My Wardrobe - Outfit Finder

4 (422)
108.8 MB
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Current version
Appfit Studio
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Wardrobe - Outfit Finder

3.97 out of 5
422 Ratings
1 year ago, Flux_Capacitor_
Great App - Could Use Some Men’s Categories
I may be part of the small group of men who use this app to track outfits for work so I don’t repeat the same look too many times. I also use it to help pack for trips. I really like it but I think there are a few improvements others have mentioned that keep this app from being perfect. I agree that you should be able to add custom categories for looks, styles and types of clothes - especially that there are few categories men would love like Gym, Happy Hour, Date Night, Meeting with Boss. I also would like to see a better interface for packing that allow me to customize a bit more. I’d like outfits per day, and the ability to pack multiple items like socks and boxers so I know exactly how much to pack. I only shop at a few stores so it’s easy for my to find all my clothes from the websites and save those images into my photos and then place into the app - but I wish there was a faster way to do that process. And one hack that I have done is add objects to my closet and placed them in the “bag” category. These are things like my glasses, my laptop, my charger, headphones - so I can really virtually pack my bag and know exactly what to bring. This would be a nice feature to not have to cobble together. But overall - I use the app daily and find it worth the money.
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3 years ago, KoemiLuv
Amazing App
I’ve only had it for a short while but it’s really great. It’s very organized and easy to use. The only thing I would hope for is maybe to add your own colors like Rose Gold or Like a specific kind of Green, like Lime Green. It would also be cool if I could add small notes like “Don’t wear this on a windy day” Or “Kind of Tight” or a reminder of how exactly I got it from in the notes. The last thing I would add is to be able to add different kinds of clothing items just in case and folders to be a bit more organized. But those are just my little fixes that would make it better. Over all great app 100% Recommend😊
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1 year ago, Itsfunneh love
it’s so annoying!!!
I just want to say, this is a decent app. it has nice features, etc. My problem worth it, though, is that it’s super expensive. i was in no way, shape, or form, told that i would have to pay to add my clothes. I spent hours trying to put on and take off clothes, find the right pose and right place to stand, and perfectly crop and add my clothes to the app, but after maybe getting 10 good ones, it starts telling me i have to pay money for a closet organizing app that doesn’t even help. The only reason for you to really get this app would be to look at how outfits MIGHT look without having to try them on every time. If you want to waste time adding these stupid things to an app each time you want to see an outfit together, you might as well just lay them out on your bed. I would not recommend this app UNLESS your job is fashion or something similar and this kind of app is a necessity. if it is, i might actually recommend StyleBook instead since you pay 5 dollars only once. I’m sorry to say, but this app has ruined my week. it left my room a mess, took away hours of my time, and got me NOWHERE. don’t buy this app unless you have very carefully decided and even then i still wouldn’t. thank you for your time, and if a developer sees this, make your stupid app better.
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6 months ago, ellareneeig
Great concept but so many improvements could be made
Before I downloaded this app I saw a review from 2 years ago with suggestions on how to improve, it’s one of the first reviews showcased in the review section. Once I read it and the response from the developers I thought “oh well that was two years ago surely those updates are available now.” they are not, and it’s really such a shame. The biggest problem is the lack of customizing you can do. There are so many types of clothes that don’t have it’s own category. You have trousers but no shorts, t-shirts but no crop tops and no place for jewelry or other accessories. I think the best option would just be to allow us to create our own names for the different types of clothes as well as the categories like “casual, sporty” ect. There are so many different styles out there and only a select few as options. Also I think it would be so much better to be able to add clothes in two different categories. And on top of that we should be able to click on a singular piece of clothing and see all the looks it’s a part of. The overall organization of the app is not very good and I just hope the developers see this and are inspired to really make some of these changes! Otherwise great job on the app and I am excited for any new updates yall decide to make.
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11 months ago, A random mother
This app is everything I need. I stay up late every night trying to find an outfit to wear to school the next day. This is just better and faster.
