My USCIS Case Status Tracker

4.8 (91.5K)
168.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lawfully, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for My USCIS Case Status Tracker

4.78 out of 5
91.5K Ratings
2 years ago, praveen gubba
Good job lawfully team
While there are a number of parameters in assessing the next steps and trying to give an indicative lead time for approvals during one’s immigration journey, I found that lawfully had done a great job to stay fairly close towards heir predictions. Beyond the timely notifications and multiple other bells and whistles! While there are good things, I personally found that there could be areas that could be supported and request to give a thought about it. For ex: Some key messages for the people on their journey and assisting them through the process, Common RFEs and how they should be addressed, packing envelope for USCIS response, Anticipated status changes on the journey and what they mean etc.
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1 year ago, Prothsa
Helped me with Predicting close to exact dates
Thanks to the app developers, my journey to permanent resident started assessing lawfully app predictions, even when the attorneys could not predict how many days the status would change lawfully app kept my wait time and patience positively to the predicted dates. Was out of status 7 months while GC-EAD was in process and the predictions came out true to the dates as they listed. Not just that, GC interview possibilities too. Shared the possible outcome dates of visa interviews to attorney and they were surprised. Even shared with friends who were using different apps to come back and say “this is very best app for immigration statuses”.
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2 years ago, onlysolstice
thank you!!!
I wanted to thank the founder and developers who worked on this app. thank you for using data science for good! as a data practitioner myself it was heartwarming to see this in action, and the predictions were super accurate. I received my green card last year and this app was so helpful in helping me manage expectations through this extremely stressful process. it is also incredible that I received case updates in this app before the official uscis app! thank you for such an amazing product!
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4 years ago, diamantine
Interesting concept but flawed execution
I downloaded this alongside the case tracker app. This app’s offers the timeline predictor which is an interesting feature but otherwise I feel the execution is flawed. 1. It has started delivering daily notifications regarding matching cards; there seems to be no way to disable that independent of case update notifications. I feel these notifications are pointless. 2. It is far slower than CT at noticing status updates, which is presumably its primary function. Further there’s no time stamp listed for the last point it polled for an update, so we have no way of determining how obsolete its display might be. I don’t recall if I paid for this, clearly if free I appreciate the developer’s efforts. I suggest improving these issues.
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3 years ago, iwonsky
It’s ok
I purchased a subscription to learn that it will cover only one of my case numbers. If I have want more, gotta to pay more. I have an idea where logic for it is coming from, but Lawfully should be able to identify one person and allow them to have full access to all their pending cases. Then in the decision section, there’s is a place where you get stats on changes for the last 7 days, but that’s all I can see. You cannot expand it. Overall, not a bad product, although monthly or annual cost is overpriced comparing to what it’s offered. I see other cases, but are they only applicable to my area or country wide? The amount of cases used in the algorithm is tiny, so the price should be adequate to that. I’ll be canceling once I reach my 7 days.
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2 years ago, Jovanka Orleanka
Multiple cancellations and incorrect info
I downloaded this app partially for a quick consultation with a lawyer to ask a couple of questions. The first consultation that I scheduled was canceled by the lawyer so I found someone who was immediately available and that lawyer gave me the info regarding my work permit, however, I went to the Uscis application support center and the officer told me that that info is incorrect and I am not allowed to do what that lawyer suggested. I already gave 5 start review because I thought the lawyer helped me and I couldn’t change it. Then today even after bad experience I scheduled another consultation with a different person and the appt was canceled 2 times in a row… then I wanted to try to speak to someone available right now and they never confirmed my request. Very dissatisfied with this app.
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2 years ago, vkmud
Gr8 design and app but few glitches
Thanks for developing this app, helps track cases in 1 place and prediction tool is great as well, one of a kind. Few issues I noticed if can be improved: 1. New case processing times and inquiry dates are not tracking with recently updated USCIS format. E.g for i485 based EAD at Texas center it’s still showing 15 months while it was changed to 15.5 last week. 2. Chatbot not working to ask questions 3. Prediction for avg days to receive messages is way off or not easy to interpret as mine is still waiting for over 300 days now while avg. days to get message “new card produced” is showing 50+ days
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1 year ago, Truth77 ❤️😀
Not good
This app needs maintenance, I see some things every day. Sometimes, this app is not opening, saying case details failed! I am about to request a refund for my 3 months premium for it is not deserved to pay money for that terrible service. I do not understand some part of that app. I need to know only about my cases not other people cases! Talking about RFE I don't even know who's RFE. I demand my full refund for this app subscription because this app does not work, it crashed. I have never signed to use this app, now it keeps on asking me to sign in to use it. My money please! Get your lawyers' names out of the middle of my beneficiary receipts numbers' home page! I don't want to see them in my home page! Stop trying to rob people! I don't need your lawyers!
