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User Reviews for My WM

4.62 out of 5
28.7K Ratings
3 months ago, Sewembgirl
Shown Respect
I became my mother’s person rep upon her death and my brother inherited her home. Due to his eye problems I am the trustee of his estate so it has been complicated getting most accounts switched out. Waste Management has been one of the easiest. They have been very patient and respectful and the app has been fairly easy to understand, at least for me. I was able to keep trash pickup going while the estate is being settled. When my dad died 13 years ago, it was also easy to have his name switched to my mother’s. My parents had used Waste Management for many many years and as far as I know the only pick-up they had missed one was due to a blizzard that lasted for days.
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1 year ago, spyboy7979
My experience thus far.
It took 3 months to receive a trash can. When I called to check on my order status, I was told that it had been cancelled by local Evansville office. I was promised two different delivery dates… neither happened on time. During my 3 month wait, I was billed for service for the three months. It took about an hour of my time to get the charges reversed, and way to much work on my part. Then trying to pay my bill on time (because WM is very quick to stop service if even a day late) The WM app constantly wants billing their way (auto pay, which I refuse to do.) and makes it in - easy to get to the actual payment step. Then this past weekend, I tried to pay my bill, using the app. Each method that I put in was declined (as if I had no money in the accounts or whatever). Monday, I was able to put the payment in. If anyone asks me, I will definitely not recommend WM. It will take at least 6 months to a year after all these problems to even consider telling anyone a positive note. I am on my last chance. Just hope WM decides they would like me to know they Care about customer service. I have yet to be impressed or even okay with it.
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1 year ago, $&@ABCD
Worst company I have ever had to deal with my bill was never the same it was always different every time I got one with no notice every time I called and asked why my bill was so much more they would say it was cause of cost going up so had to pay more for gas to them and more for the pick up I asked why I never even get a notice about it no email nothing I just get my bill and it’s always higher each time they told me that was there way of telling me it went up they dropped off a trash can when I signed up for the service I never asked for it about a Yeager later we moved and they don’t offer pick up as our new home they charged me $129 to pick up the trash can when I called and asked why I was charged so much they said it’s for the trash can I was not happy the last I was on the phone with didn’t care cut me off and asked if there was anything else she could help me with and if not have a nice day bye wouldn’t recommend them to anyone worst trash company ever also I have never paid my bill late or not at all it was always paid on time every time it was due
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7 months ago, Kazikage
Garbage app for a garbage company, the irony
App is garbage and useless. Features don’t work and nothing updates properly. Only use is for you to be able to make a payment to them, which is all they care about. Only reason still with WM is our county(a big one too) has no choice since they are our only choice for provider since the county changed over from allowing people to be able to pick their own providers. We have to abide by yearly uncontested cost increases and multiple missed pickups where you can go on their website and watch their cameras on their truck and see them clearly drive by your house and mark you “serviced” and then when you report a missed pick up, they lie to you that they will pick up next day just to continue to insure you day after day they are coming to keep you going until your next week or two week pick up to final show up and mark you “serviced” every day you report it just so they don’t get in trouble. Do better, or just tell me ya ain’t coming till next week.
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2 years ago, Z0L0
I would not recommend for the Richmond area
Everything about the service “provided” is literally not provided. They don’t give you a trash container for months after you start service. You could be waiting more than a year for a trash can. Every time they do pick up trash (when there isn’t some delay) they will spread trash all over the street and in your yard for you to pick up during the week, until they do it again. Out of any business I have ever delt with, they are by far the worst. They have created a monopoly in my area in such a way, that some people would rather take the trash to the dump themselves, than use their service. I hope my city terminates all dealings with them; further more I hope the company is accountable and issue a refund and apology to all those they claim to service here. It is truly a disgrace the way WM has treated the community of Richmond KY. They should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable for their very poor service and business practices.
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7 months ago, Don’t contract Cox
Terrible customer service
Waited for 1 hour to have my call answered. Looked for an email address to be able to send a message instead of waiting on the line, but no email can be found for inquiries. The person who answered first was having problems with her line being muffled and she was not clear so she had to pass me along to someone else, it took another 30 minutes for them to pick up. I just wanted an explanation as to why my bill increased by $13. It was about a 30% increase. That is excessive. The representatives I talked to kept calling it a slight increase, slight is 5% not 30%, that bothered me. They said it was normal, it’s their annual increase. I have only been with WM for a little over a year, Can I expect a 30% increase every year? I wish I would have done a better job of checking my garbage disposal options before choosing WM. I will definitely do my homework now and compare to other companies.
