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Verizon Wireless
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User Reviews for My Verizon For Business

4.57 out of 5
100.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Lookingforlove51
OneTalk is NoTalk
Our business phone has been out for over a week. A week!!! This started before the Coronavirus became a national emergency. We have 5 offices, and Verizon fails to understand that a few hours is too long for a business to go without phones, let alone 1 week. As soon as i can i am cancelling all my verizon OneTalk phones in all five offices. It has been nothing but problems since we started 2 years ago. If you want to miss calls and not get help when you have problems, by all means, sign up for OneTalk. But if you want reliable service and never miss a call because you value your business and your customers, look elsewhere and don't let their smooth talking sales reps convince you they have benefits that they don’t. Im disgusted.
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3 years ago, mckenzie stalter
Since getting our personal switched to business I have had nothing up issues with Verizon. I asked for my email to be changed as they put my husbands email under me and my email under my husband. I then called in and she “fixed it” only to find out it that exact same Two month later. The rep also stated we would never ever (they stressed this) come close to using 300g of data on our router. Even after we told them we do zoom calls all day. We are approaching 700g each month. Manager was supposed to call me several times and failed to. I then had to go tot he store to get her number actually call her for anything to get done. The app says we have used zero data for the entire month while I get emails saying I’m over my data usage. When I called into Verizon the lady on the phone told me ignore those emails that it was inaccurate and wrong. We then had a $1,000 Verizon bill!!!!!! I loved y’all as my personal cellphone carrier. I Absolutely hate y’all as my business carrier. The manager did take off the extra charges and I’m appreciative but nothing has been offered to help the situation other than having to purchase another router. If I wanted to spend $500 on internet I would have just gone with at&t and had it ran to my house directly. I also have to redo the Face ID every friggin time I open the app. What’s the point if I have to log in every time to make the Face ID work but then go back to use it and have to redo it?!?!?! So incredibly frustrated.
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6 years ago, MiLeNk0
Riddled with wrong data
This app could be really useful if the data it presents was accurate. When I look at the Feed it is always saying my bill is over due when it isn't. It even shows that there is a $0 balance right next to the alert. The Data Hub it tells me I have 48GB/28GB of data remaining. It's actually the reverse that's correct. If I drill into a line to look at individual usage the giant usage chart shows the total GB used collectively and not for that individual line. That info is found below it but at first glance is very deceiving. Either change it so it shows that lines usage or remove it entirely. When I go to Billing > History it only shows the amount for the most recent invoice. The others show $0.00. All of these "bugs" were found within a couple of minutes of poking around the app. I stopped because I didn't want to be disappointed any more than I already am. I waited a long time for them to release a Business app since the other Verizon app wouldn't support business accounts. I wish they would have waited to release it when it was actually useful. It's irritating when you can't trust the data you're presented consistently. I find myself questioning everything else's accuracy and I need correct information when it comes to making any decisions. I guess the only place to go when you're at the bottom is up. Get with it Verizon, this is inexcusable for any business, especially a technology company. People have options these days.
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12 months ago, U.Sk
If I could give negative stars I would in a heartbeat! I’ve been a great customer and have never missed a payment or been late on any payments and this is how I’ve been treated for the last 4 months. I was told that my bill would be right around $250 when I switched to a business account. First one came in at $313 was told to just pay the bill and everything would be straightened out on the next one. Second bill came in at around $280 was told to just pay the bill and everything would be straightened out on the next one. Third bill came in at almost $600 told to hold off on paying it because they were going to straighten it out. After 2 weeks of waiting I received a threatening email saying that if I didn’t pay the bill my service would be cancelled. Was told to just pay it. Fourth bill came in at $349 (right around the same time that I received the email)was told to just pay the bill (almost a $1000 in total)and hopefully everything will be straightened out on the next one. I paid it! I’m done. These people are thieves and don’t give a crap about their good customers.
