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User Reviews for MyCase

2.55 out of 5
42 Ratings
2 months ago, Crys26045
Good App But Needs More Work
This app work well to do minimal case billing and messaging. However, it needs updates to access more of the MyCase features. This mostly seems to be for billing and timers. It’s a fairly good system for case management but this app has no access to most features. As I use my iPad for much more than minimal work this app has its frustrations.
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1 month ago, Pass and play fan
Love Mycase, the app needs development
Not sure why they are not focusing on the app. The owners of Mycase keep producing AI stuff that will provide almost zero productivity gains but ignore the app. The mycase app was a great start about 12 years ago but no one ever took the time to add significant functionality. Give us the same functionality as the website but make it easier to use, just like what was started 12 years ago. I think most of us would prefer to use our iPads for most of our work but we cannot do it with this app. I am starting to lose my patience.
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2 years ago, AttorneyBob
Lots of glitches with this App
Good source of information related to your existing account with Mycase, however, they have never spent the time needed to make the app a good working tool. It constantly has glitches that make it at times useless. For example, the notes associated with a lead is able to be prepared, but it does not save to your account. The hourly rate charged on a case is not recognized. The client’s email saved on the account, is not shown on the app. These are not always major issues, but can be when you need them.
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2 years ago, walshpiefanterll
App OK but crashes frequently.
The app is ok as far as it goes, but there is a lot missing, and it seems as if it is always crashing. I have had to delete and re-install the app multiple times just this week. It’s frustrating that I can’t view the call log from the app. It’s also annoying that Looking at a matter, I can only view future events, not past events. There are other issues. These were just examples.
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1 year ago, rhymerican
Long way to go
While the app has some of the key capabilities of the web-based program, it’s inexplicably missing several critical ones, including most of the ones related to finances. For example, you can’t record payments on invoices or deposits into trust accounts, and you can’t create or edit invoices. MyCase has a long way to go to make their mobile app a robust alternative to the web-based version, and they surely know it.
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5 years ago, Ahhhrach
Need invoice view
Mycase as a client management software is really good but the app is lacking in a few features. First, invoices. This is the most important because you can’t run a business if you can’t see how much people owe you. On the online system, you can open and view invoices and see how much and when someone has paid. On the mobile app it just tells you that they are overdue but not how much or when and you can’t open the invoice. So if someone owed me $900 on October 1 and paid $300 but it’s past that date, the app shows $900 overdue since that’s how much was due; however, if I could open and view the invoice I could see they really only owe $600 as they paid $300. Secondly, I’d like to be able to upload documents from my phone. I have CamScanner and files on my phone where I can access documents from my computer bur cannot upload them from my phone which is frustrating. Third, adding events is easy, but added client access to the event is a bit convoluted. You have to scroll to the bottom. Click access. Click there name. Then also click for them to attend. If you miss this feature they won’t get the notice and won’t know to attend. Lastly, the text feature is off. This is more of an annoyance really. If I go to my client and hit “text” it will open my text messages but with no number. Then I have to back out and do it again, then it will work correctly. I think it may not be optimized. Otherwise, I love the system. I just think the app could be better.
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7 months ago, iBourbon
Works great.
It’s hard to find a case management software that also has a mobile app. Thank you for providing this service. Not sure what the fuss is about in the other reviews, but it works great for me! Thanks!
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2 years ago, Josephcbowman
Upcharge for phone access?
I’ve been using Mycase for two or three years and liked it because I can access it on my phone and my computers. Today I got a message that phone access is not available at my level of service and they want me to start paying more money for the same service I’ve always had. This might be a dealbreaker for me.
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8 months ago, alsperkins
Ridiculous Issues
This app is full of bugs and just stupid mistakes. I’ve been asking for a YEAR for them to correct the contact groups under the cases because it lists them all as client no matter what contact group they’re actually in. They’re right on the website so how hard could it possibly be to sync over to the app??
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3 years ago, Hugefan652
Game Changer
My practice has enormous efficiency now that I’m a MyCase client. Billing, document preparation and storage, calendaring, lead management and the amazing client portal has transformed my growing small firm into a well-oiled machine! Plus, they are affordable and the software is easy to use.