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6 months ago, AHolum
Driver Appreciation
I just want to give our driver a shout out. He got out of his truck to grab the neighbors garbage who forgot to put it at the end of the driveway. The neighbor was out in the yard and totally forgot. He did it without saying a word. He didn’t have have to do this and its hard to find people like that these days. He deserves a pat on the back.
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1 month ago, Dajshon
I only wish I could include screenshots. I never leave reviews but I was appalled by the service I received from waste management. Today marks the 3rd time in 6 weeks that my trash has not been picked up. I thought it could be an oversight at first until I actually witnessed for myself this morning the truck stop in front of my house so I closed the door with the assumption that I’d receive service today only to come outside to see a full can! When I checked the app it was stated that I received a pickup today which was obviously false. After searching for about 15 minutes I was finally able to locate a customer service number where I was told that my bin was too close to my mailbox. I have lived in this neighborhood for 3 years and not once has this ever been an issue. If there is another trash service in your area I’d suggest you use them!
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8 months ago, Martyb2013
Waste Management
Well starting to have same problem with missed pickups with garbage now, I stopped recyclable pickups because of numerous missed pickups, why pay for service I wasn’t receiving regularly, and I save $80 a quarter, and everything still gets picked up, well it was but now their missing trash pickups, my day is Thursday, 3weeks in the last month, missed a pickup, I called each time, 1st miss got picked up the following week, so 2 weeks of trash by road. So service is crappy, customer service reps when calling are mostly great, not so much the ones promising pick up 48 hours after complaint lodged. So currently not very happy.
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2 years ago, SxA ghost
Phishing app
My biggest problem with this app is that it “copies from” anything that I copy from elsewhere without me clicking paste. Say I copy an email from the internet to send an email, then Once I’m done emailing I open the WM app. IOS notifies me that “WM copied from safari”. The same goes for passwords, settings, notes, etc. I don’t like that they are phishing all my data every time I switch to the app, so I’ve deleted it. My other big concern is how autopay works. EVERY other company will charge you your remaining balance when your autopay comes up. WM’s app decides to charge the full bill amount again, even if the remaining balance is less or zero. I’m really regretting using WM’s services and I should have gone with republic… especially since their official app is skimming any data I copy to use elsewhere.
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1 year ago, JBChristian
Doesn’t do the most important thing
It says you can report a missed pickup, which is what I am trying to do right now because I tried it on the phone and that labyrinthine process led me nowhere and it was slow getting there. It’s set up to make it impossible to get to a human. I went through all the trouble to download the app, link my account and I’ve been all through the app looking for a place to report a missed pickup and IT DOES NOT EXIST. The closest thing is the contact us page that just has a phone number that I had already called. Total “Waste” of time, same as the company. I’ve had far more trouble with my garbage pickup since they took over my local company. I wish they’d go away. I wish I could find an alternative but they buy them all. 😡
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3 months ago, Engr guy
Holiday schedule
When trying to check a holiday schedule, this app is totally useless. As you go into it it finally tells you to go to a website to find that information. The information is not written as a link nor doesn’t have the ability to cut and paste. if you are signed into an app they know who you are and what your account is. They should be able to easily link your area and give you the information you need automatically. That would be the intelligent way to do it. Obviously they don’t have very good programmers there, and they’re not all that interested in supporting the customer.
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1 year ago, Dant&&&
Aweful like their schizo service
Keep changing my delivery dates. Last one was a doozy. I got a post card saying both my trash and recycle will be picked up on Monday now instead of Thursday. I check the app and it says recycling is Monday, trash is Thursday. On Monday the app says I have scheduled recycling but Nothing is picked up on Monday. On Tuesday the app says again I have scheduled recycling. They pick up the trash but not the recycling. The app says that the recycling was picked up. I hit the “what if my trash wasn’t picked up” button. App says I need to have a phone number on file to complain. It takes me to the profile edits. The app refuses to add my phone number but I get a notification saying my profile info is successfully updated. Massive gaslight of an app and a service provider.
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9 months ago, threeclaws
As useful as a fart app
Can’t check when the next pickup is, doesn’t notify you when pickups will happen, when you look at the schedule it lets you know a holiday happened. This is a perfect example of privatization ruining something simple, in Chicago the city charged me $10/mo for as many cans as I wanted, they would pick up anything I put in the alley for free, and they texted me the night before a pickup. WM charges $45/mo, I’m limited on number of cans, anything outside of the can is an up charge, and finding what my schedule is means having to pull up their site and hope it’s working today. They also have 33 trackers on their website, to give a comparison Google search (which literally makes their money from ads) has 1.