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1 year ago, ticked about tickets
3 month into dealing with our 2nd dropped promo
Everything else about Verizon business is fine. People are nice. Service is good. Coverage is widespread. But…. Had an employee upgrade their phone on the app with a $800 promo offer. We had a screenshot of the offer and purchase, got an email from Verizon confirming the $800 credit but it never applied on the account. After 11 months of calling Verizon business (every call being promised it was fixed and would be applied in the “next billing cycle”), they finally just manually credited my account. Now I’m in the same boat with another employee that upgraded to iPhone 14 pro on the business app. We have all the screenshots and confirmation emails from Verizon business. We are only 3 months into calling on this one so I’m guessing we should receive our credit in about 8 months? Like I said, really really nice people on the customer service line but they are not empowered to fix anything. They escalate it as a ticket and it just goes nowhere. This will be the last time we upgrade with Verizon business. Once contracts are up, we will look for another service.
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2 years ago, unhappy onetalk customer
Worst customer service
Sales people will talk up a service to get you to buy it, and this program does NOTHING that was promised. Also have extra lines on my account that I don’t need and have been calling literally every week to get them removed/closed/etc. and nothing is being done to correct the lines or the bill. One representative told me not to pay the bill until the lines are removed/credited, so I didn’t and they suspended the account - a business line!! I didn’t have service after they told me that there was a note on the account and service wasn’t going to be suspend. Lies after lies after lies… i needed up paying for the amount of services I did use (and subtracted the lines and devices I didn’t use) to get my phone back on for business purposes. It’s now month two: still no return labels for the devices that I was promised so they could remove the lines, still no credit, my service was terminated AGAIN, and I now have a $159 unexplained service charge. Joy! I cannot wait to finally get in touch with someone to cancel this service for good.
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2 years ago, doctor1000
Regret switching to Verizon business
Very difficult to communicate , they overcharged my account it’s been two months they promised credit and still my credits have not come . When you call customer service it goes to Philippine and they are very pleasant promise to help but totally useless waste of time , I have called almost 6 times waste of time . My new phone was never delivered to me they kept charging me, also called them to say I don’t have the phone , they issued me another and kept charging me for two phones when I only received one phone . After back and forth I decided to return the second phone as my daughter was too young to have a cell phone , I called to disconnect the phone they never did and kept charging me for several months . I had my small business account manager get involved she had a manager again from Philippine call me promised to disconnect the two phones and issue credit for all the wrong charges .That was 10 days ago , I have yet to see any credit to my credit card . why should I or anyone be treated this way .
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4 years ago, no nik avail
Verizon business app
I feel very frustrated as a business customer versus a personal account holder, examples of why- the app is worthless to me when I get locked out and I am told as the business owner and one in charge that I need the administrators permission to change my password or do what I need to do to get into my app to pay a bill so if the bill is due on Friday I have to wait through the whole weekend until someone is available to speak with which wouldn’t be until Monday again because your hours for Customer business customer service help or shorter much shorter than my working hours and that feels very frustrating as well. There needs to be a way to verify who I am as the administrator when I’m being told I need to wait for the administrators permission to make any changes that it’s absolutely ridiculous that I is the owner and administrator needs to wait because there is no way to verify that I am the administrator and it’s saying I need to wait for the administrator.
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4 years ago, themchuthers
Disappointing customer service
We have experienced the worst customer service from October 6th up until last weekend November 7th. We we’re set up with a hot spot on the wrong plan, not unlimited,causing us to have a $6700+ bill. It took over half a dozen tickets and several employees and managers to rectify this mistake. That’s not my issue... the issue was with the last manager that stated they were not going to accommodate my family with any additional credits for the fact that we were inconvenienced??? Who says that to a 15+ loyal customer. I moved to a rural area that doesn’t allow me to utilize any Fios through Verizon (my loyalty) I have to use a different WiFi company and we let them go because they have a data plan. We used Verizon’s hot spots which technically is a pain because of our living location but we’re willing to do that because we enjoy Verizon’s service... so through this debacle,Verizon after 30 days finally takes care of the $6700 mistake but tells me they will not accommodate me with any credits past that $6700 due to us being inconvenienced??? Who says that? This is very sad as a company and poor training with regard to your staff. Andrea
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2 months ago, D. Rolins
Top Best!