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2 years ago, Eliz12341234
Has a ways to go
The concept is good. However, it needs some enhancements to make it worth it for me to purchase. The packing list is only a list of items. I was expecting a way to group days of a trip and outfits for each day. For example, Day 1 - morning boat tour and Day 1 - dinner. I would expect to be able to repeat clothing items on different days, because that’s how people pack. Adding items the first time was super clunky. Not sure why I had to go to two different places based on if I’d already added a jacket or if I hadn’t yet added a dress. I would like to start by adding a photo and then add info about the clothing type that it is.
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3 years ago, didnebcudnsne
Amazing! Just one request
Hello! I have been using this app for a while and it works wonderfully! I have one request though. I wish you could make your own color or just call it one of the colors that is not on the list. Like maybe I want to separate some of my clothes in purple and violet, but there is no violet and just purple. Other than that, it is perfect! Thank you!
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1 year ago, T. Nic
Just okay.
Tried it for the free trial & then cancelled. It won’t allow me to access all of the clothing that I took to create looks. Although it allows you to remove background on pics they don’t look that good & some images came out super blurry. Like on shoes for instance, a strappy sandal wouldn’t show up complete once you remove background. Can’t categorize looks by client if you’re a stylist & using the tool for multiple clients. Just okay.
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1 year ago, Lonemama85
A bit clunky
I only tried it for a day - long story short you have to manually upload pics from online even for basics, photo editing is awful, and you have to hand pick every outfit - no recommendations. Another annoying thing- you can’t create custom categories, vibes, etc. Overall just not fun to use, and def not worth an annual subscription IMHO.
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2 years ago, Vero2830
Amazing to sort out clothes
I can keep track of my clothes, spending, and clothes age. Would love a feature that lets you know if you wore it yet or not unless there is one and I haven’t found it yet. But love how easy it is to use and upload clothes/looks. ❤️❤️❤️
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11 months ago, buffalo prinssec
Because school is coming up fast I wanted to find and app to organize all my clothes, but was also free. I was disappointed because I put in some clothes and the app crashed and I went to the app again. When I did I pressed the add clothing button and wanted me to pay. As a scholar I don’t have money to pay for an app like this and will be deleting it.
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5 months ago, dawnanna78
No customer support
Downloaded and started the free trial today. Attempted to submit app feedback from within the app because there’s no ability to add custom groups or anything to assign hair accessories or head jewelry to… Got immediate email notification that mailbox doesn’t exist. canceled trial immediately because I’m not willing to spend money on a product where there’s no support.
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5 months ago, jgvygjhgyb
It was fine
This game is not very good. I took up a TON of my time, had weird editing that made my clothes look bad, and it wouldn’t let me add all the clothes i want. I also don’t understand why you have to make a collage instead of it lining them up like i thought it would. I think this app can be so much better.
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1 year ago, Ayx6yo
at first i thought it was amazing and innovative but as I started adding all my clothes and the app started randomly shutting down every once in a while, once I finished, I couldn’t scroll through my clothing without the app completely shutting down I find this app very glitchy and annoying to use it would be amazing if this didn’t happen
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1 year ago, #TruthTellers
My Wardrobe
100% necessary. Only problem is that pics are blurry. Other than that I say it's perfect. I love this app
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1 year ago, I looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvve
I want to love it but it keeps crashing
I have less than 100 items loaded into this app but I can’t even make an outfit with the app not crashing :(( I’m really disappointed because I spent so much time taking pictures of everything
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1 year ago, JoshyBoi2882
Needs so much work
Started to fill my closet with pictures of clothes then every time I tired to view my clothes by scrolling the app crashes. Does it every time I open it now so really disappointed how I wasted my time and energy doing all the pictures to just have it crash:(
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2 years ago, cminri
Too many glitches
This app would be great but it is always kicking me out. I lost all my photos after hours spent adding them. Suitcases don’t save. Needs a lot of work in order for it to run smoothly. Especially at this $$$ point.