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2 months ago, Spsms2
Notifications randomly get turned off
I occasionally get texts from WM saying “You have opted out of texts from WM.” I then have to go back into the app and reselect text notifications. This message is not driven by any action by me. In fact, the latest one came in at 1:14am CST, when I was sound asleep. I’ve reported this to WM before, but it continues to happen. I suspect that the notifications are mistakenly being reset when WM updates or tweaks their server software, since the timing does not seem to match the dates of app updates. WM should look into this.
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2 years ago, jeskfbdje be dhe
Don’t waste time with this. It’s better to call them. Bill said $0 balance, trash never got picked up, and than suspended because said didn’t pay. Come to find out it’s on their end. Wow! Website constantly freezes and customer service hung up on me 5 times and I was being polite because I’m a polite person, but just trying to save people from frustration, this is the first and only review I ever left. Tried 30 times to get online and keep saying incorrect email and password so I reset and do all again same lol just completely waste of time. This is one bill will get sent in the old fashion way. Truly wish their was another trash service but it is what it is. Have a fantastic day people.
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3 months ago, Stephen28352
Not Showing Order
Today I’m leaving a review because the site asked. The last time it asked I didn’t respond because it was my first time using the online site. However I place my order it confirmed but I never received a pickup and today I go to check the status of the pickup and it does not show a request was made. I’m leaving a three star review on the online part of waste management only because if I was to rate them as a company and for there services I would have to give them a Five star review. Another order was placed we will have to see how this one goes.
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6 months ago, skippielongbottom
Not the app it’s the bill
I can’t understand why my bill went up when it was supposed to have went down. I got a smaller trash bin, and I was told my bill would drop. Nope it went up! Then I paid my bill, the money was returned, my account went bad, was cancelled, it took two weeks of calling, messaging, then when all else failed using Social Media, to get my account restored. The billing seems so irregular and odd, communication is poor and extremely frustrating and now my account says I’m on a “second chance” which is a bummer. I wish communicating with WM was simpler and billing was made more regular.
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12 months ago, Good Credit One
No Recycling Service
No recycle service! Some weeks there is no recycle pickup at all! After missing the previous week, I had to call in order to have my recycling items pickup today! I would understand if the weather was bad! However, even when the weather is good it’s still a tossup if our recycling materials will be picked up! In this township a company named WhiteTail has the majority of the business in Montgomery County! If this service continues like this I will drop my current service and sign on to the other recycle company.
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8 months ago, Shelly12345wil
Residential service
When the truck comes by to pick up my trash when they let it back down, it usually is in the middle of my driveway laying down on the ground and sometimes trash falls out of it when they put it down so it’s all over the road. Would be nice if they get out of the truck and set it up and out of the driveway. A good part of this company is finally is it has been coming on time and on the day it is supposed to come. No missed days since the takeover.
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12 months ago, masonsnama
Terrible Service
Service is terrible. Driver lies about stopping and saying the dumpster is empty when I watched him drive by twice without even stopping. I haven’t had a pick up since the beginning of January but am still receiving a bill. And I don’t want another pick up. I feel it’s ridiculous to take 90 days to cancel service. And if you say that it’s in the contract I never received a contract to sign. I was also accused of refilling the dumpster when I called about the driver not stopping. Also, when I received a new offer for service, why is it for half the amount for the same crappy service?
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4 months ago, ♥️XJ0001
Bad Service
It’s like they are intentionally planed to miss the pickup once a month, literally speaking they are picking up wrong trash container. So I have to call them to pick up the trash, but the attitude of the customer service operator was so rude and impatient, one of the customer service even hang up my phone. Eventually they will come pick up the trash the day after, but the way they do their jobs was so unprofessional. We had to write the number outside of the door, but it’s like they can’t see it, they keep picking up wrong trash container. If I had another choice I wouldn’t recommend this company.
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1 year ago, hfdtuinnvv
Illinois worse place to live
The bad part of having a company who has no one to compete with that’s the reason why we have to pay high price specially in Illinois what to expect? All business or state are corrupt. Make sure you get trash service because they charging you for the service. And they don’t tell the people that. Just remember. The city worker or any company who has not have competition sooner or later they loose more than what they get for being greedy.