Been a Verizon customer for many years. I have no complaint. They have the best service in the area I live & work. Sorry to all you other company’s, but Verizon never drops my calls like my previous older services (21yrs) did, had to drive 20 miles for cell service. I’m not one who grabs the 1st new upgrade of any product. I went to a iPhone 6 to a 11. The 11 had it & did not work properly. I had foot surgery & laid up unable to drive for months w/no ph. Verizon gave me a $700 trade in for my 11 to a 14! Now that’s impressive!! And I got my husband a new one “FREE” I like to think I was treated special for being a loyal customer! But idk! Feeling special!! Thank you Verizon, for your phenomenal service!!!
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1 year ago, stephedwa
My children and I switched our phones from my sons account to my hair salon business account. This process has been NOTHING short of a nightmare and WAY more costly than what we were quoted in the store. I don’t see myself staying with Verizon the next time I need to upgrade my phones, that’s how bad this process has been. Hidden fees out the rear end along with equipment notifications not being accepted for transfer. Yesterday my phone when into SOS status and left me stranded while submitting payroll for 91 employees without the ability to receive authentication and verification codes from my work computer. This whole process has been nothing but thinking it’s been taken care of, only to find out it’s something else the next day. Today I got a text that I would be charged a “didn’t return” fee for a phone I handed to the store clerk the day he set our phones up. My decision to stay with Verizon this upgrade has been a HUGE REGRET.
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3 years ago, thisschoolissick
Awful business account service
I just spent TWO HOURS trying to set up automatic payment after my bookkeeper struggled with doing it for a while. Because I have a business account it would t allow me to do anything on the app until I spoke to someone. I spent 30 min on the phone and I was told it was finally set up, she removed the $5 late fee and told me I was good to go. When I tried to make a call ( it’s a work day) it wouldn’t go through - so then I spent ANOTHER 90 min trying to fix it. No one could see that I had set up automatic payment and paid the bill. So finally I said , go ahead and process another payment, since I need to get to work. She said there would be a $7 charge for her to process it - I told her I’d already paid it w another agent and refused to pay $7 because of the principle. She put me on hold to speak w a supervisor. Then she said she couldn’t do that bc she was getting an error. The whole process was a MESS. I FINALLY GAVE UP and payed with a cc. Again.
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4 years ago, Fargo2323
They keep changing my plan
I bought this plan to save some money for my business, then I spent several hours on the phone with them asking them to give me what I was sold. I was sold unlimited data for 4 phones, 1 tablet and a hum. What I got was data caps (10 gig) and changing prices. I can’t even remember what the original deal was because it’s gone through so many changes(and got more expensive along the way). I’ve been a Verizon customer for many years and, other than a bum deal with the home fusion LTE, never had a single complaint until I signed up for the Verizon Business.
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1 year ago, HHI Verizon
Seven months and it continues that Verizon cannot handle all accounts
As a long time, customer of over 25 years, it is absolutely amazing that in a system that’s become so large they are not able to take care of their clients. No, it is not me. It has been proven time after time when I’ve gone out of my way to go into a local Verizon to show that something has been messed up overall with my account, and no one is willing to own up to it. and many times it doesn’t even recognize my existing phone number that I’ve been using for once again over 25 years. Mistakes happen, technology, breaks down, and there’s human error with input. And these times there needs to be better customer service owning up to the mistakes that it happened. Locally, Hilton head, Island has the amazing and most professional and well trained business reps overall. The system with Verizon is not backing them up!
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2 years ago, Jeshrs
Verizon Business is bad
I have a small small business and the lady at the store talked me into switching to a business account. Sold me having priority data over regular accounts. Dead wrong. I’ve been in numerous situations where I had very little service and my friend beside me had full service. Both phones are 13pro 5g. I’ve had to call in for assistance several times and can’t even get someone that is fluent in English. I went to upgrade one of my lines in June and never received the phone because Verizon only put 55 in the address line. No road name or nothing. But yet they continued to charge me as if I had the new phone. When I called they had no record of this order until I gave them the tracking number and then found it. I still do not have a phone for that line. They said they could only issue credit for next month. Verizon has turned into a complete circus!