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3 years ago, CC Attorney
The app is good when it works. However, if I am using it to keep track of time on a case it is constantly crashing and logging me out and the timer does not restart from where it left off when I log back in. It has been doing this for sometime now. Hope that this gets fixed soon.
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3 years ago, storywithnoending
Excellent law practice management system
User friendly and full of features. The app is simple to use. I would love for the app to be more robust. Nevertheless, I highly recommend MyCase
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2 years ago, diggdatt
Good Software, Terrible App
I gave the app TWO stars because MyCase is a decent case management software EXCEPT for the mobile app. It may be the worst app I use! You’re actually better off using a web interface if you want to access the software. Get it together, MyCase!!
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2 years ago, thegrapefruittheif
No More App Access
Even with a few bugs I absolutely loved using the mobile app because I could check the calendar when not at home or use it to text clients easily. Now suddenly they want to do an upcharge for app use? Absolutely ridiculous. Seems like I’ll be deleting the app…
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9 months ago, ThomasTheGrizzly
Not even a fair try
This app is horrible. You may as well draw a picture that says “syncing your files” because that is all the app ever says and does. I was a fan of MyCase, but it has apparently became a corporate behemoth and puts profits ahead of its customers. This was not an easy review to write, even though it is true.
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3 months ago, Sturner5
Borderline Useless
1. Every time you open the app it must sync your files, which takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes. 2. You cannot actually view any invoices (just the summary of the most recent invoice). 3. You cannot accept payments or record payments through the app. 4. The app malfunctions and shuts down constantly. In summary, other than recording billing entries close in time to the event (if the app opens and syncs all the files before you give up), this app serves no purpose.
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2 years ago, uselessforclients
Useless for clients
Pretty ridiculous and inefficient of an app. My attorney uses this solely to communicate and it’s not even available for client access through the app. Gotta be the most ignorant logic there is. Maybe I’ll update from one star if it ever improves.
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1 year ago, Kira Hadnot
Terrible app
I’m a paralegal at law firm that uses this company for our scheduling and communication only. I try to use this app on my iphone and on regular safari… ITS TERRIBLE!! works great on desktop, but does NOT work on smartphones. You MUST use a desktop…
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8 months ago, Po ruskii clovar
Constantly have to sign in
Have to sign in All The Time, even in the middle of using the app. Very irritating!!!
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9 years ago, Annabelleink
Needs updating but otherwise solid.
If you're downloading this app, you probably don't have a choice as your uses it (thus requiring your participation.) That being said, it's great.... Generally speaking. My biggest complaint is: very few people actually use a desktop anymore, and the only way to upload documents is from a desktop. I am constantly on the go, so I have to email the various & sundry docs to the paralegals, then have them upload them. This defeats the entire purpose of the added security this apps provides, and wastes my time (and money as far as billing hours go). Otherwise, it's probably saved me a ton in the long run. Incredibly easy interface. No-brainer document // messaging // main menu options. Billing section only available on desktop, but again, a quick update to app could probably fix that.
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10 years ago, OhioLawyer
Great App!
I normally don't write reviews, but after reading all of the negative, I decided I would for this app. I would rate a 4.5 due to the app missing a couple features that would be nice to have. First off, I'm still using the 4s, but with iOS8. I have not had any problems. I can add/edit/delete notes, times, etc. The best features for me are having easy access to my contacts, calendars, case notes, docs, and direct messaging with clients all on the go. It has saved me a ton of time with time entry. As other people have stated, you can't add a case from the app. To me this isn't that big of a deal. Yeah, it seems like it would've been an easy feature to add, but I don't necessarily need it. I don't work exclusively from my phone. I still set up a hard file and setting up the matter at the computer is not that difficult. The other feature that is missing is accessing invoices. Again, not a deal breaker for me. It would be nice to have, but when I'm preparing invoices, I don't mind reviewing at the computer so I can go through in great detail. I come from a firm that used Abacus. The mobility features of MyCase are amazing compared to Abacus. So, if you're looking to save time and make more money, this app will do it.