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6 days ago, Rh22224
Inaccurate reporting of missed pickup feature
I enjoy having the app but the missed pickup reporting does not work properly. Ex: recycling pickup was completed and the hyperlink states “what if my trash wasn’t completed?”. I click the link to report the missed trash pickup but then it shows as recycling service needed instead of trash. WM customer service has heard this from many customers. Please fix and save your drivers extra trips for the incorrect service. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Fire Veins
Glitchy and no option to see what I’m being charged for
Seems like y’all just go up when ever you want to without an explanation of what’s being changed or charged. Poor customer service and if there was another option I’d change providers in a heartbeat
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1 year ago, RockyMtnLvr
Full-Featured & Functions Great
This app is easy to use and gives you full control over every aspect of your account, with one minor exception; The billing/payment history only goes back to January of the previous year rather than the beginning of my account.
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8 months ago, everything negative was taken
Absolutely awful
I have had an awful experience with waste management. I cancelled service and was advised to leave the tote in place. I was then charged a $75 removal fee plus a pro rated fee totaling over $95. Customer support is nearly impossible to get through and once I finally can speak with a rep they inform me that my spouse is the only authorized person to speak when she took MY name and the payment all came out of MY accounts! I am irate about the ridiculousness of this entire situation and would not ever recommend this company
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2 years ago, 981GTS
This app is garbage. If there was some way to put this app in my garbage container and let WM carry it away I would. I can’t even signup for an account. When I type in my email address it keeps telling me to enter a valid email address. I DID ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS!!! I have had the same email address for decades! I tried multiple times and carefully checked the spelling of my email address and it would never recognize it! If I could rate the app less than 1 I would. I deleted the app. No point in keeping something I can’t use.
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12 months ago, Cara lele
Tried to make a payment on line for 2 days and it just went to a blank page. Tried calling and took an hour to get someone as 1st person disconnected before I could say anything, 2nd person said on you’re not in my area and before I could say anything transferred me, 3rd person was nice but really couldn’t help although her suggestion for adding the app was helpful. I feel like the service with this company is lacking. If you have choices for trash pickup go with someone else.
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1 year ago, Lotta1000
Excellent customer service
Outstanding service every time I call. I’m really impressed with this app as well. It is very intuitive and easy to use and it’s clear they created it with customers in mind. Great job!
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1 year ago, Deepbugging
App just lets them lie about pick ups.
Third week in a row with no trash service. The drivers now mark the app as either your cans weren’t out or as already completed so that you can’t report that they didn’t pick up in the app. You have to call in and jump through hoops for them to say. Sorry according to the computer they did the job or it’s your fault. So they won’t credit your bill nor will they schedule a new pick up. I will be pushing for our HOA to replace you as the vendor as top priority for 2023.
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1 year ago, PeckhamJW
Auto pay issues?
Less buggy with notifications than it use to be. Autopay still seems to fail every now and then but not sure where the hang up is there, was just informed to make sure everything’s updated. Not sure why that would effect processing a payment. Should add features such as a way to upgrade services within app.
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3 years ago, Djjohnson11
Can’t see all of my services
Online and on the app I cannot see all of my services which is three, when I called after an hour on the phone they simply said that it was because it was my off week for recycling that I can’t see my service. How crazy is that that I can’t see all of my services on line on my account just because it’s not the pick up week for that service that makes absolutely no sense common hundred percent feel for who created this app and the website
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1 year ago, CNNhygf"&&$);/$?fggifxck💥💥
Get started and login
Mobile app works well…if you can ever make it past the login screen! Every time I try to log in it interrupts and goes back to the get started page. Sometimes while typing login, sometimes while typing password, sometimes when done and trying to enter. Resetting doesn’t help. I usually give up after 10 or so tries and try later. Sometimes works, sometimes not.
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2 weeks ago, kicksass1977
Terrible and useless
Service outage in my area due to soft roads. No information on the app. It says “no service delays”. No trash service for a month. WM did not even send an email or send a message in the app. Nothing from these clowns. I called last week. They credited my account. Called today and my credit was cancelled. They said pay or we will cancel your service. What service? You haven’t been here in a month! Worst company ever. I have already contacted better business bureau and an attorney.
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1 year ago, MaricuzH
Unfair charge
My account was in arrears, in these last months due to financial problems and illness. I contacted to request a payment extension, but unfortunately I could not comply. Now apart from charging me late fees in the account they tell me that they canceled it! I never received any information that they canceled my account. I consider it unfair that now that I have done my best to pay the arrears, they tell me that I would still have to pay to reopen the account. I would appreciate your attention in this regard.