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1 year ago, delgadofamily10
I have been on auto pay since the beginning my payments have not been successfully pulling out. I have called multiple times and then hung up on. I’ve had the worst experience so far coming from nine years as a team mobile customer I feel like I’m in the same place. As a business account holder, I have been given the most crappy service of ever . If this is a type of service business people get, I can imagine how you guys real people in with free devices and then nothing works and then lie and say business people get great customer service. Please check my call history and you will see I can’t see my bill in the store. They tell me to call one 800 and they can’t even tell me and then representative told me I could charge taxes because I live in the United States know if that’s not something stupid and relevant to my account I don’t know either way to say it.
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9 months ago, Siharath01
Great Application
The Verizon Business Application is a game-changer for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and robust communication capabilities, it enables seamless collaboration and enhances productivity. The application offers a wide range of business tools, from managing customer relationships to analyzing data, all in one place. Security is a top priority, with strong encryption protocols in place. The exceptional customer support provided by Verizon ensures prompt assistance whenever needed. Overall, the Verizon Business Application is a must-have for any business looking to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and stay ahead in today's competitive market.
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6 years ago, Sarah88943274564
Terrible App
I’m not sure how a company like Verizon could put out such a horrible app. After seeing many more negative reviews about it, I’m very perplexed as to why changes haven’t been made for months. Let’s start with the big, and basic, issues. I use this app mainly to pay my bill and check my statements. I’ve tried multiple times to set up touch/face ID and each time it says it’s set up. Then I go to log in the next time and can only log in with my password. I’ve also tried paying my bill the past two months and it says I have a negative balance and it won’t give me the option to pay because of it. Then when it’s past due because of this fact, it lets me know I’m past due but I still cannot pay because it shows a negative balance. I’ve never had to work so hard or check an app so many times to get a company to take the money that I owe them.
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6 years ago, Lions fan 09
Love Verizon, Frustrated with this app
Our business has been using Verizon for over 30 years. I love that I can log on and monitor each line pretty easily. But what is sorely lacking is the inability to order to equipment and accessories, right from the app. We get a fabulous business discount through Verizon for being a business, but I hate having to physically go into the store to get cases, keyboards, etc. I’m feeling extremely frustrated by the online options for a business account. I would probably have purchased far more equipment from Verizon over the last few months, had I not gotten so frustrated with the app and website. There is a ton of potential improvements for your business account features! Make it simple for us to order what we need so we don’t have to stand in line at a store for an hour!
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3 years ago, Landscape2001
Business Owner
The reason that I I’m giving you one star is because it has taken me three days to have enough service to even pay my bill period in my area of tallapoosa and coosa county Alabama your service has continued to drop and get worse over the last three months period I am a business owner and could name about twenty businesses and at least a hundred people who are fed up with bad service period this has not been as much of an issue over the last ten years, however you have failed to expand service in rural areas of Alabama. Thanks Chris baker Bakerlandscape a twenty year business owner.
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6 years ago, Zuzu.K
Autopay Didn't Work
I like the fact that the app gives me easy access to my statements but I'm completely perplexed at the fact that, weeks prior, I set up autopay to pay my bill on the 5th of the month and I write this on the 7th of the month and my bill hasn't been paid. I cancelled autopay and paid manually as bill is due tomorrow. Inexcusable! If I wasn't paying attention I would have been late. The apps simplistic design leaves much to be desired in layout, color and aesthetics as well. Work on it Verizon you're better than this. Fix autopay and have it tell me the next scheduled pay date - this is basic stuff.