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7 years ago, draychic
Update makes this unusable
My previous review is below, and it was practically glowing. Now I can’t use the app at all b/c the calendar doesn’t link to my cases. Previous review: Not sure what the negative reviews are about. I almost exclusively use the app to run my entire caseload. I only use the website to integrate emails and do invoicing/payments. It's not spectacular - I've recommended a lot of changes and additions that have not yet been implemented, although changes I've recommended for the website have. Sometimes it gets buggy, and you have to delete the app and then reinstall. I've probably had to do that four times in the past three years. So, while there could definitely be some improvements, it's perfectly acceptable and allows me to only bring my phone into court instead of a laptop. Every lawyer I work with who still has to cart in boxes of files envies my system. Good stuff.
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6 years ago, Crayon2
Doesn’t sync
I give the desktop version all the credit in the world. But it is simply unforgivable to have an app that doesn’t sync my task list properly. I find myself unable to really rely on using this app to organize my tasks because, even after hours of working my tasks on my computer, I open my phone app to tweak my schedule, and the task list is completely out of sync with the hours of work I just performed on my CPU. Additionally, some “overdue” tasks are tasks I completed weeks ago and when I try to hit the “complete” button on the app (which is redundant considering I already did this on my CPU), it says “something went wrong” and refuses to make the “overdue” task go away! Please please please fix this, or else this is no better than the hugely unreliable Evernote app.
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7 years ago, Kevink808
New app is a downgraded experience
MyCase just rolled out their “new” mobile app for their case management software and I’m sorry to say it is very disappointing. It is very barebones and looks like a beta product pushed prematurely to market. It does not resemble the previous app at all! Gone is the dashboard that gave a nice summary of tasks, billing, events, etc. It’s replaced by Home that lists your tasks and messages, but aren’t identifiable by case. The contacts page is now one long list of names, mixing your clients, companies and experts alphabetically. No way to jump to a letter or filter, you have to scroll through hundreds of names! No profile pics anymore either. The Tasks page is useless. No case names are visible! The Calendar is fine, no complaints there. The Cases page is the only area worth using because everything is buried in the case and accessible there, but again, no way to skip to a letter or filter the list. MyCase makes such great software, this is a major disappointment.
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9 years ago, tyler_h
Does not work well with iOS 8 or iPhone 6
I recently started using MyCase in my private practice and I am very happy with the web interface. However, the iOS app is mostly useless under iOS 8. I can view info, but cannot add any new tasks, expenses, time entries, etc. One of the reasons I originally chose to go with MyCase was the availability of a mobile app, as I am out of my office frequently and the ability to manage my practice from my phone was very attractive. Please, please update the mobile app to make it play well with both iOS 8 and the iPhone 6/6+. That's would be a difference maker in my book.
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9 years ago, Bootlaw
Terribly basic
The app doesn't include any push notifications, which it DESPERATELY needs to be able to do (if the user so chooses) in order to adequately notify the user of important dates/change/etc. The layout is easy enough to navigate but is too basic, not including enough of the features I have access to from my office. If there is going to be an app, for MyCase, it should at least have relatively similar abilities to the website. All in all, a waste of space. The company should use some of the money that each of use toss at them monthly and create an app worth having.
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6 years ago, Mikeytsicol
MyCase is an excellent system. The app needs one addition.
First let me say that the app is much improved. Four months ago, it couldn’t do even the most basic things. This update would be a five star app if it could generate reports on the go. In my experience judges (in court appointed cases) and clients often ask for time and expense accounting when you least expect it and hence, haven’t run the report. We need a way to pull up detailed reports on the fly. That’s my only suggestion.
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9 years ago, Fritz_21
Finally updated to support iPhone 6
This is a great app once again. I lost some of the features once I upgraded my phone, but they have since updated the app for iPhone 6. I called and was told I had to delete the app then reinstall to get the latest iOS update to work. I can bill my time and expenses on the go. I can obtain client info and call them even when I'm outside of the office. Great software. Great app!!
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5 years ago, CJesq2480
Limited functionality and crashes
I agree the cloud program is amazing, but this is about the app. It lacks a lot of features but is still useful enough. Now it crashes 2 seconds after I open it. Never a problem before. Yesterday they either fixed, or worked on fixing the same problem. This app can’t crash. It is too valuable.
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7 years ago, jamosc
Great App that is not so great on iPad
This used to be a great app. Since iOS 10 came out, the app is SUPER glitchy and, as of the last iOS update, doesn't have full function. Cases are missing, contacts are missing. Doesn't make sense. App works fine on iPhone so why not iPad? - 1 star Update - For some reason, every time an update comes out, you must delete the app and reinstall it. Once I do this, full functionality returns. Without the reinstall, nothing works.
