1 year ago, abcdrg1689
Horrible Horirible Customer service
Ran out of data , used reward points and credit card to purchase more 5 phone calls later and lot of wasted time still no data. The customer service is not U. S. Based and they have no clue what they are doing. They talk over you and lie to you 3 different times they said the issue was fixed and it wasn’t. Switched to Pure Talk today and spoke to lovely lady who’s a U. Citizen, pure delight. This company should be banned from doing business in the U.S. Side note Verizon supports the killing of Babies.
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6 years ago, Abaay13
Great So Far!!
After being with Sprint for years...I am so happy that I’ve switched to Total Wireless. Everything has been great and the customer service people have been so polite and so helpful when I’ve had questions. Thank goodness this is a company that cares about their customers and not he let’s just hope it stays that way!!
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