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1 year ago, The Jersey Guy
Making a payment
Verizon is the most ridiculous business in all of utilities! I tried to call, but the voice prompts weed you out if you don’t put in what they want you to put in to get to the right person I’ve tried to answer calls from the collection center. Same thing. Why do you make it so hard for a customer to make a payment? MAKE IT EASIER!!! I finally found this app, and was able to search for my user name. Then, after receiving that, I had to say, I forgot my password. Then, after verifying my account, I got to change my password. Then I was able to stumble upon “make a payment“. I understand there are verifications and processes to get or change the user name. But I have had problems trying to pay my account because I’m a business, versus a personal account, since I signed up for a business account! You called during the middle of the day and nobody knows how to get you over the business. Verizon won’t let you do anything or talk to anyone unless you go straight to make a payment, and sometimes that’s even hard. It’s just too hard
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1 year ago,
Cesar. helped us out to change our Two lines from T-Mobile to Verizon I was with T-Mobile for about 10 years NEVER had this attention and help, this gentleman knew everything about service and phones plus bilingual Amazing service don’t know about the rest of the employees in that office (bellflower in Long Beach ) but I will make him a manager or regional manager I manage a small business and this is the kind of employee I pray for! Love what he does! Ask for Cesar !
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2 years ago, Noval Ylrebmik
Since signing up I have been charged for equipment I did not order. That equipment went to the wrong address. I’m being charged for it even though I never received it and the service fees for having it though it do not have the item. I’ve called for weeks, and been placed on hold for hours by each representative. When I ask to speak to the USA about my ongoing issues (as I was instructed to do by a manager in a Michigan store, I was refused and hung up on multiple times. I’ve sent in feedback on the app, tried to text a rep, texted multiple business reps, stopped into multiple stores, and called countless Verizon hotline phone numbers. I’M A NEW CUSTOMER AND THIS IS THE EXPERIENCE YOU THINK IS GOOD? I’m over it. This organization has cost me time, money, and patience. I’m fed up and I want my contract cancelled TODAY. CALL ME BACK.
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1 year ago, verizon is a mess
Verizon is a mess
Since 10 October, I have an ongoing ticket number with Verizon where I am to receive a refund and other items based on their overcharging me for three years. The executive customer relations sent me an email at 10:57 on October 10 outlining everything they were going to implement since that time I have spent no less than 16 hours on the phone with Verizon each time getting a different person at a different call-center. No one ever knows the ticket number until I tell it to them they don’t keep consistent notes on the customer. Everyone says they are going to handle it. It is yet to be handled. I paid my bill today because I’m simply too exhausted by all this to continue today thinking about yet another hour to two hour call into Verizon and getting nothing done.
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6 years ago, evdiidnfhrhkskzvaghvbxdkkd
Horrible service
The app never recognizes me and constantly shuts down. It always requires that I re enter every single piece of information. It never recognizes my device so each time I attempt to use the app I start from scratch. It always throws some random question when I finally do get on and interrupts me with questions asking me to write review and rate the app. If it were possible to give a negative star rating I would. I don’t think there is a worse app on the market. Verizon Business has done a masterful job creating an app that causes nothing but headaches and limits the ability to actually pay my bill. I mean it’s like you have to beg them to let me pay my bill but alas they don’t really want money. Oh and try and submit a review and you have to attempt to create a unique nick name that is always rejected. Yeah that too
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2 years ago, MrsKettcj
Terrible experience
I switched to Verizon because it’s supposed to be the best. My reception and internet speed is AWFUL! I do not live or work in a remote area, I live in a suburb in a highly populated area. We are a far cry from the country. My internet speed is trash, I can hardly load a webpage at all, my music doesn’t play half the time. I bought this service and 3 brand new iPhones for my business and I wish I could get T-Mobile back. Another issue is awful customer service. I signed up for a promo in February that they STILL have not applied to my account and I’ve been paying over $100 extra per month while they keep telling me they will apply the promo “next billing cycle”. Well it’s nearly July and it’s still not there. I am very very unhappy with this service.
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2 years ago, Wolf and Son Cabinetmakers
I regret the day just over a year ago I switched from AT&T to Verizon. Their accounting system and the way they send bills is absolutely archaic and indecipherable. My daughter is an audit accountant with one of the largest accounting firms in the country and cannot make hide nor hare of the method of billing, particularly charging and then crediting for devices. They lost my phone when I turned it in but never told me that until this month. Every month I called customer service and was told the problem would be corrected. The people I have dealt with at Verizon have uniformly been morons, liars and/or incompetents.I wouldn’t wish Verizon on my worst enemy and once the situation of getting me proper credit for the device I turned in for their promotion is resolved – – if ever! – – I will be switching back to AT&T.