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3 years ago, FlipPhinoi
Useful in many ways
The app is extremely useful. The notifications are accurate and the initial setup is a little cumbersome, but take your time, select any field office if unsure since you can always change it at a later time. The best part of this app- THE COMMUNITY. The advise received from others are so beneficial that it removes some of the stress from any applicant. Definitely recommended. Thanks to the developers and the community.
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2 years ago, 取个难找的名字
Not accurate enough for H4 EAD
I had subscription for one month and my case’s percentile is always 59% and 60% no matter how many cases added or approved around mine, what’s more, the case status of the cases around mine has something like”case is under review” which is not one of the steps for H4 EAD process. And the USCIS has modified their processing time on the official website but I didn’t see the app forecast showing anything about the update. I also discussed with a friend who is also waiting for the H4 EAD, she told me her case’s percentile has been 51st or 52nd since last year and almost never changed. So overall I think the forecast is not accurate enough for H4 EAD.
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3 years ago, Vishnu Sudheendran
Main functionality hidden under expensive Subscription
The design of the app is good. Only problem is anything useful is hidden under subscription wall. I don’t have issue with paying for extra features but the subscription is really expensive for what it provides considering the data can be very inaccurate for most of the people as it’s almost impossible to factor in delays due to COVID etc. I would say if monthly subscription was around $7 and yearly was around $59 then it would not be that bad. Good that they removed the gems payment concept. Now if they price the subscription properly I can recommend using this.
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2 years ago, KadzLyn
You get charged service fee even for no-show lawyers
The app is good, I’m just giving it a 2 start because of the service fee. See, when you request a consultation with a lawyer, whether the lawyer shows up or not you are charged a service fee. So in a day, if you go through 5 no shows, it just costed you $20. That’s not really fair right? Why should I pay for a no show? Shouldn’t that charge go to the lawyer? See, I’m not opposed to paying the service fee if the lawyers show up, but if they don’t? That’s a different story. Going back to Yelp where at least the $15 mins are free and I’m sure they’ll show up!
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2 years ago, Roberttheonly
Baiting with notifications
Didn’t enter any case number yet after downloading the app few days ago. Today I get notification “your resolution date is…” I already downloaded you, why the hello are you click baiting me?? The process is years slow now, one star for playing on feelings of people who are spending prime of their lives in uncertainty for long and long years!
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4 years ago, ViPeRx007
Good but not sure if great
Overall this app is a nice and clean way to organize your cases and see their statuses. It’s a little slower to notify you and update than others I’ve tried, and I’m unsure if the prediction feature is that accurate. A few of mine have gone beyond the prediction while others seem to be quicker. I know they aren’t meant to be exact, however. As we all know, the USCIS likes to leave us in the dark, so anything is nice to see, but, again, don’t take the predictions you see as gospel.
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4 years ago, gtiberiu
Very promising app
I just found out about this app recently and I am surprised that no one talks about it. It looks very professional and it gives you predictions around when is your case going to be processed. What remains to be seen is the accuracy of these but all in all very promising. Thank you for creating it and I hope you will keep updating it.
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3 years ago, Camilatsoares
Cool app, but…
I love the app, the idea behind it is awesome. However, my case did not update entirely on the app (it shows different status depending on the screen) and the free competitor Case Tracker notified me about my green card interview much before Lawfully did (even though I pay for it). Also, having access to the community can be great, but can also add anxiety as we see cases taking too long and we start feeling hopeless. Dealing with the wait is stressful enough, too much information can be harmful for our mental health.
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5 years ago, Ireallylikethisapp@2017
Customer service on point.
Update: After trying several times to add my case, I sent an email to app support. It was on late sunday evening and I got a response from the developer that they fixed the issue and asked me to try again. It worked this time, appreciate the support team that fixed the issue immediately. After entering all case details, app keeps giving error “lost remote after 10s heartbeat” and won’t submit the details for tracking.
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5 years ago, s&nforever
So sad
I don’t know …but seriously this app just gave me a really bad feeling 😭my heart broke when I came the last minute before I sleep to check my case status and I found out that the expected decision date changed to much longer than it was in the morning 😔I couldn’t believe Because I was happy that my husband will come to me soon but I don’t know it seems it’s getting much longer 😿😿I wish that it’s just a predict and not real 💔I’m deleting this app because I guess I’m destroying my mood 💔and I can’t handle hearing like these things about my case Cuz I won’t be fine 😔
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2 years ago, jammu2002
Great App
my life is so much easier thanks to this app. It updates the case instantly so you know you aren’t missing anything. Rather than going through the whole process online I just check this app everyday to check for any updates. A must have to make your life easy.