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12 years ago, Brad arkel
Great app to compliment an awesome case management service. These guys are great, very quick to respond to all of my questions and seem to have a lot planned to make this even better. If you want to make things easy for you and your clients, then this is what you need. Leaps and bounds better than the other cloud based case management products out there.
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8 years ago, Braverman
***2016 UPDATE*** EVER since the last (2015) update, the app is useless. I cannot sign in because as soon as I put my cursor in the "login" field, the entire screen seems to scroll upward so that I can no longer see the login and password fields. I have tried to enter my information "blind" but that doesn't seem to work. Please make the login screen work again! "Edit" and "delete" no longer work on calendar items once you've upgraded to iOS 8. And it would be soooo much better if the app allowed you to see your colleagues' calendars because, unless you're a solo, you work with your colleagues and need to know when they're available. For the most basic functionality, looking up phone numbers and your own calendar, it's a big improvement over nothing. The final item on my wish list is an app for clients- the client interface is why most of us chose My Case over some more functional competitors.
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8 years ago, Tx rangers rule
Good App, a Few Bugs
Like the app. Current version won't mark messages as read, and I have to login in on a computer and click each one, which is cumbersome and duplicative. Also, I wish I could see more about a client's billing, trust funds, etc. Otherwise the app is very functional and a good tool on the go. I can send messages easily, review documents, add comments, and do most of the services offered on the full site.
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9 years ago, BellalunagirlNOLA
iPhone App is horrible
I love MyCase on my desktop. HOWEVER, a solo attorney on the go, like myself, needs to have the ability to input time entries in the phone app. It makes it easier to log and track daily time. The fact is, why make an app available if it doesn't work. Hello...hello...My Case app developers, you have a great software but you need to work on the iPhone App until it works like the desktop. Customers are not happy with it and for 35 bucks per month, you really need to fix the app. Also, you need to figure out how to integrate with Outlook and/or Google calendar. Veleka Eskinde, Esq, MA.
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11 years ago, Chickenchopshop
Amazingly better than the first version
The first version was very light on features. This version is PACKED with features. So far it seems like they put all the web sites features in the palm of your hand. They took this version seriously, it's pretty much their web site packed in an iOS app. MyCase has really picked up there game, keep it up!
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10 years ago, Sprink1967
App useless with iOS 8!
I have been very happy with the service since I am a solo practice attorney and having my cases kept electronically allows me to work on the go. I just upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus in part thinking that the larger screen would help me do more. However, the app doesn't work very well on iOS 8 apparently. I can't enter notes or see old notes. It makes the service useless and now more cumbersome. It was not a surprise that iOS 8 was coming out yet no upgrade to the app. REALLY! Now, I am seriously reconsidering my decision to use mycase. This is not what I expected.
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6 years ago, Will E. Dewer
Constantly Crashes, doesn’t open
It’s disappointing that the same month when the price per subscription went up by 25%, the App completely stopped working. I haven’t been able to open it in over 2 weeks. It just immediately crashes every time. It was previously one of my favorite parts of MyCase, so I miss having access to it. I otherwise love using MyCase on my Mac and will gladly upgrade my review if and when the App issue is remedied. PS: speaking of the web version, is there any way you could add more timers? 3 sometimes isn’t enough!
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7 years ago, CarverKid
Fatal Flaw
As others noted, this app could be improved in general, but serves a basic purpose for simple on-the-go tasks such as time entries and quick notes/messages. However, if you leave the app for any reason (incoming text or call, check an address, verify a detail from an email, etc.) YOU LOSE EVERYTHING YOU ENTERED UNLESS YOU SAVED. Seems the simple and obvious fix is allowing the app to run in the background. Until then, prepare for extreme frustration. Come on MyCase - it's been years and still no fix.
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9 years ago, Obsessive Tubbs
Shows promise, needs material bug fixes
I can access my calendar, but cannot add appointments via the app. There is a bug that prevents one from accessing the pull down menu of cases. Also, I can't access or read any of the PDFs that were uploaded from desktop, so no way to read documents on the go. Various other features don't work. Update addressing the bugs is now long overdue. Was good start, but developers appear to have abandoned the project.