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2 months ago, Roslyn1963
The Verizon store on Broadway was terrible
We went to the store 2 times and called at least 4 times. We ordered a phone for an employee and the order was lost in the system. They did not apologize the manager & sales person said these things happen. The phone was supposed to be delivered in 2 days the person sat home all day waiting for it. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone. Our bill has been incorrect many times & we have spent hours on the phone with numerous incompetent people. My bill is incorrect. I’ve been overcharged by $100. We have been calling Verizon business for many months to get the credit for a promotion which was denied yesterday, forcing us to start legal action. We’ve been clients for 24 years . Bad business.
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1 year ago, cantsubmitallnicknamestaken
Worst Experience
Switching from Consumer to Business apps was a nightmare. Locked out of my account. Awful support with hours on calls with support, fraud and finance. Not to mention the hours in store(s). Nothing accessible in the app for 5 weeks. Correction, the billing reminders and harassment for payment of my incorrect bills was working. I didn't know how much to pay or why because I had no access. Jad to have support people tell me line by line and tjats when I was able to speak to someone. Dropper calls, no call backs etc. Still working through missing promotions, finally resolved the supposed missing returned phones. Waiting on credits from my third bill since this started. Did I mention the 3 weeks for porting a number. Good luck!
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3 years ago, the bernfull
I pay for a Verizon business unlimited plan and when I reach a certain amount of data my wifi slows down that I can’t even open the internet so I called customer service which put me on hold for 30 minutes and I asked how do I get more data I don’t care how much it cost I just need more data for my business and they told me that I couldn’t get any more that I was at the peak for service my internet slowed down with 20 days still left in the billing cycle so for half the month I had no service so I called t-mobile and for 5$ more per month I got 100gb and have not run out of internet and life has been good Verizon customer service is terrible and there coverage is average at best never again will I ever use your service
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11 months ago, Joe knock
Scam alert do not trust your business
Scam alert , Verizon is scam On December 2022 I came across tv advertisement which claimed several free gifts on us that enticed me to switch to Verizon However,I started receiving 150 $dollars more then I have been told my estimated bill ,I found that the claims made in the advertisement were grossly exaggerated and, in some instances, outright false,now I’m seeking lawsuit against the employee and the company . In light of this situation, I request the following actions to be taken from the management 1.Immediate cessation of the misleading advertisement in question. 2.A public apology and clarification regarding the inaccurate claims made in the advertisement. 3.Refund or compensation for the product/service I purchased, which did not meet the advertised standards.
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3 years ago, ICU:)
Poor customer service
Our billing has been a complete disaster since we switched to Business:) Speaking with customer service has been a worst disaster!! To this day, we have not received hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of credits due for mistakes made during transition from family plan to business. We were quoted one price and charged another:( You have our account and transactions paid since transition, follow the mistakes, they will lead you to the truth:) Please note, our bill is paid “on time” monthly, with NO harassing phone calls, threats, or disrespectful interactions with customer service:) Just follow the threads you have regarding our account and a refund check should be mailed back to us with your apologies attached:) Yours truly:)
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2 years ago, Oracle E
Worst Customer Service
Spent more than three hours this morning trying to figure out why I have been charged too much money on my bill. Started with the app’s link to customer service and got no where. Spent 30 min on my first call only to be hung up on. The rep called back and then kept me on hold for more than an hour and a half before I hung up and called back. Then spent another hour finally speaking with someone who actually helped. All reps were people in India who probably work for nothing. While I’m having to take 3 hours out of my day trying to get my bill back to what it was supposed to be. Which was about $100 less than I was billed for. Seriously thinking about switching to AT&T today
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4 years ago, Over charge never resolve
Over charges disputed. Never fix after 3 calls
I have switch from other carrier couple months back. I got over charged in first bill. Spent 1 hour to call and resolve the over charges issue. They promised that within a week $520 will be created to my account. Customerservice gave me the new total of $888 to pay and i paid that amount. After month I got another bill. It never got credited and I have to call again and remind them to give me credit for last bill of $520. Charged me late fees and sent few emails and letters for my past due of $520. Promise me again for to get credit within week. That never happened. I called week after to check the status, still credit never applied. I have paid the balance minus the $520 again today. Verizon is very big wireless service provider. I don’t think that no one know about what and how they make the first bill. It looks like a no one care of our time and effort to resolving the issue at first place. I am not under any contract and if this not resolve very soon, I will be switching all my lines to other carrier. Please let me know how to fix
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1 year ago, MsAfromPit
The WORST decision for my business!