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2 years ago, BanjoBanjoo
Poor Pro analysis
Very disappointed with this app’s pro version. For 2-3 weeks shows the same information and seems to juggle figures around to suit it. If you are looking for notifications on your case this maybe an app for you. However, if you want the pro timeline, for me it’s very inaccurate and not useful. It just raises you hopes of good news. Have updated the app again and made it even worse! Now the case analysis pro doesn’t give an accurate filing date. It now looks at the last status of the case and gives that, as the filing date. Pretty terrible app.
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3 years ago, AshanJen
Anything but a prediction app
For those who need it, I think the forum is the most powerful feature. In my experience, this serves no purpose more than the USCIS case tracker app, given the predictions (the most advertised feature of the app) are way off… basically the predictions are as good as saying “your case will get approved some day, please relax and wait for it”. I was tracking 5 cases and all 5 of them had bad predictions, twice each! So, paying for a pointless prediction seems a waste of money. I can’t comment on the forum feature, and the lawyer appointments, because I didn’t want to go and vent on the forum for delays that are under no one’s control. All in all, the design of the app is clean, and user friendly, forums seem to help people, but I can get the same throughout of this app with a simple google search and the USCIS app.
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2 years ago, Matute.g
Their support is non existent and family sharing of premium subscription is broken
Great up BUT has two main issues 1) No support. Even on the support in app the “chat” feature is broken. Has been broken for weeks. No support email on their website 2) They advertise family sharing of the premium subscription. My other family member on my iCloud family DOES NOT have access to the premium features.
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3 years ago, Nas Delove
Best of the best.
Seriously I’ve used a lot apps but when I downloaded this app,it works soo marvelous.I sometimes got my immigration notification first before even seeing it on the immigration website,I really love how it works whenever I got updates here I dnt check the immigration website because is authentic..
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3 years ago, ismaeltrevi
This app is amazing. It’s beautiful and you can see that they are continuously working on it. They have some predictions about when the case should get updates that were 100% correct for me. This is a must have for everyone with cases going on with USCIS. Years ahead of other similar apps
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3 years ago, Rakesh Nautiyal
5 star - great app
Great initiative, keep up the great work. Hope there was a option to opt out only from the marketing promotion notification as those notifications bring a lot of shock when most of the time we are just waiting on the status update to the cases. Thank you
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4 years ago, yousuckfixthisgame
Easy to navigate
I really enjoy the app, but am curious from the developers, what determines the latest update? Whenever mine updates I check myUSCIS account, and there isn’t any date update or status change, so I’d like to know if this is just random or there is actual activity with our cases?
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4 years ago, brianwjones
Use to be great.
This app use to be fantastic. Well designed, straight forward, and it worked. Now instead of seeing your cases and their status when you open the app, they’ve put lawyer services front and center to try and sell you stuff. Now you need to hunt around for your cases. I’ve also had all my cases deleted twice now in the past 3 weeks. Previously never had a problem with this during more than a year of use. In their effort to monetize, they’ve ruined what was previously the best app in the category. What a shame.
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3 years ago, Edugon92
Best USCIS App!
I’ve used this app to track status updates on my Greencard and US citizenship and it’s been phenomenal. The predictions are pretty accurate. Clean design, and whenever there’s a change a new notification pops up which makes very easy to track your case status. I can’t recommend it enough!
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10 months ago, This is a joke right.🙄
App Not Working
I love this app however but it stopped working, it won’t update and now I have deleted it and reinstalled it with no luck. I am super frustrated because this app is very responsive and resourceful. The other apps simply don’t cut it. It keeps telling me to update it however there is no update available. I hope they can fix this issue and soon.
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12 months ago, hmallick
Lawfully App Satisfaction
So far pretty satisfied with the app due to its graphical image it shows on status of case. It gives you better understanding on which status cases are being processed. Would recommend this for those who got married abroad such as myself
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11 months ago, a better tip
Subscription Scammers
This app has good community but this app is a completely scammer for its subscriptions. They service center does not even show accurate processing time. Their two year graph is same for all service centers. When new case come and go their analysis do not reflect correctly, i mean seriously what you guys charge for. I would not use your feature even for free. Dont joke on peoples hope who spend money here for a hope that they might get some predictions.
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2 years ago, data scientist in 2020
Basically, it is good
I like it more than Case Tracker app, because it is user friendly and provides machine learning report to expect when is your case complete with percentages for different periods. I can say it is a great app. Big thanks to the developers!
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2 years ago, Steve Rogersxx
Premium plan is useless
Cool concept, but the app in not polished. Seems like you guys just released mvp with subscription to grab some money and never bothered to improve user experience, junior lever bugs in the app. Premium plan is pretty much useless, you don’t have enough data to present case processing progress that is actually helpful. It’s still better than other apps on the App Store though…but the bar is very low.