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1 year ago, trashdumpp
great app
i would love to be able to choose my own name for categories like flannels or “pants” for like sweatpants or like choose your own name for the categories like “concert fit” or something to make it more personalized, that’s the only downside to this app but otherwise i love how in depth this app is!
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1 year ago, Nastrea088
Thanks you ❤️
I create a bunch of different looks….and Iforget about the presence of some things in my wardrobe 😢 YOU HEPL me clean up the closet!👏👏👏
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11 months ago, Allie-jay
I was a really big fan until it started prompting me to buy a rather expensive subscription to add additional items to my closet, now the app is basically unusable unless I want to pay a lot to keep expanding my closet
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1 year ago, puppykittengotl
The worst app ever
So when you go into 88 you can skip subscription but when you get like so you’re eight picture makes you pay for unlimited amount so it’s pretty much a lying app so don’t waste your time on it.😡👿😤
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1 year ago, Jaelynn stover
Rating and feed back
It’s great in all but I wish you could add more than 8 items without paying for premium
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3 years ago, Alex #30
Don’t get unless planning on buying
I was so excited to get this app, and when I started using it I was so happy. Then it stopped working because it said I needed to buy a plan in order to use it.
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10 months ago, Gothfashion
I started trying to upload clothes and it let me put 6 items in before it wouldn’t let me do any more without paying for it.
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9 months ago, jas935729
Outfits disappear in calendar
It’s a good app, but can’t depend on it. Your outfits will disappear in the calendar view every now and again.
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1 year ago, Yogimomi
Spent hours uploading photos only for it to crash over and over again
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1 year ago, Missy gal
App keeps crashing
Everytime I try to edit info for clothes, the app crashes and does not save.
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1 year ago, kenzie monahan
Best app ever
This app is amazing I uld deeinatly. Recommend
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1 year ago, jellyjamjelly
I just got this app to organize my outfit ideas but it keeps kicking me out of the app whenever i scroll down?
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9 months ago, AnImaginaryWorld
I uploaded all of my clothes and tried to make a “look” but the app kept crashing for any little reason. Unusable.
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2 years ago, powderprincesss
Don’t waste your time.
It’s not free as advertised it charges you 7.99 to even OPEN the app. Will be reporting and getting this farce taken off the App Store for false advertisement ASAP.
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4 months ago, Wonderquishe
In App Subscription
Unless you want to pay a subscription for this I dont recommend
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2 years ago, SelenaQPLover
Not free
Gives the option for limited version then prompts you to buy.
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2 years ago, EME1991
Advertised free but immediate paywall
Says it’s free to get in the App Store but as soon as you open the app you’re hit with a 7-day free trial before needing to subscribe to access the app.
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3 years ago, falishaq
so many ads and you cant do anything without paying
cant make outfits or add clothes to your wardrobe without paying. there are ads you cant skip that pop up every 10 seconds, and there are constantly ads on the screen as well.
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2 years ago, 🏝🏀🍩
I may just be stupid but every time I get on here it says I have to subscribe and I can’t figure out how to get that away
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4 months ago, Daisybingus
Not good
Wasn’t worth it, let me add 7 pc of clothings till it wouldn’t let me add anything else unless i paid
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5 months ago, Address cadavers
if you dont have a subscription you cant add 2 or more clothes.
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5 years ago, BriannaLorena
Used to love it... failed to meet previous expectations
Every time I open the app, it has me reconnect my account. It would be cooler if that was already connected each time I opened the app. I recently got a new phone and transferred all my information to that new phone. I tried restoring the purchase for this app but instead it charged me again. The app will not allow me to access or connect to my original account to see what I’ve been wearing the past few weeks. Kind of feels like using this app has been pointless because I can’t restore previous information or photos or calendar or anything.
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4 months ago, lester j lows
paywalled again
awful app
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4 years ago, isla david
Not working
Went into app first time worked but now every time I go to the app it tells me to sign up for subscription and I’m not able to get out of that.
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9 months ago, GregBad77
App keeps timing out
Bought the app but it’s unstable.what can I do
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