I switched two lines from my personal account with 6 lines over to Business thinking this was the right choice. Well a week and a day later I regret it so much! I’ve not been able to access any account information online or on the app (phone, iPad, web browser) at all. I called into the Business support team 3 different times over 3 separate days and varied times of the day and they all promised “escalation”. I’ve heard NOTHING back at all! I am so frustrated at this point, I am seeking the advice of an attorney to see if we can null/void the contract since it’s only been 8 days. Go elsewhere, At&t, T-mobile…I don’t know, but I hope you can avoid my experience!
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3 years ago, frankpacheko
It was easy and fast doing this at online app.. Better than store ! I’ve 3 times at store and no one helps they have none a single customers in store. They still looked so busy touching theirs devices and so bored at counter they told me go online and you can see very more options and you can order them online.. i said oh ok .. thanks for not help me buying my phone .. i have account with 10 lines !! And they dont care about customers business!
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3 years ago, tjnuhgufnt b
Auto pay
I had my account set up for auto pay to come directly out of my account the 20th of every month, which I have done for several months LOL but then all of a sudden it didn’t come out this month. I had to go in and activate the manual pay for some reason. I certainly hope this bill is not paid late and I do not get any late fees because again it was all set up and just fine.
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3 years ago, *%##%^!!!
Verizon Service: Complete Failure
Beyond belief! Other than the service provided in the store, Verizon‘s account management billing and service capability have been a complete and utter disgrace. This is unusual for me, but I came in for a two for one phone offer for Christmas, and to move over a five line business account. This has been a complete let down for customer care... the one star rate is because the actual Cel service is very good in my area. The customer service system is poor… Duplicate billings galore, Billings for a month of service when there was no service because they had not yet delivered the phones. None of this has been resolved yet. I’m completely astounded. Nonetheless, the signal is strong, and I have high hopes to get it all resolved.
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4 years ago, Galardi1069
Poor customer service
I’ve been along time Verizon customer , iam very disappointed with the quality of the personnel and your customer service team now nobody know what they’re doing I’ve been having trouble with my accounts for so long and each time I speak to someone I get worst results , And I keep calling back till I get a good Apple who isKnowledgeable fix everything again it’s really sad that the Verizon is not paying that much attention to the personnel they’re hiring to take care of the customers
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2 years ago, Storm watcher St. Louis Mo
Service is unacceptable
For the last two years I have operated my business using Verizon cell phone services. In the last two years I have and many others I’ve noticed that the service has declined in quality. There is less connection throughout our whole area, I know this because the last two years I drove around our whole area. There are many dead zones than ever before and there’s less connection or connectivity to be able to use Cell phone service much less data. I only hope that it gets better but unfortunately with 5G it has gotten worse. So if you’re reading this review don’t count on quality service to Verizon.
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4 years ago, Jamba Bananaman
The app is ok but Verizon?????? No
If there wasn’t one spot I needed coverage I would run to AT&T or something different. They talked me into switching to a business plan and all the benefits then hasn’t gotten my bill write in 5 months! The app is clunky at best and the service I have received with lie after lie calling in 20 times and being told something different every time I call in. No way! Looking for a way out of Verizon!! I know I’m not the only one! The big giant will fall fast once something comes along that keeps things simple and really tries to serve its customers rather then make their plans so difficult for even top management to figure out why pricing is so messed up on my account! Can’t wait for that satisfying day! Good bye Verizon!