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6 years ago, Cowboyisotope
ive used it for a few day and i like it, however i need to be able to view documents in landscape mode. the lack of such a feature cuts down on its functionality. i have not yet tried to upload OUI dashcam video, but assume there isn’t a place for it, dont see a conflict check element either, but maybe i just need to look harder.
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9 years ago, KLegal
I am highly frustrated. MyCase has good and just ok aspects, but the best part was the ability to pull up docs and communicate with clients from my iPhone. I was looking forward to being able to actually read items in client files in MyCase with my new iPhone 6+ with the larger screen, but lo and behold I can't do squat. Can't open and read or send messages to clients, or view documents associated with particular cases, or use the note function, or really much other than the calendar. I'm very very unhappy with this.
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11 years ago, Robmlc
From worst to First
I can hardly begin to express how much I like the new MyCase program. The previous version was buggy, never really worked right, and almost caused me to give up on MyCase entirely. With this new app, it's become my most useful program on my iPhone or even on my computer at work.
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7 years ago, Nums2876
Horrible upgrade
Similar to other users, I’m very unhappy with the new upgrade. Our firm uses comments on events (i.e notes on delays, cancellations, payments, etc.) and tasks as a primary mode of communication. The new upgrade makes completely inaccessible the comments feature. So I will get an email saying staff has commented on an assigned task, but then I have no way to view the comment on the app and have to go on the website. Unless mycase makes some serious changes with the app, I will not be using it.
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8 years ago, Unhappy user417417
Do Not Download
This app is absolutely useless. I've stopped recommending it to people and when I contact My case about the numerous issues even they suggested and recommended Not using their own app. You might as well log onto a computer. You send a message and it says it sends when IT Doesn't, you can't read messages or documents, the calendar is not user friendly, etc. there is so many issues that it is too long to waste breathe on. This app is just a joke, you can do better.
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4 years ago, SadieSadieBoBadie
Dropbox links don’t work—always “0 items”
Dropbox links do not work in the iOS mobile app. The main thing I want to be able to do in the mobile app is read documents on the go. My supervisor uses Dropbox. Dropbox links work in the web application but not in the mobile app. Every Dropbox folder shows “0 items” no matter how many items are actually uploaded in the web application.
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9 years ago, ParkerLaw
I've had this app for more than a year now. And nothing that I can see has been improved. Mycase is the first dedicated case management software I've used. Parts of it I like but the development sure seems to lag. There are a lot of pretty obvious structural things that don't seem to be getting done and it makes me wonder if they're just implementing band-aid solutions. I'm losing my confidence and this app is a large part of the reason why.
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11 years ago, Frog19901
Needs improvement
The web version is fantastic, but this app is pretty useless as it is. I think maybe they just released it so that they could say they have an app. The only thing that shows up are my contacts. The calendar does not show my events and none of my matters/cases show up in the app. Despite this, I am very optimistic about the potential for this app as MyCase itself is a great service. Hope they fix this soon.
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6 years ago, AZ PI FIRM
Not a good makeover
The previous app was much better and there are still a lot of bugs with the new one. Biggest problem I’m having now is events not showing up and location for events not popping up upon typing. Also, cannot copy and paste from the new app, so when I’m on my way to court or meeting and need to put address in my phone, I have to “edit” the event to facilitate. The old app had its issues, but was easy to use and always worked!
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9 years ago, LegalEagleTDot
"Logo updates!"
That's the description of this revision: a new logo. Rather than fixing a logo, how about fixing the long list of stuff that's been broken in this app since iOS 6 or so? The Messages function is unusable. The Comments function is unusable. The case management function is unusable. Whole swaths of this app are completely and totally broken, and has been totally broken for a very long time. About all I can do with it now is look up my clients' phone numbers.
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4 years ago, Baz3226
Going back to a paper calendar
Doesn’t sync with cpu. Even when you sync your files. Have appointments showing up in my office that show on the computer but aren’t on the app. Double books because computer and app don’t communicate. I’m going back to a paper calendar it’s inconvenient but at least it’s not misleading. And calls to customer service are answered with, “Delete the app and reinstall.” Didn’t work the last three times but thanks
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