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1 year ago, SkytaleNexus
Great App, But Needs Some Improvement
This is a great app, but it's really frustrating when the app allows a user to login / authenticate only to display that an update is required, then the user must perform the update and then re-login / re-authenticate. The app needs to require the update BEFORE the user attempts to login / authenticate the first time.
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1 year ago, BarbChad
The WM App is 90% Useless
The app linked to our WM account no problem. All account info is correct. However Services does nothing other than confirm what we have. There is nothing for pickup schedules. Then billing says we haven’t made any payments in the last 12 months yet invoice history clearly shows invoices with payments received. Hello! The main website isn’t much better. Perhaps a new Web Developer is in order!
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1 year ago, rstewart2702
Autopay setup confusion
When your payment card updates, you can’t see everything stored about it, so it’s impossible to tell whether or not you will have payment problems later. Also, there are not clear directions about how to update payment card information when it changes (e.g. when your bank issues a new card.) This app needs some simple directions about how to change payment card information!
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5 months ago, Horrible service x4
Horrible service
Missed pick up, bridge was blocked due to work on it. In computer it showed pick up was made. For 4 weeks attempted to get missed trash picked up in an extra can. Can was not emptied. After second attempt sent missed service message, no response as the extra can was left at roadside. I believe there is no more human contact made with this company to customers. It should not take a venting like this to get things done. But I know it won’t.
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4 years ago, Pandabear62
Better update
Developer responded to concerns and the app seems to be much more useful. However, I can’t find a method to report missed pick-up if that occurs. Virtual assistant on website won’t answer that question (directed to website by app and that still doesn’t fix that issue). App needs a “missed pick-up” link to notify driver.
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3 months ago, JbeCrawl
Trying to get a second cart or schedule an extra pick up for the carts should be something that’s available in the app. Costumer services reps are extremely hard to get ahold of and when I do get ahold of them the service I was told I would get never shows up.
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4 months ago, wsr user
App is ok nothing special really more informational than anything. Aside-their new phone tree is purgatory. Once you get through the first few options you get rerouted to the beginning. This goes on for about fifteen minutes while you try to engage chat which is also a pain. Pretty abysmal experience all around. Customer support is 50-50. I’ve had helpful and argumentative/unhelpful at best…
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11 months ago, customer43321
Re-instatement fee
I have been with WM for Many years and I always make my payments ahead of time and my debit card got compromised so my payment didn’t go through before I was able to get my new card placed on my file and they canceled my service and charged me $60 re-instatement fee. I tried calling several times and waited on hold so long that I wasn’t able to talk to anyone due to restrictions at work so I just had to eat that cost.
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12 months ago, ComeOnMan#7
Who Designed This Terrible App?
It doesn’t let you view your invoice only pay it. How am I supposed to know the charges are even right? There is no way to change or modify service, you only see the service you have. It doesn’t let you view your service videos. I know every truck has a camera. Just in case they try to charge you for an overflowed can. Anyway don’t waste your time on this literal garbage app
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2 years ago, why did u change it
Very poor app
I finally got my bill paid but that’s all You can’t change your profile or add another link. And why can’t I pay my bill without the app. The page won’t load
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1 month ago, ShellbackM
Great ap and great service
This is an easy ap and I always get excellent customer service from the company. The men that pick up my trash are amazing: polite, professional, and friendly. Thank you all for another good year! Michelle Dunn
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3 years ago, pacbreeze26
Worthless app
Can’t do much with this except pay them money for worthless service. Can’t to anything else without having to call them. Not worth the download since it’s not a worthy service let alone the company has no integrity with their own mission statement of customer service. Failed to follow through with bulk pickup scheduled 1 week prior. No phone call to advise can’t make it. This is what a monopoly of a company gets you. Ready to start burning my trash like the good ole days
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4 years ago, Beowulf32
Horrible update
The app wasn’t that great to begin with. Now it’s almost useless. The only thing that works or that is better is it’s easier to double check your pick up days. However ALL other functions just makes you bounce between the app and the website. And then it ALWAYS just loads the homepage. Can’t report a missed pickup. Can’t contact customer service. Can’t do anything. EVERY SINGLE LINK/CLICK routes you to the website homepage. Utterly crap in every sense of the word.
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1 week ago, Annoyed, customer Eugene
Mystery charges
I was getting overcharged a while ago and talked to someone that straighten things out so they were supposed to be only a charge when the trash is picked up. I keep getting random charges of small amounts that are not explained when no trash has been picked up and overcharged for my dumpster is being emptied. I’m ready to go to another company when you fix things, you just make things worse.
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