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3 years ago, Eblair58
Horrible Business Customer Service
Never got what I was promised. Took over a week to get my lines ported over. Verizon failed to deliver on business promotion credit as promised. A month later talked to countless Verizon employees and still NO one knows what they are doing. I regret having left ATT. This has cost me more time and expense than I ever wanted to spend. Not a great way to start a business relationship. I would definitely not recommend anyone to go through such a horrible waste of time and experience.
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2 years ago, RMFFA
Horrible customer service the end
Had to call 7 times to get problem partly solved . Can’t chat in app always have to call . Always told i will get fallownup call never get one . Keep getting transferred to wrong departments . The people I speak with are on google looking up answers to my questions . I ask for supervisors they say none available and then start asking questions and supervisor never comes . I wasted hours trying to get ahold of right department from consumer To business side back and forth and wrong answers etc . My time should be your concern . Horrible customer service . And no one has ever offered to compensation for my trouble .
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4 years ago, 12020fun
Purchased Verizon for my business, I was told after the first two months my bill would go down. It has gone up instead. Also, an employee was given my account balance by their staff without my permission, against their privacy policy. Very upsetting. Disappointed also that I’m on a unlimited plan and keep getting messages that I’m almost to my limit for data usage.
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4 years ago, Colo Admin
Cool app; if it was 2005
What an abysmal app for the second largest US carrier. Verizon is likely one of the largest resellers of iPad’s and this app is not only not tablet optimized, it’s written to force its display to vertical-orientation phone format. You get a tiny bit of display surrounded by useless space on a tablet. The data ends up displayed in a very large font on tablet, making its use simply laughable. Anything that requires typing of course is horrid given most tablet typists have a Bluetooth keyboard and orient the tablet horizontally, so it’s really fun trying to complete an enterprise account order while typing with your head sideways. I deleted; not worth using, will stick to the website until they release an updated version in 2035.
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2 years ago, L@lo33
I have been overcharged from once now just recently was able to log into my account before the only way I was able to pay my bill was when my service was shut down the only way that I was able to get my app to work was by going into the store in person and having a representative set up my account. Prior to that I wasn’t able to make any adjustments to my count because it said that I was not the authorized subscriber to make changes. This has been a horrible move over from T-Mobile to Verizon really debating on whether to go back I have been ridiculously charged on bills for months now.
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6 years ago, Truth in detail
Let’s get real. Most of these reviews are paid or straight up Bull$hit. This app is so inconsistent it drives me nuts. It’s also so cheap. The 4.5 star rating is a joke. Doesn’t keep passwords, always needed to reset it. It also signs me out constantly and tells me unknown user. It’s so stupid. It’s actually not difficult to develop an app for this type of function. Verizon just outsources everything to India and other places to get it done as cheap as possible regardless of the outcome knowing that all they have to say is, “we are working to better your experience with us”. Lol. For as large as this dark corporation is, they’re pretty shady and greedy with their business. Garbage app. Use the website instead.
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6 years ago, BDBDBD
Good but clunky. Touch ID broken
This app provides a decent overall experience and enough account information to be useful. It provides a good amount of line information and overview of data usage. Currently my biggest gripe is Touch ID appears broken. I am constantly prompted to set up Touch ID and in the next login told setup failed. Just annoying. I also find that getting to various screens via apparent links is wonky. I find myself constantly tapping a link to switch screens with no results. Perhaps it’s just me but it’s only happening for me in this app!
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2 years ago, Michael S504
Customer support is a joke, wrongfully billed, been months and still not rectified
I switched to Verizon thinking they had great customer service. Silly me. I was supposed to receive 2 $100 bill credits on my first bill. Never received them on that bill. Nor the next one. Or the next one. I’ve contacted support 4 separate times about this. I also have device charges on my bills just as one line item and not broken down per accessory. I’ve requested this multiple times to no avail. I also wanted the “free” iPhone promo. I’ve been in dispute over the bill and then get charged “late fees”. I expected more from Verizon.
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