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3 years ago, gordo&payton
Awesome ⭐️
I can’t express how much I love this app It lets me know immediately when they checked my husband’s case I get notifications before the actual account on the website 5 stars isn’t enough It’s a must have for future immigration cases
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4 years ago, Munnikibilli
Best App
Very useful and accurate app, so much informations are there, I don’t have to check any other websites. I get the notification immediately as and when the status changes about my cases. I give more than 5 stars and recommend to have this app download.
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4 years ago, mungib
Credible Application!
Lawfully is the best app that I have used to track my immigration forms. It gives an estimate as to hen one can expect to hear from USCIS and man are they accurate! It’s better to trust what you see in this app then what the officers would tell you if you call! Great app by the developers! Kudos to them!
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1 year ago, Tazeen
Great app
I can’t believe how amazing this app is. I don’t have to go back to uscis case Status page and put in my tracking every time. It gave me the best news I could get today. I think anyone dealing with uscis should download this app
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2 years ago, ricardonumber1
It is a very useful application to help you follow your case, one always has anxiety but honestly with this application one allows one not to always be aware of the case but it notifies you when it is updated before USCIS 😊☺️ Thank you very much
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4 years ago, Ilpas12345
Great App
Used many tracking app but this was by far the best. It really gave me in depth statistics on time lines of similar cases and it always alerted me when an action was taken with my case at least a week ahead of all the other apps i had on my phone. Really impressed!
Show more
4 years ago, hedjilay2731
Not accurate 🤨
I have this app for about a year mow and always tell me I will be receiving a letter from USCIS and I don’t receive nothing! It not updated enough for track an real case or tell what exactly is going on with your case! I suppose to receive a letter after 7 months of my application that the app says is now 11 months and the app still saying that maybe I will receiving something next month and keep changing every month is just making your waiting time more painful 😣😫
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5 years ago, Frinesi90
Good app as a one stop shop
After having issues before (App keeps giving error “lost remote after 10s heartbeat” when adding data for prediction), all works fine now. Good app to keep track of everything in one place.
Show more
9 months ago, r3_s_7
Thank you
Thank you for making this beautiful app, which helps getting notifications from USCIS so quickly. Amazing service, and now as a US citizen and formerly as a green card holder, I say “thank you.”
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4 years ago, speaking of..
Lawfully was accurate for far!
So far, Lawfully was accurate about 2/4 of my cases. Let’s see how accurate they will be for the remaining 2 cases! Also, has the developers factored in the current delays & cancellation of appointments due to the Coronavirus?? The only thing I disliked was that matching thing: I don’t get it! What’s the purpose of it?
Show more
3 years ago, Mary Raj
The free trial is total SCAM
The app falsely advertises a period of 7-day trial for each case! For the first one if you subscribe monthly and for the next ones if you subscribe yearly! In the terms of use it clearly says if you cancel at least 24 hours before the end you won’t be charged!!! I tried the free trial and CANCELED the subscription the very same day!!! Yet they charged me a monthly and a yearly bill the next day!!! This is total scam and stealing I will raise the issue with apple!
Show more
2 years ago, kangie1278
Quick on updates
Soon has uscis makes a change in your case,this is the first app to notify you immediately!!
Show more
2 years ago, AbhiAvatar
Useless beautifully designed app
This app is beautifully designed, great animations. Good supporting material like community however it’s totally useless based on my usage of past year tracking my cases. The AI backed predictions on dates is worthless. Even after the case is updated and interview is scheduled, app doesn’t inform you. DO NOT pay the ridiculous subscription costs for what you can do in a minute on USCIS website. Donate that money instead.
Show more
2 years ago, vish pAteL vish
DO not waste your money
please do not waste your money on this product, status do not get update at all, mine is same from month they do not have accurate data at all, this data depends on other user if they change their status of case then and then it’s will reflect here otherwise not, i repeat again do not buy membership for this product it’s waste of money
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2 years ago, ak8104
Don’t know what’s the point of this app..
The app gives you probabilités as to when your case will be approved. The probabilités keep changing.. what’s the point? This is not data science! It’s basically looking up USCIS timelines and communicating the same. Any well educated person can do a quick google search to look at this info. Waste of time even developing this app. Feel sorry for the developers who wasted time on this.
Show more
5 years ago, Wattazoumana
Best app out there.......
This is one of the best uscis app I never had, very informative .I highly recommend everyone which pending case to trie this wonderful app ... I just closed my eyes and give 5 stars period...thanks to the creator & stay bless
Show more
2 years ago, Abendeh
For the love of god, stop sending push notifications, your app is one of those you miss a heartbeat when you see the logo! Let the push notifications for case status updates only please!
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